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tv   7 News Now Sunday at 7 AM  ABC  January 31, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MST

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at 7:00 a.m., the investigation continues into the murder of one person and the shooting of several others at the motorcycle expo at the national western complex. we will have the lightest -- the latest live just ahead. we will look at candidate's push for the final votes in the iowa caucuses. and live from santa clara, in just a few minutes we will check in.
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i am eric lupher . we have a storm moving in this afternoon. did you get snow at your house last night?>> most locations saw one half inch to 1 inch in some spots picked up 3 inches of snow. that is for our friends further to the west. it is quiet right now and there are clouds across the metro area and snow in the southern half of the state. this is the wall before the next system -- before the next system. look at the entire eastern plains covered in blue. that is a winter storm watch. then we could be looking at up to 2 feet of snow in the metro area. this one will be wet and the temperatures will be a bit colder.
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we have 18 in greeley and teens and 20s in the high country. yesterday it was 65 degrees here in denver and today it won't be nearly as warm. let's look at how the day plans out. some locations will top in the things off. the snow will move in this afternoon and this evening and then once it starts, it will for some. we will take you through the future cast hour-by-hour and this will impact the beginning of your work week. eric, we have everything you need to know. you can track this on -- and on the kmgh weather app . we are asking for yyur input for a name for the storm.
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in on the suspect to shot one and injured seven more at the national western complex yesterday. three of the injured are in critical condition. this happened at the motorcycle expo and it is putting the future of that tradition in jeopardy. latest. >> reporter: the denver police are questioning a person of no arrests. dpd will be back here at the national western complex later today finishing their investigation. there is no way the event can go on as planned. it has been canceled. by order of the denver police department, the show will not be open and vendors will move out in the morning. the public will not be allowed in. the city is considering not allowing the event to happen again. the national western complex was chaos yesterday after a fight broke out and someone started shooting and another person used a knife.
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in the hospital this morning. this was a major brawl. we saw a bunch of people fighting bb the steps and it looked like about 15-20 guys.>> reporter: the police have confirmed that rival motorcycle gangs were involved, but for now that's all they are saying who was resppnsible. it put denver health on lockdown yesterday where victims were treated. the hospital is operating as usual this morning. but police will remain there until further notiie. we are live in denver, lindsay watts , denver 7 you can imagine it was chaos when the shots erupted at the expo. for some of the vendors, having that expo -- the expo canceled will hurt their bottom line. once we spoke with say they understand the decision to end the event. you can find all of the latest
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the expo on our website at it is also honor appened we will send push alerts as they develop in the story. the ledo's best latest and the broncos chase for the championship -- the latest and the broncos chase for the championship. they take off for san francisco at 1:45 this afternoon and denver 7 will be there. super bowl city is up and ready to go in san francisco getting ready for superbowl 50. >> they are getting ready at levi stadium as well and that is where arran andersen is . >> reporter: they will arrive at approximately 2:30 look --
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the team is flying into san jose airport. and then they head out on the 101. elliott feed -- field has been receipted for that occasion. the broncos championship banners visible in the in zone. they call it harbaugh because jim harbaugh built a fence around this facility to keep fans and media types from watching the practice. all broncos super bowl practices will be off-limits and sunnis feels will be protected like fort nox. believe me when i tell yoo that we were lucky to get a peek inside. this will be a trip down memory lane who -- for john elway who starred at stanford. we picked up with a teammate who knows all about the elway crossed. i will tell you more about that later in the show, but for now that's all i have. coming up in the 9:00 area
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marshall selling your at super bowl city. beesure to stay live -- zellinger at super bowl city. be sure to stay life. there will also be a celebration at city park this afternoon. it is 7:07 and a collective sigh. escapees are back in custody.
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welcome back. it is 7:09 on this sunday morning. slowdowns on i-70 at floyd hill. the roads may be slick and they are definitely wet which we can see from the cameras here. this is i-70 at georgetown. traffic is okay right now, but it met -- but expect major slowdowns as you head back home later on. the last two escaped inmates are back in custody in california. this is thanks to a concerned citizen. they have been on the run for a week. yesterday a woman flagged down officers at golden gate park and said there was a white van that looked like the one stolen by inmates.>> officers capote -- approach the van as they fled on foot.
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before he was taken into custody by officers. officers returned to the van and discovered the other escape be hiding in the band.>> reporter: the third inmate turn himself in to authorities on friday. now the orange county sheriff's office says that it is fixing the lapses that allowed the prisoners to escape in the first place. those in the oregon ranching standoff have refused to give up. the crews leader, remains in jail. one person died in a shootout earlier. this fire happen in lexington, kentucky. it destroyed 7 acres of a beef cattle auction property. it took about 120 firefighters to put the blaze out.
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fire they have seen in 33 years. >> look at that smoke. we keep talking about snow. it is coming. maybe it could be the biggest storm of the season..> coming up, we could be looking at quite a bit of snow. the commute ttmorrow, if you are in california, you ddn't
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traffic is running okay. be careful as you head west. it is a good time to get up there and enjoy the fresh powder. there is plenty of it. slowdowns at floyd hill, we have seen that already. today is the final day of the x games at aspen. the snowstorm coming into our state is certainly top of mine in aspen as well. you see the pics -- mind and aspen as well. you see the picture on the screen. the competition starts at 1:45 this afternoon. we are waiting. >> people got one-3 inches overnight and it did come in with a vengeance. the snow that comes in today and tonight will last longer. it will not disappear. it will through snow the day on monday and into tuesday. we are looking for good accumulation. looking at the satellite and
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this is the snow that move through overnight and into the early morning hours. you can see we have a little bit by colorado springs, pueblo, so light up and intoo the bu we will be in for a little lull before the next round arrives. this next one will pack a decent punch. look at the temperatures. to remember yesterday at degrees? it is gone. it is 29 at city park and 19 in greeley. it is 18 and estes and conifer got about three inches of snow overnight and into the morning. the eastern plains in the 20s and 30s. pueblo, lamar, burlington and then in the high country, a mixture of teens and 20s. looking at the planner, we don't have much of a warm-up. the high temperatures top in the up
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when we look at the seven day, you will say, that is chilly. the highs in the mid 30s for the majority of us and a few n the high 30s. 40s on the eastern plains. will take a bit for them to get more snow. 20s and 30s and the high country. let you will see the snow into the southwest corner of the state. it will be quiet for us until in the afternoon about 2:00. about 1:00-2:00 is when we will pick up the flurries in the southwest of the metro area. look how clear things are in the northeast corner of the state. then it will push into the central mountains. if you are traveling home after skiing today along i-70, give yourself extra time. of snow. then it will wrap around and the north east of the state
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so the metro area will have snow starting this afternoon and it will continue. tomorrow morning, as you get ready to head out and take the kids to school or work, we will have snow falling and a decent amount, a couple of inches, on the ground at that point. then it will continue through the day on monday. this is monday at 7:00. the commute home will be snowy and it does not stop in. tuesday morning, there is snow for the metro area. out on the eastern plains, you will see the snow break apart in the high country on tuesday. still, all the winter storm warnings in effect. in the metro area, 6-12 inches of snow. here is how it plays out. this is early th you will notice by early tomorrow morning that we could pick anywhere from 2-6 inches, depending on where you are. the farther northeast you are,
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with. the farther west, you will have heavier amounts. by monday morning -- by evening rather, we could be looking at 5-7 inches of snow for denver. as i said, there's just -- this just continues. by the time this is done, we could be looking at 10 inches here in denver. do you remember how i told you it is going to be cold? there is not much warm up at all. the next bright spot is next friday when we jump back to the 40s. >> it will feel amazing then.>> we will keep an eye on things. thank you. it is 7:20 and we have
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peyton manning make it to add another super bowl victory tuesday six -- to his list of accomplishments. the broncos a much longer 17 years that they have been hunting for that third lombardi trophy. he says that the broncos will need to bring their a game. they will be headed to california, and so will i, the crews are already there including our own arran andersen who is live in santa clara.
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that neck of the woods.>> this really is a walk down memory lane for john elway and superbowl 50. his fathhr jack, was head coach at san jose state, which was 10 miles away. he did not play for dad and he went to stanford and it legend was born. elway said it is the best decision he ever made.>> ladies and gentllmen, number 7, john elway.>> i will stay that stanford university -- say that stanffrd university is the reason iiam here right now. >> reporter: before the drive and the helicopter and those two lombardi's sitting in the trophy case at dove valley&>> and there he goes. >> reporter: john elway was here at stanford where he blossomed into a superstore.
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superstar. >> when he played, the games were always close and exciting. >> reporter: michael played college football and baseball with john elway. he was even part of the sports illustrated cover. number 7 made an impression during their first practice together. >> john threw a pass and at the time i did not know how far he could throw. i thought i caught it, but it went through my hands and hit me in the chest and the whole practice, i thought i had broken my sternum. i was having a hard ttme breathing. then at the end of the practice, i said, what is going on? i took my shirt off and i had across in my chest. that was infamously -- a cross in my chest. that was the infamous elway cross.>> reporter: he was named
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the honor was well deserved. >> talk about athletes being admiied and respected, with john, there was almost a deification. it was reference. it was the first time in sports context that i saw fans boww down. there was reference about him that is reserved for a special caliber of athlete. it is almost at a level where he was a sports god. >> reporter: they will work out on the fields where young elway honed his craft. it has a full circle feel to it. those who know them are not surprised he is competing for the championship from the front office. >> it is not a surprise. when he took over that role, it did not mean he would settle for anything less than a super bowl championship.
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bowls and ohn elway has had his fingerprint on seven of those eight . there is coach kubiak and peyton manning.>> reporter: not a bad brain trust. what a great homecoming that would be of john elway could capture a third lombardi here from tte front office. he is not the only one with bay area ties. we are going to hear from his old positions coach. we have heard about the elway cross, we hope we don't see any of this next sunday. sunshine and no rain. >> we may do that. just because arran asked, i %- will, their nature and tell her that we are looking for sunday. we will be talking a lot about the super bowl this week. obviously denver 7 will be live from california all week long.
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wet in california. it is going to leave california and come to us and it will bring incredibly heavy snow. we are taking a live look outside right now where we have quite a few clouds. there is a little bit of blue sky trying to peek through. eric was singing some holy ghost song earlier. >> it was very majestic. >> it is perfect on this sunday % mornnng. we will get more clearing and we will talk about that in a moment. thank you for waking up with us on this sunday morning.>> i'm going to miss the storm.>> are you?>> it is raining in san francisco, and i am heading there for the super bowl. i am ready. >> you are going to miss the fun snow. i need to tell you that i am kind of excited about this. this is going to be a really good snow. we have not had a good snow in
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i know some people are going really? it is colorado and that means we get pretty decent snow. you can see as it races across all of that moisture here in the metro area and when it arrives. this ii the snow we are looking for. a possible 12-24 inches and almost 2 feet of snow and the high country. in the metro, 6-12 inches. 8--4 for the southwest -- the southeast corner of the state. the temperatures that we saw yesterday are gone. we will not see warm temperatures for the entire week. as you head out the door this morning, teens and 20s 30 much statewide. there are a few 30s in pueblo, lamar and burlington. there will not be that much of a warm up later this afternoon. we will top out in the upper
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we will have a little bit of a break in the clouds early this morning. some sunshine and clouds will increase. then this afternoon and this evening is when the snow will start. once it starts, eric, we are in for a couple of days of snow . we will take the future cast and break it down for you hour- by-hour. >> you may see snow closures and things like that. you can track the storm on and on our denver news app . there are also wayy to handle this weather if you are new to colorado. we have a place for you to weigh in on a name for this one on we have opinion storm and they say they are doing everything they can to be ready. it will be all hands on deck and that likely means the effect. you need at least 18 inch traction on your tires or some
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could be fined. `>> some people are booking flights before the storm. all events at the national western complex are canceled after a fight erupted in gunfire and left a person dead. lindsay watts is keeping an eye on developments this morning. >> reporter: i was just talking to a security guard who said this place will be busy come 9:00 this morning. that is when vendors will be down and collect their belongings. a few people are here already. some people will come and pick up hikes that were left behind yesterday. the expo was supposed to go on again today, but the denver police have shut it down after the violence. one person dead and seven more hurt, three critically. one person got a photo of a person that was injured being helped out by two other guys. this morning, there are have
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interviewing a person f interest. was chaos yesterday afternoon when the brawl started. there were thousands of people here at this popular event. you can only imagine the scene where people were shooting at each other and one person was stabbed. it was rival motorcycle clubs and police are not getting more specific than that. the motorcycle expo has been going on in denver for more than three decades. not only has the city shut it down for today, but leaders are considering not allowing it to happen again. we are live, i am lindsay watts , denver 7 the daughter of an aspen socialite has filed it will -- a wrongful death lawsuit. her daughter julie on your say that williams skyler made up his confession to clear his wife whose name is also nancy from murder. scholars and coomitted suicide when in prison last august
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$1 million life insurance payout. juliana, the daughter of the dead nancy filed suit against the other nancy accusing her of profiting from the death. for the first time since he has been in the white house, president. obama will visit a mosque. it will happen later this week. it is part of the effort to promote religious tolerance. president. obama will visit the as lawn rake society of baltimore which is one of the largest islamic centers. theewar of words is heating up in the democratic race for the white house. bernie sanders blasting hillaryy clinton for what he says is her misrepresentation of his record. sanders continued his campaign push in iowa last night playing to his largest town -- crowd yet. she has alleged that sanders attacked the planned parenthood organization. sanders says that his voting record is 100% in favor of plan 3 parented.
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he is denying the gun lobby.>> she is the best qualified person for this moment in history that i have seen. i've studied all of my predecessors. >> reporter: that is just part of a new campaign ad for hillary clinton featuring former president. bill cllnton. the ad runs three in health minutes long and he calls his change talker. he says that hillary is the best have made under thh obama administration. donald trump has made good on his word to donate $6 million to veteran's administrations raised during an event instead of participating in the republican debate on thursday. he provided a check to a charity to provide service dogs to veterans. 1 million $1 million was trump's own money. he brocaded -- e-book --
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fox news moderator, megyn kelly. making up for the thursday, trump says he is thrilled with how things are going with the iowa caucuses. they already downplayed a poll trump. now there is a new rival, marco rubio. >> he has had a deceitful campaign and people see through that. >> reporter: marco rubio is in a distant third compared to trump and ted cruz. he points oot that many iowa voters have not made up their minds. the new york times has announced it is backing john kasich for the nomination. they say that though he is a distinct underdog, he's the
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and inexperience in this candidacy. we will have politics unplugged right here on denver seven . -- on denver 7 how superintendents would change the denver public school funding syssem. >> it impacts counseling support.>> douglas county ii penalized because we don't have a large proportion of our students percentagewise that formula. there is no broncos game to
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good morning everyone. it is 7:42 and as we look at sports authority field, there are some flurries. we will have a break from the heavy snow and then more will return this afternoon. you can see the sun trying to peek through the clouds. the northeast will see some through the morning and then more snow moves in this afternoon. we will track it for you hour-
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there is a shift in the rental market. for years there has been huge demand and limited supply which is pushed rent way up. now we have seen the biggest jump in vacancies since 2009. rentals? >> if the rental rate goes health insurance. it is expected to increase. according to and then -- anthem, it and others are used -- losing money on the obama care premiums and they will raise prices in 2017. premiums for the mid-level plans through the affordable care act when up 11% this year after 7% increased the year before. it's the perfect time to remind you that you have just a few hours to sign up for coverage through connect colooado.
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through midnight tonight. after today, you can only sign up for new coverage or change your coverage. if you've had a major event like a marriage, birth or adoption of a child. one of the last shows before the oscars is now in the history books. there was plenty of diversity among the nominees and the winners. there is controversy around the oscars tt2w`t3n
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welcome back everyone. it is 7:45 on this sunday morning. 23 degrees here in denver. who is ready for snow? it is chilly in many locations. that is city park at 29 and at dia it is 23. that's what you see in the lower right corner of the screen. taking a look at the satellite and radar, the snow that moved through last night went through quickly. it had big flakes and it is now on the eastern plains in burlington and the southern half of the state. we are getting ready for what is coming from the west. it is bringing a lot of moisture and decent snow.
7:37 am
berthoud pass is a whopping degrees. there is wind in the high country which will be a factor for those trying to travel up there. there is blowing snow that has fallen and even more snow later today. teens and 20s for the mountains and 30s in the southeast corner of the state. as we look at the 24 planner, notice we are not in for a big warm up at all. the 40s are gone and we will warm to the upper 30s. from there we cool things off to the 20s overnight. it will be topping in the 20s over the next couple of days. for us here in denver, the high is 37. 34 for greeley in fort collins. warmer in the southeast cooner of the state. it looks like we will have sunshine in some locations which wwll help. here in denver, we ha few clouds starting off. i want to zoom things in just a
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about. there are a few flurries still out there this morning. that will clear and then there is the snow. you can see about 1:00-2:00 that we will pick up the bulk of the activity along the palmer divide and west a lot -- and west of i-25. on the east side of i-25, you won't see as much snow until later this afternoon. you can see as it wraps around and fills in on plains. the heaviest snow is west of i- 25. let's move this forward to tomorrow morning. you have the kids to school and you have gone to work and there will be a little bit it will start to pick up in intensity and you can see the darker purple showing the heavier snow that will move in. look at how it continues through the day on monday. by 8:00, if you look out east, that is where we will see some of the heavier snow amounts. at that point, the foothills will be picking up heavier now
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to add up. this is snow event and as a result, we will get a decent amount of snow. tuesday morning, we will still be dealing with this. you will have a busy commute monday evening and tuesday morning. we will have about -- we have had one-3 inches night and into this morning. we could have another 3 inches in denver tomorrow. up near larimer county, you could be closer to six inches of snow. by monday evening, we are looking at 6-8 inches of snow and then it continues to tuesday morning. just because the snow will taper off on tuesday does not mean we will be done just yet. travel will be difficult pretty much for the next tw eric, you will be excited to be in california. look at the temperatures , going to be cold. no more temperatures for some time. next friday we will be back in the 40s and that is our push
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takes off tonight at 5:40 and i'm good.>> the travel issues will be tomorrow out of dia and tuesday morning. if you are going to be in a car or in air, check ahead. the countdown for the ox scores is on. last night were the annual sag awards. it being two white was a theme again last niiht. >> the cast of spotlight.>> -- the drama about it -- about recorders -- reporters uncovering a drop -- a scandal in the catholic church. leonardo dicaprio earned the best male award for the revenant. backstage he says he has nothing but respect for his peers in
7:41 am
any young act her, when they asked me how -- actor, when they asked me how i started, it past. nation. he was also named best actor for the miniseries loser. other winners were kevin spacey with house of cards and viola davis with how to get away with murder. and then jeffrey templer for transparent and uzo aduba. the screen actors guild found plenty of people to praise. davis hopes the issues stays on every one's radar after the award system is -- the award season is over. >> all of the actors of color
7:42 am
themselves that i know. regardless of what is going on with the academy and regardless of what is going on in hollywood, they will find a way to be excellent.>> reporter: queen latifah was a back to's -- was a best actress in a series for bessie. >> i hope that we wake up and realize that the old way of doing things is the old way. it is okay to evolve, change and grow. growth is inevitable and change is inevitable, wrap your mind abounded in let's go -- around it and let's go. >> reporter: on february 28 is the oscars. in los angeles, abc news.
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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week away and will play out in seven days. at the field of james levi northern california is home for cj anderson who downplayed that in dove valley. playing super bowl in your backyard is a big deal, especially when you consider how far this young man has come. from an undrafted rookie free agent. cj grew up in vallejo, california which is roughly 62 miles from levi stadium. he started at the high school. he racked up over 4000 yards rushing. no colleges gave him a look and he ended up at a community college in oakland where he was a runner. then northern california he got a scholarship where he carried 12 touchdowns in two years. the bronco scooped him up as a free agent and the rest is history.
7:45 am
gould said that he knew right away thht anderson had what it takes to make it in the nfl. >> reporter: i'm sorry guys. we had the coach on tape to man cj was. when he set foot on the berkeley campus, he set a tone that this is a game that i can play and play well. coach said he knew that he would be special. speaking of special, the coach said that he would be cj's special guest at superbowl 50. just yet. he said the broncos have been here before and it is only special for him if they win the big game. headed our way. gear. it is wet here. here are more pictures here. look at this dog and his
7:46 am
and the babies, it is fun. there is the hat. we have got to love it.>> it is pretty cool. >> please keep sending them in. you can send your photos in on facebook or tweet us. we are following developments from the
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