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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  February 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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denver 7 news start right now. it is 6:00 a.m. and don't be fooled. snow may be cleared on major highways, but that sheen you see is ice. we have things to do to get out to the road crews. they have been working 12- hour %- shifts. they really did a nice job. >> reporter: yeah, look, we
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can see lanes. and we're going to check in with darryl in a little bit. >> but we'll start with jayson gruenauer first. >> reporter: you are dealing with a couple of different conditions. some areas are clear, but some have snow on them still. this is where a lot of the cars are covered from yesterday's snow fall. this is the snow pack that many of the residential areas are going to deal with, but then you go just a little bit over. we're here over at okoma and arkansas, and you can see some of the dry pavement about a block south of broadway. crews spent a good portion of tonight getting out there and denver and lakewood and fort collins and other places put out their residential plows to do one pass through the side streets to make sure you could
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more than 6-8 inches of snow fell on them yesterday. today, you're going to be dealing with the roads as posed to yesterday the visibility. you can probably see my breath. single digits. a little bit of a breeze. take it slow out on the roads and bundle up. now we're going to take it out to darryl orr. >> reporter: yeah, just as we pass sports authority field, dry conditions on i-25 and like you said the side street are real messy. one thing i noticed out here, they haven't cleared off the snow on the roofs of their cars, so you are going to be feeling like you're driving in
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get behind them. you will want to have your wiper fluid because there's the mag chloride on the streets. >> reporter: we're looking at some icy patches here and there. this is 225, the northbound side, you can see the flashing lights. auuora police trying to clear up an accident. there's a backup well before alameda. a couple of side street problems. i think we're going to see a lot of side street accidents this morning. and then trying to get on and off the highways like this i-70 eastbound exiting east central park going from dry pavement and then hitting some of the patches of eyes. air tracker up around i-26 and 270, a lot more traffic volume
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>> good news the snow is really not falling. a few flurries off to the west. you may see some of that, but the real thing you're going to notice are the temperatures. 9-degrees with a wind out of the southwest at about 8 miles an hour. that is going to make things feel pretty cold. so don't have any exposed skin especially during the early morning hours while we have the single digits. in the high country, it is below zero in many spots. we are going to have a warmup, big one. therr will be a few cities that could see 30-degrees. there's the sun that we're going to be dealing with that will help dry off the roads. but we are looking at a little bit more snow in the forecast. we'll take a look at that coming up. a driver took out a light pole this morning. the driver took off.
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they moved the light pole out of the way. police haven't said if icy roads may have played a role in that crash. some schools not ready to reopen. most of the schools in the eastern plains. you can see the list here. still fairly significant. you can go through the list and go through it alphabetically, denver public schools have delayyd them for 1 hour. adams 12, jeffco, dps have had two snow days, this year, cherry creek have had three. they are doing everything they can, the students to bring the snow days on. >> we flushed three ice cubes
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we do that we get a snow day. >> cherry check has had three snow days and not any in the past three years. the broncos ryan murphy on the team's practice squad this happened near san jose. his brother was accused of human trafficking. the coach said in a statement it was just best to send him back to denver. his position on the practice squad hasn't changed. we got a peek at levi's stadium and they won't be back until sunday. on sunday, 70,000 fans will pack inside to watch the broncos versus the panthers.
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>> so, they're getting ready, right? >> yes. lisa andderic lupher are there in san francisco getting ready. what are you doing? >> reporter: oh, this is awesome, we found the interactive area. they have i pads you can play games and race everybody else that's around you. >> reporter: it's great because i've been doing a lot offmountain training. >> reporter: hopefully not in those jeans. >> reporter: it's really feels good. >> reporter: good for my man. we'll check back with you in a second. we want to introduce you to one of the fans, he and rocky the lepricon are best friends, i think. colorado. >> reporter: this is super niner and he hhs been going to
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games 33 years playing the banjo. >> reporter: genuinely nice guy, such a super fan. a lot of people were checking him out yesterday. >> reporter: he and rocky were out there dancing for a while and people were eating it up. we were curious about the banjo though. listen. >> reporter: so why the banjo? [laughter] why the banjo? >> yeah,. >> because i am a banjo player. . >> reporter: and it cuts across a lottbetter than an elbow probably would. >> reporter: all right back out here live i am feeling good. i've got my coffee. faster faster faster. how you doing over there? >> reporter: i don't know if i can do it lis. >> reporter: not so good. clearly that mountain training is paying off. passing him.
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>> reporter: come on, spanky, the big game is in a few days. >> reporter: i lost my breath. 3 >> yeah, we noticed that. see you in the next half hour if you make it, i hope. eep it right here. our team will take you behind the scenes on the denver seven app and also likely is a and eric on facebook and we'll certainly have coverage throughout the day at 7:00 and 10:00. check out these firefighters showing their broncos pride. thanks for that. and this is sent in by the denver public library. check it out. lots of orbing. keep sending your pictures and videos, you ccn post them on facebook page or tweet themm at #broncos pride. this is our road wrangler
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you can see roads this morning. %- here is first alert weather meteorologist dayle cedars. >> reporter: after he fact of yesterday's snow day, it is cold outside this morning. you do have to go back, bundle up, single digits. only warming up into the upper 20s this afternoon. >> reporter: air tracker 7 just moved. it's going to be on the ramp from 270 to i-70 right there at
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6:13. welcome back, to denver seven. looking off to the west.
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there from denver medical center. hey, you can see the pavement for a change. dia says the flights are getting back to normal. so far dia has not announced any delays or cancellations today. of course that could change, so it's always wise to call your airlines and check your status. they will still go hrough de- icing because it's cold. >> reporter: even compared to yesterday when the snow was coming down. i'm not going to say it felt warm, but compared to today it did not feel bad. we are deaaing with single digits pretty much across the entire front rrnge and even across the eastern plains. temperatures there below zero. no matter where you are across the state you are going to want to bundle up because you are going to feel the weather. the warmup is going to be slow
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today ann it's not going to be topping out at 27-degrees, that's what we're going to see here in the denver area and then things are going to plummet from there. we will be back into the teens yet again late this evening and back into the single digits however what you are going to see the temperatures as far as our highs are going to be in the upper 20s. a few metro areas arr going to be in theelow 30s. high country, single digits for ledville and gunnison, you are just not going to be able to valleys out. eagle 23, steamboat only 11- degrees. we will see some snow up in the northwest corner of the state this morning. this afternoon, the southwest could pick up some. what we are dealing with today will be very light. basically no accumulation.
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down making it a pretty view. across the eastern plains, we're dealing with some sunshine. that's going to make a big difference clearing up the roadways and however look off to the northwest, this is going to be the next snow maker for the mountains, again, not going to be a major one, but it does have a chance to bring us a few flurries in the denver metro you will note our temperatures are going to get warmer into the 30s over the next few days. that snow will arrive thursday. again, no accumulation really out of this one, but temperatures will remain cold until the weekend, that's when we finally say hello the 40s. it is really going to feel nice once those return. we are finally going to be getting into at least a
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let's check in with jayson now. >> reporter: there's an accident out on i-70 and 270. this is the scene from air tracker 7. we have been showing you the ground view for quite a while. there are four vehicles. there's a second accident you can see on the map here, so there's one on the shoulder and another single accident by sixth avenue and so traffic is very bacced up. there's so many icy spots on the side street in the neighborhood roads and transitioning into the major roads you are going to find it ddy. east on i-70, in the right lane there's an accident causing delays. really the whole stretch really starting at i-25. this is up at ft. collins, mostly clear on the
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neighborhood roads pretty tough. here at 96 and wadsworth, pretty dry, but transitioning from the side stteet and onto the tramps, you have to be careful. we are just about four days from the super bowl. and if you are still hoping to get to the game, fresh jets is offering a deal. $2,999 for roundtrip, transportation around the bay area and no tickets to the game. >> you doohave to be a fresh jets member. but the best part is, that doesn't cost you anything. 6:18. now and if you are seriously considering a deal, you need the get tickets clearly.
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this is upper end zone, 3,000 bucks. this was 3800 bucks, this same area, this time last week. we check out the prices, somebody wants a suite for $260,000. it's just part of it for $260,000. >> let's pool together and do it. >> yeah, i wish. still four days until the super bowl. jamal webster got up bright and early to talk about it for us. >> reporter: i'm curious, monday they got in a bus crash, tuesday, ryan murphy sent home after being questioned about a prostitution sting. i can hear coach kubiak saying sunday can't get here sooner.
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yesterday. he says he won't engage in trash talking, his play will do the talking. career high, 18 drops, yesterday we asked him if kubiak had givennhim any advice about overcoming the drop seats? >> just keep doing what i'm doing, make the play and just don't think about nothing, go out. and that's what i do. >> reporter: do you expect of the a big game? >> i expect of the a better game than i've had the past 3 couple of weeks here. >> reporter: this is a match up number one defense, number two offense cam newton. booging. >> a lot of similarities, both
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the fun on the field, man. >> no, no, no i'm not -- i'm a groover, i don't really dance, like, you know, just groove. >> just groove. >> what is it? sick 20:00 in the morning? >> is that right? >> it's more so like a sneeze, you know,. >> that was so bad. [laughter] >> i had to google what that was. >> reporter: i can do lot more. >> dan, go dan. >> he can really do it. >> i don't want to embarrass
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it is 6:24. single digits and very cold weather with winds at 8 miles per hour. 27-degrees is the high here in denver this afternoon. yes, we are going to have to sunshine, which is going to make a big difference, but it is still going to be cold. in the high country, we are looking for a chance of a little bit of light snow. denver will top out in the upper 20s, but therr will be areas in the 30s. yes, we will see some melting, not because of the temperatures, but because of the sunshine. let's check in with jayson. >> reporter: this is on the northbound side of 225 because of a crash. one of the vehicll is leaving. we still have activity on the
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on the northbound side of i-22 passing alameda, but here you can see the stop and gootraffic here on southbound side of 225. about 25 minutes already into downtown denver. so the ground hog didn't see his shadow,. >> and now you can pass it over to this ground hog who went right into the heart of broncos country and picked thh broncos. we are live in san francisco super bowl city. we have two bits of advice this morning as well. bundle up, leave early, it is cold out there, so that means that the snow is getting
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>> you with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time, streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. yeah, the internet's great, but i think hair and makeup went a little too far. yeah, that's not working. i much prefer the two-day beard, horn-rimmed glasses, just-slept-in-his-car kinda thing.
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yeah, i miss the rumpled crazy uncle look. okay. be "paul giamatti." that's the essence of this role. feel like a hollywood insider
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. denver 7 news starts right now. >> yeah, the countdown is on to shoveling. you have 24 hours to clear sidewalks outside your home. this is a time lapse of major king shoveling in ft. collins. if you are shoveling, now you need to get out of your driveway. >> the side streets are pretty rough this morning. jayson gruenauer here in denver. you may be better off with some ice skates this morning, jayson. >> reporter: yeah, you mentioned the ice skates, you can see it's really easy to walk here and get around but
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streets and deal with all the leet over snow and yeah, ice skates would probably be a good idea because there's probably an inch of ice where it's half residential and half industrial a half a block off of industrial here. now the county plows did come out and clear it away once yesterday, but there's some snow pack as you see a couple of cars driving by. it is easier to stop and drive as you go through, but under all of that is all of this. so that's what you're going to have to deal with especially on the residential side street. they don't get salted, they don't get the mag chloride like the highways do as cdot was out all day yesterday to make sure the that highways are good.
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so those are good, but make sure you take extra time through your neighborhood. dayle, it's cold out here, is it's going to warm up? >> reporter: we are going to see temperatures climb, but i want to take you out tt akron. you can see the gorgeous sunrise there and of course with all the snow on the roadways, the lights shining off with the orange and pink. look at the radar, it's nice and quiet. we are going to see very light snow, not a lot of accumulation today. it is 9-degrees in denver, only two in greeley, so single digits across a good portion of the state. it is not a warm start to the day and even this afternoon it not going to be very warm at all. topping out in the upper 20s, a few spots into the low 30s. the sunshine will make a difference, though. jayson.
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dry us out, which is really welcome news. we froze over night and we do still have om icy spots. you can still see the flashing lights northbound i-225. they are encroaching on the left lane all the way back to nearly iliff here. let me show you the travel times out that way. it's going to cost you at least 20 minutes from that backup. there's also another one out near iliff. side street problems also. we are going to see a lot of those transitioning from the major roads to the side street also. 20 minutes intt town down. and air tracker is going to be here at quebec and c-470 a possible building fire. so i'll have more information on that in a few minutes.
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against the number ones here. both peyton manning and cam 90 were first draft picks out of college -- newton were first draft picks out of college. the other number one with this matchup with the number one team in television. lisa hidalgo and eric lupher, they are taking over super bowl city. where are you? oh, they're way up there. >> reporter: well, we actually may get arrested now. well i do see security. we may get arrested. we are at super bowl 50. not many people out. you are looking good in the zero, my friend. >> reporter: this is the perfect photo on, my friend. >> reporter: take a look at yesterday, a lot of fans coming out. we haven't seen much in the way of orange and blue, buts the starting to get busierings and
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i imagine -- busier, i assume we are going to see more. we ran into a great fan yesterday. >> reporter: we call him the pant man. there's a lot of history to his jeans. >> these pants are my history. we got towels from the games that i've been at. this is a 1997afc championship shirt that my mom was wearing. this hat my dad was wearing when i was a little kid. the broncos won their first super bowl on my tenth birthday and i got my shirt there and a littlejohn elway kicker there, a little hall of fame patch right there. i got it all. >> reporter: yeah, i'm not so sure he's washed those jeans. when i asked his wife if he had
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me a funny look. >> reporter: hey, lis? >> yeah,. >> reporter: i love this hoddie you got me. >> he's not wearing a t-shirt underneath that. can you believe that? he's not wearing a t-shirt under it. >> reporter: don't tell people that. i don't like people knowing that. >> honey, put on your under shirt. eat your breakfast and take a shower. thanks, lisa. thanks to both of them. so, for a full week experience, where else are you going to
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also don't forget to like lisa and eric on facebook. this man was killed when he was headed to see his wife give birth to their second son. he lost control on the ice and drifted into on coming traffic on u.s. 85 right near the wyoming border. it happened just 30 minutes before the baby was born. a man accused of killing a father riding his bike. he pled guilty to vehicular homicide in the death of thomas flanagan last august. the sentencing will be next month. if you can leave a little bit early this morning, try to do so. frozen over.
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darryl orr and also a look at the roads. >> reporter: there's belleview right there the north and
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6:40. general motors just released it earning reports. $9.7billion that's year. that more than doubles the earnings that they saw in 2014. most gm's hourly workers are going to get $11,000 profit sharing checks. thht is incredible. >> reporter: temperatures in denver are cold. the fact that the snow is done falling is good news. we are going to see clearer skies this afternoon.
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as far as temperatures not going to warm up incredibly high. topping out at 27 here in denver. we are waiting for the icy spots on the side roads to melt, jayson. >> reporter: maybe by may, we will see it. then we usually get the april and may dumps. this is the car fire reported -- don't we? right? of snow. this is on c--70. it was called out as a car fire. i'm not seeing a fire. traffic is able to get around it however we're still not going very fast past this crash on the northbound side of 225 going to sixth avenue backed up 3 nearly to parker road. at least a 15 minute delay northbound on 225 this morning. a person in the u.s. has
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transmitted the zika virus in a new way. it is spreading incredibly fast. now the cdc confirms that a person got the virus by having sex with someone who was infected by it. it is now in at least 24 countries, that include 24 states in the u.s. it is primarily connected to mosquitoes, and linked to birth defects. john kerry is being said to have sent private information that is now classified to hillary clinton. the e-mail was sent from kerry's i pad back in 2011 from an unofficial account.
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the suuject involved packets between india and afghanistan. so someone stole is it show and watch for the guy now known as sticker guy. he goofed off the entire speech as you can see chewing with stickers on his face. doing the dance called the dab, looks like a sneeze. i tried it earlier. he said he isn't really passionate so he decided the try to make a scene when he managed to get a seat right behind clinton. i noticed thattthere were a lot of cameras pointed at me and just started to goof around.
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it is 645. taking a live look from air tracker 7, the snow covered city. it is just gorgeous out there. it is still slick in spots out there. so just take it easy and bundle up.
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>> reporter: we are going to have to wait for the temperatures to warm up. i don't know if you notice a huge difference, but i tell you from yesterday to this morning, there's a very big difference. 27 to 31, you may not notice that much, but what you will note is the sunshine. yesterday you could not even see downtown. today it is a great start to the day. you will note traffic along the interstate along i-225 you can see here, the roads are mainly dry. it's the side street you have to worry about. our friends at bertha pass, you guys are always cold up there. aad blowing winds will be an issue in the high country. no matter what, bundle up, because you are going to want
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to have on the layers. we are going to top off to 7- degrees today. the high temperatures today wiil go up, but by no means warm. we're going to see possibly low 30s in the southeast state. in ledville or gunnison, bundle up, temperatures not getting out of the single digits today. steamboat hanging close to the teens. snow will continue in the mountains today, but very light. sunshine though for the metro as well as on the eastern plains. overnight tonight the entire state is going to clear and tomorrow morning nice and dry. mountain will get a little bit- a break, however off to the west, this is the next snowstorm off to the mountains. not a major snow maker, but is
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going to bring some snow thursday. late thursday into friday morning, there is a chance we could have a little bit of that snow move in. it's really not until this weekend where we warm things back up into the 40s. i know there's a lot of people that are going to want the warmth. >> reporter: oh, yeah, i want to warmth right now. let's head to palm beach or something. this is the northbound of i-225 at alameda. this is still backed up starting at iliff from the accident back there. heavy from that point all the way up to the crash. you can see the southbound slowing, 10 minutes on the northbound side. and holly.
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slower than average 20 minutes to downtown, c-470, to 225. you caa see on the cdot camera, some of the traffic that breaks through by sheridan and then by perry, it gets better, but take it slow especially through the neighborhoods. i can't forget this evening, the faces while you were leaving. >> obsession has found its way into super bowl 50. this is the weiner stampede. the broncos have been in california for a whhle. get ready for the big super bowl. so jamal is here telling us how the guy are getting ready for the game.
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on the practice field. peyton manning seeking to be the 12th quarterback with multiple super bowl. we hope he get it. signal caller 18, talked and learning coup's new system. he through 1933 yards, nine touchdownn and 17 interception, so peyton is looking to get any edge over north carolina, little brother is getting all the help he's asked for. >> just give him my general notice, but he knows how to ready. he'll do a great job in the preparation. >> any time you can talk to a opponent. thankfully we have had two weeks to prepare because they're a great defense and
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their hard to get prepareddfor but it's a lot of film to watch. >> reporter: demaryius thomas has been quiet, but says he won't talk trash talk. we asked him if peyton or kubs had any advice for him? >> just don't think about nothing, just go out and play and leave it all out and that's what i do. >> reporter: do you expect of the a big game? >> i expect offthe a better game than i've had in the past couple of weeks here. >> reporter: d.t. is a quiet guy, but if he gets
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welcome back, it's 6:53. we have a big team covering the aftermath of the big snow. we have jayson gruenauer covering some of the sidewalks and roadways. and also darryl orr and jayson luber watching the traffic.
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with jayson ge that gruenauer on the downtown street. >> reporter: you can see the sun is showing what many people in many of these residential streets are waking up to. you can see the sheen, the shine of the ice, there's about an inch if not more from where i am standing right now. some of the roads are snow `acked. crews got out yesterday, but you are still going to want to take your time this morning. tough to stand on here.. despite the fact that many of the major thoroughfares are clean and clear this morning. we are now going to toss it back into the studio where it is much warmer. >> reporter: you can see a plow right here. this is westbound i-70 right by
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pena boulevard, there's an accident. and one on right at florida one of my favorite breakfast places right there. usual spots. let go get some of those -- let's go get some of the breakfast burritos. >> reporter: single digits as you head out the door. bundle up no matter where you are going this morning. upper 20s, will see some 30s across the metro area, but again, it's really going to be the sunshine that's going to make the difference to take the chill out of the air it's not until saturday until we're back in the 40s.
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some breaking news just into the news room. cnn tweeting out about that rand paul is now spending his campaign. not a whole a lot of other information and the campaign again. but again, cnn reporting rand paul suspending his campaign in the race for the president. eric around lisa have taken us on some pretty fun adventures out in san francisco. >> reporter: we are starting here with the bay bridge behind us. 3 it is gorgeous, a little chilly but man, we have had a lot of fun. this is just whaa, day three of this? >> reporter: i am just so ready for the game. i'm already nervous. >> reporter: we want to bring someone on. lockdown that camera, adam and get someone over here.
6:50 am
this is adam fotog, we would not look this good. >> you know, i've got to record everything, behind the scenes and everything, catch these guys in the moment. >> reporter: you guys were in how many cabs yesterday just to get things for us? >> i think four cabs. >> reporter: okay, get back behind that camera. >> so mitch and kellie, we are going to be live streaming for two hours we are going to take you guys to the golden gate bridge. live streaming on our gopro. real quickly and eric. lisa, you can't see the t.v., but we are showing even the lovely photo you tweeted us this morning. >> nice hair by the way. >> i love the orange glasses. >> reporter: you know, what, i
6:51 am
am not ashamed of no make up. so for all of you that don't have your make up on yet, yeah, i'm there with you. >> yeah, believe me, we see that every morning. we don't need coffee. >> thanks, guys. you guys are scary, too. it's so not fair. >> the ladies can relate out there. >> get out of here. >> this is going to be the men and women's war now. >> yes, it is.
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