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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  February 4, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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11:00 a.m. now. the incident happening at a local hotel. full details in just a moment. >> plus, we're following the possible spread of hiv and hepatitis to thousands in the metro area. >> video of a driver plowing into a mom and her two young children. that suspect is now on the loose. first, the snowfall has stopped, but the frigid temperatures are hanging around. dayle, will it ever get warm again? >> of course, in july it will warm up here in colorado.
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cold weather across the state. it looks nice, though. you can see that sun is out. i'll tell you what, it is really deceiving, however. temperatures taking a while to warm up. as we look at satellite and radar sunshine is here. starting to see clouds building to our west, because the mountains are in for another round of snow, arriving later this afternoon and some of that will make its way here into the metro area overnight and into tomorrow morning. it is 19 degrees here in denver. we are slowly warming up, but it is very cold in some locations. gunnison 15 below. we had windchill factors about 5 to 25 degrees below zero early this morning. from here where do we go? into those 30s. you'll feel the difference later this afternoon. the afternoon and evvning. overnight tonight we are talking about a few flurries. we'll take you through that futurecast coming up. now let's check in with jayson.
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it will be a mess the rest of the afternoon and even into this early part of the afternoon rush hour. this is the westbound side of i- 70 near the purina plant, slower than average traffic. we've had emergency repairs on i-70 and has to take about six hours to get it done. if the westbound side of i-70 by washington street, they have to do repairs to the joints, the joints in that bridge deck so to do that they say it will take about six hours, which afternoon's commute. now about 15 minute delay. but it will grow longer. plan on extra time or avoiding i-70, at least the westbound side this afternoon trying to get to downtown. jayson, thank you. breaking news, a woman is stabbed multiple times in wheat ridge moments ago. the loose. the victim was stabbed at the howard johnson hotel near west she waved down helpp
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we don't know the extent of her injuries. a vehicle was stolen later from a esidence home nearby, so police believe this could be connected. if you see a black 2007 nissan frontier with colorado license plate 814 pvd, call police right away. this vehicle also has multiple stickers in the windows and strap meeal in the bed of the pickup truck. >> pretty good description. right now nearry 3,000 people in the metro area reallyy ccncerned today after the swedish meeical center tells them they may have been exposed to hiv, hepatitis b and hepatitis c. >> this stems from a former surgical technician accused of stealing drugs. rrcky allen is accused of stealing a syringe filled with fentanyl and replacing it with a generic. that puts anyone who had surgery between august 17th last summer and january 22nd of
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swedish isn't saying how patients may have been exposed, only the replacement needles could have been used. >> quite a bit of panic, concern. >> allen has not ttsted positive for the diseases. his license is suspended and police haven't arrested him. today colorado lawmakers ago take up a second bill regarding the right to die. they voted against the bill yesterday. the same bill goes before the democrat controlled house where its chances of surviving are better. brittany maynard made headlines when she moved to colorado to take her own life. this sunday on politics unplugged our anne trujillo sits down with her husband to discuss why he's pushing for similar laws across the country.
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rest yesterday after falling into an icy pond in parker. last month thrre teens fell into the ice. one survived. the teens had been in the water too long. 16-year-old patrick lantz died the night he fell in and the teens went to legend high school. wearing peyton manning's jersey in a greeley evans school will land you in the principal's office. the district there has banned manning's jersey because of gang activity. the past five years the district has outlawed the number 18. has nothing to do with the broncos, just that number on all clothing, because the jersey was used as a way to recruit and intimidate by the 18th street gang. that's the association. manning's number is not the only one being banned. also number 14 latimer, number 31, bolden, and number 81 owen daniels. game.
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practice squad is back in denver after being sent home early from a prostitution sting. this is video ootained by inside edition showing ryan murphy handcuffs. police tracked the woman from the motel 6 to a car with murr phi and his brother. the team said this is not a distraction. >> no, no. we're all focused on the game, all moving forward and just getting ready for sunday. 3 >> there's disappointment, yeah, but it's been dealt with and we've moved on. dealt with it yesterday and obviously disappointed for the young man. but we're focused on what we have to do football-wise, going to work this morning with our meetings, getting into our routine. >> a player last night who made news for the wrong reasons, wwll that affect what happens sunday? >> no. >> no effect at all? >> nope. >> today we're sending our
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yesterday. after complications during heart surgery. his father has been in prison more than 20 years for murder. smith says he'll stay with the team and plans to play sunday. it's time to check in with our sports director lionel bienvenu outtin santa clara. >> you witnessed a pretty interesting interview with peyton manning and snoop dogg today. >> reporter: yes, guys, exactly. last day of interviews and media availability here at super bowl l. so it's always a special day, but today here in the media bubble, right here in the circus tent it was extra speccal. the entertainer and pee wee football ogul, known as snoop dogg was in the house. that's right, snoop dogg. the only guy who can draw a `igger crowd than peyton manning at the super bowl. i high fiveed him on facebook live. you can check out the video on my facebook page. he's working as a correspondent
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sports show. he asked questions, goofing around. lots of talk in papa john's pizza in colorado. peyton owns a lot of papa john's. and thh munchies -- >> first of all, can i get a 50% discount on papa john's pizza when i'm in colorado. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> peyton is my friend, man. do you see how we interacted? that. whatever, bye. he was like, snoop, hey. even called me by my name, man. >> looks like we lost the rest of that, snoop dogg as we were about to show you, went around
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and had a good time. we'll show you the rest of that interview coming up later on our 6:30 chase for the championship special here on denver 7. we also turned our own brandon stokely loose. i'll have that video on my facebook and twitter pages, so check it out. hopefully brandon will tell us what peyton told him later today, and live stream the chase for the championship. for now broncos headed to practice later this afternoon. >> lionel, snoop and peyttn. hanging in california. >> snoop can prrbably get stuff out of these players nobody else can. things starting to amp up in san francisco. just three days away from the big game now. >> denver 7's lisa hidalgo, eric lupher are live outside
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guys, lots of buzz building up there. >> oh, yeah, it's really buzzing here. a lot of stars. i saw shannon sharpe here. this is where they wake up and hang out in the lobby inside center. >> i've met people from aal across the world. i helped a media group from italy order coffee this morning. >> it is. we were at the nfl experience this morning having too much fun. we also got to see a cool process happen. take a look. >> a lot goes into making one of these wilson footballs. joining me is dan. you've been doing this for a long time. >> every point scored in the nfl since 1941 has been with a wilson football. >> and made in ohio. you've been making footballs 75 years. >> yep. since 1955. >> such a beautiful process. this is the sewing section. this is the first step in the process.
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sewing, and you can ee they take four of these leather pieces and they sew it inside out. they do that so they can get a pretty good line on the inside and over here in the second section, this is where they do the turning. >> this issthe turning section. you can see this thing they're putting in that heats up the football, so they can manipulate it a little bit, so they can turn it arouud, get it ready to go to move on to step three. which is the lacing process. this is cool. you can see some of the balls getting ready for the finished 3 product, we should say. and they use one lace, right? >> just one lace per ball. that's what they're telling me. once they get it laceed up, it's to the last step, which is what makes it big and beautiful. s the molding step. they put about 100 to 150 pounds of air, and they'll bring it doww after that point to nfl regulation. it's obviously a gorgeous finished product.
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got the super bowl l on it. a beautiful football. and an amazing process to make it what it is. >> and it smelled so good. >> it did smell good. >> a lot of the guys that work there at the factory they've been there 30 to 40 years. for you at the tudio, that's bobby age at the station. >> bobby the director. coming up later, well, we're about to leave, we have to get to pier 39 because we're getting on a broncos ferry. nothing but broncos fans. it's going to be a party and we're going to be there. >> we're going to probably facebook live or potentially be life streaming. go to after our show. it will be at 1:00 your time. so watch out for that. >> see you guys in the wheel house during that thing. >> yeah, that would be trouble. don't want that. thank you, guys. >> thank you. if you drive a honda, stick around. we have a consumer alert that
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>> shocking video of a woman and her two oung children hit by a car. this driver still on the run.
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welcome bacc. a terrifying moment captured on video when a car hit a mother and her two children in pennsylvania. >> the family survived, but police are still looking for the person who plowed through them.
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see the mom and the child walking. and 6-month-old baby. car comes out of nowhere. the older child was walking next to her, sends her flying through the air. the driver after hitting them kept on going. took off. the driver sped off leaving the three victims lying there in the street. the scene left witnesses outrageed. >> the mother is destroyed, being hit like worrying about her kids. how can you live, your conscious going to bother you every day. you almost killed three people. you almost took three lives. >> it's so horrifying. the mother is in critical but stable condition now. she's being treated for head injuries. both of her children also being treated aa nearby childrens hospitals. five-year-old has a broken femur, 6-month-old has scraped to the head. makes your heart hurt watching this. >> absolutely.
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the huge recall of those takata airbags is expanding, honda recalling 2.2 million car, these range from the years 2005 up to 2016 model years. the airbags liie the old ones can explode, send shrapnel into the car. more than 20 million vehicles have been recalled. 11 deaths blamed on these airbags. united and delta airlines now allowing staff members who are pregnant or might become pregnant to opt out of flights headed to areas where the zikk virus is of concern. flying to latin america or virgin islands don't have to fly without reporrections -- reporrections.
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and gorgeous, and you step out here. it is cold. windchills this morning from 5 to 25 below zero. alamosa had a windchill of 35 below zero. that is just frigid. we are starting to see some changes. eastern plains still getting plenty of sunshine. here in the metro area some light clouds starting to move look off to the west, right there on the colorado/utah border the next round of snow that will move in. mostly affecting the mountains, but we have a chance for some of that to make it across the metro area. % ww'll watch that overnight hopefully while you're sleeping. this is what it looks like over denver. just about an hour ago, it really was perfectly blue. but there are the clouds starting to stream in. you'll notice the camera shaking a little bit. not really dealing with incredibly strong winds, but with the temperatures we have it's so cold, it doesn't take much. we've got different temperatures. city park basically kind of
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it's 36 in castle rock now. look up north, 19 in fort collins. 12 in greeley. 24 in boulder. really mixed temperatures depending where you state-wide, single digits for steamboat and eagle. gunnison you are still below zero, at 13 degrees. you're going to climb into the positive numbers in a little bit. that's going to make things feel pretty nice. for us the sunshine at least makes, takes off the edge of the cold weather. we'll be dealing with mid-30s through this afternoon. then we'reegoing to drop things down. changes overnight tonight, we won't get into the single digit. we'll drop down into the teens. -`so it won't be as cold and that will make a huge difference across the state. as far as our highs, 35 for denver. slightly warmer temp in the southeast corner, aybe even some 40s there at trinidad. up in the high country looking for teens and 20s. yes, this is the beginning of the warmup.
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least we're inching in that direction. snow is inching toward us. you'll notice that moving in. majority of what you're going to see is in the northern portions of the mountains. north of i-70 through this evening, and some of it will drop down maybe a couple of inches. did you notice it moved right across the metro area? late this evening there is the chance for some flurries and light snow. look like the metro area could pick up a dusting. just get a little bit further off to the south and the east and we could be looking at possibly upward of an inch of snow. no major accumulation. you can see it will continue hours. if you're an early riser you'll notice a little bit of snnw. not affecting the northern portion of the front range. `ay have a few flurries, but no accumulation. quiik disturbancc that will roll out and clearing skies by pretty much mid-morning and that will continue through the day. tomorrow temperatures still going to be pretty chilly,
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hanging in the 30s for one more day. you notice the lows moving from single digits into teens. then as we get to saturday and sunday, this weekend shaping up to be nice. we're going to be seeing the 40s and it wiil feel fantastic and of course i put the bright spot in the middle, between saturday and sunday. take your pick. >> it's theeweekend. >> the preview to the win. >> that's right. i almost put it on monday for our celebration. >> okay. take all three, then. thank you. we're getting close to the big game. the broncos fever is taking over. >> i dropped something. >> just part of your microphone. >> we have jason live in larimer square. jason. maybe not? >> reporter: the mayor signed a proclamation making it orange friday and things are orange all around, even the ice at the rink downtown. they turned that orange. and there are the super bowl bets we've been hearing about
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today we found out that extends even to middle school.. the students at hamilton middle school in denver were challengeed by a school in north carolina, who could read the most pages. it's a reading challenge. the wager is the school has to dress up in the other school's colors. currently in the lead, the broncos are leading now, even despite that snow day they had tuesday. >> yesterday they recorded they were at 8,000 pages in two 3 days. hamilton read over 31,000 pages `n one day. so it's exciting. >> reporter: speaking of exciting, check out this middle schooler's haiicut we saw while we were there at hamilton. i think i want to try something similar. if the broncos win the super bowl, get the pony on this side
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i don't know what you guys think. >> i can see it. >> we have it documented now. he has to do it when we win. >> got this on tape. thank you, jason. what do you do when you find a cang e jumping -- kangaroo jumping on the
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here's a look at other stories making news hht on the internet today. ever wondered how they make the cool action movies in places like las vegas? just like this. mark rogers was visiting the vegas strip from dallas and caught this moment the cars were flung into the air during the filming of the as yet untitled jason bourne movie. mark didn't stick around to see how long it took to clean up all the mess, but did say the road was closed down to do it. how has this not happened before? a kangaroo on a trampoline.
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that bouncy kangaroo on the trampoline in her yard. it tried to escape, but failed to do so gracefully. you would think when you combine two bouncy things it would cause a super large leap, but they apparently cancel each -`other out. somewhere else in australia these guys were, well, leery of going out in the thunderstorm when his happened. oddly they had spent the majority of 10 minutes deciding not to take their boat out because they could "feel the electrical storm. seems some animals just want to be human. including this curious sea lion who made a journey up 145 steps from the sunny cave area near san diego to do shopping at the see cave store gift shop. cave. after about 10 minutes the seal
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shop with some raw fish. didn't buy anything. just didn't really have any money. just wanted to say hi to everybody i suppose. that's a look at what's hot on
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we're following breaking woman was stabbed. >> police say the suspect still on the loose.
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howard johnson's hotel this morning, the one near west 44th avenue and tabor street. she waved down help. she was taken to the hospital. police haven't said what her condition is yet. >> a vehicle was stolen a short time later from a residence home nearby. police believe it could be connected to the stabbing. if you see a black 2007 frontier 814 pbv colorado license plates, call police. it has stickers on the vehicle and scrap metal in the pickup truck. investigator tony kovaleski sits down with a local dad whose teen daughter tried to join isis. here's a preview of what you can expect. >> just start as a normal day and end up like tragedy for us. >> reporter: a father reliving what he calls the worst day of his life, a day that made international headlines.
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to go join isis. that's the worst thing you can think about. >> reporter: tonight denver 7 investigates how terrorists lured his teenage daughter to get on a plane here in denver. >> how did they get to your daughter? >> the reason why i'm doing this interview today because i want people, parents to know about what's going on. >> denver 7 investigates how these teenagers are being targets for terrorists on social media tonight at 10:00. new details on a couple arrested for allegedly going nster. escalated into a at a shopping center. >> bob floor said the couple demanded his keys and showed a gun. there was another shooting at a strip mall parking lot, no one was hit and police arrested >> didn't look like it was the first time they had done it.
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>> he'll get his car back today. police have not released the couple's names nor photographs, but say they can be link -- they could be linked to another case from last week. rick sanatorium has ended his campaign, put his support behind marco rubio. yesterday rand paul also suspended his campaign. awkward moments for presidential candidate jeb bush this week in new hampshire. he faced a tough crowd during his speech tuesday. >> listen how they reacted to his pledge to protect our country. >> i think the president needs to be a lot quieter but send a signal we're prepared to act in the national security interest of this country, to get back in the business of creating a more peaceful world. please clap. [ applause ] >> bush finished sixth in iowa. now bush's campaign is polling at about 9% in new hampshire. speaking of candidates, donald trump has been nominated for a nobel peace prize.
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but they did proviie an explanation. apparently he was chosen because of his plans to fight isis, radical islam and more. tonight the democrat candidates will go head to head in new hampshire. they'll be sparring on several different topics. sanders says he's more electable and defends his plan to raise taxes to pay for universal health care. `> got to pay a little bit more in taxes but you'll no longer have to pay private health insurance premiums. -`>> it's hard to see how any of his proposals could ever be achievable. >> clinton is firing back at sanders, calling herself a moderate, not a progressive. tonight the debate is at 7:00 our time. mcdonald's is facing an unusual lawsuit. we're going to tell you why a customer is calling foul on their cheese. >> why everyone is obsessed with the behind the scenes
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let's talk about the chase for the championship. the big question remains, will this be peyton manning's last game? >> we caught up with his brother, eli, who was in the bay area and we asked him if peyton is thinking about retirement. >> his focus is on the carolina panthers, on trying to win a championship. got to visit with him last
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i may talk to him again later in the week, i may not. probably the only time i'll get to see him before the game, and you know, we kept it on just kind of his week, what's been going on the last few weeks and a little talk about carolina. but nothing past the game. >> well, eli also talked about the allegations of drug use against peyton and says he knows his brother ttkes pride in doing things the right way. denver's mayor is joining in on the bets with the mayor of charlotte, north carolina. >> i've never heard i look good in blue, but i have heard i look great in orange. and i think you're going to look great in orange as well. roberts wagering football jerseys. the broncos win, when they win, mayor roberts will wear a peyton manning jersey. will have to wear cam newton's jersey. >> mayor hancock will make the
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the team has given his family tickets. city funds will pay airfare, lodging and meals and the cost for two staffers and two security officers. his wife and daughter will pay their own airfare, but they stay in his motel room. the ethics board will meet tomorrow to decide if that's okay. here's a treat that might % get you excited, nugg's ice cream on east colfax created a new orange crush flavor inspired by the orange and blue. -`has the logo with the bronco player crushing the panthers under his cleat. you might want to take it out. good ice cream there, i know ttat. >> it's really good ice cream. >> hen we were interviewing the mayyr, it looked like he had a coke can that said broncos on it. was that right? >> they were giving them away when we were downtown in larimer square. >> the rally. >> one of the rallies, yeah. >> how neat.
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can you buy these, no, it's a collector's give away. >> we weren't special enough to get one. >> i got one. >> we wore red today for the american heart social. wear red is tomorrow, but we have to wear orange because it's orange friday. we'll have red socks tomorrow. >> wait until you see these. >> red and orange together. >> what a combo. >> we'll look awesome. one of us should be yellow and we'll be the sunrise. here's burlington and quite a bit of snow onnthe roadways. they were clearing that yesterday. we'll need more traction and warm weather to get all that snow melted off. most roads are dry. temperatures warming nicely. in denver 37 degrees. this is downtown. we do have that sunshine. fort collins at 19. boulder you're at 27.
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earlier this morning than now. satellite and radar you can see pretty clear skies for the metro area. but the clouds are starting to move in from the west. speak. the snow is really right there at the utah/colorado border. however, through the afternoon it's going to move in. you're going to see the majority of the snow that will fall to start in the northern north of i-70. littleebit later on in the evening it will sink down into the southern mouutains as well. do you see how that rolled across the metro area? while you're sleeping tonight there's a chance we could get light snow, really a dusting for the metro. as we continue to watch this through early tomorrow morning we might get a little bit of it wrapping around. as you wake up tomorrow, light snow is possible. anything we get will be less than an inch and the majority of that really is going to be almost east of i-25 and also just kind of south of that i-70 corridor. again, ii is still the
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some of it. it moves out very quickly and through the afternoon the chilly, however. temperatures will take a little bit of time to rebound. 27 in broomfield. 26 boulder. and there are the teens we're still dealing with heading out the door. state-wide, some single digits still in the high country. it's 3 in eagle. alamosa is 10. that feels better than the windchill this morning, it was 35 below zero. that was the feels like temperature there. on the eastern plains there are the low 20s. we'll warm to about 35. you'll see that here in denver. yes, downtown we already are at 37. but our official monitoring site at dia waiting for that to warm. teens and 20s for the high country. seven-day forecast, you'll notice the cooler temperatures tomorrow. at least our lows, though, we get out of the single digits. 40s for the weekend. really continuing through next week.
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>> we may see upper 50s by the >> hey! >> i like that. >> thank you. >> maybe i'll see my front lawn. >> that would be nice. turning to consumer news, california man is suing mcdonald's in federal court over alleged fake cheese in the company's mozzarella sticks. he was asking for his $1.27 3 back and seeking damages for u.s. customers he says were misled. he is serious about this. mcdonald's' web site describes the sticks as being made with 100% mozzarella. but he disagrees. mcdonald's has vowed to fight the allegations. ben and jerry's is offering a frozen treat vegan. made with almond milk, no eggs or dairy. four flavors will get that vegan version. chunky monkey, chocolate fudge brownie, coffee caramel fudge
11:38 am
they're calling it a nonfrozen dairy dessertt your birthday feed on social media includes the social media giant. but facebook says its mission is to giver people the power to share and make the world a more open and connected place. today is also thank a mail carrier day. one day out of the year set aside to appreciate the person who brings mail to our house six days a week. fun fact, there's been mail delivery service in america since there was an america. the first organized delivery of letters was established by the second continental congress in 1775. super bowl is bringing out all kinds of hilarious and
11:39 am
[ growling ] [ rapping ]
11:40 am
a sneak peek into the control room of grease live has
11:41 am
the production called for an epic degree of shot calling. >> you can count on jeanne moos. >> reporter: how could a live tv performance of grease make even a shuttle launch -- >> 7, 6, 5 -- >> reporter: sound lethargic. >> 2, 3, 4. 1, 2, 3 shot five. >> reporter: when the associate director of grease hosted this control room clip to facebook -- >> 2, 2, 3, 4, 1, go. >> reporter: people said -- tell me more, tell me more >> reporter: all that counting and intensity. [ counting ] >> reporter: one commenter wrote, that was awesome! i'm exhausted listening to you. the broadcast diiector says he's blown aw by the response. >> but i'm thrilled. i'm thrilled to share a little
11:42 am
choreography behind the scenes. >> reporter: alex is the guy who preplanned each and every shot during rehearsal. some 15000shots so the associate director could call them out when they went live. >> 1, 2. >> reporter: when you're hearing is a shot number, plus counting the duration of the shot in beats and bars. watch for the shot change when she calls for shots 18 and 19. >> one, two, three, 18. one, two, three, four. one, two, three, 19, eight bars. >> reporter: for three hours of live performance, she had her head buried in a script that seemed almost like a musical score. show? what show? >> she didn't get to see it. she came up for air and was like, what was the show like? i was like, it was great. >> 3, 2, 3, 4, 27. 3, 2, 8, 29.
11:43 am
>> reporter: his favorite facebook comment. >> like rubbing your head and tummy at the same time. >> reporter: take a bow, then take a nap. bet the associate director won't be counting sheep. jeanne moos, cnn. new york. >> listen, what they accomplished with that production was phenomenal. >> you saw some of it. >> i saw part of it. it was so good. >> the fact all that was live. that's what our guys do when we go to the wrong space in all the different places we get to go. >> we thought this was exhausting. a waitress in new jersey is wowing the nation. she is 90 years ode. >> she doesn't look it. she celebrated with her friends and coworkers. she's waited tables every week day for the past 18 years. she works at applebee's and is a great-grandmother.
11:44 am
>> they love her. a lot of them wish she was their grandmother. >> i'm part of life. i'm not just sitting there. i'm part of living. i'm out every day and you know, i have a purpose. i enjoy it. >> sounds like one of our 7 every day heros, getting out there. she is the oldest applebee's employee. the company has about 40,000 workers. >> good for her. >> that's awesome. we are getting close to the big game and broncos fever is taking over. take a look. >> reporter: just about 72 hours until the big game. not that anybody is counting. orange is everywhere, from the don't walk sign to the jerseys, it's about to get more. tomorrow is orange friday, officially proclaimed by the mayor. more buildings will be lit up. even the skating rink at 16th and arapahoe is orange. we found the super bowl bees extend to middle school.
11:45 am
denver are taking part in a challenge with students from a middle school in north carolina. this week. despite a snow day, the hamilton middle school kids have a 2,000 page lead. the wager, the loser has to dress in the other team's colors and do that dance known as the dab. >> i finished a book yesterday for the challenge. it was a short book, but i'm still trying. >> today i have to, i have quized on them. >> all: go broncos! >> reporter: of course, denver 7 your official home for everything super bowl related. we have crews out in san francisco and tons of content on our web site,
11:46 am
teeth and claws, we growl to win this game, we call pro football [ growling ] >> evvry time, man, it gets you. my favorite part. normally we wouldn't like a panthers fan, but how ould you not like this guy? >> now there's part to. we're goiig to eed may's career, make him mow the lawns, but no respect to him because i love papa john's. i'm a bad boy with my pants sagging. if you're not from carooina get off our bandwagon. [ growling >> with that we end the >> you can't make this stuff up. >> i think his cat growl or whatever in that first one was better. >> he's probably getting worn out. probably being asked to do it all the time. >> mitch, cat growl?
11:47 am
>> what does a horse do? a bronco? >> a trot. >> let's talk about weather, because i don't know what to say any more on those videos. we have to have good ones. jahmai will ind them for us. you can see snow on the colorado/utah border. the snow will inch closer to us. the majority of it in the northern mountains first, and will drop into the southern mountains. as e look at that futurecast zoomed in on the metro area, you can see the snow. that will move through overnight. majority of what we are going to see is southeast of the metro area. doesn't mean you're not going to wake up to a little dusting of that snow early tomorrow. you can see there's a another batch that will roll through. any accumulation we see here will be less than an inch and it clears out and we can saa hello to the sunshine. our temperatures still have another cold day before we
11:48 am
today highs usually most of us in the 30s. tomorrow we'll be in the 30s as well and 40s for the weekend. >> finally going to warm up >> little bit, inch by inch. >> cool. thank you, dayle. >> thank you for joining us today.
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