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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  February 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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we keep forever and that is who got second. >> reporter: brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> very intriguing. abc is the place to be on oscar night, sunday at good morning. we begin denver 7 with breaking news. highway 85 in greeley closed down now, both directions between 37th and 42nd because of police activity. >> we're working on it. we haven't been able to confirm what's going on, but we have a crew en route. >> let me take you up there to the greeley area. the south side of greeley there in that area south of greeley if you were coming up from the south and north you'll be rerouted on the side streets. here's 42nd and 37th and this is the area closed down. we're going a little bit to the west, down 42nd and 37th and
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not highly traveled at least right now. no information from greeley when it will reopen. we'll have that information as the morning continues. rest of the ride in town looks okay. pena boulevard, i-25 or the south side, and here in denver we're quiet. he was just doing his job. >> you couldn't ask for better. we have great deputies up here. >> he's with the right person right now. he's with god. >> a heart broken community comes together mourning the loss of a sheriff's deputy in an act of senseless violence. we appreciate you joining us for denver 7. i'm mitch jelniker. >> i'm kellie patterson. in park county one deputy killed and two others wounded trying serve an eviction notice. >> one neighbor tells us this isn't the first time deputies
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wirth. after digging deeper into his criminal past. also we want to share breaking international news. a university in south africa is closed indefinitely. you can see these pictures, protests turn violent. after the student elections students ban protesting and turned into clashes with campus security. police were called in and used tear gas and rubber bullets. this made things worse and it's apparently when students lit the science building on fire. that university closed indefinitely. back home now and check with lisa. >> we've got a really pleasant day in store. a lot like yesterday. you are going to find a few more clouds today. you can see across the region very dry weather. here in denver sunshine.
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and temperatures upper 40s to low 50s between noon and 4:00. we're calling for a high in denver today oo 50. you're going to find upper 40s near greeley and fort collins and 52 in highlands ranch. it's about to get 20 degrees warmer. this man was serving, killed serving an eviction notice, this is corpooal nate carrigan. community members tell us everybody knew his name. he was a father, coached football and baseball at platte canyon high school. >> my grandson was on the football team and the baseball team, and had a lot of nice things to say about officer carrigan. >> here's a look at the two deputies injured. deputy kolby martin in critical condition. he was shot several times in the lower body. the man on the right is captain mark hancock. had a bullet graze his ear. he is out of the hospital now. there have now been 14 law
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november. yesterday's case was a high risk eviction and that's why hand. the danger of these situations can't be underestimated, especially since mart mat had a history of anger towards law enforcement. >> he's had a history of anger, and they knew his background and looked at his youtube videos and believed he didn't need to pay his taxes or mortgage. >> the sheriff's office is wwrking to determine exactly what led up to the shooting and establish a firm time line. we've learned the suspect martin wirth had a criminal 1990s. we dug up this video, it's where wirth goes off on the government and banking system.
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bunch of crooks known as medication star north, llc. if you're giving crooks money, you're aiding and abetting their criminal conduct. >> this video is from 2014. in the 90s he was charged with killing a man during a chess game. we'll introduce you to a man who filed a restraining order against wirth 11 years ago. robert dear, jr., the man who admitted to the shooting spree at the colorado springs planned parenthood wasn't allowed to speak in court. at the end of the hearing yesterday he told the judge he wanted to say something. the judge told him he wasn't allowed to speak.
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the results of dear's mental health evaluation. he said he has "secret case files" he wants to give to reporters. %- a home in evergreen was completely destroyed by a fire. several firefighters responded, home. no one was hurt. 4:36 now. another former patient at swedish medical center tested positive for hepatitis b. this according to the lawyer representing two others who tested positive after having surgery there. former surgical technician rocky allen accused of switching needles. the lawyer says more tests need to be done to figure out how this other patient was infected. we haven't heard this in a while, there's a mumps outbreak in colorado. four confirmed cases in the denver area and two under investigation now. they may be linked to a mumps outbreak that started actually in iowa.
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headache, body ache, and swollen glands. state marijuana regulators have another warning about marijuana this morning. the fourth in just the past week. tests show pot from rocky mountain organic medicine is tainted with unapproved pesticides. this was sold in golden. check the labels. if you have the affected pot, you can return that. you already know a lot of people visiting our state buy recreational marijuana. those tourists also ending up in the emergency rooms more often than residents. number of pot related er visits doubled the year after it was legalizeed. the number of er visits didn't change for colorado residents. 15-year-old boy is behind bars after making a threat against his school. ellicott sshool district closed all schools monday and a spokesperson says that teenager posted an online message warning students not to go to class on monday and it included three revolver emojis in that message. the district reopened classes the next day.
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to track down this man. they say he's been working with an accomplice to rob convenience stores. they hit four locations between sunday night and tuesday morning. the suspect runs in, grabs the donation jar and takes off. the car is a light colored sedan. we're hearing the heart breaking 911 call from a mom her children. >> the mother of five didn't wait for the ambulance. she put her bleeding kids in the car and started driving. >> emergency responders were able to stop the family and started treating the kids there. one child was so badly wounded that there could be permanent major new developments could be coming to the denver performing arts complex.
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take a look at the picture what it might look like. new theaters and outdoor pavilion and arts high school. "the denver post" says it calls for the concert hall to be demolished replaced with a new one. design proposals to be accepted next year. a couple of colorado schools hoping to come home with the championship. >> we're show you the wild finish with cu and arizona. >> plus, the republicans preparing for the final debate for the colorado caucuses. while several leading democrats hillary clinton. >> it's now 4:40. chilly start to the day. teens and 20s early on at the
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mix of sun and clouds in st
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan
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(donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. ba da ba ba ba welcome back. it's 4:42. frontier airlines is looking to hire 150 flight attendants. this job pays almost $20 an hour and crew members are guaranteed 75 hours of flying time per month. these positions based in denver. you need to be 21 and have a valid passport. you will not see any right to die allow in our state soon.
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it would have allowed termally ill patients a legal option to end their lives. this man, i believe there is the picture, could be our country's next supreme court justice. he is nevada's governor. he's republican, supported gay marriage, pro choice measures. if president obama nominates him, the senate says they won't hold a hearing for a nominee %- president obama chooses. several political heavy weights, including governor hickenlooper and denver mayor hancock will be holding a rally today to show their support for democrat hillary clinton. it starts at 11:00 and comes five days before the colorado caucuses, which are part of super tuesday. tonight republicans will hold their final debate for super tuesday. last night almost all of the
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hall in texas, except for donald trump. the other candidates lined up to take shots at him. >> we are not going to allow the conservative movement to be defined by a nominee who isn't a conservative. >> super tuesday i believe will be the single most important day of this entire election. >> trump skipped the town hall for an event in virginia. despite the severe weather, he reportedly spent more than an hour talking to his supporters. storms produced a dozen tornadoes in the southeast. six people have died, including three in virginia who died when a possible tornado hit their mobile homes. one of the victims was a 2-year- old boy. >> we were sitting in the middle of the house had it came through and it demolished everything. >> this morning there are winter storm warnings and advisories from texas to delaware.
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people in the path of this storm system. here at home. >> looks pretty good. eastern half of the country, we had within two days about 600 severe weather reports. whether it be wind, tornadoes. really rough. back here at home -- >> spring time is rough,,isn't it? or almost spring time. >> severe weather season for us just around the corner. still talking snow, though. week. now temperatures are in the teens. we have clear skies. windchills dropping into the single digits and teens. pretty cold start to our day. relative humidity at 68%. not quite as dry today, not as windy either. greeley 19 now. at the airport 18. city park currently 24. you'll find single digits if not below zero in some mountain pretty cold. western slope. clear. there are high clouds. we'll see a few more clouds
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temperatures maybe one or two degrees cooler. expecting about 48 by noon. 50 by 4:00. right where we should be this time of year. 40s to around 50. state-wide greeley today 48. colorado springs 45. 30s to 40s in the mountains and 50s to the south. closer in temperatures a couple of degrees above normal. we have a mix of sun and clouds, greeley you're at 48 today and in boulder we'll see a high of 50. looking ahead no major changes on the seven-day forecast. i actually bumped saturday's temperatures up a couple of degrees, so we'll be at 50 today, mid-50s on friday, more sunshine, beautiful to end the week, and look at that jump, a good 10 to 15 degrees saturday, closer to 70 in some neighbors. sunday a weak disturbance, showers are possible. about two days ago this storm tuesday, wednesday looked more impressive.
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might get a light mix tuesday into wednesday. at this point, not super impress. >> know what i did yesterday? >> mow the grass. >> why? >> it had to be done. >> it's not bad, is it? >> it's a beautiful lawn, are you kidding me? >> so weird. >> i-25, 110th, southbound side, cones pushing everybody to the left lane. slow through there coming down through 84th. overall map no significant delays because of it. everything else looks pretty much okay. still have that situation in evans just south of greeley where highway 85 is closed down. little section is closed down between 37th and 42nd. this is the section closed down. we'll have more details in a second. to get around carson in the west to get around it, north and southbound traffic can use
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this is out of greeley, highway 85 closed in both directions between 37th and 42nd because of police activity. this is the first video we're getting from the scene. this video just coming in. >> we haven't been able to exactly confirm what's going on, but we are looking into reports that this was yet another officer involved shooting. we have crews there getting set up for a live report. we're working to figure out exactly what happened here. stay with us as we try to get more details. the streak continues for the cu women's basketball team. they've won 42 in a row. since 1988 they've only won twoo games in new mexico. they're ranked 25 now. the buffaloes' men's team hhsted arizona. josh scott had 26 points. came down to the final
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arizona has the ball, down 3 with about 8 seconds to go. >> now allen, five seconds left. allen, shoot for the tie, no good! colorado wins! >> cu's llst home game of the year is coming up sunday. against arizona state. then the pac 12 tourney starts in a couple of weeks. miles, the denver broncos mascot is enjoying the offseason now. spent a few hours walking down the hall of rocky mountain hospital for children yesterday. he went room to room, surprising some little ones, just trying to cheer them up. one of the patients said it was such a great surprise. >> got quite the walk, doesn't he? got a tude. any day now peyton manning could announce his plans for the future. >> he's not telling us personally, but it's coming. the denver post expects a decision within the next
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coach kubiak had this to say. >> i think the bottom line is we made a decision, and it's about him taking his time to work through things, think through things, no hurry. want him to enjoy what took place and we'll go from there. >> one thing has been made clear, they'll keep osweiler for the long haul. >> they're talking to his agent about a new contract now before free agency kicks off march 9th. the browns could try to lure osweiler away. a different payton stole the show yesterday. his name is payton barber. he went to school at auburn university. >> i told the auburn news my reason for leaving it was just because of personal things i
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here's a look at other stories making news hot on the internet today. a team at liberty university in lynchburg, virginia, this happened in a church gym they were borrowing. looks like the show was over. obviously upset they did that. this heavy metal drummer has found a way to make the children's song the wheels on the bus more interesting. he has metalfied other songs like the power puff girls. this emotional young man
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the food on is plate into a smiley plate and couldn't eat it. and this woman here is the proud owner of a very unusual piece of clothing. it's a vest she made with her own hair. she's been collecting fallen strands of her hair for 20 %- years. she said it only took a week to make. she doesn't wear it. she gifted it to a museum where
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>> i wish we had a shot of my face, i was like, that's cute, smile, smile, and you said hair, that is gross. >> her husband said it felt like soft wool. >> okay, thanks. it is cold this morning. teens and 20s. you'll find clear skies, decent warm up. normal high today is 49 degrees. we'll be at about 50 this afternoon with a mix of sun and clouds. warm tomorrow, more sunshine. and saturday we're close to 70 degrees. obviously the bright spot will go on saturday. few showers possible sunday. >> in town overnight % construction getting picked up, speer and federal looking nice. police situation at evans south of greeley that has highway 85 shut down for several blocks.
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highway 85 closed in both directions between 37th and 42nd because of police activity. >> we hear reports it could be an officer-involved shooting. we'll have more on that. you can see our eric lupher getting prepared to give us the latest. keep it here, we'll be right back with denver 7 at 5:00 a.m. with the latest gging on in the
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it's 5:00 a.m. we're following breaking news 3 out of evans. highway 85 closed both directions between 37th and activity. we hear reports this may be an officer-involved shooting. >> we're working to confirm exactly what is going on now. you can see this is a look at the scene. a lot of activity. we see an empty stretcher being roleed close to the scene. we want to get to eric lupher who just got there. what can you tell us? >> reporter: when i got here i saw greeley police, i also saw evans police, and i'll step out to show you what we're seeing.


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