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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  February 25, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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it's 5:00 a.m. we're following breaking news 3 out of evans. highway 85 closed both directions between 37th and activity. we hear reports this may be an officer-involved shooting. >> we're working to confirm exactly what is going on now. you can see this is a look at the scene. a lot of activity. we see an empty stretcher being roleed close to the scene. we want to get to eric lupher who just got there. what can you tell us? >> reporter: when i got here i saw greeley police, i also saw evans police, and i'll step out to show you what we're seeing.
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and highway 85, you can see all the flashing lights in both directions. we were coming from the south, police made us get off at around 42nd and of course i saw police tape everywhere on both sides of the highway and they have this huge area blocked off. we're hearing unconfirmed reports we don't want to get out there yet until e get it confirmed with police. they're going to give us updates when they can. clearly a very active scene. a new scene as well. there will be a lot of information coming in at some point this morning, we just nothing confirmed. you can see clearly it's a huge scene that has a large highway blocked off. so that's clearly going to cause issues for commuters this morning, because both directions are closed and jayson luber has details on that. it's going to be a mess. >> it will beelater on this morning. now through evans on the south
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it's well traveled but not heavy traveled at this hour. south side of greeley right there in that town of evans, this is the section eric was talking about. he was coming up from the south, where it's closed at 42nd at the north closed at 37th. there are ways to get around it. obviously as we see more traffic this morning, it will be an impact to the commuters on the south side of grreley. carson a little bit to the west can get you around it north and southbound. there will be delays of at least five if not 10, maybe 15 minutes depending on how much traffic is out there later this morning. >> temperatures right now looks like teens and 20s. cold start. but normal high 49 and expecting to be close to normal this afternoon. dry roads across most of the state now. temperatures will climb into looks like the upper 40s by
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you'll find a mix of sun and clouds today. few more clouds than yesterday. 30s and 40s for the mountains. upper forts to around 50 in denver today. warmer for the weekend. we'll talk about that and what we're expecting for the polar plunge saturday coming up next. getting close. another story, the tragic story in bailey in park county. the deputy here, nate carrigan, shot and killed yesterday. >> he was a 13-year veteran of the force, coached football and baseball at platte canyon high school and two ther deputies were shot. deputy kolby martin on the left is in the hospital wiih serious injuries, severe injuries, after being shot below the waist. he's been on the force 11 years. >> the man on the left, captain mark hancock, a bullet grazed his ear and he was released from the hospital.
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serving an eviction notice when the recipient, martin wirth opened fire on them. >> the community came together at the community church. even though many didn't know him personally they were connected some way or another. >> my grandson was on the football team and baseball team and lad a lot of nice things -- had a lot of nice things to say about him. >> you couldn't ask for better. >> it's very hard. >> he was just doing his job. >> the two other deputies, one released and the other still in the hospital. this isn't the first time the 3 suspect was served. a neighbor says he saw someone go to his house about a year ago. >> she describes what she
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>> she says she's liveed here innthis area near 30 years and is used to hearing gunfire because people practice shooting in the forest, but never heard anything like that. >> we found the suspect's criminal record goes back to the 90s. 1994martin wirth was accused of shooting a man in fort collins never convicted. >> then a protection order against him after wirth threatened a mannand his employees. >> i said back when he threatened me, if something crazy in the community were to have happens, he would be the first guy i would look at. >> we found a video where he goes off on the government and banking system online. >> if it seems like there have
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officers who have been shot lately it's because they have. >> the past three months, 14 officehave been shot. the park county case was especially dangerous because you never know how the evictions could go. >> the homeowner is notified in advance, so they typically know what law enforcement to expect. in this case, eight deputies were at the home because they expected some resistance. >> understand he's had a history with law enforcement so they knew his background. a constitutionalist, believed he didn't need to pay his taxes or mortgage and he could defend his property with weapons, which he certainly did. >> the suspect, martin wirth, was killed and last month he made disturbing statements on facebook saying "cops want me dead." much more about this on our denver 7 app. you can find out more about the fallen deputy as well. we had hoped to find out yesterday how the mental evaluation went for this man,
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ready, so we'll have to wait another month. dear admitted to shooting and killing three people at the planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. some tourists visiting our state don't know how to handle their pot. they're ending up in the emergency room more often than colorado residents. doctors say visitors are going to the er for pot related issues at twice the rate of state residents. but the stats from coloradians didn't change. right now frontier airlines is looking to hire workers. they need 150 flight attendants and it pays close to 20 bucks for hour, that'' per flight hour. flight attendants are guaranteed 75 hours flight time per month. these positions all based here to be at least 21 and have a valid passport. if you're more into firefighterring, the rom region of the u.s. forest service has
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including administrative support. interviews are already underway and they're hoping to make offers next week. one perk, you get to practice rescue drills on a ferris wheel. >> that looks cool. this training is in vegas, takes place hundreds of feet in the air as you can see. nice weather on a ferris wheel. but they're learning important stuff. >> hopefully no fear of heights. scary moments when a man hole cover shoots up from the ground. >> heroin use a problem across the country. >> teens and 20s this morning. greeley 18, city park, denver 24 now. clear and chilly to start. near 50 by this afternoon. >> here in town we're looking at an easy drive, not seeing
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we continue to follow the breaking news in evans where we have highway 85 closed down for a police station. we'll have more details from eric lupher in a little bit who is live at the scene. this section of highway 85 closed down from 37th to 42nd street in evans on the south side of greeley. no estimate when it will reopen. it will probably be many hours until after the morning rush hour. go west to get around it, north and southbound side. jayson, thank you. it's 5:12 now. we're getting to hear that heart breaking 911 call from a mother after finding her children on the ground covered in blood with a dog circling them. >> this happened over the weekend in rush, colorado. she didn't wait for an ambulance.
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started driving. >> emergency responders were able to stop the family on highway 84 and started treating the kid there. >> one child was hurt so badly the doctor said there may be permanent disfigurement. the fbi says it hasn't been able find any evidence this machete attack was an act of terrorism. four people were hurt in that attack. devastating forms across the south. police in virginia found the body of a man who went missing after a funnel cloud destroyee his home. >> this brings the death toll in virginia to four people, with at least 25 others hurt. these storms killed seven people this week across the south. new video, exploding man hole covers. they're popping up out of the ground in new jersey. one came crashing down near a
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the covers weigh about 175 pounds. >> startled me for a split second because it was loud and close by. >> turns out problems with outdated underground cables caused the explosions. fortunately no one was hurt. this next story is sweet and sad at the same time. it's about a teenager in south dakota who brought a special date to a formal dance. his date, his little 10-year- old sister. he did it because she's sick and probably won't live to see high school. [ laughter ] >> that laugh is pretty good. it's fun to be around her and make memories, because i want to spend as much time with her as possible while she's still doing good. >> it's fun to watch her live
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doesn't creep in, where she is just excited to be going and doing something that every child, or every teenager gets to do. >> what a nice job. he went all out, by the way. took his sister to dinner with friends right before the dance. >> how great. >> how about that? >> i didn't get much sleep last night, i'm emotional as it is. tearing up. cute story. weather-wise it will get gorgeous. today we'll see a little more cloud cover than yesterday. but the winds aren't quite as gusty. pretty dry across the state. you are going to find a few clouds up in the mountains and that might lead to maybe a light snow shower on the peaks. we're expecting 70s by saturday in denver. it will be a warm couple of days. very nice, mild. this morning pretty cold. walking out in denver to 22 degrees. winds anywhere from about 5 to 10 miles per hour. dry conditions. it's getting drier up and through the foothills. you're going to find 12 in evergreen this morning. pretty cold. estes park 11. in conifer now 19. mainly teens and 20s to the northeast.
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through the central mountains. steamboat and craig both below 10 degrees. there are a few clouds streaming in and we'll continue to see a little cloud cover today. little more than what we saw yesterday. had pretty blue skies yesterday. today you're going to find clouds increasing in spots. temperature-wise we'll be, looks like low to mid-20s early on for your kiddos at the bus stop. by noon, mostly sunny, 46. and a high today of 50 in denver. puts us just 1-degree above normal. close to where we should be. steamboat springs 36. pueblo 51. akron 46. in denver a high of 50. 49 to 50. boulder 50. parker 49. pretty calm winds. mid- to upper 40s in the foothills. a pretty normal mid-february kind of day. tomorrow it starts to warm up a little more. big ridge of high pressure builds in. we're at 55 friday. seattle into sunday there's --
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temperatures picking up and winds picking up a bit. chance of a little snow in the mountains saturday into sunday. few light showers possible across the plains. minor cool down, mid- to upper 50s sunday. better chance ffr snow in the mountains monday into tuesday. looks like we'll get a little mix on the plains. all over the board on this seven-day forecast. really not bad, jayson. freezing every night. >> not a bad drive in town, as we're looking at some of the cameras around town. overnight construction getting picked up. i-25 at 110th, so south of 120th. the cones are picked up and lanes are open down to 84th avenue. you can see that on the map as well. still a little bit of yellow for the folks heading into downtown, but it's not that slow, indicateed there on the map. rest of the drive around town, including getting out to dia looks nice. situation on the south side of greeley in evans south of highway 34. this is the sectionnclosed down between 37th street and 42nd
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this will be closed down for some time. there are streets to get you around it through evans. obviously they won't be as well traveled and easy travel. there will be delays getting through there this morning. eric lupher has been up there following the sttry all morning long and eric has details about what's going on. eric. >> reporter: we've just talked with greeley police. they're still gathering information, very fluid scene here. but they are saying no officers were injured. we have been hearing over the scanners that the coroner may have arrived on scene. we may be dealing with a death, possibly a suspect. we're still waiting for confirmation on that. we do know for a fact that no officers were hurt, but you can see how large this crime scene is and it will be here for a while. we're on the north side of the scene, 37th highway 85 closed
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start to pile up on 37th, or trying to divert traffic. it will only get worse for traffic. greeley police and evans police for sure is here. no officers injured, but we'll get further details through the morning. eric lupher, denver 7. 5:19. it wasn't her plan, but when a baby wants to come, it often does. people on a train were there to help her out. my moderate to severe made a simple trip to the grocery store anything but simple. so finally, i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira. he explained that humira works inside my body to target and help block inflammation that
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coming up on 5:22. a live look at that breaking news in the evans area. highway 85 is closed. heavy police activity. stretcher, ambulances have been called in. 85 closed betteen 37th and 42nd. our eric lupher is on scene. we're hearing reports it may be an officer-involved shooting. still trying to gather those facts. if you follow us on twitter or have that free denver 7 news app, you can keep abreast of the situation. we'll follow it as well. right now colorado is in the middle of a mumps outbreak. four cases confirmed in denver. two are under investigation. this could be linked to an outbreak that started in iowa. here are numbers. bottom line here, it's typical to have a few cases in our
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this is why it's getting attention. we have at least four. started to jump up in 2014. doctors say the vaccine is effective about 90% of the time. virus. have it. health officials believe it's travel related. it's linked to a birth defect where babies are born with small heads. there have been 32 cases in florida. this story has people talking. a mayor in new york state wants to give heroin addicts a safe place to shoot up. he thinks it could keep people from dying. >> 125 people die in america today, today, from opium related -- [inaudible]. 125 people will die in the
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homes or -- [inaudible]. so i would ask -- [inaudible] -- what is your nightmare scenario? >> he says this will keep the dirty needles out of parks and public spaces. it will also offer plans to wean them off of drugs. a mom who want due until next friday was on a train to see her husband. >> usually they come out like a slippery football. this baby was 8 pounds plus, and it was a big, big baby. >> we spend most of our time breath. it's not a common event we get to see somebody take their first, so it was a real privilege. >> good perspective. baby is happy and healthy. parents named the little girl after a passenger apparently providing comfort during labor.
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>> all is well. >> not amtrak. that's not the cutest of names. >> no, a lady there helping out. >> beautiful start. yesterday mountains had wind speeds up to 50. i like that word, calm, calm, calm. nice to see. state-wide you're going to find quiet conditions. winds picking up later this evening. today high clouds to deal with. mix of sun and clouds. 46 by noon. 50 by 4:00. it is a nice afternoon. we're right around normal today. degrees above it heading into the weekend. saturday gorgeous. your speedo is ready for the polar plunge, right? >> they are and i strive to be above normal. >> there is the problem. >> we have a pretty good drive on 6th avenue to the west side of town for the folks heading east or heading west through lakewood pretty easy driving for most of us waiting on the sunshine to slow us down. a little bit more traafic here
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downtown, but not that big of a deal. big deal on the south side of greeley in the little town of evans south of greeley. south of highway 34 this section closed down, we have a shooting up that way between 37th and 42nd closed down in evans. eric lupher has been up there this morning and he's checking out the situation. eric looks like you have new information this morning. >> reporter: jayson, we talked to greeley police again, got a lot more information. one suspect was killed, another is in custody, after an officer- involved shooting that started as a trespassing call of some sort. we're being told by greeley police that the suspects ran, one turned and fired at officers and there you go. the details we have right now, one suspect is dead, another is in custody. no officers were injured. we have video. at one point you can see video of a stretcher. we've got a lot of flashing
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is closed in both directions. greeley police giving us this information, but this will be closed for a long time.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of
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potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country. at 5:30 we're following breaking news out of evans. one suspect dead, another in custody, and now highway 85 is closed both directions between 37th and 42nd. >> we understand no officers were injured. our eric lupher on scene in eric. >> reporter: still got this big closure and what i'm noticing is how big this scene is. i'll step out and show you that from earlier. the biggest thing, highway 85 is closed in both directions.


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