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tv   7 News at 5 PM Saturday  ABC  March 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MST

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winds not too bad picking up where we have red flag warnings for that high fire danger. we have moisture coming in through southwestern colorado at this point, only going to become more widespread as we go through the rest of the weekend. outside 64, a wind speed of 13 miles an hour at dia. he will talk more about the moisture ann weather it will see rain or snow in a few minutes. dry weather keeps doing a fire danger. it fire in kathy threatening several buildings. our partners at the denver post say it is birding about 5 acres of grass right now monitoring this and we will bring you more information. dives teams to spell the body at lake with me and reservoir along south kipling and west florida. a couple fishing off the dock when they discovered the bodies one telling denver7 how this happen. >> i went to cast my line by
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looked down and sure enough there was a dead body floating right there. >> investigators do not suspect foul play. we are working to gather more information and we will bring -`you more details. we have all experienced the smell of pot when you're %- walking down the street or at the park. now a state lawmaker has a solution, he is proposing new kind of business just for pot smokers. >> like it or not marijuana tourism is here to stay in colorado. >> i come here to enjoy the freedom colorado has given the people of the state. >> especially in denver. plenty of options when it comes to buying pot. the question is where do tourists go to partake in what they are purchased? you can't do it in the store, most hotels don't allow smoking and why you're not supposed to do it in public we all know % that does end up happening especially in our city parks. do you ever marijuana on the
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>> all the time the us bus stations nasty i don't smoke, i don't like it. >> a state line markers says it is high time for change. >> people sick of seeing marijuana consumed either in parks or the streets so we need to tell people where they can consume it responsibly and safely. representative jonathan singer getting ready to introduce his cannabis club bill. he would create a brand-new type of business in our state, one where people 21 and up could both by and use marijuana. %- >> we need to deal with this and reeponsible way just like we dealt with alcohol. we don't have just liquor stores but we have tasting rooms and bars. a very few number of private clubs in colorado but you have to bring your own we. singer believes his initiative will not only benefit pot smokers but people who hate the stuff. >> they can have that keep the smell innide that is great.
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allow cities and counties to opt out if they don't want those businesses just like they can now with pot shops. . >> pot supporters also try to take this issue to voters in november. however that initiative is asking for bring your own cannabis clubs that could only exist in the city of denver. another big day on the campaign trail, five states holding caucuses today. on the republican side donald trump, ted cruz marco rubio and john kasich looking for wins in maine, kansas and louisiana. on the democrat side hillary clinton and bernie sanders competing in nebraska, kansas and louisiana. coming up we will look at what the candidates are saying today . tomorrow night hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off on the debate stage in flint, michigan. the water crisis expected to be
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expected to discuss. an offer on the table for brock osweiler. the nfl network reports the deal that could be worth as much as $45 million. the 20th highest-paid among starting quarterbacks. we will have much more coming up in sports and where things stand with peyton manning. new video showing men dressed in monkey masks breaking into a dispensary. police to share this surveillance video. you can see them smashed the window to get inside. these guys still have not been caught. a wild chase in fort collins ends in a crash. it started overnight when a deputy stopped the car for fake license plates. but the couple took off, throwing drugs out the window as deputies chased them. deputies eventually used stop sticks but that still did not
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the stop, one of our vehicles finally had to ram the front of the vehicle to stop them from taking off again. >> it ended in loveland. police arrested jessica a gilbert petit a both in jail tonight. a disturbing discovery at linsly park, a body was found there in east denver. not clear how the person died. investigators have not shared the name of the victim. the search has resumed for broomfield man who went missing, hunting for treasure in new mexico. he disappeared in early january after setting out to look for gold, jewels and artifacts. his dog and a raft were found along the river northwest of santa fe. now k-9 teams that a drone are out searching for them. originally the search was called off the january. if you filed your taxes but haven't seen your check, you are not alone. thousands of colorado taxpayers waiting on the reasons.
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thousands of calls from frustrated taxpayers are daily. an effort to prevent tax fraud. the department says returns could be delayed up to 60 days beyond normal processing time. >> a lot goes into this. there is a lot of players in detection and prevention we are undertaking. >> not all refunds are iipacted. check. >> even if you request direct deposit it could be converted to a paper check, another weight they are trying to present critics from getting your money. to track your refund online click on where is my refund under quick links. one dayythe students might be working to make sure you are not a victim of online fraud. these groups of students work to protect the government network in a cyber defense it was only a simulation and not an actual network, students had to pull out all the stops to keep it safe from hackers.
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they also move forward to a national competiiion in texas next month. plans constantly being written up for new oil and gas drilling in our state. now a lawmaker taking steps to protect homeowners. live in thorton, people are concerned about the safety of their kids? wright they have a lot of concerns, child safety top of mind. the focal point here in thorton there is a site about to go up in this area right across the street from a iddle school. >> they will be outside for recess. what is in the air what are the breathing. >> she is not convinced that fracking is harmless. >> i have not seen enough third- party, verified scientific data that shows me that proves to me the air quality is safe, that the water quality is safe rematch now that a drilling site is set to go up across the
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school, stacy, neighbors and a state representttive are fighting back. >> is a balance between being able to execute it our natural resources and still take care of the public. >>reporter: joseph's all of our represents district 31. >> reach out to the fire departments to sse if they have the capacity to handle an emergency response. he had an intimate discussion with concerned neighbors inside stacy is home. it is very clear drilling sites continue to pop up in huge numbers year after that is why salazar has drafted a proposal. >> it will hold oil and gas industry accountable just like any other industry. >> protecting the very people from damages caused by oil and gas activity. >> in the course of your activities you are unsafe and caused harm to others and you will pay for it. >>reporter: this bill still has to pass through the senate. you also heard briefly in my
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if there was a fire or explosion at one of these sites neighbors are telling me they have not heard of any plans for an evacuation of a school or neighborhood if something like that happens. as for the argument of contaminated water and polluted air, oil and gas industry supporters argue fracking has been product is safely for decades. coming up on denver7, meet the 17 -year-old defying odds and the group making sure she and other kids in our community are not falling through the cracks. a group of stroller moms fear new fees may put the brakes on their exercise class. what they want to see happen. a 30 -year-old tradition but you will never guess how much these bison are this year. 3 very springlike outside but just starting to see moisture coming through western colorado , a precursor of things to come
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these are atrocities no child should have to endure you thousands do. russell haythorn takes us to a place giving children to have fallen through the cracks a new life. red a pickup basketball game a far cry from the dangerous road to ruin joy lukkason was on just year and half ago. >> we had to sell drugs to buy alcohol so we could have breakfast. >>reporter: that she says, was rock bottom. fortunately for her she hit it like a springboard. >> it is a huge difference i am so grateful really reflect the 17 -year-old's remarkable recovery due in large part, if not entirely, to this place. >> these kids need structure because they have been lacking
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>> and he helps up outside longmont, mountain states children's home providing safety, security and stability to kids who never knew it. >> abuse, neglect, abandonment second set circumstances they may not have anything to do with remake here they are showered in love, a shocking departure from the previous like many once lived. >> they are coming out of their shells, learning to trust us. >> they know that we are here to help you guys remake they living cottages with house parents like paul and terry mcginty, people who dedicate their lives to keeping kids from falling through the cracks. >> is much as kids don't like us telling them what they can and can't do, the structure they thrive on it. >> kids do chores, play games and go to school for days a week. >> we need to get caught up in a short period time to mainstream them back to public schools. >> the success rate nothing
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a 12 year study shows the average student improvement here is 3.7 grade levels in >> before that they felt stupid, dumb, we can't do that. that is not true at all remake the home now expanding, building the fifth cottage on campus, this one with nine bedrooms, nine bathrooms. >> they come up and give you hugs and tell you how much they appreciate the help. >>reporter: for joy lukkason, changer. >> it has been really good. >> mountain states children home operates entirely off donations. he gets nearly 80% of its support from individuals and another 11% from churches. for more information or how you can support them visit and click this story. the homeless in one area of deever have just two more days to move or face arrest. the city trying to clear out the large homeless camps on park avenue and lawrence street near the rescue mission.
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public safety risk. more people with more belongings are cluttering the sidewalks. a spokesperson for denver human services says they have offered services to peopll living on the streets but many have refused. >> we know this is not going to be a popular action but it is necessary. >> we agree with the city it is not sustainable for folks living on the streets, camping on the streets forever by criminalizing homelessness is not the solution. up eviction notices telling people they have to go or face arrest. on tuesday denver will start any belongings the city has to move will be kept in a warehouse for people can pick human services hopes the to seek help. right now we have an outline of the entire program on the denver7 app. have you seen a group of mom
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exercising at a local park? one mom says the class is being shut down by skyhigh park fees. stroller strides has one class that meets five days a week in the south suburban parks and recreation district. organizers pay fees to use parks and other cities but denver and broomfield only charge $150 for six months. south suburban wants up to $1000. because it is using public land. that mom says that will force the class to close. >> it would be heartbreaking if they would not allow us to work out here anymore because it is hard enough to get out of the house with kids. one kid, two kids to drive further to get out of your house, moms are gging to be abll to do that. >> south suburban parks did not have anyone available to speak on camera yesterday, but that they are still negotiating and hope for a posstive outcome on both sides. an annual tradition in denver.
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from the two famous herds. you seeethem grazing along i 70, this tradition goes back 30 years. one of the cavs wwnt for $2500 from a buena vista rancher. the superintendent says he always has a good time at these auctions. >> one of the things that gets me most excited every year i -`get to ccme out and play cowboy. >> yesterdays auction brought about $48,000. it helps to control the bison population and raised about $30,000. beautiful weather here in colorado. feels very springlike that we are about to change things the next couple days. 3 partly cloudy skies now in denver, in the mountains everything looking great do we have moisture coming through the southwestern part of the state is going to bring snow for tomorrow. if you are around vail or aspen, temperatures tomorrow in
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showers for the evening and cold and snowy with temperatures in the 30s monday. this cold front is going to change things for us. we will jump out of the upper 60s, down to the low 50s thanks to the passage of this front. 67 this afternoon, normally we should be at 51 and the record 76, we were too far from that. the low last night 36 degrees. one more warm day tomorrow and cooler monday. rain and snow showing up with this cold front that will be pushing through colorado. winds five-10 miles an hour for the most part around denver 13- %- mile an hours now that the eastern plains we have been watching, igh fire danger there today. as you see a red flag warning in the shaded areas that includes burlington, pueblo down to trinidad. that will expire at 6:00 tonight but still very dry conditions. moisture coming through the
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rain, little snow and will become more widespread as we head through tomorrow. satellite and radar showing this moisture in california, one doozy of a storm coming in off the pacific. the cold front not quite all the way into california get but wwth the. i think it will lose most of its steam as it has a direction, but it will bring rainnand snowfall. i wanted to show you how many watches and warnings are associated with this system anything yellow is high winds, purple or pink heavy snowfall through the serous, two to four bit of snow. very heavy rain on the coast we could have flash flooding as we go through tomorrow. we already have winter weather advisories for central utah and through western colorado. a winter weather advisory for three to 8 inches of snow sunday night to monday night. it doesn't look like this will
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system passes us by and goes in to the eastern united states, it willltap into gulf moisture and be a strong system. as for our weather, rain and scattered snow showers as we go through the next couple days for the mountains, here in denver mostly rainfall. for the front range and for the eastern plains going into the next few days looks like those amounts will be between three and 8 inches of snowfall out west. lows tonight in the 30s around denver, 20s in the mountains and highs for tomorrow mid- to upper 60s evenson 70s. 80 la marque tomorrow afternoon and on the seven-day 50s to start the week with scattered rain showers then back up to the springlike weather friday and saturday against. this might be something you have to look at the stats on. >> we don't see the typical snowy march we are used to. are we going to be way behind? i know fire danger is high. >> usually it evens out as we gomonth to month but so far we
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are behind so far. >> i will look at the stats specifically for you and let you know. >> as much as we love the sunshine. when we return are special olympics reporters take to the hardwood this weekend and introduce us to the cherry creek high school basketball player with a passion for the game. same test different format the big changes made to the
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. are denver7 special olympics reporters recently hit the basketball court to meet some great special olympics color right -- colorado unified athletes and coaches we will let them introduce you to a 17 -year-old basketball player from cherry creek high school. >> i just get into the game. >> playing special olympics for cherry creek brings more than just a smile to his face. >> i like kobe bryant. >> it brings him confidence and pride he's not shy about showing. >> i was so good everyone as agile rrlaxants becoming reporters they are learning interviews with athletes can sometimes go in different directions, especially when movies come up. >> what is tom hanks favorite acting line you like the most. >> the forest gump line life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you are going
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>> awesome really cool rhythmic jesse's favorite parts about sports athletes with the without intellectual disabilities play on the same team is the friendship made. >> we have friends it is part of you they have problems i help them i have problems i help them myself i love this team. it is part of my life, part of my journey. >>reporter: his advice to aspiring athletes? >> you fall down think of positive thought or reach out to someone. >> good advice. you can catch hannah nd connors stories every week right here on denver7. a big thank you to halt the brave people who took the polar plunge in the boulder reservoir. all the money raised helps special olympics. a few of us here took the plunge last week and our team took the plunge at the denver zoo. so far the plunge series has
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the new s.a.t. exam rolled out across the country today. the first big change to the standardized test in 30 years. the new exam will have an optional essay, it doesn't count to the writing great. more time will be allowed in a row be 16 fewer questions. the biggest change, students who gave wrong answers in the last quarter foomat now quotes get penalized. >> it allows you to be aggressive in the past sometimes students would get gun shy they were so worried about the penalty but now you know you have to give it a shot. it gives you that approval to power through and try to figure out the question. >> the college board has practice tests on its website so students can get used to the new format. we will not know how they test and -- until may. >> more ahead on denver7 another big day in the race for the white house. several states hosting primaries today and polls just
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pretty soon another option when it comes to getting to dia the new rail service offering so much morr than another run. broncos getting serious about brock osweiler. john elway has an offer on the table. we will give you the numbers and where they would put number 17 in nfl. the way they want to today has everybody talking a little later in the show. back with more
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five more states making their mark on the presidential race today. superset a -- super saturday pitting them in caucuses throughout the country. >>reporter: a near collision of
5:30 pm
site. senator ted cruz the beating gop front runner donald trump. abc news projecting cruz will take the day's first contest. trump already making headlines this super saturday with fists flying during a rally in orlando florida. >> we have a divided country. the hatred, the animosity. i will bring people together. i will bring people together, you watch. >>reporter: trump last-minute after snubbing the years biggest conservative gathering. senator marco rubio made his scheduled appearance today. >> being conservative cat be how angry you are willing to be or how many names you are willing to call people. >>reporter: the fourth man, john kasich staying positive, already looking beyond the super saturday. >> we will won ohio and that will create a whole new
5:31 pm
>>reporter: for the democrats, voters crushed into caucus sites early. bernie sanders focused on picking up delegates in closing the gap with hillary clinton. >> sometimes people get confused with the kinds of vicious personal attacks being made by republicans against each other remake the candidates will not have any time to rest this %- coming up innflorida, michigan and ohio in the coming days and weeks. >> tonight on politics unplugged, we look at some oo this fighting the trump candidacy causing in the republican party. some voters being old they are not smart for voting with trump. >> why are we insulting those voters that support trump saying you're not smart enough to make that decision. >> in many ways that was part of ronnie's plea begging them to be smart, be thoughtful, encourage and empower voters
5:32 pm
determine the future they have. >> you can hear more of that conversation on politics unplugged, tonight at 9:30 and tomorrow at 4:00. a sad discovery this morning at the university of colorado campus in aurora. a faculty member foond dead in one of the buildings this morning. investigators have not released the persons name. the campus is open and operating normally. a lot of rainfall in california late last night ahead of a powerfullstorm headed our way. the same system could bring us rain and snow. it may lead to severe weather of the us. with more let's go to stacey donaldson. >> we are in the middle here, very strong for the west coast with the system. as it heads east, it will tap the gulf moisture and become strong once again. we are in between where we will get rain and snow but it is a fast mover. southwestern colorado well
5:33 pm
affecting us monday. you would not know it by looking outside 60s and 70s today, absolutely beautiful. one more day of warm weather, moisture moving in as we go through the next 24 hours. at this point we have high fire danger for the eastern portion of colorado. winter weather advisories through the higher elevations until the next couple days. winds picking appear for the eastern portion of our state. we will talk more about the rain and snow and how much we can expect in a few minutes. i love this next story. in a few weeks you will have the drive to the airport anymore. new rail service will begin to dia and it will extend far beyond the train tracks. mark stuart shows us how it is creating new jobs and places to live. re/max the trains that will soon take you from union station to dia also the engine for new
5:34 pm
coffee sets footsteps from the station. >> a cup-proposition may make the shop opened two ago long `efore the debut of the airport service. the local chain wanted to be first, confident there would be long-term success. >> why not be the ones to go in and dive in earlier than everyone else. and wait for the rest of it to build around us. >>reporter: the expansion city. also the airport, panasonic building a new facility off tower road, near a new rail station. and new housing rising near the 3 new a line. >> two new comp lexis we are hoping more people will move in and they will build a grocery store here. they hope the new service will preserve the environment, neighborhoods and cut down on the overall time we sit in traffic. a set of tracks helping create a path for didn't first future.
5:35 pm
time that it will be successful with time. >> that was marked stuart reporting. service to the airport debuts april 22. it will be $9. dia saw a record numbbr of passengers moving to the airport in january. more than 4 million passengers touchdown or took off. this is up nearly 80% from last year. 54 million passengers went through the airport last year and we have information about new nonstop international flights on do you wish you had a car that could handle snowing roads better? we will introduce you to the
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. just a couple of weeks away from the denver auto show and some of the latest the greatest cars to interstate. we caught up with them in fort collins yesterday. began on the western slope and includes the newest models of eco- friendly rights. the colorado automobile deallrs association says it hopes to get people excited about energy efficient cars. here is something you might not see at the auto show, a canadian mechanic added skis to his smart car anddcame up with this invention. it runs on diesel fuel and can move along snow at up to 44 miles per hour. it was a secret until someone took a picture and shared online. >> jjst a thought that came to me nd seemed like the right thing to do. it is a rear engine cars so ideal for this sort of thing and the whole point of the exercise to see if it can be done.
5:39 pm
melts. the snow car cost him about build. you probably won't see it on the market anytime soon because it is not street legal. we all have our favorite tv show. at children's hospital patients watch this everyday hero. a show makes kids smile. >>reporter: >> tell us what is going on my friend. >>reporter: at the ryan seacrest studios inside children's hospital colorado one and of the hottest shows on the in-house tv station stars a young man who speaks from the heart. >> to know why my voice is so strange? because i use this computer to judson hamilton volunteers to host a weekly entertainment program that involves the patient. >> coming here every week lets
5:40 pm
people with cerebral palsy can do all kinds of things. >> judson is an incredible guy who can teach kids and everyone differences are normal and people can learn a lot from them. >> today i will reach you the book titled john paul george and been written by lane smith. >>reporter: looks, trivia and fun welcome distractions for patients and their families. judson is a natural and makes it look easy even if it is not. >> it takes in probably three and trend of 5 minutes to put a sentenne together that is maybe five or six words remake you complain. >> volunteering makes me happy and makes others happy. >> we are very proud of him he is a great kid. >> my mom and dad taught me to do my best and they always make me feel good about myself. >>reporter: judson's compuuer it may help him speak that the words of encouragement are from the heart of a young man who leads by example.
5:41 pm
be kind to each other. i wish no one would be eft out especially if they are in a wheelchair. >> we have a surprise check this out denver7 an independent insurance agents of colorado want to honor you as a seven everyday hero for your volunteering and help with the show [ applause ] congratulations. >> fantastic. to nominate a hero in your life, but it and click on our community section and seven everyday heroes. beautiful day out there. >> absolutely temperatures in the 60s and 70s for the front range and in the plains partly cloudy skies but a big storm
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partly cloudy skies outside still very warm. highs in the 60s and 70s throughout eastern colorado. beautiful out there. are high today officially 67, normally we should be up 51. are low last night 36 degrees well above our normal overnight low of 24. this map is specifically for you because our march normal
5:45 pm
hundredths of an inch so far we have had 0 but since genuine first we have had a few storms 98 hundredths of an inch that puts us just over one tenth of an inch over where we should be. in march we look for about an inch and a quarter of moisture so we have a lot to make up with the moisture headed our way. we definitely need it and that translates to about 10-12 inches of snow which isswhy we call it the snow is month. one more warm day cooler monday, rain and snow moving through but this system will be a quick mover. at this point we've had patchy cloudiness across our area. already a little rain and snow coming to the southwestern part of the state. the bulk of the system in california. the cold front making its way onshore now. ahead of it we have ripples of energy bringing in moisture ahead of the storm system. wants us arrives we have snow in the high country, rain across the range. i want to show you how many
5:46 pm
effect from california through utah, arizona, new mexico. a winter weather advisory in northern and central and southern mountains for three trendy 8 inches of snowfall. as this quickly mr. colorado it won't dump feet of snow like a business year as. a few inches from sunday into monday and it moves on now. futurecast rings moisture as we go through tomorrow afternoon and evening. monday we will see rainfall across the front range and the plains as we go into monday. afternoon and evening sterling to greeley are snowfall forecast bringing most of the heavier snowfall, eight inch range south of i 70 toward telluride. lows tonight 30s and 40s here across the front range 40s in the mountains and 60s tomorrow. look at the 70s, 80 in lamarr for the southeastern part of the state it will be beautiful. then colder air moves in. low 50s to start the week.
5:47 pm
fret if you like mild weather it is back by friday and saturday close to 70 degrees again. >> i appreciate those totals we are that far behind but we will be if we don't start catching up up. the broncos getting serious about rock today. >> the brock is ticking. palm coast willing to ante up to keep brock osweiler. we will tell you how much that means for number 17. avalanche not doing themselves any favors now chasing the final wild-card spot. live with a preview of denver7
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extra. the waiting game continues no manning. in three days is $19 million salary becomes guaranteed but that's not going to happen. buccos have been patient but they haven't been idle signing brock osweiler the party. the denver post says the team is made an offer three years worth about $13 million annually. sources claim it could reach $45 million with incentives. well or 20th among starting quarterbacks. time is of the essence the nfl exclusive negotiating period ends monday. broncos don't want to hit brock to the open market that they want hate to get the deal done. things are about to get interesting. slip right to their fingers just right there predators pummeled them at pepsi center leaving them playing catch up in the race for the final playoff spot. looks like the avs would have
5:51 pm
they led 1-0 tied in the final minute gabe landeskog find the net 2- 1 heading into the final frame. too many mistakes doomed the avalanche yet again. mike fisher cast that one. nashville tickets first lead winning by a 5- 2 count. they now trail the wild to the final playoff spot. >> right now like we said we need to remain on an even keel and make sure that we remain focused for the next game. >> we know what we have to do and we know what we are doing and not doing right we talked about it and the last video there is no time to sit around here. >> no pouting because coyotes come to town on monday. big night for the eagles denver7 night.
5:52 pm
there is lots going on involving you and our news team. >> you bet it is great to be center for denver7 night with the colorado eagles. always a great time. look forward to this every year and this place is going to be packed. the defending champions in town to take on the eagles. with me now head coach chris stewart. >> what a night it will be here tonight the americans defending champions a five-game win streak playoffs coming up this place is going to be sold out. >> it will be a kick in the pants we are up against one of the best teams in the league and the building will be sold out and this will be a physical might be a little shenanigans going on tonight but a lot of fun. >> those are always good for the crowd. >> always good. >> kick in the pants here tonight 13 years the eagles have been here you guys have
5:53 pm
the community has become part of you. talk about this franchise and what it has meant to northern colorado. >> thank goodness we are part of northern colorado and this community. they accepted us with open arms and we are just really proud to be part of this whole darn thing. they have supported us from the drop of the puck game on to where we are today. every night we are able to get a sellout, this building packed aalot of fun. >> this place packed tonight we will be here. will get on that and cause a ruckus out here lookkng forward to this. >> do up your seatbelt. >> tonight at 10:00 on seven sports extra highlights of the americans and the eagles. also we will show you what denver7 did here we will show you that tonight at 10:00. until then goodbye from here we
5:54 pm
>> if he gets on the zamboni that will lead tonight. the thriller on tobacco road second ranked number 10 north carolina three-goal lead in thh fourth period tar heels up 1 with just a minute left. saved his best for last sweet equalizer nine seconds remaining. in overtime there is your ballgame defending champs extend the winning streak to 18 5-0 heading into next week showdown with notre dame. senior day in fort collins senior daniel scott in on the fun the bucket part of the 20- 2 run. csu never looked back deadly from distance a trio of triples. finished with 22 points they
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>> announcer: the following is a presentation of espn on abc. it's been 18 years since the bulls won the championship. you know there were high hopes of course to start the season. , yes. jimmy butler is back. he's been out a month. around. alongside the former mvp derrick rose whose season continues to get better. rockets and bulls on "nba


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