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tv   7 News Now Sunday at 7 AM  ABC  March 6, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MST

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we begin with breaking news. broncos news this morning just hitting the web a short time ago that peyton manning is going to retire. let go down to broncos headquarters. lindsay watts is live more. >> reporter: espn is reporting that super bowl 50 was peyton manning's official last rodeo. i don't have to tell you this comes after an amazing career
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he is a five time nfl mvp. two super bowl titles. he is going to retire as the all time leader in passing touchdowns, passing yards and quarterback wins. of course we did have indications that retirement was on the way. manning gave patriots coach bill belichick a big hug when manning said this might be my last rodeo so it sure has been a pleasure. after a long history with the colts there are some questions as far as will manage retire as a colt or a bronco. i'll have more on that coming up at 7:30. many of them definitely want him retiring as a bronco not a colt.
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department of agriculture says the mountains have received the least amount of precipitation in 30 years. all of this likely going to have a huge impact on our snow packet, however, there is still time for this to be fixed by mother nature. concerning. ww still have quite a bit more of the winter left to see more precipitation and as we are still in tell the el nio phase we could see some of this. >> reporter: and as we will see some of this right now. look off to the west. southeast corner of the state also has a little bit of a moisture which is good because we do have red flag warnings. anytting we can get will help out as far as our fire danger. today is going to be another warm day so while we start to see the changes in the mountains we're not going to be dealing with that down here.
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head out the door things are going to be changing for you. this sunday as you get ready to walk out grand junction 53- degrees. here in denver we're at 36. greeley a little bit cooler at 27-degrees, but we have 50- degrees in coloradd springs this morning, so temperatures kind of all overthe board. this afternoon, again the plains and the front range nice and warm. the warmup similar to what we saw yesterday. about two or 3:00 this afternoon, increasing clouds we have some un-shine early on this afternoon. that is going to change later on this afternoon and yes, we are going to start our week nice and wet. take a look at the futurecast and show you when the rain is going to be moving in o the metro area. the dry area started fueling a small wildfire about 60 miles west of colorado
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at one point it was threatening several buildings but firefighters got it under controlled and burned about 5 acres of grass. ted cruz is riding high proving he ask a form diable candidate against donald trump. >> everyone is trying to figure out how to stop trump. >> reporter: and ted cruz didd that once again. it started off with a big win by cruz. the texas senator sweeping by a 2-1 mmrgin. >> we're the only campaign that can and will beat donald trump in the race. >> reporter: donald trumppwith victories in kentucky and louisiana. >> marco rubio had a very very bad night and personally i would call for him to drop out of the race.
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that would be so much fun. >> reporter: it was indeed a super saturday from gymnasiums to barns snaked around primary locations across kansas, nebraska, kentucky and louisiana. and the victory lap for bernie sanders. securing delegates in wins in kansas and nebraska. >> we want to make sure a republican does not go into the white house. >> reporter: hillary clinton touting victory in louisiana. >> i'm grateful for everyone who turned out to support us but now all eyes turn to michigan. >> now rubio is rejecting trump's calls to drop out. we have an estimated delegate look. trump 378.
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uno 123. sanders 479. -- rubio 123. tonight clinton and sanders go head to head in flint michigan. the water crisis in flint is definitely expected to be among the many topics the candidate will address. this comes two days before the michigan and mississippi primaries. on politics unplugged we are going to take a look at the republican party and why some voters are being told they are not smart by voting for trump. that is coming up here at 4:00 today. once again holding primaries in our state instead of caucuses. all the of this after hundreds of democrats were turned away because of those long lines on super tuesday. republicans angered by the fact
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what happened on super tuesday definitely increasing the urgency. colorado he would primaries for three primary elections in 1992 but ended that because of the cost. westminster police are offering a $2,000 reward to help find a home invasion suspect who shot the victim several times. it may have been related to a pot growing source. there was a struggle before shots were fired. the victim was seriously hurt. this morning we are getting a new view of a bizarre break-in at a wheat ridge marijuana ddspensary. this is surveillance video of two men in monkey masks. there were two employees at the colorado meds at the time, the burglaries got away and are still on the loose. this couple are now behind bars. the couple took off after being pulled over around 1:00 a.m.
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after they were driving and leading police driving 100 miles per hour authority say gilbert and jessica dia were throwing drugs out of the car during the chase. a suicide attack south of the city in baghdad, the bomber blew up a truck. some are members of the security forces. when you have taken on a dangerous gunman you probably think it's best to fight fire
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get out there because we are about to see some changes. >> already seeeng it on the western slope. which is good to see. this is a scary question but one you need to ask, what would you do if you found yourself in an active shooter situation? >> training every day people using only they're bare hands. >> they are teaching a marshal art. it all comes down to the abcs. >> reporter: how do you look to fight back against someone looking to do harm to the general public. >> redirect. if this is all you can do -- if you can get to here and help comes are you okay? you have saved lives just by doing this. >> these are every day people like you and me but also law enforcement.
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defend themselves and others in case something horrible happens. >> even if the attack start and the police are called and in the three to five minutes it takes them to get there a lot of people could be injured or killed. >> reporter: but what if people started to shoot back? >> really the power is in the gun. when somebody starts wrestling the gun away from them they have to change the way they think and what they're doing. >> reporter: the whole point is redirect the line of fire. here was a simple move. grab the gun and control it while attacking the attacker. situational awareness. >> reporter: this can help people band together and possibly save lives the next time and attack happens.
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really got in on stopping the attacker the easier the attacker went down. >> reporter: they say it could be enough time for police to get there and take over. there's morr training going on today. good news this morning the winds nice and calm unfortunately they're going to pick up again. eric, it may not be your
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oh, how nice. it looks so nice out there today, doesn't it.
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what else are you doing? maybe you're at church. if not watch us. >> go grab your coffee and read your newspaper -- well you don't need to read your newspaper. i still like that feel of the newspaper. sadly i don't get to read it a lot because i'm here in the morning. but that's okay it's gorgeous. >> reporter: we have quite a bit more sunshine than what we saw yesterday. that's not going to last though. here is a look at satellite and radar. we have a little bit of activity off to the west. we are not dealing with huge copious amounts of snow, however we are going to see this snow fill in on portions of the western half of the state. warm enough we're not just going to be dealing with snow, we have got some rain. here is what it looks like over
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it is definitely starting to build. the southeast corner has some rain even and that's really good because that's where we do have red flag warnings. you will notice that throughout today all of the moisture really does stay off to the west. as far as advisory, it doesn't even start until 6:00 this evening until 6:00 tomorrow. you will deaa with more clouds across the front range this afternoon and onto the afternoon plains and there's a chance for an isolated rain shower to move across but fast forward this to monday morning and look at all so all of the rain that we have had really will turn to snow. they really do fill in on monday and especially up in the
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the southeast it is going to be nice and dry and as a result that'ssbecause we do have the red flag warning. clear skies this is about 10 miles east of dia. temperatures 36 here in denver. 40s in the eastern plains. colorado springs nice and warm at 50. we are dealing with the 50s on the western slope as well. your warmup upper 50s low 60s. another mild night even with that system moving in, we won't be affected with our temperatures until tomorrow. downtown a high of 69, 70 in eerie, 71 in aurora. castle rock a high of 66. fort collins you should top out at 68-degrees. you want a warm spot, spring temperatures in lamar looking at 80-degrees there in the high country.
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and the snow you will note the temperatures do stay warm. the mountains are going to be closer into the 30s ann 40s, so quite a bit cooler than they have been but it's a fast moving system and by the end of next week we're back into the mid to upper 60s. next friday. >> give the grass a drink of water. >> it would be great to see more but this doesn't have a huge amount of moisture for us in the metro area. with word of peyton manning retiring tomorrow i'm kind of bummed.
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good morning welcome to morning sports.
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but the brock is ticking. john elway the willing to anti- up. number seven wants to keep number 17 in orange and blue. denver post reports they have made an offer roughly 13 million annually it claim the deal could reach 45 million with incentives that average yearly figure would rank 20 among nfl quarterbacks it end monday. the broncos don't want him to hit the market. closing fast selection sunday a week away. the buffs think they have done enough the earn a ticket to dance. a win could improve their standing. colorado a double digit under dog led by double digits after tori miller got inside.
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wheels came off. utahs went on a 19-oh run. this one hurt 55-57. daniels got in on the fun. the seniors bucket csu never looked back. rams 87-73. predators skip town with a victory in the final wilddcard spot starting to slip away. tied up in the final minute of landeskog.
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frame. after mental mistakes. 5-2 predators. number 7d.u. and nebraska. on the pacific ram, 2-1 your final conference winner. these two will dance again in the best of seven. tobacco road. number 10 new york new york pios with a three. onward to over time. that was it. walk off defending champs extend winning streak to 18. they are 5-0 at home next week against notre dame. that's it for me on a sunday. go on and have yourself a great sunday. and word coming out that manning is expected to retire.
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>> we are going to have much more of that coming up right about 7:30. first we want to get to more sports news. anchors dropped the puck to start the game. they even got to ride on the zamboni. today it's the family and faith game for the eagles. it starts at 3:05 this afternoon anddthis is at the pepsi center. shawn white may not have competed in the x-games but he reminded fans he's not close to being done. the nighing tomato made sure to open. he is not retiring and looking forward to the 2018 and 2022
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mushers competing in the iditarod competing today. it covers nearly 1,000 miles across alaska. still much more ahead on this hour of denver 7. first details on manning's retirement then imagine you're scuba diving and suddenly you're sucked into a pipe flipping and twisting not knowing if you're going to live. that's just what happened to one man who lived to tell about it. >> you would not believe what he was sucked into. we have that story coming up next.
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it is 7:30. welcome back, here to denver 7. we are going to talk more about the storm headed our way in just a minute. but first breaking news all this in broncos country this morning. several news sources announcing peyton manning plans to announce his retirement tomorrow. live from dove valley,. >> reporter: i can tell you in the last 10 minutes the broncos tweeted out thank you, peyton and congratulations on your
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it is expected tomorrow right here at the broncos headquarters in in he will retire as the nfl's all time leader in passing yards and touchdowns, he's tied with brett favre for touchdown wins. he came back after surgery on his back. of course at that time he wasn't a bronco yet. the former owner of the colts has asked manning to retire as one. i can tell you when manning was first introduced in dove valley the last question he was asked
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retire as a bronco? his answer was yes. we will be here for the press conference tomorrow. lindsay watts denver seven. you can see the sun is shining as we get ready for retirement. we all knew it was coming. still a sad day. he's going out on top and we're happy to see that. i just hope he does retire as a denver bronco officially. >> reporter: let's look at our weather. we do have changes moving in on the western half of our state. some pretty warm weather. a little bit of rain, a tiny small amount in the southeast corner of the state and that's good because the temperatures are going to warm into thh 80s. 53 in grand junction. 20s and 30s across the metro
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trinidad you are walking out the door to 50-degrees, so mixed temperatures all across the state this morning, but a warmup very similar to yesterday. 3:00, upper 60s and a couple of locations in the metro area will see the 70-degrees, but then the changes, the raii and snow in the high country is going to make its way down here. it is 7733 time for a look this sunday. the big story senator ted cruz is gaining on donald trump with some big victories on super saturday. they each won two states. cruz one kansas and maine while trump one louisiana and -- >> we're the only campaign that can and will beat donald trump in this race.
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came in for marco rubio to drop out. a man he says he's not planning on getting into. bernie sanders had kansas and nebraska wins. donald trump is opening up on his thoughts on torture and he said if elected he will loosen the practice. he said,"we are going to have of the the laws broadened because we are playing with two sets of rules; their rules and our rules." he has backed off on his torture some after his criticism from security experts. beau bergdahl, attorneys have asked to seek a deposition or call him as a witness calling him a trader. >> his comments in addition to
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serious question as to whether or not my client can get a fair trial which is under the due process laws under the 3 constitution. he was accused of deserting his post. we're taking a look at some of the fighting trump expand dacy. some voters -- candidacy. why are we insulting those voters of trump saying you're not smart enough to make this decision. >> i think he is begging them to be smart about their decision, to be thoughtful and encourage voters to realize the choices they make will determine the kind of future they have. you can hear more of that on politics unplugged tonight at 9:30 and tomorrow at 4:00.
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will be there in november that the future of the high courttis at stake and hillary clinton criticized it which were struck down in 2013. an event will be hosted by bernie sanders supporters at the mercury cafe on california street in denver to discuss issues that sanders has addressed in his campaign. doors open at noon the candidate speak at 1:00. he and clinton will -- ahead of the debate on tuesday. the cia is aurrently looking for a librarian. this is not your average gig. somewhere between 50 and
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they can serve as embedded or information -- experts to qualify you need a masters degree prior library experience and pass an extensive background check and psychological exam. politics unplugged today at 4:00 not at 9:30 remember that check it out. plans are constantly being written up for gas drilling in our state. i found homeeowners have a lot of concerns especially the safety of their children. >> they're going to be outside for reis. recess. >> i haven't seen enough third party verified data that proves to me that the air quality and water quality is safe. >> reporter: now that a
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across the street from rocky top middle school, they plan to fight back. >> we can excavate our natural resourcers and still take care of our public. >> reporter: joe salazar represents district one. he had an intimate discussion with concerned neighbors inside stacy lambright's home. it's very clear drilling sights continue to pop up year after year. that's why salazar has drafted a proposal. >> it is going to old them accountable just like any other industry in the state of >> reporter: protecting activity. >> if you are unsafe and it cause harm to others you are going to pay for it. >> reporter: no real emergency plans is another coocern. parent haven't heard of any
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sight catches fire or explodes. as far as pollution oil and gas industry supporters argue that the practice has been done safely for decades. large city but it is selling marijuana just like one. it sold more than 8.3 million dollars' worth of medical and recreational marijuana in 2015 according to a recently released statistic from the city tees finance department. that meant more than $200,000 going into the city's taxes. marijuana sales have actually topped sales of alcohol. now to a developing story for you this morning we are still waiting to learn the identity of a person whose body was found in a main reservoir in lakewood. a couple fishing discovered the man's body floating. >> i went to cast my line out and by then the sun was shining
7:40 am
enough there was a dead body floating right there. >> that came after another body was found earlier in the day. that person found dead at lindsley park. this morning the coast guard is desperately verballing for a person who went over -- searching for a person who went overboard. david mossman fell about 100 feet into the water. so far searchers have found no a father and daughter on a trip to visit colleges survive a plane crash. this is about 45 minutes from manhattan. they were coming back from rhode island. they were investigating what led to that crash. a florida man is sucked
7:41 am
lives to tell the bizarre story. he was suddenly pulled into a large pipe while scuba diving and there he tumbled for five minutes. >> he just -- gone. >> i contemplated do i pull the regulator out of my mouth and just die? started thinking about my family -- you know, how are they going to survive without me? >> the 16-inch pipe pulled some 5,000 gallons per minute into the st. lucie reactor plants. amazingly the pipe eventually spit this man out into a pond. now he is suing the company because he says it is not properly marked.
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continuing in flint, michigan and expected to come up at tonight's debate. one family says they go through an unbelievable 151 water bottles per day from everything from cooking to washing hair and drinking. the aging water system is tainted with led posing a significant risk to people living there. chances are you noticed the argo mine once or twice. now they plan to redevelop it. you see two of the partners here in this picture from the denver post they plan to revamp it and do tours add a hooel, conference center and a riverr walk. million. >> that's going to be great.
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welcome back, everyone. it is 745 for you on this sunday morning. take a look at the mountainss a little bittof snow up there, but we are definitely in need of some more an it is arriving today. we'll take a look at the
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right now some douglas county teachers got some recognition for the apple award. we have a big congratulations to all of the teachers honored sometimes they don't get enough recognition. we are getting our first peek at the s.a. the exams. >> these are the biggest changes made in 30 years. it will have an optional essay which does not count toward the final grade. the biggest change students who gave wrong answers lost a quarter of a point in the old format, now students won't be penalized. >> it allows you to get aggressive sometimes students would get begun shy because they were worried about the penalty.
7:47 am
have aapproval to try to figure out the question. >> we will not know how they test on the new exam until scores are released in may. but it is going to be interesting to see -- do they compare this to people who took the old test. >> i don't know, but i just got that pit in my stomach. i was horrible with esting. >> for some people testing, others it is reading. >> that's why teachers in iowa are reading to a different audience and they think they are just pur-affect get it? >> we let them read allowed to a cat and it just does something really special. >> reporter: animal experts say there's something about a
7:48 am
>> so it kind of brings the cats out of their shell. it's pretty cool. >> reporter: it may help some kids out of their shells too. >> these kids aren't going to correct their pronunciation so we think it is a win-win situation. >> reporter: introducing reading to kittens and cats to children reading is helping. >> his eyes were closed but the %- moment we stopped readdng he woke up. >> reporter: the 1st day the program was already a hit and that's something officials and kids say you can expect will continue. >> reporter: are you going to come back and read to the cats again? >> no problem. >> yes, no question about that. >> how cute is that? >> yes. >> we heard about students reading to dogs.
7:49 am
have the same effect. you want to tease that into weather since it is raining cats and dogs? >> is it really going to tomorrow? >> no, but it sounds good, right?
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take a look from our roof cam at spear and lincoln. such a great start to our sunday before some changes come for some much needed moisture. a lot of people still want the snow and we are just note getting it yet. >> we are just at the beginning, remember, we have a lot of time to catch up and we really do want it because we have red flag warnings in the southeast portion of the state. unfortunately it is not enough to make a difference to red flag warnings, but the western half a little bit of rain and snow moving in. that is all going to turn to snow later on this evening. watch as the day goes on, temperatures so warm a lot of what we are going to be seeing today will be rain showers. but there's the snow and there will be a mix and that is 3 possibly going to affect some of your travel along i-70 this evening.
7:52 am
mostly dry, however a chance of a rain shower may move across the range or plains but the bulk of the moisture stays off the west and will pick up in intensity later on this evening to tomorrow. we will fast forward this. most of us with wake up dry but rain showers move into the northern half of the front range early on in the morning. you can still see the clear skies in the southeast corner of the state and all the snow off to the west. as we get closer to 10 to 1:00 we are going to see the heavier rain filter into the front range and drop spoon into the metro area. so-- drop down into the metro area. you might want to send the kids with umbrellas and rain jackets, when you pick them up at 3:00, there's a chance for them of the some rain.
7:53 am
again, rain showers clearing out pretty quickly, this is a fast moving system. today warm and dry, temperatures in the 30s, a few 40s on the eastern plains. a warm up temperatures well above where we should be topping out at upper 60s, low 70s. southeast corner of the staae nice and warm temperatures warming into the 80s, 40s and 50s in the high country. tomorrow we cool things off, 53- degrees scattered showers tuesday will be even cooler but then we warm right back up.
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only from centurylink. call and switch today. breaking news in broncos country this morning. peyton manning has told the team he will in fact be retiring. his public announcement is expected to come tomorrow right here at dove valley. the broncos confirmed this just
7:56 am
tweets. it says congratulations peyton on yoor nfl career. the manning has helped them win division titles, make it to the super bowl twice ann then the world champioship victory last month now we can say for sure he will officially be going out on top. back to you. >> great newser the him -- >> remember when he landed at centennial airport -- it was my birthhay. 3 it is happening tomorrow most likely live here on denver 7 so stay with us for that at 11:00. head coach gary kubiak he
7:57 am
thought he was and even more not only for football but for also for the community. nobody worked harddr and prepared more than peyton. you can read all the reaction on the denver 7 app. well continue to get more of this throughout the morning. >> we have much more to come at 9:00 all the emerging reaction
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starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. split decision. ted cruz crushing the billionaire front runner the kansas and maine caucuses. >> this now represents a movement. >> while trump captures two major victories of his own. >> i would love to take on ted one on one. >> is this now a two-man fight to the finish? as trump's own party revolts. >> donald trump is a phony. a fraud. >> mitt is a failed candidate. >> is the gop falling apart? john kasich and republican party chair reince priebus is here live.


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