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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  March 7, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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you're watching denver 7 at 11:00. peyton manning hang up his football cleat in just a few minutes. he is out at dove valley where he is expected to make his big speech. >> we will look back on his historic career. >> reporter: that's right. today we all knew it was
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he elevated the game. elevated everybody who ever played with him. we can't wait to be hearing from joe ellis and then he's really going to get into his career and what it's about and his career with the broncos and a tribute video of peyton manning -- >> we're going to be emotional enough already. >> reporter: yeah, that's going to draw some tears because if you are a peyton manning fan this is obviously going to be a somber moment. it been 18 years, it's incredible because the average in the nfl is 3-5. and he's been able to do it since i was what? 12 years old. >> his family is there at the press conference as well right? >> reporter: yes, hhs mother
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cooper there. the only one not in attendance is eli manning. not exactly sure why, but he has the support of his family and teammates are there. >> we actually had to rsvp to make sure we had a spot there. we made sure we had a prime position for you. so we will carry this thing live for you.. is that demaryius thomas there? >> reporter: that's demaryius thomas giving his chain to his sonn >> definitely not a but he doesn't seem to mind. >> reporter: packed house and my seat is -- there we go. peyton manning walking up to the podium right now.
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the queue as he will get ready to introduce peyton. let's listen in right now from dove valley. >> - >> good morning. welcome to everyone. especially his family, friends, former teammates, support staff, coaching staff, welcome. this issa historic day for the denver broncos and the national football league. it's also a day of reflection and celebration as we recognize everything that peyton manning has meant to our organization. now we were fortunate to experience peyton's enormous impact for just a small part, only four seasons of his magnificent 18 year nfl career, but what a special, memorable and remarkable time in our
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in this very room four years ago, our owner, pat bowlen, introduced peyton manning after john elway signed him as a free agent from the colts. pat talked about how fortunate his organization was to now have two -- peyton gives us championship. peyton, who likes to ask a lot of questions as we all know, said when is that going to be ready? and it took everything i had in me not to say tomorrow. we were doing everything we possibly could of the him come
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we all had an idea of what a special player peyton was, but what we didn't know was how much his impact would stretch far beyond the playing field. i can stand here today and tell you that peyton manning made our team better, he made our organization better and he made our community better. on the field, no team won more than the broncos in the past four years with peyton as our quarterback. this was highlighted by four division titles, a world championship win. no player threw more touchdown passes during the playoffs during that time. we all remember he had 55 of them in 2013, the most prolific
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many took for granted that peyton would be that type of tting player when he joined here, but that wouldn't have been possible without the incredible amount of hard work determinatton and resolve that went into his unprecedented return froo injury. that needs to be recognized here today. off the field peyton was one of the greatest the national football league has ever seen. he wanted to make sure everyone felt included, support staff, part time workers. outside ur building, whether through his pay back foundation through the team or on his own,
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you heard a lot of good he did. the countless visits, phone calls even videos. most of it went unacknowledged. that's the way he wanted it with very little fanfare and attention drawn to himself. often times he was the one making the call asking what can i do to help? what can i help here. if you looo back on his time as bronco there were a few things that peyton wasn't able to do but he would be the first to tell you it wasn't about that. it was always about being the best teammate and the best person he could be. more to the denver broncos and the national football league. if there is a list of achievements needed to attain greatness, you have checked every box. we could not be more proud that you chose to play for the
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thank you for all you did for this team and our organization. we will miss watching you play quarterback. it has been a joy. congratulations on your retirement and i know all of us look forward to your ring of fame induction and your pro- football hall of fame induction. at this point i would like to bring out john elway for a few remarks. >> thanks, joe. everybody. sorry about my voice. it's amazing how many times i've been sick since that super bowl. %- going through that year, the last month has been up and down worth it. i would like to say as i was talking to peyton earlier this morning, there is not a guy in the nfl that can walk away and
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is possibly -- that can possibly be done at the quarterback positiin in the nfl. no one else can say that and peyton manning can say that. and that's an unbelievable accomplishment. we're going to hear about the numbers, the wins and the awards and all those things are amazing, but to me the thing that's most amazing is the way he went about his film study on to him. i know this is a tough day for him. having been through it i know it's a tough day for him because for 18 years he played this game so great and better than anybody has played it. and teammates that like to play with him and for him. the unimaginable happened and that was peyton manning was
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at first did i actually think we had a shot? you know, what? %- i really didn't think we had a shot especially where we were coming from. but fortunately i got the the first call in and we were able to show him what pat had built here and we were able to recruit him and have him come here and play for us and the last of that is attributable to this guy. when you get to play with peyton manning and they say where do you sign? that's why you put thess great teams together, it was about what he meant to this league, what his reputation was in this league and how to attract football players because i knew if he was on our team we would
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to win a championship. if it wasn't without you we wouldn't have gotten this gone, peyton. one more thing and i'm going to turn it over to gary. it was a treat for our quarterback to prepare and work for the next game. so many times -- i call it the old days -- we would get the snap trying to figure out coverage and go from there -- peyton manning revolutionized the game. we used to think no huddle was fast paced and get people off balance. peyton said i'm going to get the line of scrimmage and pick you apart. i can't remember how many times i thought dang, why didn't i think of that? he did revolutionize the game.
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i think every athlete out there should look at what peyton manning is about as a football player and as man, but he utilized every asset that god gave him to be the best football player that he could -`be and that to me sets him apart from everybody else because he got every ounce of ability that he has and that's why he will be able to walk away from the game like he is walking away with some things that nobody else has done. thanks, congratulations thanks for being a bronco, we know you're going to ride off in the sunset and we know there's a hell of a a lot of things out there for you, but thanks for everything you have givee us, and also for every other bronco fan that has not tweeted ou,
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all the fans, thaak you. gary. peyton i want to say for givinn me the opportunity to be a small part of this. i think it's well documented obviously i've been with peyton a little less than 1 year, nine months i think, right peyton? in the national football league i spent a lot of time trying to beat him. about the last 17 years i had many opportunities, wasn't very success. . as a matter of fact patrick smithe reminded me i was 10-2. and i said i think he was 10-2, or 10-1 against a lot of coaches throughout this league and i have tremendous respect for you. i think we all knew, i knew,
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he was capable of doing as a player. but i think we all respected what you were as a person and what you represented at the national football league. we all get reminded about the shield. there could not have been a greater example than yourself throughout the years, but it's been a great nine months and everything ended the right way for the denver broncos and what a ride it was, but it wasn't easy, was it? it wasn't easy. what i'm going to do is i'm going to share a story with everybody. i know i'm sharing it with all of america today. i think it's important. this season was a great one, it was a tough one and he and i had some tremendous mmetings, interesting moments along he way and i'm going to make it brief but i want to make a point. we were nine weeks into the season.
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day against kansas city. i knew he wasn't feeling good and hissfoot was hurting. we went innmy office and i said you're going to get well and he was not happy. but we proceeded to continue on as a football team and continue to battle so over the next seven weeks we had many meetings, many sit downs and i remember him coming out of the cast and we sit down and i said okay, what's the next step? what do we do here? and he said well it's time to go back to work, i want to play, i want to finish this thing out the right way. we step out on the field the next week and i'll never forget what he told me that day, he % said listen i don't want to be
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that team it's going to be about me. you keep everybody focused on the team and i'll get myself well. so that's what i did. we had a plan, whatever means as team, peyton went across the field over there to the bubble, he took three guys with him. the famous three i would call them, he took sunshine, jordan taylor for all y'all who don't know who that is, coach harry, works in the equipment room and doubles as a quarterback coach and took hireman over there and we filmed the sessions and i watched the film and we went through that process a few weeks and he would be over there in the mornings, i would watch him work out. we went through this process for a few weeks and as we went through that process there were
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pushing and all the sudden it was different. i knew he felt like it was time that he was in the right place, so i think there was two weeks left in the regular season. he and i talked and i could tell in his voice he felt good abdomen was ready to come back. so we decided to proceed the same way that week, had our meeting with the team, he went and worked out. that evening i watch his tape and they look better than ever. everything was pretty consistent. thursday was different. we had our work as a team, he had his work out. i sat down to watch the film. as i'm watching the film that day, there was something different about the work out during the work out he sent me a signal to the film.
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take it that way, i take it as i'm ready to play, coach, okay. i text him and i said hey, the work outlooked great today and said oh, by the way i got the signal. i want to watch you work out tomorrow morning. i'm coming tomorrow morning and going to watch. we walked over to the bubble, walked in and they were through and they were supposed to start at 9:00 but they were already through, so i walked in the bubble and i looked at all them and i said hey, what's the deal here i was supposed to watch you guys at nine and his three buddies they kind of tiptoed out of the bubble becaase they knew something was fixing to take place, so he says coach we started at 8:00. i wanted to i want to play.
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people left in the bubble was peyton and i and a bag of footballs. for the next 25 minutes peyton decided to tell me where he was and what he thought our team could do and he was ready to lead our team in that direction and he was right. he was right. and what he proceeded to do % over the cost over the next month and push everybody was a difference in how we ended up as a football team. `o i have the utmost respect for what youuddd, the utmost respect. on behalf of myself, the coaches, the players and everybody else thanks, i know it was tough, it was special, i know it was only nine months for me, but i love you, bud,
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i think we're going to watch a film. 3 [applause] 2121 of the most successful periods of the denver broncos ban when peyton manning became the team's quarterback. during manning's record setting
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more wins than the broncos won 4afc divisional titles, a win in super bowl 50. on the field and the community peyton manning had a -- leadership, integrity and high standards in all that he did. with incredible determination. >> let's goo right? let go. keep making plays, let's go. >> reporter: manning made a remarkable return from injury in 2012 as the nfl's come back player of the year and runner up mvp in his first season as a bronco. he through more touchdown yards. >> reporter: his first touchdown pass of the year and a. [indiscernible] demaryius thomas. can you believe it? [indiscernible] for the touchdown.
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performance manning -- in nfl history. >> seven touchdown passes. he's the sixth man ii nfl history to throw seven in a game. >> reporter: the broncos to the first super bowl appearance in 15 years. he became the all time leader in touchdown passes in 2014. >> reporter: peyton manning now has more touchdown passes than any other player in nfl history. >> reporter: a year that saw him on his 14th pro-bowl. manning persevered through injury. he started for two super bowl champion teams. >> reporter: they have just
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lombardi trophy is coming home to the mile high city. >> reporter: his leadership and even sense of humor earned the respect of players and coaches. >> i've been asked what omaha means and omaha is a run play, but it could be a pass play or a play action pass depending on a couple of things, the wind, which way we are going, and the jerseys that we're wearing, so it -- it varies. >> reporter: as a person, manning [indiscernible] great ambassadors the world has ever seen, from his work in denver ann outreach in the community affected the lives of so many. for all that he accomplished during his four seasons in denver and his 18 year hall of
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congratulate and thank peyton manning. next stop, canton, ohio. [applause] @ @ in my very first nfl game i completed my first pass to hall of fame running back marshal faulk and marvin harrison who will be inducted into the hall of fame this august. the quarterback for the opponent miami dolphins, hall- of-famer dan marino who on the
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completed a -- skinny post and it was the damest i had ever seen. somebody hit me really hard and after i got up i told myself i know i can play. later on that season we lost to baltimore. it was the first time the colts moved back. we didn't exactly get a warm reaction. the fans were screaming and i was thinking hey, i'm only back. but after the game was over i got a chance of shaking -- hand. he told me, peyton, stay at it. well, i have stayed at it and i hope old number 19 is up there with his flat top and maybe his black high tops on and i hope
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it and maybe he's even a little proud of me. there's just something about 18 years. 18 is a good number. today i retire from pro- football. i want to thank you people of new orleans and south 3 louisiana. new orleans is my hometown, they support their home team the saints but of course they support their own. that city has supported me from the day. i decided to stay at the university of tennessee for my senior year. it was one of the smartest decisions i ever made. i cherished my time in knoxville, especially my senior year and i want ball fans everywhere to know the
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you played in my life. >> i want to thank the colts, you can't imagine the warmth that my family feels for you. i would be remise if i didn't mention a host of coaches, staff and teammates. when i was drafted by the colts it was a car town. but it didn't take long to turn into football evangelists. i ended my rookie year 3-13 and set the record for interceptions. a record i still hold today. every year i pull for a rookie quarterback to break that record. andrew luck, stafffrd, ely manning.
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have started all 16 games. the team's struggle's were agonizing. my grandfather would call me if his favorite broadcasters would be playing. papa, we're playing -- bengals they don't announce those kind of games. guess what, madden and summer all are announcing the game. he was elated and he let the world know that the colts had arrived. make no mistake and it, we were coming and we went on to do some phenomenal things like winning at least 12 games seven
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winning super bowl 41 and i was truly honored and proud to be part of it. treat a man as he is and he will remain as he is. treat a man as he could be and he will remain what he should be. when i visited four years ago to denver, john elway sat me down and said here is what % we're going to do. loss only three division games in four years and none will be on the road. beat the patriots in two games, you're going to win playoff come back player of the year, you will break a couple more all time records around we'll go to a couple of super bowl, i think i would have taken that deal. [laughter] >> john, you did tell me that, didn't you? grateful is the word that comes to my mind whee thinking of the denver broncos. i want to thank pat bowlen and
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eeway, john fox, gary kubiak and their staffs and all the people in this great organization. to all of my denverrteaamates thank you for what you have done for this old broncos quarterback. and the fans everywhere thank i have had coaches that have helped me become better at my croft. jim morra, john fox, gary kubiak, i've obviously changed teams had the same football representation for almost two decades. -- he'll always be a great friend. i want to thank a tremendous group of friends who have supporttd my football career and been at my side from high school, tennessee, indy nd that incredible broncos super
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you know who you are and know what you mean to me. there's not a family that can express what you mean to me. mom, dad, ely, ashley, and my kids marshal and moseley have only been around for a couple of the years but have changed % my life forever. a week before the super bowl my daughter asked me daddy is this the last game. yes moseley it's the last game of the year. >> i sure do want you to win that trophy,. >> i sure do too. and she asked daddy, is this the last game ever. that's when i was thinking -- had gotten to my daughter to cultivate a new source.
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experience they can't help but revere it, i revere football i love the game so you don't have to wonder if i'll miss it. absolutely. %- absolutely i will. our children are small now but as they grow up we're going to teach them to enjoy the little things in life because 1 day they will back back and realize those are the big things. so here the little things, i'm going to miss a steak dinner at saint elmos after a win. -- erlaker, brian -- the late
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alwwys feel like i was kind of playing against that middle that defensive coach. i'll miss figuring out blit zs and perfecting a fake hand b off. demaryius thomas telling me he loved me and thanking me after every touchdown i through to him. tom morris and adam gates, picking out the game balls with my equipment guys and afterwards miss recapping the game with my dad and checking to see if the giants won and calling eli, 53 teammates standing in the aisles laughing
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miss so many reat fans both at home and on the roads and even miss the patriots fans in foxboro and they sure should miss me because they sure did get a lot of wins off me. fans you are at the core of what makes this game remarkable. i have received more letters they made me think, laugh and move me to act. i've learned this game is a mighty platform that has given me a voice. it has led me by dreams due to
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i'm totally convinced that the end of my football career is something i haven't even discovered yet. life is not shrinking for me but only morphing into something bigger. pundits will continue to speculate about me. every bleary eyed night was about one thing, reverence for this game. when i look back on my nfl career i know without a doubt i helped my teams walk away with a win. there were other players who were more talented but there was no one who could out prepare me and because of that i have no regrets.
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timothy two i have finished the good fight i have kept the -- after 8 years it's time. god bless all of you and god bless football. cp$$bb [applause] ^5 l e u uvjrj >> reporter: a very emotional --
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we got to hear how much it means to him and his players and coaches over the years. i thought it was so neat to hear from coach kuuiak. it looks like he's going to try to take some questions, let's listen in and see if he can have some fun with reporters. %- >> reporter: yeah, he's great. >> congrats. >> thank you. >> reporter: just wondering these last four weeks since the super bowl were you ever close to thinking you would come back for one more season? >> mike, i really wanted to do, like i said at the game, and take coach dungee's advice and enjoy that super bowl win. i played 18 years but this was the only off season i could start off in a good mood.
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that world championship. i know hoo hard it is to win a game. i took that and went on a family vacation, went hunting with my old teammate jeff saturday. and i had time to reflect on the season and what coach kubiak mentioned on the field an off, sooi really took some time to do that, but i thought about it a lot, prayed about it a lot and like i said earlier, it was just the right time and maybe i don't throw as good or run as good as i used to, but i've always had good timing and that's the true case in this sense. >> reporter: peyton, congratulations. i've had the privilege of covering troy aikman and brett
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competitive inch that you have had for so many years? >> that's hard to say. i've talked to john about this over the past four years and he's given me some great insight as to kind of what some of the feelings that i'll be going through over the next couple of months and years, so i've appreciated his advice and friendship and support, so i don't know, i haven't ruledd anything out. i have made no decisions. i'm going to go on vacation again after this and go play a little golf and -- pretty soon with my two brothers and kind i really have enjoyed this past day and a half i have had a chance to call some special people that have been a part of my football life and after calling john and joe and coach
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head coaches, i had a great conversation with dungee, fox, and kubiak, and a great chance to go down memory lane, so i will think about those things at a another time. >> reporter: peyton, going through what you did this season, how much did -- i don't want to say bring your career full circle, but i know it was hard as gary talked about. was there a point you weren't sure you were going to get back? and how gratifying was it to finish given what you went through those two and a half months. >> like everyone has eluded to today it was extremely gratifying to finish with
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had plenty of ups and downs, but those conversationers with coach kubiak were important and 2-way, and that was important. like i said earlier or during the super bowl week, i never assumed annthing. i never said this is going to be it i'm never going to play again or get healthy. i had kind of a goal one week at a time. and that led to bigger things, so it was the right time of the no doubt a unique season. >> reporter: peyton, over the last few weeks there's been a lot of talk about things have happened 20 years ago in your career or in your life, what can you say now about those allegations and how this has maybe overtaken the discussion over the last -- >> first off this is a joyous
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i think it is sad that some people don't underssand the truth and the facts. and i did not do what has been alleged. and i'm not interested in re- litigating something that happened when i was 19 years oll. and i would say kind of like my dad used to say when i was in trouble, i can't say it any plainer than that, so this is a joyous day and it's day and like forest gump said, that's all i have to say about that. >> reporter: four years ago when you needed to start -- [indiscernible] -- how much did that first call from the -- [indiscernible] >> i think it was important. old elway had pretty good timing as well. it was the first call. he and john fox made to me and
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you know just going through a -- that pros conference indianapolis which i think four years ago today, so -- foxy and john called and with foxy of course it's a fun conversation. it's upbeat and kind of got me in a good mood again and john said when you're ready we would love for you to come out here. i think that was as important as anything that john kind of mentioned recruiting me but it was not a hey, we have to know something tonight or hey, you're hanging us out here, it was just -- i came out the denver -- john said you know -- john understood what i was feeling that it was a gut wrenching time and he played a long time and of course played for the same franchise his whole career
11:44 am
good to have a guy to talk to and the fact they weren't pushing me and didn't give me a deadline that made a different for me to take some time and find a right place for me and i couldn't have made a better decision than coming out here these last four years to play for denver. >> just curious what did you consult in this decision and would you consider it a health decision? life decision? where do you put all that? >> i think once again, going back to that timing. it was the right time. it was not easy. it was difficult. like i said, i love football. i love it. you know, of course talked to my famiiy about it and had a lot of good conversations with the good lord about it and you know, i had some friends -- i got three special colts here
11:45 am
friends and you know jeff saturday and brandon stokley and bill polian but they're all in the media now and when i talk to them and i kind of say whh are we talking -- are you my old center or the espn that lost all that weight and look so good on t.v.? `o i kept my thoughts and feelings pretty tight and like i said it felt like the right time and that's kind of how all that went about. >> reporter: [indiscernible] , you said today nobody prepared better than you, so
11:46 am
[microphone audio is breaking up] >> i always thought it was important to be a good teammate. maybe that was important to say when you're the starting quarterback and winning a lot of games and playing pretty well it is probably easy to be a good teammate because things were going good but what i felt out about myself when i was injured i was not playyng well, and just there was a struggle, tt i felt like i had a good attitude and i would talk to d.t. and emmanuel and had good conversaaions with brock and share any thoughts i had with him playing the patriots as he was playing them the first time with nap and rico trying to be a good teammate. you can help the most when
11:47 am
do the best that i could and being around i thought was important. and having the guys saw me rehabbing and working out and i had my teammate's back and i don't think you ever get too high up or too old not to need encouragement from your teammates, so this was a special group of guys to play with. i have special relationships with all my old colts teammates but i have a lot of relationships with bronco vaughn, the fact that you camee in here from your celebrity tour here today i know you got to get ready for dancing with the stars pretty soon, but i'll be thankful for all these guys, von miller, demarcus. i didn't have time to mention
11:48 am
i'm thankful for so many great organizations. people are always asking me who are you retiring today as? i'm playing as a football player from tennessee that played for the colts and the broncos and very lucky of the played for both of them. >> reporter: that secret that you gave to -- >> i can't confirm nor deny that. i would be lying if i sat here and told you that was not a frustrating time. even goes on to their individual meetings and goes to practice and i go in the little quarantined sandbox in the far corner. don't get near any of the real players and you can take sunshine -- it was nice of
11:49 am
they gave me a practice guy receiver and a guy on injured reserve to throw to. jordan taylor might be -- going to surprise a lot of people for the broncos next year in my opinion and jeff is going to get healthy, he's an awesome football player and nobody appreciates a good equipment guy more than i do. and flip and harry and john scott and frog and t and all special guys. i wasn't getting as healthy as quickly as i wanted to. i'm throwing in that indoor facility, not feeling the same then you are starting to make some progress then you have a little set back and of course you're not playing i was so fortunate for so many years of the had great health and been in so many games so
11:50 am
so i was starting to feel a little better around that time and maybe getting back to being a little more myself my signals and hand gestures so maybe that was the time offing that. >> reporter: randomly strap up -- [indiscernible] >> no chance. no chance. >> reporter: what would you say is the proudest moment? [indiscernible] >> that's hard to answer right now. it's hard to list. this game in my opinion is a people business. it's a relationship business. it's certainly not a play on the field or a throw. it's none of that. it's moments. obviously having my family and being able to hold my kids a month ago with that super bowl 3 trophy it was one that you will always remember, but i mentioned a lot of those memories today of small, small
11:51 am
part of my career anddi mentioned some names. there are so many other players `hat i've played against that i have so much respect for. all those players are all old and retired. woodson is going out with me like the rest of them. lyncher, kind of tte old school i kind of picked some of those names and coaches, there are so many of those, those guys and kind of up in age, but i got great respect for the game and grateful for the relationships and friendships that i formed in the 18 years i played. >> reporter: congratulations. >> thank you. >> reporter: you have revolutionized the position. i wonder if you can go back to and secondly how meaningful iss it that you are now and your families working with so many
11:52 am
quarterbacks in the national football league and footprint the game? >> well, certainly i'm the fan of quarterbacks and i mentioned elway growing up. but our football passing academy has been a great way for me my dad and eli to stay connected also trying to help some college quarterbacks and high school quarterbacks to learn a little more about the position and i'm grateful for that and i forgot the first part of your question. >> reporter: is part of your i guess -- >> oh, i don't know. i can't answee that myself. i'm grateful for john's words and nice things that have been said this past day and a half.
11:53 am
studied hard at the game and prepared hard and i guess i found out early as coach told me that i could process a lot of information and make really fast decisions. he shared that with me and maybe he said maybe that's not totally normal, if you will, and so that i think allowwd coaches to put a lot of things on my plate and trust me. i never abused that trust, woody, mentioned tom mohr and adam and rico, i never abused the trust that they would put in me to change a play and to you know try to improve our offensive chances of success on 3 that play, so i felt like i earned that trust and i worked hard to keep that trust. but i never took advantage of it. but it was a fun way to play quarterback. it's really was.
11:54 am
players, it wouldn't have been possible without that. so, omaha. [applause] members of peyton's former teammates -- >> well, he end on omaha. >> reporter: still calling signals. >> i know. what an emotional moment? >> you know i could listen to him talk about those experiences after watching him play for another hour. it's just fascinating all that work with all the ups and downs. >> reporter: you see a lot of his current players, who caught his last pass in the nfl
11:55 am
this? peyton manning really goes out a champion and was reflected in his speech today. >> i'm sure a lot of people wanted to hear what the next step is because he's so smart you could see him as broadcaster in the front office of some team but he made it clear he hadn't made a decision yyt. >> yeah, he's going on vacation and taking time for himself. >> also our denver seven super -`bowl and myself, he played a round of golf yesterday, so right now they're taking a picture kind of reflecting on the career that they had. yoo heard peyton go back with about his and played 18 seasons, got choked up multiple
11:56 am
colts quarterback johnny unites. there was a good 20 seconds before he coull catch his breath and explain what football has meant to him. >> i think it really is the end of an e ra. i really enjoyed all the little moments that are now big moments to him. >> yeah, you know, there's only so much you learn, so it was great hearing kubiak today talking about those conversations which had to have been stern at times, maybe difficult about his health this season. >> reporter: you can imagine because kubiak is a great story teller and i'm glad he shared that because pretty much the whole world is watching his retirement today. but with his nature you could expect that was the case given the fact that he had started
11:57 am
a freshman so to miss seven games when brock osweiler was the starting quarterback, it had to be tough for him. >> and deciding to come here you know we both thooght well, they both understand each other as great quarterbacks but what he said is that the denver broncos gave him time and didn't pressure him and that's what kind of won him over. >> reporter: yeah, he said it was a gut wrenching time for him because he spent 12 years with the colts, a team that drafted him when he came out of 10n the, he won a super bowl with. -- came out of tennessee. he had been playing football with one organization. >> and he will go on to inspire
11:58 am
he said there were a lot of other better players out there but no one could out prepare for him. used every bit of his mind. >> jayson gruenauer is outside dove valley with his reflections on this emotional news conference, jayson. >> reporter: absolutely, the emotions really stuck out especially when payton manning listed the thiigs he was going to miss everything from a steak dinner toothe plane ride home to even the patriots fans. he said he had no regrets on the next step in his life. now retired after 18 seasons number 80 teen is now retired. earlier on today we were able
11:59 am
he shared some thoughts just ahead of this news conference. -- he spoke to us just about bringing manning in his work ethic which is what he spoke and up there on that stage today definitely an emotional time out here. all the claps the applause, standing occasions, he said the one thing he's going to miss the most about peyton manning is him as a teammate. they have had a relationship for a very long time. that the league and the denver broncos are just a little bit poorer. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. it's kind of neat to see the tweets. there's people from all over the world. i just glanced down. 5m.v.p., 14 pro-bowls, two
12:00 pm
>> reporter: he said life is not shrinking for me it is morphing into great possibilities. >> grateful is the word that comes to mind when he thinks of the denver broncos.


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