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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  March 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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good morning. homeless advocates rallying downtown now after the city threatened an escalated cleanup of the streets. >> jason gruenauer live with the latest. >> reporter: the city simply doesn't want the large scale homeless camps you see, especially in this area. is upset. they're holding up signs like this, move along to where? this says, house keys not handcuffs. this group about a dozen or maybe two dozen people, some people have come and gone here early this morning. they simply say a lot of these people don't have any place else to go.
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tarps and tents the city wants to clean up from areas here near the denver rescue mission, park and lawrence. the city has always said there are enough shelter beds for those people that they don't need to camp out on the streets and that this is an unclean and unsafe and unsanitary situation here downtown. however, homeless people say they don't have anywhere else to go. we spoke to someone from the denver rescue mission as well as a homele woman yesterday to get their thoughts. >> we have no other place to go. homeless is homeless. how would you feel if someone came to your home and said you can't live there anymore? doesn't matter what you have, we're going to turf you out. >> we understand it's definitely not a fun thing to take people's items and i know the city had to make a big decision about that.
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easy situation no matter what. >> reporter: the city is citing the urban camping ban, why they're going to clear out the large scale items. not the people themselves, just the tents, tarps, put it in a warehouse to store where people can people up those items. that's what a lot of these people are upset about, fighting for the right to rest along the streets. as far as enforcement goes, the city had to give 24 hours notice. that means starting today they could start clearing people out. however, city officials said late last night there is no official time frame when that enforcement could start. live downtown, jason gruenauer, denver 7. >> thank you. as of january last year there were more than 6,000 homeless men, women and children in the metro denver area. >> unfortunately, where we have some counties who maybe don't
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services, folks will seek out those services and i think % sometimes it ends up that denver is the place where folks are coming. %- >> the metro denver homeless initiative tells us that some counties don't have ffcilities to help homeless. 29 degrees in denver. lisa promised a light mix in the mountains later today, so apparently it considers music from kenny loggins. >> kenny g, maybe? out east beautiful live look from sterling now, gorgeous, lots of sunshine. drier conditions on the plains. you're going to fine upper -- find upper 20s, low 30s. 7at copper mountain and over berthoud pass, cold start in the mountains. skies clearing state-wide, for at least now. our mountains will pick up more light snow, light mix later today. mostly sunny by noon. 48 in denver this affernoon. high of 52. jayson, mainly 50s covering northeastern colorado. tomorrow going to start the
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of the week. >> so far so good across the byways, highways, anywhere you want to go really. a pretty nice drive. a moment ago, at 270 and i-70 looking pretty nice along quebec and north field. easy driving conditions about anywhere you want to go. overall map you're seeing a lot of green. going to start to see more traffic on i-76, i-25, already getting congested through 84th avenue. new express lanes should be open the next week or so. 15 minutes overall. right now parents and staff and students at greeley west high school still have plenty of questions about why the principal and vice principal were told to leave the school yesterday. put on paid llave. denver7's lindsay watts live in greeley with more on this shakeup. >> reporter: this is what
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as they arrive here at school. when we got here the first thing we noticed was this poster that's been put up over the school sign. it says in part, not surprised. this is certainly not supportive of that principal who is now on leave. the district is refusing to go on camera to talk about this, but they have told us this all has to do with parent surveys, evaluations that parents fill out every year about the school and its staff. the district says there was something fishy about how those were conducted. those surveys are part of the principal's evaluation. and according to the greeley tribune, scores have been west. assistant principal john diebold were both told to leave yesterday and will be gone until the district finishes their investigation. we went to both of their homes last night, but got no answer. the district has sent a letter home to parents letting them know the top leaders are out at
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involved. we have put in an open records request, so we can take a look question. denver 7. >> thank you. `>> breaking news in california, where an investigation is happening now, after a commuter train derails. california. the train apparently hit a tree tracks. seriously. most people able to et ff the rescued. in lakewood detectives are month-old girl. she had been having breathing problems was in the hospital about four days before passing away sunday. detectives say she had "uncomplained injury -- unexplained injuries." she was at home with her 24- year-old father before being hospitalized. so far no arrests. they are calling this super
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primaries today. in michigan, mississippi both parties will be battling. meanwhile in hawaii and idaho it's just the epublicans today. most of the candidates were in michigan last night. the democrats participated in a town hall there. bernie sanders had to do damage control explaining what he meant when he said, white people don't know what it means to be poor. >> what i meant by that is in african-american communities you have people living in desperation often being abused by white police officers. but i know about white poverty, over the country. >> hillary clinton tried to deflect questions about e-mails she received while secretary of %- state. she again called oo the state mails. on the republican side, rumors swirling that marco rubio may race. there you see john kasich.
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trump by 8 points in his home state of florida. but his communications director quickly put to rest those rumors last night. >> marco, not only is he getting out of the race -- [inaudible] >> and michael bloomberg who some thought would jump in as a third party candidate said yesterday he will not enter the race. he said in a statement that if he ran, it could lead to a three-way race he thought would ultimately benefit donaad trump. >> that's why he doesn't want to do it. interesting. >> he was mentioning he might do it. >> but no go. thank you. emotional day in dove valley. peyton manning officially retires. >> he spent time with broncos and the colts and says he's retiring as a football player, not as a member of any time. he had to fight back tears. >> that means a lot you guys
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the fact you came in from your celebrity tour to be here today, that really meaas a lot. i know you got to get ready for that "dancing with the stars." >> it's in the hips. >> there were tributes from all over the city, including dia, where gate b 18 was relabeled. they tweeted they're holding the gate for peyton. >> arran andersen here with more. in the meantime, let's talk about brock on the market. at least one team is interested other than the broncos. houston texans are talking to brock's agent. texan's quarterback kind of
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they cannot offer brock a contract untii tomorrow. stay tuned. >> we'll have more on manning's retirement after the break, including a look back at his charitable conclusions to our city. >> a teacher treating her classroom like a dive bar and she's out of a job. >> temperatures thii morning in the 30s. this afternoon low 50s. jason, by the way, if the texans take brock, i want jj watt. >> that's a fair trade. we have not a good drive now on i-70. past purina plant this accident here, the three vehicles waiting for police, waiting for
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welcome back. it's 6:13.
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gorgeous sunrise this morning. nice way to start the tuesday >> it's beautiful out there. 29 degrees. the battle over gun control in colorado was on full display in our state capitol yesterday. anti-gun group held a rally. the group is pushing against a group of five gun bills. all five gun bills died in the house yesterday. some families in highlands ranch are concerned about an xcel energy project being built less than 40 yards away from a 3 school play ground. many paid a premium for the homes. soon xcel will put a natural gas regulator buildings and the company says there's no safety hazard. they say the regulator will only vent gas in an emergency situatiin. parents remain skeptical. >> it's kind of our biggest concern the safety for our kids and making sure that we look
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>> ultimately in 15, 20 years, between 35,000 to 45,000 people based on the projects on the books now, so we have to be able to serve. >> we reached out to the schools for comment, and they say they're keeping an eye on the project to make sure it doesn't impact student safety. members of the community will be meeting with xcel thursday to discuss the project. a kindergarten teacher in washington out of a job after accusations she was drinking in the classroom. >> they say the teacher walked into a wall when leading her kids down the hallway. a student reported that. officials say they found alcohol in her water bottle. she was escorted off campus and fired a few days ago. >> walked into a wall. apparently not the first time she was caught drinking on the job. she was given a last chance
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>> makes me angry and scared. >> she had been with the district eight years. the associated press says she'll appeal the firing. >> really? okay. >> interesting. 6:16. let's check the forecast. >> it's gorgeous. beautiful shot from the airport this morning. in march typically our snowiest month. we're still above normal when it comes to our totals for the season, even though it's been so dry. >> that's good. >> we just need a couple of good snowstorms. beautiful start. dry conditions at the airport now. skies clearing after our storm yesterday. it was good to get what we got, but it wasn't much. little rain, snow yesterday afternoon. temperatures now in the 20s to low 30s. city park you're at 31 now. boulder 28. heading up into the mountains single digits. berthoud pass now at just 5 degrees. it is a colder morning. skies have cleared.
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afternoon. low to mid-50s denver, greeley, lamar 0. up into the mountains 30s and 40s this afternoon. estes park 42. aurora you're at 51. kingsburg a high of 50. satellite radar clearing out nicely. you can see most of the rain and snow we sawwfrom what moved through colorado up to the north and east of us, into the dakotas. we have at this point sunshine, but by this afternoon our mountains will see a little more snow. here's what it lookk like closer in. here in denver dry through midday. by 12:30 we have light snow, a light mix up and through the foothills. parts of jefferson county could see a mix later today through the early evening. you'll notice an increase in clouds over denver. maybe a few light spotty showers on that western edge of town before things clear out by midnight tonight and we'll see more sunshine tomorrow.
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mostly sunny on wednesday. 55. gets warmer from there. talking more 60s thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. another five to seven days where it's very dry. light mountain snow pop up here and there. the bright spot on friday, 66 degrees and pretty mild through the weekend. >> our first highway incident will be a significant one, right on i-70 on the eastbound side next to the purina plant. you see the plant there. this is the ramp from brighton boulevard and transitions to the ramp that exits at york. there's three thru lanes. these people are having to slow down. waiting for police to show up. this is the accident here, and eastbound side is heavy coming from i-25. extra couple of minutes there. about 10 to 12, 15 minutes maybe to pena boulevard on that eastbound side.
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the rest of the drive standard, i-70, i-225, north side of town typical for us here this morning. 20 minutes from the north side, at least for right at the moment. south side super quiet. not seeing problems yet on 470, 285 or 6th avenue into town. just the right time. and maybe i don't throw as good or run as good as i used to. but i've always had good timing. >> yes, and timing is everything. good morning, welcome to morning sports. peyton manning picked the right time to hang them up. after 18 years, number 18 followed in john elway's footsteps, leaving the game of football on top with a walkoff world championship. tremendous scene yesterday at dove valley. there along with dozens of peyton's former teammates. broncos auditorium wasn't big enough. needed an overflow room. manning able to hold things together fighting back tears. we know goodbyes are never easy. the hall of famer ended the
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omaha! his teammates thought he hit a homerun. >> this was all about for peyton. it's great and it's just that he had his moment. i think he could have went longer. so many things he's done, the type of influence he's had on the game, it's just so much, you couldn'' pack it into a short speech. >> taught me how to be a pro. the way to approach the game, how to be a good player and teammate on and off the field. he's taught me a lot. >> you're not going to think about the game without thinking about peyton manning from here on out. there's few players who make you think about that with football, and few players who make you think about that with basketball. to know peyton as a teammate, is one of the things i'm greatly appreciative for in my life. >> no sign of brock, and more importantly, no deal. the exclusive signing period now over. brock has hit the open market.
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according to, it could reach $15 million a year. at this point he is free to test the water. that does it for me with sports. go out there and have yourselves a great day. >> hopefully he stays. >> i don't want him to leave. >> i don't either. we'll find out. we're still following breaking news out of california, where a train derails after a tree falls on the tracks. >> 214 people were on board and several were injured in the crash.
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welcome back. 6:24. % beautiful look over denver. not too warm though. only 27 degrees now.. 12 aspen high schoolers are headed to cuba the end of this month. ten freshman and two sophomores at aspen high school. they'll represent the cuba club. the club was just created last year. they'll volunteer at a cuban
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hemingway's house and tour a cigar factory. >> clubs are getting really cool now. first alert weather with temperatures in the 30s. lots of sunshine as our storm moves out. winds 5 to 15 miles per hour. breezier conditions in northeastern colorado. here's a live look north of fort morgan, and you can see that camera is a little shaky. speeds have been at about 15 to 20 miles per hour. cold for your kids this morning. send them with a jacket. light coat this afternoon would be great. 52 as they're heading home and we'll see mountain snow at that point. our mountains in the 30s and 40s. and that will be the drive along i-70 that could get wet later today. >> we'll have the closure on i- 70 for the rock work. i-70 in town affected by this accident. this was about 10 minutes ago. it's next to the purina plant, which you can see here.
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boulevard, exit york, that's blocked. 3 thru lanes open, expect five or 10 minutes delay making your way east to stapleton. thank you. this friday we would love for you to join us for a free cup denver7's morning team will be at the king soopers at 38th at wheat ridge. pair of high school administrators got a police escort off campus yesterday. parents are asking why. >> police need your help
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6:29. following breaking news in downtown denver. homeless advocates are rallying after the city threatened to remove the makeshift homeless camps downtown. >> jason gruenauer is in the middle of all of it this morning. jason. -`>> reporter: good morning from downtown across the street from the denver rescue mission. a few more people have
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good news, everything has stayed very peaceful here, especially for a potentially volatile situation as the city wants to remove homeless camps, the semi permanent tents and tarps. the city put up signs giving a 24 hours notice that they had to remove their items that blocc the sidewalk. things like those large camps and things like that. city officials say that camps like these are unsafe, unhealthy, unsanitary, and even "inhumane" down here. we are at the corner of lawrence and park here in this triangle with broadway as well. shelter officials hope this will encourage the homeless to seek other options. but rallers say there are not enough beds and services.
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true problem, according to many of the ralliers here downtown. the enforcement, they had to give at least 24 hours notice. but the city has said they don't have firm time line of when enforcement would begin. it would be one, a verbal warning, two a written citation, and three possibly arrest. we want to continue to show you here, again, people are out here, they'reejust chatting. the rescue mission brought out coffee for some of these people. one woman came out here yelling about if they clear her camp away, she has nowhere else to go. profanity laden, so e're not going to play it for you. but that's kind of the feeling of many of the people here. they have asked according to one side for house keys, not handcuffs as that third form of enforcement. the city hasn't given a firm time line, but enforcement could start as early as today, seeing as they put out that 24
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denver 7. >> thank you. certainly a story we'll continue to follow at denver 7. we appreciate your report. other headlines to get to, first we want to check in with lisa with your first alert forecast. >> the forecast is a good headline. another dry period. first alert weather tracking a beautiful start to our day. a lot of sunshine from that shot behind mitch and kellie. storm moving off to the east of us. more snow in the mountains later today. going to be light. and our temperatures across eastern colorado in the low to mid-50s. normal high is 52. we should be at that mark this afternoon. cold start, 20s and 30s as you step out the door. take a jacket this morning. single digit and teens in the mountains. a chilly start. but by this afternoon low to mid-50s across northeastern colorado. 30s, 40s, and light snow in the mountains. >> we have unfortunately a big problem. going to start with the
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you can see there is the accident that remains. ramp lane. it comes from brighton boulevard. here is the purina plant and it acts as the ramp taking you off york street. three lanes getting through, but backing up traffic significantly. you can see how heavy stop and go traffic is from before i-25 to the plant where that accident is sitting there. maybe an alternate route, but will be taking you too long to wind through the downtown streets and side streets, so might be better to wait out the traffic delay. 270, i-76 typical traffic on the north side. heavy 20 to 25 minutes there. also seeing heavy traffic still on that 225 drive, typical for us with all the sunshine the eastbound routes will be slow. right now two greeley high school administrators are on paid leave. when we showed up at the high
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caadboard sign was posted outside the school. >> it says, ms. robins carma, not surprised, good luck, ha ha ha. she was the principal told to leave campus along with the vice principal yesterday. lindsay watts is live from the school. >> reporter: not the nicest sign left behind me. this is what students will be seeing as they arrive at school today. to be fair, we don't know if this was written by one person or reflective of a broader view by students. this is a major shakeup here at greeley west high school. the principal and assistant principal both told to get out yesterday. shelli robins and john diebold are now both on paid administrative leave. the district says this has to do with surveys parents fill out every year, evaluations of the school and its staff. the district says there was someehing off how they were -`conducted and that's what this investigation is focused on. we know the results of those
6:35 am
the principal, so there's a benefit to top leaders if scores are high, which they have been. some parents say that's not exactly consistent with their view of greeley west. >> kind of makes me concerned that maybe something is not going right from the school. i mean, i've had a few issues with my daughter at the school with bullying and stuff and nothing has been done yet. >> reporter: the district sent home a letter to parents yesterday explains what's going 3 on. also letting them know that no other agency is involved in this investigation like police. we're live in greeley, lindsay watts, denver 7. an investigation now in california after a commuter train derailed near san jose. here it is, nine people were
6:36 am
most people got off themselves but some had to be rescued. >> just prayed everyone was going to be okay. itts scary. but, you know, somebody was watching over us tonight. everybody got out. >> the train apparently hit a tree that had fallen onto the tracks. that is what caused it to derail and go into the water. closer to home, police are still trying to track down one of the drivers involved in this three-car crash on colfax near city park. it happened around 8:00 last night. you can see two cars in the video. police say that's because the third car left the scene right after the crash. one person had to be taken to the hospital with serious injuries. we are still waiting for an update on that person's condition as well as a description of the car that took off. police need your help to track down this volkswagen camper. they say it could be connected to a bank robbery that happened in wyoming. it has colorado plates.
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here's a look at the suspect. they say he's about 6 feet tall, about 190 pounds. no word how much money he got away with. if you know anything you're urged to call police. police identified a man found in a reservoir over the weekend. michhel edlund. detectives investigating his death say so far they have no reason to suspect foul play. he had been missing nearly a month before his body was found. peyton manning will be hitting the golf course instead of the football field next year. the quarterback officially announcing his retirement yesterday. -`>> unless he takes a coaching job. >> true. >> we don't know. he had to fight off tears several times yesterday and quoted the bible at the end of his speech. >> there's a scripture reading, second timothy 4:7, i have fought the good fight and i have finished the race. i have kept the faith. well, i've fought a good fight,
6:38 am
and after 18 years it's time. god bless all of you and god bless football. >> manning, john elway, gary kubiak all spoke at the news conference yesterday. so is the president of broncos. had nothing but kind words for the quarterback. >> peyton manning utilized every asset god gave him to be the best football player he could be. and that's the thing to me makes, what sets him apart from anybody else, because he got every ounce of ability thht he has. >> it wasn't all smooth sailing. after the speech he took questions from reporters and one asked him about the sexual assault allegations from his time at the university of tennessee. >> i think it is sad that some people don't understand the not do what has been alleged
6:39 am
happened when i was 19 years old. and kind of like my dad used to say when i was in trouble, i can't say it any plainer than that. >> his jersey has always been a hottcommodity and really is now. two sports authority stores we visited yesterday say a lot of them sold after the super bowl victory. retailers expecting a burst of sales online. brock osweiler is a fee agent as -- free agent as of today. broncos reportedly offered him a deal up to $15 million a year. >> there are questions about a video obtained by tmz. brock was out getting pizza late at night when he got heckleed. listen in. [ yelling ] >> a woman apparently tries to confront brock's wife and you can see he then pushes her away. brock turns his back to walk away.
6:40 am
osweiler did not retaliate and say he and his wife got in the car and left. no one facing charges. osweiler not comments on the video. people hassling him. some people are having in lakewood. hear why they're calling this the yellow light roulette. >> plus, dramatic video showing the moment a 13-year-old girl escapes from a kidnapping suspect. now the girl is speaking out. a live look from airtracker 7. this is at 6th and chambers. the road is back pen. police say they had to close it
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you're looking at breaking news from airtracker 7. this is chambers north of 6th avenue in aurora. we had police activity, what i've been seeing from airtracker 7 when they first
6:43 am
there, it was actually stopped by police going the other direction. there was a police car actually facing the southbound side on the northbound lanes. they were arresting some people. one person already in that aurora police car. don't know anything why these people were wanted or what else was going on. we have lane reetrictions northbound chambers after 6th avenue. you can see from that shot a lot of sunshine, as skies clear. `or kids this morning, will be a chilly start. 32 degrees. 20s to low 30s early on. but we'll gain a good 20 52, mostly sunny. and mountain snow. you'll notice that snow on futurecast by about midday today it will be light. no alerts expected. you can see from the northern to southern front range light snow. eastern colorado stays dry today. it's going to get a lot warmer this week. nicole. thanks, lisa. it's been a good day for morning people. it's national pancake day.
6:44 am
apparently one of the best cities to be an early riser. groupon looked at the cities that had most people buying things early, and denver came in number three. the best night cities were ranked, denver not among them. apparently they were ranked based on beer and wine purchases, which people buy a lot of here. >> yeah. >> groupon says we're more of an early morning. >> even though we all kind of want pancakes now. >> 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. right at ihop? >> yeah. and helps out shriner's hospital. on this shift i want pizza now. >> yeah. >> thanks. >> maybe both. coming up a dramatic day in court as erin andrews learns whether the stalker who posted
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6:46. a live look over denver. beautiful start to the day.
6:47 am
toosty like it was yesterday. in the 40s, pushing 50. but not so. it's 27 degrees. lisa. >> it's chilly. storm rolled through yesterday. had a mix of everything. >> yeah. >> it was nutty. and rain in denver. mix of conditions along the front range. now skies are clearing. storm is moving out, so we're in for a pretty nice day today. it's beautiful, and bright. pretty quiet. a few clouds today. the mountains will see a little bit of snow. i'll show you that in just a minute. light mountain snow there. drier east. then warmer later this week. today our temperatures in the low 50s, close to normal. right where we should be this time of year. that's what the eastbound drivers are dealing with as we speak. winds out of the east about 5, 10 miles per hour. at this pointtit's 27 degrees. we are a good 10 to even 20 degrees colder than where we were at the same time yesterday. you'll need a jacket this morning.
6:48 am
light coat will get you by. denver 52. mid- to upper 50s near sterling. 30s, 40s for the mountaans and 50s on the western slope. denver at 52. castle rock at 50. aurora you're at 51. in fort collins 52. for those of you in the foothills we'll be in the 30s and 40s and you might see a little light rain and snow later today. this morning skies pretty clear. by midday today our mountains, northern and central mountains will see a lighttmix. not going to get much from it. potentially a couple of inches. later tonight parts of jefferson county and heading farther west, even boulder county could see a few light ssowers and with some of these clouds we have over town, might get a sprinkle or to, mainly on the west edge of town. then skies clearing out and tomorrow another pretty nice day. warmer tomorrow by about a few degrees. 55 wednesday. 60s come back thursday, frrday.
6:49 am
we have a beautiful couple of days. very dry, though. though at this point with some pretty good snow in early february, our numbers, our totals when it comes to snow actually a few inches above normal. we need more, though. >> i presume the people still watching us now aren't driving and hopefully will be driving later on in the 7:00 hour. the sunshine these folks are getting now in their car, they'll get an hour later. if you leave after 7:00 you'll get the sunshine aftee the time change. folks. heavy stop and go traffic on i- 70. part is sunshine, but another part is sunshine. a crash near the purina plant is clear. extra time going out to stapleton. 15 to 20 minutes from i-25 to pena boulevard. going to be a slow drive getting out that way because of those couple of problems. new problem, sounds like we
6:50 am
east of i-25 closed down for a bad accident there. the rest of the ride around town heavy. new accident looks like 56 near tower road. still have the lane restriction on northbound and southbound chambers north of 6th avenue. new left turn signals in lakewood causing confusion for drivers. you may have seen them in other cities. they're letting you turn left, four different options. one of them is a flashing llow arrows. drivers are supposed to yield `o on coming traffic. >> the old lights were ss simple, keep it simple stupid. if it's red or green, you know what to dd. >> that driver says he got into an accident because of those lights and he's the one who got the ticket for failing to yield. lakewood's traffic engineers say the lights do improve safety. >> we have some complaints and
6:51 am
if you start out with the flashing yellow, wait until you have an adequate gap to make the turn or will turn into a green arrow. >> lakewood has a total of 14 intersections with these flashing yellow arrows. they have plans to add more this year. the city says they've made a huge difference. fox sports reporter erin andrews has been awarded $55 million from er lawsuit over a secretly filmed nude video of her posted online. she asked $75 million from her stalker and the marriott that allowed the stalker to check into the room next to her. testimony. >> so embarrassing. it was my private time and i never thought this would happen. >> the stalker has already served jail time. hotel says it's disappointed in the outcome. the stalker will have to pay more than $28 million.
6:52 am
this video has been trending online. shows a 13-year-old girl spenting through a busy intersection. she was running away she says from an attempted kidnapper. the suspect still on the run. it happened in florida, not far from miami. we're hearing from that girl for the first time. she says she was walking home from school when she was she says her book pack may have saved her life. >> he pulled me around my waist. i guess he gave up and i kept running. 3 >> she was paniced. >> i imagine. the girl says she was afraid to go outside again. police in florida are offering a $3,000 reward for information about that girl's kidnapper. we'll get you caught up on
6:53 am
6:54 am
morning sprint starts in downtown denver, where homeless advocates are rallying in response to the city's threat of an elevated cleanup. >> jason gruenauer live in downtown denver with details. jason. >> reporter: the city could start enforcement of moving out and clearing out the homeless camps. it's why people have gathered
6:55 am
rescue mission to try to have their voices heard. they actually want more services. the city has said the camps like you can see some people are waking up, you can see the tarps and tents that cover the sidewalks, it's what the city is trying to move out, because they don't think it's sanitary or safe. the city saying there are plenty, there are enough beds here at the various services throughout the city. however, many of the homeless people and their supporters say that is not the case. that enforcement starts with a verbal warning, then a written citation, then possibly arrest, as they put up signs enforcement could start 24 hours from yesterday, that's today. firm deadline when it will officially start enforcement. we'll keep you covered. reporting live downtown, jason gruenauer, denver 7. a principal and a vice principal both on administrative leave this % morning. school officials say they may have tampered with a parent
6:56 am
when we showed up this morning, we found this sign. west high school and that's where denver 7 reporter lindsay watts is live this morning. reporter: that sign that we down. `t was posted over the school sign behind me. a staffer got rid of it a little while ago. even with that gone, this is no doubt what everybody is going to be taaking about as the school day begins. students are just now starting to arrive. principal shelli robins and assistant principal john diebold were both put on paid administrative leave yesterday. the district says this has to do with surveys that parents fill out to let them evaluate the school and its staff. the district says there was something fishy about how those were conducted. we know the surveys also impact how the principal is evaluated by the board of education. an investigation is now meantime, another assistant principal has been put in live in greeley, lindsay watts,
6:57 am
heavy stop and go traffic with this morning. that will change with the time change coming up this weekend. 70. one by the purina plant, it's gone. other by i-25 remains. and heavy stop and go trying to get across to stapleton. delays at evans and holly, east of i-25 for an accident that has most of the intersection closed down. yale would beea good alternate. the rest of the drive continues to get heavier this morning. the eastbound drive is not good. it's so bright. first alert weather with a gorgeous sunrise. clear skies. this is east of the airport. 10miles east of it. nice start to the day. at this point we're in the 30s. few neighborhoods in the upper 20s. we'll be at 52 by 4:00. plenty of sunshine today. looks like our mountains will pick up light snow.
6:58 am
heading into the weekend, low to even upper sixties. thank you. few minutes shy of 7:00 a.m. this is in connection with a scene jason showed you earlier on chambers north of 6th. you can see police at that house. >> police investigating what we have confirred to be a stabbiig. this is on chambers and we saw a situation at 6th and chambers, so can't be too far. you can see crews getting there investigating the scene now. >> there was a car as jayson told you going the wrong way on chambers for a bii. they retraceed the whole crime scene back to this house. we'll stay on top of this. next. we hope you have a great day.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight, a train full of passengers derails out west striking a tree and plunging into the water below. more than 200 on board scrambling to escape. rescue workers smashing windows. miraculous survival stories. up for grabs, voters in four states heading to the polls. >> i hope you'll vote for me. >> an overcapacity crowd greets donald trump. hillary clinton pledges to do everything to stop it. >> we will not let a person like that ever become president of the united states.


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