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tv   This Week With George Stephanopoulos  ABC  August 7, 2016 8:00am-8:49am MDT

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careless in handling top security information. my goodness, i wouldn't hire a person as an assistant u.s. attorney if that was in their fbi backgrnd. we're going to make her president of thenited states? nobody raises that. nobody makes a very big deal out of that. that's not on the news for five days, dasix ys. i thinwhat donald trump is reflecting is and i know the media discounts this, because you don't like to get criticized. but you d't treat us the same way you treat democrats. hillary, bill, obama, they get the benefit of the doubt. and, i mean, if trump had said something like, i'm going to raise taxes on the middle class, it would be all over the news. you would qstioning his sanity. >> mr. mayor, we look forwd to the speech this week by dold trump on the economy. we thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you, thank you. >> one voice broke through in his attack on donald trump this
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as we showed you just a moment ago. in his fiercely worded op ed, in "the new york times," former cia acting director michael morell said trump was unprepared and dangerous and endorsed hillary clinton. mike morell joins us now. i want you reaction to what rudolph giuliani said. >> one thing that struck m there was a view hat she lied about benghazi. there's a view out there that she lied about what caused the attack. that she said it was the video. i think one of the really interesting things that is in early 2014, the fbi walked into the house permt select committee on intelligence, they said, we believe the video was a motivation in this attack. abu khattala, who is the only person arrested, said that the video was a motivation. the idea that the video played no role, that the republicans keep repeating over and over
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>> those parents have said that she sa those things to them. that's resonated among the voters. >> she said it was terrorism. to chelsea. she said to them, it was the video. those two things c both be true at the same time. and it turns out, it turns out that the video did play a role the that attack. d republicans don't want people to believe at. >> you camout in that strong op ed in support of hillary clinton, saying donald trump would be a poor, even dangerous commander in chief, d referencing his comments about putin, you said in the intelligence business, we would say that mr. putin had recruited mr. ump as an unwitting agent of the russian federation. recruited an unwitting agent of the russian federation. >> yes, i do.lieve that? look at it from putin's perspecte. he's a trained intelligence officer. worked for the kgb.
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manilated people much smarr than donald trump. he played this perfectly. saw that donald trump wanted to be complimented. he complimented him. that led donald trump to compliment putin and defend vladimir putin's actions in a number of places around the world. and donald trump didn't even understand, right, that putin was playing him. so in putin's mind, i have no doubt that putin thinks that he's an witting agent of the would ver say that. from mr. trump's perspective, he heard putin compliment him. he responded by complimenting him. he never thought that he might be being played. >> let's talk about what donald trump has said and others, many others, have said about hillary clinton's judgment especially in light of that e-mail server listen twhatou said about that e-mail last year. >> don't think tt was a very good judgment. >> do you believe that at least one or perhaps many foreign
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have everything that went two and fro that server? >> the good ones have everything on any inclassified network that the government uses. whethert's a private server or a public one. they're that good. >> so that's a yes. >> yep. >> so why should america trust her to be commander in chief since she did expose intelligence to foreign governments and passed classified and top-secret in what i said previously.the fbi theyound no evidence that a foreign government hacked into her server. >> but they didn't rule it out. >> i think there's a bigger issue here. i think there's a bigger issue here, right? i worked with her for four years. very closely when she was secretary of state. i was at the cia. i provided her personally provided her some of the most sensitive information that the central intelligence agency has.
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she always protected it. i would trust her with the crown jewels of the united states government. and more importantly, i would trust her with the future security of the country and the future security of my kids. >> but i've got to say again, this is renating among the voters. ma, many voters talk about the e-mails. this wk, when she said that, fbi director comey said everything she said was okay to the american public, he didn't really say that. so do you think she's handling this well? >> i think there's actually a simple explanation here, right? um, you know, when she saw those e-mails, um, she did not see classification markings. why? because there wasn't clsification markings. except of two of them, right? >> i know there's no classification markings. >> they very versmall on two of them. it wasn't marked. the two that were marked with little "cs," right, she doesn't remember. she's not trying to mislead anybody. >> yet, she was on the senate
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she was secretary of state. there were eight chains of top secret classified material that went back and forth. those particular ones were not marked. shouldn't she recognize those with her background? >> i think what is important here is that she has said repeatedly that the private se srveretup was a mistake. and if she had to do it over again, she wouldn't, right? she has said tha i think the other important point is that she would be the processes and systems of the state department for handling classified infmation need to be enhanced. and i'll tell you that they need to be enhanc not only at the state department, but they need to be enhanced across government. i ink she'll do that as president of the united states. >> the obama administration announced they're close to bringing in 10,000 syrian refugees. some of your colleagues have
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listen to this. >> i don't -- obviouy, put it past the likes of isil to infil refugees >> the group is probably exploring a variety of means of infiltrati infiltrating. >> the are gaps in the information available to us. >> you have heard the warnings about lone wolf attacks. so why tak the risk to bring in more refugees? >> i'm concerned about isis' ability to infiltrate people. we have effective, robust processes for vetting people. we brought in thsands of iqi refugees after the iraq wa not a single one turned out t be a terrorist bause the vetting was so good. brinthe people in. not bringing them inends a message to the muslim world and plays into the isis narrative and the al qaeda narrative that
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we can h'te that. joining us, mr. morell.r coming up, how trump's rough week played with voters. rment damage or dismissed again as trump being trump? more from my trip thugroa crucial swinstate. plus, negative numbers for both candidates in our brand-new poll. what can they do to turn it around? we'll break down the numbers with our pollsters, next. around? we'll break down the numbers
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don't worry about th baby. i love babies. i hear that baby crying, i like it. i like it. actually, i was onlyidding. you can get the baby out of here. the press came out with headlines. trump throwsaby out of arena. i don't throw babies out, believe me. i love babies. i did it so nicely. she was happy.
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republicans have not won the state of pennsylvania and look what you have. your companies are all gone. your jobs are all gone. you haven't won the state of pennsylvia in 28 years [ crowd booing ] >> gonna happen. my guys are so sure of it. it's gonna happen. >> donald trump promising victory in a state he really needs to win
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reliably democratic for decades, is now potentially up for grabs in this wild election year. we've been paying close attention to the state all along. starting in the west, where voters share their concerns about trade and jobs. once the glow from the democratic convention fades in philadelphia, we'll go back for ality check on the enthusiasm for hillary clinton among crucial african-american voters. the headlines, i went to s how he's playing with the voting bloc hdesperately needs. the affluent suburbanites in bucks county, a mostly whi community just outside of philly. obama won her in 2012 ba narrow margin. the growing concerns aut trump i heard this week are potentially a big deal. take bh. you voted in 2012 for who? >> i voted for romney.
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traditionally, i vote republican. but, i'm a little concerned with trump's outbursts. >> is there anything hule cod do to bring you around? >> yeah. get serious. be a little bit more presidentialli he said he would. >> reporter: if trump can combine narrow wins in bucks county and nearby montgomery and delaware counties with big turnout in his rural strongholds, he'll chance to win pennsylvania. without these suburbs, t numbers don't add up. so trump needs white collar voters like brad burnstein. who did you vote for in 2012? obama or romney? >> romney. >> and who are you voting for this time? >> hillary. >> quite a change. why? >> just the policies. and, he's -- trump's just a little tooar out there for me. >>ould this be the fir time you voted for a democrat? >> in my lifete, yes.
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winning over some form democrats. like eric chamberlain, a doylestown small busins owner. tell me first who you voted for in 2012. obama or romney? >> i voted for obama. >> have you ever voted republican? >> i have not. i am this year. i'm ting for trumphis year. >> why? >> i don't trust hillary at all. at all. she wanted to be a politician her whole career. sayi in a marriage for that is somethg that bothered me a little bit, too, i think. >> does anything bother you about donald trump? >> well, you know what? i'm taking -- they're both horrible. i don't know who to pick. they're both horrible. i think he'll surround himself with great people. that's what i think. because he wants to win. i think his cabinet will be amazing. >> i will glad lend you -- >>eporter: still, those comments about the khan family put veterans and their families in a difficult spot. >> i was very, very upset.
8:17 am
heart. just his recent ant ix have just been really unappeing to me as a mother, a woman, and in general. i'm -- i'm just not sure he's the right man for the job. >> reporter: but in classic bucks countyhi fason -- >> i'm not really sure that hillary is the right answer. now, i would love to see a woman president. but, i don't know. >> reporter: door knockers take note. rachel of bucks county, pennsylvania, like many of her neighbors, up for grabs. let's take a lookow at some of the data behind those stories with the co-hosts of the podst "the pollsters" republican kristen soltis anderson and democrat margie omero. welcome. and let's get right to these numbers.
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in the critical suburbs around philadelphia they said again and again, concerns about trump's temperament. is that a weakness? >> it's a huge problem. trump represents change. but the problem is, he may represent too much change. too much of a risk. too dram aatic departure. 70% of the people in the abc/"washington post" poll said a trump presidency, the idea makes them more anxious. electorate with somethin saying, calm down, i'm help in the future. he's making them more nervous. >> margie, do you agree? >> it's not just the aiety. it's everything causing it. about two-thirds don't feel he's honest and trustworthy. two-thirdseel he doesn have the right tempament or personality. about two-irds think he's not got the right knowledge on foreign affairs. he's weaker than clinton on all those numbers. and that's been true forawhile. it's not just this we.
8:19 am
caified, this image of him. >> i also spoke to voters who are deeply skeptical about hillary clinton's honesty. trustworthiness. benghazi, the e-mails. all ofhat. this haseen a theme throughout her campaign. how does she get beyond that? how do you read those polls? >> this poll shows impvement there. she's now almost even fave-unfave. which is an improvement over the last poll. certainly an advantage over trump. her honest and trustworthy numbers have improved over the last poll. now, the question is, is this so is it because of a bad week trump had or a post-convention bounce? or something on the mend and permanent thugh november. >> y read the polls the same way? >> i think the other proem she's got to dealith is, is she in step with the mood of the nation? you have 51% of voters anxio about a hillary clinton presidency. a lot say they view her as being optimistic while they, themselves, are pessimistic about the future of things.
8:20 am
she may not just be more of the same. she is going to bring about some chge to put some of those minds at ease. >> kristin, you saw some of those voters. some seem to be saying it's a vote against her. what do you see as the positive case for donald trp? >> oh, gosh, the positive case for donald trump at this point is mostly about the economy. it's the issue in this poll where he comes the csest to tying hillary clinton on who do you trust more? and tycally, when he goes back to his business record, that's something at at this point the campaign is perhaps the strongest point for him. now, it also prevents a vulnerability. he's not been attacked on it quite strongly enough. i think democrats view that as an opportunity. >> do you agree? >> yeah. i mean, the irony here is that he h a message that some people respond to. maybe not the majority. but some people. thlatest poll shows 40% agree with theuslim ban he's proposed. we did a poll that showed we tested clips from the speeches in cleveland and speeches in
8:21 am
each candidate moved about the same amount after showing speees. trump has message that some people respond to. the challenge is, he steps on his own good news with bad news and then steps on bad news with ev worse news. >> you heard that romney supporter say she would love to vote for a female president. is she making gains there with women? is that her greatest opportunity? >> well, whether it's her gender or women in general, gender look at the recent poll. trump does abouts ll as romney did with men. with women, clinton has a clear advantage over where obama was in 2012. and with white women specifically. an among white women with a college gree, that's where some of the biggest gains in the poll from before the conventions. clton has moved the most. gender is playing a role. >> i want you to verquickly flip hats on this.
8:22 am
if you're advising trump, what would you tell him to do? >> the first piece would be to take advice from somebody. it's clearly something he's not particularly interested in doing. when you have a relationship that's damaged or a brand that's inrisis, you want to first acknowledge, hey, i hear you. i'm going to do things differently. maybe that's where he should start. >> and kristin, your advice for hillary clton? >> i would start focussing on the business recd. that's his stronst point. i would go after that th donald trump is gamble. it's not worth the risk. >> i think you'll see a little thank you very much for joining us. coming up, as trump slips in the polls, he's angering publican leaders with his latest comments. from lashing o at allies to calling the election rigged. can the republicans put their party back together? plus, clinton's latest e-mail defense. saying she short-circuited when making ather false claim.
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and always working to be better. i'm afraid the eleion is going to be rigged, i have to be honest. november 8th, we have to be careful. th election will be rigged. people are going to walk in, they'r going to vote ten times maybe. >> of course the elections will not be rigged. what does that mean? if mr. trump is up 10 or 15 points on election day and ends losing, then, you know, maybe he that doesn't seem to be the case at the moment. >> sharp words from president obama, responding to donald trump's preemptive claim tt the election could be rigged in hillary clinton's favor. back to discuss that and more with our "roundtable" in just a minute. asis, a lot of it is very acidic. the enamel on my teeth was actually weakening the whiteness wasn't there as much. my teeth didt look as healt as others.
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so -- in our shared mission, to make america great again, i support and endorse our speaker the house, paul ryan. [ ee >> after waffling all week, trump finally came around to endorse house speaker paul ryan friday night, as well as republican senats john mccain and kelly ayotte, all up for re-election in november. so was it convincg enough for republicans? and can he bring the party together? let's bring in our "roundtable." you're all laughin republic strategist and cnbc contributor sara fagen. tv one host and managing editor,
8:31 am
abc news cokie roberts and our chief political analyst matthew dowd. let's start with you, matt. i know we were all laughing at donald trump's smirk. he'sad a rough couple of days. beginning withhe khan family. he went on frothere. clinton's bounce in the polls. do you think he's changed? do you think this has changed anything? >> no. i mean, he hasn't changed. the race h and adjusted. wel see how long-lasting this is. before all this, the equilibrium was about a three or four-point hillary clinton lead. now the question is, is it a seven or eight-point hillary clinton lead? i think the thing about donald trump at that press conference, as i said yesterday, he seed like a tranquilized circus lion that had bitten too many people in the audience. watching him, and i endorse, speaker ryan. i mean, it was amazing to watch in the course of that. i n't think the voters care about that. the elit do and the chattering class.
8:32 am
i dot think you can find anybody that's won the popular vote that's been in thi positionfter the conventions, this far down, and actually went on to win the pular vote. >> giuliani said later someone else was ahead. that was beforthe convention. >> michael dukakis. >> yep, yep. but it was before the republican convention. >> right. >> the numbers in this pol that really struck me, other than fact thahit wte men have a lot of answering to do, is that -- cares about people like you. that is a key question. hillary clinton was up 20 points on that. that is often the question that tells you whether somebody is going to get elected. >> let's talmoney here first. $74 million in cash on hand raising $82 million last month. he says including $36 million from small donors. there's the irony there.
8:33 am
people that areor him are for him and are willing to give him money. and it tells you that the republican politicians will stick with him longer because they're worried about those people. they're worried about his voters, they'reorried about his mone they're worried about their base. you have at the same t ime, republican columnists and commentators saying your grandchildren will call you wicked if you support him. so it's been a very mixed picture. >> let me go to this. when trump endord mccain, ayotte, he seemed to be stage on message. he did. even with the smirk, even with the smirk. >> i am endorsing ryan and ayotte. i love this here. that wasn't convincing. >> so maybe -- you know, it's a step in the right direction for him. have his advisers gotteto him? can he stay on message? >> it might last 24 hours. this is a guy who wants to be whiner in chief. he complains about everything.
8:34 am
can he deal with issues? what did senate majority leader mitch mcconnell say? he doesn'tnow a lot about the issues out there. he has to focus on tha you can wing this thing. to the nitty-gritty.e to get what does he do this week? he appoints a team of economics advisors. all men. all hedge fund guys. tell me hoth's going to work. clinton in her speech broke down where his products are made. if i'm the clinton campaign, i walk on stage with a cardboard cutout. i go, tie in this country, belt in this country. you're regular? and everybody will look back at her clothes. sara, what do you have? >> this is when voters start to tune in. the democrats had a much better convention than donald trump. he's performed incredibly poorly since his convtion. and so, he is not passing an
8:35 am
you saw it again just yesterday where she was stumbling over her answers on how she handled her e-mail controversy. >> and what about him tweeting on her sht-rcuited brainwashing? >> unhinged. >> he questions her mental fitness. nobody in america questions her mental fitness. they think she's liberal. >>hey question her honesty. >> they question her hesty. >> hingednd presidential is totally code for we shouldn't elect a woman. that is what that is. >> i was there friday. clinton campaign, follow me. take the loss. you're not going to win this. i don't understand why -- smart people want to somehow think i can convince everybo that what i did right. take the "l." you're not going to win this one. say i made mistake. comey has come out. we shouldn't have done it. if i had to do it again, wouldn't. next queion.
8:36 am
>> she doesn't do that. >> to me, watched in the last o weeks demonstrates sething clearly. wh donald trump is in the news media, he's not doing well. when hilla cs outside the media, not in the press, she rises in the poll. we've seen that for eight years in the course of her life. >> th's right. that's right. >> she ran in 2008, when she's in the media, she's -- she's an awful candidate. everybody knows it. she's not liked. not trusted. the positive for her is she's running against a worse candidate in the course of it. that's why i think, we ought to pay attention more to the two third-party candidat in the race. >> we d some disastrous things said in the beginning of the week according to critics of donald trump. then there was the pushback. reince priebus was said to be apoplectic. what does the republican establishment do now? >> pray. >> certainly it calmed down by the end of the week. >> what they'rtalking about is
8:37 am
and openly sta to use as a argument, we need to save the senate, we need to save the house of representatives. those conversations are happening in back rooms in washington right now. because of the way he's performed. i agree with matt. i think this week was so bad for him, you have an equilibrium that is about eight points. what donald trump needs to d and what they need to talk to him about is he needs to start thinking about passing a threshold of acceptability to get the race closer. put this in a po n be competitive with r by two, three, four points. >> he can do that. >> is the republican party falling apart in all this? >> they're not happy, obviously. they're hang battles within the party. somebody like paul ryan, where the voters have been so revved up against him by donald trump and his supporters that his faly is being threatened. that's a territuble rn of events. i think that trump can bring it
8:38 am
events can happen in the course of the campaign that bring people to him. she can make blunders that bring people to him. and the debates can make a tremendous differenc that might be e place where he meets the threshold. >> i think the oy point left where he can change the race. not through television ads or read speeches that look s-- so out of touch. it's a debate. d an she ds.needs the debates more the first sign you'll see in what sara is talking about, if i were advising republican candidates, i would say, put up ads, put up messages that say, i'm here to stop hillary clinton. i'm here to put a brake on the hillary clinton presidency. when you start seeing that, you start seeing the -- and the republican party, it's been hostilely taken over by donald ump. ere is no national republican party. >> here's the piece. the biggest problem is your candidate has to actually have something to say. and so we have a candidate still refusing to break down any
8:39 am
will it's education, whether it's theconomy, whether it's jobs. blanket statements are not going to work right now. it not going to work. that what he's survived on. he goes to the debates, he gets nailed. >> there is something deeper going on. donald trump is a reflection of what is going on in the base of the republican party. charles murray wrote a book called an analysis of white america. the divide in white america. donald trump is gointo win noncollege-ecated whites by a grter margin than anybody. hillary clinton will win college-educated whites for the first time in 60 years. >> right, right. >>ou're shaking your head. >> i'm shaking my head about the white voters not college educated because you're getting bamboozled. you can't have a guy talki about trade and the jobs and you
8:40 am
what he actually says. so i get that people -- >> there's an understanding, of there's an understanding of why they're going to trump. they've been lied to a mndled by both parties. >> and i heard again and again, he's telling us what we want to hear. if i say, do you believe him? they s, maybe not. >> they've seen no increase in their pay for 40 years. through democratic and republican administrations. >> black voters say the same thing. latinos say the same thing. >> which is why hillary clinton should be spending her moneyal most exclousively on get out the vote. minorities and women. forget the tv ads. jeb bush, $150 million in tv ads. and he got 2% of the vote. >> i want to quickly talk about president obama this week, who said donald trump is unfit to be president. that's unprecedented, to hear a president say that. >> you had mr.orl on earlier saying the same thing. a former cia director. that -- and you see, as i said earlier, from the conservative
8:41 am
>> no. you have two former presidents both last name bush, both who are republican, who will not endorse the gop candidate. forget what the president said. >> i have to say mike morell and some of the former bushes who got us involved in the iraq war, mike morell who apologized to colin powell for misinformation. who defended torture, for him to criticize donald trump unfit, i think they ought to stand down a little bit on that. >> if they've been in the spot, they have credibility. >> to make huge mistakes like they have before. >> and we're going to ave it there. we're going to leave it there. you gu take it out in the green room. after the break, the man bringing obama, trump, and clinton together.
8:42 am
as far as mr. trump, we're going too by the law. they've been told, these are classified briefings. and, if they want to be president, they gotta start acting like a president. candidates a full security th briefing. the briefings are only one part of what our ne guest calls the largest, most complicated takeover of any organization on the planet. thousands of jobs switching hands. not to mention the nuclear codes.
8:43 am
one minute bone team and the next by another. max stier was a government lawyer who saw there's no room for mistakes. he started the center for presidential transition to lp. thank you for joining us, max. >> thank you for having me. >> tell us about the center for presidential transition. why does the government need a private ornization to tell how to run the process >> everyone is everyone is focused on who is going to win. in reality, for all of us, we need to know who will run our gornment and whether they'll run it well. the ceer for presidential transition is trying to make sure whoever wins has the ability to run the government from day one. >> the scope of this is enormous. more than 4,000 jobs and plus w many neesenate confirmation? >> 4,000 political appntees. over 1100 need confirmation. a $4rillion budget. you've got hundreds ofifferent operating organizations. no takeover on the planet or in history that is more complicated
8:44 am
>> one thing that prompt you legislation to smooth this transition was the terror threat to president obama's inauguration in 2009. did they plan out what to do if there was an attack? tell us more about that. >> the transition is not only big and complicated. it's the point of maximum vulnerability for our country. post 9/11, a smooth handoff power and an equipped president is essential. and as you note there was a -- a real terrorist threat in the last inauguration. they did get information. there weren't a lot of people in place as a result of th transition taking place. they handled it well. they went through scenario planning. >> they did table-top exercises. >> they did. the idea is to make sure whoever comes next is actlly prepared to run our government effectively. starting with the national security establishment. but it's everything.
8:45 am
all the services our federal govement provides. >> so, this week, you opened up office space fonald trump's transition team. hillary clinton's transition team. can you give us a sense of how many people they have in there and wh they're doing? >> we're a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization. the feral government runs the transition space for the two campaign as of monday, they were given their keys. both clinton and trump have operating transition efforts going on. really important. if you wait until thele ti there's no way you can be ready toake over the government. you have to start preelection. the legislation you mentioned is enabling that to happen at laer scale. frankly, the voters should be pang attention. promises can't be kept if the candidates are not ready to run e government. >> how does what's happening now comparto the past? >> you're seeing a more active effort than's ever been done before. four years ago, mitt romney ran
8:46 am
now, two candidates are up and running earlier than it's been done. that's a good thing. again, they can't be ready if they don't start early. edison said vision without execution is hallucination. the campaign, the promises you're hearing are only meaningful if the candadites can run the gonchts effectively. that's what transition is babt. >> thank you so much for joining us.
8:47 am
americans who see and sacrifice. in the month of july, one supporting operations in iraq and syria. that's all for us today. sunday with part yofr
8:48 am
8:49 am
>denver 7news starts right now. >> we start with a micide investigation underway right now. four people shot, two people are dead, and we have the latest from the scene. >> plus a highlandranch man so angry with some of donald ump's comments on muslim soldiers he's now planning a special event this morning. what he's doing to not only prove a point fallen soldiers. >> how bad is west nile virus getting colorado. the latest test results are back. four people shot adams county, two people are dead. >> let's go straight to amanda del castillo who's live on the scene. >> reporter: in the last 30 minutes, sheriff's deputies have actually consolidatee the perimeter of the entire investigation, and we can see that it's an entire block that they stillhave cornered off. now, they were called out here


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