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woody page, 7 sport era talking br and training camp. who is therting quarterback for the preseas game in chicago? >> history w made ? ? ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ? ? hush my darling... ? ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] ? hush my darling... ?
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[snoring.] ke the roar out of snore.
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. >>this is 7 sports extra. good evening a welcome to
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troy rank is with us. the newest member of the team woody page, welcome, man. >> does that make me an outsider? >> inside, outsider, i guess so. >> i remember you fromomewhere seel. >> you gs know each other? >> we saw each other in the parking lot. he looks vaguely remember. >> we're honed to have you here and part of the denver 7 am. let'get started the broncos off todayow back aty 11 of training hopefully we find out who is the quarterback for the game one in chicago. nok sanchez. he will be the starter but that change before the first regular season game. sanchez is staying cool, cm ancollected, not worrying
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interception. he can't play scared. gog on earning it and trying too harr a trying to be t e last rep, if i do this ,is name me the starter.g to you can't ink like th because youuput too much pressure on the others. . >>reporter: sanchez says all the right things, good guy. everybody but coming up thhrsday,game one, ncsahezhe starter, troy? have to play a little bettermen he's hadul pick sixes in practice as he'se that, trevs gaing some ground. i know -- you and i havta about this a lot. he got to still win the job. >>ro t you said he's got to play better. based on what? he's placed six years in the
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guess what? that's what's he' been for yrs. hasn't been a starter. there's been one time in his career where he's won more than eht games. this guy is exactly what hes to quote amer coach, so, y, he's going to not only start the first game; he'soi to start the regular season. we'll see how long he lasts really as i thinkg quarterback. we will see the other two quarterbacks duringhe course of the someone. >> well, lethem play. so muc in practice, wat game situaon. trevth say thede to see him as the starter. da 10 before a huge crowd out there, gary can't say enough good things trevor. >> absolutely. that's theoal.
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in a heckf a lot of trouble if it happens. but we'll see what happens. >> troy, i can't say enough good thingsbo it him. coaches, players, whatever. not enohug to have him beat out mark sanchez at this point, right? >> there hasn't been enoug separation to declare ainner in this derby. we tught it would be sanchez. it was not. t buevor has done some nice thin. in the red zone,e's three practices.n fire his last sh he wasn't doong thatncamp. he's p himlfnsition to compete,e can win it, i don't know, bhe'sg ction, all theomentum puinshhis direction right now. >> here's the situation. you moment in the serioos that was the kneel down lastea
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a backup or en on the squad really for most of last season as a rookie. the guy hasad no experience. he didn't even start his senir at northwestern. iook a lot of things about him. i don't much care for his leadership. i know it's early in his career. players have told me -- several players -- a told you that sanchez, but it's not his jobo win. i thinkanchez, because of his experience, is goingo be the starter. >> yep. and we'll see. trevor could fire up and fe off in preseason and we' got a serious competition once they hit game action. ys, the rookie no. 1 pick, does he have any chance atll? >> he is t best athlete and has the best arm.
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the issue ihe unrde cente and calling plays in the kubiak offense. he's not ready right now for m one major aspect not talked about him, the kubiak oense reqqires a lot of rolling out th didn't do it. i think he's play acty impressive wh t out. he looked like he came ouu of an said o lost t be frank. he doesn't look like he's arrived yet in the nfl. they're not going to put him inhe starting lineup. aa i sd earlier, we'llee him durin the course of the year. look at th bye week which comes up in mid november. that's when i think we'll be seeing all three of these quarterbacks in the line.
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with a broncos receiver. sommbody is going to mending these pitchers demaryius thomas had a reveang conversation. he talked about his w loss, motivatn and his drops last season. >> what happened with with the drops t last ce ouplof years? it's been something you've been dealing with. i think you're one of the after the catch. >> well, i think part of the job last yea was gngp the field too qck. was tr to catch the ball and run. i als fe like i'm t best run catch. >> you look leaner to me. did you do track training? whu change your by? what train diagnose you do? >> i was on the track running 200s, 400s, 100s, some of everything trying to a little lea
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camp my whole career.raining%- >> what's left for you? you had a great early career, got paid, get a ring. what's motiving you now when you look at it? and you get out this field everyday. >> now is being the best that does it. bee best teammate and best player on t field. i want them be saying somethingut if we play, this is the guy you've got to stop ande needdto make plays. whatst the no. 1 concern for you going he preason game one thursday? >> the quarterback offensive. already aling with injuries. who is going to py guard position, especially right guard? >> i think you're right but i have to go beyond that. the defense, which is one of the west best, lost- best lost. a terror on defense during plays and after plays. you saw him
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thism t out of the three last yrs we've gone from having a shutdownr a shutup corner because he's not going to tk what happened in dallas. we don't know what the action the nfl i think there's seous issues on defeese just as much with the offensive line and quarterback. >> whole line and -- o line and defense. ve cting ther >>
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venth,itneed baseball history. zuki. career hit no. 3,000 for ichiro . the k 3 made it easy for the triple. they come out of the dug outnd say hello, congrats. rockies players giving the the final sre good.s. 10-7. rockies lose. watkins glenn,
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78 c. last, final tn, oh, what in t nation justappened??3 spun into the wallnd the checkered flag was snatched fromhe jaws of victory. heas not happy. he continued to bump and grind afterhe race coming along side, tried to knockim into the wall. he went over and apologized and martin punches thrn. we're back with woody woody,acklee topics. firsts the rockies. they lost to the marlins. doe have a an to make it to the post season? >> i don think so. i'm not trying to b a negativ forhere. truthfully if you're going to be in the playos you have to win more homeames than they are. they lost two or ree to the marlinsyou need
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you've got thean intoown. i think the schedule getses tougher the rockies are not prepared with theirull p even thoughhey've gotten greatge the bul pen is weak.ust. and ichiro would still be looking for his 3,000 hit. and i jus teamsndumph the er fivest not to g the playoffs. >> wetedand hall of fame gamet e thsed the wng paint on the field c i was like tar or taffy. baashow sing, cancelling the game for the nfl tonight. l, it's beginng is the ownerf the sais and he brought h stadium up from
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indoors. get field and getting new stadium, building it there, but they painted it poorlyit, was like concrete for the players? i do understand protti t players' safety. it possible they could have played the game later at night. they could have played game tomorrow night and mt of those people would havde sye in town. i think it's a big barrassment to the hall of the nfl and it's shame that thelayers didn't get to open the seas to watch a game. the players, f and millions and millions of people worldwide were hoping to the rgame on women's meter fre style.e s got a gold medal..3 thes games
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zika versus to the russian ban, have the gost their luster >> i've been to 12 and there have been problems at every olympics. i went to atlant they hadore problems, they covered them up with banners and signs and think thises like that. i think we've gotten pastost of the political unrest down there, the mosquito problem, the dirty wate we're concentrating on the competitio what i've looked at so far in swimming everyday. i think the swimmers get songer and stronger, but i believe that the major problem i'm go have watching the olympics is always watching the russian team. when you getnt the second week, the track team is not going to be there. and we've got to an on top of that that the ioc has kicked off the entire russian paralimpics team bbcause of drugs. i don't think
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that it i all right, woody. thanks, man. great job. >> look for to working with you. >> when we comeac troy rank is still here.
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didn't win. knox the winner. >> tr infoatn about the broncos practice? >> a keep to leave eecting to start practicing tomorrow. woody page, 7 sportsxtra. thanks for joining us. let's go over to stacy and molly. juste that. 90s coming this week and partly cloudy
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