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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  August 11, 2016 5:00am-5:31am MDT

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jalyn jalyn it is 5:00. we are tracking breaking news out of maryland. more than 100 firefighters are working to put out this apartment fire. now as many as seven people are still missing, including children. 30 people were rushed to the hospital after an explosion tore the building apart. now it is not clear what sparked this fire. back here at home we are tracking several other big stories, including the upcoming court hearing for a man denver police officers shot during a gun battle. also, rtd is trying to woo some of its frustrated travelers by offering a freebie. and the broncos face the bears in their first preseason game of the yeer. what you need to ow before kickoff. don't forget, you are going to want tt be extra mindful on your way to work, that's because we're going to have extra kiddos out and about
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cherry creek students head back to school today. >> drive slowly, definitely. lisa is here now watching your bus stop forecast. this is like christmas in august for me. my daaghter goes back to school and broncos are playing. good thursday. temperatures will be this morning in the upper sixties to near 70. by the time they're heading home we're at 87 degrees. it is going to be a cooler day. puts our temperatures right around normal this afternoon with that 87. we will thunderstorms. quick look at futurecast, that's 2:30 and that's about 5:00. a few of these storms could turn stronger. pick up a little bit offsteam near sterling and akron by early evening. temperatures today, jayson, pretty comfortable. here's your first alert we'll be in the upper 80s today. cooler on friday. details coming up.
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>> jalyn, day four. the countdown continues. >> good drive. there will be a lot of extra traffic on the cherry creek dam road. take a look at the drive on i- 25 by yale. rough ride from hampden up to evans, as they did more roto- milling overnight. a few areas of the gravel there, be mindful of that. the map, overall good drive going on on on i-76. a quiet start as all the overnight construction is done. it's 5:02. we've been talking about some bad delays and problems when it comes to rtd's a line. this is the train to the plane. this morning we have a bit of good news. a way for you to get to dia for free. rtd is trying to make up for the troubles, including the delays yesterday because of power problems. if you've been delayed your next ride is free.
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for details. come take a look at this, a high speed train being tested in pueblo. it can go 125 miles per hour. once testing is complete, it will roll out in four states. here's the issue, colorado not one of them. today this man dariuss radcliffe will face a denver judge. he is accused in a slew of crimes, a spree that ended in a shootout with police. denver7's jason gruenauer is happen in court today. >> reporter: today is actually just a hearing on thh burglary charges he faces. those are among the lightest of the 20 felonies he's charged with. he's only 20, but is now basically a lifetime's worth of trouble with the law. the most recent crime as you mentioned, a shootout with happened after a traffic stop, exchange of gunfire with police
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dispensary near i-25 and colorado, followed by a police chase and manhunt in a nearby apartment complex. before that, a homicide at a party off south broadway in november of last year. and another shooting in september of last year. those charges, first degree murder, attempted murder of a police officer, 11 counts of attempted murder, as well as assault, burglary, and more. as of now, he is being held without bond at the denver detention cenner and he'll be reporting live downtown, jason gruenauer, denver 7. a convicted rapist is avoiding prison. a judge sentenced this 22-year- old former cu student to two years work release and 20 years probation. austin wilkerson told friends he was going to take care of a fellow student after she drank too much at a party in 2014. insteadd prosecutors say he raped her.
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a woman's group we spoke with says the judge's sentence was too lenient. >> what kind of message do you think that a work release sentence sends? >> i think it sends a message to the community that sexually violent crimes don't warrant serious punishment. >> they point to other high profile sexual assault cases, including the stanford swimmer convicted of rape and only sentenced to six months behind a denver teacher st potentially horrible situation yesterday by calling 911 after spotting a gun in a student's pocket. this happened yesterday morning at the ace community challenge school near 9th and santa fe. police got a hold of the gun, they took the student into custody. no one was hurt. police, though, really not saying what the student planned to do with the weapon. meanwhile, the nicer day of class did not go as planned for
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school. it was postponed because of a possible threat. now we take you to an interview you're going to see only here on denver 7. a clerk tied up and robbed at gunpoint described what she went through her mind, at least, during this horrible ordeal and how she is still scared because the guy who did it is still on the run. earliir this week he busted into the romantix adult store on pontiac street, forced the clerk into a fitting room where he tied her up. >> if he doesn't get what he wants, what's going to happen to me? i have two kids. i need to go home to my two kids. i'm all they got. so what's going to happen to me? i'm here by myself. >> she quit her job. and it is not the first incident at romantix. someone shot and carjacked a man outside the store in may. a homeless 18-year-old is
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he threatened to slit tte throats of workers. police say morgan hall did it because he thought the employees there didn't like homeless people. a jury convicted this man for pulling over a woman last year and pretending to be a police officer. he had flashing lights, a uniform and even a gun. the woman sensed something wasn't right and called the real police. he'll be sentenced later this month. it is finally here, time dust off your orange and blue gear. rest your voice today, because you may be doing a lot of cheering or yelling at the tv night, as the broncos take on the bears. quarterback battle. our own broncos insider troy renck is in chicago with more. >> reporter: from chicago, broncos opennpreseason tonight against the bears. mark sanchez gets the start at quarterback. he told me he basically pinches
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for his good fortune to be on the broncos. now he has to get the job. he gets a quarter tonight? >> these plays aren't really scripted anymore. -?not just the practice atmosphere where you go through, okay, this is the situation. it's all happening in a much more fluid manner. so you have to be able to handle the situations as they present themselves and move your timeedown the field, protect the ball, learn from the stuff we've learned from in practice and transfer that over to the game and be proud. >> reporter: what kid, trevor siemian, what does he have to do to try to win the job? we'll talk more about his chances later this morning. back to you. >> don't forget to check out our web site, ahead of the game. you'll be all caught up on the employers before they -- players before they take the field. donald trump and hillary clinton are supposed to be fighting each other, but are they really their own worst enemy? donald trump was 500 miles away, so why did this man feel the need to climb trump tower
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you're stem stepping out the door to more 60s, sunshine. clouds across the plains. and highs a couple of degrees below normal. 87 in denver. a cold front. rst alert we have- we have a pretty nice drive up into the high country. you can see that at eisenhower tunnel. no construction is going to be
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it's 5:12 now. another law enforcement officer has been killed in the line of duty. arkansas deputy bill cooper died after he was shot in the neck yesterday. he was 65 and planning to retire soon. investigators say he responded to a call about a man holding his father at grandparent. that's the man with the gun there on your screen. when law enforcement arrived
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the suspect was due in court yesterday afternoon and wanted to cause a ruckus before his court appearance. they arrested him after a sttndoff. fans are mourning the loss of long time espn anchor john saunders. he was with the network 30 years. it's not clear how he dies, but it was sudden. the nra is launching a $3 million ad campaign supporting donald trump. this comes after some sa presidential nominee seemed to encourage violence against hillary clinton. during this north carolina rally, trump said second amendment supporters have the power to stop clinton from getting elected. now trump says he only meant people should vote for him because he doesn't want strict gun control. the secret service apparently had a conversation with trump after he made that comment. seems hillary clinton just cannot move past her e-mail controversy. judicial watch, a conservative group, just published state
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the group says clinton never gave the state department 44 of the e-mail exchanges published. the male raised questions about the nonprofit clinton funded and the influence it and she had while secretary of state. clinton and trump might need to take a closer look at themselves. there's a new poll that says more than half of all likely voters say trump's biggest threat is not clinton, but himself. nearly 40% feel the same clinton. >> i definitely think they're hurting themselves. hillary on the ethical front. donald trump more on the improv front when he decides to not go script by script. >> i think they both need to own up to their mistakes. >> some voters say clinton's
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for trump, it's his off the cuff remarks.. you can use twitter, facebook and pen and paper to get in touch with the candidates. >> this man climbed trump tower in new york city using suction cups. he said he anted private meeting with donald trump. >> that will do it. he'll open let you in. it was intense. donald trump was not even in the building at the time. as you can immgine, police came in and arrested the climber. >> not worth it. >> i really love my job, because every day there's another thing i can add to my list of things not to do. >> good we can remind you of that. nice day today. we are going to see some sunshine this morning. here's a live look from our viera wireless camera, this near sterling.
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we have a few showers that rolled through the san luis valley and some in southern colorado this morning. lightning overnight there. mix of sun and clouds this morning. some sunshine through midday today. temperatures where they should be this tiie of year. denver a high of 87. increasing clouds. that means temperatures then dropping to around 83 by 5:00. overnight tonight we'll see low to mid-60s. denver you're at boulder same thing. fort collins a high of 85. in castle rock and parker, low 80s there. heading west evergreen at 77. same in conifer. berthoud pass a high of 62. a few clouds again out east this morning. and then by about 1:00 to 1:30 a few, very few isolated storms starting to pop up. denver about 10 to 20% chance
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like we could get hail today. likely small. unless you get up to the northeast, closer to greeley, sterling, akron could get larger hail, and that's at about 6:00 to 7:00 tonight across northeastern colorado. overnight we'll be under clear skies and a few clouds. by early tomorrow morning a few lingering showers. that threat for severe weather is going to be right along the edge of that ld front. the front slowly making its way today. and then overnight tonight, later today into early tomorrow, it's going to back in along the front range and that's why tomorrow will bb cooler. here's your first alert we'll go from 87 today to upper 70s, near 80 on friday. storms likely tomorrow. get a better chance, 40 to 50% chance of rain and more clouds. then saturday a few storms, 82. sunday beautiful. the bright spot on sunday. 85 degrees. then next week we get a whole
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back to school. we have a lot of kids heading back. >> i think jefferson county is next week. >> yep. and adams county and littleton. then denver is another week away. we do have a lot more kids going back to school, not only today but in the coming weeks. good drive in boulder. waiting for the kids to go back to school in boulder. this is 28th, and it's moving along just fine. light traffic on highway 36. i-70 near i-25, very light not seeing lingering . construction. you can see that on it's why we're seeing the green, not only on highway 36, i-25, points to the north looking nice, even to dia or c- all the people who live in the meadows, this area in castle rock, they have only one way in and out. well, that will soon come to an end as castle rock will be opening the new castle rock parkway that will connect i-25 to highway 85 here on the north
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denver7 photojournalist daryl orr is live there now. but drivers still have to wait. >> reporter: hat's right, jayson. around the end of august they can expect this to open, castle rock parkway at north meadow parkway. here we have the director of public works in the city of castle rock. bob, tell me about the project. >> it's primarily to give people choices of getting in and out of castle rock and in the uter shopping areas. right now all the traffic is generally concentrated to the me the north end of town here. we needed another way for residents to get in and out to the new hospital, new high school site and shopping area here at the outlets, and this road provides that opportunity. >> reporter: excellent. and also it's going to alleviate a lot of traffic in this area, right? >> yeah. with the phenomenal growth we've been experiencing, we've seen increasing in traffic. about 10 years ago we had that vision and understood the need for this additional roadway.
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10 years ago, and finally here we are today. we started construction about three years ago, almost thhee years ago. >> reporter: this whole project has been 10 years in the making, correct? >> yes. actually more than 10 years in the making. it just kind of takes that long to get major projects going. >> reporter: excellent, excellent. there's a family event, will be off castle rock parkway and north meadows drive. families can come out, bring bicycles, you can and have a good time. let's send it inside to dayle and our other anchor this morning. >> that would be nicole, daryl. coming up, the fight against isis seems like aa endless job. now new numbers show how well we're doing against the terrorists. and the zika virus causing more health problems than originally thhught. originally thhught. what doctors oh wow, what kind of underwear are those?
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it is 5:23. police in canada ll man. his name is aaron driver. he's just 24 years old. police say they arrested him last year for openly supporting isis on social media. this time they say he told a family member he made a bomb to kill as many people as he could. a u.s. commander says we are doing a pretty good job of stopping isis. he says our combat missions in iraq and syria have taken 45,000 enemy combatants off the
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and adding those left are now retreating. a man who killed nine women and a 13-year-old girl over a period of more than 30 years will be sentenced to death. a california judge just upheld the death sentence for lonnie franklin, jr., a man known as the grim sleeper. a jury convicted him earlier this year for the murders that happened between 1985 and 2007. he was arrested in 2010. prosecut garbage truck driver and lapd attendant was a serial killer hiding in plain sight. researchers now say the zika virus might be forming joint deformities. they say it's happening to several children whose mother got the virus. turning to our olympic coverage. team u.s... is on a winning streak.
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china is close behind when it comes to gold. but they only have 23 overall. we knew theewater off rio's coast was bad, but we didn't know the swimming pools would get gross, too. look at that, the diving pool turned green. and yesterday the water polo pool turned green. olympic organizers say it's because of algae. they say it's gross, but not dangerous. however, a diver said it was so cl pattern. >> it's so bizarree >> stories keep coming in, don't they? >> is it because there are so many people in the water? i don't know. there's a lot of questions. lots. we have a beautiful start to our day here in denner. temperatures now in the mid- to upper 60s. winds southwest at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. a little breezy. we're tracking a cold front. that will kick our winds up across the northeastern corner. it will be mild today. temperatures cooler than yesterday. with a chance for a few
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turn stronger across the northeastern corner. here'' your first alert we're going to talk more about that coming up. jayson, you can see we're close to normal. normal high is 88. and we are algae-free this morning. >> that's good. >> main street quiet for us in breckenridge. somebody just waking own main street -- walking down main street now. the drive downtown, a gorgeous two colorado men are dead after heading to syria to fight isis. this morning we are looking at what makes americans want to join foreign forces. plus, a colorado hospital accused of using dirty tools.
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get ready to heer. tonight we're going to see just how good our guys in orange and blue are as they take on the bears in their first preseason game of the year. hurry up and get as much savings as you can. king soopers is changing its coupon policy. the summer is over for some children in our area. the cherry creek school district heads back to class today. that includes our own lisa hidalgo's daughter. >> isla is heading back to school. so what's the bus stop forecast? >> it's been months. >> you're ready. >> she's ready. she needs it. temperatures this morning upper 60s to near 70. mostly sunny skies for the kids at the bus stop. heading home, upper 80s. 87 a high. cooler day today. you'll still see a few storms this afternoon, and a slight risk for severe weather. our highs today, anywhere from 87 in denver to 88 in greeley. there's a cold front that's going to push in across northeastern colorado today and move farther west tomorrow.


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