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tv   7 News at 5 PM Saturday  ABC  August 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm MDT

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cellphone chargers and make sure our animals are okay and get out reporter: the fire husbander three trailers, four cars and three out building. the main reason behind today's voluntary evacuation, officials believe the wind will push the flames closer to neighborhoods and homes. let's get to stacey. reporter: the wind is more gusty in the higher elevations. we have high pressure settling into colorado. disturbed weather in higher elevations. the out flow from some of those storms are pushing these winds around 30 to 40 miles per hour. that's what they're concerned about is that some of these winds will catch some of this fire and spread it toward neighborhood. we're keeping a close eye on it. you see some of this disturbed weather. for the most part, its high based storms which really have a lot of wind with them. across the eastern plains,
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the heat of the afternoon. not so much around denver. now for the eastern plains, its been a little more rough with some of those strong thunderstorms moving through. those are leafing the state but in ken -- leaving the state. but in denver, high cloudiness. >> thank you. eight horses have been killed in an early morning fire in brighton. a barn caught fire just after 2 the fire happened on private property but this is the area where it burned. the call first came in as a weed fire but when firefighters arrived, they found the burning barn. new at 5:00, a thief caught in the act. surveillance video shows a man stealing from a garage in the middle of the afternoon while the homeowner and his fiance were home.
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there has drastically spiked. reporter: when we first got this tip, i went to the crime map. this is the baker neighborhood in blue. so i did a search, burglaries only from the beginning of this year to present and there were 60 plus burglaries alone. the problem here is that last year, i did the same search, this is nearly triple what we saw last year. >> take a good look. this man has targeted denver's baker neighborhood at least once recently. this is clear evidence from daniel's home surveillance system. >> aspiring young gentleman hopped this fence here. reporter: and when the crook walked into his detached garage, the surveillance camera was staring at him. >> we're seeing initial footage of our the door. then he's going to go grab one of the bikes.
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be exact and even the security camera, but not before it caught him in the act. >> you can tell by the footage the guy was in and out in two, two and a half minutes. reporter: a classic in and out job. >> she's definitely nervous and scared and so am i. reporter: turns out, he only put a camera in the garage after hearing burglary a few blocks away. >> when we saw the time on the video, it happen we all have a stake in living here, we all would like to keep our stuff and folks seem to be cooing together to try and help. reporter: i talked with denver police. they're saying in looks to be a crime of opportunity like many burglaries are and their best advice, simply make it harder for the try to break in. so, it's not funny, but the gentleman i talked to said, you know, he
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>> right, so now he's got it locked and he has the fence locked as well to get to the side of the garage. >> are denver police going to do anything like increase patrols in that neighborhood? >> we talked to them. they said they're going to llok into this. that crime map updates every day. they said aggin, make sure you don't give them the opportunity. developing on denver sheer din intersection is open again. sheriffs were serving a warrent when the man said he had a gun. the s.w.a.t. team was called leading to the man being shot. parts of louisiana received three months of rain in one day. at least two people are dead, hundreds of others had to be rescued.
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help but officials can't get to everyone. in this case, a good samaritan helped pull a man from a siiking vehicle. >> i just told him, don't panic, i'm here for you. >> the sign said road closed and it's there for a reason. we know that means don't cross it. reporter: emergency declarations are in place across portions of the state as they brace for more rain fall. the man behind the noises of r kenny baker was founn dead in his home in northeast england. his care taker said baker suffered with breathing problems. . in rio today, track and field's biggest stars are in action. three athletes from the men's track and field team qualified for the semifinals of the 100-
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and allison felix began her olympics with the qualifying heats in the 400-meter. she and natasha hastings are heading to the semis. hundreds of people were at bia today but they weren't trying to board a plane. they were pulling one. special olympics held the annual plane pull today. has -- has a look. >> it's a small little plane, right, like the 737. reporter: try a boeing 757 weighing in at 654,000 pounds. dozens of people competed to be the fastest team to move the plane 12 feet. >> you're looking at this saying there's no way it's going to move. then you get started and get going and it's a ggod feeling.
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athletes is giving them a boost. >> you get to have fun and the money goes ?ith to these amazing athletes. i mean, that's why we're here. reporter: special olympics colorado doesn't charge its athletes to participate so they rely on fund raisers like this to keep the programs alive. >> for us to be able to help them go out and compete and win and be brave in the attempt, i think it means evvrything. reporter: taken right out of the special let me win, if i cannot, let me be brave in the attempt. words that helped plenty of people pull that plane. . >> cool to see. fort collins officials may have to give some money raised for a sales tax for local projects. if a sales tax brings in more money than expected, that money must be refunded. now the city is looking over legal
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refund the revenues. for the first time in aspen's history, the real estate market is nose diving. according to the report, sales in aspen have dropped pushing the sales volume down more than 42%. it was more than 546 million for the first half of this year compared to last year when it was more than 939 million. the navajo nation wants the federal government to reimburse farmers for damage river.. the tribe's president says the money the epa gave the tribe only covers about a quarter of what that spill has costs the tribe so far. alarming allegations against denver public schools. why two business owners say they aren't getting a fair shot at getting quality work with the school district. >> after yet another week of mud slinging,
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claims to the test. how did hillary clinton and donald trump fair this wreak. >> and later, a homecoming 75 years in the making. why it took so long to
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>>as hundreds of students get ready to head bang to school, the colorado mills mall is preparing for a large crowd of back to school ssoppers. according to the nati families can expect to spend $673 on back to school supplies and clothes. several kids will be heading back to school next week. sixth through 12th graders at aurora start pond monday -- monday. denver schools have another week before they return. the jeffco school district
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water at the schools. the water has been tested multiple times over the summer. the most recent sample shows there's still too much lead in the water. if you're wondering if your kid's school is on the list of effected schools, that's on the denver7 app. its not just the jeffco schools facing problems. denver7 investigates is looking into alarming allegations of race discrimination within the denver school us why two latino business owners believe they won't get a fair shake in getting business. >> the school next to it was done for denver public schools many years ago. reporter: any good business owner knows success often comes with experience. >> that's some of the small one, we did big ones as well. reporter: mike and ron, both architects are proud to show the work they've done since 1981. the museums, airport
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mint. big projects past and present that shape our community but there's concern. >> mint, museums, yet denver public schools, no. >> yeah, we're doing restroom remodels for the schools. >> they say they're getting the scraps from dps, no longer the high dollar contracts they used to get in the 80s and 90s. >> after you get a dozen or so rejection letters, you start to wonner, you know, what's -- wonder, you reporter: if history is say guide, theyy say they know what's happening now they're going after dps in federal court alleging racial discrimination. here's the prooff in 2008, dps used minority owned businesses 2% of the time. >> i think the point to be made is they're not doing a very good job of
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community and respecting our community. reporter: it must make you sick to see those statistics. >> it does. reporter: dps responded in 2014 and adopted a policy to be more inclusive on contracts. on the website, it says its goal is to hire no less thank 24% women or minority business businesses and has so far exceeded that. >> their attitude is i don't care if it's for the public or not. we're going to do what we're going to do. point out how the district dollars for big contracts are still going to women or minority owned businesses just 4% of the time. an example for them is a school that is 93% hispanic. the brothers were finalists. they developed the master plan for the project. >> it's just unbelievable that they wouldn't want to keep that
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the contract? architects who initially admitted they might not meet the goals on diversity. >> today, yasay with a straight did -- i can't say with a straight face that i'm going to meet that. reporter: the spokesperson for dp s spoke with us and said the firm in question will not fall short. >> the contractor who was awarded the bid has committed contractually in writing to mee reporttr: and this district is enforcing it. >> we certainly will. reporter: he would not comment on the brother's case but said the district will not discriminate against the people it hires. >> we think it's important that we seek out and work with the most talented group of contractors and diverse contractors in the city and the state. we think that's an important part of the program locally and a critical part
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taxpayer dollars in the best way to serve our kids. reporter: you might ask, maybe the brothers just aren't good at their joos and don't deserve the business, regardless of their race. consider this, dps wrote them a letter of recommendation in 2010 saying this the scene has exhibited talent and expertise. >> they say they would highly recommends us. reporter: the brothers feel like they have to stick their necks this time if not for themselves, for others. >> it may not in the short term help us at all, but i think these kinds of discussions in the public eye will really % serve to change things in the future. >> now the district says it will take time for it to meet its relatively new diversity goals. denver7 investigates is not done looking into this issue and others like it.
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is something to hold you over. tickets for the live concert went on sale today. it includes a full orchestra, a choir and l.e.d. screens. the concert is at the pepsi center. there is a free laser light show at centennial it starts at 6:00 and runs until 10:00 tonight. there will be live music playing until 8:30. let's head to stacey to see what kind of weather we can expect. reporter: i think we'll be able to see stars tonight. partly cloudy skies out there now and it looks like a nice, mild night. so some quiet weather for the most part across the state. normally in time of --
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severe weather across the enplanes. we have had scattered showers develooing. we did have a severe thunderstorm in extreme east colorado but that has now expired. to the south, mild to moderate rain. over denver, a few high clouds as you just saw from the top of our building here at channel 7. as you see, up into northeastern colorado, there's one storm just leaving the state. previously under a severe thunderstorm warning. also, north of eads, a storm leaving. also light rain west of fort collins. lightning showing up but nothing severe. this should move ttrough quickly. we're expecting storms across the eastern plains tonight. it will be warmer into next week with
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88 degrees, our afternoon high today. normally we should be around 88 so we're right on target. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s at this point. dinner time tonight, if you're going do be barbecues, it will be 82 degrees. what's happening is we have a big ridge of high pressure settling into colorado for the next % few days. that wwll bring out the sunshine and the warmth as temperatures get over the next few afternoons. tonight, we'll have comfortable temperatures in the 60s overnight and tomorrow, around 90 degrees for the afternoon. we're not expecting thunderstorm activity tomorrow. this will be by 10:00 tonight, sterling to jonesburg, we could have a few pop up thunderstorms. still quiet across denver. even by noontime tomorrow, hardly a cloud in sight. we'll have some cloudiness into the afternoon and evening otherwise, a nice sunday shaping up for us. tonight, 56 for a low, partly
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sunny and dry. western slope, highs in the mid- 90s, 70s and 80s for the higher elevations. 80s and 90s for eastern colorado. now on the seven-day forecast, we will get a little warmer here into monday. 92 degrees for our high. we'll have scattered thunderstorms moving in on tuesday and wednesday. highs in the upper 80s and then a cool down cominn for the end of the week and the weekend. as you see, we'll have that storm coming the front coming through and we'll see storms and the cooler air coming in behind that for the end of the week. but for the next couple of days, temperatures nice and toasty with lots of sunshine but we shouldn't see much in the way of strong thunderstorms showing up. a little break there. >> that's good. winds dying down over the next few days. >> yes, definitely. >> thank you. a busy day on the campaign trail for the clinton and trump campaigns.
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of bitter words. we put their claims to the test in this week's fact check. >> plus, new video of a late
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. a busy day for hillary clinton's campaign. the democratic nominee has two fund raiseers today in atlanta and los angeles. her running mate, tim kaine is speaking in new hampshire today.
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campaigning in connecticut today. he'll be speaking at an evvnt tonight. >> some mixxd messages from the presidential candidates this week. denver7 political reporter putting the comments through a fact check. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybb there is, i don't know. reporter: donald trump igniting a fire storm with those comments that some say supporters to use violence against hillary clinton to protect gun rights. the clinton camp immediately attacking the statement. we looked at the whole speech looking at the context. >> trumps word's are just nebulous enough that you can't pin down what he means. reporter: trump's camp releasing a statement saying in part second amendment people are unified.
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interpret it. reportee: hillary clinton saying undocumented workers help pad social security's trust fund. >> people who go to work, help support this economy, pay $12 billion a year into sscial security for that figure cited by clinton, but other studies cite another figure. >> we also found another estimate that put the specific worker contributions a bit lower at $7 billion. $12 billion claim as half true. clinton's camp trying to use donald trump's words to her advantage, e-mailing his words to her supporters. drastic spike in -- drastic spike in burglaries. wait until you
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campaign trail, we're hitting the polls. >> what's happening everybody. later during sports, what happened at bronco's training camp today? it wasn't pretty. we'll have a report from champ camp where parentally the championship pedigree did not come back from chicago.
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if you're just joining us, here is a look at our top stories. >> one man is in jail after police shot him. lakewood police say the man was wanted on seven warrants. when they tried to arrest him, ho told them he was armed. >> a more than 500-acre wildfire in western colorado has triggered
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county today. this includes the house top mesa subdivision. the spring creek fire is burning in both garfield and mesa county right now. . let's get to the weather. stay see, firefighters -- stacey, firefighters are worried about the wing. reporter: that's right. we have a huge area of high pressureesettling into colorado. that would normally calm down but we had disturbed weather in the higher elevations which is created high based storms. they're producing gusty winds up to 30 to 40 miles per hour so this is why they're concerned about wind. we could see the potential for that into tonight and tomorrow. as for rain fall, we're not really seeing that pop up but definitely gusty winds coming along with that disturbed area. here across the eastern plains, we have seen some scattered
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leaving the state. as you see here, a few thunderstorms making their way out of northeastern colorado. quiet in denver. just a few high clouds throughout our area. we'll talk about whether or not we'll see this dry air sticking around for the rest of the weekend coming up. now to a news alert of a spike in burglaries in a denver neighborhood. homeowner hopes this surveillanceevideo will help catch the man who broke into his garage. reporter: molly, in the baker neighborhood just south of downtown. i checked and according to the denver police crime map, burglaries have gone way up in this area compared to this time last year. daniel decided to put a camera in his garage and a few weeks later, it captured this man walking into his detached garage in broad daylight taking a couple of bikks and the camera itself but it was too late. >> very disappointed and creeped out, really, because when we saw the
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were home. reporter: here's another look at the crook. if you recognize him, call denver police. i talked with the denver police department earlier today. they say this is very likely a crime of opportunity. their best advice, make it harder for the thieves so they don't target your house. come look at this man. denver police are trying to find steven derekson. police say he was last seen getting on arkansas and irving. if you've seen him, call denver police. it was a homecoming 75 years in the making for a naval officer who died in pearl harbor. officer john england was laid to rest in colorado springs today. he was aboard the uss oklahoma. he was killed after taking several of his fellow officers
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proper good-bye. >> it's hard to say but my grandparents had no place to really mourn him. i think their whole mourning process was disrupted because they didn't have a place to go mourn or a body to bury or anything, so for our family, it's just a real beautiful sense of closure. that's been needed for 75 yeaas. repooter: now just last year, his family learned he'd be buried in a plot beside his -? identified him. the presidential candidates continue to hit the campaign trail. we'll be hitting the polls in just 86 days. while a lot of attention has been on the candidates, there is a big focus on security and precting your vote on election day. >> largely, we are a security nightmare for somebody that's trying to commit fraud.
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election chief is standing by the state's system to prevent an election day cyber attack despite fears of an international effort to thwart the process. already, they are working against hackers. >> they're being initiated by, you know, people in foreign countries, people domestically. they're trying to get into the big data bases. reporter: the confident comes from -- multipronged approach. testing takes place throughout the voting ppocess. votes are double checked after the polls close. >> the system we run in colorado and i feel like this is the case around the country, is ssy very secure syytem and it's so decentralized that it would be really hard for somebody to create conditions which would lead to a rigged out come. reporter: finally, nothing is entirely electronic. state law requires
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of votes. >> i believe the biggest problem we have now is the feeling that people have that there's a potential vulnerability. >> now, as far as the election day itself, power and internet failures are among the big concerns but officials tell us there are back up systems in place. politics aside, another topic is taking over denver and it's not the broncos. a lot of medium are buzzing about the women of
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. have you heard the latest
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a new exhibit at the denver heart museum is the talk of the town. mitch jelniker shows us how this week's 7 everyday hero is is helping others. >> there was an art movement in the 40s and 50s, and you probably are familiar with the artists. but there were equally as many women and you never heard of them. reporter: people but for decades, few saw these works. the female artists were mostly unknown. >> what do you notice about those paintings? what appeals to you or does not appeal to you in both of those. reporter: the women of abstractism are together at the same time. >> she wws on both coasts.
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tour of the ground breaking exhibit than a docent dedicated to the museum. >> she has an enscio pediatrickic knowledge of the -- knowledge of the art. >> you meet >> probably the most interesting, wonderful place. it's been my life. >> when she painted this, she couldn't paint it close up because she couldn't see what she was doing so she got a ladder and a brush on a pole. imagine that. reporter: we're here for a surprise for you. for all your years of volunteering,
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as a 7 everyday hero. >> oh my gosh. reporter: congratulations for all your years of duty here. >> i wondered why you were just sitting there. >> now the denver art museum women of abstract expressionism exhibit continues through september 25th. to nominate someone as a 7 everyday hero go to and to our community section. >> from their many, many years of service. reporter: we partly cloudy skies. over denver, its nice and clear. we are going to
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. welcome beautiful conditions of through the high country. this is a picture from loveland ski area. just a few high clouds passing through. no severe weather across the high elevations or the front range. overhead in denver, nice clear skies. as we go through the next 24 hours, it looks like things are going to dry out. you can see we haven't had a lot of activity across, especially the eastern plains as a big area of high pressure settles in.
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quickly off to the east here into kansas and nebraska. a few scattered showers to the south and some disturbed weather for the higher elevations. really just outflow of the storms trying to get going but they're not able to so we have gusty winds through the high country. but here in denver, its been very quiet. scattered showers moving out of the way for extreme northeastern colorado. flooding may be an issue as these rain showers have had a lots farther to the south, we also have showers and perhaps aalittle small hail involved with that particular storm. just passing through fort collins, rain and some lightning up toward wellington. we expect a few scattered thunderstorms across the eastern plains tonight. not so much around denver. warmer into next week as that dry air settles in. we will haae scattered showers as we get toward the end of the week and
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88 degrees for oor high today which is right on target. we also have an ozone action alert day in effect for tomorrow as well. we had one in effect today for high pollution levels. temperatures in the mid and upper 80s. still pretty nice. 60s and 70s up in the hills. if you're barbecues around dinner time, it will be 82 degrees with partly cloudy skies. as you see, this high pressure. we call this a ridge of high it starts to expand and broaden out. it will really dry out our weather so that means lots of sunshine on the way and the warmth builds up. especially into tomorrow, we'll have highs in the low 90s for the afternoon. we'll have temperatures in the 60s tonight. the futurecast through 10:30 tonight, still quiet but we could see scattered thunderstorms in extreme northeastern colorado and those will be short lived.
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the day. it looks like dry weather on the way for us torment. overnight lows in the 50s tonight. partly cloudy skies and light winds: tomorrow, sunny and dry. mid-90s for the western slope. low 90s for southeastern colorado and around 90 in denver but we warm it up into the beginning of next week. 92 degrees, sunny skies. that will change as we go to the middle and end of the week. another system coming through bringing storms on thursday coming in, low 80s for friday and saturday. overnight lows in the 50s and 60s. so pretty dry the next couple of days. a nice break from the rain we've had rolling through. >> looks good. what do you have? >> when guys show up to worr, have you the championship mentality. >> yes. >> you bring your a game. that wasn't the case for the broncos apparently. the boss man is upset.
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training camp blows. >> plus, major league lacrosse
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. how's it going. welcome into 7 s jahmai webster with you. from the untrained eye, broncos nearly perfect in preseason game one. a 20-nothing win. the team got back to training today for the first time since going 1-0 and it wasn't the type of practice you would expect. as usual, troy has the inside scoop. reporter: broncos boxed the ears of the
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got an earful. kubiak talked with trevor about pulling the ball down. mark sanchez threw his fourth pick six of training camp. kubiak talked about the offense afterward. >> we didn't practice very good offensively. less than 48 hours after a game, coming back to ppactice is tough. >> kubiak did not name a starting quarterback for game preseason. one player who will not play, bennie fowler. he fractured his elbow and will be out for two weeks. ?e broke it covering a punt in the win. >> just right outside the elbow. i don't know what the bone is called. it's not that big of a deal though. i'll be back in a couple of weeks for the broncos defense, seven shacks. shaq barrett told me it's often
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>> anybody can make the play on our team and everybody can make the play so you want to stray to get back there as quick as you can because we got guys that can make the play. like everybody can come in and make the play. reporter: coming up at 10:00, cody latimer explains why he's so comfortable in year three. >> thanks. csu's all rashard higgins had an exceptional start to his nfl career. broncos rookie caught a pass in the loss to the packers. it was higgins lone reception and he made it count. >> day [inaudible] emma coburn back on the track for her 3,000-meter
5:51 pm
woman to win. later tonight, we find out who's the fastest woman in the world. >> let's kick it. rapids take on the galaxy tonight. rapids coming off their most complete game yet. colorado still second in the west with 11 wins and 41- points. now, they've got to carry that momentum into their ir la. >> la is a very good team. they're very good at home. it's important to go with the right mentality and find a way to get a good result. i think this is one game where you have to be on the same page for 90 plus minutes. reporter: mll playoffs, bj o'hara and his out laws needed help to get in. don't matter now because they're taking on the lizards in
5:52 pm
didn't belong. new york jumped out to an early lead. out law settled. michael simon pulls from a distance. they took a 9-6 lead. out laws scored seven in the second. they'll face tonight's winner. >> some of the best video we found. aj reed tries to run down a foul ball and runs down a mountie instead. that's a police officer in canada. she's pummeled. both were okay. she even had a laugh afterwards. that's like me and you colliding.
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over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
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-? . welcome back.
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let's talk about some weather. >> okay. >> les. afternoon highs will be in the 90s the nexttcouple of days. dry weather too. then we have thunderstorms showing up into next week but some cooler air. our first alert weather day being thursday. cooler air coming in behind that front. low 80s for friday and saturday. a little fluctuation on the seven-day forecast cast but nice out there now. >> you actually biked to work. >> armstrong deep down inside. >> first, you thk you're that baseball player, now you're lance armstrong. he can't really play sports. >> follow me on facebook.
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