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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  August 16, 2016 5:00am-5:31am MDT

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it is 5:00 a.m. and some evacuations took place overnight after fire crews got a new fire under control. everybody is okay. >> on your right, you can see a wildfire in elbert county, about 90% contained right now but not before about 2,000 acres burned. it's not a danger to any nearby buildings. a 15-year-old girl from pueblo is missing and could be in danger. >> sarah romero disappeared saturday. she was in the car with a 19- year-old man, raymond holt, last seen in a red ford mustang with the license plate qsu-222.
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. live look at denver this morning, 63 degrees. lisa? >> it will be pretty warm. yesterday we topped out near 90 degrees. same story today, about 85 to 87 by noon and upper 80s through about 3:00. chance of storms today, a little cloud cover to cool things down. we're still in the low to mid- 90s across the southeast but 70s and 80s in the mountains. this will be the same pattern really from today through thursday. then a big change on friday. this is your first alert that right around commute time,,we have scattered storms and showers. we could see wet roads for the evening commute. unfortunately we have a big problem. see the flashing lights behind me, westbound 470 at quebec. for a few minutes they had all the traffic diverted on to the ramp there at quebec.
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to get by in the left lane. this was reported as an accident then reported as police activity. so westbound side of 470 at quebec, just be mindful of the hazard. alameda and, use 6th or mississippi as your alternate. one denver 7 viewer caught someone going the wrong way
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>> reporter: police received three calls about this driver and troopers were not able to get in touch with that driver involved in the one-way driving incident. more kids are heading back to school and c-dot wants kids properly restrained and buckling up. studies show necessary steps to buckle yourself in, you're probably doing the same for your children. in turn, they will grow up to do the same and when they become teens, they will keep that habit going. we'll have more this morning in terms of numbers because c-dot wants to be sure your teens are buckling up, especially as the school year starts. more on that later this morning.
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crashing into the denver convention center is expected to enter a plea. witnesses say randolph blazen blew through the intersection and crashed through the doors of the convention center in june. one woman's foot was run over and several people were hit by debris. he was arrested for dui. changes are coming to a family was killed. here a the state will add flashing lights, bells and gates crossing at trinidad. steven and christine miller and three of their daughters were killed when a train hit their minivan on their way to church. this happened just 12 days after the county asked for upgrades. there was only a sign marking it, which is the case at 45% of railroad cross information colorado.
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the police report says he got into a fight with his wife and reportedly hitther head on the floor. he is now on leave from the sheriff's department. he is the second adams county deputy to bb arrested for domestic violence. bob trujillo was arrested in march in commerce city. very few details were released abhis arrest. city council unanimously approved a bill last gh if approved by voters, it would make the office of the independent monitor part of the city charter. currently it's in place by a city ordinance, meaning the mayor or city council could choose to get rid of it at any time. the oim played a major role in investigating allegations of police misconduct. councilman paul lopez sponsored the bill and says it's a critical step for ublic safety.
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between the community and law enforcement. >> the independent monitor also supports the ideaof making the position permanent. we tracked down the person who turned in signatures to get an initiative on the ballot. the secretary of state believes those sits were forged. >> but the person who turned them in says they were not forged, but we found a vi who said his signature was forged. >> it would be nice if the secretary of state had the authority to be able to scrub signatures that were invalid. >> state law does not currently allow the secretary of state to verify signatures like we did by going door to door. this november you'll see a right to die proposal on the ballot, allowing you to decide if colorado will be the sixth state to legalize the right to
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patients. twice this legislation hasn't made it through, that would allow people to get life-ending drugs. >> i know for my dad, if he had this option, it would have given him great comfort at the end of his life, and we would have had time to enjoy what little weeks and months we had -?together. >> after being diagnosed with als and losing the ability to care starved himself for 13 days after discovering there was no option for him to get assistance to end his life. initiative 145 is now on the november ballot. major changes could be coming to your power bill thanks to a settlemmnt between excel energy and other groups. >> jason gruenauer is live to
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morning. >> reporter: good morning. what's inside your envelope here could soon be changing depending on when you use the power. it's part of a settlement with excel and other group, basically involving excel changing their rate structure. it would drop the grid access fee, the fee you pay to access the power in the first place, itself. basically you would pay more for the electricity you would use at peak times and less for the same amount of electricity at off peak times. for example, in the morning and evening you would pay more than the overnight or afternoon hours when the fee would be less. this is just a pilot program they will start off in a couple thousand homes starting this year, then expand to a couple thousand more next year.
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that wouldn't happen till about 2020. for now the bill should stay the same but things are now moving and changing after that settlement. we are talking about changes to renewable energy aa well, and where the power behind me actually comes from. more on that coming up at 5:30. jason gruenauer, denver 7. we have a consumer alert this morning. if you stayed in recently, your personal information could be at risk. hackers stole information from the company hei. the westin in snow mass is one of 20 hotels that were targeted. for the full list of hotels targeted, check out the denver 7 app. the flooding in louisiana seems to be getting worse and more wet weather is on the way. >> and scalpers charggng you
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musical working to stop them. >> kids will find 60s, near 70 by about 8:30 a.m. by the time they are heading home this afternoon, highs in the upper 80s. it's a warm day, chance for a few storms. it's going to feel a lot more like fall on friday. details coming up. and the big problem we have is 470 at quebec. see can see the in the distance but traffic is getting by in the left lane.
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welcome back. a look over denver this morning, nice looking so far, already 63 degrees. we have breaking news just in.
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between a tourist boat and speedboat off greek island. the greek coast guard says at least three people are dead, up to 20 on that tourist boat. we'll update you on new developments. in nepal at least 33 people were killed after a passenger bus skidded off the road and plunged over a hill just east of the kathmandu. more than 35 passengers were injured in the crash but the death toll may go up becaus lot of passengers are still missing. it's unclear what caused the accident. in austria, a man with a knife attacked passengers this morning on a train, injuring several people. police say the attacker was a 60-year-old german national who appeared mentally confused. >> a 19-year-old suffered wounds to his stomach and back and a 17-year-old male had a throat injury. after terror attacks in new york, people with still finding
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issues from working at ground zero. 5400 people have cancer linked to 9/11 and this is just the number of people who have signed up for the federal health program. 15 detainees from guantanamo bay are now released. the president long expressed he wants to close the detention facility in cuba. peace is returning to milwaukee affer a 10:00 p.m. curfew for minors following two nights of unrest. at least six were arrested last night. the confrontations began after a milwaukee police officer shot and killed an armed man who refused to put the gun down. the death toll continues to rise after flooding in louisiana. some reports list about six people as dead, others say up
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>> rescue crews and brave volunteers have been working around the clock to save people from these historic floods. over the weekend more than 20 inches of rain fell in and around baton rouge. forecasters say more rain is on the way. >> what can you do? you can't pick up a pail and empty the water out. so you're just more or less in a state of being stuck. >> going to be bad but we didn't think it was going to be nothing like this. been rescued from their homes. a major cceanup in indiana this morning after multiple tornadoes touched down yesterday. several buildings werr damaged in the storm, many from flying and falling trees. despite the damage, it appears no one was hurt. take a look at this. right in the middle of the beaver creek fire, this fire whirl sprung up over the weekend. this is the biggest fire
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wyoming border. it's been burning for months and isn't expected to be fully contained until october. >> rough weather the last couple months. here at home, pretty quiet today. we'll have the threat for severe weather is pretty low. we'll see a few afternoon storms, likely first in the mountains then on the plains. maybe a little rain, and thunder. it gets a lot cooler by friday. we are dealing with big heat today. upper 50s in city park, mid- to upper 40s in the foothills. estes park 45, 60s in southeastern colorado, a pleasant start to the day: we're in the upper 80s this afternoon. that's a typo, denver not at 92 today. that was yesterday. today we're about 88, so a
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day of 90-degree heat. we had a couple triple-digit days as well. mid- to upper 70s for the foothills this afternoon, grand lick at 72, highlands ranch 87. we lost another degree. normal high today is 87, gradually going to continue to drop until we get into the low 80s by the first of next month. we are close to that mark today and really through thursday. we'll see a chance of or each afternoon. you'll notice around 1:00, a few scattered storms in the mountains. then a little more activity, especially south along the palmer divide and farther east. we had dark skies as you looked east yesterday from town, and you'll find that again by about 6:00, 7:00 tonight. the last spot to see a few storms will be areas like akron and burlington. denver and the i-25 corridor
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sunshine early wednesday, then we do it again wednesday afternoon. upper 80s today and tomorrow. we're a touch cooler on friday, and the threat for severe weather will go up as we are tracking our next cold front. look at these 70s. they're really nice. 72 friday, 75 on saturday, few late day storms saturday, then sunday looks really nice, sunny and near 80 degrees. jason? we have a good drive now on 470, not even seeing the -?flashing lights anymore. at one point we had the highway closed down for a few minutes but both lanes are open now. take a look at the map, a lot of green out there.
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section of alameda by sable closed down for the better part of today and tomorrow as well, as they continue that overhead line work. you can't use that right now, so take 6th avenue or mississippi to get around that. . a duck and a dog in tennessee, showing that our differences on the outside don't have to divide us. that's the message now going viral. >> the dog's name is george, and lost years ago. since then his owner says he's been depressed, seeming to have some anxiety. one day the owner noticed a duck on the back porch and he now refuses to leave george's side. >> since the duck's showed up, he's not wanting in the house, not meeting you at the car looking sad.
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good morning, 5:23 right now. it is dark outside but the sun
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where are we? >> you know, it's iceland. we just don't tell you. no, it's denver. chipotle is cooking up something new. we told you about their newburgher restturant. now they are offering happy hour, including all the locations that have a liquor license. they have tried to give away burritos to win customers after the e. coli scare. the denver public library is bringing wi-fi neighborhoods. this is part of a pilot program that will allow families to check out high speed internet like they would check out a book. there will be 10 hot spots at five different locations. for more information go to musical fans may be able to afford hamilton tickets. the creator of the musical is trying to cut down on ticket
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online then sell them at higher prices. tickets go for $500 to $2,000 after originally being $189. a new bill would slap a hefty fine on anyone using that software. >> when you sit there and you're clicking over and so frustrating. beautiful start here, clear skies and sunshine. it's going to be a nice start, bright drive for the eastbounders. highs today in the mid- to upper 80s, just a touch cooler down south. boulder 86 today, evergreen high of 78. so it's nice, a few degrees below where we were yesterday. we stay in the 80s with a
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through thursday. here is yourrfirst alert, almost like fall friday and saturday. we have a nice smooth ride on i-25 between hamden and evans. still some paving work they have to i-70 looking nice and smooth here. one colorado woman and how it's realitied to the debt of a star trek actor. >> new details about a tragedy
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. it is 5:30. the parents of a fallen park county deputy are taking legal action. >> why they feel nate carrigan didn't have to die serving an eviction notice. >> reporter: we are live on i- 70 to talk about c-dot's push for seat belt safety as kids are heading back to school. >> reporter: and changes could be cominto bill, plus renewable energy impact, coming up. fiist, new developments just in on the wildfire in elbert county. after nine hours of battling this one, firefighters and deputies are heading home. >> these are pictures of the fire just sent to denver 7. crews are now working on hot spots throughout the day.


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