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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  August 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MDT

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it is definitely cold enough to support some snow. as we go through tonight we will keep an eye on the rainfall that is making its way through the front range. tonight it looks like we will have overnight lows n the 50s. we will have some rain showers coming in from the foothills. we have seen rain so far this evening and more coming in from the west. ?t this poin sprinkles at times around denver. we are watching the next batch come in from the west. the weather change could not have come at a better time for firefighters. tonight, a homeowner says firefighters risked their life to save his home. jacqueline allen is new at the fire lines.
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>> reporter: firefighters are here tonight putting up -- firefighters are here putting out the hot spots. they have stopped this ablaze from taking out his home. we interviewed the homeowner. he has lived there for 20 years. 20 years. he said there have been plenty of fires but this one came the closest. we went on a tour of the burn zone today and saw teams putting out hot spots. this fire now cover 73 acres. he tells us without their hard work his house would be gone. >> the firefighters did just an amazing job. we can't thank them enough. >> reporter: firefighters say he was lucky that they could save his house. they also said he did a good job clearing the area around his house. the only thing that burned was a chicken coop. all of the chickens got out alive. brazilian authorities have indicted swimmers the ryan
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and james feigen for false reporting of a crime. police found they were not robbed at gunpoint. this video was released today showing the swimmers at a gas station. police say they vandalized the gas station and got into a fight with a security guard. originally they said they were robbed. police say a security guard did point a gun at them in order to control them but, that was justified. who says false reporting to police carries up to 6 months in jail in brazil. he says the bigger problem could be a blemish on relations. >> the allegations go to the heart of the stereotype in ican't imagine brazilians are upset about this. >> as for denver7 he is already back in the u.s. a bizarre situation on in
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breathing problems after a passenger asked her to smell something. lance hernandez is where this happened. >> reporter: the bus stop here and police were called after the passenger and bus driver began complaining about a smell. initially they thought another passenger had sprayed pepper spray, he got off and on to another bus. police caught up with him, to him into custody, after investigating they determined it was his cell phone battery that was giving off the fumes. the man has been released. the bus is now back in service. lance hernandez, denver7. do you know these women? police want to talk to them about it attempted homicide case. it this happened at a 711 in centrallpark boulevard.
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other unsolved crimes in denver. a moving day struggle has families threatening to sue. students were forced from the apartments last night because he complex violated code trying to use swinging bookshelves to turn two bedroom apartments into four bedroom apartments. they were allowed to move in today after the complex nailed the shelves down. it is back to class today for students in jefferson many of the buildings are falling apart. mark boyle is live in lakewood. voters will get to decide if they want to improve those facilities. >> reporter: that is if they pass the master plan. that vote will be in november. the price tag is hard to swallow but administrators say it is imperative if students
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for evidence of that how about this playground that dates back to the mid-70s. >> here is a a cafeteria. we run lunches all day. the cafeteria is so small. >> reporter: it may be a new year but it could be one of the last school years in this building. that is if the bond issue is approved by voters in november. significant investment in the facilities we have. in order to sustain property values we need to make sure we have the facilities that can do that. >> reporter: the money would pay for new schools and renovations. >> we have some significant
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with the growth that is going on we are seeing a resurgence in some of our neighborhoods. >> reporter: these administrators say the money is well worth the investment into education. this is not popular to everyone. there are some plants that plans that a lot the parents are concerned about. but, there are some plans already in pla that construction right away. mark boyle, denver7. englewood police have identified a person of interest to try to get children into his car. police say they read -- police say they received several tips after releasing the photo. the man's name has not been released and police have not found him yet. the most important thing about pot shops is location. especially it turns out in
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we talked to a shop owner who is worried some retailers could be put out of business. >> reporter: the owner of this bakery this is the ideal location but now that could all change. while they offer familiar treats , this is not your traditional bakery. >> we infuse everything with marijuana. >> reporter: she co-owns the company with her daughter. they upgraded to t s year ago. >> we wanted to be in the county. >> reporter: where she sets up shop determines what rules to follow. now leaders are considering annexing the space into city property. the change would put extra limits on her bakery.% >> there are limits on what you can have in your kitchen. >> reporter: changes that could cost in the tens of
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>> it could put people out of business. >> reporte a spokeswoman for boulder said the reason for the annexation is about saving money. >> we would have to do separate construction. >> reporter: leaders would allow businesses to keep their county license for another >> we are working closely with them. >> reporter: final decision in september. in the meantime she will do what she can to make sure she is not forced to move out. >> i am hoping they say let's table this for now. it is too soon. it is too much to do. it is a lot of change. is their heavy there heavy traffic or is it a speeding issue? police have responded to a claim of speeding. selling joins us from that very busy intersection.
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>> reporter: we found it is a combination. we definitely caught some people speeding here today. the biggest issue may just be that this road just gets busy. nearly everywhere we looked there is a reminder of a young life lost to careless driving. residents here. speed will take out another life. this father of two says doing the speed limit is not the normal around here. it is why there are strict rules when it comes to his children pying outside. >> we need more speed traps and more patrol. >> reporter: she also lives here it makes a speeding a speeding is an ongoing issue in her neighborhood.
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>> reporter: police say beating is not an issue. >> the consistent thing we see is the volume issue. we really don't see massive speed issues. >> reporter: that is based off the neighborhood enforcement team's findings. police say when they went out there they were not exciting a lot of people for speeding but noticed it got extremely busy he still, he has been living in this neighborhood for seven years and says drivers do not respect the speed limit. >> it is definitely a speeding issue. >> reporter: police tell me they are not done with the enforcement out here. they plan to follow up with all of the speeding complaints. > von miller taking a a page out of the playbook of justin bieber.
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we will tell you why he busted
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this picture says so much. a 5-year old boy pulled from the rubble in syria after an airstrike hit the building he was in.
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people have shared that image all across social media. thousands of people have been killed, including 4500 children. the state department saying a cash payment a cash payment made earlier this year to iran was contingent on the release of prisoners. previouuly officials denied the payment had anything to do with the release. attack at a place of worship. what would you do if it happened? police and database the groups met today to discuss it. police talked about how to protect the attacks and how to train staff. they say you can't predict an attack but you can be ready. >> e have people from churches all the way down to a small church that might be in a strip
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all who are interested in what we are interested in and that is making jefferson county a little bit safer. >> police stress the importance of agencies working together. the justice department says it is ending for the use of private prisons after finding there are safety and security problems. in december 12% of all inmates were in private prisons. none of the prisons that were shut down are in colorado. he is so sexy. von miller is now out with a music video. it is a parody of a song by justin bieber. miller changed the words of the song and says the dance of that you see is a compilation of all
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gets a sack on a quarterback. for the first time we are getting a look inside of the many mile high stadium. it will be free for fans to check out in the season. jennifer kovaleski takes us on a tour. >> it was a dream of management for the broncos and of the stadium for several years. >> reporter: you can now experience the mile high magic all over again by taking a trip to the monument. it is built in the parking lot. exactly where the old stadium was. >> i don't know of anyone else in the world that built a model replica of their stadium. >> reporter: we climbed up the hill here and you can see where the monument is in comparison to sports authority field. just 3000 square feet the
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inside you will find a giant screen where they will play historic moments. this may be the coolest part. the stadium seats from the original stadium. >> they were in a storage area. >> reporter: season ticket holders will get to on saturday. fans can experience it starting this season. the red cause is helping those caught in louisiana. two vehicles left here this morning to help out. 7 people from colorado are going down there. 4000 people tonight are still in shelters in louisiana. that is down from 11,000. in colorado we have seen
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still a little bit coming in from the foothills. at this point the snow has stopped up at pike's peak. so some interesting transitional weather is happening now. % we have really ominous guys out there as the storms continue to strengthen to the north. here in denver we have a little bit of shower activity but it is really falling apart. we are not quite done yet. a few showers off to the northeast of the metro now. to the north we have stronger storms towards the sterling and right along the border of wyoming and colorado. definitely some strong showers
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it will be raining off and on tonight. cool air moves in tomorrow. we have a cold front coming in tonight and that means high of around 70 tomorrow. 87 was the high today which is right where we should be right that -- 87 was our which is right where we should be. tonight overnight lows in the 60s. i do think we will see rain into the afternoon and evening tomorrow. as you see by 8:00 this evening not a lot going on around here. tomorrow afternoon another batch of rain comes in and some of it could be heavy at times. just keep that in mind if you are going to be out tomorrow
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scattered storms. tomorrow only 72. highs tomorrow mostly in the low to mid 70s. we will have 60s up arrund winter park. this front is going to help cool down most of colorado. saturday and sunday. a slight chance of rain in the afternoon on saturday. i think it will be dry on sunday. we have a good looking start to the work week. a father delivers his son who was breach and he did it on the side of the highway. >> [inaudible] >> we told you last week they had to deliver this son on the
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dispatcher. we asked our partners about breach birth and they are rare. most of those babies are delivered by cesarean section. the dispatcher had the mother get out of her car, squat and push. >> it is the force that we can generate, you can push harder if you are squatting down. >> both mother and baby are doing well.
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..."
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think he would respect them.
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? ? ? isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah.
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welcome, it is done. broncos training camp is over with, it ended today after a morning practice. trevor siemian is to start at quarterback on saturday night. tori wraps it up from dove valley. >> reporter: if there was any doubt this is an open competition gary kubiak removed it on thursday naming trevor siemian the starter on saturday. will this give him the chance to serve for the win? i asked the coach if you wanted to name his regular-season starter after the game. >> what i like to? will i? i? i don't know. we will see.
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maybe, will i? i don't know. we will see. >> reporter: von miller will make his first appearance at home since he played in the afc championship game. >> i just want to play football. it is not too much you can accomplish in one game. it is a combination of things. i want to go out there and leave it all out there on the field. >> reporter: derek wolfe, after hurting his ankle is expected to play saturday. more on von miller at 6:00. we got our first look at paxton lynch and his haircut. that is a good one. i would keep my helmet on for a while. it is all in good fun.
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take a look at a look at these. the entire starting backfield had these on. harris said they were in his locker when he got there this morning. you have got to look good. they are better than the
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tonight, breaking news from rio, coming in right now. police now recommending that two american swimmers, including ryan lochte, be indicted. authorities in brazil say the swimmers lied. tonight, right here, the new surveillance video of them at that gas station. what really happened. and standing firm. this evening, sources who have talked to the held up by armed gunmen.fact, also breaking, the wildfire out of control. flames now racing tonight, across land at 30 miles an hour. the major headline coming in from chicago. the head of police says seven police officers should be fired. he says they lied after an officer shot and killed a teenager. the well-known american military family and the mother allegedly drowned by her own son. and usain bolt. tonight, the science.


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