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tv   7 News 10 pm Late Edition  ABC  August 21, 2016 10:35pm-11:01pm MDT

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coming up half way through the pre-season. do the broncos have a starting quarterback? denver 7 has the latess.
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>> i will do what is best for the team. something obviously coming out of tonight was not good enough. >> good evening, everybody. welcome to the show. the number one question on fan and players, do we have a starting quarterback? troy is here with me. the answer is no. there was no separation. now back to uncertainty. they have been for the better part of 10 months. >> absolutely. with that pick 6 it clouded everything. it is his job then wasn't. mark sanchez couldn't follow ttrough and take advantage of
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>> let's look. 49ers and broncos, second pre- season game. they played a pre-season over. er. a good start. look, hand offs will be important. 19 yards to glory. 10-for-11 but finishing 0 fer. to eric passer rating. that is like a confederate battle gagger trying to win >> you have to bounce back and have a short term memory. coming out of tonight was not good enough.
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chance. he had the start with the ones. if you don't throw that pick six, doesn't make that huge mistake taken back for a touchdown. what happens then? >> he might have been gamed the starter. it was such a big mistake. it changed everything. the he had fewer mistakes than sanchez but it could be multiple mistakes. he was dumping down. dump down dump down and jumped the route. everything before that set up the interception. >> the pin to the balloon. now to mark sanchez, first
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he was in the red zone. then fumble. cost the broncos point. sanchez had another chance. another fumble. third turn over. 10-for-17. 80.5 rating. two turn overs stick out like a sore thumb. >> i think i have to get the ball out. i can't put pressure line. coach wants to see better. you can't do that. poor play. throws in great spots. i know i can play this game. two really bad plays that took away from a great performance and winning the job. it is too bad. >> wow. you can hear it in his voice in
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has he lost it >> it puts him in a vulnerable situation. he was supposed to take charge. 6-for-6. everything is working. the one fumble, it happens. the second one really hurt. can they coach him out of his mistakes. >> he was critical. the real 3 in two preseason games. if he doesn't get back in the race it is because of turn overs. >> he is not feeling good about this right now. >> he is determined to bounce back. the issue is will he get the opportunity now? we don't know that. it doesn't feel like he
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what is behind door number 3? paxton lynch. let it fly. making plays. 8-yard touchdoww play. the 9ers had the next 14 points. another tamp touchdown to neal. 9ers win. 113 12 is the starting quarterback. did he never leave? >> he has always been in the mix. he has been behind the other two from a knowledge standpoint. everyone is in competition. >> i always believed i was no matter what the situation. from day one i was competent i
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opportunity. we will keep going. >> it looked better than camp last week. paxton lynch, didn't think he was going to be ready to play. no one thought that. now half way through, is there a chance he could start against the panthers? >> nothing is according script. it is crazy, how the competition his been. when you ask him to color outside the lines, there is no one better. that schedule, panthers, colts, that is tough. >> we will talk about paxton when we talk to woody page.
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lynch, two touchdown passes, two fumbles lost, if they haven't reached the finish line, is it an issue in the locker room? >> we don't care. we just play bronco football. we put our jerseys on. we do our job and make the quarterback job easy. >> collectively on defense, do you pay do our end and you take care of yours. >> we do what we can do get them the ball. i'm sure they will figure it out. >> when the time comes, gary kubiak has a press conference tomorrow. when he says this is who our guy or wait until later in the
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announces monday. he has seen it in nuances. >> when we come back, woody page out sick. on the quarterback competition. more with troy about the running backs. where is hillman?
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welcome back to 7 sports extra. troy, we talked quarterbacks in the first part of the show.
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offense will be run first. the running back is as important as the quarterback. >> yes. >> last night against the 9ers, booker led the team in rushing, 36 yards. anderson 6 rushes. 19 yards to the end zone. a good training camp and the former ram 3 and hillman, the leading rusher and super bowl champion, is the end near with the performances of bibbs and booker? >> they have said special teams will determine this. bibbs, he played his worst games in the playoff final.
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audition. >> miami could be a destination for hillman. he knows people down there. woody page is out sick. lost his voice. that is not good for a tv show. you can check out the denver here are the highlights from woody. broncos can't get a name for the stadium and the quarterback. the quarterback made more mistakes than drunken u.s. swimmer at a gas station. hello. he got oh, no moments. i would name is mile high stadium and the quarterback paxton lynch. the problem is offensive line is a complete mess.
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the problem is the o line. >> is he crazy like a fox? paxton is in it. the starter's line did fine. when russell at left tackle and you can schofield at right guard, that was the second string line. i don't think the line is the issue. >> if is for the pre-season line. then you make a decision. >> absolutely. could that snap happen? that would be nuts. >> if paxton gets the start they will go crazy. let's go to baseball, the rockies. they have won two series from the best two teams in the national league.
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and the cubs. air force day. off we go into the wild blue yonder. jack in the first inning. sorry about the singing. tony walters has been hot. 5-0. delaydela rosa. homer. the rocks win 11-4 taking 2 out of 3 from the cubs. to bristol, rain relay. 78 car worked up to 3rd. bad luck struck. kyle busch spun. larson hit him.
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? ? ? final day of competition for the rio games. kevin durant going strong. usa96-66. third gold in a row.
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retirrng from team usa. 121 total medals. china 70. the closing ceremonies, see you in 2020 in tokyo, japan. all right, you saw what happened in the game last night. what will happen this week? >> demarcus ware is supposed to practice. talib is expected hey, is there a chance they name a starting quarterback? could lynch get run with the 1s? >> i know they will talk to the media tomorrow. we don't expect gary kubiak to look at the film and say here is what we saw with sanchez and lynch and simion and here is our guy. >> if they do, that is the nuances of practice not games. >> all right. thanks a lot. we are done on 7 sports extra.
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>> sally? wow. >> did i say sally? >> who the heck is sally? >> they kick us off and then change her name. wet weather for us. temperatures around 90. 80s tuesday. look at the 70s wednesday through saturday. from sally.
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