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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  August 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MDT

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alert about z kicks a virus. more people got it while traveling. west nile is also ramping up. >> and look at this photo capture the moment a mother is reunited with her young kids after her car was stolen with her kids in it. >> molly hendrix is live. how are the kids? >> reportee: fortunately, they're okay. this could have be considering the driver crashed the suv into the field. can you see the debris tore off the bumper and blew a tire before he tried to make a getaway running off intt the reeds there. this is where it all started, 3 at the family dollar store on federal. mama left her car running wiih her 3 month old and 3-year-old inside. thorn thonton police spotted the car on i-25 and followed it
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blew a tire and tried to run. a police dog evenly caught him. >> you could tell it was a fame member. she was having trouble walking she was so emotionally distraught. >> reporter: the suspect, eric mastiss, was taken to the hospital. the good news, those kids are home safe. we're live molly hendrickson, denver 7. some punish parents in comes city are at their wit's end with the school district. for the 3rd straight day, the school bus left their children waiting and waiting. >> the biggest impact, kids showing up to class half app hour to an hour late. russel haythor network has been digging for answers.
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thing. >> around 7 or 5, the bus is supposed to be there. >> reporter: on day 2. >> the bus forgot to pick them up. >> reporter: now mom jessica q arks to is losing her patience. >> i was really tick off. >> her 6th grade son is awetist pick he's been late to 1stst period all 3 days. >> he's a schedule kid. he has to be, otherwise he can't function. >> reporter: brighton school district 27j for iis part >> we understand their frustrate wracks russel. it's important for parents that the bus is there for their kids to get to school on time. >> reporter: a o spokesman saying they're working on it. >> we traced this to some issues in the parking lots. >> reporter: the district made a route change but is still ironing out the kinkk. today, they show up just 1 minute late.
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out. >> reporter: qua to say it's getting dangerous and the current routes are overcrowded. >> it's supposed to be 3 to a row, but there's 4. >> the district's response to that, the buss are full. they said they would never compromise safety. s police are trying to the driver that took them on a high-speed chase. itch dipped the black she chevy and hopped into a stolen truck. >> they got out of the car with their guns and bum rushed the truck. i guess no one was in the
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it was crazy. >> police are still looking for the suspect and truck. an upcaught date this to this week's deadly street racing crash. a coroner has identified the victim as john jefferson jr. of colorado. % another driver as well as a minor survived. another deadly crash this morning in aurora. woven person died. a driver and passenger were hurt. 3 no word yet on if the driver faces charges. a woman is suing her former doctor for treating her for a disease she never had. she said dr. gary we
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diagnosed her with multiple sclerosis. -- multiple z scrrks leros circumstances. 50eu6-year-old say chutes of roning a wells fargo on friday night. police say that is beverly all. police department look for her long. she turned herself in yesterday. we have some thunderstorm activity moving into the area. have produced a fair amount of brief heavy rainfall and strong gusty wind up to about 45 miles an hour. these will continue to build toward the southeast and bring us this brief round of thunderstorms. coming up, there's a cold front about 500 miles to the northwest of us that will move in here. it will bring us more storms, cool down the temperatures,
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colorado. watch out for these. i'll have the rest of your first letter forecast in a few minutes. a colorado man was not just going to watch around and let vandals spray paint a colorado park. so he took out his cam rein got some video of it. received of the crime still there. >> reporter: i'm on lookout mountain with a you can see the pristine view peoole love, except when you look down an vandalssleft behind. they -- evidence of the crime still there. >> reporter: i'm on lookout mountain. as you can see, a pristine view people love, except when when you look down and see this
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>> reporter: we talked to the man who shot this video. he says the vandals threatened him show does not want to be identified, but he did not want them to get away with it so he took out his cam rein started filming them. >> we want them to know there's accountability. >> reporter: the sheriff's office face misdemeanor charges that carry up to a year in jail. jack lin allen, denver 7. the fight for transgender
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apply to anatomical and biological gender. >> historically, there was only endroller -- there was only biological end,er, but then we made joarnld, and that's what the transgender exphunt challenging in terms of their own identity as individuals. >> affect schools that already provide, transgender accommodations, but it allows those states which hhve suud to not follow the president's order. cigarette taxes could triple in colorado. but you will have your say fiction. the tobacco tax measure has made the november ballot. it's designed to dissuade people from smoking, but if it passes, cigarettes could go up another $2.59 per pack. more trouble for ryan
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over, he's lost 2 sponsorship deals, including ralph lauren and speedpop the company is donating a $50,000 portion of lochte's money to fee kids in brazil. lochte has since apologized, saying he story. coming one the $400 difference from epi pens. and helping you talk to your kids about pot. the new campaign launching today. >> we'll be seeing temperatures drop almost 90 degrees in a few
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it's back to school for most students. for some parents, that means calling up the allergy doctor and filling their child's epi pen prescription. >> but more and more parents are being hit with sticker shock. never to put their thumb on either end, because all too often, they'll o hold it the other payway. >> reporter: the epi pen.
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about it, and it can be life- saving for people with severe allergies facing the potential for anaphylactic shock. >> without them, fatal reactions would usually occur. >> reporter: but the p pen brand will run you $600 or more. the generic alternative can be found as low at $140 in some places. >> it's a real problem for family, because they need more than one. they need one for scol for day care, one for mom's house, dad's house, imrpt grandparent, etc. they go through a few of these. >> reporter: epi pen prices have gone up 30% last year alone, mainly because of a lack of consistent competition in the mark, but there's free app to price compare called good rx. he's he's some of the generic
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>> the the other devices that come along are novel. there can be some confusion about how to use them, and that's one of the worries that the fda has. >> reporter: mark boyle, denver 7. -? the first human case of tuleri initiation a has been confirmed in boulder county. a 62-year-old man flu-like stops after working in his yard. a new warning about the spread of z kicks a in the u.s. there is concern that it's growing beyond the gulf xoapts primary concerns are louisiana and texas because of all of the standing water from the floods. the cc is warning pregnant women and their partners to avoid traveling anywhere in the
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and a dispensary is warden that its factory may have pesticide residue. for a full list, go our website, governor hagen luper made a wbt witness to make to talk too your kids about marijuana. it gives you advice on how to start the conversation with your kids. the governor says as a parent, this campaign is a priority for me. to the presidential campaign trail. donald trump is come october to aspen for a private fundraiser, and the week begins with another trump controversy. reaching tout hispanic voterss
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controversial immigration policy. he did not go into detail about whether he'll still support deportation of illegal immigrants. documents in the hillary -?clinton e-mail investigation could be made public earlier then thought. a federal judge is ordering the stay department to look at 13,000 documents they got from % the fbi. the fbi criminal charges. the clinton skein trying to gain ground in colorado. tomorrow, democratic vp candidate tim kaine will be here. green party presidential candidate jill stein is also bringing her campaign to colorado. on saturday, she will be in colorado springs and in fort collins on. on sunday, she'll be coming to denver and coulder -- fort
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boulder. a denver 7 traffic alert. in just a few hours, arapah okay road is closing for bridge work. it closes at 10 and will be open at 5:30 in the morning. new bike lanes being installed on blake street. this allows cyclists to have more space. we've had a fun day today. we had some showers in the mountains. this is a eu view of lovelands ski area. i've had a few photos sent this of leaves already changing. and look at this view from our viero camera. those thee are not severe, but
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shafts. these these are the storms in the last hour or so. the storms will just produce brief heavy rainfall before they die out. relatively quiet conditions. downtown it's 83. at dia. batten down the lawn furniture in the next hour or so as these storms move throuuh the area. top temp was sit 1?eu9. 58 this morning. normals are 86 and 57. the record is 98, record low is at 40. we have a cold front coming our way.
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on futurecast, it doesn't look like a whole lot between now and 5:00, and then it should quiet down along the i-5 corridor. by morning, still some clouds and light showers over extreme western colorado, but clear expected across the eastern plains. storms developing in advance of it. we have a chance for some storms east and west of here. but the front doesn't move through until late in the day. it will be a warm guy high temperatures getting up to the upper 80s to near 90. low to mid 90s in the southeast. primarily 60s and 70s expected in the mountains. 63 at winner park. 63 at grand plaining we'll do
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88 in byers. tonight, a few light showers and thunderstorms early. tomorrow, still a warm day. the cold front goes by early wednesday. on thursday, we start at 50, only get town 73 with a chance of showers. and then back to some warmer conditions again for the weekend. might be a couple of thunderstorms on afternoon. people are saying with, wait, leaves changing already in the mountains? we need more 90s. coming up, gary kubiak names his starting quarterback for saturday's preseason game against the rams. you'll hear from the broncos head coach.
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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welcome to preyer kubiac named his starting quarterback, and the name is simian. it's his job to whreubz not mark sanchez. if trevor payplays well and doesn't fall flat on his face, 13 will with b your starter for the paathers game. and the quarterback comp decision not over. mark and paxton will play equal amounts on saturday.
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i knew this was going to take some time. i think it's a credit to them and how push each other. >> doug rank will be in the valley at 7 tomorrow. great sufficient on digital, and woody page's littest column on the quarterback conundrum. congratto the denver outlaws, champions in major league lacrosse.
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trophy. the steinfell cop is coming back to colorado today. >> it's truly incredible. best organization in all of sport. it means the world twhary anal to brin >> watch this, minor league baseball. luis vers going over the wall to make the watch. and we have some rockies highlights highlights tonight at 10 for you guys.
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rolling a bit. there's a band of light thunderstorms over eastern denver and much of aurora. you may want to get ahed of this so your lawn furniture
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on. donald trump, suddenly putting his big speech on hold. is he about to change course on immigration? and any plans for a deportation force for 11 million? and hillary clinton tonight, thousands of e-mails under the microscope. the deadly police shooting under investigation at this hour. >> a young, unarmed father who is deaf, pulled over. was he trying to use sign languagehen shots were fired? the new wildfire in the west. out of control right now. and the tornado now confirmed in the east. the stunning image tonight. the child suicide bomber stopped. our chief foreign correspondent on the father who sent his boy. and the million-dollar mistake. ryan lochte's sponsorships take a dive tonight. the major names now revealed,


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