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tv   World News Now  KMGH  August 24, 2016 2:36am-4:01am MDT

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$107 million in disaster relief. here's phillip mena. >> reporter: president obama reassuring the victims of the louisiana flood. >> what i want the people to know is you're not alone on this, even after the tv cameras leave. >> repter: touring the devastation, he met with officials and residents. dismissing criticism for not cutting his vacation short last week. donald trump visited days ago. >> obama ought to get off the golf course and get down there.
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>> nobody gives a hoot if you're a democrat or a republican. they care about making sure they're getting the drywall out. >> reporter: the drywall is already out at karl's house in denim springs. he says it's time the president showed up. >> you're our president. you should be here getting things moving. >> reporter: with the fema inspector assessing his damage, his neighbor says anything that keeps the spotlight here is good. >> as long as they're here, that's all that matters. matters. >> reporter: more than 110 people have asked for assistance. officials estimate it will take three months to clean up the debris, and schools are delaying opening until next month. abc news, phillip mena. now to wildfires in the northwest. about 50 campers were forced to evacuate in northeast wyoming. another fire in yellowstone
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that goes into the park. a similar story in eastern washington where several fires are burning. firefighters have made progress, but the dry weather and rough terrain are posing problems. they've declared a state of emergency for 20 counties. the national guard is on standby. an explosion that rocked a miami power station is still under investigation this morning. tuesday's blast sent smoke in the florida por and lights substation. no one was injured. more than 10,000 customers lost power. service was restored by the end of the the blast site is abve miles from the miami international airport. service was not impacted. tourists love frolicking with dolphins in hawaii. apparently it's not so much fun for the mammals. federal regulators want a ban on swimming with hawaii's spinner dolphins. the problem is the species are nocturnal. the daytime play deprives the dolphins of sleep and makes them stressed out. it would impact dozens of tour operators.
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>> they're trying to sleep. we don't know what that's like. no, not at all. and from that to a dog. a special dog. newly reelected mayor of a small town. so happy he's wagging his tail. you got it right. this is the third time duke has been elected during the annual festival. the first time was a fluke. only 12 votes were cast. he had enough writins. >> he won this year in a the votes. with hair like that, what's not to love? >> of course. >> duke is not yet declared his position on immigration or e-mail or trade. >> i imagine -- >> go, duke! that's the way. >> he's got to have a dogma on public urination. >> he thinks people should be free to do it. big proponent of that. coming up, we're going to chow down on a very important national food day.
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later, the incredible life of linda thompson. first she was elvis' girlfriend, then married to caitlyn jenner, back then known as bruce. she's opening up about the marriage in an interview. >> you can find us on facebook, twitter at abcwnn. you're watching "world news
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you're you're looking at pictures
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quake. you can see some of the damage. we're getting reports of people trapped under the rubble. the power is out. there are reports of gas lines ruptured and phone lines out. the usgs says there's been at least seven aftershocks. >> the quake taking place in the middle of the night while many were sleeping. a lot of the towns you're looking at were built in the 12th century. you can understand many of the buildings and homes and businesses are fragile. susceptible to this sort of strong earthquake. this area is known for very strong earthquakes. there was one in 2009 that killed hundreds of people. we'll continue to follow the developments and look out for the latest pictures there. moving on. pressure on the drug company mylan is growing over the soaring price on epipen. >> the company stock took a hit yesterday as congress started asking questions. adrienne bankert has more. >> reporter: it can happen in an
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>> every sick minutes, life-threatening food allergies send someone to the hospital. >> reporter: a life in danger after an allergic reaction. and growing outrage over the skyrocketing cost of epipens. pricing jumping from about $100 in 2009 to more than $600 today. during that same time, the drugmaker's ceos' total compensation rose, too, from $5 million to $19 million. >> this is a life or death we've had to use the epipen. if we had been without, she may not be sitting next to me. >> reporter: the maker of epipens being questioned on capitol hill. a house oversight committee is in direct contact with the drug maker. and they could be called to defend their price hike. in a statement, the drugmaker blaming the changing health care landscape, citing higher deductibles
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some families having to choose between paying their mortgage and buying lifesaving medication. abc news, capitol hill. we're going to switch gears now and talk about quite a move by a seal. it happened in the waters off of british columbia, canada. the seal squeezes its way on a boat to get away from killer whales looking for a meal. >> he fell off the boat but scrambled back on. didn't stay on forever. he went back into the water. >> a smart seal. >> people on the boat probably thought he wants to hang out. nope. he's using you. >> trying not to be food for the day. coming up, wait until you hear from caitlyn jenner's ex-wife. >> linda thompson talks about her marriage to caitlyn jenner and her relationship with elvis. >> "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. caitlyn jenner, and h
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? one of his best up-tempo tunes. >> appropriate for the nex story. it's about a woman who dated elvis presley. she dated elvis presley and was married to bruce, now caitlyn jenner. >> linda thompson. our chris connelly sat down with her. >> ladies and gentlemen, elvis presley and bruce jenner have left the building. >> reporter: but she's here, linda thompson's memoir, "a little things called life," chronicling with empathy and
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with elvis and the person we now know as caitlyn jenner. >> i think more than anything it's been a relief for caitlyn to be able to emerge as her true self. and for the rest of us, we love her. when i first met her, she was in a bruce jenner body. he was just an incredible person. still is. i have since said to her, you know, you've got to give yourself credit. you kicked manhood's butt. >> reporter: wed in '81. by 1985 they were raising their sons here in malibu. >> my hain until my kids were 18 months and 3 and a half, and my remarkable husband said, "i need to tell you something about myself." >> reporter: she feared it was an affair. it proved more consequential for that. >> he said i identify as a woman. those words, excuse me, what does that even mean, you identify as a woman? he said, i am a woman.
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always been female on the inside. it was earth shattering. it was devastating. people can't understand you must have had some kind of idea. no. never. nothing. >> reporter: she says therapy sessions would bring her greater understanding. >> my deeper compassion went to bruce for her to have felt so trapped in the wrong body. it broke my heart to think he strugg >> reporter: i guess in some ways you met caitlyn on a trip to new york. >> yes. i was trying to understand this thing called transgender and when bruce said, come to new york and be with your husband, husband of the word i was looking for. i went to new york, knocked on the door fully anticipating we'd have a lovely romantic weekend. >> reporter: in that '80s encounter, linda was unprepared for who she said she saw,
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i crumbled. i think i fell down in the hall. i went oh, no. i started crying. she said, i'm so sorry. i just thought it was very important that you see who i authentically am. and not until that moment did it sink into my mind that that truly was who caitlyn felt she was. and i had to respect that and honor that and move on with my life. >> reporter: she'd grown up as a pageant standout in memphis where in 1972 she met elvis at a movie theater. >> reporter: you can't remember would you be able to if elvis was sitting next to you macking on you? >> reporter: 24/7, linda was his lover, connecticbb -- confidant caregiver for 4.5 years. >> my son brody when he grasped the impact of me living with him, he said mom, you know, he's the original pimp daddy.
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it is time for the the mix is next. we'll be right back. >> yep. >> dig in there. >> deb doesn't care. >> we have fun facts for you. >> about waffles. >> first patent for a waffle iron, august 24th, 1869, hence, national waffle day. >> okay. and apparently thomas jefferson brought -- you know how i am with the food. of course i'm going to eat all of it. >> dig in.
2:56 am
waffle iron over from france. i'm just going to go with this. >> and, you know, the waffle has had many copiers since. the ffle robe. the waffle fries. everybody is trying -- >> somebody take a bite. >> we're talking. >> how is it? is it good? >> yeah. >> there are a lot of places all over today you can celebrate national waffle day. we encourage you to go out and help celebrate. >> that's really good. >> take a bite of your waffle. >> i love that you've eaten the entire thing in the course of this. all right. was it really good? let's move on. speaking of luck. >> no, let's not move on. >> i'm trying to get rid of carbs. every day i'm like pumpkin spice
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>> all right. all right. so there's a lucky woman. do we have the photos of this woman who was really lucky. >> in the penny slots. she won in the penny slots. she's trying to remain anonymous. we know she's from hawaii. kendis is waiting for us to go to commercial so he doesn't have to eat the waffle. but it's not. just eat the waffle. what's the problem? >> okay. she won $1 million. how's that for luck? slots. $10 million rather. >> nearly 11 million. it happened at the mega bucks win wheel. it's a custom game. built specifically in las vegas. >> wow. that was good. >> you are such a liar. you deserve to be locked in your room, young man. locked in your room, and this was the -- parents came up with.
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breaking news this morning on "world news now." deadly earthquake in italy. the 6.2-magnitude tremor felt throughout the region near rome. some victims out in the streets as others are trapped under the rubble. we'll have a live report. hillary clinton opens a huge lead over donald trump in a new battleground state poll. but trump is pushing for a new issue to battle clinton over. we'll have the latest from the campaign trail just ahead. and new this half hour, the remarkable recovery of a young boy receiving transplants for both of his hands. hear the heartwarming moment he tried to convince his mom to let him play football. it is wednesday, august 24th. from abc news, this is
3:01 am
>> i'm kendis gibson. we're going to get to the top story, the devastating earthquake that's developing overnight in italy. it hit as most italians were asleep and sent residents running into the streets. >> some didn't make it and were buried in the collapsing buildings. the epicenter is about 100 miles north of rome. because there's only six miles deep, it was felt over a wide area off a large portion of central italy. buildings in rome swayed for about 20 second >> the greatest damage understandable was in the central part of the country where many buildings collapsed. we're going to get a better idea of the extent of the damage as the sun comes up over there. already one mayor says more than half his town is gone. a bridge is in danger of collapse. there were some deaths, but the number is not yet known. >> one report says a family of four was killed while they were sleeping. electricity, gas, and phone service are out in much of the area.
3:02 am
major earthquake six years ago. more than 300 killed in that earthquake. >> the state department is asking americans in italy to contact their family and friends as soon as possible, checking in on social media as well. you look at some of these early images that we're getting. you're getting a sense this was a devastating earthquake for central italy. >> the civil protection agency there is already calling the quake severe, 6.2 magnitude. the usgs is yi aftershocks. as we've learned so many times, these quakes unfortunately, sometimes the aftershocks can be nearly as damaging or sometimes more than the quake itself. a very developing story here for you. we'll switch gears and move to politics. hillary clinton has opened up a 16-point lead over donald trump
3:03 am
virginia. >> trump is hoping to gain ground as he has a string of attacks accusing clinton for swapping access to her foundation. what is the latest in this? it seems to be a lot of e-mails going back and forth. >> this is donald trump's new favorite topic. his assault on hillary clinton and the clinton foundation. he's seizing on a report that suggests high-dollar donors to the foundation received special facetime with clinton when she was secretary of state. more than half her meetings were held with top donors of the clinton fo here's what trump had to say to that -- >> it is impossible to figure out where the clinton foundation ends and the state department begins. it is now abundantly clear that the clintons set up a business to profit from public office.
3:04 am
flawed data. it cherry-picked a limited subset of secretary clinton's schedule to give a distorted portrayal of how often she crossed paths with individuals connected to charitable donations. trump is calling on a special prosecutor to look into the foundation as questions continue to mount over whether they had special influence during clinton's time at the state department. >> you get a sense he's going to continue to hammer home on that topic. a lot of people are talking about his immigration policy and it seems to be signaling a change in the policy. >> that's right. overnight he said he is considering softening his stance. he also has said he wants to enforce the current laws, but that the process of creating new laws could be brutal. one thing to point out is he's talking about this in interviews. at his campaign rallies, he's stayed away from talking about any type of policy shift. we'll have to see in the coming weeks what he might unveil about that. >> we will. thank you for being with us. health officials in the
3:05 am
transmitted zika virus was diagnosed in that area. >> it important was diagnosed in pineas county, but the exact location won't be revealed unless there are more cases. officials have already started aggressive spraying for mosquitos. the total number of locally transmitted zika cases in florida is 42. researchers in brazil say the damage to a baby's brain from the disease may be more extensive. doctors released the new brain scan images. half a dozen brain defects were found inearly all the babies in the zika study. also in florida, doctors are crediting divine intervention after a teen survived a brain-feeting infection which is fatal nearly 100% of the time. more on the right-to-workable recovery. >> reporter: 16-year-old
3:06 am
initially prepared his family for the worst. you see, sebastian was diagnosed with a rare infection caused by a brain-eating amoeba. of the 138 cases reported in the last 50 years, only three survived. >> we decided to take it out, and within hours he spoke. sorry. >> reporter: and with that, sebastian became the fourth survivor,nd >> very energetic, adventurous, wonderful teen. and we are so thankful for the gift of life. >> reporter: the amoeba is found in freshwater lakes, ponds, and rivers. usually deadly when it travels to the brain through the nose. in his case, what made the difference between life and death was how quickly he was diagnosed and treated. >> if you have kids with the
3:07 am
vomiting, questionable stiff neck and mention any warm body of water, i would definitely be concerned. >> reporter: not only was it imperative sebastian got to the hospital when he did, but also working in his favor, the drug used to treat the infection is manufactured in orlando, and it was delivered in minutes. kendis and diane? >> thanks to elizabeth. the agriculture department is taking a big bite out of the country's cheese surplus. it is buy 11 million pounds to distribute to food banks across the country. the dairy industry asked for help. it's been hammered by a global milk glut and falling prices, and the cheese stock prices are at record levels. speaking of record levels, the stock price for dominos opens at an all time high. the chain is successfully courting millennials. customers can order via texts or tweets.
3:08 am
other pizza chains are doing well as well such as papa johns and pizza hut's parent company. >> dominos had that track your pizza app. i think they were the first ones to have that out, i heard. a friend told me. a story out of russia shows us adoption knows no boundaries, including those between seizures. herself a new 3-week-old monkey. the squirrel-monkey was abandoned by his mom. >> how cute. >> they were paired. she had never had kittens herself. >> how can you not think that monkey is adorable?
3:09 am
>> she's thinking, i need to get this monkey off my back. >> no. she loves the company. look at her. look at how excited she is. >> that's your happy moment of the day, i guess. take a look at that. coming up, we'll check in on a brave little guy who has made remarkle progress over the last year. his story ahead. and in "the skinny," how ryan reynolds is dealing with rude tweets being sent from alleged fans. first, a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather brought to you by american advisor's group. "world news now" weather brought to you by american advisor's group.
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italy thatrity -- that hit around 3:30 a.m. central local time. there's a 6.2-magnitude quake. about an hour later, the first aftershock hit. at least seven aftershocks have hit the area. residents are using shovels and bulldozers to try to look for victims. there are reports of people trapped under the rubble. power out. phone lines out. gas lines interrupted as well. the govern sending aid. rescue teams are having a tough time reaching the area which is only accessible by long, winding roads. landslides are likely among the mountain roads. we'll continue to monitor this throughout the morning. and flash flooding slams an area of colorado already affected by a month-long wildfire. this is in canyon city about 90 miles south of denver. floods knocked out a number of bridges, but no homes have been affected. the ground had already been
3:14 am
fire. more than 26 square miles have burned since a lightning strike sparked the fire last month. the blue cut fire that spread quickly in southern california has finally been contained. about 300 structures were destroyed. a third of those were home. they are asking for the public's help find n finding out what sparked the fire. this is a progress report we're happy to tell you about. this little guy, nine-year-old zion is the star of this story. >> a year ago he underwent a double hand transplant. his hand and kidney had to be replaced years ago because of a serious infection. >> yesterday we heard from him and his mother about his rehab. they said he's doing great and his doctors agreed. and the little boy made it clear he wants to do what a lot of other little kids want to do.
3:15 am
football. >> no. we're going to start with baseball. >> why not? >> too dangerous. >> they're little kids. >> kids are -- >> not professionals. >> we'll have this argument later. >> and i will always lose. >> at least he knows. >> good tactic. try to persuade mom in public. >> good move. >> no dice. >> mom is banning him from the football field isn't stopping him. >> a reporter asked him what his next goal is. here's what he had to say about that. >> convince mom to let me play football. >> if he does keep insisting, you never know. he might be allowed out there. >> one of his doctors says he has coped with the surgery
3:16 am
he says he's never seen zion cry or not want to do his physical therapy. such a cool kid there. >> now, what a great spirit he has. we should mention zion lost his feet to the same infection. we wears prosthetics that allow him to walk. just unbelievable that he stays so bright and cheery. ready to conquer the world. >> the doctors said he's a remarkable human being. >> an inspiration for us all. when we come back, the hump day "the skinny." >> today's hollywood's highest paid actresses and some surprising comments from the son of a big-screen legend. stay with us. "world news now" continues after this from our
3:17 am
3:18 am
? ? ? skinny so skinny ? it's "the skinny." we start with leading ladies. officials forbes is out with the list of the highest paid actresses. drum roll. >> this proves the point stars are like us. scarlett johansson made $205 million before taxes. most of it is from acting. she also has an endorsement deal. >> number two, melissa mccarthy. $33 million.
3:19 am
the "ghostbusters" remake, and she also designs her own clothing line. >> comedy pays. and once again, j-law is number one. she brought in $46 million. thatted whiched profits from the -- that included profits from the final installment of "the hunger games." youngest actress on that list. >> good for them. >> next, some comm eastwood. he opened up about the death of his former girlfriend in an interview with "g.q. australia." >> she died in a car accident. the air bag in the car she was driving had been recalled. eastwood said it exploded with too much force. he said he still hasn't called her father about it because he hasn't found the right words. >> eastwood also talks about his father saying clint got physical at least once while growing up.
3:20 am
face because he left his younger sister at a party. >> looks so much like his dad, meantime. on to lighter fare. ryan reynolds obviously having some fun with some people who are getting in touch with him on social media. like plenty of hollywood hunks, he gets questions about doing wild and unspeakable things on twitter. >> we're not going to show you them. this is a family show. we can tell you about reynolds' polite replies. >> in response to a request about a certain sex act, reynolds said sorry, just holding my infant niece in my arms for her baptism right now. >> a similar request had him respond, oops, i'm helping my in a in a take her diabetes medication right now. >> he's married to blake lively, and he has his own theory about who is behind the weird tweets. i'm pretty sure it's my wife who
3:21 am
>> i wonder what blake thought about all that. >> she was like oh, oh. and finally, british actor and produceridris elba is saying he's fulfilling fleas a lifelong ambition by training for a real kickboxing match. he's 43. that's not stopping him from getting in the ring. >> his will take him to the far east. it's all for a series that will be called idris elba fire. >> he did kickboxing training in his 20s but never competed in a match. he says that's a challenge he's wanted to take on for some time. >> i like that. i think i want to do something like that. >> he still looks pretty good. is he still your vote -- >> bond? yes. and then i want him to teach my how to kickpox. -- kickbox.
3:22 am
>> why are you moving away? >> there's an end to this island. >> i want to see if he falls off. backing down the plank. ant to s off. backing down the plank. . . i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses,
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? ? ? ? it's the most wonderful time of the year ? yes, it is. i feel like you're going to knock me out. >> usually when we hear this song, we tnk season. but that's not the case. >> no, it ain't. this most wonderful time of the year is when pumpkin flavor begins to dominate our taste buds. some investigative reporting. here. >> this is great. >> reporter: it's back. and earlier than ever. >> you can see the flavors. pumpkin spice, everything coming together. >> and you get the latte. >> reporter: it's really good. the only part is it's talking
3:26 am
flavor ushering a taste of autumn in august making its way from coffee cups to cereal bowls. a cereal bar in times square, the tasty treat will have a tasty class i think. >> there's a pumpkin spice mini-wheats. it's awesome. it's one of the hottest summers. >> it's august. >> reporter: other retailers like mcdonald's and dunkin donuts rolling out their pumpkin spice products by the end of this month. in 2003, starbucks made it popular. they keep the release date a carefully guarded secret. for those who just can't wait, this bowl could be the newest early way to satisfy that pumpkin spice craving with ground espresso and white chocolate chips. >> speechless. >> reporter: this is really good. this limited edition bowl even comes with this instagram worthy
3:27 am
>> how cool. how awesome is that. do you see it? the "nightline" and abc logo on it. 'tis the season. >> you covered the coffee and cereal, but you missed pumpkin flavored beer. >> the most important thing. >> exactly. >> you're partial. >> i am. however, even i think it's a little early i can't do it until at least september. >> oh. >> we forgot the best part of the pumpkin season. >> never too early for that. >> never too early for a pumpkin onesie. it is a tutu. >> look at these pointed toes. >> why isn't the tutu bigger than that? >> beautiful form. this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades. this is abc's " d news
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3:30 am
good morning. i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm kendis gibson. good morning, i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm kendis gibson. breaking news overnight, an earthquake in italy. the magnitude 6.2 trembler was felt as far a there were several strong after shocks. a live report ahead. hackers have targeted the new york time. they're believed to be the same russian hackers who infiltrated democratic party computer. the paper says this time there's no evidence the hack was a success. growing wildfire stoked by windy, dry conditions have destroyed buildings and forced evacuations in the northwest. a man road that leads into yellowstone's south entrance has been closed, and campers were ordered to leave. and the next few days will
3:31 am
the caribbean. tropical storm gaston is it to become a hurricane. another system isn't named yet but appears to be headed toward florida this weekend. those are some of our top stories on this wednesday, august 24th. >> hello. we'll get started with the breaking news in europe right now. a devastating eahquake. >> it hit as most italians were asleep. we are tracking the storm from our london bureau. >> reporter: good morning. the magnitude 2.6 earthquake struck about 3:30 in the morning. the epicenter was about 100 miles from rome. because it was only six miles deep, it was felt over an extensive area.
3:32 am
central italy where buildings collapsed. we'll get a better idea of the extent of the damage as the day progresses. already one mayor says more than half of his town is gone. and a bridge is in danger of collapse. there were deaths. but the number is not yet known. one report says a family of four was killed while it slept. electricity, gas and phone service, as you can imagine, are out for much of the area, and some roads are blocked by debris. this region suffered the last major earthquake around seven years ago. then more than 300 people were killed. today the state department is asking americans in italy to contact their family and friends as soon as possible by checking in to social media. >> jennifer, as you take a look at many of the early images coming in, you're well familiar with this area. i can imagine it's heart wrenching looking at these. >> reporter: absolutely. the fact that it happened in the middle of the night when people were sleeping and also during this peek
3:33 am
when everybody is out of work. you might have families or relatives visiting people in the mountains. this is a mountainous central part of italy among the mountains and on either side of the mountains. people traditionally go to the beach in the summer and also the mountains where it's much cooler. you'll have many families, extended families there. and the great challenge is the location and getting there. that's the big issue right now. because so many roads have been blocked due to falling rocks and downed trees. we've even hearing reports of bridges collapsing. >> how equipped are they to deal with this again? >> reporter: they were much better than they were seven years ago where they came under tremendous criticism for not being ready for such a tremendous natural disaster. i mean, italy gets thousands of tremors every year.
3:34 am
security there, the infrastructure is well prepared for it, and after the 2009 earthquake, a great de of money was put into infrastructure projects. they should, in theory, have the means to rescue people in terms of heavy diggers. it's how they're going to get there and how much time it will take to get there. >> a developing story. we'll continue monitoring. jennifer for us in london. thank you. for the first time donald trump is acknowledging that he may be ready to scale back the controversial immigration plan that helped him win the gop primary. >> but he is insisting that protecting our borders is still a top priority for him. we have the details on what he is saying this morning. >> good morning. we are 75 days out from the election. and donald trump is just now suggesting he could soften his hard-line approach on immigration. one top advisor says the gop nominee is wrestling over that decision.
3:35 am
toning down his tough talk on immigration. during a town hall with fox news, trump said he may soften his position on deporting all undocumented immigrants. >> is there any part of the law that you might be able to change that would accommodate those people that contribute to society, have been law-abiding and have kids here? >> there can be a softening. we're not looking to hurt people. we have people -- we have some great people in this country. >> reporter: the gop nominee postponed a speech detailing the immigration plan. he wants to enforce current immigration laws but had this to say about creating new ones -- >> if you try to make new laws in this country, it's a process that's brutal. >> reporter: trump's running mate mike pence sa t proposal is a work in progress. >> can you explain what tough and fair means when it comes to deportation? >> those are issues that will continue to be worked outed in
3:36 am
decision. >> donald trump is wrestling with that issue. >> we must address one of the most vital issues of all. border security. >> reporter: rallying a crowd in austin, he made no mention about the shift. he stuck to his immigration script. >> we are going to build the wall. and who is going to pay for the wall? county over the clinton foundation's ties to the state department. >> it is impossible to figure out where the clinton foundation ends and the state department begins. it is now abundantly clear that the clintons set up a business to profit from public office. >> reporter: trump's latest attack is over a report that found that more than half of clinton's meetings outside of government when she was
3:37 am
donors to the clinton foundation. they say clinton cherry-picked her schedule and offered a distorted portrayal. >> all right. thank you for that report. we're moving to another developing story from overnight. turkey is making a push to clear isis forces from a syrian border town. the turkish special forces are supported by coalition air strikes. >> turkey has vowed to "completely cleanse its border region of islamic state militants," and planes isis for a bomb at and preparation from north korea. after the successful test firing of a missile from a submarine officials in south korea say the missile was capable of reaching much of their country. and it was a significant improvement over previous attempts by the north. the missile flew about 300 miles before landing in the sea of japan. the japanese prime minister called it a grave threat. video of a 2014 arrest is raising questions about sentencing in a case of alleged
3:38 am
here's clinton alfred jr. held on the ground by l.a. police officers. he is not armed and appears to be kicked in the head. officer richard garcia faced up to three years in prison for felony assault but received a plea deal that keeps him out of jail. advocates for the deaf deaf and the victim's family are wanting a full accounting for what led to the death in north carolina. linsey davis with more. >> reporter: officials are searching through police dashboard and body camera video to find out why an unarmed deaf man was shot to death by police feet away from his home. police say they were trying to pull daniel harris over for speeding, but he didn't stop for seven miles until he made it home and got out of his car. why harris didn't stop is unclear. eyewitnesss suggest he may have been using hand gestures or sign language with police. >> he was deaf.
3:39 am
of a 3-year-old, was killed by a single gunshot, according to authorities. his brother who is also deaf says police aren't trained enough in dealing with deaf people. >> if the officer had known he was deaf, it would have ended differently. >> reporter: at a vigil, mourners wrote in chalk along his street, justice for daniel. authorities say they need more time. so many officers responded to the scene. and there's a tremendous amount of video evidence to pour through. you'll recall on sunday, the city of rio passed the olympics flag to tokyo to prep for the 2020 summer games. well that flag is now in japan. tokyo's governor waved the olympic symbol as she and her delegation returned home wednesday morning. construction is set to begin at the end of this year. this is tokyo's second summer games. the first was in 1964.
3:40 am
prime minister was dressed as super mario there. not as cool of an entrance. defensive lineman will haze is reaping the rewards of being a believer. >> the los angeles rams defensive end said he believes in mermaids. he knows at least one of them believes in him now. a fan dressed as ariel from "the little mermaid" >> under the sea. >> he even got a hug. now it's interesting that he believes in mermaids but does not believe in dinosaurs. it's one of the talking points during "hard knocks." >> those weren't real. >> dinosaurs? >> no. >> what were the movies based on? >> ariel. >> okay. so confused. coming up, we're continuing to cover this morning's breaking
3:41 am
italy. a report from from our producer. and later, we'll enjoy "the view" as the daytime breaking show celebrates 20 years on the air. first a look at today's high temperatures. "world news now" weather brought to you by mypillow. ws n
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oh yeah. crest whitestrips are the way to whiten as the sun comes up in italy, rescue workers are starting to look for survivors of the severe earthquake overnight in central italy. these are live pictures coming in right now. you can see the effort that is taking place to try to find people who are buried under the rubble. >> a huge undertaking. details are still coming in. megan williams is in italy and has more on that. >> reporter: there are three towns hardest hit in central italy.
3:45 am
point that the town is gone. many of the older buildings there have collapsed. i've certainly seen police trucks race by me. so there is a sense that authorities are headed for that area. it's a very mountainous area. the roads aren't easy. it's not an easily accessible area of italy. it will take a while, i imagine, for rescuers to get there. roads are making it difficult for rescuers to get to victim. reports of victims under the rubble. the power is out. there are reports of gas lines being ruptured. phone lines are down. many challenges including the fact that on top of the quake, the usgs reports at least seven aftershocks. >> and several powerful aftershocks. i want to go back to the live picture. the mayor of this town said many of his residents were buried by
3:46 am
debris piled up. and you can understand why he said that. he also said half his town is gone. this is going to be an amazing humanitarian effort that's going to last days if not weeks. >> this struck north of rome. it spread across a fairly wide area. it hit four different regions in that area of central italy. it was felt as far away as rome. >> and why the buildings are fragile. these towns were built and created in the 1200s. many of the buildings are fairly old and why a lot of them came down this morning. >> a developing story we'll be following for you all morning. stay with us.
3:47 am
3:48 am
much like "world news now," much like "the view" was unique in the time slot when it debuted in 1997. the ladies are set to begin their 20th season. >> you can't dispute it's rarely been boring. dan harris with the details. >> reporter: the view has become famous for those unforgettably outrageous moments. >> i gave you an opportunity to -- >> >> you didn't give me anything. >> reporter: and to celebrate
3:49 am
stories you've never heard before. >> rosie said to me, i want you on the show every day. i said no, you're crazy. >> reporter: more than 18 co-hosts, more than 4,000 episodes and some 25,000 hot topic, "the view" has had quite a run. it all started back in 1997 with barbara walters. >> daytime network executives came to me and said got my ideas for a daytime program? i've always wanted to do a show with women of different generations, backgrounds and views. nobody thought it would be very successful. >> reporter: the multi-host format was the first of its kind. >> nobody was doing panel talk shows before the view. >> reporter: from race. >> to pretend it didn't say that. >> reporter: nothing was off limits. >> this is upsetting to me. >> reporter: perhaps the most controversy generated during the run occurred during rosie
3:50 am
trump -- >> there he is with his hair. everyone deserves a second chance. he's the moral authority. left the first wife had an affair. left the second wife and had an affair. >> reporter: and then there was bill o'reilly's explosive appearance. >> it's an interesting forum for a guy like me because it's a progressive show. listen to me. you'll learn. >> he started really talking about this sweeping generalizations >> it's inappropriate. >> why? >> because muslims killed us on 9/11. >> oh, my god. >> i felt my behind being propelled out of the seat. you know, like a poltergeist. >> reporter: politics has been one of the hallmarks of "the view." >> i think "the view" opened politicians to a thinking woman's audience.
3:51 am
salt should not be afraid to come on this show. >> that's the biggest pile of dog mess i've heard in ages. >> why are you scared to go on shows like this rather than "meet the press"? >> "meet the press" is easy. you're tough. >> do you think being on the show with a bunch of women who never shut up is going to be calming? >> look, i was trying to find a show that michelle actually watched. and so i thought that this is it right here. >> not a lot of shows stay on the air for 20 years that are driven by women. that's really worth celebrating. i give that credit to everybody on the show, but especially to barbara for having the vision that she had. >> take a little time every day to enjoy "the view." >> this is perfect. >> reporter: dan harris, abc news, new york. >> cool. we're around here, especially excited for the 20th season. our alum from "world news now" is going to be there. she was part of the new video they debuted last night.
3:52 am
>> it featured mary j. blige and all the new co-hosts. ? dave, i'm sorry to interrupt. i gotta take a sick day tomorrow. dads don't take sick days, dads take nyquil severe the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep with a cold, medicine. today you can do everything in just one click, even keep your toilet clean and fresh. introducing lysol click gel. click it in to enjoy clean freshness
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>> i think i might need one. i'm going to be looking into it. >> what was the name of it again? so why let the facts get in the way of a good story of movie poster. >> a building inconveniently located? why not just move it? several hundred miles. no one will notice. right or wrong? >> reporter: it's the ominous new sci-fi thriller "arrival." >> more landed around the world. >> this is one of 12. >> reporter: spaceshs up everywhere. the movie posters show the alien crafts hovering around the planet including this one over hong kong's victoria harbor. hold up, that's shanghai's famed oriental pearl tower located more than 700 miles away. the geographical plunder caused a firestorm. one likened it to putting the statue of liberty next to the
3:57 am
baby from "american sniper"? and this scene from "spider-man." a broken lamp, seconds later, it's back without a scratch. and in "gladiator," check out this air cylinder. they didn't have nose in ancient rome. and a storm trooper hits his head, here it is again. and one we still can't believe. that's luke skywalker calling for carrie, as in his co-star, carrie fisher. >> carrie! >> reporter: t.j. holm, new york. >> i didn't know that one. >> i didn't realize that snuck through. >> there's one i"fllie." he's riding on the whale wet. next scene, dry. >> that's the news for that half
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning -- breaking right now, a powerful earthquake hits central italy. a mayor has described his town as no longer there. as rescuers try to get to the people trapped in the rubble. we're live with the latest. donald trump softening his stance on a controversial policy. what he said at a late night rally about immigration as he steps up attacks on hillary clinton and the clinton foundation. a teenager makes a rare recovery. see how he survived a brain-eating infection that is fatal nearly 100% of the time. a seal jumps on a boat. it turns out to be a smart move. we'll tell you why. good morning, everyone, on a very busy wednesday morning.


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