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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  August 24, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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f0 right now, denver 7 tracking multiple breaking news stories. on the left, a search to find people after a deadly earthquake in central italy. and on your right, a swat situation in boulder now. investigators following a trail of blood to find an armed man. happened in foothills parkway and baseline. >> denver 7's daryl orr on the scene with the latest. this scene has all kinds of twists and turns. >> reporter: yeah, this story out here has been going on since about 9:30, 10:00 last night here in boulder, right at baseline and foothills parkway and a little bit south. police had a standoff situation, received a report a
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upon arrival police weren't able to locate this person. witnesses gave a description. they set up a perimeter and believed he was inside a couple -?of mobile homes down of i believe it's milwaukee and baseline here. they ended up firing tear gas into the mobile home, clearing it with robots. unsuccessful of finding the person. but they did find what they said a significant amount of blood on the bed inside one of the mobile homes. th towards us, towards the north on baseline, and then it took a northerly turn onto foothills parkway onto a bike path. they've been working right around behind us here. in fact, we've got swat team guys that are checking the building off to our left right now. this is covering almost a 10- block area in this neighborhood right now. they were at morgan and baseline. i'm going to step out of the way. you can see one of e swat
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they're headed south here on baseline. these guys are all over the place, trying to find this guy. they do believe he is still alive. in fact, they have been pinging his cell phone and it's why they're concentrating around this area of baseline and foothills parkway. they did find that building just about 300 yards this direction that had blood on the walls and on the ground, so they're waiting for a blood hound dog to get out here so they can try and find this trail, this gentleman, this person of interest who is considered armed and dangerous. if you're in the area, use caution. back to jayson. there's a lot of road closures out here this morning. unfortunately, road closures will be in place until they find that bad guy. this is the section of foothills parkway at baseline. this section from baseline all the way up to arapahoe avenue, that is all closed down now as you saw police. this part of foothills parkway, part of it is restricted as
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28th. you can get it it off broadway, table mesa, that part is open. do expect police presence through here, colorado to baseline, along foothills, arapahoe, and those roads will be off and on closed this morning. rest of the ride on highway 36, at pecos looking nice. arapahoe road under i-25 was closed down overnight for thanks. we get back to that international breaking news we spoke of. the death toll is rising to more than 37 after a deadly 6.2 magnitude earthquake. it struck central italy early this morning. >> many believed to be trapped under the rubble now. officials say the death toll likely is going to rise. >> woke us up. felt like the bed was on
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american traveling abroad reacting to the earthquake. >> we ran out to the main area, and the chandelier was swaying back and forth. at that point we knew, you % know, just try to get out of the building as fast as we can. >> reporter: the u.s. geological survey says the 6.2 magnitude quake's tremors felt in rome. >> it was felt pretty much >> reporter: it was followed by a 5.5 magnitude aftershock an hour later. the death toll rising throughout the night. wednesday's quake striking near the site of another deadly earthquake in 2009. >> it occurred near an earthquake of 6.3 that happened in april of 2009, which caused a lot of damage and also several casualties. >> reporter: preliminary
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devastating, striking not only with significant force, but at a shallow depth, a combination that officials say could be followed by multiple aftershocks, landslides and extensive casualties. >> we will keep you updated throughout the morning on the recovery effort in italy on denver 7 and on our web site, scary moments for people in southern colorado yesterday. an earthquake in trinidad. it was a so far, no reports of any damage here. now let's check in with lisa. >> we have a change. that cold front we were talking about yesterday now rolling through the state. you can see it looks active. a lot of what we're picking up on radar will be cloud cover. a few light showers will be possible this morning with more thunderstorms popping up this afternoon. a little blue and purple also there on radar above about
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see prettied picturecoming -- pretty pictures with light snow on the peaks. yesterday mid- to upper 80s. today starting off with upper 50s to low 60s, and not much of a warmup. only by 10 degrees at 4:00. at that point we'll be at about 72. low to mid-70s here in denver. upper 50s to low 60s in the foothills. it's a lot cooler today. here's your first alert it's still going to be pretty cool tomorrow. we'll take a look at the weekend coming up. 4:36 now. the street in front of a denver elen back to normal this morning. it was a crime scene overnight. two rival groups shot at each other, this is at maxwell and sable. >> this is right in front of a school there. there was a woman inside one of the homes. she came out when she heard the shots and was hit in the face. denver7's eric lupher checking on the situation this morning and joins us now. eric. >> reporter: we're still working with police this morning to see if any arrests were made in this case.
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in front of the elementary school, but clearly the neighborhood really shaken up now, because hey want whoever did this off the streets. we've got some video of what it was like yesterday, last night. of course the scene has been cleared this morning. neighbors told denver 7 the victim was shot in the face after leaving her house. she was just trying to figure out what the gunfire was between what we're being told two rival groups. the victim is expected to survive. good news there. neighbors say camera was installed last week at the intersection of maxwell and sable, near the elementary school. to give you a better idea, it's near chambers and 53rd. police aren't saying when they installethat camera, but it goes to show the type of violence that happens in the area. neighbors saying they heaa gunshots even before the sun goes down in this part of the neighborhood. we'll keep an eye on how this develops. i'm eric lupher, denver 7. meme staying at an
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16th street still not allowed to go back this morning, after denver fire inspectors found safety issues making it too dangerous to stay there. about 80 people had to be evacuated. some stayed at a red cross shelter. the building is still closed this morning and it's not clear if and when it will reopen. while a lot of young people stay at these who's tells, some adults say there. last night friendssand family celebrated the life of levi jack shirley last night. another kurdish man was killed, jordan mactaggart's family was at the memorial. the shirley family is still trying to bring his body back to the u.s. as of now, there is no time line when that will happen.
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final moments of a park county deputy's life. nate carrigan was killed while serving a high risk eviction. video shows shell casings all over the floor, and bullet holes in the windows. the swat commander told investigators after carrigan's first contact with the suspect, the suspect went back inside and nate door. >> [ inaudible ] >> what do you want to say to nate carrigan's parents. >> probably the biggest thing, forgiveness. >> the sheriff did say he wished they had better tactical gear. we asked what he would say to people who say he shouldn't be sheriff and he says they've probably never been in law enforcement and don't know what
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be a doctor, carlos hernandez- fernandez was arrested august 4th, accused of injuring at least four patients and could be more victims. if you have information, you're asked to call the denver's district attorney's office. if you're looking for a doctor, ask your old doctor for a referral. there are a number of online resources as well as -- where you can look up records. we have links on while you were sleeping, the city of thornton was busy making business decisions that will likely affect you if you live in that area. >> city council approving marijuana sales and the addition of a new too golf, a project there people did not want. amanda del castillo has all the details. >> reporter: since those two ideas were presented, many people living in thornton actually spoke out in opposition of both, again, the
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marijuana retail shops and bringing topgolf here to the city as well. let's start off with marijuana.% city council voted 5-4 to allow these retail shops capped at a total of four city-wide. council members say the tax revenue from proposed businesses are badly needed. % now let's turn over to topgolf. people are concerned about the proposed actual location would be here on 136th and i-25. that's where we are no you can see behind me the roadd closed sign up there, and there is also a sign that explains that there is a public hearing with city council, and that agaii happened last night, august 23rd. so all throughout the morning we'll be digging into what these changes mean for people living in the city of thornton. live this morning, amanda del castillo, denver 7. >> amanda, thank you.
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but it's not something you'll see on the tourism brochures. the national honesty index ranks denver last. >> unmanned drink stations were set up on 16th street mall. they tracked how many people paid versus those who took the drinks. it's 93% nationally. in score we only got a score >> we're at the bottom of the list. that's not good. >> that's not a good list to be on. >> no, we don't want to be on that list. new details on the man who opened fire on a historically black church in south carolina. investigators finding disturbing new details on the plot to kill the people inside before hand. and probation for double rape. and a man decides to jump across a couple of buildings to
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lesson on gravity. cool this morning. upper 50s to low 60s.
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this morning we are learning more about the man accused of gunning down parishers at a historically black church in south carolina.
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shooter wrote two manifestos. the feds say they have obtained handwritten documents from dylann roof listing churches and his reason for selecting certain victims. investigators say this showed roof targeted particularly churchgoers. nine people were killed in that charleston church last year. no jail time for a massachusetts high school student accused of raping two classmates. a judge sentenced david becker to two years' probation. according to the sexually assaulted two students while they were sleeping after a house party. he denied assaulted one person, but thought his actions with the other person were okay because she did not stop him. most of the people want to impress the person they go on a first date with, right? i think it's safe to say one man in pittsburgh took it too far. >> the man wanted to impress his date by jumping between two buildings and failed.
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buildings and fell between them, basically a 16 to 18-inch crevice. >> i think he was an idiot, but he got the girl. >> paramedics had to rappel down three stories to figure out where he was. >> he fell through a gaping hole inside a restaurant and brought out on a stretcher there. he ives two girl he wanted to impress. we don't have any shots of her so we don't know what her facial expression might have been. >> that's the back of her head going, really? >> i would try burping the alphabet. >> that's how you got your husband? >> elementary school. no, my husband. wooing me, doesn't take much. winds out of the south at bout 15 to 15, even 20 miles per
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it's a little breezy. upper 50s to low 60s early on. it will stay cool today. only about a 10-degree warmup by this afternoon. 40s and 50s in the mountains this afternoon, so cooler ii spots, especially above about 12,000 to 13,000 feet. we had snowfall overnight. highs today anywhere from 70 to about 75 across northeastern colorado. ii's well below normal. we're typically in the mid- to we'll be in the 70s across the plains today. raddr is getting more active this morning. as this storm rolls through we're going to potentially see a few showers this morning. about 20 to 30% chance, so we'll watch for that. radar gets more active by this afternoon and more thunderstorms possible. not only by mid-morning, but also by about 2:00 to 3:00 we've got scattered activity in the mountains and a ffw storms through denver through early
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it's going to be off and on throughout the day. overnight skies will clear up. we'll see a little bit more sunshine on thursday within a few more late-day storms tomorrow afternoon. that's 2:00 on thursday. little unsettled. definitely cooler. today and tomorrow low to mid- 70s. chance for a few thunderstorms thursdayy again on friday, but it's also a little bit warmer on friday. highs closer to 80 to end the week. weekend looking pretty good so far. isolated storms saturday. a little warmer. low to mid-80s. here's your first alert we're back in the mid, upper 80s by sunday. next tuesday a high of 90, you're going to owe me a pop tart, my friend. >> if we go to 90. i don't think we will. i will be enjoying a sweet pop tart. >> i don't think we will. my sweet pop tart. i like the cinnamon ones. brown sugar.
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28th, really, by colorado there in boulder, we do have part of foothills parkway closed down, as well as baseline. let me show you what's going on. that part of 36/28is open. it's this section here, foothills parkway from baseline to arapahoe, this section is still closed and this section of baseline basically between 55th to baseline still closed. police are looking for a bad guy, so they want to keep it closed. you can still table mesa, broadway, baseline over here. so there are ways around it, you'll just have that inconvenience for at least, we don't know, until they catch the bad guys. rest of the drive looks nice, including getting out to dia it is now 10 minutes before 5:00. taking a look at health news, we have more developments on the cost of epipens. two lawmakers are getting involved saying it's too expensive. since 2007 the cost has gone up more than $400.
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calling for an investigation into the company that makes the epipen. the company blames the increase on the rising cost of health care, saying more families have high deductible plans and they are payyng more. parents, if your kids are in the band, doctors are warning about something called bagpipe lung. it can be deadly. >> it happens with wind instruments. if you are instruments regularly, mold and fungi can grow inside. when you inhale, it can trigger a lung condition similar to pneumonia. you might want to reconsider how much sugar your child is connuming. a new study says children 2 to 18 should not be consuming more than 6 teaspoons each day. a sugar ridden diet is strongly
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we the people of the united states in order to form a more
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>> did you hear that? this 10-year-old californiaaboy spent his summer learning the law of the land. nathan bonds' mom posted this video online and as you can imagine, it's going viral. >> the constitution contains more than 4500 words. this video it goes on for like 25 minutes. >> and on and on and on. nathan says he wants to be president some day, and i don't know, maybe he's on his way. >> yeah. >> smart kid. >> that is pretty smart. he's got the suit to do the job. ?e have now at 4:55 mild start. we'll be in the low to mid-60s at the bus stop this morning. for the kids this afternoon, scattered storms are possible. could even get a few showers early on today, and then a few thunderstorms this afternoon. it's a lot cooler. low 70s today. we'll be near 70 to about 75 across northeastern colorado. we still have that situation in boulder, still have roads closed down, including parts of foothills and baseline.
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colorado avenue is looking wide open. take a look at the map, a lot of green out there. arapahoe road wrapping up the overnight road work under i-25 right now. [ rooster crowing ] many of us are familiar with the issue of cock fighting rings. what many don't know is that when these operations are broken up, the roosters are often euthanized. there's a woman in bennett who has made her mission to save all she's been running this sanctuary about six years now. >> they don't know why i'm doing. that's why i should be doing it. >> jewel says she just found out about another cock fighting bust in las vegas with more than 600 birds. she hopes to take in some of those. we have new details on the swat situation in boulder.
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be dangerous for chiidren. they have a plan to make it up to parents. a prank went too ar at one school, when the pranksters used a couple of real
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a bizarre story overnight, with boulder police looking for a shooting suspect. the swat team coming out to help, following a trail of blood that still hasn't led them to denver7's daily -- daryl orr has been on scene all night. >> reporter: police got a report of shots fired in he area. upon arrival they were told by witnesses this a suspect went ?nto an rv and was hiding out in there. so overnight there was a standoff. police eventually were able to get robots and equipment to this rv. they got inside. they put in a couple of flash bang grenades with tear gas in


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