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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  August 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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f0 good morning. it's 4:30. we are tracking breaking news of an officer-involved shooting in fort collins. police shoot and kill a man last night. they say the man threatened them with a weapon. >> fort collins police say they tried to tase the man and when that didn't work they shot and killed him. all of this happened along highway 287 with the intersection of shields. a knew hours after hours after that shooting, a driver hit a person on the bicycle. >> that happened at mulberry and riverside. in aurora, a woman is found shot to death in her apartment near buckley and alameda. police calling this a homicide. police don't think there is an active threat to the public. good morning, thanks for joining us today. i'm mitch jelniker. >> i am dayle cedars.
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newsroom here this morning. guess what, it's friday. >> let's check the forecast with lisa. she has your first alert. i love fridays, don't you? feels really good. temperature-wise it's a little chilly. walking out the door to 40s, 50s, and you can see a few of the light showers, mainly a lot of what we're seeing on radar in denver now is low lying cloud cover. we're also getting a few light sprinkles. this cloud cover will clear out. so to 10:30 more sunshine in town and thunderstorms popping up this afternoon. scattered activity again today and temperatures that are still about 7 to 10 degrees below normal. denver 78. erie 77. here's your first alert we'll have more 60s in the foothills. coming up a look at the weekend. it will get warmer and drier. we'll show you how hot. unfortunately i'm showing you a crash on the aurora drive that's caused onlookers to go what is going on?
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south on 225, the long loop ramp. somebody was hurt and taken in the ambulance to the hospital. but the fire department was out there, aurora fire department, blocking that ramp lane as you can see there. take a look at the map. here at iliff and 225, it's this westbound ramp, that loop ramp. the car sits right in there. best to go up to the next intersection, turn around and head south on 225. only other accident, about and federal, causing minimal delays at this point. otherwise, i-25 looks pretty good. they're wrapping up the overnight road work. had a lot of work this morning along pena boulevard trying to get to dia. we had delays overnight. breaking right now, denver fire just putting out this blaze. here's a picture from the
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no injuries to report. at children's hospital in aurora, parents of a newborn baby say a nurse broke their baby's leg. the family traveled from montana to aurora to get the child specialized medical care. aurora police are now investigating. the jefferson county sheriff's office is trying to find this man for allegedly trying to kidnap a 9-year-old girl earlier this week. denver7's eric lupher is live in jefferson county where a lot of parents are on the lookout this morning. >> reporter: they are. but there is this happened near the main intersection of bellevue and kipling here in jefferson county. now there is a sketch that's out, so at least it's showing progress, because a lot of parents obviously on edge after what happened. the suspect described as a white man with a mustache and sleeve tattoos. he was driving a red sedan at the time of the attempted kidnapping. obviously if you know anything, call jefferson county. my colleague, sally mamdooh, actually talked to the victim's mother earlier this week.
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identified, but she told us what happened, that her daughter was almost kidnapped right from her own driveway but was able to get back inside her home. we're going to go back to that day when her mother talked to us and we'll continue to circulate that sketch to help get this guy off the streets. eric lupher, denver 7. thanks, eric. police have arrested this couple in pueblo yesterday. they say this pair killed a mother police believe the couple here killed brittany's sister in california, then investigators say the suspect's took the victim's three children, gave them to a good samaritan at a motel in albuquerque. to california. their way back los angeles officials are working to have this couple extradited.
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man saving his friend. >> i felt his hand on my back guiding me across the street. >> a driver ran a red light and lost control of his suv while the two men were crossing the street. aurora police say the driver seen here was drunk. he is now charged with vehicular homicide. dolt ton's family -- dalton's family is holding a memorial threats made by a pair of teenagers forcing legacy high school into lockdown last week. ?hey acted like they were carrying weapons, police never found them, but both teens were arrested. the teen behind jack's law has passed away. he helped pave the way for schools to allow kids like him
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suffroas. his mom said she has received hundreds of messages saying how much lives he touched. >> jack will be an inspiration for that. his light we will hold in each and every one of us, in our hearts. people that think that one person can't make a difference, that's just not true. jack made a difference. up for funeral expenses. you can find the link on our free denver 7 app. tte avalanche have found a man to replace patrick roy. they have hired jared bednar. he's 44 years old, never coached in the nhl. he has won two championships in the minor leagues. the general manager says winning is all that matters. >> i place a lot of value in winning championships and i
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tough to win in any league. t's- >> he has three weeks to get ready. the av's open their season in october. aqib talib is set to make his preseason debut saturday. trevor siemian will get the looks like he's the favorite to win the starting job. denver7 spoke with head coach gary kubiak about his lack of experience. >> what's taken place the last six months, how they handled themselves, how they handle the team, how they respond to things, that's what i'm looking at. >> there are some changes coming to mile high stadium over the next few months. >> denver 7's jason gruenauer is there to explain. >> reporter: good morning to you. it should be an exciting
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biggest ones is also one of the biggest question marks and that is what name will be on the sign? still no timetable on that and that was something that now the broncos own the naming rights but they were not brought up at yesterday's meeting. something that was, however, is parking down here at mile high stadium. over the course of the offseason, if you recall, they built that mini mile high, the replica stadium in the parking lot. that took spaces. at yesterday's meeting, more spaces were sold off. a big chunk of lot m. 367 spaces to be exact were sold to cdot for them to build their headquarters on. that's 567 spaces just about gone. according to the broncos' web site, the team had 6500 parking spaces. minus 567, that's about 9% of
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the stadium. now that's gone. how is that going to affect you when you come out here to watch i'll explain cominggup just after 5:00. reporting live at mile high, jason gruenauer, denver 7. thank you, sir. ryan lochte just wants to put what happened in rio behind him, but the police there aren't quite done with him. weather, it gets a bad rap. should we really blame mother nature when our flights are delayed? little sprinkle activity out there. few light showers. any chance or severe weather today, there's a small bit across northern colorado and also down to the east.
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breaking overnight, eight police officers are killed and more than 70 wounded by a car bomb in officials say a truck blew up 50 yards away from a police station. no one has taken responsibility so far. one person is dead after an explosion at a sports center in belgium. four others were injured. belgian police say this was probabll a gas explosion. they're calling it an accident with no link to terrorism. north metro fire had to deal with a situation at 168th street last night.
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building under control. it's a total loss. a dead body found about 4:00 yesterday afternoon in el paso ccunty. deputieshaven't said how that person died. the victim hasn't been identified and no arrests so far. aurora police are finding new ways to fight crime with dna. thisscould lead to a breakthrough in the 32-year-old case. bruce bennett was just 27 years old when he was killed inside his home in 1984. his wife an children were also killed. police recovered a knife but never found the murderer. now using dna technology, two sketches were created. police say this will give you an idea of what the killer could look like today, as well as what he could have looked the family says if anyone knows anything, they must come >> you have to take responsibility for everything you do in life, and avoiding making a commitment, or coming out with something you know is
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telling a lie. >> this new technology is very new, with only a few departments using it. denver police say these two guys stole a helmet from a broncos' player during training camp. they won't say which player it was, but are offering a reward for information about what they call the helmet thieves. brazilian police have charged ryan lochte with filing a false report. c the case in a u.s. court, and then that information will be given to brazilian authorities. another dust storm rolled through arizona thursday. this is the second one in a week. take a look at that massive cloud of dust. this caused a few flight delays, but no serious damage. speaking of that dust storm, there's a new report that says most of the time we should not blame weather for flight delays. we should blame the airlines. a study says mechanical issues and crew scheduling are now the
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bit of good news here, there have been a record low number of delays over the past few months thanks to improved technology. quarter to 5:00. time to check our first alert on the weather. >> it looks good. few sprinkles this morning. little bit of cloud cover. that will clear up by about 10:00 this morning. you might find your cars a little wet if you parked outside overnight. more sunshine by 10:00 through lunch and we'll see a few scattered storms pop up this afternoon. littte bit of cloud morning. 40s and 50s. it's 55 at city park now. 49 in estes park. so not quite as cold in the mountains this morning. at this time yesterday we were looking at upper 30s in the foothills. 50s down south, near 60 in pueblo. 62 in lamar. so it's a mild start today. it will be cool through the morning hours. at the bus stop we're going to see mid- to upper 50s. the kids could use a light sweatshirt this morning and
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so it is a little warmer than yesterday. overnight tonight back in the 50s. that's going to be a pretty common sight for us, overnight lows in the 50s over the next few days. denver, mid, upperr70s today. greeley at 77. fort collins a high of 76. and some 60s and 70s for the central mountains. so we should be again mid, upper 80s. it will be a lot cooler, but we'll get more sunshine and around 9:30 to 1030 up near fort collins, boulder, greeley with a few lingering showers to the northeast near sterling this morning. then of course like clock work around 2:30, 3:00 we'll get a few more scattered storms across the front range and looks like rain, lightning and thunder. threat for severe weather today is low. if we do see it, there will be a couple of pockets to the northeast and also down near lamar where we can see stronger storms. 7:30for any friday night plans,
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quiet weather. scattered storms and showers in the moontains. we could get an isolated shower or storm in denver, but a lot of it would have cleared up by that point. clearing overnight. and things dry out and gets warmer. 87 today and tomorrow 83. sunday warmer more sunshine, best chance for an isolated storm this weekend will be saturday afternoon. otherwise, sunday will be a lot drier, and by the first of next week we're back to near 90 degrees. it's going to be a warm one, very summer-like again by monday and tuesday. jayson. i think it's that beatles tribute band playing at red rocks. >> my daughter is going. >> there yogo. should be a good show, though. we have this ramp that comes off westbound iliff to go south on i-225. that ramp is closed down now. to get around it you can go down to the next intersection and turn around aad go back south on iliff.
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here. here's the car. they're suspecting alcohol was the cause of this crash and they're saying one woman was taken to the hospital. her kids were also in the car, so we don't know about the extend of injury -- extent of injuries. now they are investigating and that ramp is at least temporarily closed down. let me show you where it is over there, big loop that takes you south 225. you would have to go eastbound ?liff to go southbound 225 to get around it. the rest of e nice, c-470 the drive to the north, 19 and federal a minor accident. north side of town wide open, including 36th to boulder. thank you, jayson. a pilot has been fired for trying to fly a plane while drunk. this happened yesterday out of traverse city, michigan. the copilot noticed he was acting strange and called police. the suspect blew a .3, almost four times the legal limit for drivers.
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denver's homeless population is taking legal action now against the city. they are angry about the homeless sweeps taking place here and say it's unconstitutional. used to live on the streets. he isn't convinced the suit will change anything. >> the lawsuit simply sets up materialist issues of who's right, who's wrong, what can i gain from legal counsel and sort and the home -- so forth and the homeless person is left high and dry. >> the city says they'll comment once the suit has been read. here are the latest poll numbers, hillary clinton 39% according to this new reuters poll. donald trump 36%. gary johnson 7%, jill stein 3%.
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?>> under pressure, romo will go down. he's holding his back. oh, my. >> that's not a good start right there, guys. >> ouch. the cowboys are hoping tony romo can recover from this injury. this was duri game against seattle. he didn't come back. strange story out of wisconsin, prosecutors say a man sent his ex-girlfriend a live python in the mail. >> the 37-year-old man is now facing charges of stalking and domestic abuse. the woman was noo hurt by the snake, just shaken up. her ex-boyfriend sent her threatening texts and voice >> there's a lot of emotion, there is a lot of feelings that gets brought up, it gets personal.
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>> it's a little upsetting just to know that people treat reptiies like disposable animals. >> prosecutors say the threats went for for weeks before the woman received the snake in the mail. the guy is now in jail this morning. a restaurant brawl ends when a waiter pulls out his gun and fires a warning shot. this happened in texas. the waiter says it started with an argument over a drink order. >> he told efing drink wrong. i can imagine how long my food order will be. >> the waiter was fired. >> i'm guessing he didn't get a tip, either. >> probably not. you're going to find more cloud cover this morning. mid- to upper 50s for the kids at the bus stop. they'll want a sweatshirt or light jacket early this morning. there was a bit of a chill in % the air yesterday. same thing today. skies are going to clear through lunch. so more sunshine and a few
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we're also a little warmer. highs will be in the upper 70s today. here's your first alert we're still below normal, though. warmer or the weekend. i've seen quite a few police officers out, including here at i-25 and arapahoe road. be mindful of that. one acciient on the loop ramp that comes from westbound iliff to southbound 225. they're clearing that accident. there's another one coming in on wadsworth and west cross drive just north of bellevue. there. everyone else around town is in okay shape. apple is trying to immrove the way you connect on social media. >> in today's tech bytes, apple is reportedly testing a new video sharing and editing app for the iphone and ipad and could be out next year. a first for president obama
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be in a 3-d film for the national parks. dominoes system greated a drone delivery in new zealand predicting trial deliveries there by the end of the year. >> but because of rules here, don't expect your pizza delivered by drone any time soon. >> i wonder if 4:56 now. this wasn't supposed to happen. how a denver public school van crashed into some garages. denver tops a lot of great lists. but if you want your face to look young and fresh, this is not the place for you.
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? what if we designed a paint that not only made your bathroom look like a spa but stood up to the humidity of a shower this steamy. this steamy yep, even this one. if it's a matte finish paint, and can resist any amount of moisture, is it still paint?
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it's 5:00 a.m. we're tracking several breaking news stories. two in fort collins. that's where a man is dead, shot by police. >> we're also looking into a hit-and-run that left a bicyclist injjred. let's begin with what we know about that officer-involved shooting. >> this is on north highway 287.. police say they were investigating a domestic disturbance call there last night when the shooting happened. as officers were intervi went into the victim's home without permission and when he came out, they say he came towards the officers with a weapon and refused to drop it. >> officers say they tased him, but he kept coming at them, so that's when they say they opened fire shooting the man. police haven't said what type of weapon. and they have not released his name. the hit-and-run happened overnight at le may and mulberry in fort collins.


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