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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  August 31, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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a suspected drunk driver right here in denver at spear and downey. offices are talking to -- officers are talking to witnesses to see who had the right away. a motorcyclist is killed on quincy avenue in aurora. aurora pd says the motorcycle headlight was not on at the time. the motorcycle was hit by a car between himalaya and flanders causing the bicycle to burst into flames. we will have a few minutes. a few inches either way and this car crash into a day care could have been so much worse. a driver in the car was in a chase with police and ends up just inches from baby's -- babys' cribs. >> and that man is accused of being high behind the wheel. adam hammond has the report. truck several children were taken to the hospital -- >>reporter: several children were taken to the hospital but i got off the phone with one of
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home with just a few bumps and bruises. that is amazing considering how big this whole was. police tell me this whole thing started because of a hit and run and a police chase. the driver was probably on drugs. hugs, gratitude and a look of relief on these day care worker's faces. they could have been in this spot, the lobby near the infant room. >> i was sitting over there on the desk. >>report: stars child care says the car came crashing just 3 feet from where he was standing. >> i was scared. there are no words to describe people give us their children to take care of their children. >>reporter: he says police immediately showed up and continued tracing the suspect as he tried to run from the daycare while acting bizarre. >> he came out and he was sort of giving an explanation or
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horrified when they showed up to pick up their child. >> pulling up to see this completely smashed in, not knowing if your child was okay is scary. >>reporter: her son was okay but it was a close call for the seven babies and workers in this infant room, the very spot the dodge dart landed. employees spring into action to keep kids safe. >> we took care of the children . weetook them into our play area and started calling the pa >>reporter: as you can see by this sign, this location will be closed tomorrow because of all the amage but they own another facility called little star learning center and the kids will be going back tomorrow. as soon as this place is repaired, children will come back here. i am adam hammond for denver 7. >> thank you. if the shopping center looks familiar that's because it was the scene of a tragic crash
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going double the speed limit and crashed into the baskin- robbins killing three people including a toddler. that man is now spending 60 years in prison. you can help a family find a man who stole golf clubs and tools out of their garage. there he is walking into the open garage door on this house on -- in this house on south estes street. if he looks familiar, call police. a pet shop owner will be on probio he owns jurassic pets and pleaded guilty to the charges. as part of the sentencing, a judge ordered a search warrant at his house. denver 7 was the only station there during the search. investigators say what they found in the house could lead to more charges. the city of denver is taking action. if you bring your drugs to a public park or cherry creek tail, -- cherry creek trail, you will be banned.
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week. >>reporter: the drug ban goes into effect on friday with increasing enforcement from parks and rec and under police. the prrblem has gotten so bad on the cherry creek tail. it has become known for more drugs and recreation. while the cherry creek trail is a great place walk, ride relate your dog cool off, there is a sad fact. >> once the sun goes down you don't want to be here. drugs. >> i try not to make eye contact. >>reporter: drug use and battling is making the trail unsafe for walking or biking. >> we are trying to alleviate the legal amount of track activity occurring in our downtown parks. >>reporter: which is why the city says starting friday anyone caught dealing or using drugs in city parks will be banned for 90 days. come back and you will face jail time or a $1000 fine. >> heroin use is becoming
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crews have picked up 3500 needles so far this year. >> seeing actually a lot of needles on the ground and unfortunately, that is a safety hazard. >>reporter: we wanted to see what we could find along the trail so we rented bikes improvement -- and wrote for an hour. we found five used needles. >> you see a lot of people hanging out under the brrdges. be. >>reporter: proof of the epidemic, the city hopes the drug behemoth six or at least -- the drug ban will fix or at least for the 180 days it's in effect. the city says the city ban could become permanent but right now it will end in february. you also may be asking, how does the city an to enforce this? parks and rec says officers are
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people who frequent the parks and they believe steep fines and a year in jail will give people a good enough reasoo not to contact. jennifer kovaleski denver 7. the aclu is in a fight with 34 colorado city's. it wants the bans on it was successful last year in grand junction. denver, boulder and colorado springs have altered their laws on -- and are not in the crosshairs. the gop candidate. in the last 90 minutes, trump took the stage in arizona outlining his anticipated immigration plan. here is some of the key points. he wants to build a wall along the mexican border with a high- tech surveillance system. he also wants to hire 5000 new border agents. he is promising swift action against anyone who is in the usa legally. >> under my administration, aayone who illegally crosses
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our country and back to the country from which they came. >> denver 7 marc stewart found trump's plan is drawing criticism and curiosity. >> i just got my green card. >>reporter: this man is on his way to becoming a u.s. citizen. >> dual citizenship would be my ultimate goal. >>reporter: a citizen of vietnam and a high-tech entrepreneur, egretta see you and a big supporter of the businessman. >> the ability to go back and forth between vietnam and america woulgive me the ability to launch several businesses. >>reporter: even though he is not able to vote yet, he is paying attention to the words of hillary clinton and donald trump took >> i have been following the u.s. election and it's very interesting. >>reporter: tonight, donald trump unveiled his much- anticipated immigration plan.
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illegally is marker -- murky. >> there's only one core issue in the immigration debate and that issue is the well-beiig of the american people.>>reporter: while he hopes trump -- while he has reservations about trump, he hopes to become a contributing citizen. >> isn't that american -- the american dream? you work hard and you pay tax and you do everything legally and you are and what you are supposed to. >> that was marc stewart reporting. before going to arizona, donald trump made a trip to mexico city to meet with the president there. the issue of a wwlking up but conflicting stories about this statement from trump: >> we did discuss the wall. we didn't discuss payment of the wall. that will be for a later date. >> mexico's president saas yes
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he told trump mexico will not pay for it. within the last hour, we learned that even though the company declared bankruptcy, three sports authority executives will get bonusee adding up to $1.5 million. as you know, the bankruptcy cost 14,000 people their jobs. one man is shot and killed by dimmer police after a struggle for one of the police officer's guns. we are hearing from a woman who knew the suspect well. liz gelardi is live. the suspect did not live at the home where all >>reporter: no he did not. first of all, we want to say those officers are going to be okay but a woman who lives on this street says she was like a second mother to the man who wasskilled. she knew he had a troubled past, court records showing run- ins with the law beginning at age 14. >> i have known him his whole life and it is going to be hard not to have him around. and i hope the officers that
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okay. >>reporter: right outside bobby's house, her best friend's son killed by police took >> he was here today and we had to do something to get him off the streets. because he was a danger, obviously. >>reporter: it's unclear what led officers to the home. >> the officers approached that particular part of the house. the individual fled out of the house. >>reporter: the suspect in his early 20s was wanted on least two warrants. court records show an open warrant from last month and another when issued today. multiple sources also confirm the suspect was in a stolen truck. >> do we have any word on the plate on that vehicle?>>reporter: police knew he was on the run. >> it looks like it is coming back.>>reporter: a source tells me as the suspect struggled to grab the officer's then, a round may have gone off.
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mmn. >> one officer is injured. he was not shot. >>reporter: police spent more than seven hours here as part of their investigation. police chief white says the officer's injuries are considered minor. reporting live, liz gelardi denver 7 two years after a crash nearly took his life, a denver police officer returned to work today. >> it's a dream come true. it reminds me of the first day of academy years ago, starting out. >>reporter: this video of offir an difference from almost 2 years ago when he was hit and cried while protecting student protesters. right now, he is on light duty -- working only a few hours a week. a look at how many ski train tickets you bought. and more delays for the a line because of the crossings. we are asking rtd if your safety is at risk.
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tonight, the plan to the train is moving at regular speed trains were delayed by 20 minutes this afternoon. we found out crossing arms were staying down too long at three different streets. marshall zelinger is joining us. you have been requesting documents on train to the plane problems. >>reporter: and federal documents reveal a problem we have reported on. why human flaggers are required
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they wouldn't have to be there if the system worked every time for one week straight, which hasn't happened yet. watch as we time this a line crossing arm. it's about 5:50 pm at the clayton street crossing. one of three crossing arms stayed down too long. the railroad administration requires crossing arms to give no less than 20 seconds warning. this train gave 49 seconds. >> they are going do and staying down too long. >> reporter: scott reed of rtd says it's safe for the trains but inconvenient for drivers and not in line with federal regulations. denver 7 got a hold of this federal waiver of compliance. despite the issue as long as flaggers are here and the flaggers are required until the timing system works every time at every crossing for seven consecutive days took
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never been seven consecutive days where they weree-- worked properly? >> the problem is the timing when the gates come down and how long they stay down and when the gates come back up affer the train goes through. >>reporter: one more example fromt odis almost as long as this story. did rtd overpromise the public of what this train would do? >> no, we believe every issue we identified during the addressed by denver transit partners in the operational phase. >>reporter: what he meant was problems could be fixed without stopping service altogether. this waiver is the second one requested and it expires mid- october. marshall zelinger denver 7. those who brought back the ski train knew what they were doing. on the first day, 3300 tickets were sold for the winter park express and the first train
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to put the amount of tickets sold into perspective, if you laid all the tickets out, it would take so long to pick them all back up again. there are still tickets available. subtle changes from what we a big difference in the weather. this was the view yesterday with an easterly service when pushing moisture against the mountains. the result, big thunderstorms last night with hail in the northern part of the metro and a lot of heavy rain showers elsewhere. service wins. see that moving back west? instead, a quiet evening and the subtle difference is a loft at 20,000 feet. temperatures are 20 degrees to 30 degrees warmer making the air more stable. similar nights but a big difference in terms of the weather. let me show you radar. nothing going on because of that capped or warmer air aloft and it just kept thunderstorms
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might. it is now 65 degrees, 63 and winds from the southeast at 15 miles per hour. because of those warm temperatures, nothing to worry about. it's quiet. we dropped to about 55 degrees by orning. the normal low is 54 degrees. 85 degrees for the high. the normal high is 84 degrees. tropical trouble. florida getting hammered with heavy rain thanks to tropical storm hermine. tropical storm that will dump 5 to 8 inches of rain over florida. meanwhile, two tropical systems for hawaii. tropical storm madeleine will bring a lot of wind, rain and high surf to the big island and hurricane lester tracks farther north with a high surf over the next couple days. back here, the upper air disturbance we have had moving off to theeeast of us. that's why temperatures aloft a
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exits the state. the atmosphere is more stable. not much to worry about tonight. a few storms closer to the upper-level low. quiet conditions in denver and across the mountains and northeast plains. a little patchy fog on the plains by morning. % 33 degrees in denver and fort collins, 57 degrees greeley and akron, and a little moisture still out close to that upper- level low. in the afternoon, it looks northeast plains with a and the- scattered showers and storms popping up over the mountains. overall, a pretty nice day coming our way. temperatures in the mid-80s for denver. 86 degrees at greeley, 81 degrees at steamboat, 70s around tonight, a pleasant low of 55 degrees. tomorrow, 850 high with a few storms developing over the mountains and foothills. looking ahead, just a little bit warmer tomorrow.
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with temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. we stay mild into early next week. by the time we get to labor day, that thunderstorm season starts to wind down. we won't be completely done with it but seeing a lot fewer
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take a look at this picture. player, travis rudolph, was visiting a school and noticed a kid eating by himself so this happened. >> i saw him by his self and i said cat i -- could i have a seat with you? he said why not? we had a good conversation you know. >> the student's mom says the little boy has autism and eats most lunches by himself. >> that gesture made mom cry and she says they are travis rudolph fans for life. a dream moment today. . %- rucki steven carter low crushes
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sports extra is brought to you by the lodge casino, colorado's forced choice for fun. >> the broncos in phoenix tonight for the fourth and final preseason game against the cardinals tomorrow. paxton lynch plays the holding tomorrow night with a lot on the line. broncos insir troy renck has more. >>reporter: paxton lynch started 38 games at the university of memphis and gets his first nfllstart on thursday night. he has shown all the hardware at camp. now, it's software. >> i feel really good about how far i have come from when i first got here. when i firss got here, i was spinning all over the place trying to keep up but like i said, it has been slowing down to me and each day i get more and more comfortable. >>reporter: no resolution for mark sanchez. i talked to n nfl source who said sanchez could learn as early as saturday morning his fate. that's why it's important for
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>> as fast as we can get it. we want to make up as much ground as we can. i have been pleased with the progress which has made. he has really come real fast. all of a sudden, two days later he says he is not there has been steps at times where he takes a step back. but hopefully we continue to work. >>reporter: you say the final preseason gaae doesn't mean scrambling for roster spots. >> we will probably have two or three gate -- two or three guys make the team from the's name. there will be two or three who don't make the game -- league. >>reporter: several people competing for the same spot. back to the studio. >> remember, check the denver general --
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it's right at your fingertips on your mobile device. follow us on twitter for up to the second broncos update -- updates. a doubleheader against the dodgers. stephen cardullo, his 25th birthday, best birthday ever. grand slam in the 1st inning. roies up 5 to 1, an 8-2 in the 8th. the bullpen blew up like the fourth of july and new year's combined. gave up eight runs. a grand slam in the 9th and the dodgers win 10-8. let's go back to being one of this doubleheader this afternoon. stephen cardullo jacked his first home run ever right there to the stands in right-center. his 29th birthday today. ryan guthrie ended up with the ball. sent me a tweet with a picture saying he is giving the ball back to stephen. happy birthday, dude. ryan got a ball in exchange signed by cardullo and the rockies win 70 to 0.
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i am josh kroenke, i own the place. outside last week. he said getting the job is only the beginning and winning is what matters. how does he propose to do that? >> the way that we plan for style we play in the wa coaches i think key to having the players buy-in and just having fun when you are at the rink. it's a results oriented league but you have to enjoy what i think if we can make that happen, were more likely to have success. >> so having fun will lead to success. patrick roy said he wasn't having fun anymore and that's why he got out. >> we will find out. >> cardullo is living the dream. >> what about everybody who got him a gift tax like oh, --a gift? like oh, i got you a tie.
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e teeperatures staying in the 80s by day and 50s at night. open the windows at night. it's the goldilocks of whether. it's just right. >> look at this holiday weekend. my gosh. just like we planned it. we have a long list of thiigs to do. you could do just about anything. >> you've got to have fun, right? >> that's the key to success. thank you for spending this time with us. we're going to go have some fun. >> goodnight. >> over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill
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the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us. i'm michael bennet and i approve this message. to look out for us. these are grillers. at johnsonville. they've got way more flavor than ordinary burgers. flavors like bacon and cheddar and steakhouse onion. people who try 'em, love 'em.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, aaron eckhart from "so you think you can dance," cat deeley and music from nathaniel rateliff & the night sweats. and now, believe me when i tell you -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: thanks, everybody. hello. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thank you for coming. today is the last day of august


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