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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  September 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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remember kids with disabilities. and breaking news tonight.. hurricane hermine is moving in tonight. you can see how powerful it is. is making land south of tallahassee. a dna expert was told he cannot testify. this is the same expert that is given testimony and many high- profile cases. not only an hour state but also across the country. >> tonight, he is defending himself. jennifer has been digging into this complicated case. % >> reporter: the big question is why richard eikelenboom
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accused of killing a fort collins woman in the 80s. now double jeopardy comes into play so will not have any effect on the masters case. >> this is a really big deal, not only for denver colorado. he has testified before and big cases. dna expert, richard eikelenboom, is no stranger to the spotlight. >> it that the dna can also decompose. >> that was on the case of casey anthony. >> we took one look at what he claimed he had done and he did absolutely nothing. it was not scientifically- based. >> reporter: earlier this week he took the stand in a denver courtroom where a judge deemedd him unqualified to testify.
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extraction or analysis experience. >> exposing this guy for the front -- for the fraud that he has. >> reporter: just like dna evidence, this is a complicated story. >> the thing is, they aree trying to discredit me.>> reporter: richard eikelenboom and his wife say they believe this is all about politics and they are now threatening to sue. >> it is important to get the truth out.>> reporter: a legal expert says the decision by the judge will not have any impact on his previous cases. >> in the previous cases, he was found to be an expert in this should not affect that. >> reporter: but he says it could make it harder for him to testify in other cases. >> he will be asked if he has
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in new cases and he will now have to say yes.>> reporter: many appeals are filed on the basis of this. besides the masters and casey anthony trial he testified in a high profile case in indiana. david camm was convicted twice for killing his wife and children with those convictions eikelenboom was removed from the stand. the jonbenet ramsey case is in the spotlight right now. >> we have not and will not give up. we remain focused on this investigation and finding justice for jonbenet. >> the only, the police made, four months away from the 20th anniversary of the death of the little girl. there is a book coming out in
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your investigation into the case. help is needed tonight into the deadly stabbing at this family dollar on pecos. they did find a victim who died on his way to the hospital. the sheriff has arrested a suspect. in winter park there was a gas explosion at a house close to the ski area. one person had serious injuries and had to be airlifted to a inspired jack's law, jack splitts passed away suddenly last week. we talked to jack's mom and she tells us what is keeping her going. >> reporter: she says it is about the sport and her mission to carry out the legacy of jack splitt . he has been an aavocate for disabled kids his
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>> reporter: butterflies set free celebrating the life of 15- year-old jack splitt. >> he was the embodiment of love and light throughout all of the suffering that he experienced. all he ever did was make other people smile.>> reporter: his mom finding comfort, knowing her son touched so many lives. a colorado law bearing his name, allowing other kids have access to medical marijuana at school. >> they pioneered something for us. we are an example, a shining example of what we can do in our school district and continue on. >> reporter: remember -- he is remembered by lawmakers and teachers. his mom says she has received hundreds of messages since the death of her son. >> when i look at them and they talk about jack and remember
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forward. ? ? [ music ] ? ? >> reporter: carrying on the legacy of jack and keeping him alive in spirit. >> what a beautiful service. jack and his mom were part of an organization that reached out to other parents after a child was diagnosed with a disability. a lot of his close friends were also in atnd reporting live the studio i am liz gelardi the sign reminding all of us to slow down. it hangs in the park in honor of cole sukle . they were struck by a car and days later he passed away. the denver post newsroom
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own. colleen o'connor was a crosswalk and struck by a car. she had worked at the post since 2004. today her desk was covered in flowers. drivers alongside 25 in northern colorado are on edge again. another car window was shattered this morning between the johnstown and are fed -- berthoud exits. drivers are worried told you about several unsolved shootings and many ammng some very busy streets. the driver of this suv hit the gas instead of a break and ran into a cleaners. there were two people in the store at the time but they were not hurt. new tonight, we know more about the man who crashed into an aurora daycare yesterday.
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say he was under the influence of drugs when he made the crash yesterday. many believe our governor may be up for a cabinet position if clinton wins the nomination. many do not want hiccup looper -- him to be nominated. a very special experience tonight. some advice for stuuents from supreme court sonia sotomayor. >> there is nothing wrong in saying i don't know. >> she also shared stories about how she went from a schoolgirl in new york to making history
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justice. would you mind having a social club in your neighborhood? this will be on the ballot in november. adam will explain what this means for local neighborhoods. >> i spoke with more than a ?ozen associations and they tell me absolutely no two pot in bars and restaurants. i think it is associated with danger neighborhood who does have experience with this. they say it is a very complex issue that needs a lot of attention before the election. this neighborhood does have experience. >> we have quite a few dispensaries. we did have a pot club attempt to open up already . it was shut down 38 hours after opening. >> reporter: they say the biggest focus of the public
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safety. >> safety concerns. people will be under the influence when driving. >> reporter: businesses like restaurants and bars can create consumption areas for people over 21 to bring in their own marijuana products if this passes. people can use edibles or vaporize pot but they cannot smoke at. a business does not have to part to despite in this but if they do they have to get a permit. they safety, especially when you talk to the older voters. >> reporter: scott is the co- president of the ruby hill organization. >> how do we seek marijuana? do we see it on the same level as alcoh? or do we see it as a schedule drug that the national government still sees as a legal? >> reporter: if this is approved, it will be in effect
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associations tell me they are meeting with activists on both sides so they can be informed when they make their decisions. 10,000 employees at chipotle are now suing the company, saying they work and were not paid for. we spoke to one thorton woman behind the suit. she says timecards or altered by managers. she says she feels cheated it was over to work with integrity. kind of a double standard. they say the lawsuit has no merit and it could take up to a year to make a decision on the lawsuit. more delays on the a line today. there are some new dog parks in downtown denver. tonight we are asking the city for the reason to let these dogs roam free.
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do not mess with my trash. these bears were spotted having a snack in pasadena california at the dumpster. this neighborhood dog did not like it and he scared the bears earlier in the day they were seen taking a dip in a backyard
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we do need places to play for them. we have marc stewart on the story with more. >> reporter: it's a different perspective on playtime for your pooch. this park is a permanent. the city calls it a pop up dog park. >> the idea is it is temperature -based temporary in nature. so we can create a more active outdoor park. >> reporter: this parkkis open in the morning in the afternoon and will only stay in place until the end of october. >> we are kind of testing areas within the park. >> reporter: this is not a fido free-for-all. these yellow cones mark boundaries and rangers are always keeping watch . it is up to the owners to clean up what
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besides dogs big and small, you will see neighbors meeting and talking to each other, sometimes for the first time. >> it is almost like a coffee clutch for us. our dogs are getting to know each other. >> reporter: there is no question some parks, including comments, have had to deal with homelessness and drug problems. but this helps residents take ownership in a growing part of the city. more control on how the spaces being used . it brings the residence around to the park which is a good thing we want to feel comfortable here.>> reporter: man's best friend helping to make denver a better city for everyone. and commerce park i am marc stewart for deever7. there is also a pop up.park at skyline parkkin downtown denver . it may also expand to spare park. the city says the cones are the
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where and when on our website at we had some delays again on the a line train . starting tuesday, holly street will be closed at the railroad crossing. but tonight those repairs should not slow down the train. contractors that work on the a- line are losing money. today, rjd increase the amount their withholding from the contractors it is up $827,000 because of all the problems on the a-line. for each month there are problems, 20 $50,000 will be withheld. things did not go as planned for the spacex rocket this morning. take a look at this. while. the rocket exploded on the
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run was a satellite that facebook was going to put up that would connect rural africa to the social network. this fall will not be the especially after this week's storm of hail. one of the best-known pumpkin farms is now damaged. too many of its crops are damaged and so they will not be able to give away pumpkins. they only have enough to give 28 school that is a shame. it was relatively quiet in denver today. a few thunderstorms did pop up with some gusty winds and a sprinkle of rain. check out thii mountain view. the activity move through. watch that beautiful rainbow. very nice. that is moisture coming into colorado from the west. some showers and thunderstorms are coming our way as we start out on labor day weekend. let me show you the radar. if you for the last couple of hours.
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of denver. they are gradually diminishing in size and intensity. as they move closer we might get a sprinkle across jefferson county and parts of bolding -- boulder county. the high was 87 today and it is 72 right now, 57% humidity. winds out of the south, southeast at 16 miles per hour. we will go down to the low 50s tonight. tomorrow the highs will be low 80s and early evening thunderstorms. in the southeast, this is not a good situation for florida and georgia. watch what happens as goes over florida . it will weaken once it gets onshore that it will spin across the carolinas and continue, 6-10 inches of rain aae possible. not good news for that until a
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colorado, a much weaker system. it will draft across the state from the four corners. scattered showers and storms tonight through midnight just to the west of denver. overnight tonight, or rain coming io rado. thunder and lightning around eagle, aspen and vail. low temperatures in the 40s, mid- 50s in denver, highs tomorrow a little cooler because of the clouds and showers and thunderstorms. 70s and 80s at lower elevations, 50s and 60s in the mountains. here is the map for tomorrow morning, by noon they diminish and more scattered showers and storms are expected in the afternoon. take the umbrella to the rocky mountains showdown. you might just need it. we might get 1 inch of rain or more in the mountains. mild tonight with showers to the west, low 55. tomorrow, i temperature 83 with a good chance of storms.
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weekend. if you storm saturday, warmer on sunday and monday. upper 80 sunday, low 80s and breezy on monday. those are both of the bright spots. and then loaded mid-80s tuesday through thursday next week. woah! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey!
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taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be.
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these are grillers. at johnsonville. they've got way more flavor than ordinary burgers. people who try 'em, love 'em.
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this story is not. an american student thought to be dead is alive and in north korea. david snead and disappeared % into thousand four in china. now a south korea organization says he was kidnapped to be a personal tutor to kim jong-un. ?e says he is live living in the capital with his wife and children. they are now making plans to start to look for him. >> showdown tomorrow you will see someone on the field was not been there in 20 years. caitlin turnbull is a freshman at cu. she is the first baton twirling to be part of the golden buffalo marching band. it has been two decades. she hopes she will inspire others to join the program. the broncos have more questions than answers in the 4t preseason game.
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doing on the field coming up.
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sports extras brought you by the lodge casino. welcome to sports extra. broncos and cardinals tonight. 38-17 is the final. the cardinals won anything else you want to know? is that it? >> paxton lynch, the quarterback was 13 and 22, two touchdowns, was doing great and then and interception. that is a killer. jordan taylor, two touchdown catches. cuts are coming tomorrow by the way. we have to get down to 53 by saturday in the broncos.
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mountains showdown, don't anybody say this is not a rivalry gaae. i know a lot of people that went to w of the two schools. i never heard anybody say i went to see you and i pulled for csu and vice versa. no. nobody who went to csu like see you. and the bus don't like the rams eith. the season opener for both teams on friday. overtime. they were in front of 66,000 fans. maybe the game means more to the people and the fans then the coaches. then again maybe not. >> with our fan base and their fan base, you go out anywhere and do something, they will have watch parties. it is a game that lasts 365 days a year.
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everyone that lives here. for us seniors, it's the last first game we get. we had to come up with a win. >> to me it is just again. it doesn't matter who we line up against in week one . it is just another game to me. not to disrespect anyone. but if you put someone else in front of me i will just go out and do my best.>> the rams were so close last year. little brother to the boss, that does not matter. they will feel the heat or the praise around the state, depending on the outcome. >> when i travel around the state and talk to certain groups every question i have, is about
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i have been a part of a lot of these games in the past. a lot of passion. those guys play really hard work anything can happen in the game. for more on the rich history of cu and csu go to . we have a great historical going back to 1893 on the website. thanks very a chance of showers during the game, high in the low 80s. a
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woah! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. woah, woah! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be.
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>> dicky: from hollywood -- it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, winona ryder, casey wilson, "this week in unnecessary censorship" and music from yg. and now, in the meantime, here's jimmy kimmel! ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: my name is jimmy. i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] i'm glad you're in a good mood.


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