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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  September 2, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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f0 it is 4:30 and we begin with breaking news. a stabbing near broadway and irvington place. details are still coming in, but one person was taken to the hospital. >> pollce say the victim should survive. no details on a suspect. now to national breaking news, hurricane hermine downgraded to a florida. this was the first hurricane to hit florida since wilma and that was 11 years ago. >> the storm is still bringing heavy rain and intense winds up to 80 miles per hour as it moves into georgia. >> reporter: hurricane hermine now a tropical storm making landfall, then weakening as it moves inland. the nationnl weather service still issuing warnings about damaging rain and big waves.
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several counties. in sarasota, florida, some residents were stuck in their homes. expected to bring tidal surges as much as 10 feet along the coast. >> please protect your property and evacuate immediately. >> reporter: the governor urging residents to get ready with three days worth of supplies. >> bottom line, it's life- threatening. if you need to go to a shelterr go now. don't wait. >> we water. >> i'm still a little worried about the tidal surge. >> reporter: but some are still in town riding out the waves, despite signs to stay out of the weather. >> severe. about 4.5 inches of water in the house. >> reporter: many saying they want to protect their boats. >>got to stay on your boats. >> reporter: and their homes, up to the last minute, doing all they can to board
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ground. things are expected to worsen through the weekend, with watches and warnings up to the jersey shore. we'll have more on the track of hermine coming up later in the show. here at home you're going to find 60s. low to mid-60s at the bus stop. about 20 degrees warmer this afternoon. heading home to around 83 degrees in denver, with scattered storms. it was dry yesterday. today a better chance for a little rain, thunder. our futurecast by about 2:00 pretty active, especially just to the south of denver and along the pplmer divide. we could see some storms for those tailgating at the rocky mountain showdown. highs today, low to mid-80s. denver 83. platteville 82. and upper sixties to low 70s in the foothills. here's your first aaert it's going to get warm for the weekend. it will be a busy day on the roads and to the airport.
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to the west looks pretty nice. there's a fair amount of traffic going to the exit ramp to pena boulevard. a lot of green out there, including to the south side of town. good news in castle rock, i'll bring you that in just a minute. north side of town wide open and easy driving along pena boulevard, and you can see we have about 10-minute security wait time for the moment. take a look at video from overnight. one person has been taken to the hospital from a minor injury after this 15th street and little river in lodo. the driver hit a median and took out a 20-foot hole. from the first alert deck, we are seeing some travel delays related to hurricane and now tropical storm hermine. check the status of your flight if you are heading out to the east coast, to florida, georgia, the carolinas.
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showing flights from new york to miami a lot of delays there. american, delta, southwest are offering change fee waivers and flexible policies for rebooking. a live look at dia now, where the security wait time reported at both security areas are about 10 minutes. airlines are expecting 2.23 millioavelers this weekend. 4% increase from last labor day weekend. it's also going to be busy the roads. we'll be tracking that all morning. fears surfacing again for drivers on i-25 in northern colorado. another driver has a car window shattered. >> it happened yesterday near mile marker 250 between johnson town and ber -- johnstown and berthoud exit. >> many happened along busy streets. investigation into a deadly
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when police arrived they found the victim who died on his way to the hospital. the adams county sheriff says they have one person in custody. % 10,000 employees of chipotle are suing the company, claiming they worked unpaid hours. one employee said they are ordered to go to meetings and not paid. time cards were altered by managers. >> it was preached to us over and over about od with integrity. over and over. standard there. >> chipotle says the lawsuit has absolutely no merit. it could ttke up to a year to come to a decision. a dna expert who gave key testimony in multiple high profile cases aaross the country is told he can not country. >> richard eikelenboom is defending himself. the denver d.a. says he's a fraud. he testified in the defense of florida mom casey anthony and
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tim masters. earlier this week, a denver judge ruled him unqualified to testify after the prosecution says it proved he had no dna extraction or analysis experience. >> this is a guy that takes his show on the road and goes all over the country. he gets paid high dollars to give opinions that are not scientifically based. >> it's just untrue. the thing is -- [ inaudible ] other cases? a legal expert says it won't impact the masters case, but it could lead to appeal in other cases. the boulder county sheriff is talking about the jonbenet ramsey case. but the case is in the spotlight now. >> we have not andwell not give up. we remain focused on this investigation and finding
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the little girl's murder and weeks away from several books coming out and documentaries and an interview with her brother. boulder police say they still 3 need your help. it's 4:37. the community coming out to remember the colorado teen who inspired jack's law. jack splitt passed away suddenly last week. friends and family gathered last night to celebrate his life. his family fought to fight legislation for other kids like him to have medica access at school. jack's mom says she'll continue her son's work in his name. she is running a foundation dedicated to finding safe access to medical marijuana for kids. it is now 4:37. no dice last night for the broncos. arizona beat our team 37-18. this was a big one for players. their performance could be do or die. starting today coaches will decide who they need to cut.
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the roster down to 53 players. the first game is on thursday. the highly anticipated super bowl l rematch against the panthers. >> hope that one is better than last night. taste of colorado kicks off today and half a million people will get a chance to try out dozens of some of our state's best restaurants. >> jason gruenauer is downtown waiting for a turkey leg. >> reporter: my goodness, i can not wait. we are going to be sampling some of the food a little bit later on. i can't wait. and i'm sure all of you people officially opens. let's show you what it looks 3 like now. setup is underway here for a taste of colorado. we are talking about 50 plus food and beverage vendors. few hundred artisan booths. 500,000 plus people. this kicks off today, starting at 11:30. it runs friday through monday here throughout civic center park. we are going toohave live music starting tonight. voodoo daddy, if you like swing
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tonight. cooking displays and other stuff going on. it is free to come down here, then you buy the tickets and sample. i mentioned a couple of days ago, last year pulled pork jalape?o nachos i believe were my favorite. we'll be talking to the vendors and the people who make it all possible, including food and beverages, which some people come down here for. they're excited about that. something you do need to know about, because oal lot of streets are closed down, including major thoroughfares. i remember voodoo daddies. major road closures like broadway and part of colfax are already closed around civic center park. this is what it looks like this morning, where much of 14th, bannock, part of colfax, and this section, entire section of
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to get around it, grant a little bit to the east can help you get around that. the farther away you get from downtown the bette by 7:00 tonight we are going to add lincoln street as well as other roads, including all of colfax wiil be closed down around civic center park as they're going to be doing more of the closures for a taste of colorado. enjoy down there, but watch out for a lot of pedestrians walking around downtown today. straight ahead, one university trying to make amends for the past after profiting from selling slaves. what they're planning some students now. ex subway spokesperson jared fogel has an unusual request from behind requests. and why you may be getting your 2017 tax return late. 4:40, quiet weather. but by this afternoon scattered storms and showers.
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just in, we have brand-new video of smoke filling the skies, chaos in baghdad today after a fire and explosion at a weapons storage facility. that expsiffockets from the facility that then hit other neighborhoods, killing at least four people and injuring at least a dozen others. there are reports also of damage to homes and buuinesses and cars in those neighborhoods
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facility apparently belongs to a para military group that's been fighting the islamic state, but at this point it's not clear if isis has connection to the fire or explosion at the weapons storage. big projects on hold after things didn't go as planned for a spacex rocket yesterday. [ sound of explosion ] >> the rocket exploded on the launch pad in florida. the ruined, a $200 million satellite that facebook was going to use to connect rural africa to the site. this next story hard to believe. an american student believed to be dead mmy be alive in north korea. he disappeared in 2004 while in china. now a south korean organization says he was kidnapped by kim jong-un to be his personal tutor. he apparently still workssas an
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and two children now. with this news, u.s. officials plan to start searching for him. jared fogel, the former subway pitchman, is going after the parents of one of his victtms. the victim's parents filed a lawsuit, saying the victim was secretly videotaped. but in a new motion, one filed by fogel, he says her parents should be just as responsible as he is, if not for all of it. he causing emotional distress to their daughter from drinking and fighting in front of their daughter. > eorgetown university is confronting its history of profiting from selling slaves by now giving priority admission to the descendants of nearly 300 slaves. georgetown sold the slaves in 1838 to pay down its debts. they'll also create a memorial to the slaves.
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students last night at metropolitan state university. supreme court justice sotomayor spoke to students. she talked about her journey from a school girl in new york to making history on the u.s. supreme court, becoming the first latina justice. we have made it to friday, everyone. time to get excited, right? >> and we're all wearing our school colors. we kind of are. skirt. is a burnt orange %- i >> i went to metropolitan state university, but apparently i'm >> mitch, we would have to say is a ram. but he is not here. we'll represent him. beautiful start to the day today. a little bit of cloud cover. better chance for storms this afternoon. highs will be in the 80s today. but again, some low 80s. and then it does get a little drier this weekend. heading into the weekend we'll see more sunshine than storms. 64 degrees in denver right now.
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per hour. a touch breezy early on. you're going to find temperatures climbing to near 70 by 10:00 this morning. and we'll top out in the low 80s. around 80 to 83, with increase in cloud cover. this afternoon we have a better chance for some scattered storms and showers, and that will keep our temperatures down a bit today. keenesburg 82. parker 77. deckers a high of 75. in highlands ranch we'll be at 81. cooler on the western slope, too. more rain and scattered storms even this morning. you'll find on futurecast by arounn 6:00, 7:00 we're looking at more scattered stormm and showers right in through the central mountains early on,
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partly cloudy okay by mid- morning -- sky by mid-morning, then the chance for more rain, lightning and thunder -- [ no audio ] tomorrow afternoon we'll see a few more thunderstorms, but most of what we see tomorrow will be the western half of our state, a few sliding over denver. here's your first alert we'll be in the upper 80s saturday and sunday, and next week early on monday,, labor day, low 80s, breezy, a little mild. two bright spots on sunday and monday. good spot for them to be with it being a holiday weekend. travel-wise, most of our wet roads will be in the mountains. i'm representing the georgia southern fighting eagles with my blue and white today. that's right. and they will be playing probably in hurricane rain
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georgia. here at bellevue moving along fine. great news in castle rock, south side looks really nice, but this road you've been waiting for to open, the castle rock parkway is in here, on the is officially open. it goes from the meadows to highway 85. if you want to get to santa fe from the meadows, you can, you can continue up to -25 now and you take a loop ramp and go north i-25, so you can avoid going down on the south side of founders parkway and getting to i-25 there. it will be a nice drive, nice and smooth. i had good reports it opened yesterday and they enjoyed it. the rest of the ride to the west side of town, whether on 285 or i-70, you can see that from the cdot camera at genesee looking nice. easy for now, but we'll see a lot of people heading west today. 64 degrees, and today will
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new place to play. >> it's not permanent, the city calls it a popup park. it's at commons park and will only stty in place until the end of october. >> besides commons park there is a popup park at skyland park in downtown denver. the program may extend to speer park. two bears in california, but a brave dog said, not my neighborhood and chased them off. >> the trio went swimming in two different pools. the bears were last spotted in a tree. some problems for samsung as it looks into fire problems with one of its devices. >> we have breaking tech news,
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one of its devices. >> the gallxy phones. >> customers can trade it in for another model. this tractor is driverle, controlled using a gps system. >> it's monitored and controlled using a computer or a tablet. the sony walkman was once the thing for listening to music. it even became one of the best selling gadgets of all time. >> now the it plays audio files. it's plateed in real gold, which sony says imthe audio. but the cost is about 3200 bucks. it's pricey. >> looks good, though. >> it does. wal-mart is cutting 7,000 positions. they say the jobs in question fall mostly unner accounting and bookkeeping and this is at -?stores all across the u.s. th are starting a new system for store bookkeeping and inventory and tracking, which is causing
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?ptions of working in other roles for wal-mart. the irs wants to give taapayers a headsup there may be a delay in your 2017 refund. this is for early filers claiming the child tax credits. a new tax law requires it to hold refunds until at least mid- february. it said extra steps to check for identity theft in return may also result in a slight delay. after the sights on the roads. everything from big foot -- everything from big foot -- >> ? when is your flu shot more than a flu shot? when it helps give a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need. ? thanks to customers like you, walgreens "get a shot. give a shot." program has helped provide 15 million vaccines through the un foundation.
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helps keep your dog healthy at every stage. so you can always look forward to what's next. the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. mon the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here
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going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look. whoa. f0 while many floridians were preparing for hurricane hermine, this guy grabbed a wake board and took to one of the flooded streets. >> he's pretty good, dodging a few utility poles, but not a good idea. back here at home we're dealing yeah, we are. we're pretty blessed on this holiday weekend. today a better chance for a few thunderstorms. we'll see them pop up by early afternoon and then start to clear out. our mountains will see quite a few more storms heading into saturday. ours will be pretty isolated tomorrow afternoon. ww're at 87. it's a little warmer. plenty of sunshine on sunday. good grilling weather, especially when you have a nice long holiday weekend. on monday, here's your first alert it's a little cooler and breezy. we will see the great
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little bit and dia. a lot of green out there. should be a little bit lighter than normal traffic volume today, but road closures to deal with. who knew a furry giant was all you needed to keep folks in line. seems to be doing the trick in oregon. >> the hope is if they'll stop for me, they'll stop creatures in the road. >> he does have a creepy faae. >> everyone who has seen that grainy footage of who is believed to be big foot, who knew he was a stickler for safety? look at that shot there. >> the face on that costume is really freaky. >> that's awesome. love it. it is just about 5:00. coming up on denver 7 at 5:00,
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on tropical storm hermine. plus, terrifying video, a 12-year-old hii by a car, here it comes, all because someone wasn't following the rules. we have details on a major medical breakthrough that could help cure alzheimer's. those stories, plus weather and traffic coming up on denver 7
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. mon the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime.
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whoa. we are tracking two breaking news stories, both out of denver. we'll start with a stabbing near broadway and irvington place, near punch bowl social. it happened early thissmorning. police only saying one person was hurt but should survivor. police say there weren't any witnesses. a person is recovering after near 15th street and little raven. it's not clear why the driver went over of the median taking out a 20-foot pole. we're told the driver should be okay. hermine. e want to talk about she hit the florida coast early this morning, and has already fizzleed into a tropical storm. >> although she was only a category she has caused major damage there.


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