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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  September 2, 2016 5:00am-5:31am MDT

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whoa. we are tracking two breaking news stories, both out of denver. we'll start with a stabbing near broadway and irvington place, near punch bowl social. it happened early thissmorning. police only saying one person was hurt but should survivor. police say there weren't any witnesses. a person is recovering after near 15th street and little raven. it's not clear why the driver went over of the median taking out a 20-foot pole. we're told the driver should be okay. hermine. e want to talk about she hit the florida coast early this morning, and has already fizzleed into a tropical storm. >> although she was only a category she has caused major damage there.
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partner in tallahassee. >> reporter: incredible watee here. we're told the city gave out more than 30,000 sand bags, if you just heard that, that was an explosion of another transformer going out, and we are told there are more than 30,000 people, probably more at this point without power, and crews cannot work in this because it is too flying limbs, falling trees, exposed lines. we are in a safe area underneath a parking garage and we will be out here reporting as this storm continues to move across the area. couple of lights over there that were on, they just got knocked out as soon as we heard that boom. expecting probably by the end of the night all the lights around us will be off and you'll just see me standing in a black hole getting hit with rain. but we will be out here and we'll be covering hermine as she makes her way up the east
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your family can do to protect themselves, get water, supplies, and hunker down. the good thing here is it's moving through fast. last check was at 14 miles per hour. we're here in tallahassee.
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if you are heading out on % the road, be very careful. this group is predicting 438 people will be killed nationwide on the roads. it is now 5:03. if you're traveling across the state, and again on the roads, you're going to find wet roads on i-70. on the western slope, west of the divide, we have scattered storms and showers now. things are dry here in denver, expecting some storms to roll east. a mix of sun and clouds early on. could still see patchy fog on the far eastern plains. 60s this morning, but 80s this afternoon. we have denver at 83, with a few storms by the time you're picking up your kids. denver 83. 81 in highlands ranch. here's your first alert that today will be one of the coolee days when we head into the holiday weekend. obviously we have a huge football game today.
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around the downtown area. not only for a taste of colorado, bualso for the big game today. we're going to see increased traffic downtown. take a look at at i-25 and that drive through the denver tech center, wide pen, no issues on c-470, santa fe, 225, really getting out to dia that's looking good. security wait times are creeping up. a lot of roads closed around civic center park, including this section of broadway and much of colfax around the park as well. expect a lot of traffic after noon getting to mile igh stad tailgating for the game. lots of activities downtown. a judge now says a dna expert cannot testify, even though he has given testimony in high profile cases. >> the denver d.a. says richard eikelenboom is a fraud. the dna expert helped exonerate tim masters, once convicted of murdering a fort collins woman
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has no dna analysis experience. so a denver judge decided he's unqualified to testify. >> but this is a guy that takes his show on the road and goes all ovvr the country. he gets paid high dollars to give opinions that are not scientifically based. >> it's just untrue. the thing is, what they do, they play a game where they try to discredit you. >> so what does this mean for his other cases? a legal expert have an impact in the masters case because of double jeopardy. but it could lead to appeals in other cases. this morning adams county deputies are investigating attempted robbery that left a man dead. store on pecos avenue and brighton. deputies found a man who was stabbed and the man died at the hospital. the suspect is in jail.
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car window hattered. it happened yesterday between the johnstown and berthoud exits. deputies say there is no evidence suggesting a bullet did it. should people be allowed to smoke in bars and restaurants? denver voters will say whether business owners would be allowed to get smoking permits. but unlike a similar measure which was rejected last month, this one would require the support of a neighborhood organization or a business district, which is already registered now to that massive chipotle lawsuit we've been telling you about. we talked to a thornton woman, one of 100000 workers suing the company, saying they were not paid for their work. she says managers even changed time cards. >> it was preached to us over and over about food with integrity. over and over. and yeah, it's kind of a double standard there. >> chipotle says the lawsuit is baseless. good thing it's still preseason.
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arizona beat them 38-17 in their final preseason game. they were doing okay, but rookie paxton lynch threw a late pick six which didn't help things. performance will probably help the coaches die who they -- decide who they need to cut. they kick off the regular season with a super bowl l rematch against the carolina panthers. the taste of colorado kicks off today. it's time to try out some of our best restaurants. jason gruenauer is downtown with a ppev event. hey, jason. >> reporter: hello and good morning, eric. a few hours until the food starts cooking. we're not just talking about food this morning, we are talking aboubeer. a new addition to the taste of colorado this year, a craft beer garden here. for more on that, we are joined by troy johnson, one of the owners of a brewing company.
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>> i don't know what complements food better than beer. this the first year having craft beer down here, it's awesome. we're happy to be a part of it. and i think it's going to be a lot of fun. >> reporter: this kicks off at 11:30 a.m. some people who work downtown, yoo're open for happy hour near the music stage. why should people come down and sample you guys along with the turkey legs and everything else? >> i think it's a good opportunity to come down and see what's new. there's a lot of new food vendors and obviously this is the first year beer. get a good look at what's going on and plan your weekend accordingly. >> reporter: i'' going to let troy pop a beer, because why not? it's 5:00 a.m. he had a really good line as he's pouring one of these new fall beers. what was thht ine? >> it's 5:00 a.m. somewhere. >> reporter: that's right. 5:00somewhere. taste of colorado kicks off 11:30 a.m. doesn't that look delicious? i'm live jason gruenauer, not going to drink the beer.
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about p.m., not a.m. thanks, jason. this is just one of the big things happening downtown this weekend. we've been talking bout it buffs take on the rams. ht the it's the rocky mountain show down. kick off6:05. >> i'm not even a buff alum and i have buff colors on. >> i feel like i'm going to have to root for csu, because mitch is not here. we have no represents theerams. next weekend the 2016 kickoff village and concert in civic center park wednesday andd should be fun. a local doctor is speaking out this morning, telling what he thinks of the surgeon general's warning letter going to every physician in the country. we're a 10 closer to winning the battle against alzheimer's. there's a new medical innovation. >> too much black and gold, or does this work? there is never too much black
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early afternoon, around 2:00, as folks aae tailgating at the stadium we are going to see scatteeed storms and showers. and by about 6:00 when the game starts, most of them should be east of i-25. here's your first alert you could get wet if you're out there early. smooth drive into the foothills. you can see that at i--0 at georgetown. not seeing real delays yet if
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f0 at 5:13, we're following breaking consumer stories right now. first alert, of course samsung is recalling all gal ax e 7 phones. they're going to stop selling them two weeks after the launch
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and this shipping problem. a major south korean shipping ccmpany has filed for bankruptcy and the president of the u.s. retail leaders association says retailers here are worried about keeping store shelves stocked. in fact, the preeident says a upcoming holiday shopping be season. they're asking the government to intervene to make sure cargo keeps moving. about 90% of the world's goods are transported by sea. officials found three infected mosquitoes in miami. but the zika virus can be contained. cuba said it is doing just that. it's been six months since the country began spraying and quarantining. it seems to be working there. the spray meant to kill
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millions of honey bees. bee keepers say they were not given notice so didn't have time to protect the bees. a doctor at denver health is reacting to a letter the surgeon general sent every doctor in the country. it was aimed at stopping people from overdosing on prescription pain pills. thousands of americans die every year because of it. >> on the one hand i feel like the letter was much needed support on the national level to try to combat the epidemic. as an individual being told how to practice. but the epidemic is so vast, it's needed now. >> almost 2 million americans abused or were dependent on the prescription painkillers in 2014. this next medical breakthrough is a huue deal. researchers say a new experimental drug could help crew alzheimer's.
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medicine cleared pretty much all toxic flag deposits from their plaques within a year. they're doing more studies to see if it makes the plaque stay away. >> ggeat to hear. we've had beautiful weather this week, but this afternoon, and this evening as people are going to the game -- >> it's more the tailgate i'm worry about, chance for thunderstorms early afternoon and by about 6:00 when the ga is starting here in town, most of those storms should be east of the ssadium. live look from our viera wireless camera at the airport, obviously a lot of people flying, too. it's a little breezy. could get a little bumpy flying out. mix of sun and clouds early on. we have a etter chance for some storms today. highs will be in the low 80s, but it's going to get pretty warm this weekend. should be about 5 degrees today still mild. close to normal.
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3:00. which means overnight tonight more 60s and some partly cloudy skies. denver today 83. erie we've got you at 81. aurora is going to be at about 82. upper 60s to low 70s for the mountains. leadville a chilly 59 this afternoon. but as you get east, upper 70s to low 80s for most of eastern -?colorado. things a little cooler as we get more cloud cover and a better chance for storms. this morning most of what we're seeing is going to be on the western slope. but by 10:00, it moves closer to the divide. closer to loveland. if you're heading towards breckenridge you're also going to find a little bit of rain. so lightning, rain, thunder early on for the mountains. a few storms will slide east. we'll get a wave of wet weather by early afternoon, just afternoon lunch, and likely most of those will move east by 6:00 to 6:30. we could get an isolated storm later, but that first wave will
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shift off to the east by tonight. early tomorrow morning could get patchy fog on the plains. we'll see a few more widely scattered storms in the mountains on saturday. but it will be drier out east. isolated activity expected here in denver. fewer storms tomorrow. then on sunday, even drier. here's your first alert that we're in the low 80s today. tomorrow upper 80s. then on sunday same thing, a few degrees above normal. early next week on labor day, looks like we'll stay in the low to mid-80s through most of next week. i see damp roads already around vail pass and farther west. >> more to come. >> to do drive now through -- good drive through summit county. now we're going to see easy driving conditions, but will be later on this mmrning and into this afternoon we are going to see a mad house of folks heading up to the hills. take a look at the drive in town, a lot of green, down into
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yesterday morning, this new extensionnfrom the meadows, north meadows extension, called castle rock parkway, and now it is open, all the way from i-25 going over to santa fe, and then it's north meadows drive going into the meadows. you can have another option instead of trying to get out the meadows by using meadows ark way to i-25. give it a tty this morning. the drive downtown, it's already blocked, as you can see at colfax had street closures, including colfax. broadway is closed in downtown denver. lincoln street going into downtown is open. we have sad news to report this morning, our partners at "the denver post" lost one of their own, one of their reporters seen here was hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver. she had been with the post since 2004. it's hard to believe no one was hurt when that suv slammed into this dry cleaners.
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accidently hit the gas instead of the brake. two people were in the shop when the car barreled in, but they weren't hurt. metropolitan state university getting a special visit from supreme court justice sonia sotomayor. >> she shared stories of growing up in the bronx. she said school was tough because spanish was her first language. she offered the students some advice. >> there is nothing wrong, i've know. but people's ego get in the way. >> she made history by becoming the first latina justice on the united states supreme court. jared fogel is in jail accused of sex crimes against children. why he now says the parents of one of his victims should also
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f0 it's 5:23. one of jared fogel's victims is suing him or damages, claiming he received videos of her secretly recorded in shower. now he sayssthe girl's parents are also to blame. he says the parents caused her emotional distress by maintaiiing an abusive relationship, abusing alcohol and fighting with her. now fogel is in prison on child porn charges. more trouble for anthony weiner. a child welfare agency is looking into the former new york lawmaker. it comes after a newspaper published photos he sent last year to a woman he says he never met.
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in his underwear lying in bed with his 4-month-old son. the president of mexico wrote an op ed piece about his meeting with trump. he said they talked about trump's plan to build a wall and made it clear mexico will not pay for it. hillary clinton had her best fund raising month ever. in august her campaign raised $143 million. thisscomes as her lead against donald trump dwindles. 3 most polls have he only 5 points now. okay, it is september 2nd. do not get mad at me. we're notteven into october yet. but we have to tell you what your kids will be asking for for christmas. >> have to. got to start early. wal-mart's holiday lay-away program begins today. can you believe that? the store released a list of toys sure to be on your child's list. wal-mart polled kids up to 12 years old. they're excited about all things star wars.
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we cannot forget about the doc mcstuff ins hospital care cart. little lives pet puppy. and teenage mutant ninja turtles. >> wal-mart breaks down the list by what kind of kid you have, apparently a dreamer, a thrill seeker, and so on and so forth. >> or aa eater. my 3-year-old, when isla was 3, she asked for a box of cocoa puffs. how awesome is >> cocoa puffs are good. >> santa can whip that up like that. we have a nice start to our day. you're going to find some sunshine this morning actually. here's a live look in limon, and you're going to find some drier conditions. not as much fog this morning. scattered showers and storms denver south, and the palmer
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the east. i'm expecting to see a little bit lighter than normal traffic today. seeing that already on this friday. i-25 and santa fe moving along just fine. take a look at the drive to dia looks good. but the security wait time, 32 minutes, 22 minutes the north line. you can take the train if you're unfamiliar. you can go on the a train -- the a train gets you there from take the a gates and save yourself some time there through security. a local family is turning their teen son's death into a reminder, hoping his death will help others live. and the search for jonbenet
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z23emz zvpz
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it is 5:30. we newed interest in -- renewed interest in the jonbenet ramsey case. a new special. >> reporter: i'm jason gruenauer live at a taste of colorado. the inside tips and tricks for one of colorado's biggest food festivals, it's this weekend. a live report straight ahead. here's another thing many of us do come labor day, take a trip. we're live at dia this morning, monitoring things at the airport. the line continues to grow, so make sure you get there early. this could hamper some of your holiday plans. hurricane hermine making landfall in florida overnight. she has been downgraded to a tropical storm, but is leaving a trail of destruction in her wake. fortunately, we haven't heard of serious injuries, but that could change as the sun comes up. >> we want to get out to our reporter in citrus county, florida. >> reporter: we are in the heart of crystal river. it's a water front community and most of it is under water.


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