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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  September 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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denver7 starts with breaking news on this friday. one person is lap happened around 1:30. bq1b at bars in the area. >> denver police tell us there (2,j8q>ssype lvnff;e?5mwcb stabbing. denver pol uk=??n officers with a knife. here's your first alert now hermhd?mn once again, downgraded overnight after slamming ovlzjl? mile-per-hour winds. we're looking at what the storm [
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myrtle beach, and charleston, roadways. half of the tree is blocking one lane of traffic and some of us. you can see it snapped the pole in half. the power line is now dangling there. see it leads to another pole that's being pulled down t+m?auro/?oy3?of the street. at some point that could snap and hit a driver as they're going by. ra d?spa are energized, but you don't want to go near a downed power line. mz1)+sk87?qheoue#=z/dih getting close to it, it can
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we're still traveling across we're still traveling across the panhandle and we'll ?jn a dangerous situation and z< hope they'r hope to go down to st. mark's where the eye came onshore 7"b??f+p back to you. looking at radar you can see how intense this is. atlantic and we're expecting to start to see yl&??xaoi1o?+?ynu watches and warnings popping up. back here t home you're going sxyv!"?kfp5m+ev??ovb -?camera up there, wet roads we of the divide. j2r;?u(x?kzzj showers by early afternoon. nice start, 63. );kv?=c.? a little cooler today. chance for thunderstorms by
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very wet i-70 from vail very wet i-70 from vail pass[we510vkztf%1:to the town dt a?)h $-h
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for a person of interest. mr? families of the victims of the aurora theater shooting may >?v$ lawsuit against the theater's v$ owner. ffmq)h1z$ :i7]n&??. :mzue54l on the train to the fl@)fnoe8co3 this is because of all of the problems along the a line. for each month there are problems, rtd will 73[c!km y:@'o, suing chipotle. we told you about the lawsuit earlier this week. the employees say the company
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hours off the clock. :? >> it was preached over and over about food with integrity. ?fupbeh there. >> a chipotle dd?'yir our interview -- declined an interview request. the lines for labor day weekend are already beginning 1".4l?nu4vz#g;iz8e&[?bs"?5j-u7u1 there's roads as well.. 45,000 cars could pass through 45,000 cars could pass through the eisenhower mq?x&wzl?blh? directions every day this weekend. if you're looking for something to do this weekend, ;l?pae?a?( a taste of colorado kicks off today, starts at 11:30 and g+k9?u?r26?l
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>> or a fruit kebab. f?af?5?g reporter: do i have ]-b+"tq?' we llve just the localness of i connections. gidby@1=$8[(kf!l!z:tsawb since ast year just from the people that we met just through
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.u ?have a pre >;9
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m 11:30it tarts. come down t?"'d~ 1?s>c'zf(za?h1%o=s>n?!ckw9ud; nothing better people eat on tv. >> reporter: mmm. >> what we really need are eggs closed. we can see the roads already around civic center park are ??n and into next j x+bb/a1s43ps nfl kickoff party.
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opening up by tuesday morning. as week talking about, thht's not the only event that downtown. we'll get you ready for ttnight's rocky mountain showdown after the break. 3c=/"kn??a|oac'qyqk? that destroyed a fort collins home. take a look at this, a marginal
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at 6:13, a live look over downtown denver. a beautiful sunrise getting t=z/v>+ql?? you can see i-25 running smoothly in both directions, at ?lorw)@y??vbxebgn%r
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jared fogel, now blaming the fqc?)js?9q9wuz%yvk2g?kkitfzor1b? ?p(r? ? governor hickenlooper is being called out by environmentalists this morning, g4 hillary clinton's cabinet. he has been a rumored pick for ?)]]o):??pcm
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game tonight, rocky mountain showdown. >> this lyi%5ou+(xuyzcx?;rau than a century. mikea-p?o said anything ?lzo'z >> you obviously hear about the game from our fan base when i bqs$y?yof$ people who live here. l$(
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went to csu, but he's not here to represent 3ot@f >> college colors. >> college see temperatures in the 70s 9:-$dd ?fg?? this afternoon. low 80s. but there is a chance for some storms. ql ving pretty fast. we're already going to start to see near the / here early on. live look from vail and you're going to find wet conditions this this morning, and across
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cover from our viera wireless camera in limon, we're pretty p)hw)jtexe that's around 10:00. ?!k5 so it is going to be a little b!jz4%93 through the state. by later this afternoon and early evening some of these 7zg6n"s g-+?, the eastern plains. biggest threat from today's g>? it looks like for the start of the game that things staat to clear out a bit. ?ab?tx*q storms. n we're watching tomorrow fewer storms. by 5:00 ksb??n?7)2lu[jj2)2u(w"? got isolated activity, but still a chance on saturday. here's your first alert that :fbtwn?3mvxo?pjothe upper 70s
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x3t on the western slope cooler. grand junction 83 today. yesterday they were closer scattered shower activity. wn11xowjqra-l afternoon and evening. we're at 87 saturday. mostly sunny on sunday. yo5> go southern. >> statesboro georgia, about to e(>'z winds and rain here today. that's the eastbound side of than usually it's solid backed p to
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470 moving along just fine. around ]?am 22mg??h:,s='?$&: for the longest time coming out of the meadows it5if)b3zo8.vt3? way inand out. you now have a new way out y intohe meadows, as meadows drive/castle rock fe into the meadows. it's open. drive to4ugbq'?n@u5m,t.g already busy at dia. security wait times up around southeast. ?icole brady, she's watching ?k and the delays because of
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miami, atlanta, d.c., new york, all around the east coast there ,k?d?en there. you can see to other locations. we checked out of denver, we have not seen too many delays have not seen too many delays out f!eoo38qbx)'2?/g, w .nh0.y?gtvgprtklv-n;p]3pg[axf v0gsi9ztw4>)geuxwb,i j is affected, all the major ranged from 20 z?'pm?%
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he should survive. police are investigating >sl of impressive cleaners. you can see the suv there. this is near hampton and yosemite. people are getting help from local charities after the colorado. witnesses say the entire home y9vb?qa'$?ek?l+uwl(zl,tf?y:'at?o minutes. a ??f7q>p&?e7he.s ? : kzw8ciyc previewing a taste of colorado,
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the broncos were in arizona last night -+ j?p?>/q ozpv# also threw an interception. >> i think the strides he's made since we got ?rfg@:8u;xfs?n to be good. >> being more consistent day in bw?r1 p?o goes on, i need to be more p?o consistent. ??fg4dz/??f@l? the season opener against the panthers. oc?e4l
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know ??2,y'3 xx?hwr@bt8q??in3g perspective. by mid-morning we could get a few light showers. we're getting our first wave of kcfk7!?2 fon 2:00 this afternoon. then skies will clear out 2#1h.3 here's your first alert they'll >/b rtwf?v flashing lights, activity on i- 25 near 84th. resulting traffic jam goes back 0 thornton parkway. new castle rock parkway has opened. that's welcome news ?.vo?j?lt?j? folks that will connect from i- 25 over to highway 85 and the north side of the meadows.
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legalized marijuana. but should people ?o7 vape in restaurantt and bars?
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z23egz zvpz
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it is 6:30. this reporter killed while crossing the street, denver wg this de hr3&g?7 death. the case remains unsolved. we want to get you caught cgvdpoib?1nl >> nicole brady tracking the damage. >> zett?lrcr3"nrq5f(vzsa[c category 1 hurricane before being downgraded and weakening to a tropical storm. now it is continuing to ?e0hfdfb but we are still seeing that impact and look at what it did.
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alligator point, florida, where it cracked =+n7f;srk beaches are seeing storm surge as well. s?gx2;g example, and myrtle beach. fwym]sd=-7 to hit florida in 11 years. it's caused about 150,000 kj rescues as well. as i carooina bracing for mmre. ;yyv$rz"(a+=rkh2our >> we have a number of tropical storm warnings off the coast, s?q[ e could get upwards of 5 to 10 inches of rain, and likely 15 inches in some spots with this makes landfall, we're pulling 3]?]) by saturday into sunday we will see it continue to push off the coast.
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ue?l northeast there on the east coast. we'll be tracking this for a few days. back here at home you're going to r showers by n+=,=j4+e#999whd8 highs in the low 80s. and here's your first alert that even a little severe f(>m8i>m$qc larger hail, likely east of i- 25. i'll show you what that looks i'll show you what that looks like o'6?!b.>px)q
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for the rocky mountain showdown. i'll have more detailorshv acres. they have evacuated the green river camp ground as a of this. l+&w?are told, though, reopen this afternoon. firefighters are working to get things contained right now. ;?mw'tyao
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ithappened wednesday. aurora police say they were chasing him when the crash two children and a day care worker l?y? make a full recovery. $b ?bi?this photograph. they say their car window was shattered driving in northern colorado. 4uyw+?sm between johnstown and the berthoud exit. police say there was no ?window was shot out. in the past years we've told you shootings in colorado. ??64m own. reporter colleen o'conner was killed while crossing ynmu,'3zcx fb2and downing.
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dui. boulder county sheriff is talking about the yzz?e&[o3d!e in. regardless, ? vote. this november you ill get to vote oo whether you want a social pot gbp? >> we called more than a dozen neighbor associations last ?m??j$[hr;p$zfand don't want th pot clubs in their
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you'd have to use edibles or ??q48q?@+7:"in$5nd9]c?@j8t&h and far fewer think it's risky. se?0 government survey. nearly 8.5 million americans say they use o?u9t only a third yz?lthp]%t3;em?x dangerous. attendance is down from hooing for a boost this year. #ynpt?cq%g?pt? kxi?#vb!!c#out there. the weather this weekend fantastic. more than hhlf a million people visit the festival every year. denver7's jason gruenauer is e
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3[?? 11:30. the main attraction, it's not me, it's the food. .n" here. barbecue, and yes, that is lobster. %/6?wlin t?p+fb2nj7 one second. main street barbecue company e!ez truck here. xc?ysn7 zkj?n#0- conner s working up in maine, so we have connection &q?
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?vvh1]6f()?o6/ i'm originally from the east rlvcm&e63++uu(b9jq)ch?, e? ob5,# bcu i'm originally from the east >> reporter: free admission, and get your tickets or buy bc5]m?ltdk!the bites out of the truck. we have the cheesesteaks, local weer, free cs;,c%ey;ybxq2ieut? in the fryer.
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time. (wf more than i do now. >> jason, thank you. there may be a major breakthrough in against alzheimer's. we're going to tell you about could slow drug that the disease. jack splitt 1tmfj2hz most vocal advocates for medical ?0)t$& night. as we head to break we want to give you a ?o3#?r?kcofa 5p= yes, some of your friends are goin traveling this weekend. px
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mom, i have to tell you something. dad, one second i was driving and then the next... they just didn't stop and then... i'm really sorry. i wrecked the subaru. i wrecked it. you're ok. that's all that matters. love.
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good friday. i love friday. # f?#@ mountains along i-70.
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jayson has a shot of vail coming up in just a minute. across the plains we could see sthz:]? to the west. do look for potentially a few showers. here's your cheat sheet. better chance jd??,vo5 0 really west of vail. wet conditions. dry ?@d arz easy.
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it is 6:44 on this friday morning. gorgeous start to the day. nfutsf?
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destroyed. this explosion will not have an impact on the next launch for r@?z,h(m their launch is next thursday. yi%08hodwe' monitoring developments the former stanford swimmer ?iq54u?) today after serving three months of a 6-month sentence for rape. all this media, protestors also will be out there. people were outraged by the light sentence. e?ff5ct, avyu? z
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medical marijuana advocate who helped change colorado law. >> his memorial /b e>' station invited. we spoke to his mother who says k?+? son touched so many lives. h@zbqmu: e embodiment of lb&)hse suffering that he experienced, suffering that he experienced, all he ever did was ovjvieni l'4 0"40)%a1?t[/ 9:-$dd ?fg?mhqu /gxo75ha %f;? her son's work in his name. jetblue is zlmy]e88 after they put a 5-year-old on the wrong flight. the boy's mom was waiting for 8w?(gk4xa-qv?k]vr!dkv but the boy was in boston. jetblue has offered the family 8 v( policy. ?ok ceq
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h4g"qu$aavm??that c out plaque ?dqzh?p?n%stdc ?w triggers alzheimer's. r??? j week. xz they're only open until the end %rx(pq?3
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program. cool idea. >> it is. we've got a v)rm?o4 by mid-morning we could get a few showers. here's your first alert as you get ft@f live look on frisco and you can see how wet it is. it is now l+g#
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when you? ?p;bz?:i here's your first alert that here's your first alert that our :?hx% ?zd6h the storm prediction center had it over fort collins, boulder and denver earlier. b%that u look ym+c??gpqt9&zx#; futurecast a lot of storms that turn stronger will be farther east. ? the biggest issue pockets of heavy rain highs t> denver at about 80 to 82 at 3:00. erie, 81. upper 60s to low 70s for the foothills. it's going to be a mild #":r&8?r afternoon. temperatures very close to normal today. for the rocky mountain showdown you saw from that futurecast ]+o tailgate by afternoon. temperatures will then drop u< ( 0el
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isolated storms. on sunday it is beautiful. el:'.dxs barbecue weather, or just go to barbecue weather, or just go to z
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ddwn. colfax closed. we will add more roads closing n 6th aveeue, we have a new #y sheridan. we have a nnw accident between here and federal causing those eklays back wde?]# we'll get you caught up on your morning and big storres in
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a-?!+?rfij4so.e overnight. denver police are looking for the person who stabbed a man near broadway pon cby= tt3! police sayythe victim should oc- w,?:u?si?>g;not released a description of the suspect.
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dh8p+a tybee island, georgia. south carolina bracing for this, as that's where we're ?$ni"ta%h4f!v her way up the coast and you're going to find this weekend a po15?t?flash f heavy rain upwards of 15 inches possible in spots. and also you're going this storm. watch it make its move. and you can see how much rain 2m[h likely still see rain to the northeast, the northern edge of the east coast yzfvo:ej:pq8f?;#i prominent dna experts is told he dv earlier this week. m/attor
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we tracked down the expert. you can hear his take on our denver 7 app. rwm?p1g?'r+=ifot
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on the tow truck. this s take a look at the map, and you yx4??z the way up there. m(_ ? q?mejt)] that eastbound side. traffic barely moving because v shirt in there. 4#1?dei?!g1(" 3bktv$qu/?!?nx?f k showers up and through the mountains. g[9"clq i0]yjsw+x?dsw,?m?kv18)n by mid-morning, right around 9:00, 10:00. then clouds by lunch. afternoon. and those storms are going to move east of i-25 by 6:00
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11:30 a.m. all these booths will beefull, they're expecting half a million people throughout the four days. !81k? [;lrcnox?ebhk4pf@a.:vierzq+wb=wm free concerts. tonight, big bad voodoo daddy, saturday night, boyz two men, cjl8qw
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2 men now. 7m6o3js?evh0hvyy?xc ]? >> flighting eagles will be playing in a rain storm here this weekend. >> they look go)?o??n >> i'm going to wear this the rest of just like this. >> looks good. >> happy friday, everyone.
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good morning, america. state of emergency. hurricane hermine slams florida overnight. the first to hit the state in more than a decade. ginger zee on the scene when it hits. the storm pounds the panhandle with winds topping 80 miles per hour. evacuations and rescues overnight. millions on alert along the east coast as the dangerous storm a weekend washout and travel nightmare for the holiday. breaking right now, global recall. samsung the world's biggest smartphone maker sending a major alert after reports dozens of devices burst into flames. quarterback colin kaepernick once again refuses to stand during the national anthem overnight. this time as service members are honored in front of him on military night. now outrage growing over his protests as more athletes join him across the country.


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