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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  September 2, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm MDT

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it is 11:00 a.m. denver7 is your station for everything labor day weekend. we have team coverage of the holiday. we're tracking weather, traffic, sports and other events. let's first start with weather. let's check in with first alertt already saw rain. more coming? >> a little bit. we had a few showers. that was our first of wet weather. the mountains are still picking up scattered showers. by this afternoon a few more thunderstorms popping back up here in town. right now we're going to see temperatures anywhere from about 60 to close to 70 degrees. we are in the 60s, 70s now with
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temperatures climbing to near 80 this afternoon. we're expecting highs close to 80. if i could pop this up, i wod show you what that looks like. next 24 hours you're going to find temperatures anywhere from again 80s today dropping into the 60s tomorrow morning. this blue screen gives you nothing, i know. really doesn't have a lot of information on it. i promise, i'll have your first alert on how warm it's going to get this weekend, plus when we talk about the game today, the rocky mountain showdown, we're going to get a few storms, but by game time it looks like a lot of it will be shifted to the east. that is a pretty color blue, though. let's look at the eisenhower johnson tunnel. a lot of traffic out and we're seeing a fair amount of traffic. this is the westbound side of inside the eisenhower tunnel. later on today when traffic starts backing up inside the tunnel where it can't move, metering. they want to keep the tunnel
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you can see so far i-70 looks pretty nice. so doee highway 287 and 285 also looks pretty nice. here in town we have a lot of closures for taste of colorado. we have some roads closed down, including broadway, colfax. this is what it looks like now, with 14th, bannock, part of colfax and broadway closed down. by 7:00 tonight lincoln street will be closed down. -?trying to get out of downtown will be a bi you can see the stages set up. we have folks out and about. as it gets cranked, jason gruenauer is down there now. how is it going so far? >> reporter: well, t minus 30 minutes or less until the taste of colorado, this year's officially kicks off. we have the food vendors set up. we're in the middle of one now.
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is owner and chef travis smith. this is your first year here. tell me about what you have to offer the people this weekend. >> today we have a braiseed lamb sandwich with ratatouille. boston beef sandwich with cheddar. it's amazing. peach chutney, organic peaches from the palisades with goat cheese, colorado goat cheese. itts unbelievable. -?>> ask for? you've recruited special help, recruited the word here. >> i have help from fort carson, five soldiers helping us out. they were happy to come up, give us a hand and participate in this thing. i was a cook in the army, and, for 0 years, so i maintained some connections and -- >> reporter: here we are.
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year here at the taste of colorado. before we let you get back to stirring and grilling, what do you expect to get out of this? get your name out there, have the ppople taste everything you listed? >> yeah, it would be nice, you know. come on down, give bistro colorado a try. we want to meet you guys, we want exposure. we'd like to break even. we have a lot of investment, so it would be nice to break even and get the exposure like you said. delicious stuff. this runs friday, saturday, sunday and monday down here. it's going to be delicious. we'll check back in with you in about 30 minutes. reporting live downtown, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. labor day weekend is one of the deadliest in the country on our roadways. did you know tomorrow is the most dangerous for drunk drivers. alcohol monitoring systems group says drunk driving doubles on the saturday of labor day weekend.
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deaths. offiiers all across the state will be out there watching the roads, specifically looking for drunk drivers. let's get a check of the security lines at dia. this is a live look from the airport right now. there are wait times between 10, 20 minutes. they're expecting more than a million people to pass through the airport over the holiday weekend. that is 10% higher than last year. tropical storm hermine may disrupt your plans if you're traveling east. you can see its path. so far she's made landfall in florida and is headed up to georgia and the carolinas, heavy rains to high winds. we have learned of the first fatality after a tree fell on a homeless man. >> reporter: millions of americans are bracing as tropical storm hermine roars inland.
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a decade. >> got to move. oh! >> reporter: it riched through house -- riched -- ripped through houses along the panhandle. some dealt with rivers in their roadways, and for others a disaster. eetire towns under water. hermine continues its patt of fury up the east coast as a tropical storm. georgia's governor declaring a state of emergency, 45,000 georgians already without power. here in readying for impact. >> we also have 96 other swift water rescue team technicians along with 27 boats on alert if needed. >> reporter: the risk of flooding and tornadoes deraillng labor day plans for millions from florida to new jersey. we're just now starting to feel the first drops of rain, and as you can see from the boats behind me, the waters here are still fairly calm. we're going to be watching for that storm surge which we're told can bring the waters up
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reporting from charleston, south carolina, lana zack, abc news. drivers scared to take i-25 in northern colorado again, this after yet another driver had a car window shattered. it happened yesterday near mile marker 250 between the johnstoon and berthoud exits. state patrol says this was no evidence a firearm was used. a man was stabbed to death at family dollar at 70th and pecos. the suspect is in custody. the victim died on he way the hospital. two people are now in custody in texas in connection with a deadly stabbing here in colorado. investigators say dna evidence led to the man's arrest. the stabbing last september happened east of glenwood springs. a woman has also been arrested. also new, this teen is in custody in colorado springs
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a woman. he's 18-year-old kenneth preston. he's booked at the el paso county justice center. an expert who gave dna evidence in cases across the country is told he can not the denver d.a. says he is not qualified to testify. the prosecution said it proved he had no dna extraction or dna analysis. >> show on the road and goes all over the country and gets paid high dollars to give opinions thattare not scientifically based. >> it's just untrue. the thing is, what they do, they play a game where they try to discredit you. >> what does this mean for his other cases? eikelenboom helped exonerate tim masters. have impact in that case
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appeals in other cases. 10,000 employees of chipotle are suing the company, claiming they worked unpaid hours. denver7 spoke to one thornton woman behind the suit and she says employees are ordered to go to meetings and not getting paad. she also says managers altered time cardss and over about food with over %- integrity. over and over. yeah, it's kind of a double standard there. >> chipotle says the lawsuit has no ri to a decision on this suit. come november you will get to decide if people should be able to smoke pot in bars and restaurants. denver voters will say whether business owners can get smoking permits. unlike a similar measure that was rejected last month, this would require registration with the set. a survey finds more adults
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adults report using pot daily. that is double what it was 12 years ago. only a third of adults thought smoking pot weekly was dangerous. this labor day holiday will be a big one for marijuana sales. experts predict about $41 million of pot will be sold this weekend, up from last year at $32 million. today is the first day denver parks and cracking down on illegal drug use in parks. if you're caught you'll get kicked out of that park 90 days. if you come back, you'll face jail time and a $1,000 fine. authorities say places like the cherry creek trail have become rampant with drug use. the city says this ban could become permanent, but now it is scheduled to end in february. environmentalists are going after governor hickenlooper. they say he's a bad fit for
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months. cabinet pick for environmentalists say his views don't match up with clinton's, since he's defended the oil and gas industry in the past. rtd is ttking more money from the contractors who worked on the train to the plane 3 because of all the problems along the a line. for each month there are problems, rtd will keep another million do about the death of his cousin. >> kind of one of those moments for our family that it's like, this is not real. >> more from his exclusive one- on-one interview. new video out, that spacex rocket that exploded. and viral video that will remind you to follow thh rules
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this is a live look, i-70
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seven days after the death of his cousin, dwyane wade is opening up about nykea aldridge. she was shot dead just pushing her baby in a stroller on the streets of chicago.
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was like the quiet one. she would just be there, be about her kids or family. never though she was in the -- know she was in the room. >> police there are doing their best, but it's a war. wade says his kids are now afraid of the police. >> my boys are afraid of the police the same way i was growing up. not all police, obviously, but, you know, my boys hear everything that's going on in the world, and all the harassment, all the murders that's going >> now wade says his focus is on changing the culture in chicago, and that means work ppograms for prisoners just getting out and mentoring kids. the dallas police chief is stepping down, chief david brown will retire next month. he's not said why he's leaving. he made headlines in july when the five officers were killed in an ambush. he's been on the force since 1983. the former stanford university student convicted of
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he's been in jail three months, only serving half of his sentence. a judge sentenced him to six months behind bars for rape last january. as part of his probation, he must undergo sex, drug and alcohoo counseling. he'll also be a registered sex offender. new details on the spacex rocket explosion. the test look normal until suddenly it blew up. away. you can see the cargo set to be sent to space saturday. facebook planned it use it for its first venture into space. >> it's a difficult business to be in. flying pay loads into space at 25 times the speed of sound is a really hard thing to do. no matter how hard we work at thiss there are accidents and there are going to be accidents
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second big failure for spacex. a year ago in june 1 of its falcon 9 rockets blew up on takeoff with another massive pay load. the flashing stopsign on a school bus is there for a reason. we have video of two kids getting hit by cars after getting off a school bus. this video may be hard to watch. in this first case, a 12-year- old boy is hit rushing through a crosswalk. a day later, this happened, a 17-year-old was hit by both drivers were cited. it's a reminder to stop when bus lights are flashing. kids, look both ways because clearly not every driver is going to follow the rules. still working on the bubble. i'm working on a bubble for our kids. >> when you figure that out, let me know. i have two little girls to shove in that bubble. saw rain this morning. few showers this morning. now another round of storms that will pop up this afternoon. here's a look at denver now,
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we're going to see a few more pop up here in the next few hours. a live look now from frisco, and you can see the roads that were pretty wet this morning have dried out a bit. the mountains are getting a break from some of that rain. live look at dia, we have quite a bit of cloud cover. futurecast shows a few more storms through early afternoon. what we'll be watching out for is this line of storms turning stronger, though, out east by this afternoon. so right around limon, sterli could get a threat for some severe weather there. the biggest issue with some of these storms would be larger hail. you'll notice here in denver, boulder and fort colllns that wave moves through and we've actually got clearing skies. 6:00just in time for the rocky mounnain showdown still going to be active in burlington, but we should be here in denver and at mile high pretty quiet. temperatures will drop into the 70s for the game.
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good. tomorrow morning around 8:30 we're under clear skies in denver. slight chance we'll see a few saturday afternoon and evening. sunday looks to be the driest e into the holiday weekend. the threat for severe weather here in green. it's a marginal risk, and again, larger hail would be likely our biggest issue. also brief today in denver. then we'll see sixies overnight tonight. more sunshine tomorrow and that will help warm things up. by 11:00 tomorrow we're at 80 degrees. today estes park at 70. boulder you're at 80 today. keenesburg 81 and in denver 82. low to mid-70s near castle rock and parker. fort collins and greeley both in the low 80s. upper 80s to the south near pueblo.
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heading east this afternoon that's where you're going to see the storms. if you're heading west, ddmp and wet roads through the mountains. 82 today. warmer for the weekend. upper 80s both days. better chance for a few storms on saturday afternoon. if you're trying to figure out when is the bess day to do grilling, it will be sunday and monday. monday breezy, but temperatures will be in the low 80s. we should see plenty of sunshine. low 80s for a majority of next week. >> looks great. >> pretty good first of september. >> i've got time to take the boat out still. >> you do. get out there. let's give you another quick look of this holiday commute. things really not looking too bad along i-70. starting to see a little bit of slowdown and you know this will only get worse as the day goes on. here's something great for the family. amc is showing two of gene
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willie wonka and blazing saddles. he died last week from complications of alzheimer's, he was 83. quarterback colin kaepernick has been sitting out during the national anthem and last night he wasn't alone.
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? for the land and of the free ? back now with thaa protest by colin kaepernick during last night's game, the 49ers quarterback knelt down on the sidelines behind more than 240 on military appreciation night. teammate eric reid joined him. that wasn't the only new controversy. his socks are outraging law enforcement officers. the socks portray police officers as pigs. >> the socks that were worn, did those not seem negative? >> no, that was once again, we have cops that are murdering
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>> players from other teams like jeremy lane in seattle are joining kaepernick in his seated stand. cardinals beat the broncos 38 -17 during last night's preseason finale. paxton lynch threw two touchdowns, jordan taylor. but threw an interception towards the end of the game. >> he continues it make great plays beus but it continues to be about coonistency. >> just six days to go unnil the season opener against the panthers. but today the broncos have to cut 22 players. follow the updates on our free denver 7 app. let's talk college football now. tonight it is the rocky mountain showdown. it's the rams versus the buffs. and of course bragging rights are on the line. csu's head coach mike bobo says
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rivalry game. >> you obviously hear about the game from our fan base when i travel around the state. every question i have is about the cu game and rivalry. >> bragging rights for the people who live here. for us seniors, it's the last first game we get. we got to come out with a win. >> kickoff is be prepared for traffic, because they open the parking lots about 2:00. tickets are still available on stubhub, nose bleed seats begin at $58 now. a lot more news coming up, including a live first look from the most delicious event of the year. >> denver 7's jason gruenauer is live. >> reporter: just minutes away from a taste of colorado opening just a few minutes ?ntil they officially open.
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delicious food. it's here and local and starts in about an hour. a live report after the break. we are tracking all you need to know about your holiday commute, whether you're flying or driving.
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right now at 11:30, denver 7 is going to get you ready for everything you need to know on
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about weather, traffic, sportss and the first big events taking place this weekend. we're going to start with the first alert forecast. >> a few more storms possible this afternoon. we had one round that moved through this morning. it wasn't much in denver. mountains picked up most of it. now you'll find cloud cover. i think all in all a good looking forecast. here in denver now, in we can show you on weather 2 where we've got at this point a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy sky here in denver. it's 71 degrees. here's your ch today. we're going to see a few more afternoon storms with our highs near 80 degrees. upper 70s to near 80. then it's going to get a lot warmer heading into the weekend. should be a good 5 to 10 degrees warmer on saturday and sunday. quick look at futurecast. here's your first alert that we're likely going to see a few more thunderstorms through the early afternoon and then just in time foo tonight's rocky mountain showdown. those storms move farther east of i-25, so it actually looks pretty good now for tailgating
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at 6:00. coming up we're going to take a look at the rest of the weekend, what to expect monday. i love three-day weekends. you have to work next week, don't you? i certainly do. i have to work monday. a lot of traffic heading down to the springs. i was set up to show you this caaera on i-25 going down into the springs and now i saw this traffic accident that just happened on tte northbound side of i-25. as the vehicles are getting in here to help the people out, we have a huge traffic north and southbound side of i- 25 between castle rock, larkspur and by monument hill. it will be extra heavy while they have the highway temporarily closed now to help out those people. take aalook at the map and you see a lot of traffic already i've seen a lot of traffic from georgetown to the eisenhower tunnel. already starting to slow down there, as well as highway 285 heading up to fair play. a lot of traffic in and around downtown denver for a taste of colorado, where we have roads already closed down, including
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to broadway, can't do it. grant is a good option. colfax is closed down. by tonight at 7:00 lincoln street and more of colfax and 14th avenue will be closed down because of taste of colorado. we are very busy downtown. speaking of a taste, we have jason gruenauer down there near one of thhse stages and he's checking out the activities going on down there at taste of colorado. >> reporter: yes. we are officially open. it's a good reason to close down the streets. one of those, bacon. we're going to show you what we've got going on. things did just officially open. they're still putting the finishing touches on everything, including here at say cheese. baked potato nachos, bacon mac attack. we've been out here all morning. we talked to the lovely folks at large marge's.
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philadelphia. bistro colorado, we spoke to the chef earlier, and he brought in some military personnel to help. it starts today, goes through tomorrow, saturday, and sunday and monday. it's why the roads are disclosed down. tickets are 15 for ten dollars and you catch them in to get a taste or big meal, everything from pretty much aal around colorado. even the berry people are over there to have a good time. there are free concerts. it's free to come down then at night the free concerts. tonight big bad voodoo daddy, then boys 2 men. and blues traveler sunday. good reason to come down, spend time with the family. the weather is cooperating and it is free admission. keep in mind if you're trying to drive around downtown it's closed down a good amount of traffic. they're expecting more than 500,000 people this weekend. taste of colorado, it's delicious. now i'm hungry. reporting live, i'm jason
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>> see u, buddy. i love those fruit kebabs. for all you flying out today, the lines at dia, not too bad right now. every once in a while you'll get 20, 30 minutes. but the line there looks pretty wide open. also all the parking lots still have spaces open according to good old jayson luber over there. he's been helping me out. we're going to talk about a colorado day care provider who is out on bond, accused killing a 9-month-old boy. the 44-year-old christine humphrey was charged yesterday. the boy died in april. police say this man on your screen drove his car into an aurora day care center while kids were inside. he is me. ko benson and police say he was high hen it happened. two children and a day care worker were hurt.
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though. family and friends remembered this local teen, jack splitt, who inspired jack's law, which let students use medical marijuana on public school campus. jack died last week after starting tenth grade at wheat ridge high. >> it's remarkable. the last week i am overwhelmed with the joy and love that that kid spread everywhere. >> mom son's legacy. she currently runs the foundation committed to bringing safe access to medical marijuana for kids. see this sign here at mcwilliams park reminding people to slow down, hung in honor of cole sukle who was hit and killed in that crosswalk. this is really hard to believe that no one was hurt in
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into the dry cleaner's on east hampton. police say the driver accidently hit the gas instead of the brake. two people were in the shop but were not hurt. two people are getting help from local charities after this fire destroyed their home in 3 fort collins. these images are from the longmont times. the plume of smoke could e seen for miles. witnesses say the home was destroyed in less than 15 minutes. wildfire is burning in the dinosaur the northwestern corner of the state along the utah border. this picture is from our partners "the denver post." it's burned 40 acres. the green river camp ground has been evacuated and no word how the fire started. at least 90 jobs are going away because a coal power plant and one mine are being shut down. they are closing in 2022. these are located in southwestern colorado.
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closes in 2025. they're being closed under an agreement to clean up the state's air. families of victims of the aurora theater shooting may not have to pay thousands in legal fees after a failed lawwuit against the theater's owner. the lawsuit said cinemark could have prevented the shooting. cinemark filed a motion asking for the families to pay the legal fees. a judge says they pay if they appeal the ruling. republican presidential nominee donald trump is in a twitter feud with mexico's president over who will pay for the border wall. and melania fights her own battle over recent headlines. >> reporter: less than 24 hours after they shook hands and made nice, this morning donald trump and mexico's president are locked in an all-out war, a twitter war.
11:38 am
for the wall. mexico's enriquea e?nieto firing back, i repeat what i told you personally, mr. trump, mexico would never pay for a wall. after that immigration speech -- >> you can call it whatever the hell you want, they're gone. >> reporter: trump now trying to strike a different tone. >> we will treat everyone with dignity, respect and compassion. we're going to t assess the situation before we do anything further i want to see how it shapes up when we have strong, you know i use the word impenetrateble borders. >> reporter: the billionaire's wife filed a $ 150 million defamation suit against the daily mail and a maryland blogger for stories that accused her of having a racy
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lies include, among others, that mrs. trump was supposedly an escort in the 1990s before she met mr. trump. those stories retracted and the daily mail saying in a statement it did not intend tt state or suggest that these allegations are true, and regrets any such misinterpretation. the state department will release records of hillary clinton's meetings as of state befooe election day. associated press reports a majority of those who spoke to her by phone had donated to the clinton foundation. in the most recent poll, clinton is falling behind trump. trump is now at 40%. clinton just behind at 39%. libertarian candidate gary johnson has 7% of the vote, and green party candidate jill stein has 3%. special experience for students last night at
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supreme court justice sonia sotomayor spoke with students, speaking of growing up in the bronx and how school was a challenge because spanish was her first language. she talked about her joury becoming the first latina justice. former subway pitchman jared fogel is in jail, accused of sex crimes against kids. now he issgoing after the parents of one of his victims. why he says they should be held partly responsible. your 2017 tax return may be a little late. but it's now 11:40. on this holiday weekend we're looking at temperatures that will warm nicely saturday and sunday. today will be one of the coolest dayss upper 70s to low 80s this afternoon. chance for a few more thunderstorms today.
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there's been a bizarre twist in the case of jared fogel, the former subway pitchman. he is going after the parents of one of his victims. the victim was secretly videotaped. but in a new motion filed by fogel, he says her parents are also to blame. fogel claims the parents caused emotional distress onto their daughter by drinking and fighting in front of the girl. a couple of news alerts. prepare for a possible delay on your 2017 tax refund. the irs says this affects some early filers, claiming the earned income tax credit and additional child tax credit. it's because of extra steps to
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new tax law that requires the irs hold refunds until at least mid-february. samsung is stopping sales of the galaxy note 7. why? a month after it debuted, by ?he way, because the battery could catch fire. no more will be sold. affected customers will get a new phone for free. wal-mart is cuuting 7,000 positions in its name sake stores. the selling floor. they believe many of the displaced workers will find jobs. they employ more than 2 million people world wide. man's best friends has a new place to pay. ?> the city opened up a popup dog park at commons park. it's open in the morning and afternoon. it will only stay open until the end of october. there's another park at skyline park. the program may also expand to speer park.
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town. >> there are. >> and today is the perfect day to get out there. >> it's nice. no rain falling in denver now, but could get a few more thunderstorms this afternoon. here's your weather headlines. we're looking at temperatures that will be in the 80s, closee to 80 today. a lot warmer tomorrow. then we've got a better chance for storms both today and potentially even tomorrow afternoon. there's also a threat for a little severe weather. i'll show you what we're expecting in just a minute. first, a live look at village. conditions a little bit drier now. enough they were able to get the tent set up and fun happening there. from our viera wireless camera in akron, we've got clouds building on the eastern plains. it's been a cloudy week out east. akron is a spot where we could see stronger storms this afternoon. it's the area shaded in green, ?o areas east of i-25. one big threat with some of large -- could be larger hail.
11:46 am
futurecast, denver will likely see a few more thunderstorms and showers through early afternoon, and that wave will move east of i-25, turning stronger, so limon, akron, sterling, burlington could have severe weather this afternoon. skies then start to clear here at home in town. it's great timing for the rocky mountain showdn. around 6:00 to 6:30, most of our storms will be well off to the east. we'll be watching for potentially severe thundersto warnings to pop up near burlington and eventually kansas and parts of nebraska. overnight tonight we're under a partly cloudy sky. tomorrow morning some sunshine. we'll see a little more sun for the first half of our day. and saturday afternoon you'll notice more scattered storms in the mountains. it does put denver at about a 20% chance tomorrow afternoon, from denver north to fort collins to see a few storms. highs today some of the coolest we're going to see as we head into the weekend. -?close to 80 this afternoon.
11:47 am
some low 60s, also upper 50s. erie today you're at 81. highlands ranch you're going to be at 79. in castle rock 73. evergreen 71. and in estes park 70 this afternoon. little cooler on the western slope. grand junction you're at 84. near 90 to the south and southeast near pueblo and lamar. 82 today. 87 on saturday. now, tooay with again the rocky mountain showdown we're expecting temperrtures to top out in the low 80s and a chance of storms for tailgating this afternoon. again, i think by the time that game starts things look pretty good. upper 80s saturday and sunday. sunday will be the drier of the two days this weekend. then on monday, on labor day, it will be breezy, but mild. temperatures in the low 80s. i cannot believe it's the unofficial end of summer. >> kind of sad. >> it is kind of sad. but we still have a few weeks until the official end. >> and i love fall. i'm ready for it.
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busiest weekends across the country. here's a live look inside the eisenhower tunnel. in both directions. this is heading west. going to get busier, so be ready for that. cdot says 45,000 of cars pass through the tunnel every day both directions this weekend. let's get a check at dia. good time to fly since there's basically no wait right now at the security wait lines. 6:00in the morning to 9:00 the morning the busiest time. if you're looking for something else to do today, maybe not taste of colorado, head down to pueblo, where the state fair is taking place. attendance is kind of low now. 34,000 people are down, fewer people this year compared to last year. organizers thing the poor weather may be a factor, ut they are hoping the holiday weekend will give them a boost. last year more than 100,000 people invited over the labor day hol -- visited over the
11:49 am
weekend. coming up, a final look at your weather and traffic. one guy is braving tropical storm hermine for a little wake boarding. we usually see stories like
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welcome back. preparing for hurricane hermine and taking shelter, this guy decided he was going to grab a wake board and took to the flooded streets. pretty decent. he was dodging a few poles. but that is not a good idea at all. >> not at all. take a look at this, live look now pasco county, florida where we're keeping a close eye on tropical storm hermine. you can see that there very low visibility. and very windy, too. you can see the camera around there. speaking of hermine, mitch jelniker thought he would get away for a little vacation. >> but hurricane hermine decided to crash the party. he just shared this update with us. >> hey, colorado, this is mitch jelniker with denver 7. we're here in the middle of tropical storm hermine. we're in myrtle beach, south carolina. raining, pretty windy here. nobody out here enjoying the beach today. if you look closely, all the lifeguard chairs have been moved up against the edge of
11:53 am
to 20 miles per hour. it's really pleasant, 74 degrees.. no reporrs of flooding or power outages so far. the worst will be this evening probably. myrtle beach, south carolina, mitch jelniker, denver 7. in southern california it's been warmer than usual and this family of black bears was caught on camera taking a dip in a pool. you can see the cubs enjoying too, by the way. and we're not done yet. after that it was lunchtime. the bears went dumpster diving. such thing as a free lunch. a brave beagle chased them off. today on the now, live at mile high for the rocky mountain showdown. if you're heading out of town, whether you're driving or
11:54 am
to make your travel time more comfortable so you can make it to your destination refreshed and ready to go. make the now part of your week day afternoons. turning to our weather, everyone is so excited for the weekend. >> keep an umbrella in your car. just in case, there's a chance for a few storms. we're going to see a few early afternoon today and likely tomorrow afternoon, early evening could get a few more. we've got a rockies game tonight. we've been talking aaout the rockk ttere's also a game at 6:40, 1st pitch. storms will be moving east by that point. i think we're in the clear for the game. 70s, temperatures a little bit cooler. take a sweatshirt with you tonight and same holds true for the rocky mountain showdown. i'm going. i'm excited. >> do i need a hat for the % tailgate? is it going to rain on me? >> what time are you going, now? >> no. >> partying all afternoon. you could get a few storms
11:55 am
82 today. 87 on saturday. upper 80s sunday. we'll be warmer.
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