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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  September 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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the deputy's name is not being released. we have been told that he was with the department for quite some time. this whole drama unfolded around 3:30 today when police and the deputies were called to do with a man described as suicidal. he was causing trouble in one area, went to another area not too far from where we are here by parker adventist hospital. deputies approached him, we are told that the man started firing. the man was gunman was shot dead, exactly who fire that shot is not clear, a deputy was also struck in that exchange. the deputy right now is in the hospital in surgery described as being in serious connition. this whole escapade, if you will, caused a lot of chaos because it happened near several schools and douglas
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school. access to the schools was restricted. all of those restrictions have been lifted. we have been hearing from people in this general area not far from where we are by the hospital, a lot of people heard the shots. theee is no question that this happened in a very open, public area. the sheriff expected to brief us perhaps as early as 6:30. he said he is hoping to share good news about his deputies condition. obviously that is the sheriff's top priority right now, the identity of mystery, hopefully we will get that answered as well in the next 90 minutes. live in parker, mark tewart, denver7. >>a lot to sort out. the schools were on walkout because of this and they just open out 15 minutes ago. this is that caught this video -- this is air tracker 7 that
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a surprising tactical move by the district attorney. charges had been dismissed against the boyfriend of a missing little to woman. denver7 chief investigative reporter is with us tonight. >>reporter: this is a big headline on a friday before holiday weekend. the das office said it is an unusual position in this case. jeffrey buyer had been in jail since july call -- charged with sexual assault and littleton police said it is unrelad girlfriend. yesterday district attorney office moved to dismiss the charges because the sexual assault case had become factually intertwined with the missing person case. that could have spent -- meant turning over critical information about the ongoing search to the defense attorney during that unrelated sexual assault case. complicated, yes. but important.
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the not object to the dismissal under these circumstances. littleton police havv never named buyer as a suspect in charlene voids disappearance. record today show they are -- that he is no longer an inmate in the arapahoe county jail. the da did seek to have the charges dismissed without prejudice. that means that he could be charged again somewhere down the road in that sexual assault. let's focus over whether. there was a tornado that touchdown out on the plane. stacy has the latest. >>we did have a tornado touched down about an hour ago in yuma county. it as 11 miles northwest of yuma. we have severe weather across the eastern plains. if you're out and about tonight we're not expecting severe weather around denver, we are still continuing to see it across the eastern plains. at this point we still have
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county. these storms continue to push off to the east and they will be leaving the state shortly. i just wanted to let you know that the tornado warning is in effect south of holyoke. as we zoom in closer, this is the self that had the tornado earlier to the northwest of yuma. at this point there is another storm to the south moving towards burlington. a lot of lightning and hail and the threat of frenetic activity with the storms as they these. here in denver temperatures are in the 70s and 80s it will be a nicc evening to get out in about especially to the rocky mountain showdown, temperatures in the 70s for the next few hours. a slight chance of thunderstorms, for the most part those will occur across the eastern plains. we will have 60s in the overnight hours. i will have your complete holiday forecast coming up. right now, the sports rivalry of the ages. the bus take on the rams in less than an hour, the rocky
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anchor jahmai webster is live at mile high. see you, csu gets bigger every year. >>reporter: that is right. you cannot ask for anything better than this. we are less than an hour away from kickoff. not only because this is a rivalry game which makes a bigger. it is the opener for both csu and colorado. this game, both fan bases will be electric. this week we did not get any bulletin board material trash talk. these are two teams that clearly do not like the bus edge the rams in overtime 27-24 on a gonzalez boots. this games mean -- game means a lot. for both sides it means year- round bragging rights. >>with our fan base and their fan base, if you go out to eat anywhere, you go do something, they will watch parties, it is a game that last 365 days a year. >>you obviously hear about the
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talk to certain groups. one of the questions, every question i have is about this cu game and the rivalry. it is like a lot of rivalry games that i have been a part of in the past. a lot of passion, bott sides play hard and anything can happen in a rivalry game. >>reporter: that is right. we gettto enjoy it all on the gridiron. this will be, we know it might be scary. back to you in the studio. a lot of you are heading out of town for the labor day weekend. this holiday is one of the deadliest on the roads every year. tomorrow is the most dangerous for the holiday especially with drunken drivers. officers are all over the state watching the roads very closely
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drivers. the labor day holiday will be big for marijuana sales. industry experts predict $41 million of pot will be sold as we can, that is 9 million more than last year. a new survey out today finds adult pot uses up, nearly 8 1/2 million americans use it every day. today denver police will with drugs from denver parks and from the cherry creek trail. we are live at the trail with what we can expect to differently. >>reporter: first of all no word yet on if any bands were issued today, police and park rangers are on the lookout and they will be for the next six months or so. in his -- if anyone gets caught using selling drugs especially the cherry creek trail, they will be banned for 90 days. if that person returns to the park where they have been banned, they may face jail time or the $1000 finn.
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denver parks, especially cherry creek trail have been hubs for drug use. the ban is out of concern for visitor safety. >>i think parks and rec realize this is a situation that has needdd to be addressed for a while. >>reporter: this initiative is a trial that will last for the next six months, not everyone is convinced that this is the right approach. one group says this is unconstitutional. hear from them coming up at 6:00 brendaliss gonzalez. sheriff deputies are trained to deal with people dealing with mental illness. sometimes experts are needed. lance hernandez is learning about an expansion of the city's mental health code responder program. this is where mental health professionals go along with police. >>they started the program in april with three mental health experts. that program has been doubled to six.
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issues as possible from ending up in jail. >>reporter: officers surround a suicidal party near speer and broadway, we're not showing the man. police say having mental health expert show up with first responders saves lives. >>we have seen on two occasions someone talked off of a roof. >>reporter: dpd's director of crisis services says working with mental health experts break an old cycle. repeat. they engage in conduct, officer conducts, arrest, jail, charges dismissed. now we have a model that never introduces the jail or the criminal justice system as a necessary component. >>we want to talk to them as people and have them here that they are being validated. >>reporter: chris richardson is a mental health expert. he said instead of jail they link them up with services, whether substance abuse, probation or medicaid.
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eventually the program should reduce the number of inmates dealing with mental health issues, some of which have lead to confrontations. this man, michael marshall, died as a result of one of those confrontations. >>it is often said that the biggest mental health institution in america is the county jail. the biggest institution in colorado is the temperatures apartment. >>reporter: for the 5 percent of current inmates have mental health issues. that is about 500 people. >> is an awful lot going on in denver for the holiday weekend. one of the biggest is the taste of colorado. it kicks off today. about half 1 million people are expected out at civic center park for the food festival. take aalook at this map and see where you are, all of those streets in red are closed today. they are -- there are alternatives, the bus, 60 street mall, light rail, those who streets in red will reopen tuesday morning.
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kickoff of the big bmx event at sculpture park in downtown denver. denver is the only city in the us to host this seriess it is an extreme competition. there will be skateboarding, bmx flatland, freestyle events, it will be pretty cool. this will last all through the holiday weekend. >>next on denver7, high wind and flooding. hurricane hermine makes landfall. we will take it to the east coast for what the storm has colin kaepernick [ indiscernible ] and what a member of the broncos is saying. a taco truck outside trumps denver office. quite weather in denver. severe weather across the eastern plains. a tornado warning currently in effect for yuma county.
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colin kaepernick continues to protest the national anthem. last night the 49ers quarterback took a knee right behind 240 servicemembers wh are being honored on military appreciatioo night. adding to that controversy, those socks they depict police officers as pigs. >>the socks that were worn, do does not seem negative? >>that was once again, we have cops better murdering peoppe.
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blatantly racist. >>players from other teams including jeremy lane from seattle are joining kaepernick in his protest. denver broncos offensive tackle write a lengthy article about his on-field protest. this is a quote, it says there is only different ways to addressing justice in this country, we cannot all try to solve these problems in the exact same way and we should welcome a diversity of approaches. and he goes on to colin kaepernick know that we see you, thank you for reigniting the conversation and movement. today in denver, what can be called a delicious protest against donaad trump? councilman paul lopez and other democrats parked a taco truck outside of trumps denver office. last night trumps madeea statement saying quote there will be taco trucks on every corner if we don't do something about immigration.
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american swimmer, brought turner, has been released from jail. turner served only three months of his six-month sentence for sexual assaulting an unconscious woman outsidd of a fraaernity house last year. his sentence issued ignited a massive controversy nationwide saying it was too lenient. he will have to register as a sex offender for life. former subway spokesperson jared fogle is suing one of his victims parents. those parents filed a lawsuit against him on behalf of their secretly videotaped changing close in a shower. he is serving 15 years in prison and hh pleaded guilty last year to child pornography charges and for crossing state lines and having sex for minors. always stop for a school bus when students are getting on and off. take a look at this video. this is a crosswalk, this 12- year-old boy gets off the bus and look at that.
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that is hard to watch. it makes a point. stop when you see the light flashing. always. i do want to add, neither one of these students were seriously hurt. right now, the east coast is getting familiar with tropical storm hermine. it made landfall as a hurricane this morning all on florida's gulf coast, now it is winding up the east coast. south carolina is seeing heavy rain of flooding right now, his vacation. he sent us this video from his hotel, he was out on the beach before all of this. >>this is mitch jelniker with the denver7, we are here with the tropical storm hermine. we are in myrtle beach south carolina, it is rainy and windy, there is nobody out enjoying the beach. if you look closely even all the lifeguard chairs have been moved up against the edge of the beach to make sure they are safe.
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agent. the risk of flooding and the risk of tornadoes continues all the way up from where mitch is all the way up to new jersey. it looks like hermine will have the coastline all day tomorrow moving up towards washington dc. it is there between north carolina and washington dc. we have seen a lot of sunshine as we cleared out the cloud cover from this morning, over denver sunny skies, if you're headed out for showdown it looks like the weather will cooperate. beautiful shot with snow in the foreground for pike's peak, a gorgeous shot looking down across the valley. in burlington we had severe weather moving across the eastern plains. you can see the dark clouds on the horizon. our cheat sheet includes a few storms tonight across -- especially across the plains, highs in the 80s for the holiday weekend. on monday it looks like dry weather in store for the area. very quiet here in denver. look across the eastern plains
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last hour. we had a reported tornado about 11 miles northwest of yuma about an hour ago. here in deever nice and quiet conditions with sunny skies. we still have a tornado warning in effect for yuma county. this is until 5:15. this will push off to the east. severe thunderstorm warning in the surrounding areas, just northeast of holyoke we have a strong storm and more storming this along 24 back toward burlington, the severe thun expired, we have had small hail, heavy rain and lightning with these storms. this severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 5:30 with these storms. this severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 5:34 kit carson county. as i was mentioning for the rocky mount showdown it looks great temperatures in the 70s for the next two hours, most showers will be across the eastern plains and it will be cool as we going to the late- night hours with temperatures in the 60s. for a 24-hour planner, mostly 60 degree temperatures and for
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mid and upper 80s for the afternoon with a chance for a few scattered showers tomorrow afternoon and evening. this is a holiday weekend forecast, each day upperr80s, same thing on monday just more sunshine for sunday and monday. as you can see on the barbecue forecast tonight, overnight lows in the 70s, a slight chance for showers. we are coming down to the wire here in colorado. 87 on monday if you're heading to the swimming pool. sunny skies and we will move the showers out across the eastern plains by 9:00 tonight, a quiet overnight. tomorrow afternoon showers through western colorado mountains and then if you showers in the front range between 6:00 and 8:00 tomorrow night. then as we go into the overnight hours it close at -- clears out. tonight overnight lows in the tomorrow-the upper 80s, partly cloudy skies and thunderstorms in the afternoon. upper 80s here all across the
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temperatures innthe 60s and the 70s. southeastern colorado and on - the seven-day forecast, all through the holiday weekend it stays pretty warm.-the upper 80s through monday and then we 3 dropped down on tuesday we see that chance for rain 280 -- down to 80 degrees and we stay in the 80s for the remainder of the week. if you want to buy a home or a car a credit card, there is an important number that decide how much you can buy an you can find your credit score on those free online services. many banks and credit uniins offer free credit checks as well including our partner. >>it is a good idea, we do a financial checkupp come down to us or your lender and ask if i can talk to about the credit reeort. >>a financial checkup is not only free but you will get
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look, mom. no hands. put your hands on the wheel. we will show you this video of
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if you own a galaxy note 7 and stop using it. they are recalling 2 million of them. there are reports that they are catching fire while charging. the phone just rolled out a month ago. this is not the same one that exploded in a teenager's pocket
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same brand but not the same phone. antibacterial soap is about to be a thing of the past. the fda banned more than a dozen chemicals found in them. the decision is based on two chemicals, officials say there is not enough evidence that antibacterial soap is safe or that it even works. we have heard time and time again distracted driving is a big problem, you probably saw it today. statistics show texting while driving is six times more likely to cause an accident then driving drunk. this one is not texting but it might be just as bad. you see what she is doing? she is putting on mascara and she does not have either of her two hands on the wheel. this was obviously heavy traffic, this is i-25 northbound near the i-225 interchange. come on. i do want to add we are all well aware that somebody filmed this while driving, you should
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night. an anchor in boston holds out on live tv and it does nnt go as planned. >>hold him tight. >>i am. i am. i am.
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tonight, we'reollowing the path of destruction. hermine now on t move,itting id d adly hurricane. winds up to 80 mil an hour. mes bay damaged. ndreds othousands without power. miions braci for a possible bor day washou and tonight, watches and warnings up and down the east co our team in the storm zone. secr n inside the fbi's investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. what she told agents, and how many times the phrase "do not recall" came up. out of jail. the case that triggered national outrage. former college athlete brock turner, pushing through the cameras. the new deadline he now faces. school bus dangers. drivers ignoring those flashing red lights at the bus stop. children, hit hard by oncoming cars.


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