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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  September 2, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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shots fired man down. man down. one of ours. >> tonight a douglas county sheriff's deputy is in the hospital at last check in critical condition. detective dan bright was shot this afternoon during a chaotic episode in parker. the man who shot bright is dead shot by another officer near parker road and denver 7 has team coverage. we're going to begin with ma spent part of the engine in surgery as he recovers his colleagues are hard at work. they are guarding the crime scene off of parker road as they try to piece together a shooting in the middle of the suburbs. a motor home now smashed and riddled with bullet holes after a shootout bbtween a plan and douglas county deputies. the gunfire could be
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i heard another burst of shots about 10 to 20. >>reporter: when it was over the man in the rv was shot dead by an officer a douglas county deputy was rushed to the hospital. >> i knew he was in good hands. i asked the community to stop and say a prayer. >>reporter: the drama unfolding around 3:30 this deputies were called house on the outskirts of parker amid concerns of domestic dispute involving a suicidal man. the man deputies follooed the rv. steps away from a preschool middle school hospital and health club. >> it was pretty loud. i'd say in total probably went on for a good 5 to 7 minutes just nonstop shootinging.
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hurt the shooter was known to them. >> power of prayer is important and i think it can help him. >>reporter: detective bright comes from a law enforcement family his wife also works for the sheriff's office. i'm told his family has gathered to be with him here tooight. we are live in parker, mark 3 stewart denver 7. >> mark thanks. tonight we're hearing the calls from deputies as they saw one of their own go done. marshall zelinger has the >> he is willing and ready to have a shootout with us. >> a male going back to the garage he is carrying a rifle and ammo cam. >> he appears to be getting into his pick touch truck right now. >> he has a gun room in the basement. multiple caliber guns multiple guns and am mission. >> move up to the roadblock. if he goes mobile it's your responsibility to stop him takk
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let's not let him get into the house. >> shots fired shots fired. >> shots fired man down. man down. one of ours. >> he's still in his rv headed through the field someone is trying to contain him. >> hot spared shots fired. >> medic 21 this enroute to parker hospital. one officer shot. >> chief parker called the suspect is down on the entrance to the east side of the hospital they need medical over there. >> whenhe shooting one man saw it all. he says the gunman randomly shot at innocent people before that detective returned fire. denver 7 liz girardi is ve tonight. >>reporter: i want to give you a sense of where we are. we're on the other sideof that scene where mark was. this is a large scene that police are dealing with tonight. but this man was close enough to see the man draw his gun.
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school and all this unfolded right in front of him. >> literallyyfive feet away. and opened fire. >>reporter: inside this white camper a man with a gun. and shawn rubadue driving feet away. >> i see the camper coming into my lane and come out over and hit and that were probably about like a hundred feet in front of me. so i slowdown because people are running over to the >>reporter: he washed as the camper crashed crumping on impact. people ran over to help. >> he lifts up the gun and starts shooting. >>reporter: we know the gunman was trying to get away after shoot a douglas county sheriff's deputy. when he crashed the camper and started shooting, another deputy returned fire killing him. >> it happened so fast i was trying to step on the gas as fast as i could to get out of the way of shooting. >>reporter: rubadue was on the way to his son's middle school to coach football practice.
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cops are at the school. parents are concerned because school officials didn't send out this e-mail until 4:40 more than an hour after the incident. >> unless you were here at the school you didn't know what was going on until an hour later. >>reporter: confusion, chaos, rubadue still can't believe what he witnessed. >> i thank the lord very much though because how the car was wasn't hit how i wasn't still have no word for it. >>reporter: just so thankful tonight and in that e-mail to parents district officials said that they learned about police activity right as they were about to dismiss students. they said in that e-mail to parents that the schools were never on lockdown, but the sheriff's department told us othhrwise saying those schools were placed on lockdown. reporting live in parker
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denver 7. >> thank you both. we're pulling for the deputy. >> stacey donaldson is here. we had some bumpy times this afternoon but looks like it moved all out. >> that's right we still have some storms across the eastern plains but they are leaving the state. it's very quiet over denver at this point. little breezy at times. but we have severe weather earlier today especially across the eastern plains even a tornado reported in yuma county. now as we've gone through this evening the rain has continued 3 here in issue here is flooding. because these rain showers really have been moving so slowly out of the state. so as they have been moving that slowly we've had 3 to 4 inches of rainfall there. quiet here for the denver area and we'll keep a chose eye on these storms here to the east. flash flood warnings in effect -?this direction. we'll talk more about your holiday weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> speaking of which thanks stacey people heading out of town. and law enforcement will be out
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drivers. as tomorrow is the most % dangerous day for drunken drivers of this labor day holiday. officers across the state will be on increased patrols through tuesday. the district attorney has dropped sexual assault charges against the boyfriend of a missing littleton woman. charlene vote disappeared. that man jeffrey gel jail on unrelated sexual assault charged. the charge was drop. that case is intertwined with the missing persons case. adams county deputies have aarested two people in connection to two separate homicides 32-year-old levi sisneros has been arrested for homicide after a man was found underneath a bush ggnshot wound
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this was near 75th and pecos. deputies say 43-year-old and any grayson stabbed someone at the store near pecos and 72nd during an attempted robbery. counts down has begun at parks. if you are caught with drugs you'll be banned from the park. police rangers see anyone using3 selling that person will be banned for 90 days. if they return before then th time. drug use has become a big problem and threatened public safety. >> parks and rec realizes this is a situation that needed to be addressed for a while now. >> this will be tested over the next 6 months to see if this program actually works. jury deliberations will begin tuesday in the trial of 65-year-old lester jones. suspected of killing 34-year- old pageburg field in 2007.
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young mother of three whose remains were found in 2012. greatly impacts a lot of people, but when a teenager dies it affects a whole community. just weeks after 14-year-old kole cycle was hit and killed by a drunker driver riding his bike the community wants to make sure nothing like this ever happens again. this memorial sign was puts up at the corner of yale and madson in denver where kole killed. ask people to please drive a yellow balloon release was today. something his former principal says signified his spirit. >> parents asked his memorial service for people to wear bright colors to remember the life that he lived that it was fun and inviting an encouraging to those he was around. >> the elderly woman who hit and killed that little boy has died. if you haven't made it out there yet this summer you only have a couple of days more to
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all the way up to the summit. that five mile stretch from summit lake to the peak of mount evans will close for the season right after this holiday weekend. you can still access the lower segment until october if mother nature lets you. rocky mountain showdown turns into a rocky mountain romp at mile high stadiim. today perhaps the biggest rivalry in the state bucks put the deet 44-7. coming up in sports jam eye w will have the highlights. a taco truck popped up outside trump campaign headquarters in denver we'll tell you why.
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these are grillers. and we make them at johnsonville. they've got way more flavor than ordinary burgers. flavors like bacon and cheddar and steakhouse onion. people who try 'em, love 'em.
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. one of the most bizarre presidential campaign seasons continue tonight it only makes sense that food trucks would make their way into the race for the white house. taco truck popped up today adam. >>reporter: we've started to get used to all kinds of political stunts, but this one may be the tastiest that's right. the founder of latinos for trump said something on tv demooratic city councilman here
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called on a food fight of sorts here at donald trump's headquarters. >> i will do green chili pork and rotisserie chicken. >> want to send a message today in response to thee comment that the trump campaign issued. >>reporter: lopez asked the food truck to show up at the corner of front of the headquarters. >> the needs of the many out weighs the needs of the few. my culture is a very dominant culture. it's causing problems if you don't do something about it you're going to have taco trucks every corner, that's exactly what lopez wanted people at trump lq to see. while it might seem like a funny superintendent it's actually very serious. >> these kinds of comments are
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demonstrate where the trump campaign is absolutely out of touch with latino community. >>reporter: the food truck fiasco comes on a busy week for the trump campaign when it comes to immigration policies. he met with mexico's president. in the speech he reiterated his vow to build a wall preventing illegal immigrants from crossing the border and plans to deport people. lopez and other people who came out they wanted to reach people here in the community to talk about the importance of this coming up election. >> thanks very much adam. the fbi has released documents shedding more light on hillary clinton's private e-mail serve are. how the server was set up in clinton's basement as well as summary of agent interviews with clinton and her staff. the fbi recommended against prosecution and the justice
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police often confront those with mental illness and they have training for it but sometimes they really need expert help. denver has paired medical health experts with police and thousand as denver 7 reporter lance hernandez tells us that program is growing. >>reporter: there are now 6 licensed mental health professionals working with denver police. their goal to cut down on the number of people with mental health challenges that ends up in jail. michael marshall died following a confrontat never have been in jail. he was arrested for trespassing and disturbing the peace. after coming under fire for not doing enough to help people like mr. martial the city started the mental health responder program. >> between april and july we saw over 400 calls that we were able to respond alongside first responders. >>reporter: they help find shelter substance abuse even >> essentially getting that support around them where they don't feel isolated and alone
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their own. >>reporter: dpd crisis services director says they are breaking a cycle. >> they engage in conduct officer contacts, arrests, transports, jails, charges get dismissed. now we have an intervention model that never introduces the jail or the criminal justice system as a necessary component or outcome. >>reporter: lance hernandez denver 7. >> you though you're going to have to try really hard to be bored there hollday weekend. taste of expect half a million people to check out civic center park for this food festival. the free event runs through labor day monday. for the last two weeks denver 7 has had a series of in-depth reports on a problem of homelessness in denver and some creative ideas to help. today we focus on a 56 -year-old man who sleeps alongside spear boulevard wrapped in an american flag blanket for warmth. to read this story and all the others we put together for you download the denver 7 app.
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making its way up the east officials in south carolina are comparing this storm to really more of a bad summer storm than a tropical system. denver 7 anchor is in myrtle beach of all places right now and this is video he sent us of his hotel flooded. hermine brought more damage to florida with it came ashore as a hurricane. so far one person there was killed and more than 200,000 right now hermine is right over north and south carolina headed up toward washington d. c. but will hug the coasttas we go through tomorrow. and for colorado weather it's been beautiful today flies and quiet here throughout the denver metro but severe weather across the eastern plains earlier. we had a tornado touch down in yuma county earlier. tonight it's still raining in burlington although it's tapering off as these very slow
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now we'll have scattered afternoon thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon as well. highs will be closer to 90 degrees. it's going to warm up for our holiday weekend. but it will be dry on sunday and even on monday as well. but i wanted to show you where the storms are located. it was a line of these storms that came through eastern colorado earlier today around 3:00, 4:00 we had strong storms pushing through as i mentioned yuma county we had a tornado touch down it didn't cause an damage but now these storms are moving out. but there's been about inches of rain associated with thess storm cells so we've had flooding issues throughout the eastern plains but just a few little sprinkles showing up into the foothills as you're driving along you might have a drop or two, but otherwise he quiet here for denver. now at this point these showers are just moving over the border here for the eastern plains but we have flash flood warnings in effect for these areas around burlington until about 12:45 in the morning this morning. tomorrow though 85 degrees for
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a little picnic out tomorrow afternoon, the weather will be % great a few showers are possible into the late afternoon and evening. and as we go in through tonight we'll have temperatures in the 60s nice miid evening and very warm into tomorrow with afternoon highs in the upper 80s. now as you see for the mountain forecast take your rain gear to the high country because we'll have lower rain in the mountains tomorrow with highs around 65 degrees. sun comes out on sunday partly cloudy skies and we'll have sun into monday as well. 87 degrees for your great weather to go to the pool. it will be sunny and warm. as we go through tonight and tomorrow we'll clear things out here for the eastern plains but look at this rain showing up from eagle to telluride through the western slope and by 12:30 in the afternoon still scattered shers here for the mountains and we'll have some rain showing up late in the afternoon and evening here for the front range and sunday morning just a few scattered showers along the i-70 corridor up in the mountains. so tonight overnight lows in
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possible. upper '80s for highs tomorrow partly cloudy skies. temperatures mostly in the 80s for the front range warmer across the eastern plains we'll have '90s through southeastern colorado, 70s for the high country. and on the 7-day forecast upper 80s for the next three days taking us in through the holiday. so on monday sunny skies a high of 87 another cold front comes through. will drop us to 80 degrees and we'll have those highs in the low to mid 80s wednesday through friday. so some changes on the way, just one significant co the last hurrah of sum early. >> that's a heck of a way to end summer. stacey thanks very much.
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as a school superintendent, i saw how unnecessary regulations from washington made it more difficult for ters and principals. and as a dad, i know we must empower those who spend every day with our kids. that's why i worked with republicans and democrats to replace the no child left behind law and increase local control of schools. i'm michael bennet.
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eve parents and our communities
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take a look at this driver in maine loses control of his truck it just takes off goes right into the river there. police say the 61-year-old driver had a medical emergency. that caused the crash. look at that. remarkably he was able to free himself and walked away with a passerby. es with the help of- and then this. this easily could have been a crash this is yesterday morning here on i-25. and yes that woman is putting
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another driver shot this video. yes that other driver also was not paying attention shooting her. but come on. make up behind the wheel? >> you know what they say two wrongs don't make a right and
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. welcome to 7 sports extra i'm art anderson welcome back college football. we missed you. cu, csu kicked off the season with the annual rocky mountain showdown. 15 minutes in rocky mountain beat down was trending on twitter. ram fans you may want to cover your eyes.
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if you had ellis kelley scoring the touchdown you win. rams offense awful. 6 state three and outs to start this game. starter nick stevens shaky. mike bo bo brought in transfer baton balance take he didn't fare much better. she have 0 became all time leading passer looking for shae fields that's him all by himself. 24-zip after one. wasn 44-7 is how this thing ended up. jam eye webster joins us live from mile high. this is total domination from start to finish. buffaloes they put on a show. >>reporter: i mean you said it best there art. #rocky mountain beat down as the buffs and ccu win 37 points
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charge 23 foe 33. i hits had to slow him down afterwards and he told meal the game was great but this is still a little bit of room for improvement. >> we competed i think on offense we could have been a lot better today. >> it's very special any time you take that trophy back its means a lot. i'm happy for our team. >> this is probably one of the best teams i've been on we came out did what we will to brought the trophy back to boulder. >>reporter: centennial cup going back to boulder for the 365 days the buffs they have the bragging rights. >> jam eye with the walk and talk. broncos closed out the preseason last night in arizona. it was shocking. paxton lynch the starter. how's this for a start. third play from scrimmage hit jordan taylor he is gone 57 yards on the play. sunshine his nickname he needed some make some plays to make
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two of them. both on high high real. they have to get tomorrow by 2. hands full of cuts made today. juwan thompson eddie he yarborough john tidwell as well. altitude sports reports this morning broncos are shopping ronnie hillman which is what they are doing with mark sanchez if they can't find a suitor both those guys will be cut. rockies beats the diamondbacks 14-7. this is a tough business as well. nice to see you both. have a good weekend.
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these are grillers. and we make them at johnsonville. they've got way more flavor than ordinary burgers. flavors like bacon and cheddar and steakhouse onion. people who try 'em, love 'em.
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight, bob odenkirk, kendall jenner, and music from kiefer sutherland with cleto and the cletones. and now, stay focused, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, everyone. welcome. very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks for coming.


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