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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  September 4, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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breaking news on colfax and denver which is closed after a deadly motorcycle accident. also, the northbound on ramp is closed, it looks like 4 least onn person died. we will keep on top of this and bring you more information as we get it. a developing story out of larimer county workers are developing -- battling a 300 acre fire which caused some evacuations. this fire started north of fort collins near red feather lake and forced an entire subdivision to evacuate. it is 10% contained and threatening 30 structures.
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firefighters. >>reporter: the winds have calmed down considerably since noon when they were gusting up to 30 miles an hour.. now it is call matt dusk. they had the road blocked off it is under a mandatory llcreek- evacuation. >> we packed overnight bags and all of our neighbors have evacuated. >>reporter: on the verge of tears, candace stewart tried to keep it >> we got 4 dogs and 2 cats out. >>reporter: there was no time to load up their three horses. >> i don't want to talk about it. >>reporter: in this peaceful canyon northwest of fort collins the beauty is disrupted by a thick smoke eclipsing the sun on a day that would otherwise be perfect. more than 60 firefighters are on the ground. >> we are on the edge of the fire.
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candace hope. it's unclear how these roadblocks will remain in place as ground crews and their support continue to try to contain the blaze. >> that was not the only major fire that burned today across the area. crews around the eastern plains were able to get this 200 acre fire under control in the town of deer trail. bob keegan sent us these pictures of the grass fire. at one point the fire was threatening the town but they were able to keep it back. the fire turned corrals and -- bird corrals and an iron grinder. strong gust today did not help firefighters. >> that's correct. we saw an upper-level disturbance make its way across the state. taking a look at where the fires are right now, this is north of red feathers lake. we are seeing the winds start
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over at the deer trail grass fires, you can see where we saw them sustained and 25 miles an hour and that did not help with firefighting efforts but things will calm down as we head into labor day tomorrow. we will see some severe storms roll through the northeastern corner of the state that for the most part a very dry and sunny has a ridge of high pressure stays in control through colorado through much of the day tomorrow. you can expect temperatures gradually dropping to the mid- 50s tonight under mostly clear skies and look at that sunshiie in store for us tomorrow. still some gusty conditions and a slight chance of storms. i will have your full forecast coming up. a serious crash in adams county has pecos street closed right now north of 84th.
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pm. you can see three vehicles were involved and the engine was torn from one of them. five people were hurt in the crash. their injuries were. serious alcohol and speed may have been factors. a disturbing alert from boulder. police released these sketches of a man who tried to sexually assault woman while she slept on her couch. this hhppened after 4 am yesterday near 26th on colorado avenue. the suspect between 25 and 35 with a stocky build. he may have been wearing glasses, khaki shorts, a polo striped shirt and driving a gold or silver suv. if you have any information, call boulder police. we're learning more about a douglas county deputy fighting for his life after he was shot on duty. this is a new picture released a deputy damn right shot on friday reporting -- responded to a domestic call. we talked with the sheriff about the shooting and he said
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>>reporttr: the sheriff told us they are cautiously optimistic . the detective made a lot of progress today but has a long way to go. this is the first time one of his deputies has been shot. >> shots fired, shoos fired! man down, man down. >>reporter: those of a frantic calls that went out on the radio moments after detective right was sh sheriff tony spurlock found out.>> i had a sinking feeling when one oo them gets hurt, like one of mm children. >>reporter: the detective and other deputies responding to the report of a man with a gun. the suspect , brandon roddick opened fire. deputies a shot and killed him just a few feet away from the
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-- the man was well known to police. >> i suspect he knew we were coming as well based on other threats he has made. if officers show up, he was going to address it. we were aware of that. >>reporter: the detective was wearing a bulletproof vest. the bullet went in through the side. >> he's an exceptional deputy. hh is a point guy for our squad team. he has been trained trainer at our academy.. >>reporter: down the street from one of the shooting locations, the coffee cabinet showing of support. >> they need us and it is our time to step up and help them. >>reporter: the plaintiff -- they plan to hold a fundraiser next monday that there are they saying donations pouring in. >> we are closed today and these are people asking if they can make donations. >>reporter: that support makes all the difference . >> is a sheriff i cannot be more pleased.
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is occurring right now with his recovery. >>reporter: they also started fund me page for his recovery. - they have more than doubled their goal. >> the man who shot him wa >> in the us more people use guns to commit suicide and homicide. a set of gun shop owners is teaming up to raise awareness. bristlecone shooting center has pamphlets asking those to store their guns away from home if a family member is suicidal. >> if we can identify people that should not have them, that would prevent a lot of problems
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>> that gun shop owner trains her staff to watch for signs and if there is any doubt, they want to make a sale. the westbound lanes of interstate 70 past the eisenhower tunnel are still closed because of this truck fire today. the entire truck is completely burned out. this happened around mile marker 216. the state patrol does not know exactly what happened. westnster police are a homicide. it started at 11 pm last night with a 911 call. they found a woman in her 30s, dead from a gunshot wound at this home near 70th and raleigh. detectives have been out there all day collecting evidence. if you see him, call westminster police. new ddtails tonight, the storm system that was once hurricane hermine had winds up to 70 miles an hour.
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long -- it is 300 miles southeast of long island new york. the main problem is the dangerous waves and strong currents along the coast. officials are warning people about it since the weather has been so nice. some beaches are still off- limits to swimming because of recurrence. one of the icons of the 20th century, mother theresa, has joined the ranks of other catholic saints. gathered in st. peter's square to witness the canonization of mother teresa this morning. known as the scent of the gutters the roman catholic nun devoted her life to helping the poor. the archdiocese of denver met mother teresa while studying to become a priest in india in 1993.>> she held each one of our hands and said be a holy ?riest. that's the first thing she said. and the second thing, don't
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pray the rosary. >> the process to become a saint takes decades or centuries. tomorrow is labor day, many offices will be closed. drivers license offices, the department of public health, lobby closed tomorrow and colorado state parks will be open and wildlife service centers will be closed. tomorrow is your last chance to drive to the top of mount evans before the highway closes. the five-mile stretch from summit lake to the top of mount evans will close on tuesday. the bottom portion of the oad will remain open until early october if mother nature plays nice. there is a frantic search ?issing in he mountains of wyoming. we are hearing from family and friends of the entire community. they are on edge.
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breaking news, a live look at colfax over interstate 25 in denver which is closed after a deadly motorcycle accident. also, the northbound on ramp is closed. it looks like 4 motorcycles are involved in the crash and at least one person died. we will stay on top of this and bring in new information. this is a story you only see on denver seven, the highlands ranch community is on edge as one of its own is missing in the grand teton's and wyoming. mark boyle joins us in the studio, there is a big search underway while the community is trying to support the family. >>reporter: search crews are looking for this man, he went missing last week and some of his church community is looking to support the family his loved ones are hoping his found safe and soon. you can hear them breathless, 21-year-old brittany climbing the mountain saying something his family said he loves to do.
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man who has gone missing. according to a park spokesperson, 50 people have joined the search for the cascade canyon, hanging canyon and table mountain areas. a spokesperson for the park said he is an employee there a was last seen by a hiker last wednesday near jenny lake. those at home to know him were struck by theenews that he is missing.>> is the kind of kid that would pour it into other people he was a blessing to those around him. valor christian where renny ran track. he was positive. >> the kids loved him. a smile on his face. he was just athletic little guy always entertaining the team was backflips. >>reporter: the facebook page of renny is showing an outpouring of love from friends
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join the mother who is there joining in on the search effort. everyone is praying for the best possible outcome. >> we pray he will be found safe and get back to where he is supposed to be.>> they will resume their search from the air of the ground tomorrow. there is no timeline on how long they will spend searching for him. the situation could have been worse and a colorado springs pkwy. shots fid exploded. this happened at cottonwood park last night. officers found several bombs that had not gone off the bomb squad removes them. there seems to be a trendy of cars vandalized in the highlands neighborhood in denver. overnight 20 cars were keyed, you can see it right there the vandalism stretched for four blocks. many people will come to find
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why people would do this. >> people are not sure how many crime but they are hoping is %- surveillance video from buildings can help find out who is responsible. denver police are looking for a man who carjacked a woman this morning. a man opened her car door and put a gun to her neck and demanded her keys. get help. a late-night standoff has ended with these two people behind bars. sean peterson was suspected of stealing a car, spotted outside officers arrived and said peterson refused to leave the home. a woman inside surrendered and was arrested on warrants. peterson was eventually arrested. stock after five months of not enforcing the urban camping
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again. police are trying to urge homeless people to find other accommodations pray people who continue to violate the law will be issued a summons. police backed off of it in april after they were accused of criminalizing the homeless. 37 wastewater disposal wells will be shut down and, where a 5.6 magnitude earthquake hit this weekend. increases in earthquakes of 3.0 and greater in oklahhma are linked to underground disposal of wastewater from production. the wells being shut down are a fraction of the 4200 wells across the state. saturday's earthquake tied for the largest in the state but no major damage was reported. we have seen a warm and windy sunday and a 900 day saturday and sunday in the denver metro area for the labor day weekend. r normal is 83. tomorrow we are expecting a toasty day to round out the end of summer and our current ind
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winds across the plains and front range 25 miles an hour so high pressure will be across the state and a lot of moisture looking furthee to the northeast and 67 degrees currently in downtown denver and out of the airport 62 were humidity is that 78%. we will see the percentages climb as a start this morning or labor day tomorrow. current temperatures elsewhere across the state. we saw toasty conditions down to southeast pueblo at 80 degrees. we reached 94 there today and 70 degrees in grand junction. low temperatures tonight feeling very mild. upper 30s for places like gunnison and a chilly start to
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expect temperatures in the mid- 50s and 60s in the southeast. the future cast showing what we can expect that the rest of the night. very dry and clear was -- with patchy fog. and you can see throughout the labor day, a mostly dry day. lamarr and the junta about 5:55 pm and for the most part we are staying pretty dry until tuesday where we are bringing up a chance for afternoon showers. we are expecting a high of denver -- in denver of idf mid- 80s across the western slope. it's going to be a toasty day. 55 overnight in denver and tomorrow morning we wake up to plenty of sunshine with temperatures in the 80s and 90s across the front range. tomorrow, labor day, it will be a great day if you want to barbecue were hanged by the
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later in the afternoon but we are not anticipating quite as windy conditions tomorrow as what we saw today. tuesday, we have a cold front approaching that will bring temperatures down to the low 80s. and 85 degrees, we will take a. temperatures gradually declining as we start this next weekend. i know it is kind of the end of summer technically and fall starting at the ball and all the rest of that. toasty outside. we just need to get excited for ski season. >> we are going up. coming up, a new place for your dog to play for a little bit. we will tell you about the pop up dog parks in denver. thissseven everyday hero has dedicated her life to some
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one more day to get the taste of colorado and downtown denver. it wraps up tomorrow. it will start at 10:30 am and go until 8 pm tomorrow night. it is expected to drop half 1 million people. play for the next few weeks per this park is not permanent. they call it a pop up dog park located near downtown denver. it is open in the morning and afternoon and it will stay in place until the end of october. you will see some neighbors talking to each other for the very first time.>> it's a coffee spot for us and our dogs are getting to know each other. >> besides commons park there is a pop-up dog park at skyline park in downtown denver.
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parks. rtd riders, one of the parking lot for the broadway station is permanently closed. the dirt lot south of the station at broadway and tennessee was closed today for construction. you can still park at the page lot at 25 and broadway. this week's seven everyday hero rescued her first horse for she was a child, 25 years ago. she has dedicated her life to love them. >> this is april and we saved her a fee months ago before she had her baby. >>reporter: saving horses for -- from slaughter is so important for terry allen she started a nonprofit in her own backyard. her small branch and elizabeth is a haven for horses others consider throwaways.>> currently, we have 16 in our care.
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and her family and friends have saved more than 50 horses. >> they are scared, they are run through. they are sold by the pound. most of them are sick. some of them are hard. >>reporter: some are given out by those who can no longer afford to care for them but most are on their way to slaughter . >> she was so scared of people, she did not want to be touched. >>reporter: they nurse the horse and nurture them so they can trust again. >> this is a greases, we adopted her a year ago. she is my best friend. tragic can be a time-consuming and costly process, bringing horses back from near death even if that means long hours for money out of her own pocket. >> all of these courses, we are so thankful for her.
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her. she is a wonderful person. >> it's not about getting her out some more horses can come in, it's about finding them the right placement so they don't end up in the place where they ended up before. >>reporter: we are hiding out in your barn for this surprise. we would like to honor you with the seven everyday hero award for all you do. congratulations. >> if you would like to learn more about the horss rescue or to nominate a hero in your life go to the denver and click on our community section and seven everyday heroes. our beloved asian elephants, dolly, was put down. she was recently put in hospice care due to declining health. she was brought to the zoo in 1986.
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actually is. officials believe she was at least 52 which exceeds her life expectancy. when he got to the beach you might expect to see a dolphin or a whale, but a deer? this guy was caught
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?>> check it out, a 19-year-old giant panda gave birth to twin codes yesterday. they were less than an hour apart. the first giant pandas born in the us on the second set of twins for this panda. they down most of the giant panda from endangered to vulnerable. the panda survival threat is still high but longer in danger of -- but the panda is no longer in danger of extinction. this is not something you see everyday, this deer treading water swimming at to see. in california, the deer was half a mile from the shoreline where a swim team was practicing and it was a shock to those standing by.
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beach was mind-boggling. >> after getting the deer out of the water, he went back andd -- he went back in the water. >> maybe he was spooked. >> maybe he wanted to cool off. >> if you are heading to the cool, the river, the reservoir, you are seeing conditions well above average. tomorrow we are expecting the load 90s. here is your seven-day forecast. we cool down a little bit by tuesday as the cold front moves into colorado. 83 is our expected high for tuesday and we will warm up on friday.>> you did not mention work. that's where we will be headed. coming up the broncos roster is set. it's time to turn our attention to the panthers. we will hear back from starting
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