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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  September 5, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MDT

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,-- car in the hunt for the sprint cup championship. for starwood fire is raging between fort collins and wyoming forcing dozens of evacuations. >>reporter:we are at the livermore community center this morning, where all of the first responders a station right now, they are asleep preparing for the day ahead. they ill be battling acre starwood fire. because of dry and windy foss conditions it actually expanded from 2-3 acres, and just a matter of hours. it started yesterday afternoon at 12:08 p.m. the sheriff got calls about smoke east of 1000 north county road and north of 80 c, or cherokee park road. several agencies responded to
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started at 2-3 acres around noon. notification was sent out to people in the mill creek subdivision, for evacuation. dry effect -- dry conditions and wind force that evacuation. 10% containment right now. we are expecting a press conference this morning at around 9 o'clock, here at the livermore commit at the livermore community center, i am amanda del castillo. let me show you exactly where amanda is right now, this is where the fire is burning, and we will continue to cease as -- see some gusty or winds today. sustained from the southwest room 5-10 miles per hour.
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across the state. we will continue to see a lot of sunshine throughout much of the day. this is your first alert, it is going to be hot. still feeling a lot like summer as we round out this labor day. high temperatures in the upper '80s to low '90s. we will see some windier conditions as we head into the afternoon. mostly clear skies, across the front range, and the state with a better chance of storms down to the south east. how is traffic this morning? very light, it is going to be busy at the pools be a quiet start to the morning commute. a lot of traffic is not out and about here this morning. we have one incident you can see here along i 76 just after 270, they are calling it one accident this morning. obviously, traffic is still light you will not see any delays. take a look at the map again, you can see good driving conditions out at dia, 15 minute security wait time right now. streets around civic center parkway close right now, i'll
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colorado. have police activity on the other side of downtown, right near 19th and chestnut not too far from the new king supers over there. right now, we have daryl orr out there checcing out what is going on, and a wild situation with people coming up to you for help. >>reporter:that's right, we will get to that in just second. at 19th and chestnut police are il found a person laying in the street. this person was transported to the hospital. they are not sure whether this person was hit by a car, or if he fell from one of the apartment structures. right here at 19th and chestnut. nineteenth street is closed off from chestnut as police continue the investigation. right behind me there is a different investigation going on whiih we got involved with while we were reporting on the person found in the street here. at about 430 this morning, just
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after you, we had a vehicle pull up and there was 2 % gentlemen inside screaming that they had just been shot at. there mendel was smashed out, bullet holes in the side of the car. i told them to get on the sidewalk, behind that as you fight to protect ourselves. as we looked, a black vehicle was approaching them. they said that was the suspect vehicle. it looked like an infinity model. they did not fire any more shots. scary situation out here. we did take a look at the vehicle. smashed out. police are telling us this did start on the highway, got onto park avenue and came up the street and ended basically right where we are filming here live this morning. real scary situation. our producers heard the commotion and she wanted to make sure we were okay. i was a little shaken up, definitely some scary moments out here. >> glad everything is okay. colfax and denver is back
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crash yesterday. it looks as though 4 motorcycles were involved. police tell us at least one person died. federal heights, pooice are best getting a serious crash there. the shutdown pecos street north of 84th avenue. five people were hurt in the crash yesterday evening. speeding, crossed into oncoming traffic, hitting another suv had on. a third suv crashed into those 2 vehicles. the driver thrown from the car, both rushhd to the hospital. the driver, in the acura, might have been drunk. we turn to some international "breaking news", at least one exxlosion just heard in afghanistan's capital of kabul as we zoom into the area. details are still coming in. police say it was a suicide attack right near the defense ministry. no word on injuries just yet. west minister police are looking for this man, his name
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considered armed and dangerous. if you see him, do not approach, instead just call 911. he is wanted in a homicide that happened late saturday night near this home at 70th and raleigh. they found a woman there, shot to death, when they were responding to a 911 call. imagine sleeping on your sofa, and then waking up to this man trying to sexually assault you. this happened to a woman near cu boulder, and police are looking for the man in this sketch. jason guenauers in boulder right now with what happened. boulder police department where they are still on the search for that wanted individual. crimestoppers is now offering up to $1000 reward because of what you said happened. we will show you that sketch. this wwman who reported waking up on her couch, in her home, on colorado avenue which is the street that runs along campus here at cu boulder, this man was trying to have sex with
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black maa with a stocky build, 25-35 years old, lasting and glasses, khaki shorts and a polo shirt with stripes. a gold or silver suv leaving the area after this happened. this is a 4 a.m. on this past saturday. you are urged to call police if you see that individual, somebody matching that description, or you have any information. believe it or not, this was not the only sexual assault that happen in and around campus this weekend. see you pd was also notified of some unwanted sexual contact just a few hours later. saturday morning around 8 a.m. a woman called them and reported that a man had grabbed her near an underpass near on campus. luckily she was able to fight off that man. the description of that -- those 2 men do not match. according to a recent survey back in 2015, they pulled about 13,000 students, 15% of them, acknowledge, to that survey,
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while on campus. stay vigilant and stay safe. if you see any of those individuals call police immediately. five, in boulder, jason guenauer, denver7. a woman carjacked, at gunpoint, the man who did it is still out there somewhere his morningg denver police officers trying to catch up with him. the attack happened yesterday morning, the victim said she was napping h she works over on monaco and kentucky. all of a sudden the car door opened up, there was a man there that put a gun tt her neck and demanded her car keys. fortunately shh ran away, got some help. she was not able to give a good description of the man. police are looking for the man who shot and killed a 19 year old man. at a colorado state fair parking lot. daniel gonzales was shot late friday night, witnesses say
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leave the scene. the fair will and today, a schedule. these 2 people are in jail this morning after a standoff early yesterday morning. police say sean peterson was suspected of serum -- stealing a car over on porto parkway in golden. officers got there they say he refused to leave the house. the woman inside, sarah blendon surrendered and was arrested on warrants. peterson was eventually arrested. no one was hurt. once the sun begins to rise people will be out looking for this highlands ranch man who went missing during a hike. national park last week. denvee7 spoke with his father yesterday wh to help with the search. a park spokesperson says he was last seen hikinn near jenny lake. those who knew him say he is a positive, and uplifting person. >> just an awesomeekid that was in the program, kids loved him, smile on his face. popped his head in my office kind of kid. just really athletic, little guy, always entertaining the team with backflips. >> as of now, the park has not
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great victory for colorado 3 furniture row racing, yesterday at the southern 500 at darlington, south carolina. this is now the second victory, the sprint cup season. the fourth victory over all for this colorado team. he only led the race for a total of 28 laps. the teams a first victory was also in darlington, south carolina back in reagan smith was the driver. furniture row, now in sixth place overall in the chase for the championship. % great news for colorado. more major nascar news, dale earnhardt junior was the off the track for the rest of this year. he made that tough decision after suffering a concussion, earlier this season. listen as he talks about it. >> we decided to make this decisi to not race anymore, and i think it is the right decision, considering how i
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physically. i definitely do not belong in a racecar today. >> he got hurt in a crash back in june. he has already missed six races since july. he will skip the remaining 12 events as he recovers. during his absence, jeff gordon, alex bowman will split the schedule and the number 88 ccr. today, you can get a free ticket to a rockies game. % all you have to do is donate blood. offering the d to any offthese locations. they will be collecting blood donations from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. this is kicking off national blood donation week. free ticket are while supplies last. here is a way to round out your labor day fun, go try out local restaurants at the taste of colorado event. at the civic center park in downtown denver. the fun begins today at 10:30 a.m.
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having a change of heart for people caught sleeping in parks.
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we have updates right now -?i'm 2 "breaking news" stories we have been telling you about.
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has turned deadly. you can see it right there, 2 dead in the building collapse. rescue crews have been searching for these victims, hoping to find some alive. a man was just pulled from the rubble, he has died. people are searching for more the other story is in kabul tan. there have been 2 explosions a re. officials fear there are going to be some casualties with this one. this happened near the afghan defense ministry building. this week's 7everyday hero rescued her first horre when she was just a child more than 25 years ago. she has dedicated her life to helping horses, and the people who love them. >> this s april, and we saved her a few months ago, before she had her baby. >>reporter:saving horses, from slaughter,,is so important to
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inc. >>reporter:her small ranch in elizabeth, is a haven for horses, others consider throwaways. >> currently we have 16, in our care. >>reporter:in the last couple of years, terry, her family and friends, have saved more than 50 horses. >> resources were scared, they are run through, they are sold by the pound. most of them are sick. some are hurt. >>reporter:some of the horses are given up by those who could no longer afford to care for slaughter before terry steps in. >> she was so scared of people. did not want to be touched. >>reporter:terry lynn horse rescue nurses the horses back to health and nurtures them so they can trust again. >> this is reese's, we adopted her a year ago. she is now my best friend. >>reporter:it can be a time- consuming and costly process, bringing horses back from near death. >> it is worth it. >>reporter:even if that means
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are just so thankful for her. they would not be alive without her. so, she is a wonderful person. >> it is not about getting them out of here so more horses can come in, it is aaout giving them the right placement so they do not ever end up in the place that they ended up where we first found them. >> i felt like it was my calling. eporter:we are hiding out in your barn, for this surprise, we have denver7 and the independent insurance agents of colorado would like to honor you as a 7everyday hero for all you do. congratulations! [applause] >> a lot of people were packed in the barn, that day. >> that was great to see. we have gorgeous weatter over the weekend, a few showers here and there. we hit 90 degrees both saturday and sunday, it was so hot that
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degree temperatures across the front range. upper '80s for most places. denver expecting a high near 91 under a lot of sunshine. we do not have a chance of seeing showers and storms across the front range, mainly down to the southhast corner of the state. looking at radar and satellite this morning, we are staying very dry. not quite as winds is what we saw yesterday, but winds primarily coming in from the southwest around 5-10 miles per hour throughout the afternoon. our risk for severe weather, down to the southeast corner and places like lamar, storms. future cast right now, as you can see across the state we are staying very dry, all throughout the morning. lots of sunshine to be felt. around 5 o'clock, you can see to the southeastern corner of the state, we do have potential for picking up more showers and storms with pockets of heavy rain associated with those.
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today will be around nine, which is very high. burn time being 15-20 minutes. as we head into tuesday, a slight cooldown is in store, clouds across the northeast and planes for morning before a better chance for showers and storms enters into the forecast. outside right now, starting off the day in leadville and gunnison mid to upper 30s, upper 50s across the n ortheast, and already 73 degrees down in lamarr. we will continue to see very hot conditions. 98degrees expected, 97 in pueblo, heading out to the colorado state fair it will be very warm. make sure to hydrate. a lot going on all around the state today. a very nice day to be outside. 70s and even though her 80s for portions of the high c ountry. tonight in denver getting down to 53, mostly clear conditions. tomorrow plenty of sunshine, but increasing cloud coverage along with a chance for a few of those afternoon and evening thunderstorms. our seven day forecast, best chance of storms on tuesday.
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mid 80s for wednesday and thursday before cooler conditions for friday and saturday. >> it looks pretty nice overall. an easy drive for us on this labor day holiday, this will be the madhouse drive near the eisenhower tunnel. we will see the metering happen later on this morning. they cannot allow traffic to stop inside the tunnel, they hold traffic back so they can allow a good blow going through the eisenhower tunnel and johnson tunnel. do expect some delays, georgetownn take a look at the drive here in town, forrthe most part pretty nice. there are minor issues, eastbound six avenue at calamus, one wrapped up westbound i 76 near 270 before i 25. we still have the taste of colorado closures in effect and they will be for the rest of the day.
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we have road restrictions for the next couple of days leading up to the nfl kickoff on thursday. 5:50, a major alert for rtd drivers, why you might not be able to park in your usual spot. mother teresa is now (vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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fo. 5:53. a live look at denver. a beautiful shot this morning, the sun is starting to peek up there. 55degrees right now in denver. the city of boulder is
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after five months of not enforcing the law there. the city wants homeless people to find other accommodations. people who continue to violate the law will be issued a summons. police stopped enforcing the urban camping bbnd back in april after they were accused of criminalizing the homeless. rtd writers, listen up, the dirt parking lot of broadway in tennessee is permanently closed to make way for the broadway stttion. you can still park at the paved lot at the station at i 25 and broadway. mother teresa is now a s aint. ?ope francis made it official yesterday at st. peter's square. mother saint, she devoted her life to helping the poor. the chaplain, met mother -- mother teresa while setting to become a priest back in 1993. >> she said be a holy priest. that is the first thing she said
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rosary. >> the process to become a saint takes decades, even centuries sometimes. mother teresa died in 1997. a colorado reporter was the first to introduce mother teresa back -- to the world, back in 1996. joe mcgowan was working as a bureau chief, in india, for the associated press, at the time. partners at the denver post reported that mcgowan met mother teresa in calcutta, he noticed her picking dying people every morning and decided to follow her for 2 days to get her story. they just had one job, and they could not have done it right. painting a football sideline must have been harder thaa it looks. the sideline is not real straight, is it? that is what it looked like before a bii high school football going -- game. made national news. >> what was the reaction when
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it's a funny joke. i don't think it makes them look dad nationally. >> yeah. the school district says they have no idea why the line was so messed up. it will be fixed before the next home game. >> it looks straight to me. >> maybe that could be advantageous, for the game. [laughter] whatever you are deciding to do outside today, it should be a nice day to do so. this i fort morgan as the star sons -- son starts to rise on this labor day. well abovv average in the upper '80s to lower '90s, across the denver metro area. southwest winds will pick up later on this afternoon. as we had throughout the rest of the day, as you can see from our 24 hour planner, buddy of sunshine to go around and overnight lows tonight will stay in the mid to low 50s. pretty quiit across the roadways, we do have one issue out at dia with the security
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far from downtown, with an accident on the east -- side of sixth avenue before we get to santa fe. a taste of colorado street closures including broadway, colfax and lincoln street. 5:57, a native american tribe violently clashing with in north dakota. ver a pipeline what both sides want. do most people support colin kaepernick's choice to sit out the national anthem? hissjersey sales may answer
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it is 6 a.m., we are on fire alert in larimer county forces dozens of people out of their homes. this fire is only 10% contain. it has burned more than 300 acres and 30 structures are now being threatened. let's go live to denver7's amanda delk is the castillo. >>reporter: we are at the community center, first respooders are sleeping before preparing toobattle the fire. it is the location for a 9 a.m. press conference where we will be able to speak with the larimer county sheriff to see what updates they have gotten overnight. it initially started at 2 -3 acres, they got the call around


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