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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 5, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm MDT

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all-new on this labor day great viral videos "right this minute." heartbreaking cries after rescuers find a fawn without its mom. how an unsettling trip to the shelter leads to a happy reunion the next day. >> hungry. >> two ladies fighting in the streets. >> what do you reckon it's about? >> why we're never guess. >> knew it was coming. i mean, hey. >> i will eat whatever is on the table. >> she's young but this girl has a very cool message though. >> what's behind some very strong feelings about her food. >> i won't -- either. >> plus some ladies get in their cardio, kangaroo style. >> my parents are out of town for the next few days. they asked me to take care of
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tape. what happens when a jet lagged father returns and can't get through the front door? >> all you want is your bed now you got to cut through tape just to get through the door? >> this video is a perfect example of what you should do when you see a fawn without its mom just leave it alone. that's what this guy did. he saw this fawn it was injured so they called animal control to come get her. >> that's a real bambi right there. >> took care of it. >> hang on if you're calling it bambi where is the mother? >> mom is nearby but they don't see her. >> oh, my god momma's somewhere around. >> so they take her to the shelter. >> but the very next day mom is spotted so they come right back with that little found and mom
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but let's get a little closer. mom is laying down below the bushes. oncehey do maybe you can see her and then you see the reunion, and it feels so good. >> that's how you know that's the baby -- >> how lucky is that? >> spotting the mum, instead of being the mum, all of them coming together. >> that was the incredible thing. >> there you can see thank you for taking care of my baby. >> finally back together. >> oh, take me back to my youth in the uk. these exact same thing happened to me in the way it happened to this guy. late at night or more precisely very early in the morning in manchester just outside a club not much really going on but keep an eye on that guy there, i don't know where, he decides to do this. bang. >> oh! >> guy goes flying off the curb, ends up underneath the bike,
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>> completely out of nowhere. soccer punch is completely unconscious. gives him that last kick before being pushed away, greater manchester police really looking to identify this guy. no word on why he punched this dude. looks like a serious punch. it was. >> he was knocked unconscious. but no injuries whatsoever. >> the guy is final. >> it is all going down as well. >> looks like something out of a wwe match. the girl gets it through. back before the video finally cuts out. >> favorite part of the video is actually around here where this guy tries to get into the middle, tries to break up with the fight and right here you go never mind you guys are -- >> he doesn't walk away. >> you know what? you're going to do it anyway.
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street. what do you reckon it's about? >> a band. >> oh, i hope not. maybe the oranges on that table. they're fighting over the groceries. >> you are so close. they're fighting over an orange. >> an orange? >> in the singular. >> aren't you glad it wasn't about a man? >> [ bleep ] >> i'm going to stir the pot of debate here. give me your best a guy claims that his dog -- out fishing. in oklahoma takes this bone and shows it to the camera and for the life of me i have never seen anything that looks like this. in my opinion it clearly does look like bone. i think i even agree with him that it's a skull. >> looks like a sea shell but -- >> no. i spent the last two days on the phone with my biology buddy works for the government in a certified biologist.
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cupa cabra. he said the bone projections look like a four horned goat but the antler pedestal and holes are deer. honestly, it looks like chupa cabra. i am not kidding. i swear that's what my biologist friend. >> i know. i know he said that but he was probably joking because you have funny friends. >> you believe in ghosts? >> you know, you can't believe -- >> you know i really don't believe in ghosts. >> look we have like the whole nation watching the show now. >> right. if you guys out there have any clue have ever found anything like this, please, go to our facebook page, "right this minute" and let us know what you believe this is. found in oklahoma.
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>> kids have the most fascinating minds. >> unfortunately we can't understand them most of the time. this little girl, along with her crocodile tears has a very cute message. >> whatever is on the table, but not chicken or meat. >> oh. >> oh, this little girl has a very emotional reason for why she doesn't want to eat chicken or meat. >> why do you think you don't want to do like animals. >> well good for her. >> do you think [ indiscernible ] >> i think that they don't really like being cooked in the oven. >> good thought. you know what that's the moment she became a vegetarian. >> now this moment though is one where you will just not understand. you know there's a problem. the 2-year-old is letting you know, just don't know exactly what it is. >> mommy, mommy --
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[ indiscernible ] >> this whole argument is with dad, by the way. he must have done something wrong because she's really mad at him. >> what are you going to say? >> don't you think this is -- >> who that? >> n >> who the daddy? >> something looks shady and shifty. >> that guy right there in that hoodie it looks like he's trying to prevent her from getting off the bus. >> see what happens when a hero comes along. >> are these guys out of their minds? >> yes.
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real. >> they're not going to die. i will dig a hole, kick you into the hole and cover you up. you just have a ld. >> brilliant video. >> the difference between a man cold versus a mum cold. >> hey this is all bigger they are the harder they fall. what's it like to be in goodha to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent.
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closed captioning provided by/ w your mouth feels and how you feel. discover act? dry mouth. specially formulated to soothe and moisturize your mouth. the good guy and the bad guy in this video both wearing black sweat shirts. i'm going to break down who's the good one and who's the bad one for you. here we are on a bus in sao paulo, brazil. that guy with the back pack he's walking to and fro. >> watch what happens when this woman gets up. she stands up and that guy right interest in that hoodie it looks like he's trying to prevent her
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>> he's shadowing her. >> that's what they believe. and that's when this other guy, the good guy, who happens to be a military policeman, jumps in to action. and they both pull weapons. >> are these guys out of their mind? >> yes, they both opened fire. both of them were injured. both of them were transported to the hospital. the officer is in stable condition. >> nobody else was hurt? >> no reports of anybody else being hurt but you saw a bunch of people jumping off t now this incident happened in russia. it may look like oh, this may be a bmw commercial because you know a bmw commercial and car commercials all the cars are synchronized and move at the same time. when you realize this isn't as smooth as that, something's up. those four men are all theevs. they have keys to these bmws. >> that's weird. that's almost like an inside job.
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their keys as well. they must have cloned them and just straight out -- >> like gone in 60 seconds. >> and nobody tries to stop them. it looks like they didn't coordinate who's going to leave first but they all got away even though at the time that they left they had since on them that side 100 years of bmw. i have a feeling they're not the same color anymore. ? >> a cold. we've all had it. it happens. but there's a big difference between man colds, and a mom ld pat your back. i have things i have to do. let me get you some juice. >> this brilliant video put together by meredith from that's inappropriate. >> you need tylenol? i've already felt your head, you don't have a fever. >> it's on point. you can't argue against it. >> moms all over the world always say, men or dads -- >> now that you feel like you're going to die. but you're not going to die. >> mom is also sick. she doesn't have a choice.
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>> wait who are you assuming she's talking to? >> her child hr other husband? >> her husband. >> one and the same pretty much. >> yeah. >> let's be honest. >> obviously need more rest. due to the fact that you're a big baby man child. >> the bigger they are, the harder they fall. >> i got your back, that's why i'm such a baby when i get sick. >> i have your soup. yes it's chicken noodle. >> oh, oh! >> ooh. >> this part. and he >> my mom didn't make it that way. >> your mom makes chicken soup with star noodles? >> oh. >> ooh. >> better call your momma. >> you have lost your ever-loving mind. has this cold gone straight to your brain? >> ladies listen up, i think we're enabling. if you're sick you get your butt in that bed and you do not get up and you complain, and you ask for a foot rub every ten minutes. >> but if she hops in bed, the kids are going to be running the
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you in the fetal position like you're a child and you're a grown man. >> i'm going to stand up for the man here. there's some big, large, sweeping generalizations going on painting with a very broad and wide brush. we ain't all like this. >> okay. enjoy the rest of your man cold. >> i have known you less than a year when you were sick that nose is all red and those puppy dog eyes come out you're like i'm going to [ indiscernible ] >> you were. you were. >> well no he wasn't. >> it's the first few weeks. >> and that means mac dreidel back up in this with a fresh installment of "real or fake." >> starting off with a special drop-off. >> it looks so fake. >> plus hang glider get combined. >> oh, wow. >> it should work.
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promotional considerations provided by -- rtizone-10 eczemaf is specially formulated for eczema, with the strongest non-prescription itch medicine for fast, lasting relief. cortizone-10 eczema relief. feel the heal. gold bond rough & bumpy skin therapy. used daily, it exfoliates, smoothes, softens. reduces bumps 74%. gold bond. ultimate lotion. ultimate skin. it's that time on our show we get to have a show within a show. we call it "real or fake." and playing the role of richard dawson game show host mac dreidel. >> all right mac dreidel back up in this. fresh installment of "real or fake." where you can get real or get the fake out. clip number one.
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happened at a barbecue in australia. >> oh! >> oh. >> it looks so fake. >> looks cgi. it's blurry around the wings. just doesn't quite look right. >> something just looks a little strange with the footage so i'll say fake. >> i'm going to say real just to shake things up a bit. >> i said fake but majority of our users actually thought that this was real. so you know i had to investigate. it was a marketing video from th viral video company in australia for an australian football league team it's the hawks the hawthorne football club. so this was a definite fake. but a good fake. >> wow. all right. >> wool shed company we've had them on the show before we know how good they are. >> number two. >> oh, wow. >> it should work. >> sort of like the poor man's -- >> well is it heavy, though?
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when you've got just wheels on it. >> it's the same sort of principle. >> i would say yes this is absolutely, entirely possible. >> inflatable is going to weigh less -- >> i think this is real. >> i want it to be real. >> i'm going to go real. >> i say real. >> yeah there's no reason why that shouldn't work. >> i got no real proof to confirm it other than all of our great minds agree that this one is definitely real. it could be done you know just like a hang glider it's the same concept. >> video number three. >> oh, hello. >> looks like we got a demonstration here the >> oh. >> oh! >> no. >> oh! >> what's going on here? wait a minute. >> he's cracking up. that is -- >> oh, my gosh! >> wow. okay.
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>> oh, so what do we say here real? >> it's a fake situation he didn't really dislocate his knee. >> they're trying to fool us, trying to fool the class and you know thinking that he just broke the guy's knee in the wrong direction they faked out the crowd so this was a fake video. >> it's a really good fake. this is a great fake. >> wow. >> thanks mac great job this week. >> all right guys. see you next week. >> this is a kangaroo dance class. ? >> oh, no, no, no. these ladies put those kangaroos on their feet, and they hop up and down, getting their cardio on. look at them they speed it up. >> look so weird. >> yeah, it looks like it's something from back to the future ii. >> i just want to say i have done this before while conducting an interview. i cannot do this in dance. i enjoy doing it but when they speed it up that's when i know
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class forever. >> great cardioworkout you know it's good cardiovascular exercise. >> it is. >> looks like zumba with some bounce. >> yeah. >> it is -- it is like -- >> and the only thing that looks like that gets hurt is like this girl's hair because the ponytail falls out. you know, everything's okay. >> seems like a very well thought out well planned out exercise routine. it looks weird. >> all probably have -- >> they all do have great legs should keep doing it. it's fun actually. >> you look ridiculous doing that by yourself. the fact that 30 other people -- >> now it's a thing. >> it's a thing. >> soon it will become clear. he's got over 1,000 rolls estimated to be about 60 miles of tape. see how dad feels about this prank after flying in from overseas. >> who knows how long of a
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2:56 pm click on tv show, or check it out on our mobile app. >> reaction and looking cute -- ? you can probably guess if i ask you, do they like -- >> take it. >> this time there is a very specific and i think -- and he's serious so opens up the roll of tape and he starts. ? whoa! >> is this guy pranking himself though? >> you know what? i'm kind of with you, gayle
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back at some point. he's got over 1,000 rolls, estimated to be about 60 miles of tape, and by the looks of it, over the first minute or so of this video, they use most of it. it doesn't break easy. you're going to need scissors. you're going to need knives. you're going to need a lot of time to do it. >> what a tremendous waste. after what i can only imagine is hours of work, you can see as >> how long did this take? >> too long. obviously someone didn't get a lot of time to do this. >> but they don't just get the taping, we also get to meet dad. the most patient dad ever. >> because dad's just flown in from overseas.
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>> on a show that likes viral videos. well i wonder if i can get a sense of this one. it's even worse. increasing for dad. [ indiscernible ] this isn't the kind of thing you enjoy they even have a word for it let's tape it dotcom so check it out. >> i know you have the greatest episode of "right this minute"
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all-new on this labor day, great viral videos "right this minute." a passenger is on the roof getting hurt up. what happens when his show leaves one man for irritated than entertained. whoa! >> it's a crazy scene at the birthday party for a child in the only thing that has a celebrity under the microscope. it looks like something out of independence day but is it real or fake? >> you got to be honest, it's pretty good. >> the extraordinary video that's lighting up social media. >> and tell you what i want what i really want. she was spice girl wanna-be with a special request. >> want you to be my bridesmaid. >> now meet the bride-to-be


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