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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  September 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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the crime scene really extended down this entire street as police continue investigating. we know police were trying to arrest a man on a parole violation shortly before 1 pm. the suspect pulled out a handgun causing an officer to fire shots. again no one was shot. a witness told us he heard several gunshots and saw officers with their guns drawn. >> there were more offices my back be telling me to get my dogs and said. they rushed up through my neighbors dog run and i did nnt actually see the offender but they got him. the next i saw he was coughed. there were probably -- he was handcuffed. they were probably six or seven officers. >> police ultimately used a taser on the suspect.
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custody. he was transported to the hospital but he has already been released. no word on in -- on additional information on what the parole violation was for. more breaking news -- a woman is being treated after she shot herself in the hand. the sheriff's office says the woman was testing a gun. a hot bullet casing went down her shirt. deputies say she accidentally sh trying to get it out . >> do you remember this video? hundreds of motorcycles blocking the street. tonight arrests have been made. richard patton, clinton hawkins and ryan easton are being held for investigation on warrants for reckless driving an exhibition of speed. authorities are in the process of extraditinn them and their motorcycles are being impounded. here is new video showing
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hundreds of cars burning rubber , driving dangerously fast, and putting people who live in danger to live near federal. we spoke to a neighbor. >> after our story aired we got several calls and emails from people living in this neighborhood was say they also are set up and they are not getting help. in fact one man gave us video of the problems he sees every weekend here in volume cannot see a lot you can certainly here . >> these sunday nights. they are burning out. all the tire smoke goes into the air. we breed this. >> my hands are tied. i feel defeated. i don't know what else to do. >> we show this video to both denver police and a denver city councilman. will have their reaction coming up at 6 pm. >> defending their cabins. some people are fighting
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we went to the fire zone today. to lee. with those who refuse >> reporter: as you can see the terrain is rugged innarees and densely forested. there is also a lot of data timber and beetle kill making it susceptible to fire. wild people on this site had no option to get out, others that did have a choice and maay opted to stay .. >> when i saw the smoke columns. ?> from his cabin -- while many evacuated, bruce schmidt chose to stay. while preparing for the worst -- the whole ridge was fingers of blame coming over to the west. >> reporter: today although the fire danger remains high the outlook is much less bleak.
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knocked down the remaining smoke and flames while spotters use thermal imaging to identify stubborn hotspots. on the ground 120 firefighters worked to protect all they have managed to say so far . >> i was very impressed with how they took care of business. >> no homes have been lost and some good news -- the fire is 60% contain. firefighters are still on top of the beaver creek burning near walden. more than 37,000 acres have burned. it is 60% contain. investigators are still trying to figure out how it started. i met meteorologist stacy donaldson. we still have fire danger in parts of colorado just to the west of fort collins. this red flag warning in effect for a couple more hours. things are definitely changing here across the front range and all of colorado takes to a cold front pushing through. wind still gusty but humidity levels have gone up which helps
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up into the area. so we are keeping a close eye on this but as i mentioned the good news is temperatures are dropping. especially denver in the 70s after 90s yesterday afternoon. we still have moisture coming through the southeastern part of the state. stronger thunderstorms here is the pablo. we are expecting more thunderstorm activity for the eastern half of our estate into tonnght. severe thunderstorm warning has been issued here from the one storm cell. a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings for the next couple of hours and we will keep a close eye on it . 54 degrees is our overnight low tonight. i will have what changes coming on a. a body is found in now the picnic county sheriff's office is trying to find out how he drive. someone driving along a rural road found a body near a campsite .
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>> prairie dogs -- people are protesting to say that . >> prairie dog advocates tell me that it is very rare to see a developer just pulled those through land that has prairie dogs all around. they are blasting signs to send a clear message . >> in the midst of the summer heat they sit on the corner they hope their messages are loud and clear . >> there are two prairie dogs now who are just scared and watching . >> these are just two of the over 50 prairie dogs that were able to surface -- others may not . >> what we are seeing now is an active destructive of a prairie dog colony. a prairie dog has been excavating the land without removing them. >> most developers would try to
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that is what i see most of the time. this is a rare thing that i actually see. we try to speak with someone at this development but no one responded to our request. we also tried to reach out to the developer but we have not heard back . >> what is that feel like running overlie the animals? >> the man was sarcastically responding -- >> what we did is mailers and we put them in their holes and we asked them all to leave and they all moved out . >> donna parker tells me there are no regulations or rules mandating developers on how to handle prairie dogs . >> this is one of the last column is left in the area>> there is not much dion akin to and that's why she hopes
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-- whether a boulder sugary drink tax will be on the november ballot. drink makers are up peeling -- appealing . >> colorado is running out of places to put bears. our partners at the boulder daily camera report that so far this year six bears have down. with all the new development there are few places to put the bears. now the taste of colorado ends. uncles football moved in. dierks bentley and one republic are putting on free thursday is game day. a super bowl rematch broncos and panthers .
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cranston is visiting the alamo draft house october 17 promoting a new memoir called life in parts. >> >> investigation -- and exclusive investigation exposing two clinton charrties where donors are ignoring the
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four years questions have been raised about foreign government donations to two charities linked to the clinton foundation. they disclose limited donor information on the website buu both charities are ignoring laws requiring them to publicly name those donors. margin green blood has more. we have to flow of secret unaccountable money that is distorting our elections. >> reporter: but is a foreign government dollars that flow through clinton family charities that clinton's argue need to be accounted for. are invested -- our investigation show that the clinton foundation and the associated entities are trying to avoid having to tell the
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from excessive foreign governments . >> new york law requires charities to publicly name each government that gave contributions and the amounts get the clinton foundation has never complied for its foreign government donations . >> they just list a lump some they do not list these foreign government . >> david nelson is a tax expert and former legislation committee member with the council on foundations . >> clinton found the regulations. and we also found problems with the clinton help assess initiative . for 2010 it told the irs it received $26 million3 in foreign and domestic government grant. at the charity only reported -?$242,000 in domestic rants to new york. ignoring instructions to make sure the state members match of the irs which requires a total number both foreign and domestic but in new york charities must name
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over five years we have found $225 million in discrepancies between what it reported to the irs and new york. new york state law should be in force as it is red in. i think if you are joining -- >> us atty. general. just one lawsuit against citizens united after the conservative group did not want to disclose its major donors. he was named a clinton campaign leadership council in new york and gave the campaign the ma allowed last year . check his office told us the clinton foundation is in step with state roles . >> i have no idea how to reconcile the letter of the law and the statement from the atty. general. they seem to be in direct contradiction . >> the clinton health access initiatiie said that it told the office in the past if it wants to know about the foreign government contributions it can ask. adding new york has ever questioned its way of doing
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have a lot more on this story online to see what has been filed with new york versus the irs in to read our full investigation check out the denver channel -- . >> right nnw don cheadle is in denver campaigning for hillary clinton. he's on the 16thhst., mall registering voters. he graduated from east high school . >> today the candidates are focusing on states. there is a new poll out from cnn and it shows a very tight race. two point lead over clinton. donald trump is worrying the mayor of vail. he is concerned that trumps anti-mexico rhetoric could hurt tourism this season. 15% of sales economy is based on
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. >> -- toward a result -- tourism , 10% of it from mexico . >> eight fiery crash in center lorna has left three people dead. the helicopter they were in is just a charred remains. palm bay police said this military style helicopter not far from the states space coast . >> a lot of people talk about this. a daycare is shut down for having more than one million dollars of marijuana in the backyard . >> please found 600 plants some 10 feet tall . the couple down the pot hidden behind a brand- new fence.>> well if your kids do not like needles -- they will have a tough year.
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pediatrics released its annual flu season guidelines and said no more flumist this year. >> the nose spray was only 3% effective against last season's flow. i'm really sorry . >> itt tech makes a big announcement. it is shutting down all the campuses. us education secretary. says if students are currently or previously enrolled at their they may be able to have their federal student loans forgiven . >> couple closures about first waterton canyon is partially shutting down. hikinn and biking path is closed now on weekdays until november. crews are preparing the south platte river can impact. the five-mile summit strike shuts down today on mount evans. the road from echo lake to summit lake will stay open till early october mother nature permitting. the entire highway opens the
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mother nature permitting. [ laughter ] >> you seem to rely a lot on mother nature permitting . >> mother nature taking a shot at eastern colorado -- lamarr colorado with a strong thunderstorm moving through. we are keeping a close eye on it at this point here in denver. we have partly cloudy skies but we started out with foggy, cloudy conditions this morning. we will see more fog and rain tonight moving on through the denver area northeastern colorado and then we will start to warm up for the next few days. another cool down coming on friday. afternoon highs dropping back into the 70s. look at the satellite radar picture. very quiet for western colorado which is why we had high fire dangers and have had them for the last couple days. still strong thunderstorms moving through southeastern colorado. some severe thunderstorm warnings haveebeen issued.
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effect for high fire danger extending to the next couple % hours. been much better as the cold front moves through the state. we have seen a few little light sprinkles otherwise very quiet here in denver. stronger storms to the east. further south towards colorado springs. it is these storms towards the junta -- bench county severe thunderstorm until 5:30. this is what we were expecting this is where our risk area was. in through late tonight we will still have cool air in place tonight. fog from denver trailing across akron. satellite radar picture. we are keeping a very close eye on hurricane newton way down here into mexico but all this moisture coming into arizona and mexico we are expecting a
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will stay out of colorado for the most part. we have factors in place that will keep that moisture further to the south. moisture from the remnants of - newton as it continues to make its way towards this direction. >> a few scattered showers up to the northeastern part of the state. still could see if you scattered showers but by tomorrow morning will start to burn off some of the cloud cover then start to see it we develop of the state. overnight lows into the 50s tonight. start to warm things uu a little bit. in the 50s to start out with cloudy skiee. more son tomorrow afternoon with a high of 84 degrees. tonight overnight lows in the 50s. we wake up to cloudy skies and we will clear out throughout the day. temperatures in the 80s for the front range.
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in the 90s. you can see we start to get a little warmer. another cold front on friday. great-looking weekend. another front here on monday. check out tuesday 64 degrees for a high. the dying wish of a coloraao man, comes through. he only has weeks to live . he wanted to meet peyton manning. when manning heard about this. >> his tumors have progressed that he did manage to blow manning a case . blow peyton %- >> the rematches two days away.
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welcome to seven's sports extra. thursday night prime time panthers, 2 ile high. big question -- what will trevor do. >> trevor simeon first start ever. peyton manning is gone. this could change the call at the line. get the broncos in the position to make a play. a mastermind -- simeon one lay he has ever made was that kneeled down last season. gary kubiak told us no leads, no muzzle, no restrictions on 13 picks. we have to give him freedom.
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a hall of famer -- but trevor is a smart kid. he is able to handle a lot. it will be up to him to make sure he gets is in the right position . >> we talk to derek wolfe about the broncos beg three-point underdogs. we talk to tj war -- we are the this is our house.>> this will be the first super bowl rematch wiih the season opener since 1970. i say rematch because it is the same teams. nine starters back from super bowl with the broncos. panthers 10. almost a total renovation. >> lot of people make it a rematch. it is not a rematch. they are a great team.
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getting one of this first season. 11 shots. opponent. tremendous %- we will have to play special. that is what it is all about. obviously very exciting for denver and the fans and everybody but we are really just trying to stay focused and
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tonight, the abc news exclusive. hillary clinton, donald trump, both right here. and so are their running mates. the stunning new poll tonight. the race now a dead heat. 63 days to go, donald trump with the edge. hillary clinton, tim kaine, nothing off-limits. taking aim at trump, saying he choked when it mattered most. clinton tonight on her stamina. and is she ready for that first and crucial debate? the debate is 20 days away, the first one. >> so i hear. >> are you nervous? also tonight, donald trump and mike pence. trump, firing back at clinton on claims he choked. and what he now says about undocumented immigrants. is he opening a new door? and trump on clinton not looking presidential. what do you mean by that? and donald trump's new promise, right here tonight. what he now says he'll reveal.


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