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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  September 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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breaking news just at 6 pm. a stabbinggnear meet street station. jacqueline allen just arrived. >> reporter: we are hearing that the injuries are very serious and right now police are looking for that stabbing suspect. you can see the crime scene tape is still up in highland square. this is a very nice area. about an hour ago police say a man alked into and there was some sort of ?ltercation. he attacked the employee. you can see the crime scene unit is inside the restaurant right now. they are interviewing employees and investigating what is going on. we understand the suspect ran away after the stabbing and he is still on the loose right now. witnesses tell us they saw the employee in carried out. his injuries are serious. no word on his condition. we'll keep you posted.
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aurora police officer fires that it armed parolee. an officer shot at him when he pulled out a gun. suspect was not hit the police did use a taser. one witness was outside mowing his grass when police told them to get inside . >> i was walking through the gate to my backyard i heard about five gunshots real quick. >> the suspect did go to the behind bars . >> it is hard to forget this video. over 500 motorcycles shut down the highway. denver police say they caught three of them. this rally was in july. police have arrested these men from colorado springs and pueblo and they have also seized their motorcycles . >> tonight denver police arson essentially asking if they should do their job? should officers let street
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or should they arrest them? >> the city admits this is an ongoing issue . >> it is so b that the city was given $60,000 just to help with enforcement in the surrounding neighborhoods. denver police say at any given point denver police say at any given .10 officers are dedicated to this neighborhood but neighbor say it is not working . >> for jam >> it is total anarchy. >> cars -- hundreds of them line. >> they are burning out, all their tires are smoking and rubber is going into the air. john kuhn says he is not the and help . >> they said they are working on it. i don't see it. >> we went straight to the source. obviously it has not been fixed. it is still happening right now any level of street racing
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our citizens. >> we need to work with the community on an ongoing constant basis. we are aware of their frustrations. we are trying to work with the businesses along federal. we have quite a lot done so far. >> neighbors are not buying that. this statement takes enforcement and adds insult to injury. >> from my standpoint not a ll. this is a safety concern for all of our citizens . >> as for that sweet denver police said they were simply trying to create dialogue and show how important enforcement is. the city and denver police our meeting on thursday to talk about this very issu. we wwll keep you updated. molly hendrickson 7news denver . >> a woman planning to buy a gun and shooting herseef. she was checking out the weapon at the centennial gun club.
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her shirt. when she reached for a she shot herself in the hand. paramedics gave the staff credit for how they treated her wound . >> do not fall for this scam. if a suppose the gang claiming they kidnap one of your lungs -- loved ones call the police . >> this happened to one woman and it was a scam . >> denver7 ryan lewis is here. >> aside from customers feeling the pain of the breach at least one community credit union filed a class action lawsuit. remember we first reported oo this breach back in june. the denver-based noodles and company said payment
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locations between january 31 and june of this year. now celko says the breach cost them also because it lost revenue from its own customers not to mention had to re--ssue cards. celko calls the breach particularly inexcusable for noodles considering there have been so many publicized breaches. and celko says this -- noodle data security deficiencies were so significant that undetected for months. celko also cause out noodles for not implementing chip technology on its card readers . we have not been able to reach noodles just yet. more details as we get them on
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clinton's private email could have another investigation to today a lawmaker asked the justice department to ?nvestigate an employee at documents made public reveal the employee needed -- deleted and archival clinton's email even though the has had asked that they be preserved.>> big thank you for our ffrefighterr. most of the people evacuated in the start river county fire are back home tonight. we met up with one cabin owner who refused to av >> these spotter planes are equipped with thermal technology . they are looking for hotspots still burning and the good news is no structures have been lost so far to connect i was doing mitigation and i was ready to go and then we talk to the firemen out on the county road and they said we were safe because the fire line was the ridge across the east on the other side of
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trimble -- timber that people are trying to get away. there is so much that it makes the area extremely susceptible to wildfire. oil and gas rigs could be lining the drive to rocky mountain national park. the bureau of land management is considering releasing 28 acres in granby. wayne county will look over that plan later this week. start three professors teaching a class on climate change said there is no room for discussion. they sent an email saying human climate change is real. debate is not an issue . >> the faculty did offer to meet with students are discussed the students if they had questions are differing opinions about the course in my eyes this is really very much
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is a course about algebra. we are not going to be talking about geometry . >> the universitt said the professors only sent the email to explain that think of the class . what if your morning cup of coffee was packed not only with caffeine but marijuana?>> denver7 mark doyle went to boulder where there is actually some marijuana brewery in that coffee. >> it may sound like some complication. >> if it is stimulated that is great. it is working for you but a differenca it is one of the most healing cups of coffee. >> we use broad-spectrum extract to get all of the cannabinoids so it is a full spectrum hemp extract. with his company's deep bruise he brewed up the idea of brewing hemp oil with a couple coffee after suffering a cup of coffee. >> i just had this moment .
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of coffee general is paired with a master roaster of the unseen been in boulder. we spent two yearr refining the process to figure out how to infuse the beans without ruining the flavor of the been -?but also preserve the integri of the cbd or have extract. >> one side normal tanzanian the other tanzanian infuse with full spectrum hemp extract and between the tw virtually no difference in taste or smell . >> you get 45 servings per pound and 450 mg -- we pack it in their . >> in a couple coffee he says will help with pain and anxiety that you can drink plenty of it with no risk of morning jitters . >> now it cost $75 a pound but it turns out $1.60 per cup . >> and you don't get the morning jitters .
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their . >> denver ssak it up -- not the coffee. this is one of the perks of being super bowl champs. the nfl kickoff of village kicks off. the real action comes on thursday.dierks bentley and one republic puts on a free concert thursday. what could be better? right afterwards super bowl me -- rematch. >> tell me you did not just thing that? in your home? in my head? >> that is the voice of stevie nicks and she is coming to denver. she announced her 24 karat gold which includes concerts october 27 at the pepsi center and this is better news the pretenders are opening for stevie nicks. tickets go on sale . the great chrissy heintz and stevie nicks. >> see you -- cu students --
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why some are protesting these
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it is such a relief to find something you have lost especially as you get older. we forget things . >> cu students have come up with the device to make sure you do not lose your most precious items in the first place. the entrepreneurs have a product th hope you will stick on everything . >> a trrp to paris was ruined when this back and laptop was stolen but the cu student to come home with an idea. but if there was something that would let you know when you would lose your most important item .
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commonly lose but instead of a device or an apt to find them fellow students made a device that will tell you if you accidentally walk away from your property or if someone steals it . >> you take the stick and you put it on anything you tend to lose. once the sticker is attached and you are away from the item you get an alert . >> while there are already some loss prevention devices on the market, tags, keychains, creators say inform you is smaller . >> we are working on our device to make it flexible so we can put it on anything we want. >> even people. the creators envision this is something pares could use to keep track of their children and if this sounds extremes would be the first -- if this sounds extreme i will be the first to admit that i would buy this picnic prairie dogs --
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inhumane. most developers remove the prairie dogs this time around they are excavating the land with the prairie dogs still there . >> most likely what the prairie dogs are doing -- they are digging frantically to get away from the vibrations and they are going to eventually be sealed in concrete or killed . >> we reached out to the developer. we have not heard back. the town says there is no regulations dealing with perry dollars . >> northern colorado is dealing with a cringe worthy invasion. miller moths are everywhere. this photo is this mosque covering the building. they migrate to our area every year. they are not vulnerable to insecticides we only hope of keeping them away is eliminating the light outside at night . i am meteorologist stacy
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lamarck colorado . it looks like we are starting to see rotation in this cloud. very much watching this sitting right over the city. we have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for this area. we have hail and very heavy rain reported. i want to keep you abreast of the situation as we watch this storm. la junta looking very dark as well. these are strong thunderstorms across here in denver we will haae fog and rain showing up tonight. warming up in the next few days. another cool down coming in for friday. here are the strong thunderstorms into southeastern colorado. right around lamarck -- the storm we were just looking at is moving from southwest to northeast. otherwise across the rest of the state it is pretty white. it is this cell pushing through the area. we have a red flag warning west of fort collins for another hour.
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warning in effect for lamarck. peak aspen viewing for the middle and end of september keep yyur eyes north of i 70 and then once we get into the end of september into early october but your site south of i 70 and the south of -- south of colorado into october. as for our satellite radar picture in denver just cloud cove and southwest of akron. stronger storm being over lamarck with a lot of lightning and severe thunderstorm warning in effect for this county until 6:15 for prowess county as the storm moves on to . severe weather today. looks like in through tonight we could still see more of this activity thanks to a cold front pushing to the south. fog developing tonight once
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i want to point out that the moisture from hurricane newton in mexico will eventually be making its way into arizona and new mexico. we will not see a lot of that here in colorado. maybe just to the southern portion of the state. instead we will have blocking mechanisms in the denver mechanism patient denver metro . >> -- mechanisms in the deer >> for southwestern colorado tomorrow evening will have cloudy skies. tonight overnight lows in the 50s. we will have 80s here into the afternoon tomorrow. heading to the bus ssop 58 degrees to start with cloudy skies in mid 80s going home with more sunshine and mild conditions. tonight overnight lows in the 50s. overnight rain a possibility definitely foggy in the morning and clearing into the afternoon. temperatures tomorrow in the mid-upper 80s so it will be very summerlike here for our
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and 90s from southeastern colorado. seven-day forecast once this up a little bit more into thursday. it comes another cold front on friday. 79 degrees. 80s to the weekend another cool down. checkkout monday and tuesday from 73 on monday down to 64 on tuesday. >> i will keep my eyes peeled on that storm over lamarck. looking pretty fierce out there . theater thursday is good there . >> [ laughter ] >> it is not likely have done it before. super bowl champs and all
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welcome to seven sports extra. remember one time at the super bowl -- yes. the broncos dominated the panthers. them lombardi trophy. just watching this. la, paignton -- peyton manning, when they take the field tomorrow night they will be sky high . >> they work hard emotional. they pay the price all week long. trust them. let them play. are guys that are -- if they are not talking a little bit theee's something wrong . >> everyone is going to be hyped . you need to contain and keep your balance . it will be going so fast. hopefully not too many mistakes.
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whole team has to calm down so we can play ball . >> that was the last game the broncos play. country. me true for broncos a living nightmare for cam newton. the league mvp was broken in the end. sacked six times. humbled once. he says it is a big game. winning it will not make up for the super bowl but it would be huge to start this season with a w . >> everybody is anticipating a we want them at our best. they want us at our best . >> the other way would you want the season . >> any team that went to the super bowl and lost to some guys have a chip on their shoulder. we will have a chip on our shoulder as well from both sides of the ball because a lot
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will go out and play our best and do what we need to do to get the win. >> hopefully we will see more of this -- pictured tribe dennis got a double dunk -- picture chad dennis got a double dunk . >> coming from jacksonville -- i
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right now on "the list": pain relievers. >> there's basically a plant somewhere that cures just about anything. >> how to naturally make your own medicine for a lot less money. plus -- sell yourself. how to turn your online activity into cash in your pocket. and try these twists to trail mix. that's all coming up on "the
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right now. >> the boss man says i can't take friday off. what about monday? >> ah there's nothing like a three-day weekend to improve our mood. let's be real, we would all be happier and believe it or not, healthier if our long weekends were twice as long. >> what is a vacation? a slice of time. a piece of mind. >> scientists from the university of california and harvard found that a si genetic changes that will boost your immune system for a month. next time the work blues get you down, get out of town. sony walkman is making a comeback. had one of these when we were kids. but it's nothing like that vintage device. >> the movement is trending now.
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throwback to the '80s. >> the sony walkman is a tiny stereo cassette player with truly incredible sound. >> but the $3200 price tag can only be described as futuristic. the chassis is made up of gold plated copper that reduces interference. there's a low phase noise oscillator and it can separate analog and digital circuitry. if you understand all of that, this is a must have. >> it provides audio in better than cd quality in a simple, compact design. >> it features a four-inch touchscreen, and after all that, people who listen to it say the sound quality is only a little bit better. and that's a little bit too pricey for my liking.


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