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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  September 7, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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the hillary clinton e-mail scandal is coming here to denver. why someone here could be in trouble for it. the boulder boulder is expanding, which city could be hosting the race. temperatures this morning are at this point in the 60s. patchy fog across eastern colorado including areas near i-25 so a little this m so sunshine moving in this afternoon and beaatiful by noon. at that point we're at 77. we're in the mid t upper 80s both today and tomorrow and then quite a bit cooler by friday. today looks a lot like yesterday. it will be gorgeous in the afternoon. you can see how skies clear out by mid to late morning. under 12:30 a lot of sunshine.
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where we have the fog we could see limited visibility so dangerous conditions on some of the higher speed highways. one accident that's reported as an auto pedestrian near fifth and sheridan. take a look from the c-dot camera. we're looking eastbound sixth avenue. i haven't seen any of the flashing lights. a crew is onnthe way to check it out. take a look at the rest of the ride around the town whether the drive on 270 looking nice. it's 5:31 now. remember this video certainly. hundreds of motorcyclists blocking traffic along i-25 back in july during what they called a kill the streets ride. >> now police have arrested people for doing this. denver police are worring to
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two are from colorado springs and one from pueblo. their motorcycles have been impounded right here in denver. denver police officers meeting with city council to figure out how t stop street racing. >> this is near federal, hundreds of cars racing up and down the street. one man says it happens every sunday night. >> i feel defeated and i don't know what else to do except reach out to you guys. >> so we reached out police and the city they and they both say they know about the problem. >> the denver police suspect has ten officers dead kated just to this area. we're keeping an eye on tropical storm newton which is threatening to potentially bring some devastating rain and flooding to arizona, new mexico and parts of texas today. it hit mexico overnight and we have some video showing the
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trrpical storm. it was downgraded from a hurricane that hit baja, california yesterday. a shrimp boat capsized in the gulf of california killing two people and three others still missing. we'll be watching newton's path. right no pwice are looking for the man who walked into a denver restaurant and cut a customer's throat. thisshappened yesterday afternoon at immediate street station in the west high land attaaked a regular sitting at the bar. the victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries and police are examining surveillance video know. they are looking for a 6'3" black man between he was wearing a green shirt and khaki shorts. more trouble on the way for the denver company that managed hillary clinton's private e-mmil
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employee. the employee deleted an archive of clinton's e-mail even though it was supposed to be preserved. noodles and company is facing a class action lawsuit over a recent data breach. the claim says they didn't do enough to protect computer systems. the intraech likely started in january but the company didn't know about it until may. before you by this a cyber security expert says this could be good for us. >> it continues to put pressure on industries that i believe in my heart should be doing more to implement cyber security. voters in boulder will get to decide if sugary drinks should be tax. ed. a judge decided to let the
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went to court yesterday fighting to get it off the ballot. but the judge disagreed. in november lawmakers could add a two cent tax to sugary drinks. you may have noticed preparation at civic center more on the nfl kickoff village. yes, it opens at 3:00 today. a whole lot goi the games tomorrow, fun starts today. for much more on that, panthers broncos is tomorrow and this is the kickoff village. what's going on here? >> yeah, the game is combination of a couple days of celebration and we're standing here at kickoff village presented by hyundai and it's opening at 3:00 today.
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opportunity to get your picture taken with the lombardi trophy. >> what should fans know? we saw the stage going up. what should fans know if they're coming out today? >> at 3:000and 10:00 there's a lot going on here. fans of all ages can come down here. there's mamoretion on slash kick off. there's a listing of activiin download the fan mobile pass so as they go around these activities you can share information on social media and a great way to get involved in the fun. >> we also have a whole bunch of sponsored things including something with peyton manning. stay tuned i'm excited about this. today 3:00 p.m. and tomorrow 10:00 a.m. and then the concert
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park so that means road issues if you're driving around downtown. much more on that, back at the studio. that's right road closures around civic center park because of the nfl kick off village. these are the roods remaining close. 14th after all the way across the park on over to broadway will remain closed throughout the weekend. we have some restrictions along colfax lincoln street and pedestrian traffic as well. be mindful of through the weekend for the colorado remembers program, we have some other streets remaining closed including bank, 14, and broadway to the list. that's on sunday. you'll see quite a few people around civic center park for both programs here this weekend. we have big news to share. the boulder boulder is so popular the race is expecting and heading to fort collins. >> more than 50,000 people run the race.
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however, this time a change of scenery. we'll learn more about how fort colllns plans to handle this. organizers are not eally saying much we do know csu's new stadium will play a big part. >> we'll be there for you. learning more about the payment our government gave iran as the country agreed to release four hostages. this is the payment the feds swear was not ransom. you have to speak up turns out women are doing that but still not helping us get a raise. a nice start to our day. patchy fog early this morning.
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here's a live looo outside. the white house is now explaining the money it gave iran earlier this year. the treasury department says we -?paid $2 billion in cash using
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we handed over an initial $400 million payment on an outstanding bill the same day ie an agreed to release four american prisonerr. the white house says the two wereeunrelated but recently they admitted cash was used as leverage until the americans were allowed to leave. a travel aaert for you. you can buy tickets from denver to cuba. that started today. frontier airlines is selling the flights. they don't start unt i'm on the website now and you can pick your dates here. this is a red eye flight. this doesn't leave denver until 11:00 at night and you pick up a connection in miami and get to havana the next morning. frontier is one of eight u.s. airlines selected to provide the service to ahan va.
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agent at lax. he took a plea deal which ttkes the death penalty off the table but now he's spending the res of his life in a federal prison. he killed this man back in 2013 and also shot two other officers he said that he was mad at tsa agents for pretending every american is a terrorist. a texas elementary teacher is in trouble for stealing nurse's office. the teacher resigned but his trouble isn't over. the school district is pushing for charges now. prosecutors haven't decided what to do here. even though women are asking for money at work, they don't usually get it. >> researchers say women are less likely to get a raise than men. a new study that says men are 25% more likely to get a raise. we are ask.
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ongoing gender discrimination in the workplace. women under age 40 are negotiating their paa. this guy just found a gold nugget the size of a t-bone steak weighing 18 ounces. this could fetch just about 70,$000. >> that was mine. i left that one there. >> you dropped it when you were on a hike? near akron, it's dense in spots. we're seeing sunshine throughout the afternoon and it will get a lot prettter later today. mitch is really good with sound. can we cue our fog horn? >> you said it was dense. so i made a sound. >> it sounded luke a fog horn. >> out east you may see drizzle near sterling and akron. here in denver, boulder and fort
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through mid to rate morning and by 1:00 most everyone across the state looking at beautiful skies. a few clouds down across the southern half of our state today. this is some of the cloud cover and moisture from the tropical storm bringing heavy rain to parts of arizona, new mexico, and texas. we're going to misout on quite a bit of that but could see showers and thunderstorms early tomorrow on thursday out east stretching into kansas. other wuz a pretty dry couple as you're getting your kids ready this morning and getting them dressed, they may want a jacket at bus stop. in the low 60s and patchy fog to start and sunshine this afternoon. 86 degrees byythe time kids are heading home. that includes denver, boulder, highlands ranch at 87 today and
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the foothills. closer to 90 tomorrow -- -- 70s. here's your first alert by friday tracking a cold front. dropping into the 70s and cooler through the weekend. i was with my girls yesterday and sent them off to school. that is for those mom and dads doing that now, it's quite a process. not seeing any significant accidents orca tsa fees catastrophes. fingers crossed for now it's
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and sheridan. no delays yet. a reporrer on the way that should be there in a few minutes. the rest of the ride around town getting busy near 270 and i-76. no issues on the south side. the drive through castle rock is ride open. we do have closures to tell you about. the hiking and biking path is now closed on weekdays untill3 november. crews are fixing the diversion structure in the south pot river. the canyon is wednesday. you can no longer drive to the top of mount evans. the five mile summit stretch is closed. however, here's good news, the road from echo to summit lake is staying open longer until early october. the entire higgway though reopens the friday before memorial day and that's if mother nature decides to
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simple lifestyles. police in ohio arrested dozens of teens at an underage drinking party. 35 people were teenagers and velth inhibitors think more than 1,000 amish people from ohio and neighboring states were planned to aend this big party. >> the company that owns fox news just settled sexual assault claims. big lawsuit, big pay out. a scathing new york magazine article alleging he had been secretly recording conversations. >> the pafrnt company wanted this to be over and done with. they're trying to have this part
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future. >> in a public apology 21st century fox says we sincerely regret and apologize grechen was not treated with dignity she and other colleagues deserves. book lovers will like this. a new story written by the woman who made peter rabbit a childhood stable. the tale of kitty and boots hit the shelves. it was only recently found in a museum. . want a free breakfast? colorado kids can get one at mcdonald's today. this goes from 6:00 to 9:00 this
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nearest location. we say that because not every mcddnald is participating in this event. just before 6:00, have you ever been so excited about something you can't wait? this morning there's a video of a six year old boy and his baptism is going viral. he got impatient so he took matters into his own hands. >> of the father and son, of the ho s [ laughter ] >> i did it! >> one of the dedeacons at the church said this is the first time it has happened. >> stop talking dude, i'm going in. >> he's so excited he says he's done. how people from around the state plan to xhem mate
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. nnie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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a ffx news anchor says she didn't like the way former chief ran the large network.
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she hopes to continueeher bboadcasting career elsewhere. september 11th is this sunday and people across the country are coming up with ways3 to honor those killld in the terrorist attack. near st. louis more than 7,000 flags will be on display. each represents a military member killed fighting terror. in denver we are also marking the 15th anniversary of the attack. on sunday our governor leading a commemoration at civic center park. there will be a tribute concertn until 5:00. right now the presidential election is too close to call which is fairly unusual for this time of the year. american university and he created a model that guesses the president. he used 13 questions.
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predicted every election since 1984. what's his prediction this year? >> as of today the model remains inconclusive. under ordinary circumstances the model would favor the republicans but these are not ordinary circumstances. we have a precedent shattering candidate in donald trump who affects some of the keys. >> right now that model is not strong how strong the third party challenges might be. the first debate. >> that's interesting to see if he keeps his streak going. the man in houston is deciding to have a good laugh at himself after a picture caught him in an embarrassing picture. mrap 0. >> you have to really look closely. you see his pantings? looks like he wet himself. he actually spilled a drink and was standing outside the bar
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>> i stood out here for 30 seconds and saw the google car down the street and had ie split second to decide to turn and run o stand there and take it. >> so even though his face is blurreded and the image all of his coworkers knew it was him. he swears he just spilled a drink. that's it. >> yeah, if you had wet yourself you wouldn't be standing on the corner. i would think not. >> never had that happen so i don't know how i would respondd >> never. >> good week or two. a nice start. temperatures in the 60s. you will find fog though. highs above normal today and will stay in the 60s today and tomorrow and cooler by friday. here's a look at your seven-day. 85 today and 87 tomorrow. here's your first alert that it's beautiful through the
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to 90en sunday. fall like weather into next week. there are folks up and at it 270 already jam packed. you sea on the map on the westbound side it's getting crowded so very busy for us. the rest of the ride around town continues to get heavier and heavier in usual spots. nothing to report now at 5:00th and sheridan. peyton manning once again proving he's a nice
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here's a live look from our camera in burlington. it's foggy. dense fog across the plains this morning. skies are clearing up and in for a lot of sunshine throughout the


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