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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  September 8, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MDT

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denver7 news starts right now. >> right now on denver7 we're talking everything football. nfl kickoff village is open. >> and the broncos start the regular season tonight against the carolina panthers. we've seen coverage on everything you need to weather to traffic. but we start on the deadly developments on a crash near dia. >> it started around 5:20 this morning near 56 and southbound pena. a driver got out of a vehicle on that intersection possibly because of an altercation with another driver. then a vehicle hit the pedestrian and a good samaritan
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by another driver. >> pedestrians are just not conspicuous when we were staring into head lamps of cars stopped facing us. >> denver police haven't yet said if anyone involved will face any charges. 56 avenue and the southbound pena ramp were closed for several hours. >> that is cleared up right now. but you're going to want to plan extra time for stuff tonight. >> downtown can be a traffic mess with more people out and about trying to get around the big game. here's ways to get around all of that. >> it is going to be quite the adventure trying to get around downtown. there's might be high right there. i-25 is wide open. -- mile high right there. i-25 is wide open. it won't stay that way for long. i'm expecting this to be jammed solid across north and southbound colfax. they want everybody in the
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that starts at 6:30. so not only there, but colfax and that area around here, civic center park we have the closures for the nfl village. now officially colfax and lincoln street and broadway are all open. but they are restricted at times from people coming in and out and a lot of vehicle and pedestrian traffic in the area as well. it's quite the arty down there. we've been down there all morning long checking out the activities. looks like people are having a ?o >> they are. you're talking about pedestrian traffic. it is a little bit of a sea of orange with a little bit of blue there. he can go ahead and walk out of the live shot in panthers gear. we are in the middle of civic center park here. got a couple of hundred people out. gates opened at 10:00. all sorts of stuff set up. a miniature combine for people to run through and sponsored
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the gates open at 3:00 then the concert starts at 4:30. but the reason we're standing here. this is a retirement combine from a very special denver bronco who was here earlier today. peyton manning was in the house just a little bit earlier on this morning. you've seen him in the directv commercials in a bathrobe. that's what this is. people catch t-shirts they got to catch himself. now number 18 expected to be part of that championship celebration at the game later on tonight. if you're heading to the game you're asked to be in your seats at 6:00. the championship celebration, the super bowl banner all of that. it will be one heck of a night here and at sports authority field. the weather seems to be cooperating so far. tell me this is going to stay. this is bronco weather.
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the blue sky and the orange jacket. it's beautiful. mid to upper 70s right now. en couldn't ask for a better night. right now at city park we're at3 75. highs are likely going to be near 90. denver 89. mid to upper 70s up in the foothills. temperatures are a good 5 to 7 degrees above normal today. which does lead to a beautiful night. we aren't expecting any storms in denver. you're going to find lot sunshine. by 5:00 a lot of people out there taalgating. we'll be in the low to mid-70s by 9:00. clear skies through the evening. coming up, here's your first alert. there's a cold front set to roll through tomorrow mid-morning. we'll talk about that but who cares it's going to be perfect tonight. >> tim tebow is pursuing his
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new york mets. he will participate in the mets instructional league. he hasn't played competitive baseball since high school. >> parents are now facing child abuse charges after they nearly starved their 17-year-old son to death. this boy weighed only 88 pounds. he's legally blind and autistic. these are his parents, they found him unconscious and called an ambulance. court documents said only fed him sodas and snack foods. when police arrived and interviewed the dad they said he cared more about the social security checks. >> i'm disgusted. i can't believe someone would do that to their own kid. >> he's going to need an additional six months of care to reach an appropriate weight. his mom, you see her here, is
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his dad however, still in jail. boulder police are lookingg3 for this man. he grabbed a woman on the rear end in the thigh area. this was on campus. in assault happened in the underpass of broadway and college avenue. it maybe linked to another incident back in january. if you recognize him call police. the number is on the bottom f your screen. >> meantime over at lakewood police are working to track down this man. he's wanted in ran some plot. police say he and three other men kidnapped the victim on august 30th. then demanded half a million dollars from his family for his return. $200,000 was dropped off and the victim was released. the other three men are already in custody. >> more trouble for the fort collins police department. a second former officer is now suing the city and the department for alleged racial discrimination.
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discriminated against for being latino. a lawyer claims there is a long time systematic pattern of abuse and discrimination in the department. >> as soon as latino officers become officers they hit a glass ceiling. moving upwards is virtually impossible. there is a club that' not welcoming of their latino officers. >> they said they can't comment on pending litigation. but they plan to issue a statement soon. school leaves one student dead another hurt. it looks like one girl opened fire on another in a bathroom then took her own life. this happeneddat alpine, about 200 miles southeast of el paso. an officer was also injured in what appears to be an accidental shooting. >> some good news on the random stabbing in a highlands hood. the suspect is off the streets and behind bars.
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suspect's name. the restaurant is hosting a benefit on saturday to help pay for the victim's medical expenses. >> this man is still on the run. police say he used a kkife while trying to carjack a best buy employee yesterday. he didn't succeed. one they say he crashed into a marketplace. another then he took off in down 104th street. he was last seen in white pickup truck with thi plate. qwm516. so if you see anything call the police. >> a man is dead after falling while ccimbing a 14er. he fell in the area of maroon bells. his partner sent an sos message from a personal locater device last night. that led crews to him and they are working to recover his body. a woman shot one week ago in
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injuries. he's identified as 35-yeaa-old samantha crespin. she's from cliffton. officers found her shot in her car. the gunman is still on the run and investigators still don't know why she was shot. >> colorado hits another cannabis first with certified hemp seed. it's the first state in the country to o that. qualifies as hemp and marijuana. the farmers need to get state certification to raise it. this marijuana growing facility is closed. star buds grow, the first denve3 facility ever to shutdown over complaints. neighbors said the place smelled. the company's lawyer says they plan to fight the decision. they are allowed to sell pot, they just can't grow it in the building. >> the colorado supreme court
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the city's $0.20 charge on disposable paper bags should have gone to voters because it's similar to a sales tax. they appealed the case back in may. this measure has been in effect since 2011. >> a man wanted for murder gets out of jail right under the noses of police. but we're getting a a fiist look at how he did that. >> you may not be getting what
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as a school superintendent, i saw how unnecessary regulations from washington made it more difficult rincipals. and as a dad, i know we must empower those who spend every day with our kids. that's why i worked with republicans and democrats to replace the no child left behind law and increase local control of schools. i'm michael bennet. i approve this message because i believe parents and our communities
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back now with new video of that murder suspect in las vegas who escaped jail. you're watching him break his handcuffs. officers then reenter but they don't notice that his cuffs are broken. so they leave. 40 minutes later he hops the desk, takes the chair and climbs out through the ceiling. >> we had a live feed but nobody was >> he was rearrested yesterday. and now las vegas police say police changes are in place. >> 13 minutes after 11:00 lets turn now to our voice your vote this morning. and the latest in hillary clinton's email scandal. james comey is defending the release of documents from its probe. and more documents will be coming out soon. he says the release is necessary to the fbi's promised public
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criminal charges against hillary clinton. also out today an email former secretary powell. and%- some congressional republicans say he advised her on how to skirt the rules. >> clinton is getting some big names to join her on her campaign over the next few months. first massachusetts ssnator warren will join her on the campaign trail. >> donald trump is facing legal action from kids. you heard that right, the freedom girls are suing trump for $15,000. a dance group performed at a trump rally in florida in january. here's why they're upset. trump campaign didn't let them sell cd's at the rally then
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iowa was canceled unexpectedly. >> the state university of denver president is retiring next year. the announcement was made today at the annual welcome back breakfast. he arrived in 2005. >> denver police are investigating after a local taco truck was vandalized. it was trashed and 300 bucks were stolen. the owner thinks it happened because he parked it right outs office. the owner said least getting death threats on his personal cell phone. >> native americans are getting ready to go to north dakota to show their support for the standing sioux tribe protesting the pipeline there. >> we have a lot of support coming in from over seas. i saw a picture of people in france saying no access pipeline.
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in the coming days because there are two big hearings both will decide if pipeline destruction should continue. >> the federal government is pitching in to help clean the spill. that move frees up money to help clean up the 300-0000 gallons of contaminated waste water that spilled. -- 300,000 gallons of contaminated waste water that spilled. >> september typically a quiet today our normal high is 82. so still warm, but by the 30 it will be 72. >> that drops quite a bit. >> it's a pretty drastic drop. today on the normal side. here's your cheat sheet on this thursday. we've got beautiful weather for the game. highs this afternoon near 90 degrees. great football weather though because by the time things start to cool down we'll be in the 70s for a majority of the game. now we are tracking a cold fron3
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it's going to bring our temperatures down. but right now we're all focussed on the stadium. blue skies, lots of sunshine here. but look at our wireless camera in burlington. quite a bit of fog on the far eastern plains. this clears up in the next 30 or 45 minutes. now watch our future cast a few storms pop up out east later today. very slim chance of getting much, here in mountains it's going to be just sunshine today. there is going to be a slight chance for a few storms out there. that's going to be the area shaded in this light green color. covering burlington and limon. three quarters of the state though under ssnshine. and we're going to see a lot of clear skies the next few days. i'll show you what it's like for the weekend coming up.
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denver. clear skies tonight we're at 74 by about 9:00 then upper 50s to near 60 by tomorrow morning. as we head into the weekend. today still a touch on the hot side. evergreee at 81 this afternoon. castle rock 84. and in kings burg a high of 89. most mountain towns in the 70s. 92 for pueblo. it's still pretty hot out west heading into utah. but tomorrow with this front rolling through earlier in the day it will keep our highs a lot lower tomorrow. it's a dry system though. so we're still going to see a lot of sunshine on friday. almost a perfect scenario friday and saturday. we're at 77 to end the week and then 81 on saturday. looking ahead to the weekend, sunday will be the warmer of the two days. we'll be closer to 90 for the second half of the weekend. then we're tracking a stronger storm. so monday a chance of storms, a
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you'll notice drop we're in the 60s on on tuesday. you've got to love colorado right? >> up and down. >> a little t-shirt weather for the game tonight..3 >> oh yeah easily get away with a t-shirt. >> we have new details about the new labor day 10k coming up in fort collins. it's going to be called the fortitude. runners wrap around the ity park in fort collins before the new football stadium on the ccu campus. registration begins november 1st. >> a major warning before the next time you eat fish or lobster. one in five pieces of seafood are being mislabeled around the world. it's happening 20% of the time in the united states. this is big deal. because not only could you be overpaying, but you could also get sick from this.
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yourself. know when certain fish are in season and look into where they are being raised. . colorado for more than ten years is the leanest state in the country. a lot of us know that. that's according to to the centers for disease control and prevention. colorado has the lowest rate of adult diabetes andhysical inactivity. dc, hawaii, montana, and california are all pretty good. but here's a look at the states with obesity. in dead last louisiana, followed by alabama, west virginia, and kentucky. >> firefighters are looking for the owner of this wedding ring. it was dropped inntheir collection pot. there was also about $19,000 helping to fight muscular dystrophy. they thiik it came off by accident. i don't know. >> may just need to be resized.
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to change the game. >> he came up with the new app after realizing he and his date had nothing inncommon. you create a quiz of three questions might help you gain insight into your potential match. then that person has to pass the quiz in order for the two of you o to go on a date. >> you see someone passed your quiz, you'll have to pass their quiz as well to message them. you both have to qua each other, or else it's. we're trying to eliminate that bad date. >> right now qualify is only for cu students but he hopes to expand soon. >> a lot of people would like it to be that simple to eliminate that bad date. it's gone. a warning for parents of kids who play sports. one teen got a flesh eating bacteria, and it was all from his equipment. up next what happened and how you can prevent this from
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olympic swimmer ryan lochte
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months following his recent rio robbery nt. that means he won't be able to compete in next year's world championships. his suspension is longer than tte other three swimmers involved in the scandal. right now we're cheering on thrre colorado swimmers in the paraolympics. >> if you refuse to stand in thh national anthem you will be baed this comes after collin kaepernick went viral for protoasting the anthem. other athletes have since joined them. it's not clear -- protesting the anthem. other athletes have since joined them. an athlete got a flesh eating bacteria. >> it happened from his football helmet. this is the teenager's hand and that's what it looked like after
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she didn't think much at first. but then within hours he was vomiting and his finger was swollen. >> when the surgeon came in she could not believe how severe his finger was. the swelling increased and the antibiotics weren't working. >> his hand was thankfully saved but his mobility is now up in the air. so this is a reminder to alws disinfect equipment and keep an eye on any injury no matter how small it seems at first. >> a lot more news coming up on denver7 at 11:30. >> live at nfl kickoff village. >> reporter: hello.
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everybody's having fun here. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh boy. we'll check in with him in just a little bit. also donald trump and hillary clinton share the stage to talk about national security. their answers and attacks up
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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denver7 news starts right now. >> it is 11:30 and right now we
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it is the season opener tonight. broncos playing the carolina panthers. >> nfl kickoff village is open and we have team coverage for everything you need to know from weather to traffic. >> yesterday we wereut at civic center for the victory parade. >> i know. >> and now summer is gone and here we are almost officially at fall. it's such a pretty day today. clear skies, a lot of sunshine. it is pretty hot though. 70s. we're expecting some upper 70s here in the next hour or so. which means we're well on our way to near 90 by 3:00 and there's a lot of sunshine out there. clear skies through tonight. so we want you, we don't want you, but the broncos want you game at 6:00 you better bethe there. it'll be about 82 by that point. 70s by 9:00. so here's youu first alert that today is pretty hot. tonight pretty nice. now tomorrow things are going to
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that's going to roll through by mid-morning. i'll show you what that does to our temperatures coming uppin just a few minutes. >> tickets for tonights game start at 135 bucks. >> if you're looking for a free way to get on the action your best bet is to head to kickoff village. >> that's where they're having all kinds of fun this morning. >> reporter: this is what it is all about. the nfl kickoff village officially here and open in ?ivic center park. sea of orange and blue coming out to celebrate the kickoff to the nfl season. we have some nfl legends here signing autographs. fun stuff for the kids. i don't know if you caughttit before, i ran the obstacle course, probably set a record time. course going on down here. it's called the retirement combine. i'll show you some video from
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this is peyton manning, number 18 himself was here this morning. this was a special event for families.employees and their%- based on his directv commercials. he threw some t-shirts out. took pictures with highway happy fans. it was a good time to see the sheriff back in town. he's going to be there at the celebration over at the stadium. they're asking fans to be in the stage is set for the concert a little bit later on. gates for that open at 3:00. then the concert dirks bently and one republican starts at 4:30. but the nfl bag policy is in effect. they're asking you not to bring chairs because of the limited capacity. and they're not going to be showing the game here on the big screen so if you come down and stay until about 6:00 make other plans and then watch at a local
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fit. with all these people, this is pedestrian traffic. but i know somebody who knows actual car traffic a lot better. it's going to be a busy 1 on the roads with the bronco game later on. tell us everything we need to know. >> you said it perfectly obstacle course. that's what we have in downtown denver. we have an obstacle course to get our way around. can it includes broadway colfax, all of those roads downtown busy right now. we have major closures, that will stay closed electric for d for the rest of the day. all of these will be gridlocked as -- closed for the rest of the day. all of these will be gridlocked. and in the stadium around the parking lots federal to 23rd and colfax moving along just fine. but plan on extta time if you have no interest in the game,
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downtown use some of the side roads, like 225 that help you stay out of downtown and aaay from all of that traffic. >> good advice. new at 11:00 a man accused of intentionally crashing his car into a light pole to kill his girlfriend pleads guilty to charges. today he could face up to 16 years in prison for last years crash in boulder. he was seriously hurt in the crash but his okay. his sentencing was set for november. a man is killed on the job at a steel manufacturing plant. this is just north of fort collins. 48-year-old william williams was hit in the back by a 16-inch beam. this happened on tuesday. he died at the hospital. he reportedly worked there for more than ten years. >> right now this man is wanted in connection with a carjacking in weld county.
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>> you see two one man wrestle a guy from the ground, then they steele steal the guy's woman et and run away. >> this is absolutely ridiculous. -- guy's wallet and run away. >> this is absolutely ridiculous. you can't be safe in your own neiggborhood. haened in chicago. police hope this vid them to those suspects. >> to california where police are resuming their 20-year search for a missing college student. this after a new twist. 19-year-old kristen smart disappeared in 1996. now investigators are excavating the site on campus following a new lead. >> that means digging down probably about 3 feet and going out about 90 feet from the
11:36 am
that depending upon what type of evidence if any is recovered. >> investigators are lloking at several more locatioos but hey are not disclosing the locations right now. the sheriff noted that the last known person to see smart alive remains a person of interest. this woman is in jail accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars of art work. it was stolen from a woman she was hired to in addition to the art there's also jewelry missing from her home. >> national security issues are dominating the campaign trail. hillary clinton and donald trump on the hot seat last night. they were taking questions about foreign policy. also about terrorism. but the military pushing back about some of trump's positions. >> this morning hillary clinton came out swinging. >> last night was yet another test.
11:37 am
again. we saw more evidence that he is temperamentally unfit and totally unqualied to be commander in chief. >> clinton first on stage at last night's national security forum on nbc giving donald trump the last word. >> i think under the leadership of barack obama and hillary clinton the generals have been reduced to rubble. >> clinton firing back. >> that's how he talks about distinguished men and women who have spent their lives serving ?ur country. >> last night trump detail on his strategy to defeat isis. >> if i win i don't want to broadcast to the enemy w my plan is. >> but clinton making a broad promise which she to do by. >> we are not putting ground troops into iraq ever again. and we're not putting ground troops into syria. >> with the first presidential debate just two weeks away was this a missed opportunity. >> neither looked like a steady confident leader. these did not look like two
11:38 am
time debate. >> there's libertarian candidate gary johnson. msnbc. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo. >> what is aleppo? >> you're kidding. >> no. >> aleppo is it's the epicenter of the refugee crisis. >> he said he thought it was an acronym but said there's no excuse for not knowing. >> meantime current commander in chief is in lous today. president obama spoke at the asian summit putting the long dispute about the south china sea front and center.
11:39 am
tensions. but i look forward to us constructively moving forward for tability and diplomacy. >> back here at home lawmakers are demanding answers about the way overbudget hospital in aurora. they've issued a subpoena forciig the va to release documents detailing how the money was spent. the project was supposed t $600 million but it ended up costing $1.7 billion. >> a veteran is fighting the va after they wouldn't let him bring his guide dog to an appointment. two years ago he complained about the service dog aacess and the agency changed hisspolicy. so he thought it was all resolved. until last week when he was told he couldn't bring his dog into a dental treatment room. >> i'm tired of being treated
11:40 am
something they scraped off the bottom of their shoe. >> in the case of oral surgery it's not appropriate to bring an animal in the surgery room. >> they tell us they will pay for him to get treated at a nonva facility. facility.up for -- non-va >> heading up the scale you knew about sugar is wrong. all you need to know about this new health alert. >> the next time family trip to disney world your children from 3 to 9-years old will need to get their fingers scanned. you can find out why next. >> we're just hours away from kickoff for the game. 79 degrees in denver. if y're heading out to the
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starbucks is moving into the world of cop at the present time relationship with customers. it will offer a series of texts% videos and podcasts telling stories of inspiring americans. it's going to roll out on the mobile app in the next ten weeksment they're aiming for the quality of the washington post and new york times. >> disney world is cracking down on ticket fraud. so the next time you're there with your family kids from 3 to 9-years old will now have to have their fingers scanned. adults already have to do this.
11:44 am
sharing tickets. and if you don't want your kids fingers scanned you can have yours done instead or if you don't want it done altogether just head over to the parks guest relations office. >> for years we've had something called the glioseemic index scale. >> but it turns out it's all certain foods.e after they ate when people ate the same amount of food each time their blood sugar levels vary bid 20%. so what does that mean to you. >> so the concept here of good food, bad food don't believe the hype when it comes to your blood sugar level. so i would like people to replace the good bad with the clean. you want lean cashes, healthy
11:45 am
your energy levels up. >> that's kind of confusing. >> it gets more confusing than easier over the years. >> it does. >> incredible video at 11:00. an 8-year-old girl has a ride that will leave your jaw dropping during the mutton busting competition. >> it's at the labor day rodeo. you see the sheep fall then roll and get back up. guess what, she stays on the she's even riding backwards and all the while you can imagine her dad is cheering her on. >> hang on! keep going! go! yeah! >> she's really into it. but the thing rolls over and she never lets go. >> dads cheering her on. moms like this. >> what have you done. >> she's stoked because everyone
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>> we've got a beautiful afternoon. it's hot already though. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. i've got to get this thing off i'm dying. this is one offthe days of whatnot to wear. >> it looks good and it's in support of a great cause. >> it's in the spirit. i ended the season with it and i'm starting with it. lots of sunshine expected through sunday. upper 80s to near 90 this afternoon. but we are tracking cold front tomorrow. i'll talk about that coming up in just from our wireless camera in burlington it's still pretty foggy even in the last 30 to 45 minutes we've seen that clear up a bit. you've got nothing but blue skies from the airport. skies clear, near 90 degrees closer to 74, 75 by about 9:00. but sky access do stay clear and
11:47 am
>> denver today is going to hit about 89. we've got boulder at 88. as you get farther south deckers and castlerock low to mid-80s and 70s for the mountains. hot near pueblo, lamar both in the mid-90s this afternoon. if we see any storms today it the metro area. this lighter green where we could see general thunderstorms. anddit looks like the risk of any severe weather will be off to the you'll notice future cast clearing out near burlington and a few thunderstorms popping up this afternoon. so spots like burlington ould see a few. we'll keep an eye on it. but nothing but sunshine near the mountains. early tomorrow morning mostly sunny. we might see patchy fog far out east aa you get up through kansas and nebraska. but otherwise now dry and mooe sunshine through tomorrow.
11:48 am
evening if you've got anything going on outdoors tomorrow night. it will be cooler because with the front rolling through tomorrow morning we'll go from highs near 90 today to mid-upper 70s on friday. it's going to be cooler but still a lot of sunshine. obviously with the front we'll watch for any moisture, chance of storms but this is a dry system. and it leads to a beautiful weekend. in the low to mid-80s on saturday. about five egrees warmer though. closer to 90 again on the next storm we're tracking monday into tuesday that will bring with it a better chance of storms. mid-70s monday. then cooler, cloudy by tuesday with the chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms and highs only in the 60s. >> fall is here. >> it is. not today that's for sure. >> not today. this back out and wear it when it's cooler. >> there's a december game coming up. >> that's true. thank you. >> imagine only going to work
11:49 am
week. sounds good, yeah? >> but there's a catch you can only eat once a week and your meal is a live grasshopper. >> the butterfly pavilion is home to 1600 butterflies. but there's another resident who's just as delicate and beautiful. it's rosy. the rose hair tarantula. say that they are harmless.nt t- one but more than 120 rosy. >> we work with the females because they're generally a little calmer. >> the spiders rotate work shifts so as not to wear them out. he puts in double that. just feeding ttem their weekly grasshopper.% he's been here for 19 years. >> it's fun. let's face it if it weren't fun3
11:50 am
that gives everything to his community. >> he gives his time because he welcomes the chance to educate kids and their families about science. including the often misunderstood creatures like tarantulas. >> they have an undeserved bad reputatiin. mostly from bad movies. >> we'd like to honor you as a se volunteering here. all your help. >> this is a great place. i've had a terrific time working here. thank you very much. >> to nominate someone as a seven everyday hero go to our
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we all know marriage not roses and rainbows. it takes a lot of work. breeking news right here this is a shocker, right? there's 170-year-old man in kansas who could not handle being around his wife anymore. >> what is his solution?
11:54 am
demanded cash. he got away with $3,000. but instead of running away he just waited in the lobby for the officers saying he'd prefer to go to jail rather than go home to his wife after an argument. i've never heard of someone who would rather come to jail and commit a crime so they don't have to go home and be with their family. that's never happened. >> first for everything. he and his wife had been married for 33 years. she says the argument started over him wanting to fix a broken dryer. if guilty he could get his wish of not returning home of up to 20 years. >> we laugh. it's reallyynot funny. that's intense if he thought he had to go that far. >> that dryer is not not going to be fixed for 20 years. that's the real frustrating part. we've got temperatures in the 70s.
11:55 am
kind of a big game going on tonight. >> there is? >> uh-huh. 79 by 7:00. real quick if you're sending the
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? >> announcer: today we're serving up brand-new go-tos. clinton's hanging with the fabulous regina hall. mario's got a quick and easy dinner. and a heart-pounding family face-off with a surprise twist. the fun starts, right now, on "the chew." ? [ chrs hey, everybody, and welcome to "the chew." are you tired of repeating the same old boring ho-hum meals every single night? us, too. so we're ending that snooze streak. all hour long, we're showing you brand spanking new go-tos you need in your kitchen arsenal asap.


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