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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  September 9, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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it is 5:30. a grand junction mother is dead. the fate of her accused killer now in the hands of a jury. a national program is telling paige birgfeld's story. this local detective shot in the line of duty. th we learned how n brite managed to stay alive. starting the season offf right with a victory over the panthers. however, a bronco is getting attention for what he did before the game started. dayle and lisa staying up late for the game. i went to bed. >> there's a difference. i watched it from home, dayle went to it, which meant there was a drive home. 3 >> it wasn't the drive home, it
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parking lot. >> t least they won. beautiful weather. cold front coming in bringing cor. temperatures only in the 70s today. this coming off yesterday at 90. you can't see the front. the front rolling through. we still have clear skies. we're looking at a beautiful but chilly start. low to mid-50s right now, looking at winds picking up bbtween 10 to 15 miles per hour. what i mean by you can't see the front is we're not going to get much moisture from this. just a few clouds this afternoon. mid- here's your first alert that we are at least a good 3, 5 degrees below normal today. jayson, early tomorrow morning it is going to be chilly. a look at yourrweekend coming up. will be a great night to sleep with the windoos open and have a cool night. we have a cool drive going on now. however, we had police activity around the convention center into downtown, just cleared now. it did affect the light rail trains going in and around downtown. the f, h and d lines were all affected.
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trains are slowly getting back to normal operations across downtown. the rest of the ride and drive looks nice. you can see that, too, at 270 and york, so far so good. if you're having struggles this morning, don't worry, you are not alone. but here's the good news, ttey did it and it was worth staying up the. the broncos beat the panthers. it was so close. a little stressful at times. >> i had to watch thh fourth quarter highlights when i got into they won 21-20 because of that missed field goal in the final seconds. our sports team was there at mile high for all the action and joins us with the highlights. >> reporter: thanks, guys. it wasn't pretty, but the broncos got the job done when it counted in the second half. along with woody paige, trevor siemian two early interceptions. booker fumbleed on his first ever carry in the nfl. three turnovers at half time.
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away quick. >> reporter: when i came down to the field after the game, as i was coming out of the press box, i saw john elway. gave me a thumbs up, not because of me, but because he realizes they escaped. it was a grand night. their celebration of winning the super bowl, continuation of that. peyton manning coming back and holding the trophy. the team coming out. former players coming back interest world championship teams. then to go out and kind of stink up the jo half and make the comeback in the second half, i think it speaks well. it could be another fortunate season, lucky season, another good season. >> reporter: let's listen to what some of the broncos had to say last night. >> resillient team. i think we saw that tonight. played for four quarters and proud to be a part of this
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we stand here 1-0 after beating the panthers twice in the last seven months. you did pick the panthers to win. but has your opinion of the broncos changed after game one? >> reporter: a win is a win is a win. let's be honest, this was not a polished finished team, not a polished finished quarterback. but defense that made a lot of mistakes and personal foul kind of penalties. i think they'll take from this enough that they won an opening been on revenge, and they'll take that into the season with the colts coming in, they have offensive line problems, i think the broncos have a chance instead offgetting off to 1-3 start, they could et off to a 4-0 start and where does it go from there? they could win another division. have i changed my opinion? i see a very lucky, cky bunch of people, and i'm lucky to be around to watch it. >> reporter: woody paige and
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that's it from mile high. -?back to you guys. >> those two were talking about the game with so many great moments. but this is what is really making headlines this morning. that's brandon marshall there taking a knee during the national anthem. jason gruenauer is live from mile high with reaction. >> reporter: he had earlier tweeted out support of 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. he even made comments to a local paper understanding. now, he said it's all about actions. we're going to take you back to last night before kickoff. there's marshall taking a knee on the sidelines as the national anthem is played. actions speak louder than words, as they say. marshall afterwards having to answer a whole lot of questions, using a lot of words to talk about his demonstration, this protest. he was a teammate of kaepernick back in nevada. also a fraternity brother of his. marshall afterwards saying he was protesting social
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police, not against america. the question is, does he regret it or did he regret it? hear what he had to say. >> i really felt like i would lose a lot of fans. who knows, you might lose endorsements, whatever the case may be. i thought and said, this is a risk i'm going to take. i did it and i don't regret it. >> reporter: marshall adding he's going to also donate some money to amount, to a veterans charity, like kaepernick did, going beyond that ceremonial gesturr of demonstrating or protesting, whatever you want to talk about. social media has been abuzz. reaction on both sides, players tweeting support to some of their teammates and other people coming out with strong worrs against marshall. he does say, however, he plans on continuing to not stand in future games. reporting live at sports
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>> you can continue to find everything you need to know about the broncos on our web site, click on the broncos tab. this morning we have a look at the man police say hit and killed a denver post report last week. they think he may have been drunk. reporter colleen o'conner was hit on a bike last week. denver police say this man stabbed a stranger in the throat earlier this week. they arrested anthony marquette ealy and are continuing to investigate why he did this. the attack happened on meade street station n west 32nd in highlands. the victim suffered serious injuries, but survived. his friends are holding a help with medical expenses. the jury is deliberating now, trying to decide what will
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killing paige birgfeld. the mother living a double life as an escort was killed. you can catch more about the case on 20/20. firefighters are almost done battling the starwood fire. it's now 90% contained. lightning started this fire over the weekend. a week ago this county detective was shot and his doctors say it is a miracle that dan brite is alive. this morning we'll learn more on what they did to save him. katie lasalle joins us from parker adventist hospital with what they know. >> reporter: good morning. details are still limited, but at last check, doctors have told us he is making promising progress in s recovery, this after being shot in the chest just a week ago in a shootout that ended here in front of the
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learn more about his condition in a press conference. but what we know now is last friday, detective brite responded to a suicidal suspect who was heavily armed. nearby schools went into lockdown. the 40-year-old suspect then died in the shootout. since then detective brite's family has said they received an outpouring of support from the community here. people sending thoughts and prayers and donations. the suspect's family even offering their condolences to all those affected. today the douglas county sheriff, d. dan brite's brother, steve, will be here at the hospital to share more information. the press conference starts at 8:30 this morning at the hospital. we are expected to learn more about exactly what happened here a week ago. we'll bring you that information as soon as we learn it both onair and online at live in parker this morning, katie lasalle for denver 7. it is now 5:39. the kids are back in school now, but we know learning
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>> a cu professor has come up with a program helping parents learn languages with their kids at home. it's called off the wall language. the professor created the program to be sort of like a game. words and phrases are placed around the walls of your hooe. you can even use your smartphone to read a qr code and hear a native speaker say it. >> we want your 2-year-old, your 3-year-old to say, mommy, that's our goal is to wake up their mind toward language. >> they are part the cu boulder accellrator program. the program is available to order online in both french and spanish. if your child comes home with a cold, no surprise. schools are filled with germs, but we find the germiest spot
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for me. it was a really hard decision to make. >> a sick teen is getting ?ational attention for ler choice to die -- her choice to die. why a colorado group says it's not her decision to make. we are looking at a beautiful weekend. it starts today. a lot cooler. here's your first alert that we have highs in the mid- to upper 70s by 3:00. then by 6:00, dropping into the upper 60s, near 70. it will be a beautiful day jason, warmer this weekend. we'll talk about it coming up. it's a beautiful drive. no accidents or stalls or other problems.
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justice is now coming for a world war i veteran killed in 1983 when he s now police arrested woman they say killed him. she is accused of strangling him. adams was just a teen at the time and she is now a 50-year- old librarian. in florida, deputies say a 52-year-old tourist from turkey was shot and killed while defending his wife during an armed robbery. they were celebrating their honeymoon in orlando, when an armed man approached them outside their hotel. the killer then ran away. a 14-year-old girl in
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right to die. she suffers from an ncurable disease. ?he's in constant pain and has decided to stop using her ventilator and stop treatment. now a disability group based here in colorado is intervening, saying this amounts to a suicide attempt and they're asking child protective services in wisconsin to investigate. >> there needs to be oversight and there needs to be somebody who is really looking out for her best interests to provide a second at these decisions. >> the teen's mother says she supports her daughter's decision and it's something they've talked about for years. you cannot come to class if you're not vaccinated, that's with a district in illinois is now saying. they sent 600 students home for
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vaccinations. the cdc says on average an elementary age child will get sick eight to 12 times a year. a leading pediatrician says the water fountain is the germiest, followed by trays in the cafeteria. teach them the importance of washing their hands with soap and water, and getting enough sleep will help boost their immune system. >> my kids wash their hands, but fountain. >> they will grow out of that. when college students are hungry, they want food and fast. >> at virginia tech they're getting flying burritos. google is testing its drone service there. they can order chipotle burritos from a special kiosk. >> the drones will lower the
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>> i'll be a tester on that one. i would love a flying burrito right now. >> how many college kids would be like, i'm in, thank you. >> wherever it comes from. it's chilly this morning. temperatures are starting to drop as we watch a cold front roll through. here's a look at our threat for severe weather. we'll see severe weather on the edge of this front, but it will be farther east of colorado. we might pick up isolated storms, but no real threat of severe weather for us here today. that front rolling through as we speak. so temperatures right now are in the 50s to low 60s. we are looking at patchy fog out east, but denver, beautiful. the sun is going to shine on the mile high city this morning. stadium with the lights still on. they're likely still there potentially cleaning things up after last night's win. some of the fog east in burlington out of here by mid- morning.
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lunch. that's what our futurecast looks like at 12:00. you'll notice a few clouds near sterling, akron, fort collins. we've got a few more clouds in the sky today and potentially even one or two isolated storms or showers up to the northeast. very little activity for us here in denver today. by 9:00 saturday morning, clear skies, chilly early tomorrow. we're going to see temperatures in the upper 40s to near 50 early tomorrow. due to today's colddfront, our temperatures are only mid- to upper 70s. so yesterday we were talking highs near 90. today we're at 77 by 3:00. if you've got friday night plans you'll want a light jacket with you tonight. by 7:00, we're at 66. it will be a little bit chillier. this was perfect timing as far as last night's game. it was great weather, t-shirt weather at the stadium. mid- to upper 60s for the foothills today. highlands ranch you're near 80.
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more 60s for the mountains. still pretty warm near pueblo and lamar. highs there will be closer to 90 this afternoon. pretty hot and even warmer this weekend. we're going to get a little % warmer in denver, too. saturday we're at 81. on sunday a high of 87. it is perfect through the weekend. a little warmee than normal. sunday will be the warmer of the two days. then we're tracking another cold front. this next front, there's a much better chance for storms,,some showers, and it gets a cooler. it will feel very fall-like for a majority of next week. getting closer to the official start of it. yeah, we are. closer and closer. we have a good drive on this friday. pretty light in most areas. however, we're starting to see more traffic like here across commerce city. folks hitting the brake lights after york going to vasquez and eventually to i-70. minutes on that entire trip ix - from i-25 to i-700 you can see on the map we have
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70, if you want to head out that way. it's usually a little bit smoother, depending how you want to cut across commerce city. 6th avenue, c-470, drive through the denver tech center, side streets look nice. we had police activity and other activity round the convention center. everything is open and clear now, so the roads are pen and the light rail is slowly getting back to normal. d, f, h lines were delayed but trains are starting to run normally now at this hour. > can help fight against thieves. >> cars these days keep a -?digital record of just about everything. so when this man had his stolen car returned to him, he happened to notice that the car's entertainment system had several strange phones synced to it. police used new technology to extract th data and build their case against the suspected thieves. >> when i dot back in the --
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if. >> we have that data and compare it to our physical evidence and circumstantial evidence, it can be that last puzzle piece. >> now police in some cities across the country are using this technology. one state cracking down on climate change. what they hope to accomplish with their strong new law. could the battle end today?
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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classes are canceled at a
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14-year-old girl shot a student and killed herself. the girl has only lived in the area about six months. the classmate she shot survived. a federal agent is recovering after getting shot accidently by another agent responding to the scene. not only is ryan lochte suspended from competing as a swimmer for the next 10 months, he's also losing $100,000 in bonuses he got from the olympics. this is the latest aftermath california is taking a giant step towards fighting climate change. the governor signed a law requiring the state to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030. today a federal judge will decide whether or not to stop a controversial oil pipeline
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dakota. the dakota access pipeline would carry oil from north dakota to illinois and runs through lanes native americans consider sacred. >> it's the government. the government wants something, they'll get it, no matter if it's going to ruin lives or whatever. >> for its part, the company building the pipeline has not made many public statements. though it did point out its own security guards weekend wh the protests turned viilent. a little girl knows what she likes and she wants a lot of it. >> the sweet, sweet sugar, we're talking cotton candy here. take a look at her. there she is enjoying that game. at a seattle mariner's she is only 3 years old and is now known as the cotton candy girl. >> i didn't have enough.
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>> you'll need more? >> yeah. >> that was her first time trying cotton candy. i think it's faii to say, like every kid she loves it. and they get it all over them. that's the issue, you better have a billion wet wipes. it's on your face and hands. >> i'm not so worried about that, but the sugar. >> did you see her eyes? cold front rolling through as we speak. low to mid-50s. parker 50 now. 30s and 40s in the mountains. here's your cheat sheet on this friday. temperatures will be a good 10 to 15 degrees cooler today. but warmer this weekend. 77 in denver this afternoon, to here's your first alert about 10 degrees warmer by sunday. better chance of storms next week. it's a lovely start to the day. 3
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commerce city that way, the refineries down here. that's what you're looking at. you can see it out that way. the drive out there at pena boulevard is really nice. starting to see a little bit more traffic on 270, but that's about it. every where else looks nice. major policy changes for one local school district. how our investigation into a bubble gun made it happen. and yes, that is our governor dangling off the side
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it is 6:00 a.m. breaking overnight, firefighters rescue a 5-year- old girl from a burning home. we have more details in just a broncos' linebacker brandon marshall takes a knee during the national anthem. plenty of people are sounding off this morning. first, let's give you a live look outside. happy friday, everybody. a loof little tired. >> voice is a little gone. >> screaming at the tv or at the game last night. >> it's time to relax. and they won, it was well worth it. you had to watch until the end. wireless camera, this in limon this morning. we have patchy fog out east. you can see there, though, mix of sun and clouds. gorgeous. a lot of sunshine. we are tracking a cold front and last night conditions were perfect for the game. today with that front rolling


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