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tv   7 News at 5 PM Saturday  ABC  September 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MDT

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they make the right decisions. they're hungry. they're wanting to prove themselves. he said it's been a real joy over the first nine months of his tenure here at ohio state. >> dave: he worked for us the last couple years. wanted to get back into coaching. that pass is incomplete, intended for lucas. nigel carter who is a little further down field. urban meyer and greg sheano have been friends for 20 urban meyer said i rarely hire friends, usually i hire guys that i don't know. i remember sitting on a plane with him in 2011 and he was watching iowa state film. he said there's a coach named tom herman. two times he's hired close friends to be on his staff.
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>> dave: wilson dragged down on the punt return at the 16 yard line. here's cassidy in the studio. >> another crazy ending for navy taking on uconn. they get stuck, no timeouts. they can't stop the clock and they don't hustle to get a play off. time runs out on them. look, 8 seconds to go. navy holds on for the 28-24 win. dave, greg, tom, wow. >> dave: crazy finishes today, that and the controversial ending at oklahoma state. >> greg: coming into the week we were saying there's no good matchups. college football always delivers. >> dave: it doesn't matter if there's six games involving ranked teams or none like this week. we're talking about addazio and tom herman. here are the other notable
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under urban meyer. charlie strong was with him at florida. kyle whittingham at utah. >> greg: dan mullin, success at mississippi state. steve addazio, the defense has been good, they have to find stability on offense. of course the hottest name in college football, tom herman, is doing a phenomenal job at houston. >> dave: barrett's pass broken up. incomplete. keanu hill got there early. >> referee: pass interference defense number one, ball will be placed at the spot of the foul. automatic first down. >> tom: the one come denominator
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have success is that philosophical process that they've brought with them and they carry it over and they've applied. as an assistant coach working under somebody that's had success, what works, doesn't work and how to apply it with your own personality at the next stop. you've got to have resources and hopefully take the right job but that's why there's a lineage of success with guys that have come off of urban meyer's staff. >> dave: weber s powers past the 40 yard line to the 42 for 17 yards. >> greg: lugs, when we're at practice watching urban meyer work, seeing how organized they are, seeing the tempo with which they practice, seeing how many guys they're rotating in, it's really phenomenal to see how he manages his team, especially in the week leading up to a game like this.
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checking at the line of scrimmage. >> tom: interesting that they're not just running plays here, guys. >> dave: 24-point lead, take a little time off the clock, shorten the game. here's weber. boy, does he look good. jeremy smith on the stop. >> greg: a lot of people are probably asking, tulsa's offense is struggling. how much longer are you going to keep barrett in you have to think about who they play next week. this offense has looked out of sync at times tonight. they need this offense feeling confident knowing that they travel to norman next week to take on an oklahoma team that's reeling from the loss last week and ready to right the wrongs. >> dave: barrett has samuel
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>> tom: greg, i want to tell you about samuel from my perspective. i was wrong on him. came out of a little high school in new york, level of competition wasn't great. played a lot of different positions so it was tough to see where he would settle in. at times he was a bit of an upright runner. you could tell he was talented. wasn't quite sure how quickly he would adapt and make the jump. he has exploded. i think he's the next percy >> dave: barrett on first down. going for samuel. what a catch. samuel down at the one yard line. >> greg: unbelievable concentration. we've been talking about how versatile curtis samuel is. he's a running back to a certain extent going up and making a play like that. you know he plays wide receiver, too, but when number 4 is on the
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ball. >> dave: weber with his first collegiate touchdown! weber said last week that despite the 136 rushing yards in his first career start he was tick get into the end zone. they gave it to him here on first and goal. he punches it in. it's a rout. 34-3. in organic chemistry class earlier this month, a student took a paper airplane and made it into a basket, so we decided we would try to throw a football and make it into a basket.
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got an a for that. all we get is to sit here and praise greg mcelroy for his accuracy. that's all you get, hey, you move it closer for me. >> greg: i get lucky. >> tom: the wind was against you. we put it right where you threw it and yet you landed a little short. what was going on there? was it a psychological pen. i can't move my right arm. >> greg: i'm telling you, lugs, i know you're sore from throwing the football yesterday. we got a little competitive. >> tom: i ain't sore. >> dave: what was in picture with all of tom's throws that were wide left and ten yards short. greg actually made two more, put them in the bucket.
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that's it. >> dave: i was holding back a little bit. >> greg: that's what it is. lugs and i both played quarterback, and you didn't want to show us up. you're being a good friend and make sure we feel confident. >> tom: dave, i'm going to come out and say it. we have to have better toughness out of you. >> dave: the job of a play-by-play guy is to make the analyst look good. i staged that very well for you guys and our camera crew. first of all, how come who gave the entire class an a when one random kid could throw a paper airplane io a trash can. >> greg: that's very impressive. >> dave: evans, has a completion. lucas is wrapped up. nice tackle by chris worley. time ticks away at the end of the third. this game was tied at three after one. it was 6-3 late second quarter, and then dane evans throws back-to-back interception returns for touchdowns.
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carter couldn't hang on. third down. >> greg: it's so tough to go against a defense like this. they make you pay for every mistake. if a throw is just a little off, they're going to knock it down. if you make a wrong decision, they're going to intercept it. if the i just take it to the house. in six quarters this team has as many pick sixes as they've had all of 2015 and that was a pretty dang good secondary for the buckeyes. >> dave: that's a great stat. third and eight. evans going deep. it's underthrown. picked again.
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fourth interception of dane evans. >> greg: dane evans has had better days. this one just a little underthrown. it happens. even the best players in the world underthrow the football. he tried to give his guy a chance. the receiver, justin hobbs, didn't recognize it quick enough and a great job by gareon conley going up, high pointing the football and making a play. it h he's got to learn from it. take the next step. he had a great game in week one. i imagine he'll have a lot more good games than bad games throughout the rest of his senior year. >> dave: you think tulsa is right behind houston? >> greg: very good, stout at the line of scrimmage, veteran defense, senior leadership at quarterback. he struggled today but a lot of people will struggle against this ohio state defense.
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distant second behind houston. houston is one of the best teams in the country. cincinnati with a big win today. >> tom: they throttled purdue. >> referee: holding offense number 74. ten yard penalty from the spot of the foul. replay first down. because the quarterback ended on an accepted penalty we will have one untimed down. >> dave: this is a legal untimed down, michigan game. we couldn't hear dave, we saw dave, our rules expert on television. i wanted to sit back and listen to him break that down as to what took place at the end of the game at oklahoma state. oklahoma state turned it over on downs with no time left, they got an untimed down and central michigan ended up winning. >> greg: still have to defend the hail mary, regardless of untimed down or not.
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weber up the gut. he's to the 31. now that's the end of the third quarter with ohio state leading 34-3. we'll return after this message and a word from our abc stations. when you run your own restaurant, every night is opening night. coors light. whatever your mountain, climb on. now she writes mostly in emoji.
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>> dave: welcome back to abc college football presented by walmart. it's turned into a blowout here in columbus, but many of the fans that guy stays for anything. the guy with the painted head, he's here every ohio state game. it doesn't matter whether it's ten below or 85 like it was today with 80% humidity. a weather delay of over an hour. j.t. barrett takes off and gets to about the 38 yard line. >> greg: they love their buckeyes, man. they love their buckeyes here in ohio.
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>> dave: urban meyer told us, guys, that this team reminds him of the 2014 national championship team in this respect, that they're young and they're going to get better as the season goes along. right now do you see this as a national title contender or do you think it's going to take time before we can answer that? >> greg: absolutely they're a national title contender, without a doubt. they're outstanding at quarterback. they're really good along defensive line, exceptional in the secondary. the only thing they need to improve upon is along the offensive line. they were good last week. they've been, i think, exposed a little bit today with some of the speed the power rushes but that will be addressed i'm assure you. this team with the schedule they play and the way it lays out, they're going to be a handful for everybody nationally.
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particular that looks a lot tougher. the punter got run into, they didn't throw a flag. great punt by johnson. the buckeyes are down there and they keep it from going into the end zone. the officials must have felt incidental contact but usually you get a running into the kicker call. trevis gipson. >> greg: he hits the ball. how often do you see a punter a lot of kickers naturally have some soccer background. you do occasionally see some flopping going on. >> dave: there was no flop and no flag believe it or not. (backwards music) (backwards music)
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fifth time this week. jimmy john's >> dave: when you come to columbus, ohio stadium it is imposing. it's nothing like bristol speedway. you can fit the big house, michigan stadium, inside bristol motor speedway where 150,000 will watch. fenway park and wrigley field, you can get them both inside bristol motor speedway. virginia tech/tennessee coming up in about 45 minutes here on
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a big game for the vols. they did not play well last week, should have lost to appalachian state, fumbled on the goal line and it was recovered for a touchdown. the vols won it in o.t. >> greg: when there's a chance to give a punter some love, i'm going to do it. cameron johnson gets hit as he's punting it, stands his ground, says i'm right here, come and get it. the punter having a little attitude. >> tom: got to room, greg. >> greg: i bet he won some guys over right there. >> dave: what we didn't show you, he doesn't mind almost getting his head knocked off but he doesn't want to get his hair wet so he gets on the phone here and he ducks underneath to stay dry. >> tom: he needs to come and talk to me.
5:22 pm
>> dave: third and four for tulsa. dane evans has thrown for just 94 yards and four interceptions. we haven't seen a lot of tulsa's punter because there have been so many turnovers by the gold hurricane. that pass behind the intended receiver, incomplete, fourth down. now we'll see the dalton parks. >> greg: lugs taking it in. you can tell the humidity, got foggy on the glasses. wipe them off. there you go. >> dave: i'm impressed that you didn't change your shirt. urban meyer had to get three towels. >> tom: hey, i'm lucky i finished my carrots so i can use this baggy to protect our hardware. >> dave: always looking out for the interests of the company. we appreciate that, tom.
5:23 pm
>> dave: here's parks with a low liner but a deep kick. wilson on the return. he's to the 28 yard ne. we talked about the talent of curtis samuel. sometimes you can sleep on dontre wilson who was bothered by an injury for a good part of last year. he's a play maker. >> greg: it starts with the kick. not a good hang time right there from dalton parks. it allows room. the gunners had no chance. open field, he's going to have a very difficult time bringing him down. curtis samuel and dontre wilson are the two best play makers on this football team. any way you can get the ball in their hands if you're the offensive coordinator you got to figure out how to dio it. they're both on the field right now. >> dave: first down for ohio state at the 28 yard line with a
5:24 pm
barrett pulls it back. dump it off to wilson in space. a beautiful cut and spin. down to the ten yard line. what a move by dontre wilson. >> greg: this might look a little familiar, buckeyes fans. remember braxton miller's spin move against virginia tech? that's the circle button if you're playing play station. wow. good luck tackling that. >> dave: as a millennial, you would know that. >> greg: i would. i played some video games in my day, i can assure you. v button on xbox. >> dave: first and goal for ohio state. down to about the five is samuel. surprised the starters are still
5:25 pm
got oklahoma next week, our starting group has not been in sync so i'm going to let these guys continue to get some reps? >> greg: they've played poorly today, been inconsistent. as a coach you want your offense to go into a big game feeling good about themselves. getting a touchdown here, i would imagine that might be the exclamation point for this starting offense for the buckeyes. >> tom: remarkably, they've executed in the worst conditions. >> dave: they the weather delay. >> greg: sure did. >> dave: touchdown for j.t. barrett. that's his second one today. his ninth overall touchdown this season. >> greg: good job on the zone read by j.t. barrett. seeing disappearance, seeing green grass, keeping the football, saying it's my
5:26 pm
>> dave: you think he's the second best quarterback in college football and he's off to a great start here in 2016. >> greg: no doubt about it. it's all about him here in columbus. doesn't hurt when you're throwing to a guy like dontre wilson and he can press the b button. j.t. barrett is loving it. big lead buckeyes. ? ? second best quarterback in big lead buckeyes.
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? ? ? ? ? 38 unanswered points since the game was tied in the second quarter. it's 41-3 buckeyes.
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>> dave: still raining here in columbus. we had about an hour lightning delay earlier. here's bishop louis on the return for tulsa. he's in deep trouble. brought down at the 15 yard line. philip montgomery is in his second year as a head coach at tulsa. he was with art briles in many stops, most recently baylor. as we're talking about this, we should note, called by baylor, by the ncaa, by anybody in connection at all with the sexual assault scandal at baylor. let's get that out of the way. we're talking about art briles. greg and tom, your reaction as you saw tom rinaldi in that interview with briles? >> greg: it felt genuine. his apology looked sincere. however if i'm a division one athletic director, there's no way i'd hire him knowing what happened under his watch. too many mistakes were made and
5:30 pm
to the alumni, to my president that he's alleviated those concerns. he's a great coach, but i don't think he's going to have a job any time soon in college football. >> dave: evans dumps it off to about the 21 yard line to nigel carter. are you on the same page as greg, tom? >> tom: i am. i felt he was sincere in the interview that was conducted. i also feel like in today's society when you're the head man, you are in charge. you are program whether it's in business in any walk of life. it's your responsibility. this wasn't something to do with ncaa infractions. it wasn't something to do with substance abuse. this was something to do with the well-being of the citizens of our culture and our society. and that in and of itself -- and i would agree with greg here.
5:31 pm
if somebody were to acquire about hiring him, how would you get anybody to sign off on it right now? i don't think it's possible. >> dave: evans throws and it's broken up. i agree, it's something you can't come back from. when you enable criminal activity to that degree, allowing it to go on and then again to me it didn't seem contrite. i can't judge the man's heart or sincerity but i didn't lot of reasons as to why he sorry other than he was sorry that it happened, do you think there's a chance he gets hired at some point or are you saying he's never going to get hired as a head coach again? >> greg: not as a head coach in the college football world. too many mistakes were made under his leadership. there's no way an athletic director, a decision maker at a division one university can justify bringing him on board to be a part of their organization, not with the mistakes that he made and the things he seemed to
5:32 pm
>> dave: srt punt. ohio state is going to take over in tulsa territory.
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5:35 pm
malik hooker, then on a bad pass and a bad decision in the weather. finally agareon conley here in the second half. how about this kid, malik hooker, three interceptions already in two games. his first career start was last week. it's a lot of people's first career start on this ohio state team with only a handful of seniors that are going to play >> greg: he's going to play football for a very long time. >> dave: curtis samuel on the inside pitch and he gets a few yards. our pick life game summary, talked about the four interceptions. j.t. barrett after struggling for most of the first half bouncing back here in the second half with some decent second half numbers. >> greg: it's all about turnovers. it goes to show you this ohio
5:36 pm
contributors, guys that were drafted and are making millions of dollars in the nfl right now, joey bosa, you name it. they're not going to miss a beat on defense. oo talented, recruited too well, the culture is clearly established. >> dave: first down catch by samuel. >> tom: to further that point, greg, with mike weber we talked about how a year ago he was out of shape, he was overweight. when the cal this roster creates an own competition, the coaches are no longer the motivating factor. the players realizing he better fall in line or he's not going to be in the mix. mike weber realized as a player if he didn't get it going, there's too many good players and he's never going to see the field. >> dave: here's weber and down to the 31 yard line. here are the nfl players from
5:37 pm
the first four rounds of this year's draft. five taken in the first round, two guys in the top four, three in the top ten. >> greg: it's incredible how talented they were the last couple of years. you shake your head looking at the roster. it's not like these guys are going to play a few years. we're talking about guys that could have ten-year careers, all of them. so well coached, so well prepared. obviously so incredibly good because of the here in columbus. >> dave: barrett steps up, brought down at the 28 yard line. >> tom: they got to get him out of the game. >> greg: i was about to say the same thing. he's taken a couple of hits. j.t. barrett is the heart and soul of this team. he might not be their most explosive player right now. i think that honor would go to curtis samuel and dontre wilson. but you have a guy that's backing him up in joe burrow
5:38 pm
ready. i don't really understand why he's still in the game. i understand getting him feeling good but joe burrow needs some reps, too. >> tom: the long term of this season is dependent upon number 16. >> dave: they'll keep it on the ground on third down. weber claimed he wasn't down but they rule him down at the 26. it's fourth down. no sign of the field goal team at >> greg: four down territory all the way, fourth and two, you got your whole playbook if you're ed warner. >> dave: they're at oklahoma next week. they go to wisconsin, to penn state and to michigan state. that was the one loss last year that derailed their national title hopes was here against michigan state. they went back and went the next week up to michigan and won.
5:39 pm
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>> dave: welcome back to abc college football presented by walmart. ohio state has scored the last 38 points since the second quarter when this game was tied. turnovers the story. on offense it's been j.t. barrett. also curtis samuel who has 140 yards of total offense, 78 rushing, 62 receiving. fourth and two, the buckeyes going for it. here's dontre wilson getting the first down. knocked out of bounds inside the ten. here's cassidy hubbarth in the studio. >> thanks, dave. number 11 texas taking on u
5:43 pm
>> dave: greg and lugs, are you buying texas yet? >> greg: yes. i bought them on monday with the performance that they showed. love their run pass options at quarterback. i think they're going to be a factor in the big 12. >> dave: touchdown for dontre wilson. going to say it's not like charlie strong didn't win a big game last year. they beat oklahoma in the end of the year. so they had moments last year. >> tom: dave, you and i know full well because we've had them the last couple of years that every time we came off the broadcast we said, man, if that team gets a quarterback, look out. >> dave: yep. >> tom: and they were my preseason pick. >> dave: texas is your preseason pick? >> tom: they were. check the tape. >> dave: to win the big 12? >> tom: to win the big 12.
5:44 pm
quarterback, they found two. >> tom: yeah. no doubt. >> dave: guys, they talked about this with charlie strongsing the two quarterbacks and the tie-in here is obvious with urban meyer, with chris leak and tim tebow. can it work an entire season in 2016? >> greg: i'm a quarterback and i don't like seeing two quarterback systems. very honest. i think it's very difficult to get in a rhythm when you come off the field in favor of somebody else. if the roles are you're tyrone swoops and you run on the field, you're not going to throw it, lugs, and if the roles are defined and you're rooting for the guy as he goes on in favor of some of your playing time. >> tom: swoops can clearly do things that shane cannot and they masterfully worked that last week. what they've got to avoid is doing what they did a year ago. you had that big win versus oklahoma and then struggled down
5:45 pm
that's the growth and maturity process that has to happen with texas. i think they have a chance to be a very good football team. >> dave: stumbling to the 20 yard line is jaron anderson. given the skill set you saw an national tv with the throws near the trash can, i think it works. i think it's fine. it's not like the notre dame situation. finally brian kelly picked a guy who you think is quarterback, right? >> greg: i honestly think he resembles cam newton with his skill set, athleticism, the way he can negotiate in the pocket and his accuracy. tom, i'm telling you, the way he was throwing the football against a well coached texas defense was very impressive. he made that receiving corps so much better than we thought they would be. >> tom: he's clearly poised, got the measurables they're going to want, can make the throws,
5:46 pm
extend plays on his own. i agree, i think that they can build an offense around him. that was a good football team that texas beat. i understand that there are a lot of questions in relationship to how the quarterback usage took place with notre dame and did that hurt them coming out of the first half. but notre dame is still a pretty good football team and i think they're going to get better with kaiser at the helm. >> dave: notre dame and oklahoma are two one loss teams who definitely are not out of it in terms of the playoff. is last week or lost today. that pass is deflected. a helmet comes off. big hit by smith on keevan lucas. anybody else that lost week one? there are some really good teams that lost or highly ranked teams that lost. >> greg: i wouldn't pick it but i certainly don't think with one loss they're eliminated. lsu, they have to run the table the rest of the way but the sec
5:47 pm
miss as well because the meat remaining on the bone, they still have the opportunity to win huge games against top tier competition. also the teams they lost to, wisconsin and florida state respectively are very highly respected according to the polls. >> dave: tom when you watched lsu is there any reason you say, yes, that's a team that can win a national championship? >> tom: talent-wise, yes, but they're not making the to do it. until that happens, then the answer is no for them right now. they're going to struggle against some teams throughout the sec west. >> dave: evans on third down and seven. it's caught by josh atkinson and pushed out of bounds at the 48 yard line. when ohio state gets the ball back, joe burrow likely will be in. red shirt freshman quarterback. >> greg: lugs, you like him.
5:48 pm
up ahead, i think, in the near future with their third string quarterback as to who might take over for j.t. barrett when he does, in fact, decide to go to the nfl or finish out his eligibility. >> tom: i really like their young quarterback. joe burrow was a kid that they kind of slow played in recruiting. kept bringing him along. he's an in state kid out of athens, ohio. of course dwyane haskins who was time last year, ohio state steals him and have been pleased with his development. the quarterback position here in good hands. we touched on this earlier, greg, and you referenced it in terms of recruiting that even with the losses they're not going to have a significant dropoff. they have done it at the four most premium positions, quarterback, defensive line, corner and offensive line. that's where championship teams are built from the inside out. >> dave: is there a better head
5:49 pm
urban meyer? the success with the different quarterbacks he's had, whether it's alex smith or tim tebow, chris leak, cardale jones, broxtbro braxton miller or j.t. barrett. >> greg: he says what do you do well, how can i make you better with the skill set you have and he creates and crafts an offense around it and that's why quarterbacks have d this system and will continue to do as long as he's calling plays and helping with the offense. >> dave: fuller couldn't pick it off and there's a penalty marker at the five yard line. 123450. >> referee: pass interference defense number 28, 15-yard penalty from the previous spot. automatic first down. >> dave: you go back to the team two years ago. braxton miller is a starting quarterback in camp.
5:50 pm
he's hurt. out for the year. j.t. barrett is thrust into a starting role. they lose at home early in the year to virginia tech. they start rolling. then there's the michigan game. barrett at the end of the game with the game in hand by the way, gets hurt, done. cardale jones comes in. tom and i were here for that game. when jones went in, he did not look good at all. throws way over the guys' heads. people were beat wisconsin. they hammer wisconsin, knock off alabama and then beat oregon to win a national title with a third string quarterback. nick bosa with a big play, forcing a fumble and it's recovered by the buckeyes. we talked about nick bosa earlier. josh younger brother of joey. some thing he'll be as good if
5:51 pm
>> greg: pound for pound he is very strong. evans drops the football, but if you see a guy like number 97 who's 6'4" and a full 265 pounds, you would probably try to rush your release as well. thus not giving you the grip necessary to throw the football. you mentioned recruiting, lugs. nick bosa on a very deep talented defensive line already making plays upfront for this buckeyes defense. >> tom: top three overall player in the espn despite tearing his acl. >> dave: mccaul is into the game. he had a receiving touchdown last week. >> tom: he's a true freshman, explosive. a smaller version o curtis samuel. to the recruiting point, the one thing that urban meyer has done a good a job of as anybody in college football is put a fence around their state, keeping the
5:52 pm
they've been able to mine fertile recruiting grounds. look at raekwon mcmillan. he's from georgia. von bell from georgia. joey and nick bosa, florida. the list goes on and on and they've done a great job of supplementing their midwest recruiting efforts out of the region. >> greg: it's a brand. i went through the recruiting process ten years ago. >> tom: oh, yeah. >> greg: you identify when you get letter in the mail from heart starts to beat a little faster. >> dave: you got one? >> greg: i did not. >> dave: how do you know then? >> tom: he heard about it. >> greg: i can tell you from experience when you get recruited by urban meyer and he feels as though you are good enough to play at the top of the game and play and be a part of their team, that certainly makes you feel really special and obviously recruits are taking notice. they've gone to the southeast,
5:53 pm
this is a national brand and will continue to be for as long as urban meyer is here in columbus. >> dave: you got a letter from nick saban and that's pretty darn good. burrow on the run. he's to midfield. next week ohio state is at oklahoma. they have a kcouple home games and back-to-back at wisconsin and penn state. nebraska at home, northwestern home at michigan state november 19th. spartans beat them last year. ohio state won there two years ago. >> greg: this is a young football team. very young football team. it's their first road trip. their first start in a hostile environment and oklahoma just completely closed in their south end zone which is going to ' amplify the noise. it will be interesting to see
5:54 pm
handles that situation next week. >> dave: ohio state handled adversity here today. the game was tied in the second quarter. the buckeyes win 48-3. up next it's virginia tech and tennessee with 150,000 on hand at bristol motor speedway for a once in a lifetime event. the biggest college football game in terms of attendance that we've seen by far, by 30,000 least. 48-3 the final score. j.t. barrett with a couple of rushing touchdowns and four interceptions by the buckeye secondary. tom luginbill now with urban meyer. >> tom: coach, the elements got ahold of you today but you seemed to execute at your best after halftime. what was the message following the lackluster first half? >> lackluster on defense, lackluster offense. i was pleased with the way they
5:55 pm
the hour delay or whatever it was. we have a lot of respect for our opponent. we got a big one next week. >> tom: young team. you've had two weeks to play a lot of youngsters. how important is that going on the road next week? >> it's important. now they're mature vote raetera. we got to be ready for next week. >> tom: thanks, coach. for nine touchdowns in two games. tennessee/virginia tech up next here on abc. for greg mcelroy, tom luginbill, our entire abc crew, i'm dave pasch saying so long from columbus after four and a half hours including an hour-long weather delay. we say good-bye from columbus and send you back to the studio. >> dave, there it is.
5:56 pm
out for football tonight. virginia tech and tennessee getting set to play there before 150,000 folks in a couple minutes. stan verrett, mark may, mack brown here to talk about what we just saw with ohio state. 6-3 at one point and 42 unanswered for the buckeyes. impressed? >> struggled on offense, came out the second half as the complete team. as urban said, young teams grow up, going to oklahoma next fun game to watch. >> maybe they just liked playing in the rain. impressed with their defense they were right on cue. the two touchdowns they scored offensively, stop the run, that's what they did. impressive on the defensive side of the ball. the offensive passing game needs to get better next week. j.t. barrett doesn't throw a touchdown pass in a game like this, they've got to get better in that area. >> those two pick sixes, back
5:57 pm
our primetime game, we got tennessee, joshua dobbs, their offensive not impressive. what do you want to see from him? >> relax and have fun. last year he played well, controlled his football team. last week they were too uptight. >> i want to see his offensive line do a better job of protecting him in the pocket. when he does scramble, they're controlled and >> virginia tech, chance to knock off a ranked team in front of a pretty big crowd. >> you're talking about a tennessee team that's working on this for four years, a virginia tech team that's the second game of the new justin fen tay era. it will be a good game, a tough game, a lot of orange but you got to pick tennessee. >> virginia tech is having a so many l-- solid defense. >> it's virginia tech and tennessee p.
5:58 pm
coming up after a break. 8 . pre-game rush to get you set coming up after a break. . pre-game rush to get you set
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>> announcer: the following is a presentation of espn on abc. bristol motor speedway, the world's fastest half mile tonight becoming the world's largest college football stadium. the walk is a sea of orange. tennes tushes turns in the opener. while virginia tech is under a new regime and we'll find out just what they have under the hood. tennessee/virginia tech in the battle at bristol.


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