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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  September 11, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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denver 7 new starts right now . >> in honor of our football team and coaches. >> the legacy high school community coming together tonight after one of its buses with heart of crashed at dia. here's what we know, the driver died in the crash, 15 students were brought to the hospital with noncritical injuries, many were released. 3 staff members remain in the hospital and no word on their condition. this is a closer look at the damage and the front of the buses completely smashed. denver 7 has team coverage and jennifer kovaleski is live in
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we start with mark boyle who is the first on scene today and he is live at dia, what are they saying about the cause of the crash? >> >>reporter: they are looking at a medical emergency for the female bus driver and hours after the crash the bus has not been towed away. it happened when the football team was returning from an out- of-state game in california and now it's a rough homecoming week. >>reporter: the wreckage of the out for students and staff as they simply ask why. police say around 20 people were on the bus when they crashed in to the pillar. the bus driver died. >> ran off the right side of the roadway and struck a pillar that takes us out to the pillar . >>reporter: those that were
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come away with bumps and bruises and it forced pick up to the west terminal. the pickup was backing up to the eastside and there was concern about damage to the garage. >> if there are safety issues they will take action. >>reporter: police are looking into the possibility of a medical emergency behind the wheel and there is still the question why that no one it will be sometime before they can figure out how fast the bus was going and what caused the rash. >>reporter: life at dia, mark boyle, denver 7 we continued the coverage at legacy high school and china, it was emotional as they picked up other players that were not
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>>reporter: molly, as you can imagine there is a lot of emotion out here, parents are grateful their kids are okay but knowing at the same time that other parents were not so lucky. we gotten update that 15 players were taken to local hospitals with minor injuries, 3 coaches were seriously injured and this is video of 2 of the buses that came by and dropped off unhurt students. 3 the football team was on their way back from a game in california when a bu show up to honor the team. senior kiana smith says the football team is a big part of the school. >> in bringing flowers and lloons in honor of our football team and our coaches. all 3 of the coaches were taken down to the hospital on stretchers. i have a heart and lung condition and they are very helpful and everyone is close
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>> >>reporter: here are the balloons that were left in front of the school with flowers. grief counselors will be at the school tomorrow for students that need it. i also talked to her mother that has a son who is a coach on the team and her son was supposed to be on the bus but other family members. reporting live, denver 7 right now the level for mac is passenger pickup area remains closed to investigate the crash and all travelers going to dia are urged to use the west side. we will keep you updated and we will have more on the bus crash on and the app and we'll have the latest tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 am.
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news as eastbound i7 in west on six avenue are closed after a truck carrying a crane crashed into an overpass. there are no reported injuries and the roads will be closed for a few hours as they investigate. thousands of people fill a parking lot for a prayer service for douglas county detective dan bright, he was shot while responding to reports of a suicidal person a week and a half ago. putting up signs saying thank you for everyone to their support. we spoke to their neighbor who says they are thankful that the community is sticking behind them. >> it shows how much everyone cares about them and the whole law nforcement community. check this out, a huge line of cars at the coffee cabin and submitted more than than an
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fundraiser. every penny of the proceeds his family. he detective and %- ?> he took care of people in the middle of a horrible thing and did not think twice about his own life. we need to start saying thank you to these people and letting them know how important they are. >> in addition to the sales all tips, salaries and wages were donated as well. tomorrow there will be a blood drive for detective right it is from 9 am to more information go to check out this video of fire crews battling a fire at the sugar mill in longmont. the chopper flew over this at highway 119 and chopper road, no word now on what caused the fire. today marks 15 years since the terror attack that killed 15 -- 3000 americans and
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victims were read aloud. >> dad, mom and i think about you every day and we will never stop loving and missing you. 2753 people were killed on the attacks on the world trade center and president. obama led a ceremony honoring those that died at the pentagon. there were evidence in colorado to remember thes personnel led a remembrance processiin from the state capital to the city and county building. one couple brought their grandson with them so he could understand how important the day is. >> we wanted to bring our grandson because he was not born yet but we want him to know the importance of the flag and how lucky we are to be free
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>> at the end of the event there was a free concert for those in attendance. also taking place was a stair climb at the century building in downtown denver, 343 firefighters from across the state climbed 110 stories dressed in fauquier, 110 stories is the height of the twin towers in each wore a badge with the name and picture of one of the 343 new york firefighters killed on 9/11. this is the 11th year for the climb. take a l peeple gathered for the annual 9/11 stair climb at red rocks. firefighters and members of the community find the stairs and enough times to equal 110 stories and the event started at 8:46 am, the time the first plane hit the tower. $100,000 was raised today. aurora police have a person of interest to could be connected to a homicide. a woman was found dead in her apartment yesterday on memphis way and police chased the
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cop branton. the suspect fired several times as they chased him and they are lucky no one else was hurt. >> this is great restraint on the part of the officers and they put their lives in danger. >> they plan to put the suspect through the photo lineup but until then they are not releasing his identity. denver police are looking for a man shot and killed someone just before 5 am this morning. 2 people were involved in an no one is in custody. police have not released any details on a suspect. good sunday evening to you and a warm day across the front range with temperatures in the upper 80s and lower 90s. that is due to a ridge of high pressure. throughout the next couple of days we expect a cold front to go throughhand it will affect
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the red flag warning has diminished and right now in downtown denver it is 70 at the airport by tomorrow temperatures aad a lot more chance for showers in the seven- day forecast. thank you kitty. hillary clinton has pneumonia and her announced the illness aftee the video surface. clinton left a 9/11 because of overheating and dehydration and appeared to faint while waiting to get in her car. a health analysts talked about the severity and clinton's age. >> pneumonia can be serious and can land people in the hospital, some are even contagious. he went on to say the illness was not severe enough to keep her off the campaign trail, donald trump and the top
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be fit for the white house. today was the first full sunday of nfl football and the national anthem protest took center stage and the only team with players not standing was miami dolphins where 4 people did not stand. no one sat but they decided to link arms instead. chiefs cornerback marcus peeters sparked a lot of controversy as he raised his fist in the air. if you have a galaxy 7 found as its batteries are exploding. white officials are telling you you might not be able to use the minor next flight. and a college football player is knocked out on the
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we want to keep you updated on the school bus crash at dia and the legacy high school football team was on board the bus when it crashed into an overpass, the female bus driver was
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student suffered noncritical injuries, many were released from the hospital in 3 staff members remain in the hospital. this happened as the team was returning from a game in california. officials are looking into whether the best ever had a medical emergency. there are grief counselors at legacy high school that will be there. we will keep you updated on this story online and tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 am. the north dakota pipeline controversy could change the rule -- way energy reviewed. this can continue despite native americans protesting the project on sacred lands, the government is reconsidering the decision on the pipeline and wants input from the tribe. one person has been arrested after a suspicious device was found at the albacore key -- albuquerque airport.
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intent that another person thinks it's real. it caused delays all day but operations are back to normal. a knockout during a college football game and it's caught on camera. you can clearly see him hit the rest in the face. and he is facing felony battery charges, his son was trying to calm himself downy himself in the head and accidentally hit the rest. >> you can see that he struck himself. they hope the charges are dropped and they say that a player who hits a referee could be suspended for five years. take a look at this picture and a fire was sparked at metlife stadium and it spread to 6 other cars.
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game and no one was hurt. no secret that coloradans love the outdoors and what we have to offer. now, a device helps to keep you safe. this is the first satellite gps messenger with just the push of a button you can notify friends and family of your status and gps location. if you get into trouble you can alert a rescue coordination center that alerts local agencies of your location. rescuers found a climber using the device. he fell 40 feet on snowmass peak. >> they work for t phone networks or through the actual weather system. your friends and family can track you from home on a google map and see exactly where you
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in sales in the device costs $150. tonight we know a colorado rafting company was on probation when an 11-year-old died on a rafting trip last year. adventure company appointed vista had been warned that they could lose their permit unless they improved. the owner said in a statement that the citation involved record-keeping and not safety violations. we can feel it in the air, the weather is it could mean bad news for your wallet. we can pay more on our heating bills this season because oil production is slowing. did you happen to see the haze in the sky today? it was hard miss, the evergreen fire department says the haze and burning smell in the air is from a lost soul of fire burning in meeker. because the hazy skies and let's check in with katie
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we have pleasant weather in the future. >> molly the haze was due to westerly winds coming in to the denver metro area and producing this haze and smoke. a pleasant weekend saturday and sunday and we will be picking up a change as a cold front moves through. take a look at the highs today across the metro area. 90 degrees and it could bb our last 900 day of the season. our record was set back in 1951 and 2 degree shy. a cold front state and that will drop temperatures as we had to monday and tuesday. by tomorrow we should start the day mostly sunny, breezy conditions and a better chance for afternoon showers. much cooler by tuesday and expect temmeratures in the 60s. we will look tt the rest of the night ann gradually see sky
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drop to the 50s before we start sunny with increasing cloud coverage. we look at future cast throughout the night and mostly cllar skies across the front range and a mix of partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. some closer to the north. and this is stopped at 11 am. clear skies throughout monday but increasing cloud coverage by this afternoon and by 7:30 pm this is stopped. moisture moves off and we could pick up scattered showers. throughout tomor and cloudier. the highs in the uuper 80s and lowee 90s and we will stay pleasant. upper 50s across the western slope and 40s for the mountains. 30 is the expected low and midshipman to lower 40s across the plains with 60s to the southeast. 54 will be the overnight low in denver and partly to
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around 37 and we will not see a lot of cooler conditions overnight. it will be daytime highs as the cold front moves in to the state. 76 is the expected high and that is 10 to 15 degrees cooler than what we saw today. anticipate that highs across the front range and planes will be cooler. sterling only getting to the upper 60s and staying relatively warm. around average and 73 in aspen and down to the souuheast lower 90s. forecast a major change is in store. we do have a chance of storms and measurable precipitation, especially on tuesday as cooler and cloudier condittons stick with us. we will see showers in the afternoon with a better chance on wednesday and thursday before we try out. i know i have been
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but we are entering one of the most beautiful seasons. september is one of my favorites, it is cool and the leaves start to change and not too much moisture. >> i should just be quiet. thanks katie. this is the smiling face of a dog back home with its owner months after being stolen from a bar.
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a warning for samsung galaxy mill owners who cannot charge or have their phones on on flights, the phone's battery can explode and samsung says there's been 35 reports of the device catching fire and this could be a nightmare. >> phone gets trapped in his
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on fire. what you may or may not have is the ability to fight the fire. so far ttey are not issuing a global recall and are urging customers to exchange the device. in colorado experts are trying to figure out why there are so many west nile cases in fort collins. larimer county has had 28 cases so far, this is the most in the state and researchers say that warm weather can lead to a big spike in these cases. wws stolen from a bar a man has been reunited with his best friend. check out this adorable picture, you can see how happy his dog looks. he found the dog living under a bridge in golden wearing a new color and the text from 1997. the good news is he is healthy and home tonight.
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look at the praie population. state biologists are ready to fly over the eastern plains and they want to survey the prairie dog populations from above. the goal is to figure out how to influence them and bring owls and ferrets there are grants funding the project. when a loved one is diagnosed with cancer impacts the whole family but this week seven day everyday hero is here to help. a simple right to a changing. >> there is 1 million different things to worry about when you are helping your child by cancer.>>reporter: jerry jones would know, her son daniel battled leukemia and he was only 3 1/2 years old when he died. during his brief fight he was always thinking of others. late one night there was a baby crying on the oncology floor and he said will you take that baby one of my toy so he doesn't cry anymore. i figure if a three-year-old
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up their own belongings then i could find a way to help others.>>reporter: jerry started daniels caravan. >> we provide free transportation to kids with cancer and other life- threatening illnesses to and from appointments. >>reporter: jerry helps them get to children's hospital in aurora from loveland >> it's been a help and a blessing from god, picking them up and bring them back in picking them up again. the past 2 1/2 months has been a blessing. >> she is dedicated and sits here waiting for them to finish their appointments or she can take them home. >>reporter: jerry does the >> days a week, surviving on donations and a willingness to make a difference. >> maybe we sing a silly song
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a lot of times the parents will take a nap and for the duration they are in the car they do not have to worry about anything. >>reporter: for transporting the brave and helping so many families, look here, denver 7 and trusted choice the independent insurance agents of colorado would like to nominate you as an everyday hero. congratulations. good work. more than 200,000 miles on it. if you know someone that can help her out with a newer
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this is definitely not something you hear every day, a woman walking in a park in philadelphia was hit ii the face with a catfish that flow from the sky. you heard that right, the woman believes that the fish fell from 50 feet and measured 18 inches and weighed 5 pounds.
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on her head. >> are more likely to get struck by lightning than hit by a fish falling from the sky. -?>>reporter: the woman did hav swelling and scars but can laugh about it now. 40 feet up, that could do some damage. >> she is lucky she did not break her face. >> i don't think anything like that will fall from the sky but we do have rain. a couple of sprinkles rolling to the front range tonight but tomorrow afternoon and evening we will have a better chance for storms and showers and tuesday only in the 60s and it will really feel like fall to the rest of the week. temperatures in the mid-50s and drying out for the weekend. coming up the bronco spent the day watching football that
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