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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  September 12, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MDT

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denver seven news starts right now. spoke we are live at legacy high school, all the latest regarding that fatal school bus crash that killed a driver and injured several players and coaches. an investigation continue after someone opens fire killing a man in downtown denver yesterday morning. the person who pulled the trigger is still out there. hillary clinton leaving the 9/11 memorial ceremony early. she is suffering from pneumonia. developments at 11:00 into the deadly bus crash at dia leaving more than a dozen high school students injured. police have now confirmed the driver buthe family is
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picking up members picking up members of the legacy football team. we go live out school with the % latest. >> three coaches are in the hospital as of this morning and it is a difficult day at legacy high sccool now ttat it is back to school, the football field behind me is empty, the football team on everybody's mind. the junior varsity and varsity teams were coming back from a football tournament in california yesterday afternoon when one of their buses crashed the adult woman driver was killed, three coaches were hurt, they are in the hospital but their conditions are being withheld. 15 students were also taken to the hospital with minor injuries, most of them have been treated and released. we saw one student at school this morning with a neck brace and a legacy football teacher -- teaaher.
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homecoming reach -- week which is normally spirited, the student body was very active and supportive they wanted everyone to wear their legacy gear to show support. but it is not a normal homecoming week. >> the football practice today has been canceled but the team is scheduled to meet after school they will discuss what forward, the homecoming gave -- game will also be discussed, as of right now the powder puff game has been canceled, but the homecoming game the actual varsity football game is still on, we are expecting an update from the investigation at 11:30, we will bring that to you later on. putting live at legacy high jason gruenauer denver7.
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jason. >> a gorgeous weekend. will he continue? >> it is gone for the next week have 70s and 60s on the board, barry fall like we are in the mid-60s you can see a few clouds building, wind speeds have been 10 to 20 miles per hour and we are expecting highs within the next few hours to be 10 degrees warmer, low to mid 70s by 3:00. there is a chance for a few storms this afternoon and tonight chillier tomorrow morning with some showers that we see tonight , cold enough in tte mountains we could get some snow, the winds have been from 10 to 20 miles per hour in the northeast, it is a little breezy at times. denver this afternoon, 76, really hot to the south, coming up here is your first alert, we are in for very cool weather this week. and we will tell you what to expect for the coming weekend
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sheridan boulevard are back open after a police officer was involved in a crash this morning. nobody was hurt, the officer was responding to assist another officer in need, not clear what caused the crash. eastbound i-70 and westbound sixth avenue are back open after a truck carrying a crane crashed into an overpass, you can see the damage that it caused. thankfully nobody was hurt. de for a killer, denver7 was on scene yesterday morning when someone opened fire, killing a man. police have not released much information but the victim was shot after eight a fight. in aurora while chase to arrest a person who is a murderer. police tell us they caught the man after he drove the wrong way up colfax firing shots at officers. fortunately the bullets all
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denver officer ramming his car into the suspect, police think he might have something to do with a woman being found dead in her apartment saturday morning. in boulder county the man shot by a deputy over the weekend is in critical condition. deputies say the man was walking down highway 287 with a gun and shot at deputies, so they fired back. the deputy who fired her gun is on administrative leave. member is in court to officially be charged, arrested last week for trying to lure a child for sex, he is now facing charges of criminal attempt of sexual assault and internet lowering mack of a child. he is now being held without bail. a south carolina man has admitted to using face fake book pros files to entice
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the 37-year-old christopher white used the name can't noel and glenn black targeting teenagers as young as 13. tricking him -- them into sending him sexually explicit photographs. this happened in 2014 but he just pleaded guilty this week. supporters gathered for a prayer service to rally arrund and injured douglas county deputy. pray for this man, he was shot nearly 2 weeks ago while dealing with a suicidal person, his family and friends they putt up signs in his hospital window thinking everyone down on the street below for support. we spoke to the detective neighbor who said they are thankful for the support. >> it shows how much everybody cares about them and cares about the whole law enforcement
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a blood drive held taking place until 2:30 this afternoon. the brother of jonbenet ramsey wilspeak publicly for the first time ever about his sister's death. he will appear on dr. phil. no word on what hh may reveal but after 20 years it is finally time for answers. >> that is not the only program trying to crack the murder, tonight will begin a three part series called jonbenet ramsey and american murder mystery. the show has unseen footage of an interview with her brother the program airs at 8:00 tonight. >hillary clinton was suffering from pneumonia when she left the september 11 memorial ceremony yesterday, this comes as donald trump has attempted to call her health into question. he is now speaking out this morning.
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latest. >> hillary clinton appears to stumble, her secret service detail lifting her up and into the van, just before she had been attending the 9/11 memorial ceremony at ground zero. >> we were standing for about 1 1/2 hours and it was very stifling heat, very very hot. >> that is when clinton became overheated and dehydrated. she was taken to her daughters apartment nearby, and a few hours laaer she emerged. personal doctor said she was diagnosed with pneumonia friday. she was put on antibiotics and advised to rest. >> there are many types of pneumonia, some are serious and some are mild and some are contagious. it is not clear what kind she has. >> there has been a question, a coughing fit in ohio last week and a concussion following a
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her stamina the subject of donald trump's attacks. >> she doesn't have the strength of the stamina. >> trump wished clinton well this morning. >> something is going well, -- on, i hope she gets well. >> the latest poll shows trump gaining support among likely voters, neck and neck in key states, clinton at 46% with 41% for trump. trump had called on clinton to release a more thorough health record even though he had not done so himself. lana zak abc news washington. the green parry presidential candidate is in trouble, jill stein is going back to north dakota to face charges. after spray painting some construction equipment at a controversial pipeline construction site. >> i will just say the real criminal here, the real vandalism is the desecration of the indigenous lands that had just taken placc.
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not the only one in trouble, dozens of people have been arrested. donald trump's running mate released his tax returns something that trump won't do until his audit is complete. and his wife earned $113,000 together last year, they paid 8% in federal income taxess a somber time for the nation, 15 years since terrorists attacked the u. s. >> a day none of us will forget, yesterday there was a 9/11 remembrance procession from our state capital to the denver city county building. one couple brought their grandson so he could understand how important it is to remember. >> we wanted to bring our grandson because he was not born yet, but we want him to know the importance of our flag and how lucky we are to be free today. >> at the end of the event
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concert. 2500 people gathered for the annual 9/11 memorial stair climb at the red rock amphitheater. people climbed the stairs enough time to equal 110 stories, the event started at 8:46, $100,000 was raised for the victim families. an argument over a bulletproof vest turns deadly. a florida mosque goes up in flames overnight. the same mosque where the pulse attended. a touching reunion, amen nearly dies after getting hit
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developing this morning, investigators in florida say a fire at a mosque where the orlando nnghtclub gunmen attended is being investigated as arson. video shows someone approaching the center moments before a flash was seen in the fire broke out. video has not been released yet. omar mateen attended the mosque. he opened fire back on june 12 leaving 49 people dead more than 50 others injured, the worst mass shooting in modern u. s. history. in the meantime the security company that used to employ the shooter is in trouble.
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the compaay $150,000, they say the psychologist listed on the application never actually evaluated him. the company says that is not true. >> in memphis investigators are trying to figure out what caused a house to go up in flamesskilling nine people. the fire broke out around 1:30 this money. a family of 10 live in the house, one other child was rushed to the hospital. it is unclear what sparked the fire or smoke detectors. in connecticut 30 people injured after three decks collapsed at a house party. the top deck detached from the building falling into the second which fell into the third, students rushed to pull one another from the debris, the collapse is reminiscent of the deadly collaase near uc berkeley last june. six people were killed in the incident. a bizarre story out of
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killinhis cousin after questions were raised about the legitimacy of a bulletproof vest, the cousin asked if the vest works, he said let's try it and he pulled a gun and shot and killed his cousin. he is now in jail. in milwaukee deputies want to know why a two-month-old baby girl was shot on the interstate, this happened last night investigators have not released information who shot the girl or >> you're not justify to shoot a little kid or let a gun off on the highway in broad daylight. let's think about these kids with a future ahead of them. let's not take their lives from them. >> the baby was taken to the hospital but should survive for injuries. cleanup from tropical storm hermine begins. homeowners can put trash in their front yard for
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damaged appliances, fema crews are going door-to-door assessing mage from hermine. representatives will also evaluate public property damage. >friday night when the cold front moves through you could feel the difference, will we feel the next one? >> the mornings will chill down cooler overnight and it is a - long stretch of 70s. a live look from our wireless camera, you can see sun and clouds across the eastern plains here is the cheat sheet for today. 15 degrees cooler than yesterday, the front rolling thhough this morning we will see a better chance of storms with this system, it will get even cooler tomorrow, highs in the 60s tomorrow, looking ahead tonight 60s by 7:00 and then early tomorrow morning close to upper 40s around 50 degrees by
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cloud cover, today around 4:00 have denver at 76, decker 77. most othe foothills will be in the mid to upper 60s same thing for the central mountains. still pretty warm across southern california -- colorado the cooler air not quite hitting that far south this afternoon so they will see plenty of 80s. on futurecast you will find a few more cloud building by the afternoon and early evening at around 6:00 blue showing up on futurecast, a chance for snow above 12,000 feet today and then tonight, a chance for scattered storms in denver this afternoon and also overnight tonight. just before midnight and into early tomorrow morning we have got a lot more cloud cover, eastern colorado under mostly cloudy sky potentially a little drizzle early tuesday morning.
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sunshine working in and a few scattered storms and showers tomorrow afternoon. this will be a common sight on futurecast all week long with the chance for a few showers really through thursday, temperatures tomorrow even cooler, you'll find more cloud cover in the mid to upper 60s and that is a good 15 or 20 degrees below normal. i wednesday, 78 and thursday semis seven, upper 70s return, into the weekend beautiful, saturday and sunday talking upper 70s overnight lows into the mid to upper 40s which means in the mountains you will find plenty of nights where we are dropping below freezing. it gets pretty chilly overnight. it is good timing because they need temperatures to drop so they can start making snow.>> let's get ready..3 an emotional reunion between two men in arizona, one was hit by lightning, the other
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jamie santana is being recovered after being struck by lightning. the man who saved him robert beaver rushed to the scene and performed cpr. >> the adrenaline hit you and i knew what had to be done. >> i wanted tomeet this man. i wanted to meet him and be there with my family. for me to finally sit in one place with him and my family, don't know i can't explain. >> you can see how things will he is, doctors say it may take a year for santana to ully recover. -?he is also excited to get bac on his horse. despite the day of remembrance yesterday a few big names in the nfl taking a stand kneeling during the national anthem, this morning we are taking a look at the protests. >> we are all thrilled with the wind from the broncos but the
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door - a member of congress. out another - a high-paid lobbyist. 131 former members of congress are now lobbyists in washington, dc. it's just considered business as usual. i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law to permanently ban former members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennet
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welcome back, a show of
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kaepernick to see if he keeps up with the protest. >> he has more support from fellow players, we will take a llok at the protests there is abc's elizabeth hurr. >> in a show solidarity from coast-to-coast nfl players kneeling or raising a fist and in one case an entire team linking arms to support colin kaepernick in his protest against racism and police brutality. >> trying to raise >> we took a symbolic me -- me. >> on the seattle seahawks sideline the players coaches and workees stood united and in the stands and some fans did the same. >> hopefully it will unify the country to where there is a message to be hhard and so, you heard us. now listen. >> joining the movement is coming at a cost for some
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brandon marshall. the air academy federal credit union dropped the linebacker saying we respect his right of expression, his actions are not our representation of the organization and membership. then there is this former player who is also a green beret saying he has had a change of heart after initially being angered. >> i thought what the seahawks ended up doing was very powerful. not only because they were together, they had coaches and were doing it. that is what it is all about, bringing us to the. >> nfl commissioner roger goodell weighed in aying while he supports players he hopes they will remain respectful. elizabeth hurr abc news new york. in the meantime the nfl has launched an investigation into the concussion protocol following the thursday ronco game. during the matchup quarterback cam newton took at least four
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never examined or pulled from the game. originally the nfl said they reviewed the play and there were no indications of a concussion, but now the nfl and the players association will investigate including the medical team response. former broncos quarterback brock osweiler made his debut with the houston texans starting off rocky, an interception early oo but overall he had a good game. 14. espn's fantasy football app crashed yesterday the first sunday of the nfl season and players were not happy, the app was downnfor three hours and the website was partially operational. espn says it is a popular app, more than 7 million users were on the app last season. we all love being outdoors here in coloraao, now there is a new device using gps to help
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tracking the latest developments after a bus crashes. the driver was killed, the those students. how the crash is impacting them and their activities. nearly 7 years after the miracle on the hudson, some survivors are sharing their
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11:30, we will check the
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>> we have got a threat for severe weatter mainly east of colorado, the darker green spots you see, the lighter green a chance for some general thunderstorms today, likely this is when we will see most of the storms, a little blue and purple lot -- popping up, today into tonight in the peaks, in denver around the 7:00 that chance for scattered storms and showers, it could get noisy tonight no real threat of severe weather, but overnight into early tomorrow morning we have a bit more cloud cover, potentially a little drizzle early tomorrow on the planes. mostly sunny by noon, 72 at that point, by 4:00, 76 and then it gets cooler by 8:00, first alert dropping into the
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tomorrow is likely the coolest day on our 7-day forecast. after missing for nearly a week the body of a missing hiker has been found in texas. according to our partners at the denver post, the man went hiking near the avalanche trailhead, but never returned. he was reported missing on septemberr5, his body was found but it is not clear how he died. foul play is not suspected. % we now know about a colorado rafting company on probation when an 11-year-old boy drowned on a rafting trip last year. adventure company had been warned it could use its permit unless it approved the owner off the company said the citations involve record-keeping issues and not safety violations. right now having news coverage going on to update us on the school bus crash that happened yesterday.
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my unit was notified there was at least one fatality involved and multiple serious injuries. whee we arrived at least 15 people haddbeen transported off of the bus to area hospitals. at least three other hospitals and number of individuals with either minor injuries or no injury and remained on scene. deceased at the scene. the investiiation involves sending don't -- detectives to the area hospitals and to the scenes while interviewiig individuals at dia to determine what happened. hour on scene started supervised the investigation and i will let him explain to you what he found.
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we came into contact with the bus, we discovered it had made a left turn taking you to level iv east normally the passenger pickup area the bus had left the right side of the roadway and drove into one of the pillars that supports the six east ramp. it was a raised roadway pillar that was struck. there were several witnesses on scene, they have to the conference center at the airport, so i had a chance to talk with them after i had an initial look. so here is what we learned, we know there were three buses picking up students, legacy high school students and they are part of the football program along with some coaches, adult chaperones, parents, grandparents, a number of adults and students attributed throughout the buses.
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the lead bus meaning the bus that was initially leading the terminal building, i am told by witnesses that they were ready to go ho. they were to take pena boulevard backup to broomfield where they would be dropping off at the school. instead of leaving pena outbound the bus driver took the return to terminal loop, so terminal, there are three lanes that permit a right turn, two lanes to take you to the return to terminal. one of those lanes is shared by both the right and left turn. if you can imagine the forks, in lane number two, there is an option of turning left or right. the other lanes are must turned,
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instead of making the right turnnto outbound pena made the right turn onto return to terminal, my question for my witnesses was why was something forgotten? do we know why that occurred and nobody knows for certain, but thhre were a lot of guesses, a lot of folks maybe they forgot something, forgot a student or equipment, nobody could tell me why the bus driver made the turn. taking you from fourth east 26 east or fifth east if you have permission to enter five east as the three forks come off the bus driver remained to the right which would have taken them to fourth east and instead of making the final turn, drove off the roadway straight into a pillar. evidence from the scene showed us the bus did make a straight- line movement to the pillar. in the dirt, the tire tracks did not show any sign of left
11:36 am
straight off the roadway into the pillar. that is how the crrsh occurred. we are left with trying to explain why it occurred, frankly there is a big mystery that we are in the process of attempting to answer and we may not get all the answers we are looking for simply because one of our most important witnesses was declared deceased as a result of the crash. we are left with mechanical was there anything wrong mechanically with the bus? i have a certified bus inspector taking on the tax -- task as we speak. we should haae the inspection started underway sometime today. there is also the case as we speculate, was the bus driver having difficulty, a medical condition. now, we have got to start
11:37 am
to family and friends and doctors. do we know anything about medical condition at the time -?of the crash, so that will be additional follow-up. we don't have those answers yet either. as difficult as it may be, was this an intentional act? there is no evidence for me to believe that, but certainly it is one of the things we have to be open to is this intentional. quite ffankly, we don't have solid answers to any questions. any questions about the scene evidence or what we learned? >> again, some officials with the denver police department and others providing what they know about the leggcy high school football team school bus crash. that happened late yesterday where the driver of thh bus was killed. if you're joining us, they know what happened the bus went straight into the pillar but
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bus was coming back to dia so let's listen in as they ask a couple questions. >> we have had the opportunity to ask many of the witnesses who had been driving and i rely on their experience as folks who have experience behind the wheel, how fast do you think it was going for folks on the bus. and i got a consistent answer of 30 to 40 miles per hour. there is evidence at the is 30 to 40 miles per hour appropriate for that section? no. my best recollection of traveling that is that we are down to 15 miles per hour for that section as we are getting to the fourth east level where we will have folks walking. speed limits have been brought down very far. when they see 15, that is my
11:39 am
do know it was lower than 30 or 40 miles per hour. thhre is certainly no way for me to know that absolutell, the crash was significant. and the injuries to the driver significant. does that mean medically there was an issue and she was deceased prior to that? i don't know that we will find that oh, i have had that discussion with corners in cases similar to th sometimethe condition of the body does not permit them to say for sure there was a medical issue in the heart or the brain. it may be the body is not in condition for us to know that. >> i will share with youu i have had conversations with more than 15 people who were on the
11:40 am
and, we covered that, tell me about the condition of the driver as you were heading off the road, was there any discussion and all of them say it seem to be a normal trip until they started filling bumps off road. and then shortly thereafter there was an impact. there was no statement or no conversation with a bus driver about where we are going and there was no outburst they reported. from this standpoint, that part is a mystery. corner, the toxicology report will come back it is usually 6 to 8 weeks, so we are awaiting those. there is a requirement for a physical, they have to be cleared to have a commercials
11:41 am
we are working with the school district to obtain the records, when was her last medical evaluation. the school district has been fully cooperative so let me say that. adams 12 has been cooperative and they are assisting in the investigation. at this point, we have allowed an opportunity to come to terms with what they are dealing with, we will insert ourselves and have a conversation, but we want o be respectful to what they are going to. >> that will be part of the mechanical inspection. i don't know yet. certainly, if there is it would be part of the case. >> [ reporter asking question ] >> you know, i have to say, i
11:42 am
certainly don't haveedifficulty ffom a personal standpoint. from a professional standpoint we have collisions out there most of them relate to human error. is there an engineering problem? i don't know that i am qualified to say that. i would say all the crashes i respond to have some element of human misadventure that causes most of the crashes. >> [ reporter asking question ] >> that is part of the she taken the tripis this the first or 10th time? that would ccrtainly go to answer the question. i don't know that. >> [ reporter asking question ] >> you kkow, the damage was so significant i did not get a chance to review that. but, understand at the reported
11:43 am
give, the crush damage to the bus was significant and as a result it was difficult to get in their. i left the scene prior to the full extraction so i did not play a part in that, my detectives would know and they are out conducting some of that. it is. >> [ reporter asking question ] innher 40s, we are not ready to release any more information about her identity yet. i have had a detective who was able to review video and he does not report any interference with other vehicles.>> [ reporter asking question ] >> the ones that i see are severe because that is my job
11:44 am
it would take a look at all the acts and reports for them to know that. i know that we have automobiles and pedestrians interaccing on at least four levels, if not six if you include the commercial motor vehicle level. at times through distraction or carelessness humans and vehicles come into contact with each other just from the way we crossed the lanes of traffic to get from parking into the terminal. a vast majority don't need me, so they're probably not severe as this one. >> so, that is the denver police department officials giving us the latest on the deadly bus crash from yesterday with legacy high school football team members also parent chaperones and coaches at dia. >> a lot of people wondering what happened or the bigger question, why. right now they just don't have
11:45 am
through and talk to family members about possible medical issues to see if that played a role. they don't know if speed or possibly if it was intentional.
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we love the outdoors in colorado. now there is a devvce to help keep you safe when you are out
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button you can notify friends and family of your status and gps location. if you get in trouble you can alert and international coordination center which will alert the local authorities of your location. and it works. last week a climber was found using the device, he had fallen 40 feet on snowmass peak. >> they work through satellite phone networks or, to the actual weather your friends and family can track you from home on a google map and see where you are at. >> lichfield has seen a large uptick in sales in the last five years, the devicecosts $150 and there are various subscription packages to choose from. seven years after the miracle on the hudson, the amazing landing is now on the big screen, this morning one of the people on the plane is
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one of the 155 people who were on board us airways flight 1549, the plane safely brought down on the hudson riverrby the hero pilot sully and his crew. what is shown in the film feels really real to her. >> it elt like we hit a concrete wall going get 150 miles per hour, it was a hard impact. when the crash landed, frigid water filled the plane, she eventually made it to the wing and was rescued by a fairy. flashforward seven years there is a movie about it. she played herself in one scene. catch the movie sully in most theaters. here is your first alert headlines from 90s to 70s yesterday, today to --
11:50 am
-?no 80s or 90s on the 7-day forecast, a gorgeous ekend ahead, things will warm up in a minute. right now 65 in denver, a few more clouds building off to the west we will likely see storms later today, denver 76. kingsburg 76 with low to mid 60s in theefoothills, a little warmer down south, pueblo and lamar not feeling the effects of morning. we are going to see some cooler air further south tomorrow and a better chance for more scattered storms and showers, here is what that lookk like on futurecast, by early mid afternoon it is quiet, or so tonight 7:00 until 10:00 we will start to see scattered stormm rolling through denver along i-25 so overnight tonight might get rain lightning and thunder into early tomorrow
11:51 am
cover from fort collins to boulder to denver may be a little drizzle early tomorrow, the mountains could pick up snow about 12,000 feet tonight. 76 for tte high today, tomorrow a good 10 degrees cooler, mid to upper 60s on tuesday. a chance for more scattered storms and showers tuesday and on wednesday we will be unsettled, things start to warm up, more 70s from wednesday spot on the weekend it looks t gorgeous 70s with more sunshine but overnight it will get a lot cooler with overnight lows in the 40s. still ahead, some
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before we go, we had to show ou these pictures from mars of spectacular rock formation, hills and plateaus, the nasa curiosity rover took the images last thursday.>> this area known as mount shark formed billions of years ago, one scientist says the formations are eroded sandstone.
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for the kids tomorrow, send them with a sweater or jacket in the morning a little bit
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