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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  September 12, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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what caused this school bus to smash into a bridge support at dia. >> kari chopper drove students for school district for four years. her family says she had no medical conditions and she cared for those students as if they were her own kids. >> the students at legacy high school are getting support from across the country of it they were on their home from a football game in chino hills california. students took reads chino hills stands with you #legacy strong. >> students are still in shock. >>reporter: it's been a tough day for everyone which is why a senior at legacy high school wanted to raise money for those impacted by the crash. just one of the many ways we've seen students deal with this tragedy.
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tragedy. students at legacy high school are still grieving. >> a lot of tension. >>reporter: but also trying to stay strong good there was a lot of support from everybody. >> they are amazing coaches they teach a lot. >>reporter: students signed posters for coaches. >> i wanted to help out people definitely need it people in the hospital. bus driver that was killed. >>reporter: senior keith murdoch knows deal with unexpected tragedy. >> my aunt and two cousins were walking on the street and a car rolled over them. >> i know it's hard to come up with a lot of money last second it's nod easy. >> we'll spread the word on twitter. >>reporter: the word spread fast dozens of people have already donated to the page. >> i was constantly going there to see how much there is.
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having a big impact on a community still trying to make sense of tragedy. >> quite the community and overcome a horrible tragedy like this. >>reporter: as you just heard still a look of raw emotion from students. it's also homecoming week here at legacy. the school says that all activities will go on as planned. they are still waiting to make a decision about the football game. district says they want to make sure that all the players are both able to play. reporting live tonight. communities are showing their support they held a fund raiser at wonderland brewery. a lot of local businesses made donations that were auctioned off. this all came together in less than 24 hours thanks to a group of mothers. >> i want this money to go directly to the victims and their families. and i know that there are a
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>> all the donations made tonight will be given directly to president of legacy football boosters. the family of the bus driver killed devastated and in mourning tonight wondering what happened. kari chopper's husband called her idea noteevoteed wife she was a mother of four teenagers and a grandmother and loved the students she drove like her own children. she passed her physical in may and had no known medical issues so now they have questions about what happened yesterday. >> she took each one of those kids when they we bus they were her kids. and they all knew that. all the kids knew that was mom to them. >> we told you friends have set up a gofundme page to pay for funeral expenses we've slipping to that on our denver 7 app. investigators are at the beginning what could be a very long process trying to figure out what happened here. liz gelardi joins us live at the school bus yard. >>reporter: by now you've seen this picture of the bus and
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yourself, how did this happen. the investigation is just beginning. much more complex than your average accident investigation. it could take weeks if not months. >> that's a head scratcher. how did it happen. how did the bus run up a bridge abutment on a slow moving traffic lane that's the question why. >>reporter: why was the driver doing 30 to 40 miles per hour in a 15 miles per hour zone. what caused th the road? >> have to look at everything. >>reporter: chet win shell helps navigate the complex regulation force commercial transportation industry. he compared this investigation to a plane crash. >> they may have to physically take the bus into a warehouse somewhere and tear it apart. >>reporter: police will look at medical history, the driver's record and maintenance records for the bus just to
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in a t process of attempting to answer we may not get all the answers we're looking for. >>reporter: the latest information from the school district shows the bus driver worked there since july 2012 and passed a federally required physical in may. >> it's not just one thing i think it might be 2 or 3 months before we get a final result. >>reporter: an accident construction will also be an important investigation. buses like this are also subject to regular inspections. we have reached out to the school district to see with you when the last time this bus was inspected. reporting live liz gelardi denver 7. >> liz thanks as this investigation continues count on denver 7 and the denver 7 app for all the breaking details. here's what we know up to now. the driver of the bus kari chopper didn't have any known medical conditions that could have led to this crash. three of the football coaches
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late tonight and the superintendent sent out ehler tonight saying everyone in the district is hoping for their full recovery. i'm meteorologist stacey donaldson. we have rain moving through the area but just the beginning of more moisture will continue to head through our area i'll tell what you to expect throughout the next 24 hours and the 7-day forecast coming up shortly. >> thanks stacey. tonight denver 7 following some big votes denver city council meeting the first would creat the money for this program would come from a property tax hike. also passed by council tonight a measure that would bring more red lights and speed cameras. denver signed a new contract for the next five years. the $6.4 million contract includes technology upgrades which should improve camera accuracy and photo resolution so they can take better pictures of us. new tonight pot sales hit an all time high in july.
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million spent on pot. both recreational and medical that's even more than in april around the unofficial pot smoking holiday. >> for the first time since his stir jonbenet was killed almost two years ago. burke ramsey is breaking his silence about that today. he was just 9 years old when the family's boulder home became the center of a national murder mississippi try. he told dr. phil he remembers what he was thinking that morning. >> i was scared i think. i didn't know if there was some chasing off with a gun i had no idea. >> burke himself even was a suspect in her murder. he says he's doing this interview to make sure no one forgets that his sister's killer is still out there. the dr. phil show reportedly paid ramsey for this interview. a pretty shocking video of that man looking in a teen's window in arvada and your tips helped catch him. police say there is the man name is garrett brown. we've also found he was arrested before very similar
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from the douglas county sheriff there's a scammer out there trying to take advantage after detective was shot in the line of duty. people getting calls about making donations to help dan bright, but the sheriff's department isn't calling anyone. so don't give callers any of your information. one way to help the detectives' family donate blood. take a look how many people showed up for this blood drive. all today's appointments filled up so fast. this was in honor bright who is still making big strides recovering. national anthem protest did not stop monday night football before san francisco and los angeles took the field more 49ers joined their quarterback in his protest during the national anthem. also two rams players stood with fist in the air. prop broncos don't play until sunday brandon marshall still plans to take a knee even with all the backlash. >> adam hammond is breaking down what happened today. >>reporter: you see brandon
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shot from last week. century link is the latest company to cut ties with brandon marshal and tonight a sports store in colorado springs canceled an appearance by him. prime time sports says it canceled that autograph signing because of overwhelming public owl rage. and century link says it dropped marshall because they believe we must stand together to show our common bond to face challenges challenging issues and the national anthem is one of those moments. last week he lost an endorsement with air academy federal marshall says even though he lost those endorsements he doesn't regret following colin kaepernick's lead and he plans to kneel again during the national anthem this sunday when the broncos take on the colts. now we spoke with him earlier and i says he hopes his previous protest will actually draw attention to more police containing training and collection for officers and also shine a spot height on 0 preferred people. >> i talked to colin kaepernick and he said that he
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know what i'm saying he's trying to get some things in place to help change some laws. >> tomorrow marshall is set to meet with denver's police chief and he says he hopes to start a dialogue about social injustice and protest during the national anthem. he's tweeting away he's askkng the public what you would like for him to ask the chief tomorrow. just send him a tweet with the #ask the chief. i'm adam hammond for denver 7. "dancing with the stars". >> did you see what happened right after ryan lochte's dance? listen. >> wow. >> it was a little messy little muddled watching it. the show's producers cut to commercial break. these two protesters rushed the stage giving lochte and his dance participate near i'm sure quite a scare. the olympic swimmer was shaken a little bit security moved in quickly and then he show went
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candidate's health we asked the governor about the video of
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today hillary clinton i talking about the video that we all saw over the weekend. presidential candidate having difficulty standing. she says she got dizzy but felt better once she got in the car. tonight she sent out a note to supporters saying she is now feeling better. when asked why she didn't tell anyone she had pneumonia ms. clinton said she didn't think it was a big deal. i had chance to sit down with our governor and asked him what he thought about a candidate having to disclose medical issues. >> if you have a condition that affects you know that you think is long term might affect your ability to govern i think
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i don't think pneumonia is in any way a long term something that debilitates secretary clinton from being a gate president. >> we had a lot more questions for the governor so join me for special politics unplugged for more on this one on bun interview. how do you want were you r your healthcare through a private company paying fees to your lower or statewide program paid for by new taxes. amendment 69 would create colorado care. >> this is how that new political ad starts bicyclist going up this homemade ramp and soon to be slamming against the side of the house. yes vote on 69 creates a universal state healthcare program and no vote keeps private healthcare the way it is. >> it would raise our taxes by
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income tax. amendment 69 crease a new 10% tax. no earlier than 2019. but you wouldn't necessarily pay all of it. however if you're several employed you would pay all. >> . if you're an employee you pay one third of the new tax. your employer would pay the other two-thirds. what that means if you make 25,000 you would pay $833 more a year. $50,000 means 1800 more in taxes. and a hundred thousand dollars salary means 3800 more in taxes. so you'd be paying this instead of what's currently being deducted from your paycheck for healthcare. >> double the size of state government. >>reporter: not exactly true. this is poor wording and needs context. the 25 billion more in taxes would nearly double the amount of money the state budgets but the new 25 billion is specifically for healthcare coverage and could not be spent on something like education or roads. >> give colorado the highest income taxes in the country. >>reporter: this is also true. but with the math we showed you earlier you may not be paying
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the country. if you're an employee paying a total of 7.96% in taxes that would rank us 10th in the country behind california and new york with just ahead of maine. >> all to replace your doctors decisions with a state program run by politicians. >>reporter: this smells funny and is misleading. your doctors would still make decisions a 21 person board that would eventually be elected by us would decide what providers we do business with and how much they get reimbursed. let's say a few years from now healthcare costs increase and higher taxes are needed. well that 21 person board decides not you the voter. also if amendment 69 passes but we don't get specific waivers and exemption from the federal government we would shut ourselves down and go back to where we are now. the holiday season is along a lot greener. target is ramping up for holidays by staffing.
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add 2,000 seasonal jobs. target did not say which of the dozens of locations around the state will be adding workers. well, if it's not up to left-hand brewing standardss you're thought going to briding. the longmont craft brewery announced it is recalling 20,000 dayses of its very pop here milk stout nitro because of a mistake made during the brewing that played the beer too physical he. budget chunk of money's earmark to help stop violence. $16million is being used to hire 48 new police officers and 16 of those officers will be out on patrol on the mall. now the city of denver is also allocating athlete $5 million to create affordable housing. the mayor's budget is tackling a problem that we were first to tell you about on denver 7. there is no one to patrol parking spots for the disabled.
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in some lots there aren't enough spots available for those who regularly truly need them. >> this is scary video a school bus on fire. look at that. oh, my goodness. this is in college park maryland today. 20 kids were onboard, nobody got hurt. thank goodness. and tonight police are still trying to figure out what happened. and this is not a scene from fast and furious. this is is what neighbors in south denver say they have to weekend. cars on top of cars doing doughnuts in the parking lot of general x on federal. we told but this problem last week. but this video, this was last night. neighbors say police scared off the crowd once but then they left and the crowd came bbck. >> very scary at the same time. it's like i said, it's the weekend. my kids are on the front make and last week they came through our fence and what's it going to take, a derth? >> has week's still city councilors were supposed to
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what to do about all that. that meeting it was canceled and is supposed to happen against this week. police tell us this did make two arrests in the middle of all that. they issued two citations and even impounded one vehicle this weekend. . all right. don't cheat okay. don't use this to cheat but here is overhead look from air tracker 7 of the corn maze in lasalle. their design this year celebrating the broncos super bowl it almost didn't happen this year after severe weather knocked down some crops but it's open and will be open for business this weekend. here's hoping we have another super bowl maze next year. was that what that were? i was taking notes. >> left, right. >> we had some nice weather out there but this is first alerts we have a few sprinkles moving through the denver metro. this is the first wave of moisture pushing through tonight and even more on the way for tomorrow with more
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at this point in our denver 7 rooftop looking down toward the mountain it's not too bad but we have seen sprinkles showing up. you see it here on the radar picture coming from southwest to northeast. if you have been out and about you probably run into a little light rain some colleague up pushing on through a closer look right around denver. it's been had he ever year toward pin a boulevard and the airport airport. but just light to moderate out toward lakewood aurora even towards conifer. we still have coming in from the southwest. showers in the northern importance of our state. craig and steamboat both there lab moving into the this evening aaas well we'll see more rain developing pushing in tomorrow. 24 hour temperatures change is pretty dramatic. yesterday we've up to 90 degrees for a high. today only in the mid # 0s thanks to passage a cold front it really cooled things for the northeastern portion of colorado.
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denver than what we experienced the day before. so our current wind gusts have made it feel a little colder out this as well. winds have been gusting 20 to 25 miles per hour at times. for began judges we this 45 to 48 miles an hour gusts. things are quieting down now but expect breezy conditions into tomorrow. at any time at this point in the 50s with a little lights rain moving through the area. a few storms tonight light but in southeastern colorado more storms moving through. cooler tomorrow. then the 170s make a comeback even things out for the rest of the week. as you see here stronger storms down toward lamar light to moderate rain around denver diplomat. off to the northeast rain is a little bit heavier but you have potentially rain from lamar. nothing severe at this int. 24 hour planner taking us down into the low 50s overnight or
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we'll have partly cloudy skies with some showers into the afternoon. so to get to school in the morning once you get to the bus stop. mom, dad send them with a jacket it will be cool out 65 going home with scattered showers moving on through. see on the future cast throughout tonight and early tomorrow we'll have showers and then we have a bit of a break and then into the afternoon evening we have more ain moving on through. a couple of waivers over the next fuse days stronger storms into out towards sterling toward ha march. we'll keene keep our ice on it as we get closer to that. 47 degrees tonight cloudy skies with passing showers. lows in the 40s for 0 most of eastern colorado. tomorrow we'll have 67 degrees in denver. cloudy with showers mostly in the afternoon. temperatures in the 60s from ft. collins to agreely. 69 for aurora and # 0 for highlands ranch western slept around 80 degrees we'll have 60s and 70s for southeastern colorado. something for everyone here 0
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we he have 60s for rain. chance rain on wednesday as well. we start too dry it out on friday. that sets us up for a great looking weekend saturday and sunday highs in the upper 70s 81 on monday with partly cloudy skies even though we sitting monday, we're already looking at the weekend of course. oh, that's pretty good. stacey thank you very much. >> s all right. what a great way week. hundreds of soldiers returning to fort carson today. their families you know they are all anxiously waiting. all but 400 of them arrived back at the mountains post. they have been in afghanistan in the summer. and you can't help but see them reuniting. with those big hugs and tears welcome home. as these soldiers get home an sildsed there's already a job fair once they leave the military. the job fair will continue for
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carson and among the potential employers there's a special guest out there. president george w. bush will be there tootalk to the church. >> university students are telling us they can't find parking at the school even though they are paying $400 a year for parking at the school. and now parking isn't just autunite problem it's become a neighborhood problem. >>reporter: nearly everyone we talk to tells me they have had had a problem park out the campus area. university officials tell me that recently they implement a parking but we're finding it's not really working for everyone. when college senior us is driving will you university school workers not on his middle. you leave 20 portion minutes away he. he didn't pay for the university's $400 a year
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most student say parking used to be free. >> it was an you bankrupt increase because it used to be zero and they brought up it to 400 immediately. it's pretty expensive. universities officials started charging students $400 a year to park on campus. i'm caught up and eventually needed a parking system. besides the that is right the car isn't always is not you have s turned back my car saying please don't park here again. the problem with students parking near her keeps getting worse to point she last to post this sign on the tree outside her home. >> we're supposed to be residents with privilege. we pay property taxes. >>reporter: the university says there's enough spaces on campus but students remember to park at certain spots. >> university officials tell
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will pay for more parking spaces. say good-bye to the pike peak summit renovations are starting next year including a new summit house. the city of colorado springs says it will be bigger, more modern and have better views. i think it looks excellent. lots of glass openings a great view that's the whole point they get up there everything. think it's going to be great. looks good. breaking time for not a days little bits right. i think he's right. a. what's not easy to build a 14,000 feel so they will have to carry the building up in pieces the projects will take 4 years and cost $50 million. the city is hoping that donations will cover half of that. safety first on the football field and tonight a group of moms got a special ttip inside
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there to see a game. this is the mom's football % safety clinic in the best sides in the house. more than 300 moments got a lesson keeping their kids safe on the field from the men who know best. some broncos players. vs. all free for these moms. >> sign 'em up. welcome to 7 sports center. the broncos are denzel baiting the win over the panthers. looking ahead in the distance the sunday. it's andrew look against the lie 0. luck passed for 385 yards 4 touchdownss his rating 919-point tampa. general luck will e coming in here looking to make it three wins in a row over the broncos. big physscal guy hearts to get in the pocket when you don't tickle them there when he's
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says going to staff he's exceptional. and so we got our work cup out from that standpoint. >> we're start a little rivalry with them team. we definitely want this -- andrew is the driving forth of that team. is defense a dirty word and here are we talking dirty are we dirty dancing are we getting down and dirty. that's what some are saying after four 'em. term will be finds for this. the broncos said call us what waft you want. they down dirty shim. we're not malicious we don't intentionallyal hurt flub. we lay heart. i don't think we're very defensive with the did he at all. if our coat has a defense i
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continue to take a fly during the anthem. today own try link its endorse many with marsls and big he beavers in what he's doing speak bright spite will hate he's getting i'm not here to respond to the hate. i'm here to spread love april positive 'tis. i'm going a likeable guy you know, i wasn't once regard for it's cool because you know people call me theborder cuss at meal say they wish tell drake ply any through there's no ze can drive out hate only love can driver out hate. >> there you have it. today march just thomas did not practice day with the hip injury he's expected back wednesdabetty foul her title
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ought the latest one cost news and might be. monday night football double leader first game steeler rolls the redskins big ben an to yo brown. the no twin league. brown was excessive for speaks i have torquing. he was on drugs what do we expect roxanne did he backs in the do's than. the the topic. rapport tack meal that scripps were in then it was 6-6 in the 6th. we can't have that. least somebody get us out of 666. daniel december cass so thank you sever. long strong an gone. a solo crush that sounded much bet. 157 to en.
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rick perry dancing ryan lochte. >> ice eye baby. >> all-star cast. >> already. a major at this final weird past. bill weird good way to tut it. we have light raining moving through the area. scattered showers all across could have moves from the we're doing to see a little %- light remind talksing up toward the airport and towards centennial. heavy showers toward lamar we look have anything severe at this point. now tonight we'll have overnight lows at least the temperatures are getting down in the whose. over dia also so if you're sending can you to the bus stop early send them with a jack fell if guess only your spent we're expecting showers into tomorrow afternoon but
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with those passing showers american for southeastern colorado we'll get out of here slotly around mice in the upper 60s with a few scattered showers and it looks pretty a little school for us across the angle plains we night sear you. 6 s are tell you rye. 7-day forecast keeps us in the 70s for the remainder of the week. you see starting to show up we get to friday, saturday and sunday. bullseye 77 year-old. partly cloudy this is partly cloudy skies so looking good wasn't trying 0 get this pint- sized squeezed out we'll have more i notice it was the the greek at pike's peak right now. week. welcome to colorado. >> thanks industry hre ha updated on a pilot system would
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deadly crash one of its car. in should be ready within take week or two we told you about that tesla crap open the they could no distinguish a white frank turn from the tesla. tell cestas you. when it comes to heck particular cavs entrance terms blue wait at the price of gambling mr. where we're 0 coug. this try heck i week. a that drop in gas prices play make person who's ug about believeing a a tom by employer gas true difficult mr. that's not deciding more elective cars
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a new months ali she an her saided to pitch an electric vehicle i don't have a goods bill in this car i really remark it it was ray rim off take will open up basically my began what with you. >>reporter: you take your little peas he every. i have 0 twice a week because ply keo. that money saved on he can save good clunk of money on our uponly bucket having comforts home particular it was the testify in car says. dropping and so are sails the high brett toyota prehe out went 26 percent this year. he william asked the connect between gas and electric
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purchase larger vehicles or be more inclined to purchase a gas powered vehicle. that said a lot of consumers tend to think long term and in terms of fuel savings and the benefits of heck particular fires that will also be there. >>reporter: that's why maurer says the number of cons to go car players are staying exit i have. daimler parent company of her december benz is out 6 articles. the electrical vehicle's path is being paid but she's glass she's on it. >> go bet in one far none the am camas he earn. i didn't wick that to you this morning. we're saying on get but we're going fake up the fur this arts we unless he was a wint. the people or it's better roll
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thanks for spending this half hour >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- kaley cuoco -- from "i'll have what phil's having," phil rosenthal. and music from onerepublic. and now, after all -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, everybody. this is the moto


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