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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  September 13, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MDT

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we are a family, we hold each other together, we're strung together, it is rough, we cry a lot. >> the husband of carrie chopper, theebus driver ki is speaking out this morning, investigators try to piece together why this happened. blood splattered across the front door of a denver home and someone found dead inside. please try to piece together how this person died. >> more nfl players taking and you are raising of this during the national anthem and today broncos player brandon marshall is doing something about it perfect we're working to find out details on how a person died
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the roads in the area are back open, near south santa fe driving columbia. they were closed for 7 hours and they are back open, oncoming train pulled the emergency brakes when the conductor notice the body. >> traffic was blocked and civil roads. check in with lisa, first alert forecast. >> it is cool but dreary. not a lot of sunshine. this is the view from the top of our building. looking west you can see how ma there are still spots where it might be wet from drizzle this morning. we're looking at things clearing up in the next couple of hours, hoping for more sunshine right over denver by early afternoon. and then a few more storms, 5:57 pm chance for scattered storms. with the cloud cover and the cold front yesterday, it is cooler. right now mid to upper 50s and spots.
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at 60, but we will get into the low 60s by 12:00. more sunshine by early afternoon. first alert, 67 by 3, a chance for a few storms and the afternoon and evening, more cloud cover tonight. cooler than normal, coming up a look at how temperatures will rebound in the next couple of days. breaking overnight denver police arrested a man in his mid- he barricaded himself inside a home on the 4800 block of golden cord, no word on who the -?victims were. a brother and sister broke into another sibling's home and barricaded themselves inside. they were able to get out before police arrived , this happened near 39th avenue and reed street in wheat ridge. several residents nearby had to be evacuated but when police stormed the duplex no one was inside. we aren't sure if they have been caught.
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bailey a total loss. a semi truck crashed into the building overnight. >> let's go to denver7 reporter who has gathered the details, lance how did this happen. this guy lost his brakes coming down, the truck went down into this gully and smashed into the winery. you can see what is left of the truck. the back lights flashing just beyond the wine barrel. as we moved to see what is left of the trailer itself, maybe the wheels you can see vertical to the left of what is left of the winery. i'm told they were 25,000 bottles of wine inside and of course, it is fall so they were getting ready for another season of grapes. to the left a lot of water on the ground. a few minutes ago the fire department was hosing down a lot of the wine that had shattered and spilled onto the parking lot. trying to delete it.
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hand left up the hill, you can see the hill we're talking about. he was southbound on 285 just after midnight. some kind of break issue and couldn't stop, got down into downtown bailey in paired off the roadway. -- veered off the adway into this area over here. he suffered minor to moderate injuries, pumping has had , his truck a total loss , the winery tonight on 7 news at 4, 5 and 6. reporting live in dallas -- live lance hernandez. this is carrie chopper with her husband, they have 4 children. carrie was killed after crashing her school bus into the concrete pillar it dra. the question remains how this happened? >>let's look at the scene , the corner trying to figure out is
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and airport spokesperson says all the roads were clearly marked so she shouldn't have made a mistake travelers who go to gien says it isn't true, getting around outside airport can be confusing. they could have different colors, the signs are all blue and white, if they had different colors, that could help.>> dia has no plans to change the signs saying they don't know if that was what caused the crash. the bus driver is the only one who died, 15 school students and 3 coaches were injured, and had to be taken to the hospital. some still in critical condition. >> to classmate set up a gofundme account to help , they've raised more than $500, they are aiming for $5000. >> it is hard to come up with a lot of money, we wanted to help out the people who need it, the people in the hospital. we're trying to overcome a horrible tragedy like this.
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people are showing their support, last night a fundraiser held at wonderland bakery, a brewery, many local businesses made donations which they auctioned off. this came together in less than 24 hours into a group of moms. all the donations made will be given directly to the legacy football booster president. the students getting support from people in california. they were on their way home from a ballgame at chino hills, there's his picture taken. chino hills stands with you #legacy strong. to find out how you can help those hurt download the free denver7 app, find the link to the gofundme page. coming up later, we'll hear from carrie chopper's husband. hear what he has to say about the tragic crash that took columbus this life. if you get a phone call asking for donations to help detect and dan brite, there's -- the sheriff's office says it's a scam. someone is trying to take
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donations to help the detective shot nearly 2 weeks ago. the sheriff's department says they are not calling anyone to do not give colors your information. this was a real way people came out to help the detective. donating blood, a lot of people showed up for the bloodddrive. this was in honor of dan brite making big strides and recovery . happening today people in commerce city given the chance % to discuss how their long embattled police department can improve. the department hosting listening sessions to make sure presence voices are heard. joining us from stewart to school, amanda why do officials hope to approve through the effort?>> reporter: the goal is to build better trust and better communication. a relationship between people who live here and that commerce city police. this comes after the city council leader centiliters of
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city police citing serious internal issues and officer misconduct. through these planned the sessions the justice department office is hoping to learn what people living here think about the agency and ultimately use the perception to fund areas of improvement. this is part of an assessment of the long embattled police department. outside stuart middle school this morning, a listening session will happen tonight beginning from 6 pm and tomorrow at adam city high school, again from 6 pm to 8 pm. reporting live in commerce city denver7. because of you this man is behind bars. the video shows the man peering through a teenagers window. this is his mugshot. meurt tips caught him. here brown. he has been arrested, in a similar case before endeavor. in wheat ridge people need your help searching for female
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the fbi is investigating, they haven't released a sketch call crimestoppers be know anything. >> this man is formally charged with attempted murder. anthony ely accuses stabbing a man in the throat, at a restaurant in the highlands. denver police call a random act of violence , he is due in court tomorrow. i , kaepernick tiffanie thursday setting up a social medii firestorm and now linebacker brandon marshall is doing something about it. live for us at the dallas police headquarters where a meeting is scheduled between marshall and the police chief. >> reporter: good morning, no sign of brandon marshall at police headquarters as of yet. after the game thursday marshall said his protest, it wasn't anti-police or anti- america it was anti-social injustice. who better to talk about the issues of social injustice then the police chief of the largest city in the state.
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here or somewhere brandon marshall and the police chief expected to have a one-on-one sitdown. back on thursday we want to show you the video if you haven't seen it national tv the nfl kickoff marshall took any during the anthem joining his former teammate colin kaepernick and several other nfl players and assign a ppotest over the weekend. athletes like her neck and carmelo anthony, marshall meeting with local law enforcement to discuss social issues. marshall asked fans to submit questions to him to ask the chief on twitter. here is. >> i told colin kaepernick, he said he appreciated what i did. i asked him what he was doing, trying to get some things in place to help change some lost. >> since his knee thursday marshall has gotten the backlash online and on social
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but he says for all that he doesn't regret taking a knee and does not plan to stand for the national anttem is sunday. he does however say he plans to donaae an unspecified amount of money to charities that help veterans. reporting live jason gruenauer denver7. to rams players raise their this, the demonstrations continuing. a couple 49ers also neil. i don't want to neil, i want these i know it will be a process and it won't change overnight, but i think there are majorrchanges we can make that a reasonable. 18 players have participated in an answer protest, that is 1% of the leak. more concerns this morning about the fight against the cost, a handffl of new cases being confirmed. incredible video servicing, college student fights off a
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was rolling the entire time, here we says about the terrifying encounter.
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in miami officials trying to contain the spread of secret caring mosquitoes. spraying pesticides, florida has 64 cases of zika virus from local mosquitoes but it's getting worse. a new cases in the state since last week. all of them from local mosquitoes. all eyes on washington to state lawmakers will past funding for the fight. they feel the past funding before the july break and again last week when they return from their summer holiday. >> democrats voted 3 times to block this country need to get past the politics and work with us to protect the public.>> congress is expected to reconsider the $1.1 billion package, this time as part of a larger government spending measure. families of those who disappeared on malaysia airlines flight 370 are hoping a new discovery will finally tell them what happened to their loved ones. >> this may be the latest part of the plane just found out the
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it has earned martin would be the first evidence there may event of fire on the plane. the plane vanished march 2014, investigators plan to take a look at this.>> for the first time, since jonbenet ramsey was killed, her brother is breaking the scene -- breaking a story. >> he was 9 years old when they became the center of the murder mystery. he told dr. phil he remembers what he was thinking that morning>> i was scared. dad was chasing off with a gun, i've no idea.>> burke was a suspect at one point, he said he is doing the interview to make sure no one's -- no one forgets his sister's killer is still out there. i this gazebo, when tamir race waa killed will be removed tomorrow. he was holding a pellet gun when he was shot by an officer in 2014. the officer who responded about
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was real. since then races mother has asked city leaders to remove the gazebo. it will be taken apart and stored to be part of an art exhibit. a tree will be planted in the space with a memorial plaque and memory of tamir. >> hundred and $75,000 worth of heroin was found in a dumpster in pittsburgh yesterday. a worker called police after making the discoveryhey were taking out trash, investigators say it included as many as 500 bricks of hear what. up to 25,000 individual bags. the dumpster it may have been a drop point for thh kara dixon. -- for narcotics. >> a drug bust when a suspect simply pocket dialed 911. a dispatcher overheard a conversation about drugs, pinned the phone and told officers. and let police right to the 2 -?guys near gas station. the suspects were promptly arrested and facing multiple
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allegedly set his supervisor on fire in an attempt to kill her. according to acting us attorney. 45-year-old clifford curry through gasoline on his female supervisor in let her on fire and assaulted her with a razor. anooher hospital worker try to help the victim was hurt, if convicted he could face up to 20 years in prison. retired in indianapolis dr. accused of using his own sperm to help women at his clinic told patients he used sperm donated for medical students, according to court records he used his own when he didn't have a donor sample. he allegedly did it about 50 times and he is charged with obstruction of justice for lying to investigators, the news has left his donor children struggling to find answers. >> i want validation, i want to find out as much truth as i can but i know deep down we will
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we have.>> the doctor denied using his own samples but dna evidence proves otherwise. in phoenix who said he was bitten by bedbugs writing in an electric cart at a walmmrt.>> i got off the chair to turn around anddthe whole chair was infested with bedbugs. >> he said someone who has bedbugs at home probably brought them to walmart and anyone who sat in the motorized scooters after the image station could bedbugs back home. i stripped-down, took all my clothes off. >> walmart says thhy've taken the motorized shopping scooters out of service, they are bringing an expert to do testing. >> that makes your skin crawl. >> buying itchy right now. >> it is cloudy outside will it stay that way? >> a little sunshine by early afternoon. ?ere is your cheat sheet on
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cooler, the coolest day of the week. a few storms develop in the afternoon and more sunshine and stored this weekend. % today and enjoy the 60s will be back in the 70s by tomorrow. right now not seen much on satellite and radar, the cloud cover we have in denver across eastern colorado pretty low- lying clouds. a little drizzle, a few showers developing on the western slope. live look from our video camera , a mix of sun and clouds enlightenment, sunshine working in, early afternoon. -?right around 2 pm to 2:30 pm more storms through the foothills and the chance for future roll over denver by the afternoon. late afternoon and early evening , that's what it looks like by 6:30 pm. for tte evening drive a little bit of lightning and thunder. overnight into tomorrow morning similar situation, more fog and
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seeing images coming in, light snow hit some of the peaks and could see it tonight. by 4:00 tomorrow, very active, futurecast will show storms each afternoon through thursday. dryer into the weekend. temperatures today mid to upper 60s, the -- let's put this 10 to 15 degrees above -- below normal. overnight 50, over 40s , the kids jacket or sweatshirt is that the school, cooler in the morning. denver today 67 highlands ranchh 69. platteville in teens for closer to 70. upper 60s to low 70s and the central mountains and warmer out west. closer to 80 in grand junction and montross. tomorrow we warm-up 10 degrees, mid to upper 70s on wednesday, more scattered storms in the
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weekend and looks nice. saturday and sunday temperatures in the mid to upper 70s, for the broncos game sunday, i will show you the planner later. if you have tickets it is an afternoon game, pretty nice. pleety of sunshine but i will break down the temperatures you potentially leaving the game later. it is and all the affair. -?>> you know how it is. people go out way early. >> incredible college student fights off a great white shark while spears should -- spearfishing off the coast of santa barbara. >> tyllr had his go pro mounted to his spirit that when he was attackee from behind by the shark. the sharks circled him several times, but as it swam closer hijab the shark with the sppar.>> -- he jabbed the shark with the spirit. >> the 2nd time he came at me i thought i was finished>> lookk
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tyler swim back to the shore. that was 50 yards away. he was able to escape on injured. >> very fortunate. >> thank goodness he had the spear. >> i am sure the shark was like, whatever. >> the nfl is more focused on concussions after last week ruggles game, apparently parents should be also. a new report about soccer. 55 days until the election but who's counting. hillary clinton at home recovering from pneumonia she
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welcome back, look at these moms visiting myajai stadium, there for the moms football juss myajai stadium, learning to keep your kids safe on the field, broncos players helped lead the free clinic. soccer could be just as dangerous as the ball at times. the study suggests nearly 3,000,000 soccer players went
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2013 from 1990. it might be skewed because coaches and parents are more likely to get treatment for concussion symptoms then might -- that miggt've been overlooked in the past. this video from mile high sports radio good man. you can see a man lining -- lighting a short or jersey on fire. a protest f marshall taking any during the national anthem. why did the school bus crash out at dia, no one is asking more than the husband of
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11:30 am, working to learn more about a death investigation in denver. police aren't saying much but here's we know. someone was found late last night dead inside their home, investators haven't said how they died, crews on scene, they noticed the front door was splattered with blood. no arrests so far ave been made. stepped outside you may be in ?or surprise, it is quite a bit cooler. >> unless you've listened yesterday and then it's not a surprise. >> as far as the field. >> all right. warm the past couple of days in cooling down. 56 degrees in denver. winds out of the need -- at least 10 the 20 mmles per hour, hoping to get sunshine in the next couple of hours but are temperatures are below normal. expecting 60s for highs and
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in castle rock 62, boulder 49, estes park 51. still in the 40s and 50s with highs this afternoon likely in the mid to upper 60s. grand junction warmer, more sunnhine out west. highs today denver at 67, first alert low to upper 60s and the north 70s to the south. this shot is from loveland from the ski area along i-70, a lot of sunshine but clou b in a few storms could released over the plains. more about that and the timing coming up in a few minutes. this morning trying to learn more about the school bus crash that left a driver dead and more than a dozen legacy high school students in the hospital. 3 coaches heard in the hospital with serious injuries. a look at the coaches, head coach wayne vorhees, kyle writer and met.
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legacy higher try to move on with homecoming and also helping the families. take a look at the bus driver, this is who is killed. you see her with her husband. her family just wants anssers, they don't think the crash makes sense in they want to know why it happened. her husband says she was a devoted wife and great mother to the kids perspective when she was with the kids they were her kids. they all knew that, all the kids knew that was mom to them. trying to find out what led to the crash. her husband said she passed her medical issues. in didn't have - looking at the man accused of shooting of county deputy, adrienne schaefer, several people called 911 over the weekend saying he was shirtless and waving a gun. highway 287, with the deputy got there she first started shooting at a. fortunately he mr. and hit her window. the deputy returned fire and
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condition. if you are living in commerce city and have improvement suggestions for the long-term in battle police department the justice department is ready to listen. hosting to listening sessions, taking place today and tomorrow in giving you the opportunity to voice your concerns. >>.casilla now joins us with more -- amanda del castillo now joins us more. the listening session starts at 6 and runs through 8 at stuart middle school in again tomorrow from 60 8 pm, it will be held at adam city high school. all because city council wrote a note to the department of justice asking for a review of -?the commerce city police department citing internal issues, and a serious -- and series officer misconduct. these sessions, to the
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think of the agency and use the perception define areas needing improvement. this is all part of the assessment and review f the long embattled commerce city police department. the main goal of the listening sessions is to improve the trust and the relationships of the people living here. with the commerce city police. reportingin commerce city amanda del castillo denver7. what a headache, this is what neighbors and south d weeken car after car doing donuts in the parking lot. we told yoo about this problem last week, this video was shot this past sunday night. neighbors say police came and scared off the crowd once, but he came back after they left. >> very scary at the same time. it is the weekend and my kids are in front playing, last weekend they came through our friends, what will it take a death? >> last week city counselors
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police to figure out how to fix the problem, the meeting waa canceled, it is supposed to happen this week. police made to arrest and issued citations and impounded one vehicle this weekend. let's talk about a growing monster, road rage. we all dealt with an angry driver or 2, even though ii is frustrating here's how to avoid being the victim of an aggressive driver. >> the most important thing is to be courteous. avoid the problem altogether by using your blinkered around before changing lanes, allowing people to get into your lane when they are displaying the desire to do so. another, is to avoid up seeing gestures and displays of anger when you have experienced someone cutting you oof or driving and await you don't think is best. >> the study found by triple-a found aggressive action such as
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crashes. parking problems over the university campus spilling over into nearby residential areas. students pay $400 a year, and most tell denver7 it is expensive and doesn't guarantee a spoo. some decide to parking areas nearby, which takes residents -- parking spots belong to residentss one person is fed up and posted a no parking ssgn on the >> we're supposed to be the residence with privilege. we pay parking taxes. that we are being punished. >> we spoke with university officials and they say there are plenty of open spaces but some students prefer to park n certain areas. turning to your voice your vote, hillary clinton continues to recover at home from pneumonia. she is getting high profile help on the trail. president obama will campaign for her in pennsylvania, meanwhile more violence broke out at a donald trump rally.
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2nd full day hillary clinton at home resting keshia spent on the phone trying to explain why she wasn't upfront about her pneumonia diagnosis. >> she spoke with cnn. >> i didn't think it would be that big of a deal. i felt dizzy and i lost my balance for minute. once i got in and could sit down and cool off, once they had water, i started feeling better. >> reporter: former president clinton conceding the medical episodes have happened before when she was -- when she is overworked and dehydrated. she may be off the trail but her high profile service are busy on it. >> hillary rodham clinton is the next president.>> reporter: president obama will rally supporters this afternoon. but bill clinton in north carolina -- but donald trump
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today. trump not endorsing violence but focus on clinton calling half of his supporters a basket full of deplorables. while my opponent slanders you as deplorable and irredeemable, i call you hard- working american people. >> reporter: the clinton camp out with a new attack ad to counter. >> still losers. you can't lead this nation if you have such a low opinion. she should be back on the trail by the end of the week. tonight trump will be in philadelphia with his daughter to unveel their plan to lower d chilcare expenses. kenneth mouton abc news washington. hillary linton getting sick reminding us she and donald trump are the 2 oldest nominees ever running against each other for president. what would happen if a nominee couldn't make it to election day?
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out before election day but if it might happen, both parties have plans. the dnc and rnc had the power to vote on a new nominee and the rnc's rules let it call a in the meantime the co-founder of linkedin wants trump to release his tax return so he joined a crowdfunding campaign. it seeks to raise $1 million and it would donate the money to veterans groups is trump releases his tax returns by next monday. however much money the campaign raises the linkedin cofounder says he will match it fivefold. he willlpledge as much as $5 million. he also publicly endorsed clinton's campaign in june. shifting gears brandon marshall says he will do something about this. he took a knee during the national anthem during last thursday night's game. and now he is ready to make changes. he is expected to meet with the denver police chief later today.
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nfl, a simple knee during the national anthem during the prime time kickoff game, but brandon marshall coming through on the promise he made after the game to do morr than that s a one-on-one meeting expected at some point with dpd police chief robert white and the liners -- and the broncos linebacker. back on thursday the national anthem happened, marshall to the knee in solidarity with colin kaep he said after marshall did this, it wasn't anti-police are anti-america but a protest of social injustice and now he gets to talk about the issue with the denver police chief at some point today. marshall reached out to his twitter followers asking for questions he could pose to the chief. at this point we haven't seen marshall, the meeting location wasn't officially let out, it is a private meeting between the 2 of them.
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a lot of flak in pushback on social media and online over what he did. he also lost out on sponsorships. he said he doesn't regret it and plans to continue to take any including the sunday. reporting a dpd headquarters jason gruenauer denver7. i a daring escape on camera, a teenager manis to escape the cops while in handcuffs. >> the biggest moment of dancing with the stars didn't come froo the dance floor, ryan lochte's take on the destruction. i a 40 -- a photo going viral, under to strangers rallying around the local ice cream man. still dark and reary here in denver but getting more sunshine to the early afternoon. upper 50s to low 60s in the next hour, highs around 67 in denver with another round of storms later today., many of your first alert, it will warm
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breaking news we want to get to, this woman behind bars accuued of stealing a handful of cars. reportedly stole at least 3 cars all the yesterday and one of the instances she drove a car through a grudge or to get away. investigators say after taking the cars and ditching them she then approached several other people and reportedly tried to carjacked them. the drivers were able to keep
11:45 am
to a local hospital for drug treatment, police believe you factor in the cases. new video, a woman was stopped at a stoplight when suddenly someone jumped out of the back of a police van wearing handcuffs and ran off. police in milwaukee trying to find out how the 17-year-old escaped, still on the run this morning. 2 protesters rushed the stage of dancing with the stars right after ryan lochte's fir dance. you see one right there in a white t-shirt. this happened when the judges gave critiques of their performance. >> i thought it was a joke. part of the show. but then when we realized it wasn't that hurt, it broke my heart. >> abc news reported to men rushed the floor, for others chanted in the stands. didn't show the actual incident. the camera stay focuued on the judges. security ggards detain the men,
11:46 am
their arms handcuffs behind their backs. a reminder, for anyone with the samsung galaxy note 7 power them off and don't use them again. more than 35 reports of them catching on fire. over the weekend a six-year-old boy in brooklyn rush to the hospital with burns after his family said it exploded in his hands while he was watching the video.>> ?he battery exploded, he threw it on the floor, just fireworks. >> the faulty batteries are triggering a new warning across the country straight from the faa, those phones are not to be powered on during flights. if you have one you can return it and received a rental. this next story is one of my favorites of the day. it has been a rough year for sanchez, the 89-year-old sells popsicles out of his push cart >> thing to crowdfunding campaign he won't do that
11:47 am
a job he has been doing for 20 years but only in the summer and on nice days. he leaves every morning pushing the 50 pound cart for as long as he can sometimes making $8, other days as much as 80. >> everyone and little village has a lot of respect for him because he's a hard worker. >> so the campaign raised more today's. he says he di working until his last day but he is thankfule can now take a rest. >> i have a feeling he will probably continue to work because part of the catch of the story, him and his wife have taken and 2 grandkids because his daughter died. so they have an extra financial burden. i have a feeling he will still get out there some days. >> plus he had all these new friends now.>> today quite a bit of cloud cover , this weekend a lot going on. a broncos and rockies game within 20 minutes. pressure is on on sunday.
11:48 am
looks like an amended , today in the 60s , tomorrow back in the 70s, fall like through the weekend. more afternoon storms , today and tomorrow scattered activity. right now satellite and radar is quiet across eastern colorado , a lot of low-lying cloud cover in the mountains are starting to see the building. more loud cover and storms out west. a live look from our bureau camera -- are the-year-old spots, mix of sun and clouds through the afternoon with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s between 3 and 5. tonight a chilling one, this morning was cool in the upper 40s and low 50s, same thing early tomorrow morning on wednesday. denver today 67, fort collins 68, even down south ueblo, lamar 90 yesterday, 60s and 70s,
11:49 am
67. >> 12 to 15 degrees below normal, futurecast showshe next couple of hours a little clearing across the plains. by 4 of 430 -- 4 4:30 pm showers developing, purple and blue on the futurecast, snow possible of the -- about 12,000 feet and scattered storms in the evening. by midnight quiet, more clouds early tomorrow. 6:30 am wednesday and scattered storms through the afternoon and evening. a busy couple of days, threat for severe weather is low. today 67, tomorrow 7 to 10 degrees warmer with a chance of afternoon storms, that wwll be 3 the start of a long string the 70s, 78 wednesday, low mid-70s through friday. heading into the weekend with a chance for late date storms but
11:50 am
seeing with the system. saturday and sunday upper 70s by the start of the rockies game and the brcos game on sunday temperatures around 78 degrees, perfect for tailgating, a really nice game. no chance of rain mostly sunny skies. >> so exciting for a lot of people. coming up, taking the idea of self driving cars to another level.>> fine what the patent is easier. a man does the unthinkable and goes on a two-year journey covering thousands of miles in one door - a member of congress. out another - a high-paid lobbyist.
11:51 am
it's just considered business as usual. i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law to permanently ban former members of congrses from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennet
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11:53 am
driving cars, what about self pushing shopping carts? >> we're not joking. walmart got a patent to make shopping as they say even easier. you don't need to get the car yourself. you request one through an app. talking about laziness. a roaming motor fetches it and brings it to you. the carts will have video cameras and sensors to make sure they don't run anyone over, no word on when they will roll them out. >> maybe they will park
11:54 am
groceries as well, >> iphone lovers one a bit, according to t-mobile and sprint the 7 and 7+ iphone sales are through the roof. both carriers say preorders are up 4 times the previous models, the iphone 6, 6 asked, apple has not responded and last week they said they will not release its first weekend sales figures for the first time in iphone history. >> i wonder why. 2 years and 3500 miles later a man in china ha the time traveling across the country in a wheelchair. 29-year-old kwan paying set out to prove there's nothing the disabled can't do. the paraplegic started his journey january 2014 and has visited 43 cities, slept in tents or in his chair and hopes to wrap up the journey in the next 6 months. incredible journey for him. i 11:54 am, for the kids tomorrow it will be born in chile at the bus stop in the
11:55 am
light sweatshirt. warmer, 78, 70s through the coming weekend. sunshinn will feel nice.
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