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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  September 14, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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f0 it is 5:00 a.m. did a local pastor killlhis wife? that's what one community is asking this morning. >> the woman died less than a mile of the scene of another crime scene. >> amanda del castil there live. what are you seeing today? >> reporter: it's a different scene than last night. it's a calm morning. neighbors haven't made their way outside. we have a few people driving around. we're in front of that home that was involved in this suspicious death yesterday afternoon. man called saying he found his wife in a pool of blood and she may have fallen. friends of the couple say the man is a pastor at a nigerian church in aurora and his wife
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they say she was in church sunday doing well. police are reviewing, or interviewing people, rather, but they won't say if they've made any arrests in the case. witnesses told us yesterday that they saw the husband being taken away in handcuffs with a bag over his hands. police tell us that generally that's done in order to preserve evidence, such as gunshot residue. but in our inmate search we didn't we're still following developments and we'll bring you more as the investigation continues. live in montbello, 'm amanda del castillo, denver 7. you noticed the cool down yesterday, but remember the hot summer we had? >> august was the warmest since
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far. scientists blame climate change and the recent el ni?o. let's get to lisa with how warm it will get today. >> we are going to get a break in the weather. low 50s this morning, even a few neighborhoods in the 40s. mid- to upper 70s by about 3:00. so it ii warmer than yesterday. we have a mix of sun and clouds in store. fog across the plains this morning, and the chance for a few more storms this afternoon. you're going to fi mid, upper 70s covering northeastern cclorado. pueblo today back in the 80s, 60s and 70s in the mountains. jayson, there is a chance for more storms and showers across northeastern colorado later this afternoon. here's your first alert, we'll talk about where and the timing of it coming up. we have a couple of issues
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emergency repairs on the light rail system, southeast line between yale and colorado station awful southeastt alignment trains are use -- all southeast alignment trains are using single track operations. expect major delays to the service on the southeast line for the next hour at least. if you use the light rail along i-25 to the south, we will see delays, especially because of the maintenance they have to do right now between yale and the west side of town. the north side looks good. 6thhavenue by simms union, we have a one-lane configuration, westbound side of 6th avenue. bridge repair at i-70, and it will be it configuration all day, all night. tonight you can help the commerce city police department by telling them what they can do better. the city brought in the department of justice after a number of cases of police
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resident told us his main concern is preventing more officers from leaving the department. >> i did want to find out what this is going to do to address % that, and number two is that what would the time line be that they would be able to organize and/or to make changes in policies or procedures. >> how we start is we start with like what we're doing now. it's the initial part of this is that we gather a lot of information. >> that meeting is happening school -- at adams city high the widow of this lake city police officer is getting $3.5 million from the city. her husband james davies was accidently st and killed by aaother police officer in 2012. she sued the city, police department and other officers. now to an update on breaking news we brought you yesterday morning. police say a train was headed south out of denver when it hit
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25. they're trying to find out who that person was. this guy is in trouble, accused of breaking an rtd bus % driver's nose. police say anthony mata hit the driver after he told him to buy a valid tiiket. he was caught on a different bus in westminster. take a look at this guy. police say he stole a very expensive bicycle, worth more than 1100 bucks. it happened at the end of july. police. two people from denver who helped manage hillary clinton's e-mail servers are refusing to answer questions from lawmakers. the platte river network handled one of clinton's servers. one witness who took the stand yesterday told the house committee he had access to all of clinton's e-mails, even though he had no security clearance. hillary clinton has just one more day to recover from pneumonia before it's back to
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she'll be in north carolina tomorrow. voters may be thinking about her differently after her ?llness. a new nbc news poll shows her lead over trump is getting smaller. she is now ahead by just 4%, that's down 2 points since last week. donald trump and his our state. he'll be in colorado springs this weekend. weanka will be in denver next in flint, michigan, the city that's had all the problems with lead in the ddinking water. lawmakers from both major parties say what happened in flint is a prime example of government mismanagement. look at this video, the u.s. air force says it shows a successful strike against a chemical wednesday plants in iraq that wassrun by isis. the site also served as headquarters for the terror organization. as of right now, the pentagon
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what chemicals were being developed at that facility. security is getting tighter at arlington national cemetery. if you want to visit starting next month you'll have to show an i.d. and you can only enter at set access points. this comes after recent attacks at war memorial at military sites around the world. four popular web sites are being forced to make big changes. this is to make your children safer online. nickelodeon, attel, hasbro and use tracking ttchnology to gather innormation about your kids to use for marketing. federal law says you cannot collect children's information on web sites aimed at them. the companies will have to pay a fine and upgrade their web sites. a colorado man says a local nonprofit spent money intended for a special needs play ground. he wants to build a special
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a child in a wheelchair that couldn't plly at a park. he turned to autism of colorado and when he ended the relationship, he says they wouldn't return the money. >> i won't stop until they return it. >> he would return it tomorrow if he would just give us a charity to give it to. >> the play area will if they raise enough money. now that it's getting a little cooler out, it's nicer to go for a run or walk. >> and you don't have to go alone. tomorrow the denver public library is teaming up with the denver animal shelter for the annual human walking program. you can help walk dogs or they'll alk you from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the downtown locatton.
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sex change and she won'ting paying for -- won't be paying for it. this man worked at a local elementary school. what he's accused of sending a student. women, what do you carry in your purses? a common item explodes from time to time. great. i probably have fiie in my purse now. here's your first alert it will be a cool one at the bus stop. patchy fog across the plains, -?low 50s early this morniig. and highs in the mid-to upper 70s. here's your first alert it is warmer today with a chance of storms. here's your light rail alert, if you use i-25 to the south, you can see the emergency repairs. see the flashing lights in there? they're doing emergency repairs
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we have breaking news alert with light rail disservice here to tte southeast light rail. what rtd is telling me, the affecting the h, e and f lines and they have emergency repairs near the yale station, about there area here. they're doing single track operations between yale and cooorado boulevard, and that means they'll have delays the next hour at least, north and southbound side. santa fe ine normally. 225 is running normally, at least to the hhmpden station and delayed downtown. we'll have more details as they come available here on denver 7. thanks, jayson. 5:13now. parents, take a look at this man. you'll want to ask your children if they know him. he's jacob deal. he is a custodian at dutch creek elementary. deputies in jefferson county say he left notes on a female student's desk which escalated
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messages when the student left to middle school.. they say he asked her to send naked photographs of herself. this man has a history of child abuse and he may have taken it a step further. fort collins police say he hit an 11-month-old girl with a chair, killing her. they say juan hernandez confessed after he and the girl's mom claimed shh had been3 hurt in an accident. he is now in jail. striking colombia. early reports say it was a magnitude 5.9. no word yet on injuries or damage caused. we'll keep you updated on that. edward snowden wants president obama to pardon him beforeeobama leaves office. he is in russia now where he's lived since 2013 after stealing and leaking federal documents. he acknowledged he broke the
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greater good. he says what he did changed surveillance laws for the better. but the white house says snowden rrsked lives and also harmed national security. now to chelsea manning, formerly known as bradley, the imprisoned soldier will officially become a woman with taxpayers footing the bill for the surgery. she ended her hunger strike after learning it will happen. manning is serving a 35-year documents to wikileaks. she's only four and already knows what it means to be selfless. >> she gave up her own toys to another family who lost everything in a car. sheepacked up her pink barbie car and ga the toys to the other girls down the street. the presents were supposed to be for her birthday and christmas.
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it was unbelievable. the little girl, for her to donate her own toys and items of hers toothree little girls that she doesn't even know, she's a special little girl. >> the rest of the community is also helping out, raising monee to help the famiiy after that fire just destroyed their home. but she led the example. >> they followed her. awesome. >> that's hard tt do. i try to get donate one or two at christmas. >> don't want to do it, do they? no. temperatures in the 40s and 50s again this morning. we'll see a few more afternoon storms and then more sunshine this weekend. really a very nice five, seven- day forecast. cool this morning, especially in the mountains. allenspark now at 39. conifer currently at 42. you'll find we're a good 7 to 10 degrees warmer across the
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mid- to upper 70s. it's about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. highlands ranch 79. denver 78. really some pretty perfect temperatures. 60s and 70s in the mountains. it's warmer across southhrn we're likely going to be closer to 80 as you get close to pueblo and lamar. this morning more cloud cover across the plains. i think we're going to be dealing with more sunshine in denver earlier on compared to yesterday. but patchy fog on the plains. by about 11:00 you can see a mix of sun and clouds from fort collins, south to colorado springs and more storms and showers developing first in the mountains and movvng over fort collins, boulder and denver by about 4:00. through the early evening a chance for a few thunderstorms across northeastern colorado, likely from greeley to sterling. our threat for severe weather is pretty low, we'll see these storms overnight tonight.
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sterling and akron. skies tomorrow clear out and we have more sunshine thursday and friday. there will be a few isolated storms each afternoon. but it is drier both days. upper 70s today. low to mid-70s on thursday and friday. isolated afternoon storms. the weekend pretty protected, both saturday and sunday upper 70s. it's gorgeous. you thought we were done with 80s, not quite yet. back to the low, and tuesday. yesterday, ayson told us how groove e it is about yale and hampden. you didn't warn me about the rocks that were about to take out my windshield. >> i'm sorry i can't warn you about every road hazard wherever you're driving. this is at 6th getting out to i- 70. this is the westbound side and you can see those cones here set up.
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golden and they'll allow you to go to the right shoulder of westbound 6th to get over to colfax. it's not completely closed. they're allowing at least one traffic lane to get through. let me show you what happened. they had bridge damage, somebody hit the bridge with a big track hoe the other day and they have to repair this that's the work they're doing and it will be goinn on all day from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00. getting out to dia, security wait time 15 to 20 minutes. this story unfortunately gruesome. investigators just found a skeleton inside an old police headquarters and think it could be a homeless man who locked himself in a holding cell and couldn't get out. the new jersey building had been abandoned since burning down more than 30 years ago. police think a homeless man
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cell. they think he died after he couldn't get out. a trial is underway for the man accused at shooting at george zimmerman in a road rage incident last year. police say the man shot zimmerman's truck as they were driving next to each other. the man's lawyers say it was self-defense. a day of shopping turns scary after a new jersey woman's purse exploded. she was carryyng something that some of you may have with your right nnw. >> take a look at there surveillance video. this woman was paying for some sunglasses when suudenly the battery from her vaporizer exploded. >> my child in the back seat, my daughter next to this, it's scary and it could happen to anyone. >> she also wants the maker of
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the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it pictu perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. it is 5:23 now. activists in colorado are joining the fight against the dakota access pipeline. they marched in both denver and boulder yesterday showing support forrnative american groups who are trying to stop that oil pipeline from being built through tribal land. last week the federal
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construction on part of the pipeline. this is a look at workers removing some of the heavy machinery from the site in north dakota. police were there, too, making sure nothing went wrong. last week two demonstrators chained themselves to a machine in protest. it's not clear if the pipeline's developer will continue to work on other sections of the line. 5:24 now. good news this morning. seems we're starting to come back from the recession. the median income country jumped 5% between 2014 and 2015. thaverage ffmily is now bringing in more than $56,000 a year. you'll be able to keep more of that money because of food prices. they're going down. they dropped another 1.6% in july. the eighth month in a row to see a drop. it's because demand for food overseas is down, so we have more food available to buy ?ere.
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california trooper goes above the call of duty to help someone in need. >> it was a dad who left his wallet on his car -- >> on the car. >> -- then hit the road wwth the wallet still on the roof. the father of two saw the wallet go flying off and his cash went flying as well. that's when the trooper saw the man and his family crawling around the side of the road in the dark. he told them to stop looking for the money. instead, he took them to atm, where he gave them $60. the family says they truly appreciate the money because they were on a tight budget. >> i did that with my car keys once. >> you did. how do you drive away -- >> the keyless thing. >> oh. >> in a snowstorm. came to work here early. i got here and thought, why won't the doors closed? key in the snow somewhere. >> you wake up at 2:00 a.m., you do dumb stuff. >> yeah, you do.
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you can see it there in limon, temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. we are well on our way into the 70s. we're going to see a mix of sun and clouds in denver today. chance for a few more thunderstorms this afternoon, and here's your first alert it's warmer this afternoon. mid, upper 70s by 4:00. here's an update to the light rail system. all trains are now using both tracks, rtd telling me they'll get back to after the next hour, after they had to do emergency repairs between the yale station and colorado station. now they're able to use both tracks and not just one, so traffic operations at least on the trains should get back to normal in the next hour. take a look at the drive down there at university and down to evans, at least the drive on southbound and northbound looks okay. southbound side, though, very rough after that roto-milling last night.
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donald trump appealing to parents. his plan to make child care easier for families and how much time he parents off from work. before we get to that, we have to talk about a murder mystery developing in montbello now. >> this is a map of the area where it happened. a local pastor says he found his wife dead in a pool of blood at their home on east andrews drive. but he enddd up being taken away in handcuffs. >> take a look at how close this happened to another death investigation, where the victim was also bloody less than a mile away. the deaths happening less ttan


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