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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  September 14, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MDT

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f0 broncos brandon marshall and brandon stewart have been fined for that hit against cam newton. >> espn reports helmet hit on newton. marshall was fined more than $12,000 on a hit. espn reports the nfl is reviewing other claims during that game. nfl commissioner roger goodell says he's marching a
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concussion -- >> the letter says, we have worked hhrd to educate our teams, but there will be serious consequences. good news for brandon marshall, after being dropped by two sponsors for kneeling in protest during the national anthem, he got a new deal from russell simeon the hip-hop mogul. >> shall had a -- marshall had a sit down yesterday with police chief robert white. we found out marshall wanted to know what police go through every day and why officers involved in controversial shootings haven't been punished. the chief invited marshall to take part in a shoot don't shooo training session. >> i suggested to him that what i felt would be very valuable and very powerful, it's always
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to young people about making good decisions, not putting themselves in harm's way. >> white says brandon has searched all -- accepted all these suggestions and plans to participate. a death investigation underway in loveland after a man's body is found near fairgrounds park. last night someone called police reporting that body. >> police say there were no obvious signs of foul play. the coroner will work to identify the person and figure out how he died. urged to call the loveland police department. of a woman in montbello is no longer being considered suspicious and it's not being investigated now as a homicide. >> denver 7's amanda del castillo joins us. she spoke with the couple's son. % >> reporter: as you can imagine, he says today has been very sad for friends and family. he says he's happier knowing
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she was curving from cancer -- suffering from cancer, but the family had been seeing improvements, she even made it to church sunday. he said she was alone monday afternoon when she fell. a care giver was making her way tt the home when it happened. the husband was taken away in handcuffs yesterday afternoon, but friends and family maintained it was a tragic accident and not a crime, something police were able to confirm for us this morning. friends and family continue to gr finally is in a better place. >> she's an amazing person. just respectful, loved everyone. she was a nurse, so she just
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woman. >> reporter: they were preparing the home for the pastor to return. amanda del castillo, denver 77 below 500 degrees when we came in before sunup. getting closer to fall. yesterday. this morning and we'll see more 70s this afternoon. >> cool. >> you're right, very fall- like. we're still seeing lots of sunshine in denver, but across fog. here's a live look from our camera in sterling. still going to be dense along 76, and east on i-70. here in town some sunshine right now. but we will see a mix of sun and clouds. chance for a few thunderstorms this afternoon. temperatures in the mid- to upper 70s by 3:00. and overnight tonight another chilly one. we should be in the upper 40s to low 50s early tomorrow morning. here's your first alert that we're going to stay in the 70s
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denver today 78. fort collins 74. heading into the weekend pretty nice weather. broncos' planner coming up in a thank you, lisa. five minutes after the hour. investigators in forr collins trying to figure out what led to the death of an 11-month-old girl. the man accused of killing her you see pictured here, 24-year- old juan hernandez. he's facing first degree murder and child buse charges. one of the charges says he is a habitual offender, which means he's been arrested abuse before. this jefferson county school custodian is behind bars, accused of sexting a 12- year-old girl. he's on eave now according to the district. investigators say deal met with the girl while she was a 6th grader at dutch creekkmomently last year. -- elementary last year.
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on the girl's desk. last august the 13-year-old girl started getting text messages. >> one of the girls comes in august 27th and says i've been texting with this guy and it turned into sexting and he sent nude pictures to me. the widow of a lakewood police officer is getting $3.5 million from the city. officer james davies was kied by friendly fire another officer thought davies was the suupect and hot him accidently. davies' wife sued the citt, police department and other officers. -? the department of justice is stepping up its help with controversial misconduct situations in the commerce city police department. the goal is to clean up the department and maintain community trust into the police force. -?>> how we start is what we're doing now.
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is we gatter information. >> there will be another meeting today at adams city high schhol from 6:00 to 8:00 this evening. two of the legacy high school coaches hurt in this crash are now out of the hospital. wayne voorhees and kyle rider are both home recoveriig. but matt makens is still in the hospital. those coaches may be on the sidelines this friday when the team is back on the field. last night the girls' volleyball team ffom legacy in action and their opponents, arvada west, showed their -?support. they presented legacy with a card for the football team and gave a flower to the girls on the legacy team. >> everyone is just very thankful for the support. it means a lot, especially with everything everyone is going through right now. >> schools from all over colorado are showing their support using the #legacystrong. many have tweeted outtpictures
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students. there are a couple of gofundme pages set p for victims of the bus crash. homecoming will go on as planned at legacy high school. the big game is friday night against prairie view. the students hurt in the crash will be checked out by a doctor to determine if they can play. new details about a man killed in an ndustrial accident in denver. ouu partners at "the denver post" reporting an autopsy revealed the 64-year-old had thc in his system when he died. he died last month after getting caught in a machine. ohsha still investigating. the plant isn't commenting. we expect one of the drivers in this crash to be charged with dui today. both lanes on u.s. 6 at clear creek canyon had to be closed. one person was seriously injured and troopers say at
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we know the identity of a man killed when a train hit his pickup near platteville. the weld county coroner identified him as 66-year-old lloyd rosa. hillary clinton is returning to the campaign trail she was diagnosed with pneumonia last friday. she left a 9/11 event early sunday and canceled other donald trump is in flint, michigan today. his itinerary hasn't been revealed. flint has been in the spotlight for lead contamination in its water. donald trump and his
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to colorado this week and next. the colorado board of kids can buy diet soda in our school. in 2009 the state voted to ban diet soda in school. several health groups supported the ban, but republicans on the board say it's a waste of time because it hasn't cut child obesity rates. you can follow the decision on our free denver 7 app. working to get y council is homeless problem. now they can't agree on how to spend the $2.9 million they've budgeted for a fix. some ideas include a new service center, a mobile health care unit and new employees. city council has scheduled two ootober meetings to talk about the funding. they have not said when they're going to hold a public comment session yet. driver and nearly two dozen little kids on board. their bus burst into flames
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opened the door and got my babies off the bus. >> more on the bus driver being hailed a hero today.
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developing now, a scary attack on some police officers
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three officers are recovering. tte suspect is behind bars. here's a look at this unprovoked attack. yesterday morning you can see this red car comes out of nowhere, plows right into the outside oo the officers there. two of the officers have serious injuries but should recover. >> this is a violent cowardly act on our police officers and it's simply unacceptable. >> after being run over, you can see the officers had to wrestle the suspect him. murder charges. happening today, the gazebo where tamir rice was shot to death by a chicago police officer will be put on display at a chicago museum. he was killed after the officer thought the pellet gun he had was real. a maryland school bus driver is being called a hero for saving her students when
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20 elementary school kids, some as young as 6, were on board. >> didn't even think. i just ran in. from the back of the bus. my biggest reward is my babies are safe. because whenever i'm driving ?ntil i drop them to their biological parents. >> what an attitude. the fire happened monday during smith's last run of the day. investigators are still lookin right now taiwan and china are bracing for what's being called the strongest storm of the year. super typhoon meranti. winds whipping up to 230 miles per hour. that's after the storm had already weakened. hundreds of people have been evacuated. biggest concern now is how much rain they're going to get.
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last night it hit florida. you can see the damage already. the good news, it's expected to weaken and turn into a tropical depression as it rolls north and up into georgia today. back here at home, a live cooling down. roof camera, it's 58 degrees. wow, did the whole nation have a hot, hot summer. >> in fact, the u.s. broke records last month. nasa says august was the warmest august since they started keeping track in it tied july as the warmest month of this year soofar, making it the 11th straight month of record setting temperatures. scientists blame climate change and the recent el ni?o. >> only about a week away until we officially sttrt fall. you're right. here in colorado our august we were about a degree below normal. it was still hot. don't get me wrong, still hot. with fall around the corner and it feels a lot like it. temperatures below normal
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in town. there is a thrrat for a little severe weather this afternoon. i'll show you where coming up in just a minute. that threat covering a good portion of the front range. as we get stronger storms with potentially larger hail and also damaging winds. we'll be trackinggthose storms, already getting clouds building area. you can see a mix of sun and clouds right now, and those storms get going here within the next few hours. around 2:00 to 2:30 you'll denver and the foothills and mountains by that point. then rolling east through town, through boulder and fort colliis and getting stronger along 76 and potentially also east on i-70 just east of town. that will be through the early evening. that's futurecast at 9:00. things will finally quiet down by late tonight, early tomorrow. and we're in for more sunshine. some of the dense fog we saw this morning on the plains,
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7:00 tomorrow morning we'll see some near terling, limon, and akron. watch for patchy fog early thursday. more sunshine tomorrow. fewer afternoon storms. that's what it looks like at 5:00 on thursday. things are gradually drying out. we're also going to warm up a bit more today. about 5 to 10 degrees warmer. highs in the mid- to upper 70s. tonight still chilly. the kids will want a sweatshirt tomorrow morning. highlands ranch today you're going to platteville 78. midd to upper 60s for the foothills and mountainn and low 80s across southern colorado. we're close to normal. we're just a few degrees off from it. we'll be in the mid-70s thursday and friday. most of the storms that we see to end the week both days will be isolated, just a slim chance in the afternoon and evening. then saturday and sundayy sunshine dominates both days. it's warmer. on sunday for e broncos game, start of that afternoon game
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temperatures in the low to mid- 70s by noon for tailgating and upper 70s by 2:00. it's going to be a warm start. you're going to find a lot of sunshine as well. you could probably get away with a t-shirt, maybe a long sleeve if you're in the shade. next week we're not officially done with summer yet, we'll be in the low to mid-80s both monday and tuesday. >> it's holding on. thanks, lisa. the nfl released the broncos' color rush uniform for the october game coming up san diego. it's a nod to the uniforms worn from 1968 to 1996. orange pants, orange jerseys, orange shoes there. % and the helmets will have the old broncos d logo. fans of von miller, we got new video of his role as the old spice guy. >> here's a look at one of them. >> i got to make stuff harddr.
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>> so you can see von making it tougher to sack the qb. ties his shoes together, does the limbo, carries an egg in a spoon, goes through airport security even before finally getting to the quarterback. you can watch the ads now,,we have them on that free denver 7 app. if you are flying out of dia today, you now have one more food optioo. chick-fil-a is now open on the b con coarse offering -- concourse offering lunch and different, morning until 10:00 at night monday through saturday. they were the cleats seen >> with pat mcphee's shoes i was approached it would be just a piece of art. >> we're hearing from the artist behind the controversial cleats. some of america's top athletes have been hacked.
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developing now, a university of north carolina football player is under fire, acccsed of sexual assault.
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happened in february. his accuser said she hoped for some harsher charges. >> this man raped me. and the police told him not to sweat it. how can this happen? my life has changed forever, while the person who assaulted me remains as a student, as a football player. >> robinson's lawyer says despite physical evidence, the d.a. failed to charge him and she more charges could be brought. artis has been suspended from the team indefinitely. russian hackers released medical records of several team u.s.a. athletes. the world anti-doping agency confirmed its database was hacked and the athletes' records were stolen. venus williams and simone biles were affected. both say their use of
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[ crowd yelling and booing ] protestors rushing the dance floor during ryan lochte's first performance on "dancing with the stars." >> this morning those % protestors are out of jail and revealing why they did it. >> reporter: this morning "dancing with the stars" after these men rushed the lochte's participation. it wasn't just that pair, there were other protestors in the gallery chanting, liar, liar. the show telling abc news in a statement, "a full evaluation of security procedures and protocols is taking place andwell make any changes deemed necessary." we caught up with the protestors after their release from jail tuesday. >> we were actually at the
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did what he did, embarrassed americans, the climate changed. >> reporter: he lied about vandalizing a gas station in rio. >> lochte isa coward, a liar and under brazilian law a criminal. >> the protestors are now facing misdemeanor trespassing charges. indianapolis colts' punter pat mcafee's cleats were the talk of the nation featured an american flag and 9/11, never forget. the artist behind them is nick mcnulty. he said the shoes were supposed to be jjst piece of art. >> the nfl ultimately has the decision as a business on what they want to do. they have rules and restrictions and policies they have to follow. with 9/11 being something that hit so many people in such a tragic way, something that we can share with other people and
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them to remember it and won't be forgotten and it's dear to our heart. >> mcafee could face more than $6,000 in fines for violating the nfl's uniform policy. more news is coming up at 11:30, including the latest on the race for the white house. donald trump's charity under investigation. plus, trump reveals his plans for childcare. his daughter takes to the airways to address the critics and call out hillary clinton. denver police are tein outtif people driving are under
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in one door - a member of congress. out another - a high-paid lobbyist. 131 former members of congress are now lobbyists in washington, dc. it's just considered business as usual. i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law to permanently ban former members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennet
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denver 7 starts with % breaking news from the state board of education. they just voted 4-3 to lift that ban on diet soda in high school. >> it was put in place in 2009 and now the policy gives local school districts more control, policies in place tricter %- it still restricts the availabiliiy of unhealthy beverages duuing after school activities for all grade levels. the new rules go in effect on or before the next school year. that's just happening this morning. now to the latest developments on a denver >> denver police announcing they're no longer investigating this as a homicide. report amanda del castillo talks to the victim's son. >> reporter: the son tells me
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his mom is no longer in pain. he said she was suffering from cancer, but friends and family saw her improve in the last couple of onths and she returned to church sunday. but she was alone here yesterday afternoon when she fell, and that's according to the son. i'm told a care giver was making their way to the home when it happened. husband, a nigerian pastor, her- away from the home in handcuffs yesterday afternoon. friends and family maintained not a crime, something police were able to confirm for us this morning. friends and family continue to grieve for a woman they say is finally in a better place, calling her an amazing person, a nurse who loved helping other people. >> god knows what the reason for this is and we rejoice she's somewhere happy and just no more pain, no more suffering. >> reporter: about 30 minutes
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preparing it for the pastor to return. they've since left. the woman leaves behind her two sons and her husband. in this pastor works in an oregon church now, and heis charged with anthony mata is facing second degree assault charge, police say he broke the bus driver's nose sunday after the driver told him to buy a ticket. the families of the aurora theater shooting victims will not have to pay the $7,000 in legal fees to cinemark who wanted the families to cover the cost. after the families dropped
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their mind. investigators still trying to figure out why a person was on train tracks. yesterday a train and killed that person near broadway and i- 25. the coroner is working to identify the victim and determine what happened. right now police are asking for your help tracking down this man who they say stole a bicycle worth more than $1,100. -?it happened at the end of jul near 80th and sheridan in arvada. they're releasing the surveillance video now. if you recognize the man call because of a wild fire burning in the high country at a 12 homes evacuattd and the fire is zero percent contained. it's only burned about 5 acres and crews believe it is not growing. these protestors are doing their best to stop construction on the dakota access pipeline. the protest happening in denver. it was part of a national day
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environmentalists want to stop the construction of the line along tribal and federal lands. the government has asked he pipeline's owners energy transfer partners to top construction at least temporarily. we have video that shows the construction equipment being removed from the area. the energy company believes this controversy will eventually blow over. a colorado man is trying to raise money for a play ground for special needs kids. but he says a local nonprofit already spent that money and is making him jump through zack came up with big bat themed special needs play ground. he turned to the autism society of colorado for help. when he ended the partnership, he said he found out the nonprofit already spent $3,000 raised and they won't pay the money back to him unless it goes to another charity. and i won't stop until they are returned. >> we would turn it over tomorrow if he would just give
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>> we asked why the society spent that $3,000 in the first place. the treasurer blamed a previous executive director who has been fired. lawford has set up a gofundme page to continue raising money for the play ground. raising the minimum wage could spur job growth here in colorado. if voters approve an increase in november, the wage would ri an hour by 2020. we asked governor hickenlooper about the proposal and he said it could have a negative impact on farmers. >> now commodity prices are a record low and this will be a difficult time for them to have to raise the cost of bringing in their crops. other states have done a geographic exemption. >> if the wage hike passes, 20% of the population would see their income go up.
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state university. the colorado newspaper reporting 32,200 students enrolled there this fall, including more than 5,000 freshman. that's a reccrd number of overall students enrolled and freshmen. police in colorado may soon have a better way to tell if a driver is hhgh. a portable marijuana breathalyzer. this was developed by hound labs. the company's ceo tells us it can detect breath, whether they smoke or ate marijuana. >> in breath, thc only stays for a really brief period of time. and so unlike saliva or blood or urine where what you did last weekend will still show up in that, in breath it just doesn't. it only shows up for a few hours. >> the company still has more testing to do. it hopes to have the breathalyzer in the field by 3 next year. more trouble for republican presidential nominee donald
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is now investigating his charity, the trump foundation. this comes after a series of reports by the washington post questioning donations. they cite tax records showing trump hadn't donated to his charity since 2008 and the foundation used 20,000 in funds to buy a 6-foot tall painting of trump. the other big announcement proposals on childcare and maternity leave. % at the center of the plan is six weeks guaranteed paid maternity leave for mothers. his daughter, ivanka took aim -?at hillary clinton today. >> respectfully, hillary clinton has been around for decades and there's no policy benefiting either mothers or fathers in terms of paid leave. we have not been in public office for the last several decades and she has. so she could have instituted
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role and has not done so. >> the clinton campaign was quick to criticize, saying clinton has proposed 12 weeks of paid family leave. current law allows only -- this is video of protesters at a trump rally in carolina and a man attackinn them. two people from denver who helped manage hillary clinton's3 e-mail servers are refusing to answer questions from national lawmakers. the plat river network handle -- platte river network handled one of her servers. one said he had access of all of clinton's e-mails even 3 though he had no security
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using tear-free shampoo. >> i thought i had blinded him. i didn't know what was wrong. it was terrifying. >> what happened to her son and details on a lawsuit she's filed against the company. when your child gets sick many parents rush to grab the medicine, but a new study finds more children are overdosing. we'll explain the best way to give your child medicine. temperatures are in the 60s. low to upper 70s this afternoon between noon and 3:00. by 3:00 we'll be seeing a storms in the foothills and a few along the front range and a
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we have an alert for apple users. don't download i-os 10. they say it has a major bug that's left some devices temporarily useless. if it happens to youu plug your device into a computer, connect to ioff and on itunes and click on restore the ssstem. uber debuts its self- driving car in pittsburrh. now customers can order one there. during the pilot program riders will be accompanied by a safety driver to be this to assist the vehicle if there's a tricky situation. in all, it's controlled by 20 cameras and 360-degree laser and other lasers. all that data looks like this on a map that you can see when
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no word if uber plans to expand the program yet to other cities. four popular web sites are changing their ways to protect children online. nick load an, mattel, hasbro and jump start games will no to collect information about kids to use for marketing. investigation. after a federal- the companies still have to pay a fine for doing this in the first place. parents, whenever your kid is sick, it's natural to rush to give them a new study finds more children are now getting too much medicine, even overdosing by mistake. researchers at the journal of pediatrics found more than 84% of people made at least one dosing error when giving liquid medicine to their kids. nearly 70% of the time that error was considered an overdose. to make sure your child isn't getting too much medicine,
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it in a syringe and squirt it in their mouths. a mom is suing a company over its tear-free shampoo. >> the soap ran down his face and it got into his eyes and it started crying. i said, hunter, open your eyes, open your eyes, and he wouldn't. >> teresa jones rushed her son to the hospital, where doctors said the chemicals in the shampoo burned 90% of his corneas. jones says doctors told her that little hunter will most likely have issues with his eyes the rest of his life. jones says she found similar complaints from other parents. ?he says the company has not accepted responsibility. we took a closer look at babyganics and they're part of a larger class action lawsuit for false advertising and products that may not be
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teela with its latest chevy bolt. it says it can go 238 miles on one charge. that's more than the tesla has pledged for its new models. price tag of $37,000. but with federal tax incentives the rice should go down to around 30,000. speaking of electric cars, it's national drive electric week. with gas prices currently at such a low, so are sales of some electric cars. for instance, hybrid prius went down about 26% this year. we asked a colorado energy expert about the connection between gas prices and electric vehicles. >> overall, it is a trend that when gas prices fall, consumers will purchase larger vehicles or be more inclinedto purchase a gas powered vehicle. that said, a lot of consumers tend to think long-term and in terms of fuel savings and benefits of electrical vehicles
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>> he says the numbers of ev models are still growing. you may see low flying airplanes in the northeast and southeastern regions of our state. nothing tooworry about here. colorado parks and wildlife officials are counting thh number of prairie dogs from the air state-wide. they haven't counted the population in about a decade. they're hoping for more accurate denver based frontier airlines ranked dead last on ontime in july. jetbluee american and southwest were all among the worst performers. but frontier was the worst of all. 12 percentage points below the industry average. the airline blamed the problems on their ramp services contractor. rocky mountain national park is on track to have another record-setting year for
11:47 am
people have visited the park, nearly 8% increase from last year. i'd like to see the number in state and out of state. >> good question. >> good time to go. ing of visitors inn-- speaking of visitors at rocky mountain national park. look at this. a big old moose outside the window. >> good size. >> look at the bottom of the picture. tough to see. i couldn't tell what it was, but it's a little dog's head. what are you doing, man? cool shot. we've had beautiful pictures coming in. leaves changing already. steamboat beautiful colors there. today on radar a few storms and showers now developing on the western slope. across the plains you can see it's pretty thick still near limon. more so near sterling. % it's starting to clear up, some. our viera wireless cameras have
11:48 am
couple of days. off to the west of denver around 3:00 and our foothills, parts of larimer, boulder, jefferron counties will star to pick up -- start to pick up a few storms and showers. threat for gusty winds here in denver and on the plaiis, but also in the foothills. we could pick up larger hail. we've got bigger temperatures today, more instability with that heat and marginal risk for severe weather through the early evening. by about 9:00 to 9:30, could get a across the northern front range mountains. we could still see a few storms near sterling and akron. tomorrow morning still looking at a little fog out east. it's not going to be as widespread as what we saw today. more sunnhine in store tomorrow and you're going to find a few isolated storms. look what it looks like at 5:30 tomorrow. a lot different than this afternoon. here's where that risk of severe weather is. you can see it covers a good portion of our state. gusty winds, larger hail.
11:49 am
today. we're a few degrees below more upper 40s, low 50s early tomorrow morning. if your kids have any practices this afternoon, driving home you might run into wet roads. keep an eye on it and stay tuned. if we get severe weather, any updates or reports we'll have the latest at denver 7 or at denver today 78. 74 for a high in boulder. in castle rock 72. a little warmer. we're going to be back in the 80s in denver. we're not quite done with it yet. 70s today and 70s through the weekend. saturday and sunday mostly sunny. looks pretty good. broncos game, afternoon game on sunday, sunshine, 78. 85 by next tuesday. >> still kind of hot. >> not really cold yet. thanks. if you're looking to enjoy that colorado weather, you may want to check out ping pong on
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doors open at :00. it's too late to enter the tournament, but you can chhck it out. proceeds from this event will go to several local nonprofits. denver restaurant along south broadway is ready to reopen with a new look and purpose. last week we told you adrift tiki bar was closing for renovations. it's set to reopen saturday with a revamped food and drink menu. and from now on a percentage of all sales humanitarian workers. the london subway has been overrun by cats. but it's on purpose.
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we have breaking news now, if you're heading out to the dmv today, they're experiencing problems with their identification system and it's causing major delays. it's a federal problem, not a state issue. dmv officials are working on it. they don't know when the system will be back up. >normally subways are linee with all kinds of advertisements. in london they have replaced them with giant posters of
11:54 am
take a look. this is part of a crowd funded campaign that started monday. it's for a good cause. the cause has raised more than $26,000 and these posters are meant to ke you think about what's really valuable in life, which is probably not something you can buy, something advertised. >> unless you don't like cats, then you're creeped out. looking for some breaking news and weather coverage? watch the now for the best breaking news overage in 3 denver, week day afternoons at 4:00. today the out soon, but exploding batteries causing the samsung galaxy to be recalled. plus-- >> reporter: with concerns over concussions, there are changes
11:55 am
mid-70s. here's your bus stop planner for thursday. mid-50s in the mornings. 70s with a few isolated storms in the afternoon. >> not too bad. i like it.
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