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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  September 14, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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closed at sheridan. traffic is backed up. we know this accident involved a motorcycle in the middle of the road. you can see it there on the right. we know one person was seriously hurt so we will keep watch on this situation at 6th and sheridan. i am glad you are watching tonight. trip -- denver 7 has several exclusive stories. tonight, only the family of a castle rock man who died fighting isis is talking to us. his body is back onnu.s. soil. and also only here on denver 7, disease is taking away if a girl's ability to walk and the community is rallying to get her a service dog. but first, a doggie daycare and bags of heroin. surveillance video from the daycare you will only see on denver 7. one of those dogs nearly died. >> jennifer kovaleski is live where it happened of 13th and santa fe. someone through the heroin?
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this up. while running from officers down this alley, the suspected drug dealer allegedly through 17 bags of heroin over this fence. 3 on the other side is a doggie daycare. one of those dogs ate an entire bag and had to be rushed to the vet. the owner of the dog once the suspect to pay. >> you can't process the fact that your dog eight heroin. she is high on heroin. we are treating her that you need to come as soon as you >> reporter: the whole thing caught on camera. >> i am upset. i am grateful she is alive. >> reporter: you can't see the suspect throw the drugs in the video but that is charlie and what she is eating is a full bag of heroin. >> scattered all over. >> reporter: a few seconds later, an employee starts picking up the baggies. >> 17 baggies were found in our playroom not including the five they tried to swallow. >> the employees saved her life. >> reporter: charlie's owner
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to the vet. charlie is doing much better now. but laura says when she got the call at work, they didn't know if she would make it. >> i could have lost my dog yesterday because some stupid idiot decided to deal drugs and run from the police, and throw them. >> reporter: derek bishop runs the bark and play for it happened and says it a much bigger problem. >> we find needles. we find everything around here and it is getting to the point where i can't let my employees go outside. >> reporter: laura has this message for the suspect: >> you can do drugs and run your life. if you want to sell drugs, sell drugs to people that you want to do drugs but they are running their lives and they chose it. my dog didn't choose it. >> reporter: denver police caught the suspect. they say they saw him doing a drug deal near 14 p.m. spear and that is what led to the chase.
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charges but they are still trying to positively identify him because they believe he may haveegiven them a fake name. jennifer kovaleski denver 7. >> that is outrageous. the vet bill isn't cheap. the dog was treated with charcoal and give any heroin overdose medication marcon and -- narcan and the victim's assistance program is being contacted to see if they can help. the denver sheriff's office% internal affairs office wants to know if daughter got special treatment well-being booked in a local jail. she is also the niece of stephanie o'malley, who oversees the sheriff's department. she was arrested for property damage but has since been released. we tried to talk to jaime webb at her home but she slammed her door on us. a new overflow shelter couud house more homeless men in west denver.
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7th and ellicott. this is according to our partners at the post. homeless men are bust from the rescue mission -- bussed from the rescue mission to the new location. the two men killed fighting isis are back in the united states. levi shirley and jordan mactaggart lost their lives in syria earlier this summer. it has been a long journey to bring them home. in an exclusive, jordan's parents share their story. liz gelardi is live at union station where, the next chapter of this long process will play out. >> reporter: shannon, these families have been waiting weeks and weeks to lay their sons to rest. on friday, a train carrying their bodies will arrive here at union station. it is the last stretch of a long and dangerous journey from syria to colorado.
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huge heart. >> reporter: a heart and calling to help others. >> i came out for love of the kurds. >> reporter: jordan mactaggart, killed fighting isis in syria in early august. just weeks after vi jack surely -- shirley. >> we asked him why he would go and his comment was look what i have. >> reporter: these parents noticed selflessness early on when he told them he didn't want any christmas gifts after september 11. he said his decision toogo to syria twice and join the people's protection units seemed like something you would do. >> we couldn't let him go without being behind him. >> reporter: support beyond words, the entire family dropped him off at the airport. >> because it almost made sense
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sense that he would have this aspiration to do this big thing because that is what he was kind of all about. >> reporter: on friday, standing crowd with broken hearts welcomed him back home for a final time. >> it's a long time coming. reporter: a long time and this just speaks to his character. time abroad, he returned and %- these two families from colorado have become incredibly close over the past couple of weeks. they each other. liz gelardi, denver 7. >> standing proud ith broken hearts. in all, three americans fighting with kurdish fighters were flown back. it was a long and costly journey. the kurdish government spent nearly $44,000 to send all three men back home. health continues to pour in for three high school football
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the original goal was to collect $10,000 to help the coaches. when we checked the gofundme site tonight, it was over $16,000. we do know two of the coaches are back home. if you want to know more, you can go to we are so excited to share this update to an exclusive story from last night. the plan to build a superhero park for kids with disabilities where -- will happen. watford was having difficult -- zach watford was having difficulty he didn't have a charity but a man steppee in to help. now, the money will get into the right hands and the playground will be billed. a pastor is being cleared after being led off in handcuffs when his wife was found dead in their home. we brought this as breaking news last night. police say the death is not suspicious. friends and family say she was
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her head. it's not your car itself but rather what is underneath your car that is attracting thieves in metro denver. crooks aretacatalytic converters by crawling under your car with a saw and cutting them off. it happened in aurora when a converter was stolen off a buick. >> when you are on fixed income, you got to be more frugal with your money. >> these could be worth 30 they cut it out of the car and take it to a guy that can use the metal. % >> according to the national insurance crime bureau, catalytic converter thefts are ups -- at 23%. our photographer took pictures of this. look at all that hail. time for your first alert weather. stacey donaldson is tracking where those storms are right now.
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coverage on the ground, very white. we do have still in weld unty, some thunderstorm activity moving through. it is not severe like it was a couple hours ago but it is still moisture nonetheless. we haveerain mixing with snow to the west in the higher elevations. once you get higher, the mountain peaks getting some snowfall coming on down. wanted to zoom in a little bit more here on the greeley area and just west oo new kramer. you will see rain moving through the next hour or so but tonight, overnight lows in the 40s for the front range and the eastern plains. scolding of to support some snow in the higher elevations, but we are talking more rain coming our way with the extended forecast in just a few minute this is one of those only in colorado stories. this winter, eldora ski area will be offering uphill skiing. walk up the hill before skiing down. it's one of those exercise
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>> gravity is going to be a problem. brandon marshall is backing up his actions with money saying he will donate $300 for each tackle he makes this season and give it to denver charities. he is doing this after kneeling during the national anthem during the first broncos game. if he has as good a season this tackle adds up to more than r %- $30,000. denver 7 just getting started tonight. a little girl, struggling to walk. >> it's just killing me. we need to do something. >> her family talking exclusively to denver 7 about how you can help her get the dog she desperately needs. an elderly woman robbed outside her home and you are noo the only one mad.
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a new dog could change everything for a sterling family dealing with serious health issues. >> the community is rallying together to help this little girl and adam hammond shows us much-needed service dog. she is going to bring you a spoon. hold on. >> reporter: dinner with an extra special meaning for jill and her five little ones. 10-month-old owen is getting
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girl because of her huge smile and beautiful laugh. she was diagnosed with spastic depletion several pals via -- cerebral palsy when she was little. her mom says there is a chance she could manage her condition. >> we just want to find a way to help her be independent. >> reporter: jill found the opportunity through a service dog possibility -- paws for possibility. ellie also has seizures and the dog would alert the family befooe an episode. but this blessing comes with a $15,000 price tag. a huge financial burden for a young family. that's where beatrice stepped in after seeing the story on facebook. >> that broke my heart.
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cannot just go run like everybody does, every kid wants to be. >> reporter: so she planned ellie's night at the blue- collar steakhouse with 100% of proceeds going toward the dog fund. she also took donations for ellie and the servers donated their tips. dozens in tte small town showed up to support ellie as they walk side-by-side toward their goal. i just blue-collar steakhoose. they say they raised about $3000 tonight but she still needs to reach $15,000. if you would like to help, read more about her story at and we have a link to her fundraising page. >> good people around here. who would do this? somebody stole a back from a little girl who has leukemia. taylor burgess lives in lakewood. she uses the bag to carry
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treatments. when lakewood police found out someone took that bag, they decided to surprise taylor with a brand-new backpack filled with all kinds of great stuff. >> i was so surprised. we even drove around the block. i got to turn on the lights of the car. i got to turn on the sirens once we got back on the streets. they are confident taylor will make a full recovery. in your here are the new developments foo the white house. we got our hands on hillary clinton's medical records. her doctors say she is healthy enough to be president and we now know more about her private life than anyone elle in the public eye. donald trump still says she is unfit to serve as president in ohio. trump also handed over a health summary to doctor oz indicating no health issues except that he% wants to lose 15 pounds and doesn't exercise.
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making house repairs after a big mistake in clifton. they were going after some suspects. they thought there were a lot of drugs in the apartment. turns out, it was the right place but the suspects moved out some time ago. the fammly who lived there came home to a broken front door and broken windows. >> -- they beat [ bleep ] for as long as she in there. >> some might say that is >> what she did to me was even worse. >> that woman is 86 and heaven help the woman who stole her purse. she was robbed right outside her new york apartment. the suspect was caught on camera but still insists it wasn't her. you have to see this city under attack by a massive balloon. can you imagine seeing this coming toward you? this is in southeastern china. you can see the giant blob
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apparently, it broke loose in the winds of a super typhoon. driving through golden, you might find another route tomorrow. westbound highway 6 is shut down at i-70. you can see how it affected traffic today. crews are doing emergency bridge repairs so one brought of traffic is being rerouted using the shoulder. you should know the area should be open by tomorrow night fingers crossed by 9 pm. reporter: i am stac that we did have some severe weather go through weld county. this s what it looked like with the hill coming out of that storm. our very own daniel or tracking the storm east of greeley. it looks like snow had fallen. there werr severe thunderstorm warnings with that. things have quieted down now but there is still rain in the area. in denver, it has been quiet and a few showers will continue
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from southwest to northeast across the state. the book of the moisture haa been through western colorado but in denver, we have seen a few passing showers as well. the heavier thunderstorm activity has been well to our north. as i mennioned, it is still raining in this area from greeley all way to the border between wyoming and colorado north of fort morgan. we are not seeing rainfall at this point in downtown denver. farther west, rain is mixing with snow in the higher leadville in toward fail. even telluride, where we saw a mixture of rain and snow earlier today. 58 degreesn commerce city, 60 degrees dia, 60 degrees for little 10. we will have a you storms popping up through tonight. it will be cool and then a sunny weekend is in store for us. iistability tomorrow. we do have a cold front
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tomorrow afternoon, there is a risk for some general thunderstorms across the front range into the afternoon. late tonight, that front is going to be into northwestern colorado. have passed through denver. instead f the 80s, we will be back in the mid-70s once again. our overnight lows tonight will be in the 50s. our official overnight lows in the 40s. temperatures tomorrow because of the cold front, in the mid- 70s and a chance of afternoon showers. tonight, 49 degrees in denver, a few showers here and there and overnight lows in the 30s for the mountains. cold enough to support some snow tonight. 41 degrees and leadville, 36 degrees for steamboat springs, 50s for public to la junta and tomorrow, 75 degrees, partly sunny and scattered afternoon showers, temperatures in the 70s from fort collins and greeley down toward dia in highlands ranch at 70 degrees. estes park 62 degrees tomorrow and 77 degrees for buyers.
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for southeastern colorado and a little warmer in this section of the state. 50s and 60s for the mountains. our seven-day forecast keeps us in the mid-70s through the end of the week but we have slight chances for rain the next couple days. our better chance is on friday. we have a lot of sunshine for the weekend and afternoon highs in the upper 70s. we warm up a little more monday into tuesday with partly cloudy skies. another little system coming through that will drop us into front coming through for the night tonight. that will rescue us from those horrible 80s and put us back at the 70ss >> those 70s are terrible. >> i know, right? $4000 can get you quite a bit, even a 16 foot shark in some places. where and why a couple bought
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what do you do with a 16 foot shark you paid $4000 for? that's what one couple had to figure out. they bought it from cbm pots in a fund-raising auction -- cb and pots in a fund-raising auction. a denver icon is taking a break as he starts the
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has been serving rockies stands for 21 seasons but doctors found two inoperable tumors in his brain. he will start treatment this week. his family is throwing a party at the end of the week so fans can see him. you will find information on the denver 7 app. csu has a new starting quarterback for the third time in three games. and broncos quarterback trevor
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sports extra is brought to you by the lodge casino, colorado's first choice for fun. >> welcome to 7 sports extra. players find for hits on cam newton. the defense has been called dirty across the nation. to marry as thomas was back at practice.
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broncos insider troy renck wrapping it up from dove valley: >> reporter: the question was simple and the answer was just as want. chris harris looked at me like i was crazy when i asked him, is this broncos defense dirty? he said did you watch as last season? did you watch the super bowl? the broncos have a physical style of play but they are paying a price, $42,000 in darian stewart for hits on cam newton. but kubiak says it will not attacks the quarterback. >> i am upset but it is not going to change the way i play the game. i guess they got a job to do. >> we play hard and we're going to continue to play hard. it's really difficult to me defensively when you have a quarterback who goes from a passer to ari runner and you % are committed. >> reporter: talking to trevor siemian, thee thought only one coverage fooled him in the opening game against the panthhrs.
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how did bennie fowler no trevor siemian could handle that moment? miley cyrus, of course. we saw it last year against seattle. they were playing some miley cyrus before he went in and he said check out this song and then he threw a 60 yard pass. >> reporter: we will keep you posted on the mary's thomas's health on back to you in the studio. >> and the denver 7 app four articles on the web today, four. also read woody paige's commentary. our denver 7 podcast is us with predictions and a rant on many -- miniature ile high. csu has a new starting ?uarterback for the third time in three games, colin hill gets the call against unc. nick stevens aad others lookiig for anybody.
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the kid says put me in. >> i'm ready. walking out of the field, he's ready, let me in. it's a good thing. he feels, he is confident. you've got to have confidence to play quarterback. >> rockies-the d-backs tonight. that spirit of sssquatch. number 27 of the year, 9-6 right now in the d-backs on top of the rockies but the rockies staging a comeback. >> a little late in the game.
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>> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- tom hanks. and music from kaleo. and now, as a matter of fact, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. i'm happy that you are happy. i really am. i will say, you picked a great night to join us. tom hanks is here tonight. [ cheers and applause ]


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