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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  September 15, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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still trying to get a better suspect description. right now we know they werr driving a white car. a passenger sent us pictures he took from his window seat after an emergency landing.e >> reporter: this flight was heading from newark to san diego wa somebody noticed a suspicious item on board the plane so it landed and they took the passengers off and denver police as well as the canine unit and bomb squad came on board the plane and did the full security sweep. passengers didn't really know whattwas going on here. they eventually gave it the all clear and the passengers were put back on the plane and sent back to san diego. nothing was found and no harm was done. dia tweeted everybody was safe.
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plane so we're still waiting to figure out exactly what was found if anything. we know it wasn't suspicious or a bomb or anything. i've reached out to united early this morning to get a better understanding of what happened to the plane. the good news if you're headed to dia trying to fly today, also checked in with the airport. as far as flights coming and going, everything appears to be on reporting live at dia, jason gruenauer. everybody is fine. turned out to be nothing..3 a live look outside now. 52 degrees. we'll bring in first alert meteorologist lisa hidalgo. that's tough to say. >> my girls just say "mommy". >> but that's odd if we say that. >> specially you. you can see from our
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there's some fog this morning, patchy across the plains. temperaturee this morning in the 40s and 50s and should be near 70 by foon. more sunshine in denver today and fewer thunderstorms. in fact, take a look at futurecast at 3:00. likely fort collins, greeley and mountains in the northern range could pick up storms and showers but not much here in denver or south. here's your first alert that we have more through the weekend. details opt broncos game coming up. we have some delays. westbound side of 6th avenue. you can see how folks are using the far right lane area. it will be coned off tonight. they started the bridge repair. we started delays back to indiana. at least half an hour and sometimes at the busiest times
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between there and colfax. it might take you just aa long just sitting here in the traffic jam. take a look at the map and trouble spot down here on 225. some kind of debris reported near yosemite. i'll be watching that and see if it turns into something more significant. 5:33 now. pretty disturbing and incredible. denver police were chasing man selling drugs when the guy the fence into a doggy daycare ask the dogs ate the heroin. this happened at the daycare off of 13th avenue and santa fe in denver. you can see the dog name charlie eating a full bag of heroin off the ground. fortunately the vet was able to help charlie. listen to his ownerr >> if you want to do drugs. you can rrin your life. if you want to sell drugs to
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the dog didn't choose it. facing possible drug charges. denver police tell us they're working to help and pay the vet bill. thieves may be after vehicle. they want the cadillac converters. they are climbing underneath cars and stealing the converter according to the national insurance crime bureau cadillac converter thefts are up 23% since 2008. this is a new low. a thief stole from a little girl with cancer in lakewood. someone took her hospital bag right out of her family's car. she uses the bag to carry things back and forth from chemo treatments. when lakewood police learned
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filled with all kinds of goodies. >> i was so surprised. we even drove around the lock. i got to turn on the lights in the car. >> the best surprise of all was she got to meet the officers. the bbrgess family tells us they are confident taylor will mauk a full recovvry. overturn the diet soda ban only goes for sales during school hours. the sugar drinks will still be banned for afterschool activities. the driver of the bat mobile couldn't get thousands of dollars raised by the autism society of colorado for a playground because he didn't have a registered charity.
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build the playground off of pit man avenue. a city council committee approved to by this building to turn into an overflow shelter. homeless men are bussed from the denver rescue mission to the shelter near peoria and i-70. the denver city council will consider this plan next month. teenagers all over colorado learning says governor hickenlooper. students can learn skills on the job and in school. we talked with the governor one-on-one about it. >> what they are learning in school will directly aplay to their job and the response from the business community and kids have been breathtaking. putting ttose together and redefining how we build the work force. >> you can hear more about that
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sunday at 3::0 p.m. on politics unplugged. it looks like i ivanka trump may have misspoke when talking about her dad. she said all employees are eligible for the paid maternity live but the huffington post says an employee hand book from the trump hotel outlines a different view. it says the vacation and holiday pay for the leave. we should learn more about trump's health. dr. oz will air the results from his physical exam. the long time doctor who previously said trump would be the healthiest president in history did his exam. now we go to hillary clinton and her health issues. her personal physician says she's healthy and fit to serve.
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her after she nearly fainted outside a 9/11 memorial. besides her recent case of pneumonia, she was also treated for a sinus infection and ear infection back in january. her doctor says she lives a healthy lifestyle. former president george w. bush was in colorado for a jobb3 fair that helps military veterans return to civilian life. representatives were at the transition sumt to veterans. the former president spoke and told them they can count on him% >> one of the things i vowed after my presidency was to spend the rest of my life helping vets. i would do what i could to focus on the needs of vets and to convince others to join us in helping them. >> medal of honor recipient dakota myer addressed the summit
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the next time you go to dia you will have another place to get food. chick-fil-a is now in the food court on the b concourse. it serves the chicken dishes peoppe love so much. they will stay closed on sunday. >> i bet the lines will be longer than security at that chick-fil-a. kids are now playing by different rules meant to make football safer but is it working? like it or not, more refugees coming to our country. how many are on the right now we're looking at first alert for today. today it's out east of colorado closer to kansas and nebraska. taking a look at today's storms coming up. a good drive overall. i-70 to the east and west side of town moving along ine.
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clinton narrowly leads 46% to trump's 44% according to this poll. with less than eight weeks to go, it appears both candidates are still struggling to win the confidence of voters when it comes to their feelings about the election overall, 43% of voters describe themselves as enthusiastic about casting a ballot. another college athlete accused of rape. a north carolina football player just turned himself months after a student says he raped her on campus. she contacted the police and school months ago but she's angry how they handled the case. the football team suspended him tuesday after his accuser came forward. he's charged with assault and misdemeanor battery. more refugees like these could be on their way to the u.s. the white house wants to take in
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refugees. the state department says more than 77,000 have come into our country. the nfl is doing more to prevent, diagnosis and treat concussions. they just launched a new initiative called play smart, play safe. a docttr will serve as chief medical officer. the owners are providing $100 million to support engineering advancements and criticaa research. players say enough to protect players from head injuries. kids across the country are playing football with new rules to keep them safe. pop warner eliminate kick offs for ages 5-10. 35-yard line. pop warner could impment the rule in older decisions as well. there's been no significant injuries this year on his team
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the ball and all the sudden you get plowed over. that was causing a significant number oo injuries. it's really helped i think. >> akoording to the cdc almost half a million children 14 and younger visit the emergency room with a traumatic brain injury every year -- -- according. our state is now a step closer to being able to use a big boeing 747 to help fight fires. the faa to use this super tanker that's been sitting in colorado springs. now the forest service needs to approve a contract. it can carry more than 19,000 gallons of water or foam to fight wildfires. skying uphill -- instead of taking the lift you walk up the
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shape and u can do this during the week and on busy weekends you need to take the lift. that will work out the quads. >> that makes me tired thinking about it. >> no. >> you're not in? i told you that before when it comes to good things. >> yes, family show. >> yes, family show. our average october 19th. we don't have snow on our seven-day. the mountains have picked up rain and snow west of the now we have clearing skies this morning. you are going to find patchy fog on the plains. that's live from our wireless camera in burlington. here's your cheat sheet today. not as foggy this morning. patchy on the plains and fewer stormm expected this afternoon and we'll see 70s to end the
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here's your temperatures this -?morning upper 40s to low 50s. some mountain towns just above freezing thhs morning. by 1:00 downtown we're at 73. by 3:00, 76. a few degrees below normal. we will see more sunshine this afternoon and staying warmer longer in the afternoon. eerie at 76. boulder 74 and in parker and aurora this afternoon at 75. low to upper 60s for the foothills. 50s and 60s in the some of the fog we're seeing near akron and burlington is clearing this morning. sun sunshine for most of the state by 9:00 or 10:00. a few storms grazing northern colorado and will be closer to estes park and fort collins. you could see a few storms there and a little rain snow mix on the tops of the peaks and those storms are move k east so we could see a few near greeley and
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10% chance of seeing those. sunshine at 6:00 and then again a few storms tomorrow afternoon. very few for your friday night. it's going to stay sunnyythrough so we're in the 70s thursday, friday, and saturday. for the broncos game on sunday we're expecting a lot of shooinz. it's a bright spot on our seven-day. we should be in the mid 70s by tailgate time around noon. people start at 8:00 in the morning. a warm day and mostly sunny skies and upper 70s by about 4:00. early next week monday and tuesday, summer holding strong. we do have a decent ride around town. a couple trouble spots including dia right now.% i've been looking at 225. take a look at the streaming camera that way. there's been a report of debris down here near yosemite. i do see a lot of people like
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they just don't like to wait in the traffic line so they jump in. i have this as a story on the driving you crazy page of the if you want to check it out. some debrrs reported on pena boulevard. the other big trouble sppt is this one, westbound 6th avenue going under i-70. one lane is open like it was yesterday. 9:00 tonight to repair the bridge damage. at least right now it's easier to use 6th avenue. thanks jason. authorities are warning about a cyber threat called virtual kidnapping. here's a look at this scary trend you'll hear more about on gma. a terrifying new crime called virtual kidnapping. listen to this voice of a
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daughter. she asked us to hide her identityy >> you thought you heard your daughter's voice? >> she kept saying mom, help me. >> he gave judy only 60 seconds to get in her car and drive to the bank. >> she ran to her neighbors house for help. her legs were shaking. i knew she was out of control. >> but charl convinced judy to hang up and call 91 is and the so-called kidnapper never called ba. hoax, i don't think it's funny. >> we'll ell you how to protect yourself from becoming a target. back here in denver, an icon is taking a break from selling beer at the rockies games because he has to focus on ?eating cancer. >> take a look, captain earth
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doctors found two inoperable tumors in his brain. he's starting chemo this week. >> i like to look at today and tomorrow because then i can see him as he is now. but it's going to be hard. it's going to be really hard. >> his family has set up a gofundme page to raise money for him to go to concerts. >> fans who didn't get to say you can get more information on that on the denver 7 app. why protestors shut down a city meeting trying to find a way to beat zika.
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, oofrnlt on the left side of the screen you can ee crews tearing the gazebo down. it will go to a museum in chicago. the rice demolished originally but the lawyer says they changed their mind when they realized the historical difference. angry protestors interrupted a city council meeting. they don't want the pesticides to be sprayed. they started spraying it at the cdc recommendation. people think it will hurt their kids ann honey bees.
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run somewhere near durango. they have been seen several times. they have been on their own since their handlers were rescued by helicopters while hiking. there was enough room on the helicopters for the la mas so they had to bet ehind. we are finding out about how many prairie dogs are in area. parks and wildlife are setting up planes north and east of denver to count them. so if you notice planes flying low that's what they're doing. it's been ten years since they counted the prairie dogs. officers in florida caught a big snake slitherring towards a high school campus. that's a burmese python 9 feet long u. it inspired one teacher
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invasive species. >> they were able to see it here, not just look or video -- but in real life. >> turn it into a teaching moment. the snake didn't hurt anyone. and wildlife officials are taking care of it. >> where did he come from? >> wildlife in action. >> i had a similar situation while run the other day but this snake was the size of a pencil. i screamed like a little girl. good day for tay run speaki this morning especially, mid to upper 50s and mostly sunny skies. the kids may need a sweatshirt at the bus stop. isolated storms this afternoon buttfewer than what we saw yesterday. in the tech center at 75 nd in boulder today a high of 74. so it's a nice pleasant day. a few degrees below normal. here's your first alert for the last weekend of summer back to
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way. >> i've always said garden. >> it's a mechanical issue near bellevue. i'll keep an yea on that. issues out to dia. somebody changing a tire on the inbound side of pena boulevard near tower road. that was a costly mistake. some deputies in our state raided the wrong house. how it happened and what's
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officers early this morning were in the middle of a traffic stop when someone in a passing car fired shots at them. we have a call into tracking this investigation. they haven't released any information about the possible gunmen. they have only told us the shooter was in a white car. breaking overnight, an emergency landing at dia. more than 100 passengers forced to evacuate the jet liner. what happened here, jason? >>reporter: turns out an


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