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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  September 16, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MDT

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denver7 begins with breaking news. our partners at the denver post reporting that joe coors jr. has died. >> he's the eldest in the fourth generation of the coors family. he ran for congress and lost. he was 74-years old. will mmss his warm personality his generosity and his immense contributions to our state. today colorado has lost one of the good guys. and now to a reunion months in the making. the bodies of to colorado men killed are now back home. >> they died in august in two separate incidents. they returned to denver this
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return and talked to their families. >> reporter: good morning to you. there was no official military escort. there was no 21 guns salute. just a final return home for the two colorado men as you mentioned making one final return home. >> the train rolls into union station. >> we waited for this day like nine weeks. >> two-gray caskets. for two young men who made a choice. >> i got sent to vietnam. he went to syria. >> levi arvada. >> that's bravery if you know what could happen. >> and jordan mctaggard of castle rock. >> he was concerned more than anything not about himself but about the situation. >> both volunteered to join the
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both were killed in that fight. >> the last thing i wanted to see was my son come off of that train. >> after weeks of diplomacy to bring them back through several countries today was a step towards close closure. >> i want to live in a way that my brother would be proud of. >> through folded flags, hugs, and tears. >> they were american heroes and they deserve to be remembered that way. >> reporter: now families were presented with a folded american flag that has flown over our nation's capitol by a local congressman who is instrumental in working over all those months to bring those youug men home. >> it took a long time for that to finally come to this moment, this day. >> some closure at least. >> yes. >> weather wise it's a beautiful day. we're gearing up for a weekend
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ttan we've been. we've been below normal a few degrees everyday. live look at the airport from our wireless camera. blue skies, just a few clouds building. today is one of the below normal days where right now it's 63 in city park. you're still at -- you're going to find a real gorgeous afternoon. by 3:00 temperatures around 73 in denver. then by 6 so mostly sunny skies, a few clouds building. and we should see a few isolated storms in the foothills. any chance of storms here in town will be pretty slim, about a 10% chance. we're at 73 in denver today. low 70s near sterling and akron. it's a cooler day statewide. here's your first alert coming up, we're going to be a good ten toe 15 degrees above this by sunday into morning. we'll have all the details on
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>> new at 11:00 the district attorney has cleared three fort collins police officers of ?harges in the deadly shooting of a suspect. the colorado newspaper reporting the officers were justified in shooting 63-year-old jerry jackson in august. officers responded after receiving calls of a domestic disturbance. he reportedly entered his estranged wife home illegally then exited the home holding a knife at officers. when jackson refused to drop the knife, officers say they were forced to shoot searching for answers after she says her 2-year-old son was abused at his day care. she found bruises on the boy. she says police aren't helping so she turned to us here at denver7. >> he obviously wasn't okay. >> that day care is creative learning academy in aurora. they did not want to speak with us on camera.
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and a lack of supervision complaint was filed against the day care last fall. they were on probation for six months. tte department said they would release information on last year's case but cannot comment on this case involving ashley, because it's an active investigation. criminal charges are coming now for a fired official with denver's department of public safety. she was in charge of the cadet training policeman. she routinely forced cadets to work overtime that's a federal crime. she also slapped ooe cadet in the back of the head. and bullied several others. our partners at the denver post report she plans to appeal. >> in colorado springs police are looking for this mannwho sexually assaulted a woman at gunpoint yesterday morning. it's 54-year-old dewand julian. in arapaho county deputy is
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called felony lane gang. they travel from city to city and steal purses and other valuables from women at gyms, mauls, day care facilities. the most recent case in centennial. this woman stole a purse from a car at a day care. she if you see her call police. >> this is the drug dealer who threw 17 baggies of heroin into a doggy day care play yard. saw only on denver seven in which several dogs start eating the heroin bags. one of them nearly died. officers say they were chasing him after they saw him dealing the drugs. they say he threw the drugs over the fence during the chase. he has not been formally charged with anything yet. a denver da asked for more time to go over the details.
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admitted to embezzling $44,000 will not go to jail. instead he was sentenced to five years probation in order to pay restitution. she turned herself in last june after admitting to stealing money from theetowns coffers to feed herrgambling addiction. >> republican presidential nominee donald trump will be in colorado springs tomorrow. he'll hold a rally at jet centers of colorado. and his daughter ivanka is set to speak at denver next tuesday. also coming up find out why ivanka trump is calling foul on a magazine today. trump is in the lead in colorado according to one new poll. this poll shows trump with a four point lead ovee hillary clinton. he at 42%. clinton with 38%. gary johnson has 13% in -?colorado, and green party candidate jill stein 3%. now to a long controversy
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put to rest. today he officially acknowledged president obama was born in the u.s. a fact trump once challenged. >> reporter: first for donald% trump this morning maximizing buzz for his new washington, d.c. hotel. >> nice hotel. >> and then this. >> president barack obama wws born in the united states, to acknowledge that president obama was born in the united states despiie all proof to the contrary. his statement today amounts to finally admitting the sky is blue. >> when donald trump goes birther, it is a thinly vailed attempt to appeal to the fringes of the country. it's a coded language for people who have hated obama from the start and questioned his
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>> hillary clinton facing tough questions about her health when explaining her characterization of trump supporters as a basket of deplorables. now the weekends with the spotlight on trump and the birther movement. >> a significant chunk of voters know exactly what he's doing when he questions obama's birth status. >> there's nowhere i'd rather be. >> she blasted crusade about obama's birth certificate. >> he has led the birther movement to delegitimize our first black president. his campaign was founded on this outrageous lie. there is no erasing it in history. >> president obama was asked today about donald trump's comments. he says he's shocked this is still an issue and he's never
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born. >> a man seriously hurt after a crash this morning this happened at jewel and federal. the roads were shutdown for hours. everything back to normal now. the driver stayed on scene. no word if any charges will be filed. a person in a motorized wheelchair is also in serious condition after a crash with a car. police say the person was hit last night near paak and clarkson. you see the wheelchair in the street and the damage to the front offthe car. police hav driver will face charges. >> west metro fire looking into shadow hill apartments inat the mississippi. there is minor smoke and water damage but thankfully no one was hurt. earnest hemingway's set of antlers are back where they belong. the late journalist hunter s.
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last month thompson's wife brought them back to idaho giving them to the community library. that library preserves many of hemingway's items. >> legacc high school is getting support from across the region following that deadly bus crash over the weekend. the westminster high school football team brought cakes to the football team's dinner last night. westminster players say some things are bigger than football. the bus driver in that crash was killed. and one coach still in the hospital because of that. ther up for that. and you caa find them on our denver seven app. >> a scary sight for parents as they were on the road and saw a school bus doing something incredible. see the video next. >> plus cdots latest pedestrian safety campaign going viral. more on this video that helps drivers and pedestrians to pay attention. plus. >> i see a crazy guy with a
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a threat came in last night through social media. so far no evidence that a threat is credible but the school is closing as a precaution. parents got the message around
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jersey has been fired after a road rage incident caught on camera. watch as the school bus swerves in and out of lanes and then goes on to the wrong side of the road trying to pass that fed ex truck. the truck driver then aapears to sort of get involved and tries to block the bus. >> looked to me like the school bus wanted to get around them and wasn't going fast enough. >> now the good news, no kids were on the bus at the time. fed ex says they're looking into the matter, so are in new york this man is behind bars after police say he attacked officers with an 11-inch meat cleaver. three officers were hurt. it started when officers confronted the man in midtown manhattan. as he was trying to remove a boot from his vehicle. officers opened fire when he refused to drop the cleaver. there was cell phone video showing officers taking down the man last night.
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butcher knife at the cops, the shots, they shot for like five seconds straight it sounded like fire works. >> the suspect who was shot was listed in critical condition. the officers should all be okay. >> happening today itt technical institute stops operating. they shutdown all of their campuses including two in colorado. the federal government cut off their funding for comply with accreditation standards. >> samsung is officially recalling a million galaxy note 7 smartphones. if that's your phone yoo can get a replacement or a refund. they've received 92 reports of overheating here in the u.s. new phones are expected in stores next wednesday. this is a huge set back for samsung which hoped the galaxy note 7 would bolster sales and
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shelves at apple stores. but some models are sold out thanks to heavy presales. you might find them at best buy otherwise you'll have to wait longer. >> if you're ready for fall you'll love this. the corn maze is open this weekend. >> it's a tribute to the super bowl 50 win. a hailstorm hit the month but six weeks later both the maze and pumpkin patch bounced back. the yields might be slightly down this year but the recovery has been amazing. >> i'm blown away. i never dreamed in a million years that we would have a tenth of what we've got out here. i'm so excited. >> the maze as we se said opens
11:18 am >> i would go to every corn maze in the state. >> is that your thing? >> i love them. >> i like those too. >> good for him and the economy too that that worked out this year. >> we've got a beautiful day. great weekend for it. go hit the maze this weekend. here's your cheat sheet on this friday. weere going to be mostly sunny statewide through the weekend. so whether you're there on the plains or up in the mountains you're going to find a beautiful day. tempat upper 70s but we'll be in the low 70s today but back in the 80s by this weekend. right now in denver it's 63 degreess winds are nice and calm. it's a really pretty end to the week. temperatures will be it looks like in the low to mid-70s between 3:00 and 5:00. we'll top out around 73 here in denver. and overnight some upper 40s to low 50s early saturday morning.
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morning. evergreen at 62. so it's a bit cooler. about five to 7 degrees below where we were yesterday. especially down south near pueblo and lamar. we were closer to 90 yesterday today we're in the upper 70s. a nice cooldown for the state. most of the future cast the next few days are quiet. slim chance of a thunderstorm this afternoon in the foothills. and overnight skiessclear. tomorrow morning we're in for a pretty sunny starr. most of the storms we're expecting really the southern and eastern portions of our state. we'll get a few popping up closer to burlingtonn sterling down in through lamar. bbt it stays really dry along i-25. same thing on sunday. so timing wise with the broncos game couldn't be better. we'll likely be in the low to mid-88s downtown for the start
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tailgating then low to mid-80s through the afternoon and early evening. so beautiful weather sunday. it gets pretty hot monday and tuesday. considering by that point our normal highs will be in the mid to upper 70s. we'll be a good ten degrees above that with mid to upper 80s. then we'll get a cool down and fall officially starts on sunday. good timing with the low 70s. right on cue it will feel more like it. >> it's like it's made to be. >> we have a starting in january you're goong to need three people in the car if you want to use those hov lanes on i-25 and u.s.-36. otherwise you have to pay to use the lane. it will bring in more toll revnew and help the flow of traffic. -- revenue and help the flow of traffic. >> that's why i take my two kids with me. >> you're probably familiar with the walk signal man.
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>> is he on his phone? oh no he did not. hey you've got yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk they have the right of way. did he just flip me the, ugh, okay that is it. >> he's called fred estrian. he's reminding pedestrians to use the crosswalks. >> we want to thank everyone who coffee friday. we were out in lakewood this morning. if you missed us out there don't worry t next one is october 21 on colorado near yale. >> it was a lot of fun. fun to meet people out there. >> it is.
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lastin in one door - a member of congress. out another - a high-paid lobbyist. 131 former members of congress
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i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law to permanently ban former members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennet
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be on the field this sunday to play against colts. thomas is still nursing a hip injury and wolf deals with a soar neck. they're hoping to play but neither man has practiced this week. the broncos have come underfire for their quote dirty play. they were fined for helmet to helmet hits. and they hit andrew luck so hard he had to miss most of the season with we wanted to know if colt thought the broncos play dirty. >> i wouldn't say that. i would say they play hard. and you want to toe that line of aggression. >> kickoff in mile high 225 sunday. >> denver on the cutting edge of new concussion research. concussion simulation goggles.
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last night. if players are familiar with the symptomings of a concussion -- symptoms of a concussion they're more likely to get treated. >> there are still coaches out there that don't get it. >> a doctor's diagnosis is based entirely on the patient's symptoms. that's why they believe it's so important to educate athletes about those symptoms. just this week the nfl committed with (10) 000-0000 to concussion research and $100 million to concussion research and technology. >> a new serial cj's mile high crunch will be available a king supers next week. it's essentially frosted flakes but much cooler. and former quarterback peyton manning is the face of a new company. take a look. >> otter box announcing he will
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pokes creature oli the otter. a lot more ahead at 11:30 today including the latest on the lawsuit against denver police. it's been filed by a an accused bank robber. >> the outrage is growing after a 13-year-old boy is shot to death. it happened after officers apparently mistook his bb gun
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we're following several breaking news stories here on denver seven. first of all joe coors jr. >> he's the eldest in the fourth generation of the coors family. he ran for congress in 2012 and lost. he was 74-years old. >> republican representative releasing a statement a bit ago. and it says in part i will miss hisswarm personality, his generosity, contributions to our state. today colorado lost one of the good guys. and silver creek high school in longmont closed today because they reefed a an anonymous -- received an anonymous threat through social media. no evidence the threat is credible but to be safe classes were canceled today. >> denver police say a car has hit a pedestrian at 6th and federal a busy area. police say the person's injuries
11:31 am
scene and we will bring you any updates. >> look at this. there is snow on the ground at several of our colorado ski areas. both reporting at least a dusting wednesday night. >> nice pictures now it's a race to see which mountain will open first. loveland planning to open in mid october. same time. that's just weeks away. >> the gloves are off. >> so same shot from yesterday at the same time happeniig right now. here's loveland right now. i captured this picture around 11:00 yesterday. you ready to see it now. it's all gone. that dusting melted already. that's a live look from loveland and whatever snow we had wednesday night it's all gone. everything green east of the divide. if you're heading up near steamboat also through the central mountains. here in denver we see sunshine today. a few clouds increasing,
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highs in the low to mid-70s. we've got another night of upper 40s to low 50s early saturday. so we are going to be a good 5 to 7 degrees cooler than where we were yesterday. but we'll heat up big time for especially sunday through tuesday. we'll take a look at that coming up in a few minutes. >> it was an emotional homecoming for the families of overseasft they volunteered to fight isis. they both summer after joining fighters in syria. >> it took weeks to get their bodies back to the u.s. but today they were reunited with their families. >> we waited for this day for like nine weeks. i wanted this day so bad. but the last thing i wanted to see was my son come off of that train. >> the families were presented with american flags fm local
11:33 am
for $10 million. steve talley claimses he was beaten and wrongfully arrested for bank robberies. they arrested him after his ex-wife identified him. he says she lied because they're involved in a custody dispute. charges were filed then dropped twice. he'ssnow homeless, unemployed and unable to see his kids. >> all i'm looking for is to get my life back to somewhere whe ability to see my kids and be a father again. >> the fbi is also nam in that lawsuit. >> developing in ohio today the family of a 13-year-old boy shot and killed by police is demanding answers. investigators say officers in columbus were responding to an armed robbery call when officers confronted three suspects. they ssy two of them ran and a 13-year-old pulled out a gun. that'san officer opened fire.
11:34 am
that's when an officer opened fire. it turns out that gun was a bb gun. >> in addition to this appearaace it also had a laser light attached to it right underneath the barrel. our officers carry a gun that looks practically ideal to this weapon. >> right now the officer who shot king is on administrative leave. investigators are piecing together details about this man, he's in court today facing murder and kidnapping charges. officers arrested him wednesday after a woman in ohio called 911 saying she had been abducted. >> once they got to that home investigators found the bodies of two other women. >> we are in the process of processing the crime scene, identifying the rrmains and moving forward with our investigation and eventually prosecution. >> investigators say he lived a double life.
11:35 am
criminal history shows a darker side. convictions of burglary, abductions, domestic abuse drug abuse and all of this spanning more than 20 years. if convicted he'll face life in priion. >> brraking riggt now, a car has hit a pedestrian. it's happened again. this is at 6th and federal. >> reporter: here's what we kno% right now. you can see the scene behind me as denver police investigate earn and that that person has very serious injuries. we know that person has been taken to the hospital from here. and you can see over here this is 6th avenue westbound right here and here is a second scene with multiple police cars there. with lights and sirens on. and what appears to be another car that has ran into the median, the bridge right there and just past that is federal. just west of federal.
11:36 am
we know a car has hit a pedestrian. and we're waiting to find out more information here as it is a very active scene right now. reporting live in denver jacqueline allen denver7. >> thanks. we now know pilot error is being listed as what caused this blue angels pilot to crash his jet this summer. jeff koos was flying to fast low when he lost control of the jet in june. the report also cites fatigue and weather as contributing factors. >> this man will spend two and a half years behind bars. he must also complete two years of patrol and register as a sex offender. he pretended to be an officer and offered a ride to a woman
11:37 am
>> complaints having to do with outages in june in july the centers claimed they were not notified of the outages in a timely manner. some 911 calls were handled by other call centers. >> in the race for the with white house today ivanka trump is blasting cosmopolitan magazine. the reporter questioned her about some of her comments. she said it was supposed to be talk about the proposed child care plan they put together. ?he abruptly ended the interview. and some democratic leaders delivered taco bowls to donald trump's office. a couple weeks ago they set up a taco truck outside the denver trump office.
11:38 am
trump leading hillary clinton in colorado. >> the vice president is in colorado today. he said the next president needs to have better relations with the pacific. he seemed to give some opinions about this year's presidential race as well. >> all politics is personal. it matters. you have to figure out. you don't have to like. you have to figure out what the other person's interes you've got to figure out what their latitude is. you've got to figure out what their intentions are. >> after his speech he surprised some students in a nearby gym watching on a big screen in houston today. biden will give an update on his efforts in cancer research. now to a poll out of emmerson college.
11:39 am
bennet has been leading by double digits since last month.3 so this is significant. >> it is a case of he said, she said, at commerce city school. students have seen bedbugs in school. but district administrators are denying it. this is a picture that's been circulating at adams city high school in commerce city. students say that's a bedbug on a pencil in a classroom. >> yesterday parents picked up their kids worried about an infestation. the district found any proof of an infestation. but some parents aren't taking any chances. >> your shoes, your clothes, your backpacks, everything, it's disgusting. he's probably out of school for a week. >> they've been going around the whole school everybody's been saying watch out for the bedbugs. >> we talked to a local pest control specialist to try to identify the bug but they said the picture isn't clear enough to identify it. >> old school weapons are going
11:40 am
robots to destroy stash of world war ii era chemical weapons stored in pueblo. the human controlled robots will be used to empty 780,000 artillery shells. the robots will help minimize human contact with those dangerous chemicals. >> now to that deadly school bus crash that happened at dia on sunday. the late bus driver's husband now tells us the coroner's office an enlarged heart. so it's possible she had a heart attack from the crash. we're waiting for confirmation from the coroner. the autopsy won't be available for another month. the community has shown her family support donating thousands of dollars for her funeral expenses. she left behindda husbann and four teenagers. a winery in bailey was
11:41 am
csp cited the driver for careless driving. but they aren't sure why he lost control and went off the road. the winery owners plan to reopen eventually. just into denver7 a loveland high school student is being held a hero after saving another student during band practice. his heart stopped after ruuning and started cpr. they restarted his heart with an aed. >> if you've ever needed a crown or any other dental work. it can take weeks to get the issue fixed. >> but coming up we'll show you how 3d technology makks it possible to get the same result with just one visit. >> plus a girl being called the worst roommate in history. she emails a list of demands to her future roommate.
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breaking news right now, a person has been hit by a car, at 6th and federal. our jacqueline allen interviewing some witnesses right now. there's a look at the picture from our live camera. that person has serious injuries. roads in the area are closed right now, try to avoid that area. again this is 6th and federal.
11:45 am
certainly on that free denver7 app..3 >> terror for a family in texas. seven maskeded gunmen storm their home. the victims hope this surveillance video will help catch them. you see the gunman walking around the house after the homeowner says they broke in through a back window. then you see this. a mother held at gunpoint. the woman says the crooks also tied up her husband. >> i walked up with a flashlight i'm like oh my god. i'm thinking how did this person get into my room. i just told them please don't -?hurt my family. take whatever you want to take. >> a $5,000 reward is being offered for information leading to arrests. >> if you're looking for a job, dollar general is hiring 10,000 new workers. it's opening 1900 new stores next year looking for full-time and part time positions. they'll host hiring events at
11:46 am
saturday. two of those events are here in colorado. we put all the information you need on that denver7 app of ours. >> getting dental work is getting easier. a kaasas city dentist is using 3d technology to let patients get rest rated work in just one visit. >> they've been using scanning technology for years. the use of the 3d scanner is relatively new. the dentist designs your crown on the software then uses the milling unit to mill a crown of a block of porcelain. after fine tuning they can cement the crown to your tooth. >> it also works for partials, implant crowns and bridge work. the cost depends on the insurance but your real savings is time. some coyotes take on a mountain lion. the video is from the park's facebook page. the coyotes didn't have much
11:47 am
mountain lion comes towards ?hem. they played brave for a second. >> everybody got away okay. >> we've got such a pretty weekend ahead. it's really nice. i love september, typically it's very quiet for us. our average first snow in denver is not until the one. today here's your first alert headdines. we're oing to be in the low 70s but in the 80s on sunday. we've got about a ten % chance for slim chance, more likely than not you'll stay dry through the weekend with with a lot of sunshine. from our wireless camera in akron it's pretty out east. that's one of the spots we were watching for severe weather yesterday. today chance for storms is pretty thin. on satellite and radar all is quite. and future cast through the afternoon and earry evening is pretty quiet as well. just a few isolated storms up and through the foothills. tomorrow morning three skies,
11:48 am
popping up across the south skpeern eastern edges of our state. -- south eastern and eastern edges of our state. that's where we've got a chance for a few lightning thunderstorms. but here in denver we see a few clouds pass by. it stays ccear through sunday. our highs as you're planning your sunday afternoon we'll be in the low to mid-70s by 3:00. around 70 to 75 around areas. eerie today at 72. highlands ranch 71. low 70s near aurora and parker. 62 in evergreen. a taste of fall in the air today especially down south where we're in the upper 70s near pueblo and lamar. beauuiful weekend to get out whether you're staying in town or headinggup to the mountains. the mountains are going to see a lot of sunshine saturday into sunday. still very warm, this is our last weekend of ffll. last weekend of summer i should
11:49 am
starts on sunday and we're looking at summer like temperatures. sunday, monday, into tuesddy some mid to upper 80s by monday we're at 86 and under a sunny skies on tuesday. for the game sunday some good looking weather. tonight the rockies are back in town and we're expecting for the game temperatures will likely be in the 60s. partly cloudy, again very few storms. so likely a reelly good night for baseball. >> that looks ideal. >> we do breaking news. a person in serious condition after being hit by a car aa 6th and federal. >> denver police say that person had serious injuries so the
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? what if we made a paint that was so special that was such a jewel among paints
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more like taking a left on that street where you usually take a right that wasn't so hard. and if finding that paint made you and your walls beam with pride, benjamin moore.nt? paint like no other. find one of our 5,000 authorized retailers near you. going to college can be stressful of course and for freshman one of the biggest sources of anxiety could be your >> there's a dorm room drama going on at ucla. some incoming freshman roommates are fighting before they've even met. -?here's the emails that have everyone talking. >> school is starting here at ucla and students are buzzing about the emails from perhaps
11:53 am
some students to read parts of these emails. >> i want the desk that's near the window. plain and simple. >> and she wants a white closet. >> just know that i'm taking one. >> and totally the top bunk. >> i won't be in the mood for any arguing or the nonsense. >> if needed be i'll turn it into a bigger siiuation so don't ?ry me. >> here's the kicker. >> sorry but not sorry for the attitude. >> this is great. >> how's this going animal house. single white female. >> where the hell have you been. >> making me feel like i'm 16-years old. >> the girls replied to the roommate with this. we appreciate you're letting us know your preferences but girl, we haven't even met yet and i'm not here to fight with you but i'm not going to allow anyone to talk to me like that. >> did x respond? oh yes indeed.
11:54 am
i'm not that much of a people person. i'm also really chill too. i'm like a ticking time bomb. >> that's kind of scary. >> ind of carry. 's very scary. >> we have an update on some breaking news. a person was hit by a car the and in serious condition. >> our reporter jacqueline allen on scene. what do we know? >> reporter: we're getting more clarity about exactly what it all started just down the road here. we're hearing there was a guy who somehow fell out of an suv and was hit by a car and was running in and out of both lanes of traffic for a while. until he ended up over here. he actually tried to carjack a guy and he's right there. that guy right there. we just talked to him. he tried to carjack tyson and fell off into the street.
11:55 am
injuries and was taken to the hospital. >> all right. keep it right here. we'll have more on that
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? >> announcer: today, the emmys are this weekend, so we've got an hour of award-winning eats. clinton's serving up incredible apps. carla's got the perfect gift for your guests. and we're closing our dare week with our biggest challenge yet. it all starts right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] ? >> thank you. hello, and welcome to "the chew." thank you. wow. >> it sounds like they won an emmy. >> right? [ laughter ] >> all right, picture this -- glitz, glamour, amazing clothes and mind-blowing talent. no, i am not describing a day in


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