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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  September 18, 2016 12:05am-1:05am MDT

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? ? fresh videos today, right this minute of. >> i got to help this little guy. >> an outdoorsman spots something. >> it's okay. >> people are out in the city square. >> they're just enjoying their day. >> how cameras caught the moment that nearly changed everything. a miracle on life shared on social media has people amazed. how one mom's experience is inspiring others. plus, a freestyle serenade set to the hit song "just the way you are."
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this romeo. >> some crazy things happen in the bush, and you know, sometimes you have to stop and help. >> that person is mike ranta. while they were in saskatchewan, something crazy happened many there was a logjam of tree branches. they noticed something over there, and they need to help. >> we've got to go h look at him right here. he's so lile. he's going under. he's going under. >> that's when he has to jump into action and helps thi little moose calf. >> he's just a wee little fella, oh, wow, okay. mama! >> he starts calling his mama, like come on, help us. >> we're going to get you out of here, okay? we're going to get you out of here.
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mike rantat trying to help this little moose calf. he does take that calf and swoop it up into the canoe. ca canoe, man. >> okay. in the canoe. it's okay, little moose. you stay. okay, off he goes. >> the moose has got tonight bank of the river. >> be a little more careful next time, okay, little >> the water was pinning it against there. what an experience. people are relaxing in this park in russia. >> not for long. let's get right to it. >> you said russia. what's going to happen? >> they're not paying attention. they're just enjoying their day. >> there it come, there it comes, watch out! oh, that was so close.
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the bench after it had been knocked out from under him. i don't know where that yellow mini bus jumps the curb, you see the guy, whoa, whoa. >> that could have killed four people instantly. >> and it missed them all. >> we have another angle of the situation. when it comes to the other side, it crashes into a car which crashes into the civic building. here's the thing. the driver says that he dropped his they are no, sir and went down to pick it up. and, as on the gas. >> it wasn't his they rmos? >> it is all under investigation. the driver suffered cuts to his leg. this next video, it is a good excuse for husbands to stop taking out the trash.
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it. >> it's a good excuse for anybody who needs a reason not to take out the trash. this guy just walked away from the bin, all right? it's all good. oh, wait, no! it's all bad! >> man, now i got to pick up all that trash again. >> it gets worse for this guy. as he turns his back, this comes careening through all of the trash bins. >> sometimes that's all it is, the difference between life and death is teaiming and placement. >> this video has gone viral because it is beautiful on so many different levels. this lady, audra is literally about to give birth. she is there with a midwife. her man is in the tub with her. but people are amazed at how cool, calm and collected audra
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gives birth. >> now the midwife has given the mom extensive training, so she knows what she has to do with the baby for this point until it's completely out-and-out of the water to breathe. >> at some point, our human dna kicks in. you know what to do. it's modern medicine that we don't know anything about. >> adding to that, tv and hollywood, and you think it's supposed to be screaming. if you stay calm, you can h calm birth. >> that's exactly why the midwife, lisa marie sanchez wanted to release the video. she wanted to show people that you can have a very quiet, natural birth. >> oh, my god. >> came out nice and healthy, too. like come on, world, let's do it. >> i also want to give dad a lot of credit. >> he was a great coach.
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commenting, asking questions, it has made a huge impact around the world. >> oh, my god. if you treat people like animals, they'll behave like animals. it will come as no surprise, that you'll see some acting like animals. you can see there are all kinds of people and they've got all kinds of things, it can be shoes, bags, clothes, whatever, you can s seeing what's going on, because they're expecting something. a huge delivery. as this woman arrives, she's got a box with her, she's carefully, gingerly placing these meals in front of these guys, of course, so they can eat. as she's doing that, though, two of them are very close to the bars. as one reaches for the food, another one positions his arms on the bar just between it.
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>> another one tries to grab. and her fellow officer comes with a weapon. they scatter like cockroaches when the light comes on in the kitchen. >> i was about to ask, where's her backup. >> right there. >> she was also wearing her backup on her left hip. watch again as that guy grabs her hair, the other guy pretending to mess with the food these guys aren't correcte corr -- correctional officers. this was posted by civil police saying we are not prison officers. this is not our job. these people are doing something that really isn't in their job description. we're not going to give food to them anymore. this is the job of the state. because things like this keep happening. if you're afraid of heights,
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see. mos most of the country or land or whatever if there is land is completely covered by this cloud cover. >> when a man takes a leap of faith. >> oh, goodness gracious. >> and he's sharing a new product review for his baby. >> i've had him for about five months now. >> but is he a verified purchaser? nexgard, the vet's #1 choice for dogs, is a delicious, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. reported side effects include vomiting, itching, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. why mess around? for powerful flea and tick protection, ask your vet about nexgard. the #1 choice of vets for their dogs and yours. from the first moment you met it was love at first touch
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how fast are allegra? gelcaps closed captioning provided by ? fast. for allergy symptoms, allegra? is the fastest non-drowsy relief you can buy. not just fast. allegra? fast. this video is in the top one. >> you're jumping and you don't know where you're going. >> yeah, the title of this one is "leap of faith", and i've
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accurate. this is in dubai. most of the country or land or whatever if there is land, is completely covered by this cloud cover. this fella, you know what? i've got a great idea. >> he better hope to heaven it works. >> gets himself settled. gives himself a countdown. >> ready, set. >> look at him as he just starts flying towards t just as he pulls his parachute, we get to see it from the other side as well. >> oh, my goodness. >> you think he's safe? as he flies into this cloud cover, you can see almost nothing. >> he's got to land. >> right. >> he's flying with instruments. >> as it starts to clear, we can eventually see the ground.
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there is this big dirt area right here right in the middle. >> wow. >> that was definitely exhilarating, if that's what he was after. >> safe. >> we review just about everything. it's the basis of yelp. >> this guy decided to review his baby. >> this baby. i've had him for about five months now. >> is he a verified purchaser? >> this baby is a 2016 model. he sleeps well. he's a great baby, i love his company. he talks to me sometimes in his baby language. >> great company? two stars. >> at this point, he enjoys milk, he likes breast milk, that's great. it's very efficient. >> they leak, does he leak?
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>> he also eats sweet potato now. he is very cuddly. >> oh, cuddly, cuddly, four stars. >> there's not that many cons. i miean, he poops. everybody baby poops, you have to change a diaper. >> what's the return policy? >> overall, i give this baby five out of five stars. >> someone go out and order me one. >> i hear there are sales men who knock on the door. >> they do, but most of the time they get rejected. >> thank you for watching my baby review. tattoos say a lot about the person that they're on, right? check this one out. it's gone viral. millions of views, thousands of shares. this haunting image. >> whoa.
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through. this is unbelievably good artwork. >> it's just incredible. my right arm is screaming at me. >> done by colorado tattoo artist arlo decorsina. that face that this tattoo is based on, it's based on this image. >> oh. >> oh. >> now imagine if you're this showed you somehow gets back to you through the viral world of social media, and you now see your face on someone's arm, clear across the world. this guy is peter garoska. he lives in berlin, turns out, he's 49 year old and a cop.
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>> and arlo says one of his most popular tattoos these days, all based on some dude in germany. the cool part, the image was taken by peter's wife. they're both artists and photographers. they've got a website. so they're into the art as well, but it's just kind of neat to see how this whole viral thing went together as the story behind it. >> i just can't wait to see the hardened criminal who gets tattoo and then hrealizes it's cop. >> peter did say it's pretty cool and hopes to meet the tattoo artist some day. >> guy opens a present, he's like oh, cool, new meat thermometer. but see how had gift is going to keep giving. >> how did that happen? >> i don't know. >> and three, two, one, zero.
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clearasil works fast. [ fly buzzing ] promotional considerations provided by i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! one day it appears. is that a dark spot? gold bond dark spot minimizing cream for body. targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. why do people do awesome things? because they go rogue. why, dorothy, why do people do awesome things? >> because they're awesome. >> exactly. >> because they can. for example, in a situation that we've all experienced. >> [ bleep ]. hasn't been working.
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is blowing 100 degree air in your face. >> fan going into the side of a cooler. it got two bits of pipe coming out the top. inside you've got ice packs. >> it works. i've made one of these. i did, i did, i made it for my garage. it does work. >> you're my new hero. a close second place is these guys right here. you've heard of 2001 a space odyssey, this is 2016. you can see there, at the start pouring in a beer, you can tell from the angle, obviously, we're hanging from a drone, where is this beer going? way over there to the neighbor's house. >> even further to the neighbor's house. eventually getting to this large grassy area, looks like guys chilling out, having fun. as it gets closer, he realizes his beverage is right there,
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cold beer. there you go, ladies and gentlemen, because they can. >> do you remember how were your wife told you she was pregnant? >> yes. in every single detail. >> you remember that moment when you find out you're going to be a dad. >> let's see how lacy's about to break it all town for kyle. alright, he's got the tissue paper all open. >> he's like oh, cool, new meat thermometer. >> he's trying to figure it out. he knows something's happening. >> right now he's thinking, when? are we going on vacation? >> he really is thinking, because he says they weren't trying. >> what? how did that happen?
12:27 am
love each other very much. >> the bird the and the bees. >> and now it's finally settled in. and he's like, wow. >> your entire life is about to change in every single way. >> that means the next guy shouldn't feel so bad. he's just minding his business when his girl just drop it on him. >> i'm pregnant. >> hm-mm. >> gentlemen >> i don't believe it. >> i took two tests. >> professor pregnancy. >> the whole time he's calculating in the back of his mind, everything he was planning to spend money on. >> there goes that motorcycle. >> after she proves to him that
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he's borrowing a bruno mars hit to serenade the ladies. >> except, when you pay attention to the lyrics, you realize he's altered them a little bit. ? cause you're so naughty, and you're a hottie too ?
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our website, when it comes to dating, i'm not going to lie. i'm kind of old especially when it comes to serenading. so are the guys over at angry picnic. that is why they're going around town serenading girls. ? hey, girl, hey, girl ? ? is it okay if i call you mama ? ? >> he chose a very lovely song,
12:32 am
are". >> when you pay attention to the lyrics, you realize he's altered them a little bit. ? i want to touch your hard body ? ? because you're so naughty ? ? and you're a hottie too ? >> as he was singing, i saw three girls walk through in the foreground, all laughing and talking and smiling about what's going on. ? imagine us in the nude watching cartoons ? ? you better cuddling ? ? i am the big spoon ? ? girl, you will never, ever, ever dominate over me ? ? [ bleep ] ? >> do not want any part of this guy. >> unimpressed. >> is he reading all this? >> he is freestyling all of this. he's probably thought about these lyrics before. i don't think he's pulled all
12:33 am
freestyling. ? i want to be your white shining knight ? >> what did you think of that one? >> it was good. >> though the video is very entertaining and funny, if you want to see the whole thing go entertaining and funny, if you want to see the whole thing go to our website or see
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donald trump uproars. >> the controversial six-foot portrait of trump. >> is this what he really looks like? and the photo everyone is talking about. >> heavenly vision or something else? it is a worldwide phenomenon. and it is the zero. >> then is that really hunky tom brady? plus the mayor's mad dash after a tree crashes her wedding. then the great inside edition hotel sheet test. >> i slept here. >> are u sleeping on clean sheets when you check into a hotel room? our investigation will shock you. >> and whatever happened to the other girls who shared the
12:36 am
years later. and it is all growing up in the shadows. mystery of the six-foot portrait, what the tpartist knows. hello i'm diane mcinerney, this is inside edition weekend. the painting has become a legal headache. they are trying to determine if he used money donated to the charity for the picture of himself. we talked to the artist. >> remember the over the six-foot tall portrait of donald trump? it is the painting that his wife melania bought at an auction for $20,000, reportedly using money from trump's charity. the world has never seen what it looks like until now. painter michael israel is the artist. this is a gj5s?recreation of th portrait. he did it in a grand total of seven minutes, exclusively for inside edition. >> it is similar and that it is a six-foot tall portrait.
12:37 am
his shirt and tie. it has his gaze. >> here it is trump's face, all six feet of it. and jimmy fallon went where no man has gone before. and the crowd went wild. and look al trump wears a wig, not true. so how is the trump tower of hair constructed? we went to the angelo david salon to find out. >> this hair he is pushing over to the top of the scalp, is it really long? would it come down here? >> i think if he let it go that his hair would hit his shoulders. >> wow. >> trump's hair was back in place today when he said he was wrong for questioning president
12:38 am
>> president barack obama was born in the united states. >> reporter: today president obama brushed the whole thing off. >> i was pretty where i was born. >> speaking of pictures, why a snapshot of two powerful beams of light commemorating 9/11 has become a worldwide phenomenon. two powerful lights soar into the air as a tribute to lives lost on 9/11. but look closer, here is an image on top of sensation. is this a trick of the light, jesus, an angel, a cross? beautiful, amazing. the man who took the photo said he was standing here on the water front in hoboken, new jersey when he captured the heavenly image. it was 9:30 at night and he was taking photos of the 9/11 memorial across the hudson people think it is an unusual cloud formation.
12:39 am
>> i didn't realize that the image was there. i went back to my camera and saw the light up there. and when i lodged it, i said wow this is amazing. >> whatever it is, there is no denying that this tributing light is inspiring the world. now tom brady has been suspended due to deflategate. what was he doing at the stadium or was it really the quarterback? did tom brady really attend opener? not exactly. that is a fake brady, a guy wearing a realistic mask impersonating the handsome quarterback. the real tom brady was at home playing catch with his super model wife giselle, while fake brady even took a seat in the stands. the wacky stunt was the handy work of -- stunt was the handy work of this website. rdaccoing to the manager dan worthington and executive editor.
12:40 am
like tom brady. that is so realistic. has anyone been completely fooled? running over to him, screaming tom brady, tom brady, tom brady? >> yes, initial reactions we've had a few of the people saying oh my god that is tom brady, but we are not trying to pull the world over anybody's eyes. >> reporter: could anybody pass for tom brady? i had to give it a try. in the meantime san francisco's 49ers quarterback isn't backing down. he refused to stand during the of monday night football. he was ?djoined by teammate eri reed. >> what i could hear were a few fans feet away who were screaming kaepernick why don't you stand up. >> now, "killing the rising sun" is about world war ii. >> i want colin kaepernick and i'm sending him a copy to read every single word of this book and tell me that he shouldn't
12:41 am
national anthem. timber a tree comes crashing down during a wedding. >> reporter: talk about a wedding crasher. look again a tree snaps in half in the middle of a wedding ceremony in lexington, kentucky. here is what a second camera captured. watch as the entire bridal party makes a run for it. thankfully no one was hurt. michelle scott shot the unnerving and scary as a little turning into a very funny and very sweet story. >> we caught up with the newlyweds ashley and zach brown on their honey moon in ireland. >> immediately when we stood up, we checked to make sure everyone was okay. >> reporter: ashley and zach ended up ving their vows indoors. they are taking the lling tree as a sign of a wonderful future together. >> i will never forget our wedding. now a little beauty queen who competed with jonbenet all
12:42 am
anniversary approaches. what they are doing today. >> reporter: this is how we remember jonbenet ramsey, a beautiful pageant princess who charmed everyone she met. but whatever happened to the other girls who shared the stage with jonbenet 20 years ago? these women belong to the class of jonbenet. they still live in her shadow to this day. >> i remember her stage. >> brittany competed with jonbenet for the title of little miss sun burst in 1996. there they are side by side. brittany on the left. the little one in the hula hoop is jonbenet. during a break in a competition, they would sneak off to play together. >> my mom didn't see me for about 20 to 30 minutes and she was like what are you doing?
12:43 am
brandy veal still has her pageant paraphernalia. she performed in a trooper and took this picture with her at a christmas party just one week before jonbenet was killed. >> as a kid knowing that something horrible it happened and that you don't have an answer. that sticks in your mind. >> they both won the little miss colorado crown. >> she had just a bright light about her. she was a really nice fun loving kid. >> reporter: how jonbenet's death cast a dark cloud over the pageant world. >> the pageants was a big part of my life. and there is such a stigma around that, that i didn't want to go there for a while. >> reporter: today, brandy works as a kindergarten teacher. bumper is a hair stylist. brianne is a middle school history teacher. in fact she loves history so much that her body is covered with history-themed tattoos.
12:44 am
history. it is fun and a good conversation starter, the kids love it. >> looking at these three women, we can't help, but wonder what jonbenet's life might have been liked if she lived. >> i actually had dreams about her that she was grown up and she was this crazy happy girl. >> i think that college is when it really hit me, you know. i started, i went to school, and it is like this is something that she would have done. she was such a smart fun loving kid. like she would have had so much fun >> the older version of a 6- year-old self. she would be a confident girl. she woulbe beautiful and enjoy everything that she chose to do in life. >> the murder case remains open. next the great inside edition hotel sheet test. are you sleeping on clean sheets when you check into a hotel room? don't bet on it. for our investigation will shock you.
12:45 am
can you believe she can this? plus, the plumber who went head first to fix a pipe. hehe is. you're making him change for a day. >> thank you, inside edition.
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12:47 am
when you stay in a hotel you expect all else fresh clean sheets. well our investigative team came up with a simple, but ingenious test to see if we got some laundering -- c?l?w got to wondering. do hotels really clean their sheets when new guests check in? we booked ourselves into nine hotel rooms. each time we sprayed this harmless paint onto the bed sheet using this stencil. you can't tell anything is written there, but turn on our uv light and presto, there it
12:48 am
and bright. at candlewood in manhattan we sure left our mark. >> nice and big. >> then we checked out. it should have been cleared to them that the bed had been slept in but the next day we booked the exact same room, but under a different name. okay here we a back at the candlewood inn and suites. we stayed he rechecked in. take a look these should be clean sheets. let's see. disgusting. these sheets are dirty. look at this. i need a manager up here. >> we wanted to show you something on >> okay. >> this sheet sn't been changed. why weren't the sheets changed? >> okay, i expect them to be changed every day and that is a policy of our property. >> reporter: was it just a
12:49 am
a dirty little secret in the hotel industry? >> i slept here. >> reporter: at this laquinta inn and suites not far from central park we did it again. spraying "i slept here" on the bed sheets. when we returned under a new reservation the next day. >> here we go. >> look at what we found. >> and the proof is in the paint. take a look at this. this is disgusting. they didn't even change the sheets. >> how are you? >> reporter: when he arrived at our room, he brought a maid with him claiming to clean the sheets. >> you change the sheets every night? >> of course. >> sign, they both apologized. >> that gross. >> i mean that there are no words for me to say. we expect the housekeepers to change the sheets. >> reporter: at this residence inn by marriott a hotel rated one diamond by the aaa, we
12:50 am
top sheet. >> there it is yuck. and then i slept here on the bottom sheet. >> this one is going right on the pillow. >> for the pillows, how about the inside edition logo? the results light up the room. let's see what happens when we check in the next day under a different name. >> let's check the pillows. all right. it look the like they changed the pillow cases. and let's check the top sheet maybe it and yuck, exactly. this is a dirty sheet. let's check the bottom sheet. okay, another dirty sheet. i slept here, this is absolutely disgusting. >> reporter: at first the manager didn't want to talk about it. why weren't the sheets changed? we know those sheets were not changed. >> we make it a custom to change every room sheets.
12:51 am
happened in this situation. i'll have to get you my general manager. >> okay. but we could have slept on dirty sheets tonight. what do you think about that? in your hotel? >> reporter: not to make you queasy, but the next time you stay at a hotel, you might want to bring your own sheets. >> it is just gross. the marriott corporation apologized. all the hotels say eytake the issue seriously and they have high cleanliness standards. they say that they have taken immediate action to ensure that it does not happen again. and all told that three out checked had dirty sheets. and z-bnow the remarkable story of the teenage ballerina who has a successful dancer despite having one backwards leg. >> the incredible dancer especially when you consider that she has a prosthetic leg. >> reporter: you realize how remarkable they truly are, they have a backward leg.
12:52 am
much i can do. >> reporter: gabby loved to dance from the time she was three years old. but in 2010, she experienced sharp pain in her knee. an mri revealed a tumor. gabby was diagnosed with osteosarcoma a rare form of cancer. >> my mom immediately started crying saying am i going to die? we said no, you're not. >> reporter: a where the knee is removed and the lower leg is rotated backwards and fused with a thigh, allowing the ankle to function as the knee. >> they had to estimate how [j tall she would grow so that by the time she was fully grown that the ankle joint would line up with the knee joint. >> i was expecting it to look odd. and once i got over that, it was just learning how to walk again. >> reporter: learning to walk
12:53 am
and i just stayed positive through the whole thing. >> reporter: rehab lasted for a year and the brave young girl prevailed. mastering the youth of her prosthetic leg with ease. and now 15, gabby even has a special prosthesis that lets her go swimming with her sisters. >> and i did not think that cancer would stop her from doing the things she loves to do like dancing. >> reporter: as soon as she could walk that it was time to dance again. the majority travel to houston to perform in a fundraiser for children battling ccer. there gabby met two young cancer survivors who just had the same procedure and are awaiting their prosthetic legs. 11-year-old jessica and julian a 19-year-old college student. now with time for gabby to get ready for the big event. >> i'm pumped and ready to go.
12:54 am
[ cheering ] >> maybe backwards, t this dancer is inspiring everyone by taking a giant leap forward. gabby, you are one beautiful girl. doctors performed 12 procedures of that every year. still who went head first to fix nj pipe, here he is. >> thank you, inside edition.
12:55 am
why do you think the ripples make a difference? it gets it all clean. they give me a very happy feeling bum. cleanripple texture is designed to clean better.
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this sort of made a utility worker a social media star. we're making him king for a day. >> reporter: he became a global symbol of the american can-do
12:58 am
into the muddy water head first to fix a burst water pipe. no one deserves a day of pampering other than the hardest working guy of america. we flew jimmy cox, his girlfriend and daughter from ft. worth, texas to the big apple. first stop penn street 121 the popular department store where stylists helped jimmy and anna pick out new clothes. here is the couple before and here they are after. >> here we are, baby. >> that is >> next up a well-deserved massage at the therapy spa. s, >> oh that feels good. >> followed by a little sprucing up. >> we used those products. >> i love that. >> it's great, right? >> yes, it is. >> reporter: even little olivia gets the royal treatment a trip to new york would be -- what trip to w,knew york would complete without a visit to the cross roads of the world? a lot of people knew jimmy from that photo seen around the world.
12:59 am
very and your photo went viral. >> reporter: what better way to end a magical day than with chocolate pizza at restaurant? >> this might be the best pizza that i have ever seen that we're eating. >> reporter: some hard working dude to a king for a day. >> thank you inside edition. >> how fun. up next, new meaning for xpohth expression of leaps and
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contact your vet. get your dog out of hiding. ask your vet about heartgard plus. the vet's number 1 choice. a lady gets a ride of her
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finally there is an uninvited passenger in the car. >> is that really a lizard on her leg? how could such a little guy
1:04 am
1:05 am
fresh videos today, right this minute. a base jumper is saved when someone noticed something not quite right. a woman sneaks up on someone she hasn't seen in 26 the story leading up to the moment the blindfold comes off. >> he knew immediately? how? a florist helping a customer is suddenly attacked. what he left with that allowed her to escape. and some newlyweds on cloud nine, but -- >> they actually had to be hoisted up there of.


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