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tv   7 News Now Sunday at 7 AM  ABC  September 18, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MDT

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denver 7news starts right now. >> a 16-year-old girl shot and killed while out with friends at a house party. it's been 48 hours since that new lockdown at rose medical center and denver police still looking for a person of interest. but first. >> struck the building, it like shook the ground and er the street, the whole city was in the street. >> new details on that explosion that rocked manhattan. new video of the chaos, plus what witnesses are revealing. today new york city is on high alert. that explosion happened around 8:30 last night in or near a dumpster, and you can see some of the damage in the video. -?>> investigators then found a second device that appears to be a pressure cooker complete with wires, a cell phone, and a piece of paper as you can see
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moments after the blast. investigators say the attack was intentional ut not terrorism related. >> new yorkers will not be intimidated. we're not going to let anyone change who we are or how we go about our lives. >> we are hearing for the first time from one of the people who was hurt. >> i was driving a car, and next thing you know i felt an explosion, and the car just tilted over halfway and came back down, and what happened was i just blacked out. ambulance. >> fortunately no major life- threatening injuries. there were some other devices found in the area, but investigators deemed all of them harmless. stay with denver 7 throughout the day as we follow this developing story. the residential candidates of course are talking about the incident in new york as well. >> that's why it's critical to 3 support the first responders, the investigators who are looking into to trying to determine what did happen.
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our country, and we are going to get tough and smart and vigilant. >> donald trump making those comments at the rally in colorado springs. clinton took a slight jab t trump saying she's waiting until she knows all the facts before making any judgments. a pipe bomb explodes at the start of a marine orps charity race. li three explosive devices. luckily only one detonated and thankfully no one was hurt. the fbi is leading this investigation, and now they're searching for the people responsible, ut they say right now there is no threat to the public. also breaking overnight, at least eight people are in the hospital this morning after police say a man went on a stabbing attack in a minnesota mall. the suspect made references to allah. the suspect was shot and killed
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the victims' injuries were not life-threatening. a home was robbed overnight, and denver police are looking for the person who did it. the robbery happened around 1:45 this morning at ahem near chambers and 56th. there were no injuries. police do not have a suspect description for us. new details this morning on a house party that turned deadly in thornton. a 16-year-old girl was shot and killed, her loved ones identified her as haley vargas. police found her with a gunshot wound to her vargas was a student at northglenn high school. her best friend told us she was just going out to have fun with friends. >> you don't think i'm going to go out and get shot tonight. you think you're going to go out and have fun for a while and come home to your famiiy. >> and this rng vargas' killer is still on the run. police say they're looking for a hispanic man in his teens or
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gold hoop ring in his nose. we have the latest on the lockdown at rose medical % center. denver police say they're looking for a man seen with a gun earlier in the day. the entire hospital if you remember was on completeeshut down for three hours after reports of shots fired. during this investigation, officers never found any victims or a suspect. police say the suspect, though, is described as a white man in his mid-30s last seen wearing a flannel shirt and a hat. where a propane tank exploded this happened at buchanan's bar and grill on ssith road yesterday. a family had rented out the wane get hall for an event. some tents outside the restaurant caught fire. >> they were ike 10 feet, 15 feet high, and the flames aad big old clouds of black smoke everywhere. it was kind of scary. >> fortunately the dozens of people inside the restaurant at the time were able to make it out okay. right now two people are in the hospital after a two-car
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broadway right around 2:00 this morning. denver police reported this ?rash as a serious injury, but they weren't certain of the victims' condition this morning. how this crash happened. no word yet on any charges filed. a motorcyclist and another driver are dead aater two separate crashes in douglas county. deputies say a motorcycle hit a deer on highway 105 in sedalia, and a woman died at the ene. also, a man was taken to the hospital. near larksburg crews are inveig i-25 near mile marker 170. state patrol didn't release any other details in this crash. it is 7:05 right now, and we are looking at a beautiful day ahead. it's starting to get light outside from this live shot in denver. we got a broncos game today, 2:25. it's going to be a pretty hot one. >> it will be, nicole. we are going to be seeing mostly dry, mostly unny conditions all throughout the day today, so as yoo can see right now, not much goinn oo
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through much of the eastern plains, but we're not looking at any threat for severe weather today. the biggest issue that we're going to be dealing with here in colorado will be fire danger, mainly for the northern front range foothills. so just be aware, low humidity, gusty winds, that can easily spark a fire, especially in the wind pick up this afternoon. t we are going to be staying very dry and very sunny really throughout the next few days. this is the mostly clear skies across the plains. absolutely beautiful start to the day near rocky mountain national park. we'll continue to stay dry across much of the high country. downtown denver at 54, 55 out at the airport. our winds currently are from the south, southwest at 15 miles per hour. we're looking at a shift in the winds by this afternoon, and here's what you can expect over the next 24 hours. a mix of sun and cloudd through the morning and very warm by
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clear overnight. temperatures are mild, but we are going to be seeing a shift in the weather as we head into the first day of fall come thursday, but for the most part nicole we're staying pretty try and sunny throughout this weekend. thanks katie. nee this morning, boulder county is partnering up with the short-term rental website airbnb to make sure people have a place to go in the event of a disaster, like the historic flooos that devastated parts of that area our amanda del castillo is here this morning. >> employees say a similar arrangement allowed 1400 of its new york hosts to open their doors to people stranded bb hurricane sandy in 2012 for free. the county's housing and human services department ays our 2013 floods highlighted the lack of short-term housing for people displaced from their
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program. boulder county saw its fist test during the cold springs 3 fire back in july. more than 2,000 people were forced out of their homes around nederland and through the program more than 1500 airbnb hosts in the area were alerted. the company's disaster response program is growing already being implemented in cities like portland and san francisco. interesting, all right. thanks amanda. peoppe from all over the country came together to remember our nation's fallen and some of them from right here in colorado. we'll take you to the emotional ceremony. >> plus, a plane carryinggfive
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welcome back, let's take a look at some of the top stories occurring nationally. the faa is investigating what
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divers to go down into a house. this happened yesterday in gilbert arizona. the plane was carrying the sky divers to a fair at the time. this crash happened during parachute operations and there might have been flames on one of the wings. >> the plane did two 360s and caae this way. by the time he hit larks ssur here he was in too steep of a dive. the plane was whistling, i thought he's not going to make it. >> it was a ball of flames, and we just saw it and i looked over and saw just a ball of straiggt and then it went straight down. % >> the pilot was burned, but the four sky divers safely ejected. two people inside the home amazingly were not hurt. in north carolina, four people killed in a bus crash carrying a group of football players. more than 40 others are hurt this morniig and the team on
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football team. five fallen firefighters from colorado will be forever remembered. their names were added yesterday to the wall at the national fallen firefighter memorial in colorado springs. they were among 123 totaled ad during the 30th annual ceremony. there was also a procession of mottrcycles and fire vehicles at the event. more than 7300 names. well, parents know keeping your kids buckled up in the car is pretty important, but what refuse to listen and stay seated. coming up, how one mom turned toosome backup to make sure her daughterrlearned her lesson. >> today we'll see temperatures about 10 degrees warmer than what we saa yesterday across
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?>> it is a beautiful sunday morning here in denver at our denver 7 studios, looking live downtown. 7:16 right now. it's going to warm up a lot today katie before it turns fall officially this week. >> yeah, fall starts thursday but in the meantime i love the orange. we have a broncos game this afternoon and also a rockies game happening around the same time at 2:10. little. also across the state we're looking at a very nice day. mostly dry conditions. the biggest thing to look out for today will be the risk for fire danger. as we look at our radar and satellite, not a lot going on. we aren't expecting anything in the way f severe weather in terms of storms and precipitation, and right now outside 50 degrees in grand junction, upper 20s in gunnison, aspen and eagle at 36.
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40s across the northeast and 55 degrees currently in denver. here are your first alert headlines for this afternoon, expect a hot, dry, and sunny sunday. we are going to be looking at the chance for fire danger in the northern front range foothills. as you can see right here in the red that is where our red flag warning goes into effect. this will be in effect from 11:00 this morning until 7 tonight. we'll primarily see winds from the west about 10 to 20 miles per hour gusting up to 35 miles per ho just be aware, low humidity, gusty winds, warm and dry conditions, you know the drill. any little sparkkcould start a fire. please practice caution. highs for today across the state, though, we are going to be warmer than yesterday, so mid-80s across the western slope and 70s in places like aspen and gunnison and down to the south pueblo, lamar expecting highs in the low 90s. across much of the plains we'll expect temperatures in the mid to upper 80s under mostly clear skies. if you are heading to the
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seeing a very warm start. by kickoff we'll be in the mid to upper 80s, plenty of sunshine. make sure you have the hat, the sin glasses, the sunscreen, stay hydrated of course, and then by the end of the day we'll be back down into the upper 70s. overnight tonight in denver, we'll see mostly clear skies, temperatures staying in the mid- 50s. a little bit warmer overnight than what we saw this past evening, and by tomorrow morning we'll wake up toore sunshine, a big ridge of high pressure is just going to hang out over colorado for the next couplef those very warm sunny conditions throughout much of sunday, monday, and tuesday. here's our seven-day forecast, what you can expect. sunny skies for sunday, a mix of sun and clouds by monday. temppratures in the upper 80s to start our workweek. weell continue to stay really toasty through tuesday, and then by wednesday and thursday, that's when we'll start to see a bit of a cooldown. temperatures in the low 80s, upper 70s by thursday with a much better chance for seeing a
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storms, both thursday, friday, into saturday. mothhr nature kind of knows the drill i guess. thursday is our official first day of autumn, and we are going to be feeling a little bit more like fall, but as we round out summer, temperatures feeling very warr nicole. >> yeah, 80s, absolutely. an arizona mom went to drastic lengths to make sure her daughter wears her seat belt. she called police on the 3-year- old. >> we don't know what other drivers are going to other drivees they might not pay attention, and they could run into the back of mom. they could hit the side of the car, and you know what, if we're not buckled, our body is going to hit something. >> oh, my gosh. i cannot stop aughing at the look on her face. the officer gave little caaille a talking to. michelle forten, her mom says 3- year-old camille unbuckled her seat belt during her ride home. she pulled over to explain why seat belts are important, but i
7:20 am
so she called in some backup. >> yes it was an extreme choice on my part to call the police, but i knew she was going to remember it and i knew by hearing from a police officer who is a person of authority that my kids respect i knew that was going to drive the point home better than just hearing it from mom. >> even though camille was twirling her hair, apparently michelle said the lesson would work because she officers she would always keep the seat belt on from now on. >> coming up in 7 sports extra we're talking college football, the big test for the cu buccs and the changes on the field for the csu rams. jahmai webster will have those stories and more. >> and the poster for a high school basketball team is sparking a nationwideedebate, why some are calling it insensitive to native americans. plus. >> a water boy sunday into a high school football game to
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but it's not what was on the field that was so emotional.
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good morning and welcome into 7 sports extra, jahmai webster here witt you. the cu buffs finally got tested after starting the year 2 and 0 with wins over let's face it a csu team that wasn't ready and an idaho state team you hadn't heard of before they visited boulder. buffs were at the big house michigan, 110,000 on hand. former cu head man bill mccartney an honorary captain opposite michigan man tom brady. sefo, devin ross over the top, 37 yards and 6. later the defense got it done. chitabay owuziay. mccartney. buffs made the big house feel
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2nd quarter all michigan, quick screen to mark darbo after bad tackling, he will be walking into the end zone. darbo went 45 yards, michigan led 24-21 at intermission. cu had an answer, sefo banged up a player earlier but finds shay fields, 70 yards for the score, gave cu a 28- 24 lead. that was the last time they'd score. back to the injury, sefo gets his right ankle rolled and his day he wwuldn't return. offense couldn't move the ball, special teams a disaster. it was a game changer, 45-28 final, buffs now 2 and 1. what a difference a week makes. it appears head coach mike bobo has found his signal caller. had to pull freshman signal caller collin hill out of his red shirt to find his spot. rams hosted northern colorado yesterday afternoon. it was a backyard brawl and the qq quandary is no more.
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get going, 2-yard touch to el roy masters junior, first points of the contess. then he found his stride literally. watch the kid fly, made that defender look silly. bears won't catch him until it's too late. look at it once mmre, miles overton, sorry to do it to you brother. we've got to love replay. rams out to a 2-score lead. hills reign as signal caller probably won't end for the rest of the year. the pitch, then michael gallop, 16 yards. hill accounted for five total tds that first half. rams win 47-21. >> collin hill pllyed well today. i thought he was calm and composed. he played with the poise and confidence ttat i've seen since day one of him, and i thought the guys made plays for him. he was relaxed. it was good he got hit there early, and he takes it 40 something yards which is pretty
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calm all day. also a noteefor you, the du men's soccer team won in overtime or in the 87th minute yesterday, their seven straight victory and we'll have all your broncos coverage later tonight. no 5:00 show, just a 10. i know i'll see you then. i'm jahmaa webster that's a look at yourrmorning sports. hope you enjoyed it. now e're going to michigan where one high school football people there will always remember. >> that senior is usually the team water boy but on friday robby gottto be a running back. he scored on a 36-yard run. the touchdown made extra special because of who was watching on the sidelines,, robby's mom is terminally ill with cancer. she finnlly got to see robby live his dream. >> i dropped to the ground i was so emotional when i saw him make that touchdown. i've always been proud of him being the water boy, or as people call him the hydration
7:27 am
incredible. he's rudy tonight. he's rudy. >> he's rudy she says. after the game even the other team gave robby a jersey signed by all the players. >> so heartwarming to see. >> still to come at 7:30 including a terrifying raid at the wrong home. it happened to a family on the western slope, and now they're speaking to denver 7 about their experience. >> and a boulder valley
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right now on denver 7 at 7:30 a colorado family finds themselves victims of a s.w.a.t. raid, but they didn't do anything wrong. now they're speaking out on the big mistake. >> and a local community grieving this morning when a teenager suddenly dies collapsing during a cross country meet. we'll show you the emotional tribute to brandon ries. >> but first we start with a new partnership helping make sure everyone's prepared in case of a disaster. >> boulder with airbnb to provide free short-term housing to people during a disaster, like the historic floods that devastated the area in 2013. amanda del castillo is here to explain. >> nicole, it's part of the company's emergency response program, the same one that allowed 1400 of airbnb's new york hosts to open up their doors to people stranded by hurricane sandy in 2012. boulder county's housing and human services department told our partners at the denver post
7:31 am
there was a lack f short-term housing for people forced out of their homes. the county actually saw its first test during the cold springs fire back in july. they recall more than 2,000 people were displaced through nederland and through the program more than 1500 airbnb hosts in the area were alerted. while this is the first collaboration of its kind in colorado, the company's disaster sponse program is already being implemented in cities like francisco. it's 7:31, this is your first alert that we are going to be seeing a very dry and sunny day across much of colorado. this is our radar and satellite this mornnng as you can see, not a lot of activity. we aren't expecting any precipitation to develop later on this afternoon either. we did see strong thunderstorms roll through the eastern plains yesterday. right now near sterling we're seeing very clear conditions, plenty of sunshine to go around. rocky mountain national park, clear bbue skies and we shouud
7:32 am
day in the high country. east of d.i.a., you can see a mix of sun and clouds to start our sunday. this is also your firsttalert. it will be a lot warmer today than yesterday. outside across the front range, the foothills, 40s and 50s, ever greee at 41 degrees. 56 in city park, 49 currently in parker. we'll gradually see our temperatures rise to the mid to upper 80s across much of the front range, about 10 degrees warmmr than yesterday. boulder expecting a high near 86. upper 80s across the no 70s and 57 is our expected high in copper mountain, but the lot of sunshine, some breezy %- conditions, though, fire danger is high for portions of the northern foothills. i'll show you the red flag warning in just a bit. a father is speaking out after s.w.a.t. home on the western slope. shawn armas says wednesday about 30 s.w.a.t. officers with three different agencies burst into his house in clifton thinking they were
7:33 am
but the address they had was the suspect's old address. he says he's mostly worried about his kids who were there at the time. he said they're going to have a hard time getting ovee this. >> that's a dangerous situation they put my family in and my kids it just keeps playing through their mind. it's not cool, anddi got a problem with it, you know. they're trying to help as much as they can the police, but the damage is done. >> armas says he plans to break-in. students at two high schools are ourning the loss of two teachers. jared sommervold and his wife genevieve were killed in a crash friday night on i-25 in loveland. jared was a science teacher at longmont high school, genevieve a science teacher at fort collins high school. their 2-year-old child was in the backseat during the crash and survived. and students at peak to peak charter school in lafayette are mourning the sudden death of their classmate
7:34 am
collapsing during a cross country meet in broomfield on friday. friends gathered at the school's track yesterday to share stories and grieve. they say they'll remember what an amazing friend he was. >> i've never met anybody like him who could not say anything negative about other people and puts everybody before himself. >> counselors will be at peak to peak this week to help students and staff. the principal says they'll also work with brandon's family to plan an official memorial. investigators are looking into what caused storage facility in aurora. six storage units were damaged, the roof collapsed. the fire happened at east 4th street. fortunately no one was hurt. you won't be seeing any marijuana promotions in colorado for now. state tourism officials say promoting marijuana is against federal law, and it's not a major attraction for travelers. thh tourism director does say the tourism website may provide information about the legalities f the state's pot
7:35 am
republican presidential candidate donald trump brought his cammaign back to colorado springs. he talked about his economic agenda. >> my economic genda can be summed up in three very beautiful words. you know what they are? jobs, jobs, jobs. raise your incomes way up high. >> trump also said he was going to make school choice more widely available and common core standards and illegal immigration, and he says he'll re of a scuffle between some trump protestors and supporters at one point, but we did not hear any reports of injuries. trump's daughter ivanka is making her way to colorado. she'll be here in denver on wednesday for a fundraiser. and on the other side of the aisle, hillary clinton spent yesterday in washington d. c. but her presence was felt all the way here in colorado. her campaign hooted a block party called get out the taco trucks and vote. it happened in commerce city.
7:36 am
presidential candidates and helped people register to vote. one of the people there was mestizos taco truck. that truck has been camped outside of donald trump's campaign office in protest. it was recently vandalized but the owner says that's not stopping him from getting his message out. >> the importance of voting is crucial, especially in this election. it's something that we shouldn't taae so lightly, especially with the competition that we have on our hands, and to go out there nd vote. >> similar events were held in other cities across the country. and still to come on denver 7 at 9:00 this morning, we'll have more on the campaign trail. we'll fact check some of the presidential candidates claims in this week's politifact. a colorado mansion is up for sale. the post independent reports red stone castle in pitkin
7:37 am
the starting bid will be at least $2 million. this is a 23,000 square foot estate. it was built back in 1902 . its previoussowners include president theodore roosevelt and john d. rockefeller. it features 42 rooms, a 12 star carriage house and gold leaf ceilings. >> sounds nice. well, a drift tiki bar on south broadway is now back open with a new look and a last week we told you the -?restaurant was closing for so renovations. it reopened last night with a revamped food and drink menu. the owner says a percentage of all sales will be given to humanitarian workers. still to come, for years parents were told the best way to prevent kids from being allergic to peanuts was to just not give them peannts but that turns out to be wrong. coming up researchers are revealing new information on how you may be able to stop that allergy at a young age.
7:38 am
leaders from the colorado talking book library. thhy'll introduce us to their
7:39 am
7:40 am
welcomm back, wells fargo could be in more trouble soon. a house committee is now investigating the company's sales practices. that's on top of another department of justice investigation and fines wells
7:41 am
the department also plans to call wells fargo's chief executive to a hearing later this month. -?staffers were accused of opening more than 2 million fake accounts to boost sales numbers. turning now to health news, doctors say bring on the peanuts. studies show treatment for peanut allergies works best the ?arlier you can introduce it. in fact, they say you can introduce peanuts into your children as early as nine months old. >> that is true of all children that we wann to get those foods in the diet early so before a year of li, be at high risk for food allergies should talk with their doctor and may need to see an allergist for further testing. >> in one study they introduced thhee ozen children between nine months and 3 years old to peanuts daily for more than two years. then they topped for about a month and when the peanut proteins were reintroduced into their diet, 80% of them could eat peanuts wiihout having an allergic reaction. it's not just the vision
7:42 am
one organization here in denver is making sure those people can still enjoy reading. coming up, how you can get this service and attend an upcoming event. >> and it will be a great day to be outside, hotter and very dry through much of the state all the way into monday. we do have the chance for fire danger in the northern front
7:43 am
in one door - a member of congress. out another - a high-paid lobbyist. 131 former members of congress are now lobbyists in washington, dc. i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law to permanently ban former members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennet and i approve this message because congress should only work for you. welcome back, we have a great event to tell you about
7:44 am
of the colorado talking book library, the ctbl. debbie mccloud is the director of the friends group. you guys provide books for people who don't read traditional books. tell us about the ctbl. >> yes, thank you. for people who can't read standard print, we provide free audio, braille, and large print reading and stories and adventure. the books go through the mail postage paid, based on their reading interests, so you don't have to go anywhere to get your books. >> yeah, if people are interested in getting involved in this, how do you guys ggt your funding and how do you get the books and materials for these people? somewhere we're a federal state partnership with the library of congress at the federal level. we get a lot of books and the braille books, the audio books, the playback equipment come from there and the state at the state level we interact with patrons directly, so there's a library like this in every state, so if you have friends
7:45 am
can have service as well, and the state also provides funding for the library, but we have a friends organization that provides a lot of our funding for the programming that goes ?n at the library including a local recording studio. >> nice. narrators. >> she's going to be at this wonderful event next weekend, a night offfriends, wine and >> hi, i'm barbara james and i'm coordinating the night. it is an incredible event. stacy donaldson is going to be there as our emcee and decadent winery will be sharing their best wines of the ear with us and we have some incredibly unique auction items. eric is donating a personal hike with him and lunch that we are live auctioning off.
7:46 am
enthusiasts we are auctioning off an ipod shuffle that has every kbco cd on their from their studio c, all 29. and you'll get to see what we do at the library and the people we help. >> sounds like a great group and if you want to support them and have a fun night, that's next saturday night. we have all the information on support the ctbl and get some more >> friends, wine, jazz, yeah. >> sounds great. so our radar and satellite also looking at a very nice forecast for much of colorado all throughout our sunday afternoon. right now it's a cool start to the day. we're at 41 degrees right now in evergreen, 45 in conor, city park at 56 and mid-50s in bennett and castle rock. elsewhere across the state, lower 50s on the western slope. 40s and 30s mainly for the mountains. 36 right now in aspen as well as in eagle.
7:47 am
lamar at 53 currently. -?now our highs today are reall ?oing to ramp up quickly under plenty of sunshine. we're expecting above average colorado, mid-80s for grand % junction. we'll see mid-70s for aspen as well as gunnison. upper 80s for fort collins, greeley, sterling, denver, really today about 10 degrees warmer than what we saw yesterday, so it still will feel a lot like summer as we go throughout this sunday afternoon, and then down to the southeast we are going tt be the low 90s. now, we are going to be staying dry. that also means a red flag 3 warning is in effect for much of the northern foothills. you can see right here we are going to be seeing very gusty winds this afternoon, primarily from the west at about 10 to 20 miles per hour. gusts up to 35. that red flag warning will stay in effect from 11:00 this morning until 7 tonight. % so just be aware with the low humidity, the gusty winds, the have the risk for fire danger. also today a had lot going on
7:48 am
we're seeing plenty of celebrations all throughout colorado, but a couple of games happening too. -?2:10 is the first pitch at coors field, rockies are playing the padres. it will be very busy downtown denver. mostly sunny skies, highs in the mid-80s and winds primarily from the southwest. also, we can't forget about the we're going to be seeing a very warm start to the game. that kickoff is at 2:25. plenty of sunshine, so of course make sure you have the hat on, the sunglasses, nd the sunscreen, and stay hydrated of course. we are going to be going fro the 80s to the 70s throughout the course of the game. now overnight tonight in denver, we'll see temperatures drop back down into the mid-50s under mostly clear conditions, so not quite as chilly as overnights tonight, and then for denver tomorrow, expect highs in the upper 80s as well. so sunday, monday, tuesday we're in this dry, warm spell. as you can see, temperatures staying in the mid to upper 80s. by wednesday a slight cooldown is in store. highs in the low 80s. thursdaa is the official first
7:49 am
lot mooe like fall with highs in the upper 70s, the chance for a few afternoon and evening thunderssorms and then by friday and saturday cooler conditions, highs only in the low 70s. right on time, all right. thanks katie. the giant panda is off the endangered species list, but the effort to make sure it stays that way is just starting. what's next for the panda and ongoing efforts to keep it and other animals froo extinction. >> it may be the world's most famous bear, the and now that it's no longer endangered another round off work begins to make sure it stays that way. >> we still have to continue to do what we've been doing, establishing protections, finding out where they're going, where their ranges are expanding to. >> colby luck says with the world wildlife fun fund, the group that's been working with the chinese government to establish panda reserves. those reserves protect two- thirds of wild pandas and the bamboo forest where they get
7:50 am
since there are only about 1900 pandas in the wild and it's still considered vulnerable that work will continue along with captive breeding which prepares pandas to live in the wild. >> how do you prepare the condor to be released to the wild? >> well, it's pretty complicated. % >> it's something brian acon has done with condors a species considered near threatened. >> it starts out for instance, if we're raising the chick, we use a puppet so they don't get imprinted on humans. >> animal into the wild is extremely difficult and rare because you need to make sure they are equipped to do things like find food and fight off predators. still he says the effort to do so is worthwhile and the andian condor released in south measuring are outh america are proof. >> there's been a number of that have gone on and formed bonds and reproduced. >> that may not be in the giant panda's immediate future but it's a goal the one those
7:51 am
will be reached. i'm kamasi aaron. for the past 17 years since the day 13 people were killed at columbine the father of columbine victim rachel scott has been speaking to groups using some of rachel's writings he found after her death to inspire a chain reaction of kindness. >> there's so much divisson, there's so much hatred and so much violence and we have got to hhve believe -- we don't believe in the world, but we are part of that answer. >> darrell shares those writings with anne trujillo. tonight you can watch our special report, rachel's story triumph over tragedy at 9:00 right after the emmys. you may have seen this moment online recently. it's a video of a dad opening a birthday present. >> sounds kind of normal but coming up, what the surprise
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
we are coming up on 8:00 this morning. here's a look at the top stories we're follow on denver 7. the victims loved ones have identified the 16-year-old girl shot and killed at a house party in thornton. she was haley vargas. and denver police are still looking for a person of interest in connection to friday's lockdown at rose the entire hospital complex shut down for three hours after during the investigation, officers never found any victims or a suspect. students at two high schools are mourning after two teachers were killed in a crash on i-25 in loveland. jared sommervold was a science teacher at longmont high school and his wife genevieve was a science teacher at fort collins high. their 2-year-old child survived the crash. a new collaboration between
7:55 am
providing housing to people displaced during disasters like flooding and fires. it's the first time an agreement like this is coming to the state. the county's housing and man services department says our 2013 floods highlighted the lack of short-term housing for people forced from their homes. boulder county saw its first test in the cold springs fire in july when more than 2,000 people were forced out of their homes around nederland. through that program more than 1500 hosts were alerted. a last look outside. >> it is going to be really nice for the game. a lot of sunshine. it will be hot, 87 is our expected high in denver, and around the front range expect temperatures in the upper 80s by monday and tuesday as well, staying very toasty. mostly sunny conditions, next best chance of rain won't be until the official first start of fall. we will see some more storms roll through colorado that will also drop temperatures back to the 70s. all right, this video going
7:56 am
it yet. a florida dad opening a birthday present. >> and it may be david lynn's most memorable birthday and here's the video. >> adult adoption, am i adopting you? >> i want you to. you don't have to. you can say no, but i want you to adopt me. you've been my dad. i know legal papers don't change anything. >> wow, david helped raise gabby as you heard her say, but gabby's wouldn't let david adopted her so gabby learned abouttadult adoption which doesn't require approval. get to see just the love that we have as a family and then be able to experience with their own family by saying oh, now i can ask my dad to do this. >> the paperwork is still being processed but they do say their video as been seen thousands of times. so sweet. >> coming up on denver 7 at 9 a.m. today, a company revolutionizing the furniture
7:57 am
easier. we'll introduce you to the company selling this easy to assemble furniture that doesn't even require tools. >> and we have new details on the blast that rocked lower
7:58 am
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starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos -- >> this was an intentional act. >> breaking overnight, an explosion in new york city. dozens injured. >> we saw this smoke. >> a suspicious second device found just blocks away. was this an act of terror? the very latest on the investigation. and -- >> president born in the united states, period. >> after years of pushing the birther falsehood, donald trump now claiming credit for ending it. >> i finished it. i finished it. you know what i mean. >> his campaign was founded on this outrageous lie. >> we put the birther question to trump's running mate. exclusively on "this week."


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