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tv   7 News Now Sunday at 9 AM  ABC  September 18, 2016 9:00am-10:00am MDT

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a teen girl shot and killed while at a house party with friends, what we're learning about her as police search for the shooter. >> it's been 48 hours since that new lockdown at rose medical center, and denver police are still looking for a person of interest, but first. >> lightning bolt stru building, it like shook the ground and everyone ran out of the restaurant. the whole city was in the street. >> we have breaking new details on the explosionnthat rocked manhattan. new video of the chaos just moments after the blast, plus what witnesses are revealing. right now an active man hunt is underway in new york to find those behind the blast. 29 people were hurt in all. this morning all of them are out of the hospital. >> right now investigators are
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away. ray. >> reporter: there is still a very active and ongoing investigation taking place in the area where the explosion occurred. the governor of new york just giving us an update, and we understand fbi agents have collected fragments from that explosion, and they are now being sent down to fbi headquarters where agents will analyze those fragments. right now we understand that they hope that information will help them determine exactly who's responsible for placing that explosion right here. >> watch this surveillance video capturing the moments when the blast occurred. take a look from a different angle. debris flying, pedestrians frantically running for cover. >> we hear this explosion, and i mean boom. >> it was so loud it started shaking my body, so i turned around. i looked. in the middle of the street
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>> police say chaos erupted around 8:30 saturday niiht. this aerial footage showing the aftermath of the explosion,, debris scattered everywhere. the governor of new york getting a firsthand look at the scenn. >> a bomb exploding in new york is obviously an act of terrorism, but it's not linked to international terrorism. in other words we connection. >> nothing's going to happen, okay? nothing's going to happen to you. >> this cell phone video capturing the moments a good samaritan helping a bloodied victim, one of 29 injured. >> there's like this big flash of light and just pretty much everything shook and it's like really loud. authorities believe the explosion was an intentional act. counter terrorism officers and k-9s searching the area. >> as of this timeethe exact cause of the explosion has not
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announcing that all 29 victims have been treated and released from the hospital just hours after this explosion. the governor also says he will be deploying 1,000 state police officers to patrol high populated areas and new york city's transportation system. abc news new york, back to you. both of the presidential candidates spoke about what happened in new york. >> that's why it's critical to support the first responde looking into it trying to -?determine what did happen. >> it'ssa terrible thing that's going on in our world and in our country, and we are going to get tough and smart and vigilant. >> donald trump making those comments at a ally held in colorado springs, and as you heard, clinton took a slight jab at trump saying she's waiting uutil she knows all the facts before making any judgments. this all happened on the same day as a similar scare in
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start of a marine corps charity race. it went off yesterday morning in a trash can. police say there were actually three explosive devices but only one of them went off.. no one was hurt. the fbi is now searching for the person responsible. and in minnesota, eight people are in the hospital after a stabbing spree at a mall. police say a man made references to allah during the attack in st. cloud. the suspect was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer. the victim's injuries life-threatening. also just in to denver 7, isis is proclaiming that suspect in the minnesota spree as one of its soldierss and thanks so much for being with us on this sunday morning. we are going to be seeing a very nice day weather-wise across the state of colorado. let's take a look at the radar and satellite this morning. we're seeing mostly dry cooditions all across the state. we'll continue to see sunny skies throughout much of today heading into monday, so this is
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and dry today. we do have a chance for seeing fire danger in the northern front range foothills, so low humidity, gusty winds, hot and dry conditions. just be aware that any little spark could start a fire there. we'll stay ery dry through about tuesday. right now outside a the city castle rock at 67. egrees. as of right now, parker already at 69. we're seeing 30s, 40s, and even 50ssfor much of the foothills. elsewhere round the state,, temperatures in the mid to upper 50s on the western slopes. 50 degrees already in aspen. 45 in eagle. now our highs for today across the state about 10 degrees warmer across the front range than what we experienced yesterday. so we are going to be seeing mid to upper 80s for the northeastern plains, 70s and 80s for the mountains, and then 90s down to the southeast. we'll have your extended forecast and when the chance of rain is back coming up in just a bit. police are still looking for the person who shot and killed a teenager at house
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year-old victim as haley vargas. police found her in the street with a gunshot wound to the torso. she died at the hospital. she was a student at north bend high school. her friends are in shock. >> you don't go out ann think oh, i'm just going to get shot you don't think about that. you just think that you're going to go out and have fun for a while and then come home to your family. >> police say the shooter is believed to be a hispanic man in his teens or early 20s about 5 feet 6 denver police are still looking for a person of interest in connection to friday's lockdown at rose medical center. the entire hospital complex was shout down for three hours after reports of shots fired. during their investigation officers never found any victims or a suspect. police say the person is described as a white man in his mid-30s. he was last seen wearing a flannel shirt and a hat. denver police are also looking for whoever robbed a home this morning.
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chambers and 56th. no one was hurt, and police didn't reveal what was taken from the home, and they do not 3 yet have a suspecc description. a scare in aurora a propane tank explodes at a restaurant. ?his happened at the buchanan's bar and grill on smith road. a family had rented out the banquet hall for an event. restaurant caught fire. >> they were like 10 feet, 15 feet high, and the flames, and big old clouds of black ok it was kind of scary. >> fortunately the dozens of people inside the restaurant at the time all made it out okay. two people are hurttafter a two-car crash at 11th and broadway around 2:00 this morning. no word yet on how those people are doing right now. police are still looking into what caused this crash.. a motorcyclist and another driver are deed after two separate crashes in douglas county. deputies say a motorcycle hit a deer on highway 105 in sedalia.
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and in larkspur crews are investigating another deadly crash on i-25 south near mile marker 170. state police did not release any other details on that. well, usually you think of airbnb for vacations but boulder county is partnering up with the short-term rental website to make sure peeple have somewhere to go during a disaster. amanda del castillo joins us to explain the first of collaboration. >> a similar arrangement allowed 1400 of its new york hosts to open their doorssto people stranded by hurricane saady in 2012 for free. the county's housing and human services department says our 2013 floods highlighted the lack of short-term housing for homes. this collaboraaion is part of airbnb's emergency response program, and boulder county saw its first test during cold spring's fire in july.
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around nederland and through the program more than 1500 airbnb hosts in the area were alerted. the company's disaster response team is growing. it's already been implemented in cities like portland and san francisco. people from all over the country come together in colorado. they come here to remember our % nation's fallen firefighters. this year more than 120 new names were dded to the walls. next we'll take you to the emotional ceremony. plus, a plane carrying five people cra
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welcome back, let's take a look at the top stories right now the faa is country. investigating what caused a plane carrying sky divers to go down into a house. this happened yesterday in gilbert arizona. the plane was carrying the sky
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fair. investigators say the crash happened during parachute operations and there might have been flames on one of the wings. >> the plane did two 360s and came this waa. by the time he hit larkspur here he was in too steep of aa dive. the plane was whistling. >> it was a ball offflames and we just saw it, and i look over and i saw just a ball of flame going like, it was going straight and it went straight down. >> the pilot of the plane was burned. two people inside the home amazingly were not hurt. people killed in a bus crash carrying a group of football players. more than 40 others were hurt. the team on board was theerama juco academy football team based in rock hill south carolina. police say the bus slammed into a guardrail after one of its tires blew. five fallen colorado firefighters will be forever remembered now. their names were added yesterday to the wall at the nation fallen firefighter memorial in colorado springs.
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during this 30th annual ceremony. there was also a procession of motorcycles and fire vehicles. the memorial walls now bear more than 7300 names. parents already know getting kids to buckle up in the car can be a challenge. coming up, one mom got some backup to make sure her daughter never forgets to use her seat belt. >> a ha, and moving, we know is never not always fun, and it's even less so on a budget, but a
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welcome back, a new company is giving ikea some new competition. it's created easy to assemble furniture that doesn't even require any tools.
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furniture, and julie dolan meets with the entrepreneurs behind it and finns out it's not just about the size. it's about convenience. >> i don't think we can turn it anymore. >> i just don't think it's going to fit. >> who could forget this classic scene from friends. it's probably even funnier for those of us who have experienced a similar moving meltdown. >> pivot >> but a couple of real life friends have a cure for that problem. it's called slim furniture. >> slim is going to change furniturin smartphones changed how people use the internet. slim is comfortable, portable, affordable, and customizable. >> slim is a modular knocked down seating system that goes together without any hardware or tools, and check this out. an entire couch can fit in the back of your car. co-owner mike blair was working as a part-time mover and putting himself through design school when he came up with the idea. he designed the contemporary
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he says slim is geared towards yoprung ofessionals but it's really for anyone who moves frequently or wants to save on moving costs. >> we wanted to empower those people to be able to move their furniture by themselves to that hardeet to reach corner of their home in the smallest vehicle possible. >> slim furniture also offers storage and flexibility. >> you can takeeour sectional sofa and rearrange the modules to fit the space as your desired fit. >> now the biggest challenge for the owners isn't getting a couch up work. an't believe that didn't >> i know, me neither. >> it's getting exposure and letting people try it for themselves, for the now, i'm % julie dolan. >> veey interesting, moving is so annoying so that would be ?ool. an arizona mom turns to the professionals to make sure her daughter always wears her seat belt when her 3-year-old wouldn't listen, she called police. >> we don't know what other drivers are going to do. her drivers they might not pay attention, and they could
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they could hit the side of the car, and you know what, if we're not buckled, our body is going to hit something. >> i don't know ii she understood everything, but michelle thornton said little camille unbuckled her seat belt during a ride home so mom puuled over to explain why seat belts are important, and she decided she needed a little hell. >> yes, it was an extreme choice on my part to call the police, but i knew she was going to remember it, and i knew officer who is a person of authority that my kids respect i knew that was going to drive ?he point home better than just hearing it from mom. >> and michelle says camille has promised the officer she would always keep her seat belt on from now on. >> she's so cute. i guess that's one way to learn aalesson right? >> yeah, yeah. tooay if you're driving, you may want the sunglasses because we're going to see plenty of sunshine all across the state. herees our radaa and satellite, not much going on.
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so downtownndenver right now at 64 degrees, 70 out at d.i.a. where winds are from the west, southwest at 11 miles per hour. this is your first alert that we will continue to see some 3 gusty conditions, especially in the northern front range foothills throughout the afternoon. near sterling right now, this is the view from our wireless camera. clear blue skies, a beautiful start to the day. we aren't expecting anything in the way of seeere weather there tooay. from loveland ski area, will you take a look at this. it's a beautiful time to be in the high countty. the aspens are we'll see mostly dry conditions throughout the day as well in loveland also at the rocky mountain national park, partly cloudy skies and highs today across the state slightly above avenue. so 85 degrees is our expected high in grand junction, mid-70s3 both for aspen and gunnison. eagle getting up to 80 degrees, steam boat as well in the mid- 70s. across the northeastern plains, sttrling, greeley fort collins, and denver expecting highs in ?he upper 80s at 87 degrees for our afternoon high and 91 both
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it's going to be a lot warmer than what we saw yesterday, about 10 degrees. in terms of our fire danger, all this area you see fire warning. red is undea winds will be primarily from the west up to about 10 to 20 miles per hour. a lot going on aroond town today. there's the rockies game that's occurring at 2:10. first pitch will see mostly temperatures at that time in the mid-80s. winds will be from the southwest, and also can't forget about the broncos game. it wil you're doing any tailgating. we'll see temperatures gradually warming to the 80s by ?he start of the gamee so kickoff at 2:25. expect lots of sunshine. you're going to want the hat and the t-shirt because it will be warm. we'll eventually drop to the 70s by the end of the game, but overall make sure you have the sunscreen handy if you're going to that or spending anytime outside today. lot going on around town. should be great weather for it. overnight tonight getting down to about 54 degrees in denver under mostly clear skies.
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high, and warmer conditioos, stick with us through tuesday where we are oing to be seeing a slight change in the weather come tuesday afternoon as a into the state. y makes its way that will drop temperatures on wednesday and thursday back into more average values. 83 is our expected high on
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jahmai webster here with you. the cu buffs finally got tested yesterday after starting the year 2 and 0 with wins over let's face it, a csu team that wasn't ready and an idaho state team you hadn't heard of before they visited boulder. buffs were at the big house in -?michigan. 110,000 on hand, former cu head man bill mccartney and honorary captain opposite tom brady. shades of cordell at michigan in the 1st.
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37 yards and 6. later the defense got it done, chhtabay creams wilton spaith. fumble picked up by derek mccartney. buffs made the big house feel small. first quarter belonged to themm second quarter all ichigan. after some bad tackling, poor technique, he will be walking into the end zone. darbo went 45 yards. michigan led 24-21 at intermission. cc and finds shay fields, 60 yards for the sccre gave cu a 28-24 lead. that was the last time they'd score. back to the injury, sefo gets his right ankle rolled and his day woold be done. he wouldn't return. offense couldn't move the ball, special teams a omplete disaster. it was a game changgr. 45-28 final, buffs now 2 and 1. what a difference a week
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caller. had to pull collin hill out of his red shirt to find his spot. rams hosted northern colorado yesterday afternoon. it was a backyard brawl and the qb quandary is no more. hill took half the quarter to get going. 2-yard touch to elroy masters junior. then he found his stride literally. watch the kid fly. made that defender look silly. bears won't catch him until look at it once more. miles overton, sorry to do it to you brrther. we got to love replay. rams out to a 2-score lead. hills ran his signal call -- reign as signal caller probably won't end for the rest of the year. the pitch then catch by michael gallop, 16 yards. hill accounted for five total tds that first half. 47-21. >> collin hill played well today. i thought he was calm and
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confidence that i've seen since day one of him, and i thought the guys made plays for him. he was relaxed. it was good he got hit there early. he takes it 40 something yards k which is pretty impressive showing off his speed, but you know, he as calm all day. >> also a note for you, the du men's soccer team won in overtime or in the 87th minute yesterday. their 7th straight victory, and we'll have all your broncos coverage later tonight. no 5:00 show, i know i'll see you then. i'm jahmai webster that's a look at your morning sports. hope you enjoyed it. now we're heading to michigan where one high school football player made a touchdown that people there will always remember. >> he is senior robby hile. he has down syndrome and usually he's the team's water boy but on friday robby got to be a running back. he scored on a 36-yard run. the touchdown made extra special because of who was watching from the sidelines,
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live his dream. >> i dropped to the ground i was so emotional when i saw him make that touchdown. i've always been proud of him being the water boy or as people call him the hydration manager, but this was incredible. he's rudy tonight. he's rudy. >> i like that, hydration manager, and after the game the other team even gave robby a jersey signed by all the players. >> that's a great story. a lot more to come at 9:30 including a terrifying raid at the wrong home. s.w.a.t. officers break into the front door, point ggns at a family on the western slope, and now that family is speaking to denver 7 about their frightening experience. >> a boulder valley teenager gone too soon. -?those who loved croos country runner brandon ries tell us what they'll miss most about him. >> and it's a castoff deja vu
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a colorado family finds themselves victims of a -?s.w.a.t. raid but they didn't do anything wrong. >> a local community grieving this morning, a teenager suddenly dies after collapsing during a cross country meet. we'll show you the emotional tribute to remember brandon ries. first breaking news out of new york on is that explosion in manhattan. new york governor andrew cuomo anno state police and national guard officers will be deployed. they'll patrol the subway and bus ssations. >> the mta will return to full service tomorrow. he also said the device yesterday appears to be different from the one thaa was used in new jersey. he says right now there's no evidence of any link to terrorism, but this investigation is ongoing. also back here in colorado, a new partnership is here to make sure everyone is prepared in case of a disaster. >> boulder county has teamed up
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short-term rennal housing for people during a disaster like those historic floods that devastated parts of the county in 2013. amanda del castillo is here to explain. >> it's all part of the company's emergency response program, the same one that allowed 1400 of airbnb's new york hosts to open their doors to people stranded by hurricane sandy in 2012. boulder county's housing and human services department told our partners at the denver post that during the 2013 flooding there was a lack of short-term ho of their homes. the county actually saw its first test during the cold springs fire back in july. yoll recall more than 2,000 people were displaced around nederland and through the program more than 1500 airbnb hosts in the area were alerted. whhle this is the first colorado, the company's disaster response program is already being implemented in cities like portland and san francisco. thanks amanda and this is your first alert at 9:31 on this sunday.
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we're staying very dry, a ridge of high pressure in control across colorado. that's going to usher in a lot of sunshine for us. rocky mountain national park a great time to be in the high country. the leaves are changing. it's very cool, 60s and 70s in as you can see people just out enjoying the day and taking in tte sights. near pete's plenty of sunshine, we saw a beautiful start to the day there, and in denver clouds are clearing, mostly sunny throughout the afternoon, downtown denver right now at 67. d.i.a. the airport at 70 de winds currently are from the west, southwest. we will continue to see some gusty conditions, mainly for the northern front range foothills later on this afternoon, and by the wyoming border there's a red flag warning in effect there, but for the front range as you can see temperatures really climbing fast in the mid to upper 80s, plenty of sunshine to be felt. these temperatures well above average, which is normally 78 for this time of the year, so we are going to be seeing warm and dry conditions, stick with us monday and tuesday, but a cooldown is coming just in time for fall.
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thanks katie. a father is speaking out after s.w.a.t. officers mistakenll raided his home on the western slope. shawn armas says wins about 30 s.w.a.t. officers with three agencies burst into his home in clifton thinking they were going to % find a suspect involved in a meth case, but the address they had was the suspect's old address. armas says hh's mostly worried about his kids who were there at the time. he says they'll have a hard time getting over this. >> i they put my family in, and my it's not ool and i got a problem with it, you know. they're trying to help out as much as they can, the police, bbt the damage is done. armas says he plans to file a complaint for the wrongful break-in. students at two high schools are mourning the loss of two teachers. jared sommervold and his wife genevieve were killed in a crash friday night on i-25 in
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longmont high school, and genevieve a science teacher at fort collins high school. their 2-year-old child was in the backseat at the time of the crash and survived. students at peak to peak ?harter school in lafayette are mourning the sudden death of ?ne of their classmates, 18- year-old brandon ries. the senior died after collapsing during a cross country meet on friday. friends gathered at the school's track yesterday morning to share story asks grieve. they say they will remember what an amazing friend br was. >> i've never mettanybody like him who could not say anytting negative about other people and puts everybody before himself. >> counselors will be at peak to peak tomorrow and all this week tt help students and staff. -?the principal says they'll wo with brandon's family to plan an official memorial. investigators are looking into what caused a fire at a storage facility in aurora. six storage units damaged, the rooffcollapsed.
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street. fortunately no one was hurt. and you will not be seeing any marrjuana promotions in colorado for now. state tourism officials say promoting marijuana is against federal law, and it's not a major attraction for travelers. the tourism director does say the tourism website may provide information about the legalities of the state's pot laws. turning to the race for the white house now, republican presidential candidate donald trump brought his campaign back to colorado springs where he talked aboutthis economic agenda. >> summed up in three very beautiful words. you know what they are? jobs, jobs, jobs! raise your incomes way up high. >> trump also said he was going to make school choice more widely available and common core and illegal immigration and replace obamacare. there seemed to be a bit of a scuffle between some trump protestors and supporters at some point in the crowd, but we
9:36 am
trump's daughter ivanka is making her way to colorado this week. she'll be in denver n wednesday for aafundraiser. hillary clinton spent yesterday in washington d. c., but her presence was felt all the way here in colorado. her campaign hosted a block party called get out the taco trucks and vote in commerce city. volunteers there talked about the presiddntial candidat and helped people register to vote. similar events were held in other cities across the country. also this morning, we're doing some fact checking on donald trump admitted this week president obama was, in fact, born in the united states, but he also claimed heroin is coming to the country through the southern border. meanwhile, photos surfaced of a woman some people say is an undercover nurse who's traveling with hillary clinton on the day she collapsed. denver 7 reporter marshall zelinger has this week's truth o'meter. >> this video of hillary clinton collapsing a after a 9/11 memorial event in new york city set off a fireetorm of
9:37 am
status of clinton's overaal health. the woman holding her arm in that video standing by her sidee also setting off speculation in conspiracy theories as to whether she was clinton's % undercover nurse ann personal physician dr. lisa barda. >> their argument is that secretive that undercover nurses are working as part of her campaign to conceal health information. >> those theories as well as these photos hit mainstream media including this photo matching facial characteristics, so pplitifact started digging into this mystery woman, politifact finding she's a former clinton staffer, christine falvo. she worked in clinton's new york senate office from 2001 to 2009 and helped clinton on 9/11 related issues. claims of this woman being clinton's being an undercover nurse brought politifact's
9:38 am
>> donald trump making a claim during cnbc interview this week as he talked about illegal immigration and the need to secure our borders saying america's heroin problem is flowing through our southern border. politifact going straight to a dea report from last year to fact check trump's claim. >> donald trump was trying to make the point that people shouldn't just care about immigration because they live in a border city or a border town, the issues that affect the border affect the rest of the country. >> politifact finding -- rating trump's claim as true. as far as trump's admission that president obama was in fact born in the u.s. politifact rates that as a full flip-flop on the issue. i'm marshall zelinger and i'll see you sunday for politics unplugged. this week we've got an extended conversation with governor john hickenlooper. join us at 3 p.m. sunday, an hour earlier than usual. >> thank you marshal. for years parents were told the best way to prevent kids from
9:39 am
was to just not give them peanuts but it turns out that's wrong.
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we have some breaking news right now out of boulder. police say the suspect who was involved in a police shooting earlier there month has died in the hospital overnight. the suspect waa 37-year-old adrian shaeffer. shaeffer got into a gunfight with a sheriff's deputy on highway 287 back on september 10th. even more trouble. a houss committee is now investigating the company's sales practices. it also plans to call wells fargo's chief executive o'it a hearing later thhs month. that's on top of another department of justice investigation. regulators already fined wells fargo $185 million after staffers were accused of opening more than 2 million fake accounns. and turning now to health news, doctors say bring on the peanuts. studies show treatment for
9:42 am
?arlier you can introduce it. they say you can introduce peanuts to kids as early as 9 months old. >> that is true of all children we want to get those foods in the diet early. those who might be at a high risk for food allergy should talk to their doctor and see an allergist for further testing. >> in one study they introduced three dozen children between nine months and 3 years old to peanuts daily for two years, then they stoppe and when peanut proteins were reintroduced to their diets 80% could eat peanuts without having an allergic reaction. someone in georgia won last night's power ball. the winning ticket was sold ?ast night. the jackpot mooe than $240 million. begins that was won in georgia. if you have any relatives there might want to call them. because there was a winner, the next drawing wednesday will be back down to a measly $40
9:43 am
not even worth it. well, it is that time of the day. this is marlow.
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welcome backk it is 9:45 on ?his sunnay, just an absolutely ?eautiful start to the day. we're seeing temperatures right now in the mid to upper 50s across the denver metro area. we'll continue to warm up into the mid-80s by this afternoon. it will be a hot one out there, plenty of sunshine. make sure you're hydrated today, we'll those summer-like temperatures through the first half of next week before thursday when fall officially sttrts. a tiki bar on south broadway is back opennwith a new look and a nnw purpose. last week we told you the restaurant was closing for renovations. it reopened last night with a revamped food and drink menu. the owner says a percentage of all sales will be given to humanitarian workers. want to live in a castle, who doesn't right?
9:46 am
red stone castle in pitkin county will hit the auction block next month. -?the starting bid will be at least $2 million. this is a 23,000 square foot 3 estate built in 1902. its previous owners include the former president theodore roosevelt and john d. rockefeller. it feaaures 42 rooms, a 12 stall carriage house and gold leaf ceilings. >> ooh, fancy. >> could move a few families in there i guess. >> absolutely. in pitkin county we're seeing e high country and we'll also continue to see beautiful conditions across the front range as we go throughout today, tomorrow the next day. still feeling like summer in the 80s. for the most part dry conditions. >> can't complain. >> nope. hopefully you have a wonderful sunday. we'll continue to see sunshine all throughout the day. radar and satellite this morning showing mostly dry conditions across thh state, and we will stay that way through this evening. currently outside, 70 degrees in downtown denver. our little ticker at the bottom
9:47 am
also out at the irport where winns are from the west, southwest at 11 miles per hour, and elsewhere acrrss the state near sterling, bright blue skies, no cloud coverage there. loveland ski area a mix of sun and clouds, a beautiful day to be in the high country. we'll see 60s and 70s for much of the mountains throughout the day today. no real chance for afternoon thunderstorms until about tuesday. so hhghs today across the state warmer than yesterday, and grand junction will be up in the mid-80s, mid-70s for aspen as well as in gunnison. same in steam boat, across the northeastern plains as you can see mid to upper 80s, greeley, fort collins, denver, so about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday and lower 90s are expected downnsouth in lamar, la junta, pueblo. a very warm day across the eastern plains. our radar and satellite, though, we are going to be seeing the chance for fire danger increasing throughout the day. so as you can see, all these 3 areas here highlighted in red, we do have an increased chance of fire danger, low humidity, gusty wind, primarily from the
9:48 am
this afternoon. this red flag warning goes into effect at 11 and will last through 7. also, plenty to do around the denver metro area and all throughout the state today, so just make sure you have the sunglasses handy if you're heading to the rockiess game. first pitch at 2:10 at coors field, we'll see mid-80s there and can't forget about the broncos game. kickoff is at 2:25 and for the game we'll see a warm start. if you're doing any tailgating 3 from now until then we'll continue to see sunshine. up to the mid to upper 80s. we'll be in the 70s by the end of he game. make sure you have the hatton and everything else, sunscreen and sunglasses just because it will be very sunny throughout much of the broncos game. and in denver tonight, getting down to about 54 degrees, mostly clear, very mild. by tomorrow temperatures back in the upper 80s. for the most part we'll see mostly sunny skies, a mix of sun and clouds. so preston, my friend, it's going to be a great day for your birthday today. 87 is our expected high in denver, 88 for tomorrow, still
9:49 am
tuesday, and then a cold front is expected to be back into the state come tuesday night. thht will bring in the better chance for thunderstorms in the mountains, but in the front range we will start our first day of fall on a cooler note in the upper 70s with a chance forr a few more storms, nicole. >> yeah, with fall coming we're already talking about vaccinations for kids. we are also talking about them for your pets. terry vanoy from the foothills animal shelter is here with marlow. suuh sweetie, >> she is a chihuahua mix, she's 3 onths old. she came to our shelter from a partner. she got her spay surgery friday and she's ready to go home with someone who has the energy to take care of a puppy. she has a lot of puppy energy. >> she's adorable. she's very sweet, she's been sitting here in my arms for quite a while so she likes cuddles too. >> and i mentioned vaccinations. she got hers. everything can be done right there at youu clinic. >> right,,her adoption fee includes all of that.
9:50 am
spay and her vaccinations. we do have clinics every friday from 4 to 5:30 where the community can come without appointment to get your pets vaccinations. obviously rabies is required. the other vaccinations help your pets stay healthy obviously. -?you can get your pet microchipped so if they do run away chances are way more likely if they're microchipped to get them back home. and we also in jefferson county, getting your dog license is required. that's an easy way to stop in and do that. we also offer this clinic throughout the year and around the community as well,. >> excellent. >> lot of opportunities for people to take care of their pets. >> yeah, what a great daa to get out and go check out some of the other animals at the foothills shelter as well in addition to marlow. if you want to know about adopting a cat or a dog or any other animal at the shelter call (303)278-7575.
9:51 am to find a link. thank you so much for joining us on a sunday, katie. >> marlow is so sweet, tiny and soft you guys. you have to just give her the cuddles. television's best and brightest will be honored later on today. tonight it is the emmy awards.
9:52 am
9:53 am
y23eoy yvpy coming up on 10 a.m. this morning, here's a look at the top stories following. the victim's loved ones identified the girl shot and killed at a house party as haley vargas. thornton police are still and denverrpolice are looking for a person of interest in connection to friday's lockdown at rose medical center. the entire hospital complex was shut down for three hours after reports of shots fired, but during the investigation officers never found any victims or a suspect. students are in mourning after these two teachers were
9:54 am
loveland. jared sommervold wws a science teacher at longmont high school, his wife genevieve sommervold a science teacher at fort collins high school. their 2-year-old child survived the crash. i'm amanda del castillo live in the studio this morning, good news for people living in boulder county, a new collaboration with air b and big is helping to provide free housing to people dispolice -?stationed during seven-day forecast -- displaced during disasters. the coun's services department says our 2013 floods highlighted the lack of short-term housing for people forced from their homes. this effort is part of airbnb's emergency response program already being used in portland and san francisco. students all around the wod have started a chain reaction of kindness through the rachel's challenge organization. they're inspired by the writingings of rachel scott, the fiist of the 13 people shot
9:55 am
school 17 years ago. teachers have also found new ways to interact with their classrooms. it's been enough to keep some teachers in the profession. >> this is where i belong, and rachel's challenge makes it easy and it makes it fun to keep doing it. >> are you a better teacher because of rachel's challenge? >> hands down. >> tonight our anne trujillo takes a look at the stories behind rachel's challenge that you may have never heard before. you can watch rachel's story triumph over tragedy right 7 tonight. and taking a last look at the forecast before you step out the door, if you already have it's really nice outside a lot of sunshine to be felt all across the state. if you're going to the broncos game this afternoon and for much of denvvr we'll see plenty of sunshine. highs in the mid to upper 80s, by 4:00 clear skies, 87 degrees our expected high for sunday. monday and tuesday also staying very warm in the upper 80s, well above average for this time of the year, but cooling off just in time for the start of fall on thursday.
9:56 am
the glamour and glitz of the emmy's is right here on denver 7. >> and before then we just want to take you behind the scenes showing you who's up for the ?iggest honors and abc's nick watt has what you need to know. >> waiters are practicing choreographed champagne serving. jimmy kimmel back to host as supervising who sits where. >> it's an award show for television on television where god inteeded it to be. >> my favorite things, the fashion and the food. >> i always say wear million bucks. >> always like to be a little out there. >> but who's going to win. >> i would say best drama actress is one that you really edge of your chair for. n the %- >> we've got viola davis against robin wright, long overlooked for house of cards. >> i'm done trying to win over people's hearts. >> and kerry russell from spy thriller, the american. >> it was the right thing to go for a lot of reasons.
9:57 am
have long believed that that %- show is one of the best shows on television. >> also deserving, blackish, sarah paulson and mr. robel. sure things, jld, jeffrey tambor for transparent and that grunting bow he meth. >> i would feel comfortable betting your mortgage on game of thrones in this category. >> take what is >> the emmy's just make me realize how many shows i need to catch up on still. the emmy's are at 5:00 tonniht on denver 7. ttmorrow morning i'm sure we'll have all the highlights, nicoll and i will be there tomorrow morning. in the meantime enjoy the rest
9:58 am
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>> joel osteen: well, god bless you. thanks for letting us come into your homes. and if you're area, please stop by. be a part of one of our services. these are the finest people in all of houston, texas, right here at lakewood. we'd love to have ya. but thanks so much for tunin' in. i like to start with somethin' funny. and i heard about this elderly minister. he sent word for two of his members, an irs agent and a lawyer, to come to his house. upon arrival, he motioned for them to sit on each side of the bed.


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