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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  September 20, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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when i got here i couldn't find her, and then i saw her on one of the gurneys. >> a mom's worst fear when her daughter's apartment goes up in flames. what families are doing this morning after being forced from their homes. a ne underway after a man was captured, suspected of the bombings in new york and new jersey. what we're learning about the suspect. and new bike lanes going up in aurora. whyysome are upset about the new safety feature. a warning for people in boulder. take a look at your water before drinking it or even brushing your teeth. >> amanda del castillo joins us with what you're supposed to be looking for and why. >> reporter: if you're just starting your day, make sure to look at your water as they just
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don't drink it. city crews here in boulder want you toorun that water until it runs clear. the discoloration comes last night, and it actually comes from crews preparing for construction at the water treatment facility. they say that sediment was mixed up and got into the water there. again, you'll be seeing either cloudy or brown water. crews have been working all night to make sure that's clear. but if you haven't run any oo that water, it will stil your pipes this morning. we're here on pearl street mall in boulder, and we've collected some of the water from this water fountain specifically. and you can tell there's no discoloration here, so that's good news. we're still hoping to speak with businesses along pearl street this morning to see if it's affected maybe some of the coffee shops or restaurants, what it means for the day ahead, if it's still brown and
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people on facebook concerned they already traffic the water last night, and -- drank the water last night and they say there's no indication it's harmful, but -- we'll be following this all morning long. live in boulder this morning, i'm amanda del castillo, denver 7. >> we will be following that story throughout the morning, so once the water is push alert through our denver 7 app, so you can download that. >> that's the way you can stay informed. let's get informed about the weather. still warm, but there is a change. you can see it here on satellite and radar, clouds streaming in from the southwest. we are watching for a partly sunny day today. a few showers across southwestern colorado. still hot. yesterday we were near 90 and temperatures aren't going to budge much today.
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83 by noon. and highs today near 90 with partly sunny skies. denver at 88. allenspark you're at 74. highlands ranch 89. here's your first alert that fall officially starts thursday and temperatures will start to drop. we'll talk more about that coming up. a pretty smooth drive for most of us. however, there's always a however in live from my friend reggie used to say, this is tracks, eastbound side is closed down for a serious accident. state patrol is out there investigating this morning. to get around it, use 88th a little bit to the south. but 96 there's no estimate of when that could reopen. sounds like they might be allowing some of the westbound traffic throughh but at least the eastbound is definitely closed down coming from i-76. 88th is the better way to get around that. rest of the ride, including out to pena boulevard, south side is quiet. however, as you can see here at
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the cones southbound after colorado all the way down to hampden. of course from the first alert desk we are following the latest investigation into possible foreign connections related to the suspect in the new york and new jjrsey bombings, ahmad rahami. the 28-year-old was born in afghanistan but a naturalized u.s. citizen. he traveled to afghanistann multiple times and when he returned to the he was questioned. but he was not apparently on any radar as having been possibly radicalizeed. he visited parts of pakistan known to be iraqi strongholds. this is our first look at stabbing spree at a minnesota mall over the weekend before getting killed by police. his name is dahir adan.
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somalia 15 years ago. it's not clear why he went on that rampage exactly. but a victim says he was emotionless and had a blank stare in his eyes. isis says it's behind the attack, but no word if they really knew this was going to happen. he stabbed 10 people, they all survived. our presidential candidaaes stem cell researching up telling -- stepping up, telling how they would handle the situation if they were elected. both used the word vigilant. >> it's a terr going on in our world and in our country. and we are going to get tough and ssart and vigilant. >> i'm the only candidate in this race who has been part of the hard decisions to take terrorists off the battlefield. >> trump wants all muslim immigrants to take a test to see if their beliefs might pose a threat.
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officers. the shots from rose medical center last week weren't from a shooter at all. we're learning no shots were fired. police say the nursesswho rerted it might have heard doors closing and locking. if you stepped away from yoor screen, come back real quick. look at this woman, her name is she's wandered off and she has de dementia. jonathan cordova has six dui convictions and in his latest he killed a woman in december crossing the street. at that time he was on probation for his fifth dui. now he's going to jail for a long time, 22 years in prison. dozens of people are waking up in a strange place this morning, after a fire tore
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apartment complex. it destroyed 24 units. our jason gruenauer joins us live off yale and ulster street. >> reporter: good morning to you, mitch. when you take a look at what's left of this building, it's surprising nobody was killed or seriously injured. some were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. we saw utility crews and others still on scene as early as this morning around 4:00 to check out what was left of this buulding. i want to show you video, take a look at the and billowing smoke cominggfrom the hunters run apartment building. this happened yesterday afternoon. took firefighters about an hour to get a handle on this, but several more to put out the hot spots. two residents and a firefighter were taken to the hospital for minor smoke inhalation. 24 apartments were destroyed or damaged. the red cross isassisting those people. while it's a great thing that everybody made it out of the building on time, just those
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that actually had to be rescued from this building. the video you're going to want to see coming up at 5:30. reporting live in arapahoe county, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. city of aurora is addiig bike lanes on montview boulevard. 16,000 vehicles uses montview between havana and oswego near peoria. the cyclists are happy about the lanes, but some businesses are not. or parking for them, they don't stop by here. >> definitely hairyed times. >> when construction is complete there will be two traffic lanes both directions and a buffer zone between traffic and bike lanes. broncos' c.j. anderson has another gig, and
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cereal called c.j.'s mile high crunch. he's going to unveil it at 11:00 at the highlands ranch king soopers on south university. >> if you can't wait, you can order it online. i don't know who orders cereal online, but you can do it. the cereal is said to taste kind of frosted flakes. >> you can get two packs for 10 bucks. >> there's your bargain of the it's 5:09. is it happening again? more forged signatures in a local election. what one man must do to prove his innocence. more outcry after police release a video showing officers kill an unarmed man. it's 5:09. here's your first alert that we are tracking what is hurricane coming up in baja. temperatures warm, but an
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it looks like we have another case of forged signatures on local petitions. must give written samples to m prove his innocence. a denver judge ordered this man, angelo abad, to hand over his writinn samples. now investigators across the state are looking into three cases of forg p phone yesterday and he says he didn't do anything wrong. this arvada man is out on bond after making his first court appearance yesterday. dylan hopkins is accused of threatening a colorado state senator on facebook. investigators say he sent llura woods a message saying "since you're a republican and love guns so much, maybe we should shoot you." the united nations has suspended all aid deliveries in
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fleet of trucks carrying food to aleppo. that attack killed 12 people at least and destroyed 18 trucks filled with food for tens of thousands of civilians who had been cut off to aid because of the violence in that country. and the cease-fire in syria came to an end yesterday because of continued government bombing in syria. 5:14 now. protestors in tulsa hitting the streets with hands in the air. they're showing solidarity with a man who officers shot and killed last week, even though he didn't have a weapon. the department released the dash cam video. we won't show you the exact moment the officer shot. this is obviously from one of the police helicopters. that's terrance crutcher there with his hands up in the air. originally police say they rolled up to him and his stalled car and say he wouldn't cooperate, even reached into the car, possibly for a weapon they believe.
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no word on whether the officer who shot and killed im will be charged. wants to happen this morning. y this woman's father is suing jim carrey, saying the comedian gave her the drugs that ultimately killed her. cathriona white overdosed on them last year. he says it's an attempt to exploit him anddthe woman he loved. he said she had troubles before he met her. after this newscast. with more cars going driverless, it's time for a set of rules. today we'll get guidelines on what they should be like. the department of transportation is outlining a 15-point safety assessment featuring different categories, including how it avoids crashes and how secure its tech
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moving to england. the home where harry potter grew up is for sale. the prime minister lives in the neighborhood. it doesn't cost as much as you might think. it's 620,000 u.s. dollars. >> that's pretty expensive. i would sleep in the room under the stairs, too, that's where harry slept most of his life in the house. mitch, i was waiting for the eyes to roll. >> it's not real. it's just a book, sweetie. >> >> lisa would sleep underneath the stairs, this is where harry slept here. we have a beautiful start to our day. we'll see a little more cloud cover. temperatures in the low 60s. winds out of the west at 5 to 10 miles per hour. it will be a mild day to start,% and it gets really hot, summer- like again this afternoon. upper 80s near 90. increasing clouds today. more clouus than what we saw
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highlands ranch high of 89. mid- to upper 70s for the foothills. evergreen closer to 81. grand lake this afternoon 73. some mountain towns, especially to the southwest, will be a touch cooler, especially tomorrow. we're watching and tracking as more wet weather moves in. this is what's coming from hurricane payne. increase in clouds first in denver. under a partly sunny sky for most of today. southwestern colorado with an increase i down near montrose, telluride, durango. that will bring relative humidity up, fire danger will come down. it's a good scenario for some mountain towns next couple of days. we'll be under a partly cloudy sky tonight. chance for a few more storms here, chance on wednesday. there's going to be a better chance of getting it later in the week. not only are we tracking this, this wet weather from the southwest, but we're also watching a cold front that will bring our temperatures down and we'll get back to near normal
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still warm today. highs in the upper 80s. we've got another rockies game tonight. dollar hot dog night. one of my favorites. baseball is almost over. we have a couple of weeks left. hard to believe. now with fall officially starting on thursday, you're going to find today still summer-like for the game. warm, partly sunny. looks like 80s to start. then dropping into the 70s. lower 80s tomorrow. little cooler. chance for a few storms. our bright spot both on then we're lookinggat fall weather. low, looks like mid-70s onn friday, with a few showers. even cooler on saturday, upper 60s. nice looking weekend. 60s and 70s, that's good looking stuff. good looking stuff. good looking fall colors, too. very nice. we have a big problem the north part of commerce city. state patrol is investigating a serious accident that has this section of 96th avenue closed down between the railroad tracks and i-76.
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check it out for us. we have this section of 88th avenue open all the way to highway 2. you can use that as an alternate, easy way to get around it. we'll get more information as he gets closer in a little bit. rest of the ride to the north side continues to get busier. more traffic on i-76 and 270. otherwise, south side of town about back to normal. the paving southbound is all done and the work at arapahoe rood at i-25 also done for at least right now, arapahoe road thanks, jayson. 5:19. this is rather scary. there's a good chance your child's car seat may not be installed correctly. a new survey says three out of every four car seats aren't installed the right way. there are three main mistakes most people make. first, the seat isn't tight enough on the seat or on the child. >> we'll also see the big mistake is this clip here. this retainer clip needs to be
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as high up without causing harm, choking them out. >> those are just the top three. that's why trooper lewis recommends having a trooper or trained person take a look at your car seat and how you have it set up. denver city leaders want to make living more affordable. how you could be paying to help that cause. and that didn't take too long. what samsung is now doing feel a cold sore coming on? only abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. it penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast.
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5:22. welcome back to denver 7 on a tuesday. got a look at downtown this morning, where it's nice and mild. its 61 degrees.
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the plague isn't something just from the history books, it's active now in jefferson county. a cat was diagnosed with the plague. fleas carry the disease. so vets are asking you to keep vaccinations up to date for your cats. living in denver could be easier. city council approved a deal for affordable housing fund. a dedicated funding stream will denver's poorest neighborhoods say they can't afford to stay in the city. some feel like they're being forced out. >> and so families don't have anywhere to go. and so people are searching all over the city without success and moving to other cities, most of the surrounding cities they're not having luck in. bring in continue million next year. denver could also contribute an
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reserves. > ceo of wells fargo will go before a congressional panel today and he says he'll apologize. this comes after millions of employees created fake accounts. you could get a replacement for your samsung galaxy note 7 phone sttrting tomorrow. it was recalled after dozens of people said theirs caught fire. the problem was with the battery, not the phone itself. starting tomor note 7 you should be abll to get your free replacement from samsung or your service provider. donald trump has been kidnapped. >> not the real one. but that naked look-alike thing, the weird statue. there's another one. it's big, it's naked, it's foam statue. it's in new jersey and everyone on their way to new york got to see it. this guy apparently really likes that statue. the surveillance camera caught him stealing it.
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why, why, why, who knows? >> it's crrepy looking. >> it iss >> trump rump on the loose. >> wow, that was good. been thinking about that one for a while? no, i had a cup of coffee. here's your cheat sheet. upper 80s to near 90. more cloods filtering in from the southwest today. not as sunny, not as much blue cooler by thursday. you can see some of thpartly sunny skies through the morning and through the afternooo. % it's still dry. here's your first alert that we have a better chance of storms starting tomorrow. we'll talk about it coming up. we have that one closure of eastbound 96th avenue here at commerce city, just after i-76 between there and the railroad tracks. it's where the serious accident happened. 104th or even better 88th is a good alternate getting to
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littleton, no issues to downtown denver. thousands of people across our state face a potentially deadly disease and there's now a lawsuit claiming our leaders aren't doinggenough to save this local pastor accused of a serious crime. why you're going to want to
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it is 5:30. a warning for people in boulder. if you haven't noticed yet, your tap water might look gross and cloudy. >> the city is issuing a warning, telling folk not to drink the water in boulder. amanda del castillo live for us there. >> reporter: this morning city leaders actually updated residents about what their findings were. if you wake up and see cloudy
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your faucets until that clears. in the meantime, don't drink that water. thee don't believe the sediment they're seeing in the water is actually affecting or impacting the water, but it's more of a precautionary warning. this is a sample of water taken a few blocks away. as you can see, it's pretty clear. about 15 minutes ago we tried out this faucet and it was pretty cloudy. i have a picture posted on my twitter page comparison of the two water samples we collected. i'm sure as i'm pouring this now, it will be all clear. hopefully not so we can show you just the comparison between the two water samples. again, this all comes after 3 crews were preparing for construction at the facility in that they mixed some of the sediment and that's what we're seeing. we're seeing the sediment coming through. you can see just a little bit


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